5 Ways in Which Jenelle is Delusional About Jace

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is always talking smack about Babs on Teen Mom 2, telling every friend who will listen that Jace belongs with her, Jace wants to be with her and Jace has such a great time with her as compared to Babs.

And yet, it seems in every episode, we see some aspect of David and Jenelle's life that clearly indicates exactly how Jace feels about being parented by Jenelle.

Let's count down the ways in which Jenelle seems really, really delusional about her relationship with Jace, shall we?

5. Jace always looks grateful to be back with Babs

Where Jace is eating a pizza with Babs in the park or sitting in his room in Babs's home, it's clear that Jace feels safe in his home with Babs.

On the other hand, we see Jace usually being yelled at by David in Jenelle's home, then having to deal with Jenelle screaming at Babs during the most tense arguments that Jenelle has on the show (and that's saying a lot).

4. David Is Always Losing His Temper 

It seems hard to believe that David's anger isn't affecting all of the kids considering how much time he spends yelling at all of them and threatening them with punishments.

Although David appears to be more present perhaps than any of Jenelle's other baby daddies, it can't be good for your stepdad to always be screaming at you about the most minor infractions possible.

3. Jenelle Spends Most of Her Time on Screen Fawning Over Ensley

Maybe it's that he's a younger brother or maybe it's 'cause Kaiser is just one more child who doesn't get much attention from Jenelle, but it's clear that Jace is close to Kaiser and worries about him. However, whenever Jenelle is on screen with her kids, the one child she seems to be fawning over is Ensley.

So who fawns over Jace of Kaiser? Sadly noone.

2. Jace's Therapist Tries To Tell Jenelle Nicely How to Fix Things with Jace

In one of the most recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle gets on the phone with Jace's therapist and gets some feedback on what she needs to do to fix her relationship with Jace and the importance of having family therapy with Jace. Oh boy.

Somehow, Jenelle manages to turn this around and talk about how much Jace wants to live with her and David.

1. Jace calls Jenelle "A piece of shit."

Woah. When you're 8 year-old has the fortitude to call you a "piece of shit" you know you're doing something wrong as a mother.

We find it fascinating that Jenelle seems to think that she can just turn back time and expect Jace to forget his entire infancy and toddlerhood waiting for Jenelle to clean up her act, get sober and leave of the many men who managed to keep her hooked on heroine.


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