Youngest 16 & Pregnant Girl Graduates High School

16 and pregnant


Season 3's Taylor Lumas was the youngest girl to ever be featured on 16 & Pregnant. MTV's cameras began rolling during the summer of Taylor's freshman year when she was only 14 years old.

Taylor, who was barely 15 when she gave birth to daughter Aubri, enrolled in online high school while Aubri was a newborn, but ended up going back to regular high school around her daughter's first birthday.

Taylor continued attending public high school without falling behind, and this May she graduated on time with the rest of her class.

Taylor took to her Instagram account to share her accomplishments with friends and family by posting a picture of her and Aubri, and the following caption:

We did it kiddo! Pregnant my freshman year to my awesome 3 year old shouting "Go mommy!" As I walked across the stage made this crazy time all worth it. Less than 1/3 of teen moms graduate high school and even less than that go to college but I beat all the statistics!! All of my success is because of Aubri and my friends and familys support. Aubri has pushed me to do great things in life and be a better person and know that my dreams can be reached even with some setbacks. They said we wouldn't amount to anything but look at us now boo! We did it and there's many more great things to come! :)

Taylor was able to celebrate all of the fun senior events that she had been looking forward to, including going to her senior prom.

She had hip surgery a month ago, and is recovering quickly with plans to return to work soon and attend college in the fall.


Oh honey no, you didn't beat all of the statistics....

Well yes, she fell into the statistic of getting pregnant at a young age, but unlike so many others in her predicament, she actually made the best of the poor situation she put herself in.

While these girls are so easy to pick at for making dumb decisions, it is refreshing to see them actually make well with their lives. Give credit where credit is due, douche.

This is exciting, but I just hope she actually follows through and goes to college. High school is the easy part which is why I'm soooooo surprised that all of these girls took so long to finish. College on the other hand, even people who aren't teen parents don't go to college. If she manages to do that then I'll be really impressed!

Let's see if she really goes to college and then finishes college and has or gets a job. High school is the easy part.

Good for her, least she graduated most of the moms never bothered and she was soooo young!

I'm so glad she finished high school. She was so so so so young. Good on you Taylor! Best of luck for your future x

Congrats to her, seriously. The fact that she was SO young and finished high school on time as well as working and being an actual mom puts her above a good amount of these girls. She's actually stepped up.

Her episode broke my heart to see how YOUNG she was my God, but glad to see she did it good for her :)

Good for her! That is a pretty big accomplishment. It takes a lot to continue worth school while having a child. I'm glad she had the help she needed to finish highschool. It'll only benefit her and Aubri in the end!

Good for her, that's awesome I couldn't imagine having a baby freshman year of high school. Whatever happened to her baby daddy he was really mean to her always saying things like "you're stupid" "you're an idiot" ugh I didn't like him

I don't know if he's still in the picture at all, but when they did a catch up special for her season, he was paying child support and had Aubri every other weekend. Seemed to be a normal, no-drama situation.

I don't know how I remember all this shit about these girls. It's insane.

I'm so happy for Taylor and her family, graduating high school is an important milestone, as well as a major accomplishment for someone who had the odds stacked against them. I would love to see a story in a few years about her graduating from college as well. (Also I just hope that teen mom/16 and pregnant will still be relevant...I love this crap) While I understand and appreciate that everyone is different an learns at their own pace, I think Taylor being able to graduate on time with her class, after being pregnant at 14 is a really impressive turnaround for her. And then there are the ones that drag their feet and take like 2 years getting their GED, or graduate late even though they aren't parenting...

I really liked her I wish she had been on TM. That might be an unpopular opinion I don't know. HATED the baby's dad ugh

omg not to mention her daughter is adorable

I agree with you, I would have loved to see more from her as a viewer, but I think it was in her best interest to not be on it. TM spoils these girls, and they don't have the same motivation to go to school and work. I really did like her though, and I especially like that she isn't nearly as in-your-face as some of the others.

If I'm remembering right, her mom gave a baby up for adoption and was trying to persuade her to do so as well, but her boyfriend kept saying all kinds of negative things and made the mom cry in the meeting? I couldn't believe anyone could have as much of a backwards and close-minded opinion about adoption as he did.

Yes so true! EW and think of Taylor's baby's dad who would have got some $$$ too. he would have completely blown it. The money goes to these kids heads.

Yeah cause she had given a child up for adoption, and he was just like NOPE...but then made Taylor do most of the work. Sickening.

Very sad to think that TM messes up these girls to a degree - but I agree, Taylor would have been fab on TM though.

The only problem is I honestly think had she been on Teen Mom she probably wouldn't have finished school. 16&Pregnant is fine because it's one episode but give these girls a whole series and the fame and money just goes to their heads. I bet Catelyn and Tyler would've actually gone to college had there not been a teen mom. I bet Amber wouldn't have ended up in jail and Farah wouldn't be a porn star. I bet Maci wouldn't have such a big head. I like her a lot more then most of the girls but a lot of that is because she pretty much stayed out of the spotlight after her time on MTV. She lead a normal life and is doing good for her and her daughter. If she'd been on a Teen Mom she'd see how easy it is to make money without going to school and she'd get used to that and no more school and responsibility.

I completely agree that the first season of Teen Mom girls would have been way better off without the show. I bet Maci would have gone to school and Farrah would be less gross. I bet Amber would never have spiralled anywhere near as out of control as she did. I also think Catelynn and Tyler would have broken up a long time ago, because I think he is mostly with her out of guilt which is no way to spend your life. I'm not sure if they would have gone to college, though. Like ao many of these girls they love to talk about all of the great things they're going to do once they're out of college, but they never actually take steps to make it happen.

It's nice to see this. Even though Taylor had her baby younger than most, she has not made excuses for herself and is graduating with the rest of her class. I saw a rerun of her show and I think she said she wanted to be a nurse. Hopefully she will stick to her goals and become a nurse since we need great nurses!

Good for her! It seems she's saying she's going to college. I do hope she picks a good, viable career path and can graduate without too much debt.

Yeah like $80,000 in taxes *looks at Maci*

Oh Lord, I don't even wanna know how much Maci owes between the IRS debt, student loans, credit card debt and whatever else. I can't imagine she's been paying cash for tuition and has no cards.

Wasn't this the one asking for money too cause her surgery? That one didn't really rub me the wrong way as much as stupid Ally asking money to be "wholesome" for their family. I just hope Taylor is doing better now.

I know this is sad, but I checked Ally's gofundme today. After 12 days, no one has donated. I wonder how long before they give up on being wholesome, or maybe they'll find a way to make it happen without our blessings.

Yeah maybe they'll get a fucking job like the rest of us or go to school to get better jobs so they can move out. It's not like they are homeless. I'm so glad no one donated.

I gave a few dollars to Taylor, but Ally can suck it.


I think she did, but I think i remember thinking "god that sounds horrible" when I read about what she needed doing and not feeling like that was a bad thing to ask for help on too, unlike Ally who just needs to figure out you work and save!

What surgery did she have on her hip, can you remember? I recently had hip surgery and I'm super nosey hahah!

For some reason, I read your comment as "sugar nosey". I have no idea why!! Lol thought you should know.

I have mixed feelings about go fund me. My friend told me to make one. But OK like its our responsibility and then I'm like it would help tremendously! Its been a week, but my daughter and I went to mexico and she (3years old) got attacked by a dog ): and well thankfully she's okay. But 3 days in the hospital 14 stitches and lots of tears later we had to pay cash the hospital bill over there. It wasn't much. But it was 4 digits. And cleaned out our savings and our paychecks. My husband flew out asap to mex. And he missed work 4 days. And now here are our bills that can't be paid !! And at the same time I'm like its okay we got this we will figure it out and all is good and the other part of me is freaking out asking how is this going to work, how will we buy groceries. Ladies and gents opinions I'm losing it ):

I say go ahead and put up the request. You have nothing to lose and starving your family while you chew on your pride just doesn't make sense.

There are other ways to raise money, such as car title loans, payday loans, private loans, small fundraisers, borrowing from your family... but some people don't have any of that to lean on.

My friend's 3 year old was killed in a car accident and their funding website raised over $5,000 in a week, for her funeral.

We aren't starving we have little things here and there to make dinner. Soups. Eggs. Make due with what we have. My sister is taking us grocery shopping. Payday loans I'd me in more of a situation then I am now Lol! And I'm so sorry for their loss how sad ): I couldn't imagine ! You see that's what I'm talking about where I'm like this is no where near that. That's tragic.

Well I do wish you luck and I hope that your daughter heals up quickly!

Maybe total up your bills and give it some hard thinking. Most you can make payments on but some you can't so if you need the money, ask and I'm sure people will help you.


Ugh. It really makes me sad that kids are having sex at 14. Seriouslyyyy :/ I know I'm "abnormal" because I waited until a few months before I turned 21, but 14 seems so disturbingly young to me.

I'm abnormal too then. 14 is horribly young wtf :(

Amen. I too, waited a few months before turning 21, simply because I wasn't ready.

I can't imagine living that experience so young AND getting pregnant at the same time...!! This is so disturbing...when I think about how I was at 14...even 16-17...I really can't...

I had a pregnancy scare at 15 and it was the most terrifying experience of my life, I can't even imagine having a child! Having sex that young didn't seem like a big deal at the time but looking back on it now I definitely wasn't ready and wish I'd waited.

I did it a few months after I turned 18 and now I see my little cousins (15-14) and I'm like terrified because most of my friends did it waaay before me but I don't want them to have sex :( lmao

I was pretty good at the sex by 14, ahem.

Unrelated note - one of my neighbors had a son when she was 14. Never saw the baby's daddy again. She quit school, got her GED, married a guy, went to college and had two more sons. She had her shit together until she turned 30 and went off the rails, started drinking and doing drugs and actually lost custody of her kids for a bit. She is in recovery now and has her kids back but I don't know if she'll make it or not. You just never can completely call some people a 'success story'.

Well until your life is done you never know what is going to happen, its true that some people do really good then have downfalls especially if they are in recovery.. you can't ever really say "ok ahhh I've made it" because you don't know where you will be tomorrow, good or bad.. but you can give people credit for the successes they have along the way

That's really sad...

It's really scary. I remember being in 7th grade and finding out that one of the girls in my class thought she was pregnant by a senior boy and how sickening it was. She didn't look like she was in 7th grade but it was the beginning of the school year. Most of us were 12! I have a couple of close friends who started having sex at 13 and 14, and it just blows my mind. I was too focused on Harry Potter and piano lessons at that age to be concerned about sex.

I remember in middle school ( I can't remember if it was 7th or 8th grade) a girl in my class got pregnant by a guy who was 19. We were in the same class and she was like 7 months pregnant and I was so naive I didn't even realize she was pregnant until my friend was talking about it. She took the following year off school. It's just really sad, she was such a quiet, introverted girl too and stayed out of the middle school drama b.s. you just never know what is going on in someones life I guess

That's fucking insane... yea I knew a lot of girls that started REALLY young. I was never like that (and not saying tha tmakes me better or worse than anyone) LOL but the idea of sex at 14 just NEVER crossed my mind.... like none of that crossed my mind except kissing...lmao

You know what. I was 2mths off 15. But he's my one and only and we are now married with 3 kids. I was 19 when I had my daughter and turned 20, 4mths after she was born. My daughter is now 14.5 and I'm pretty open with her. She doesn't have a boyfriend and even if she did, I know where she is all the time?! Most of the time on these shows I really don't understand HOW these teenagers get pregnant. Like, I get the logistics of it. But how do you NOT know where your kid is for them to have the opportunity I get pregnant? My daughter is still a young teen-so who knows what will come. But I blame my parents and my husbands parents for us having sex so young. They allowed us to have sleepovers. Seperated beds (until they were asleep-obviously!) but they provided opportunity. I really think that while teaching about protection etc is great. The parents also have to take some sense of responsibility.

Well, then you should know telling your parents you're in one place and really being in another with your boyfriend is such an easy thing. I'm not saying by any means your daughter is doing that BUT haven't we all said lies to our parents where we are so we can hang out/hook up with the person we like? Damn, sometimes I still do it and I'm 20 years old lmao, I tell my mom I'm gonna "sleep" at a friend's and I really stay with someone else (In my country it is totally normal to live at your parents house till marriage so). Opportunities of having sex will always come and go even if you're the most strict parent in the world so what really should matter if the sex education you teach your daughter :)

Absolutely Marie. And I did that a lot also. There are huge differences in the way I was bought up compared to my daughter. I am quite friendly with all her friends parents also. We all communicate about where the girls are and what they are doing. We check in with one another about sleepovers. And who will be there. And it's not to be strict. It's to be aware. And know where our kids are. And avoid unnecessary incidents. I know that there will be a time she will lie to me. I know there will be a time she will have sex. I know my daughter is not perfect or a princess. She will disappoint me at times. But at 14 she is still a child. And a child under my roof. So I will check she is where she says she's going to be. And I will drop her and pick her up from places and not let her taxi home (like my parent did. I'm much more aware I believe, than my parents were. I could be wrong. Way wrong. And I'm not super strict. She is allowed to do a lot of things with her girlfriends. They go places all the time. But I want her to enjoy being a kid. And enjoy times with her friends. And let sex be a focus later. I hope I'm getting it right. Time will tell.

A girl I went to school with had sex at 11 for the first time, got pregnant at 13 and had her baby when she was 14, the dad went to the young prison for raping a girl (not her, that was consensual) She didn't do anything to get through high school even though she practically gave her son to her mum, she is now 24, no qualifications, ever worked a day in her life, when the baby daddy got out of prison she took him back. Even though her mum took care of the baby and then her younger sister took over, all the money was given to the "mother" because if it didn't she would threaten to leave with the baby and never come back. When her son turned 5 they started trying for ANOTHER baby, they kept miscarrying like 8 times because of a condition with blood or something, Do't feel sorry for her though, her mum asked why she was trying so hard for another baby when she barely had her first kid, the answer? So she didn't need to go work - in the uk you get income support, child benefit and child tax credits on top of other benefits if you have a child and don't work and it adds up to not much more than if you were working FULL TIME because you get subsidized rent and tax on top of that :@ So now she has 2 kids, and low and behold is trying for a third and her kids 4 ... She makes me sick to my stomach .. the sad thing is there are so many girls like this, they have kids so they don't have to work, they don't better themselves to work i.e. college, they just want an easy life and in their eyes having a kid is easy and it shouldn't be ... but then again here in the UK i'm noticing a LOT of american sounding children who have never visited the place!! you know why?? A lot of the kid programmes are from america that are popular here and all you here is kids that sound like they are from america because they are sat in front a telly all day.
I recognize not all young parents are like this but i know a LOT of teen parents because of the area i live in and ide say that 1/8 of these actually care for their kids, there are kids as young as 2 playing on the ROADS outside my house with NO supervision, they get sworn at by their parents, their parents do drugs like weed in the open, yet they cant afford to buy their kids nice clothes but they can buy themselves alcohol and drugs .. it's disgusting .. the one girl i the area that is fantastic, she is a teen mum, finished high school, is at college, works to afford child care, and looks after her kid 24/7 and the other teen parents around here call her stuck up ... yes she is stuck up because she work, goes to college and looks down on people that do drugs around their kids, swears at them and gets wasted while their kids play on the road.. the worse thing is social work do nothing. They visit but nothing is ever done. sickening.

Apologies for the essay and grammar mistakes in the post, been a while since I posted, working 2 jobs so not been on so it all came pouring out :) P.S someone on here posted some people who don't have kids don't go to college and well I'm proud to say I am going back to college to then go to University, already into college and have uni interview on Tuesday :)

That is SO Nuts about that girl! Congrats to you!!! Thanks for sharing. I mean I guess everyone is different....not to go into too much detail but I got messed with as a young kid, and then I just stayed away from sex completely till I had a LONG term boyfriend (I'm talking we didn't have sex till 2 years into dating and we went on dating 10 years). I see a lot of girls and even guys that have older siblings who are sexually active and they tend to kinda copy them sometimes. And then a lot of parents leave it up to the schools to talk about sex but the parents need to also!

Jenelle must have been so enraged watching this episode since Taylor is biracial

She's clearly mixed, but when I asked her on instagram she claims she's not. lol

Did she? Well, I don't know who she thinks shes going to fool.

My niece and nephew are really dark-skinned white kids. It happens. All that matters is that she's gorgeous, no matter her skin color.

I'm white but I'm very dark skinned most people think I'm either Italian or Asian. My parents are really pale too and no-one could believe that I wasn't mixed race, guess it just happens sometimes.

I am dark skinned and racially ambiguous, but I'm as white as the day is long. Sometimes your 48 chromosomes do some weird things.

I think biracial kids are some of the most beautiful kids around! Maybe cause I'm white as fuck? But omg...the blue eyes, dark skin <3333 so gorgeous! I think Asian American kids are beautiful too. I can't believe how racist people are sometimes to think that's "wrong" bleh. I wonder if Taylor is ashamed of her other heritage....odd :/

You know who I think has the CUTEST kids in Hollywood? Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson. Their son is GORGEOUS with his curls, blue eyes and that beautiful skin color! Her new baby girl is adorable too, but she's so little you cant really tell how she's going to look when she gets older. But, I am sure she'll look a lot like little Hank and he is just adorbs!

He's going to be a lady killer. OMG do you know Avery from Grey's Anatomy? Gorgeoussssss

I think this is fab, a lot of the girls could learn a lesson from Taylor! I hope you continue on your statistic beating path and get your college degree too Taylor!

Yes it's fun to pick at the choices made by some of the girls (especially those up for extended scrutiny on teen mom) this makes me really glad to see! Teen Mom would never have done so well if all the girls made it though and got their high school diplomas and graduated college. Wouldn't have really made their point lol

Well, this was nice news this morning! Congrats to Taylor! Why, oh why can't other Teen Moms do this? I am sure she had help and support from her family, but a lot of the other girls have, too, and they haven't done this! They'll start online classes, and then that's it. They give up.

Because they are too busy chasing the MTV bus to get actual jobs. Going to school involves hard work and studying. They got to party and act like idiots while getting paid for it. Who's gonna bother to go to school when they could get paid for that. Plus if they were going to school they wouldn't have as much drama in their lives and then no one would watch and their show would get cancelled. Look at Chelsea, she has the most boring segments. It's because hers pretty much revolve around beauty school and then her facial school or whatever. That wasn't very interesting to watch. If all the other moms went to school would anyone really watch. This is so much easier for them. They party act like dumbasses and their ratings sky rocket. In a way the Teen Mom 3 girls were kinda right. They weren't big enough train wrecks for anyone to watch. I'm sure if they had another season or two though they would've gotten there but all the girls where in school and there drama wasn't that interesting so the show got cancelled.

Wow, good job! :) Congrats to her! :)

Congrats! I did online schooling also for freshman and sophomore year and ended up going back to normal high school and I don't even have a kid. Online schooling in general isn't for everyone, baby or no baby. I would also like to add I graduate on Wednesday!:D

YAY for you!! Congrats!! :)

Good for her! That's awesome!

Well, she hasn't beat all of the statistics yet obviously, but at least she accomplished more than many girls do, and she really had the odds stacked against her. She got pregnant in middle school. I can't imagine that happening at 14. Anyway, it's quite rare to read anything positive about these girls, so congrats to Taylor and I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. I hope she continues her education at a real college or university and has a happy life. She may have been young, but doesn't seem nearly as stupid as some of these other girls. She dropped her baby daddy when he proved to be a total loser, and didn't continue running back to him to keep her "family" intact. She kept her daughter and her education as her top priorities and that's admirable. She didn't get pregnant again, get fake boobs, or end up married and divorced before she finished high school. Props Taylor. Keep it up and stay positive!

It is not possible but i wonder what all their lives would b like if they werent on tv. Just becuz some girls who were only on 16 & pregnant r doing foineine. I could only guess jenelle would b dead or completely into drugs still. And leah having more baby daddys. O and maybe chelsea having another kid with adam

I'm happy for her! I wish some of the other girls would have done the same thing.

She has always been fairly quiet. Good for her, accomplishing something positive! 14 is so young to be pregnant, lucky she had support.

Reading some comments, y'all do realize this is a good thing, right? It's okay to post happy, positive comments! ;) lol

Yea I think a lot of people were just shocked how young she started. But hey good for her for saying what she was gonna do! I really don't care as long as you're a good a mom!