Season 2, Ep. 3 - Give Me My Remote Back

chelsea houska


First of all, there is way too much Adam in this episode. He and Chelsea are back together (big shocker there) and she's expecting him to step in and help after she has her knee surgery. When Randy asks Chelsea if Adam is a good dad, she just says, "I don't know." I don't even know how to respond to that, so I won't. I'll just stick pins in my Adam voodoo doll instead.

Happy Holidays From Teen Mom Junkies

teen mom 2

I know there was a lot of drama yesterday with the Christmas card I made for Amber, and most of it was blown out of proportions as I got overwhelming support that understood it was just a joke. We at Teen Mom Junkies care about Amber and her baby Leah, and want to start watching episodes with her reuniting with her daughter instead of going back and forth to court. It's sad to see, and nobody should be going through that. However, volunteering to be in the public eye puts her life under a microscope and opens herself up to the occasional joke from people. Anyway, I am done talking about the Amber Christmas card as it's already run it's course.

Clearing Up ChristmasCard-Gate

Amber Portwood

Earlier today I posted an image of Amber Portwood's fake Christmas card with her mugshot as the photo. Instantly I got a lot of response from it, both positive and negative. I am posting now to clear that up for people.

Amber Portwood Back Home - In Jail

Amber Portwood

Breaking News -Amber Portwood from Teen Mom has been arrested - again - after a judge issued a warrant today. Amber has been in a lot of trouble lately, from the ihop incident to not even remotely completing her probation orders, so it's unclear exactly why she's been arrested this time, but I'll post an update when I find out.

Happy Birthday to Jenelle Evans!

Jenelle Evans

Who has a birthday today? It's none other than Jenelle Evans! The controversial Teen Mom 2 star turns 20 today. We all watched in awe as she went through turmoil with her mother, signed temporary custody of her son, Jace, over to her mom, lived in her car with her ex, Kieffer, and so on. We, at Teen Mom Junkies, are super proud of the strides Jenelle has been making lately...sticking with college, passing all her drug tests, and making every effort possible to regain custody of Jace.

Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Set A Wedding Date

catelynn lowell

It's not everyone who meets their soul mate in Junior High, but that's exactly when Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra met. 7 years later and they are still going strong. In fact, the engaged couple, who placed daughter, Carly, for adoption in 2009, have finally announced their wedding date! Catelynn tweeted to her fans: