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16 & pregnant

1. Taylor Lumas Goes to College


Taylor, from season 3, was the youngest girl to be featured on 16 & Pregnant. She was just 14 years old when camera started filming her pregnancy with daughter Aubri, and now that she's 18 and has graduated high school on time with her class, she's excited to announce that she's been accepted to nursing school at Christ College in Ohio.

Christ College has around 550 students and is considered the best nursing school in Cincinnati. Congrats to Taylor for doing what she can to achieve her dream job of being a pediatric nurse.

2. Briana Tweets about Cravings


While I'm still not 100% sure as to whether she's pregnant or not, she's been posting about things that make you really wonder what's going on there. Briana has shared comments about craving certain foods, and has also mentioned that she wants to fake being sick so that she can go home from work.

Her boyfriend, Shoc, even brought cheesecake to her work to satisfy a craving that Briana had a few days ago.

There's no real answer as to whether she's expecting a second child, but it really wouldn't surprise me if she was.

3. Jordan Ward Plans to Move Back Home


Jordan, the girl with the identical twin sister, moved to Texas after her husband Brian joined the air force.

Sadly, it doesn't appear that their marriage is working out the way they intended it to, and she's shared that she is moving back to Missouri to be closer to family.

This is a pretty big move with two small children, but Jordan has a support system back home that she doesn't have in Texas.


So happy that Taylor is doing well! I would say that she is arguably doing the best out of all the 16 and pregnant girls, which is really something to be proud of. She was the youngest of all of them (I think), I'm not sure if Aubri's dad does anything, and she didn't have thousands of MTV dollars to help her along the way. She really puts the useless teen mom girls like Maci and Leah to shame.

Either Briana is pregnant, or she is pretending to be to go along with the rumors for attention. Either way, it's pathetic and I think Roxanne should give her a good whooping with the red shoe.

I'm sad to hear that Jordan's marriage isn't working out. I liked her, and I liked her husband. He seemed like a good guy, but I don't really keep up with them, so I might be missing something. Her sister was crazy though, so I hope that she's grown up since then. If not, I'm sure she's ecstatic that this didn't work out.

I don't think her sister was crazy, she was simply jealous of her sister's boyfriend, because they did everything together and all of a sudden everything changed. I am surprised that jordan went ahead and had a second child, then got implants like jenelle and maci.

I felt a little sad for Jessica really. I think she had co-dependency issues with her twin because their parents left them (?) to be raised by their grandparents. Twins are really close, so I'm sure she just couldn't adjust to the guy her sister got pregnant by. I liked Jordan's husband and their cute little family. Oh well, maybe they'll work it out in time.

Yeah. Twins are unique, they're together from conception and they're always together when they're young, a lot of people treat them as a unit. I've never met a pair of twins who weren't exceptionally close. Add to that being sent to live with their grandparents and they probably clung together even more. Then Jordan met Brian and got pregnant at 16 a few months later. I'm sure it was crazy for her and I couldn't be hard on her at all.

I was with an identical twin for years. They had a close bond, pretty much communicated without talking. Was really odd for me, as for years the twin and I pretty much mutually ignored each other's existence. Even living in the same house for about a year. My ex was insanely jealous about me speaking to most people, and the twin was my friend's ex so I didn't really feel all that fond of him anyway. I think he was probably a bit jealous of me 'taking' his brother too, not that I ever wanted to interupt their relationship. Was awkward all around really.

Do we know what happened to their parents? I need a refresher

I don't think they really said, I think it was just unstable sot hey went to live with grandma

She got a boob job too?? I'm so jealous of these bitches and their boobs.... yep she did. Seriously,why the downvotes you haters!?

She looks good! I'm getting downvoted all over J.M.A. Must've pissed someone off! Lol

Love Taylor! She is a beautiful girl and is doing big things with her life. I have friends who have gone to Christ College of Nursing and it was no easy task for them, I couldn't imagine doing it with a 3/4 year old on top of it all. Cant wait to see her succeed and give herself and Aubri a wonderful life.

Briana you are bricks, especially if you are pregnant again. Seriously SO dumb.

I didn't know Jordan and Brian were on the rocks? Are they actually divorced or just separated?

I can't believe I didn't pick up on this before...but the real news to me is that Briana has a job?!?!?!? So I'm assuming that her ass has left the couch? It must have been years since she left the couch for purposes other than man catching.

I'm sure Roxanne drove her there and waited in the parking lot the whole time, while Brittany watched Nova and had no life of her own.

She's not gonna have a job for long when her employers see that she says she wants to fake being sick just to leave work *FACEPALM*

Then she'll accuse her boss of being a cyber bully.

Bahahaha I love how the judge just threw that case out

I can't believe she has time to work between sitting on a couch and watching someone else take care of her child! Amazing! Should be applauded for finding the time to actually work!
*rolls eyes*

I applauded her when she got her first pap smear and had to have her mommy take her to college. She's such a big girl!!!!!!!

That's true, so amazing of her! WTG Briana - you're all grown up now!

poor Jordan. from all outward appearances her & Brian seemed happy bit that's because she didn't broadcast much of her personal/relationship life all over social media. Hope they can co-parent well for Noah & arri!!! I would literally kill to look like Jordan ... Fml

shut up Briana, nobody cares what's coming out of your asshole later. please don't be pregnant. no more offspring!!!

nothing bad to say about Taylor ever. she graduated and is attending college. Break that stereotype girlll

*but le sigggh

Go Taylor! For the youngest teen mom she's doing laps around the other girls, no second child, no married at 17-18. And got into an excellent nursing program, hers is the teen mom story I would like to see. I used to feel a similar way for Izabella Tovar, but now that her ickiness has been revealed (its icky to me to say you planned a baby while living in your parents basement with your baby daddy and are still in college), I am totally team Taylor! If i'm not mistaking, was she sick a while back too? What a dynamic young lady for not letting anything keep her down from completeing her goals and living a better life for herself and Aubri.


Jordan- knew this was coming. I see it everyday. My hubby is in the military, and all of the young ladies my/Jordan's age have 2, 3 kids. It is very hard to be away from family period, but with no real support system and several kids? Not to mention your husband comes home oftentimes too tired and exhausted to be there the way you might need him to be. I don't fault either one of them for not going the distance, maintaining a relationship while in the military is hard; not every soldier, sailor, airmen or marine has it like Javi, constant time for vacations and trips. I hope things remain amicable for the sake of their two kids together.

Can we talk about Javi's military career for a second? Nathan has had some guys who knew him come out and talk all kinds of crap about him, and shed some light on what was actually going on during his time in the military. I would love for someone to come out and say that Javi is actually isn't on active duty like he and MTV would like for us to believe. But that would ruin the whole "we have to move far away from Jo" thing they have going.

He's on active duty. I remember a few months back on here, his birthday was posted and someone looked that up along with his last name on the "active duty verifier", and it was verified that he is on AD. If you google his birthday plug his info into this site and its there.

My guess is that Javi has a technical job that takes a year or two of training. My husband is a electronics technician in the Navy, and for his first year and a half, two years he was in A school and C school for his job. His schools were in different places, so we had to move, but that may not be the same for Javi. I could be completely wrong though, I have no clue where USAF job training occurs. He could just be at a really lax, chill command!

Okay that makes sense. Sorry if I came across ignorant, but I know very little about the military and the different career paths it offers, but I'm always happy to learn! :)

We use this website at my job to verify that people are or have been in the military. Now, unless you have the person's SSN, there's no way to ensure that it's accurate. It also does not differentiate between reserves and actual active duty. It just says yes or no if the person is in the military. It also will say yes if the person has been in the military in the past 365 days, even if they are not currently. Not saying he is or is not (though it seems unlikely), just giving a little info. :)

I alway say this! As a former soldier, there is no way he's active duty and has accrued all those leave dates. Personally, I don't even think he's in at all anymore.

I dated a guy who was in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, which was kinda like the reserves for the Air Force. It was a one weekend a month, 2 weeks in the summer gig and when he signed up he did 8 weeks of basic training, followed by like 4 months of tech school. Maybe that's what he's doing. The guy I dated only did it for the GI bill to pay for school but then ended up getting shipped off to Iraq and lost a whole year of school because of that. No such thing as a free lunch though.

Yeah that would be a reservist.

wait, what about my statement was thumbs down-able? lol! Javi, quit trolling and go to work. Do SOMETHING.

My husband is in the reserves, but he's on active duty orders. They basically get renewed every year, but it's not guaranteed. We had to move because in order for his orders to be approved he had to live so many miles from base. He doesn't get THAT much time off though. He works 7-4 and then still has drill weekend once a month. If you looked him up it would say he's active duty. So it's a possibility that's what Javi is doing. Still doesn't make sense that he gets that much time off though.

Or that they have so much disposable income just on TM salaries.

I'm kinda suspicious of Javi at this point, lol. Didn't Kail say something about how she could be starting school again since Javi can be home a lot now? Hahaha it reminds me of how Mama Dawn kept making it sound like she was a nurse ("I can't watch the girlses honey, I'm on call") and we find out she's a receptionist.

*NOTHING against receptionists or anything btw, but I don't get why she kept being misleading about it.

I thought that too i thought she was a nurse, remember the episode where leah got her mum sprofessional opinion and mama dawn like evaluated alis legs and said yes you need to go to the doctors etc. Aw that family is trashy! Reminds me of The middle when frankie pretends to be a nurse so she can skip a line lol

Yup! I'm pretty sure in the voiceover Leah even said "my mom is a nurse so I'm having her look at Aleeah"

Or in the 16 and preg episode, Mama Fawn basically pretended to be the nurse in the back ground at the hospital, looking at all the printouts on the machine.

Maybe Jordan meant that Brian is done in the military and they're moving back? Or maybe he's deploying and she's moving home so she has help with the kids. It happens. It could always just be a general statement too. My husband is military and I always say I'm ready to move home but what I really mean is that I'm looking forward to when he's done and we can live where we want in a house of our own.

That's what I would have assumed from that tweet, but maybe Megan knows more that she just didn't write about?

Don't know why the thumbs down unless it's because I said I look forward to my husband getting out of the military? He looks forward to it too and I'm nothing but supportive of his career, we just get overwhelmed sometimes since he doesn't get 6 days a week off like Javi does. We're also living in an area that we hate and is totally different from where we grew up.
Creative Username, I wondered if Megan knows more too or if Jordan put other things out there that would add up to divorce. I'd be surprised if she did since she seems like to keep pretty quiet on social media.

Sadly, it does seem like they are at least seperated. In her we recent twitter pictures, she is no longer wearing her wedding ring. Also, her name was Jordan Ward Finder, now just Jordan Ward. Then, she has been posting a lot of tweets about if a guy doesn't need her, she doesn't need him and things like that.

Thanks! I used to follow her on Twitter but I either don't anymore or I just stopped reading her posts. Haha. I'm pretty surprised, they seemed like a couple who was determined to make things work and now there are two kids in the mix.

Never watched these girls only teen mom 1&2. ( I'm thankful for that)

You can have "cravings" without being pregnant.

( what I wouldn't do for some deep fried pickles right now & I'm not pregnant. )

However, judging by the way the text conversation she isn't very classy.

I personally don't think she is pregnant I think prince charming and her are just starting drama with ex baby Momma / he sleeps with me every now and then.

I do think she will now try to get pregnant to make it look more relevant & like in you're face for not be living me sorta thing.

( like I said I don't know these girls)

His status update: 3 kid's ain't to bad Lmao ( something to that regard)

Is what makes me believe otherwise, cause who puts Lmao at the end of it.

That or the completely planned all this & maybe she even told him to sleep with ex baby Momma ( I know far fetched for us normal people) but anything to stay * classy*

Lol, about the cravings I totally get what you mean. I crave random stuff all the time, but every time I mention craving something or wanting a particular food, people assume I'm trying to say that im pregnant, which I am not. Lol. Just recently I made two pitchers of iced tea and drank it all in a day in a half. I can't stand iced tea so it was really strange. I couldn't get enough of it. Now I'm back to hating it. Lol

I crave some crazy stuff! Im not pregnant or ever been. I crave spicy food a lot! Sometimes its very specific like Wingstop wings, doritos with hot sauce, and even straight jalapenos. Most of the time I just crave hot spicy food. A sweet craving I get is the strangest thing. Ive never done it because its so weird but I crave a chocolate bar mixed into a coca cola! Weird and wont ever try it. Probably my weirdest craving is raw meat. I looked it up and it indicates a deficiency in iron.

pickles on pizza... dont judge....

Lol, I crave spicy stuff all the time! There's things that I won't eat without some hot sauce on it anymore. I don't know why, my mouth ends up burning like crazy but it's delicious. As for the pickles on pizza, I've actually been to a restaurant that had that type of pizza on the menu, and it was amazing!

At my job there is a pizza that's on the menu, it is called a Cheese Burger Deep Dish, it has mozzarella, hamburger, ketchup, mustard, caramelized onions, pickles, and diced tomatoes... it's like sex for my taste buds.

MTV editing, that sounds gloriously delicious!

MTV that sounsd FREAKING SEXUAL omg i want some now. Yeah I have to say I have crazy pregnant woman cravings myself. But then Briana is a loose whore so she could also be pregnant.

Eww ^ "loose" is now associated with Brianna's vag and that disgusts me. Whore.

Really glad Taylor is doing well, it's so rare to hear such positivity about any of the girls that have appeared on 16&P or TM. Go on girl! You show them how it's done!

Jordan - This is sad if it means they are splitting up, they seemed like a good couple. But they took on a tonne of stress very young... so it doesn't entirely shock me.

Briana... if you are pregnant I sure hope you don't have a boy... it'll be like cinderella with role reversal the way you and your family think about men.

I was totally thinking this! Poor innocent boy stuck growing up in the coven. He wouldn't stand a chance.

I literally forsee any son of hers living in the cupboard/closet under the stairs all Harry Potter style.

I'm thinking he'll end up like Angela in the movie Sleepaway Camp.

Super happy for taylor,my favorite from 16 season three! She's the best role model for the other girlses, she proves it doesn't necessarily take a gazillion years to get a GED,and that you can complete your education even though you have a child and a douche ex.

I thought brian and jordan were a great couple,he was the best dad that season.

Why the downvote seriously

It's the twin brigade lol

Someone else from that season is shitty that you think Brian was the best dad. Lol. Who fucking knows. I don't care. I laugh. Especially when I've been nice and there's no reason for it. They hate me and don't even know me. It's funny. Thumbs up to you Javi's Miley Addiction (which should be spelt addekshun-just to bring some Summer into it! Hahahaha)

I agree, don't get why you would get downvoted, he was an amazing dad, if she is divorcing because of support it's like punishing him for being in the army, what did she expect for him to come home every night for tea and have weekends and months off at a time like Javi? Nooo. I don't know if they are divorcing, there is a base near her old town and maybe he is going on tour so she wants to go home for support while he is gone?

She said herself on the reunion,the air force was the best solution for them,she knew about all this. They seemed really mature compared to other teen parents, and brian doesn't ditch his job to go to a miley concert, a miley meet and greet, a miley hugging session,miley autograph party...

Taylor is awesome. She was SO young, but she's doing so well. I remember her saying she wanted to be a nurse on her episode and I'm proud of her for still going after that. She's really stepped up for herself and Aubri, more than 99% of these girls, by working and finishing high school and now college and not having another baby. Good for her, she's turned out to be one of the best.

Good for her for sticking to her dream and being consistent *cough kail/chelsea/leah cough* .

hey sooo this has nothing to do with this article but which 16 and pregnant girl was it that reached down and pulled the baby out after the head came out? my friend and i are racking our brains trying to figure it out.

I don't know about 16 & P, but Kourtney Kardashian did that with her first on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

OMG THAT WAS IT!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! idk why we thought it was 16 and pregnant, lol.

She did it for both kids, no less. Different strokes.

I am pleasantly surprised that Taylor turned out to be one of the best girls featured on this show. I remember hating her during her "16 and Pregnant" episode due to how whiny and spoiled she was. She even said that adoption was essentially abandoning your kid, right in front her mother who had adopted a child out herself! Ugh, I wanted to slap her, but not anymore. It's so nice to see that Taylor has really matured and is now doing everything in her power to better life for herself and Aubri. She's the youngest girl featured, has been out of high school for a few months and is already enrolled in college and has a plan all mapped out. Meanwhile, Maci is several years older and is still struggling to finish an associate's degree. Get it together, Maci. What are the chances that she'll still be getting her A.A. when Taylor graduates and lands a good job?

I still think Briana is pregnant, but she's trashy enough to pretend to be expecting just to get extra favors and attention (sort of like that panda who faked a pregnancy so she could get extra food and sleep in bigger rooms lol). Like somebody else said: if Briana isn't pregnant, then she'll get knocked up real soon. Didn't Roxanne say that she failed as a mother because both her girls got pregnant at the same time? Well, take a look at Briana, Roxanne. You helped create this monster. Brittany seems to have her head on straight for the most part. Hopefully, she can get away from her crazy family and be a better influence on Nova than Briana certainly is.

It sucks to hear that Jordan and Brian may not last. I really liked them, and I thought he was one of the best dads featured because he really seemed to enjoy being a father. Jessica was batshit crazy, though. I remember her saying that she wanted Brian to miss his own son's birth and then laughing while Jordan just stared at her. Then Jessica said something like, "Well, when Brian has a nephew, he'll understand how important this all is for me". Like, bitch, he's going to be a FATHER. No offense to any aunts or uncles out there, but becoming a parent trumps all of that. I wonder if Jessica is still entitled and crazy. Maybe she'll try to play daddy to Noah and Ari now that Brian and Jordan are no longer together.

Jessica wasn't crazy. She was selfish, yes, but that stemmed from being so attached to her sister. Those two had a very strong bond and it was no longer just JessandJordan but Jess and Jordan and Brian and baby. I think she had trouble coping with it and she lashed out.

I have two friends who are identical twins as well. These girls were scary close. They lived together and did everything together. People would joke around saying if someone was two marry one twin, he would be marrying the other. A package deal, I guess you can say. I don't know the details but one met a guy and it broke that dynamic they shared. It wasn't just the two of them or the package deal. It caused a rift between the sisters and they didn't speak for a while. And the single sister was very hurt by it. The girl who was dating moved across the country with her boyfriend and her twin moved back home. Now, both of them are married and living very separate lives.

I think it's hard to understand being a twin. There is a pretty unique bond there.

Meh. I still think she was a tad on the loony side. I mean, she dropped out of high school when Jordan had to due to the pregnancy. Maybe I don't know anything about twins, but I think it's bizarre to change your own education plans to match your twin sister's. I also think some of the stuff Jessica said about Brian was really mean. Like how she hoped he would miss Noah's birth, and how she tried to act like her being the baby's aunt was more important than Brian's role as a father. Yeah, Jessica's life was changing, too, but her attitude was uncalled for.

I agree. She was super over the top protective. It may have been immaturity, but whoa girl!!

I really thought Brian was an asshole. Jordan wanted Jessica in the delivery room with them and Brian was a huge baby about it and kept trying to pressure Jordan to not let her be there. Jess was upset that he was trying to prevent her from being with her sister when he gave birth.

I don't believe he should have done that either. Though, Jessica did need to give Jordan and Brian some space as well. Again, it is hard to do since they relied on each other so much before Brian. Ultimately, Jordan and Brian are mommy and daddy.

I thought he was an asshole as well, im a bit suprised that the majority here think he was great. I always got the sense that he was very controlling.

Then again, i haven't seen the episode since it first aired so i may be forgetting what acctually went on...

I never got a controlling vibe from him. I think he was just pissed off and tired about Jessica's comments. They were able to put their feelings aside when Jordan gave birth: Brian was even the one who placed Noah in Jessica's arms. It was a stressful situation for everybody.

I remember thinking both he and Jordan's sister needed to shut up and re-focus on what mattered - her and the baby. I got why Brian was like he was and I thought her sister behaved atrociously but they both needed to take a step back and remember that it was Jordan and the baby that mattered.

Isn't Jordan's sister Jessica married now, I remembered some where on the web that Jordan was talking about Jessica being in nursing school and getting married in a month this article/ blog I saw was six months ago

I would have been the same way as Brian, the twins relationship was creepy, Jessica had this possession kinda feel with jordan and would guilt her a hell of a lot. I don't think these girls can form healthy relationships if they still acted the way they did back then, because no one wants to feel like second best in a marriage and that's what it seemed for the 16 and pregnant episode but on the reunion it seemed a lot better with the distance between the girls.

Maci has more important thigns to do like beer bongs and spreading her wisdumb to teen girls at schools and sell Bintlays drawing and her shoes and talk to fans for 15 minutes on the phone

Who actually wants to bid and pay for a phone conversation with Maci??

We REALLY need to get on that.

i don't remember taylor at all, but you go girl! youngest girl featured on 16 and pregnant and (as far as i know) the only girl to graduate high school on time AND apply/get accepted into college directly after? way to show all of these older girls up.

hopefully jordan and brian work it out. i have a lot of mutual friends with the two of them and have only heard good things about them, plus they make an adorable couple. :(

I am so happy for Taylor, honestly my first impression when I first saw her in the trailer was oh no trouble, but she definitely proved me wrong graduating high school and going to a nursing program while being a teen mom and the youngest teen mom to be on the show I might add is impressive. She is a season three girl only her, izabella, and Jordan have not been arrested in any way. I agree with everyone else that it was wrong for izabella to plan her second pregnancy while she is just starting out in college and still living with her parents.

Isn't Izabella got basically an appartment inside her mums house though? I'm sure I read that she has a floor of the house which is her room, kids room, spare room, bathroom etcc so if she is paying rent I don't see the problem ins till living at home. I'm pretty sure their home traditions from where their extended family are from is that your family live with you, like it is common for grandparents, parents and children to live all together for support etc. Although I do agree she should have finished her degree but a baby doesn't stop your life, it makes things harder yes but it doesn't ruin it, I know people who have kids, work and do their degree at night, it takes them 2 times as long but not everyone go for four years straight when they don't have the means to do so, maybe she will continue her degree in night classes so Jairo can watch kids while she goes? She seemed like a sensible girl so I don't see her making a decision like that without a plan.

It doesn't matter how well you try to spin it. It's trashy and stupid to plan a pregnancy when you're still in college and you, your boyfriend and your first child are living in your parents' basement. I really don't think Izabella even planned this pregnancy. I think it was accidental, and she only claimed it was planned out of embarrassment and regret for how long she kept her first pregnancy hidden from so many people for so long. Still, she's a young mother going to college with ambitions to work in the medical field. Even fooling around with adequate protection (or no protection at all) was stupid and trashy.

Wooow. Meant to put down "inadequate". Too much dye for the baby's head, it seems. Again.

I totally agree with you, I doubt she planned this pregnancy. I think she's just saying she did to avoid criticism. I don't know what it is, but I always thought there was something weird about Izabella and her family.

I always thought Izabella and her boyfriend were sooo gross together! That guy had no direction or will at all! Bleh.

I am not trying to spin it in anyway, don't be so ignorant not everyone has the same values as you. Some families value family in the sense all the family live in a big house together. I have 3 friends with this way of living and they are happy and don't see it as a problem they see it as they all support each other and pay less rent each because it's split like 5 ways. If they have a massive house with plenty of room and they are all happy with their living situation why change it for the sake of making strangers with your beliefs happy? Yes she should have gotten a degree first but maybe she wants to be a mum more, maybe for her she wants her family and then a career, if one of them is working and providing, they have a stable roof over their heads what is the problem? Not everyone will think like you, people have their own minds and opinions and does it hurt you with what she chooses? Are you affected by her wanting to do family and then career? It's not like she is popping out kids, not caring for them and not paying for them, her and partner provide for them and they don't live off the state. Not like she is sucking your taxes dry.

I feel like I may have struck a nerve. Again: I don't care how you want to spin it. Izabella is stupid and trashy for pulling this stunt. Even with her family's help, things are going to be so much more difficult. It's not fair for both Henry and the new baby that she's doing this.

Well yes ignorance does strike my nerves. Not because it affects me personally, I live with my partner in our home and we are happy. But I also know people in different cultures who live all in one house and the fact you judge her for that. You do not know a persons personal beliefs so don't judge her parenting based on that. Saying you feel bad for her kids because they will suffer, how? How in the world will having family in one house cause them pain, it is not like she is hurting them, not providing etc. There are pros and cons to it, personally I would struggle with that way of living just because it would no doubt lead to my family trying to use their own parenting beliefs that differ from mine, however, there are definitely pros if people chose to do that. You don't know her choices as to stay, it could very well be culture or her parents want her there for support, I live close to my mum to support her. You don't know so don't be so judgmental just because her ways of living differ from yours. She is not drinking every night, leaving her kid to be cared for elsewhere, or doing drugs etc.

So speaking about how I feel about the situation is judgmental? Good to know.

Well yes because you are judging another persons situation without knowing anything about it.
This is petty, people agree and disagree but people should be able to live the way they chose to so long as it doesn't hurt others. Simple. I certainly wont live my life to please others, I will live it how I see fit and do what makes me happy and people can like it or lump it and I hope everyone else does the same. You can't be happy if you try to please everyone e.g. having a child young is good to some - prime age to have kids, people can think it's good due to health benefits others think it's irresponsible. Waiting until your 35, some will praise for being financially ready and having lived your own life, others will critic for the risks involved. Live and let live.

Except I do know something about Izabella's situation because she has made it public for the world to know. I know she's only in her early twenties (if at that) and living in her parents' house with her boyfriend and young son. I know she's still in college. I know she has apparently planned a second pregnancy while all this is going on. And I think it's stupid to do such a thing. Obviously I wish her and her family well, but that doesn't change how I feel about the situation. No, it does not affect me personally, just like my opinion isn't going to affect anybody else. I don't think Izabella will care much about what I think if she ever stumbles upon my comments. At the end of the day, they're not going to change anything, but that doesn't mean I can't write them or share my opinions with others.

Ok I'm going to get thumbed down but I somewhat agree with you Catelynns. I don't think izabella is trash at all I think that's a strong word, but it REALLY does seem like she pops out kids, probably has her parents take care of them most of the time, Jairo works, she goes to school so that's probably what she does, and I agree that she should have finished school and got a job before popping out more. I don't think she planned the pregnancy eithey and Leah Feels Like a Damn Druggy I totally agree....something is really off. I remember her dad telling her mom that she acted more like a friend than a mother. HOnestly I would be pissed if I had my kid in a private religious school, she was going to be a doctor, and then had a kid with some little twerp. and EVEN though she had a kid she could have kept going to try and be a doctor, but now she's having another one and that's never going to happen which is sad. I don't mind parents helping out at all, but like she already had one kid, why would you have another and continue to be a burden on your parents? But hey it's better than living on welfare.

But Hate you're right some families all live in one big house together. Actually us Americans are the weird ones for NOT doing that. Most cultures I know do that (Asian, Hispanic, European sometimes too, etc)

I Agree Trap Baby. It didn't sound like Catelynn's Carly Blanket was judging Izabella for living with her parents (since that is more common in other cultures etc.) Sounded like she was talking more about the fact that Iz is burdening her parents and making poor choices? That's how I took it. I don't think that is "ignorant" unless I misunderstood the comments.

I share mutual friends with jordan and Brian as well. Last I heard their marriage is doing fine.

That's great for Taylor! I hope she thanks her mom every day though.. People say that randy helps Chelsea too much but he's well off and has the funds to do so! Taylor's mom was working night shift all night and then sleeping 2 hours and then watching Taylor's baby all day so she could go to high school! That is a huge burden and a great sacrifice.

Brian and Jordan seemed like a good couple.. That's too bad

Briana needs to get her life together.. So pathetic

Yeah but her mum is probably thinking, if I help her for a few years it can change her life for the rest of her if, think about it, Taylor wouldn't get hired anywhere to pay childcare and if she did it would be below min wage for 2 years because she was under 16 It's great Chelsea has support but she doesn't need the amount of support he gives, it's just her being lazy and pretty much stupid i.e. needing her dad to go online and google adams charges :/ Taylor wasn't getting support because she was lazy she was getting it because she is driven to do something with her life. Her mum must be a saint because I know if that had happened to me my mum wouldn't have supported me like that, she's more of a "you made your bed lie in it" kinda gal lol

I work at a daycare, and nearly every child enroll there is on ICCP (Idaho Child Care Program.) So undoubtedly, Taylor would have qualified to have her daycare paid for by the state. So, even having a minimum wage job would have brought in $800-$900 more a month than what was coming in prior.


Aw thats crazy, even in our nanny state (im in britain where being unemployed gives you 200 a month dole money, the govt. pays your rent and tax for you etc) and even if our mums are working/in college which are low paid they still have to pay a lot of the childcare (until the child is 3 and qualifies for a morning or afternoon free a day) but until then you pay the full time you would need for college. My sister had to pay something like 400 a month, her rent, and bills etc and it was barely worth it at the end of the month.

And when I worked in a private nursery the fees were 1000 a month for a full time space 8-6 .. guess it varied between our countries.

In Australia child care is subsidized based on your income. The more you earn, the more you pay. So the unemployed or studying or single incomes pay less. It's about $350-$450 a week for a full time place from 6am-6pm for ages 6wks-2yrs. The older they get, the cheaper it is. Unemployment (dole) in Australia is about $450 a fortnight for a single person. And they don't pay anything for you. You have to pay your rent (you don't pay taxes as your income is classed as too low) but you do get cheaper rates on electric and car registration and stuff.

Child care is very expensive where I live in canada. Not sure whether she qualified but in her catch up special they showed that her mom would come home after working all night and then take the baby while Taylor went to school. Also I remember something about her and her ex being too young to sue for child support so her mom had to take him to court for support money.

It would be nice to afford daycare on min wage but I have never heard of that. I have a college degree and it is barely worth it for me to go back after we pay for a good daycare for our 12 month old and my 6 year old (step) son

It would have cost me $1600 a month to put my two girls into daycare. I lucked out when I began working because I received a scholarship and only paid $800 a month. If I was to get a job now, I would be paying about $500 a month. But, that's military daycare and they base it off income.

But $1600 for daycare! That is, on average, two months worth of rent!

Im in Britain too, I had health visitors pushing me for early nursery placements because of my health but I said no (I wasn't dangerously ill when she was an infant) as I actually enjoy being a Mama unlike so many of the morons who have babies with their boyfriend of a few months cause they want a "family of their own" but the inevitable happens and they end up whining their life is too hard wah wah. I am older than pretty much all of the mums in My daughter's nursery group, but I was only 26 when I had her! Too many kids having kids now. I know people paying through the nose for just a few days of childcare while idiots get the easy route! Don't even get me started on the welfare... I could rant for days! Genuine sick people and the elderly, after the country was built on their backs are now struggling with heating bills while scammers are sitting pretty. Grrr!

I'm just beginning the health visitor joys. I had a high risk pregnancy but have been well since having my baby - so far I've ignored about 90% of what she's told me because it just doesn't sit right for me and my baby.

Also going to battling the going back to work being worth it deal as my partner earns too much for us to get any support but we are actually exactly the kind of family that could do with it - we are right on the line of it not being worth my return to work. Drives me crazy that our system helps all the wrong people.

Jordan and Brian might not be separating, there is a AF base a few miles away from where they're from. However it would surprise me in the least if they are calling it quits.

love your name. That's exactly what Javi is. Haha

Good for Taylor!

Briana needs to crawl back up the sewage pipe she came from.

I don't know if Jordan and her husband are splitting up, so I really don't know what to say about this. I really just wanted to slap her sister the whole time I watched her episode.

I'm so happy for Taylor!!! She was soooo young when she had her baby. And he older sister was a teen mom and everything just seemed against her. I'm really glad she is doing well.
Briana is an attention seeking slut.
I'm sad Jordan's marriage isn't working out. Hopefully when she's got some family around her, life will be easier and they can work things out.

Whoop! Looks like I've got some haters. I wonder if it's Briana and Roxanne?

You were probably being too nice lol

@Meth pipe, i just found me some haters too! Sometimes you get downvoted for speaking the truth.

It's like you make one comment that is disagreed with and the grudge is held against you forever!! Hahaha

I know when I'm nice I always get thumbed down. Thumbs down I think you're my spirit animal. Unless you're Briana. Then go fuck yourself.

I'm thinking it's definitely Briana, Brittany, and her mom. Go take us to court for "cyberstalking." How has no one made the screen name Papi Chulo yet? LOL Papi Chulo's Twitter Crimes

Go Taylor! College + child = really hard, but I hope she sticks to it. I had my son young, but I was damned determined to go to college, work and do something with my life. I hope she has the same drive.

Are Jordan and here husband divorcing? I haven't heard anything, but I also don't follow her much. That sucks.

No comment about Briana. She's gross.

Wtf thumbs down? I wonder if it's Briana and her always surprised eyebrows mom thumbing you down.

Yep! *Throws vase*

Roxanne takes off her heel to hit you with.

*Files order of protection*

1. I am so happy that Taylor is trying so hard. It really puts into perspective how she is 18, starting her degree on time and she was the youngest of them all and she isn't as well off as a lot of the other girls. And then there's Maci, 23, claimed she would have a degree on time and was an A student and really smart, has loads of support and money ... still no degree. I can't exactly judge, I don't have my degree yet and I'm 21 but that's only because I took a working break to get some savings for going to college, so after 3 years working full time and also part time in nurseries and with young people with additional support needs I saved enough to help me through the last 3 years of my course. Hey at least I an say I did it completely on my own :)
2. Brianna seems like an attention seeker to me, like she wants everyone to think she is pregnant just to test the waters and see how people would react before trying with her new guy.
3. Jordan and her husband seemed like such a good couple, I really hope they aren't heading for divorce, they clicked well and she is a stay at home mum and from what we saw when her man got back he was always actively involved in their kids, it would be a shame if she is doing this just because she doesn't feel supported, what did she expect when he was joining the army? To be like Javi? It's not like that, it sounds like punishing him for being in the army if that is truly the reason. Are they defo getting a divorce? Is he maybe going on tour so she's moving home to get some support while he is gone?

@ihatethatiloveteenmom you have every right to judge, the main reason Maci does have her degree is because she is too busy being a party slut dropping classes, failing classes and switching majors(she went from journalism major to a creative writing major and back to journalism again) At least you where working and earning money for college to take time off

Congrats to Taylor! I got pregnant at 17 and had my son at 18. I got my Bachelors of Science in Nursing in May (when I was 23). I had a lot of support from my family and husband though, so I can't say I did it by myself. Too bad the other girls probably won't take after her and try to accomplish something similar.

Omg, guys I just found out the best thing ever. The word kiefer is derived from the Arabic word for Hashish

That's freakin gold!

Smoke a kiefah reefah with Kieffah!

omg i love that lol

I was watching Stephen Fry's Planet Word, they were talking about the introduction of words by French rappers or something. I was really hoping that I heard him correctly and was overjoyed to find out it was and not some completely different spelling. His parents pretty much destined to be the green hoodie wearing stoner that he is lol

Sorry to disappoint but I think it's actually of German origin...I've never seen that Arabic derivation before.

Kiefer is German for jaw (jaw bone) or pine tree.

It may also be a variation of the German word Küfer for cooper (barrelmaker).

That reminded me of when Jenelle's BD Andrew called him "Koofer"

I'm assuming there are a couple of similar words from different origins. I'm sure the origin of the name isn't from the word for hashsish, but the coincidence is funny.

Yeah it is :)

It's really wonderful Taylor not only graduated high school on time but is going to nursing school. It will be very hard but she probably has developed good time management skills from having to take care of her daughter during high school. Being a nurse is incredibly admirable, you get to directly interact with patients and can brighten their day. It also pays pretty well, unlike working in a tanning salon or similar minimum wage job like all of the other teen mom girls end up doing. It's obviously very hard and nursing school is no cakewalk. My undergrad alma mater has a top three nursing school and the nursing students had tons of clinicals as part of their training. They regularly helped take care of patients at the hospital and health clinics.

Briana is dumb s f*ck so none of behavior as of late is really surprising.

As immature as I thought Taylor was I had to remember she was FOURTEEN my God so young when she got pregnant, but wow good for her that's amazing! I hope she does well. She's doing so much better than some of the other girls from her season. Her mom was a saint, also glad she's not sick anymore.

Briana is trash, always has been trash. Won't be surprised if she gets knocked up again. Anyone want to take bets on which TM3 girl will get knocked up first? I have a hard time deciding if it will be Mack, Katie or her although Alex is "celibate" and could shock me lolol

Jordan's voice really annoyed me ( I know I know I'm mean) and not surprised she's getting a divorce (even though its not certain) but she made some cryptic tweets about breaking up and her profile pic is just of her, not her little family anymore (sure sign of a break up!) so I'm guessing they are done which is really sad for the kids. I remember seeing her sister got married and I can understand that she was clingy before, twins have a special bond a lot like best friends when a new guy enters the mix. Oh well tm couples breaking up what else is new. I liked her though I REALLY which we had more updates on these girls on the show! I know they did one a while ago but I'm invested and have no life.

EW also I saw Jenelle in some magazine article with her shitty family. No Jace in the picture just kaiser and Gaythan no Emery. Fucking pathetic.

And let me guess, Nathan was shirtless?

Surprisingly no. But Intouch magazine is all class so he had to get dressed up ;) her interview answers are SUCH bullshit lol.

Their newborn photo shoot was Nathan shirtless with Jenelle in denim hotpants, it was so white trash and the focus of all the photos were Jenelle and Nathans awful boobs you barely noticed Kaiser

Yea I saw that. It looked like one of those photos on Awkward Family Photos. So fucking gross.

I know people mentioned Leah's weird lips in the last episode, but what the heck was up with Jenelle's in those pictures?! Did she like put foundation on them or fry them in the tanning bed or something? They're like non existent. All I could think was that she needed to borrow some Mary Kay lip liner from Leah and draw herself some lips.

mack already had another baby..jaxie is her name right??

and i am really proud of Taylor she has come along way and i wish her nothing but the best for her and her little girl.

True Mac kinda won but her uterus is exploding so it doesn't count

My bet is on Katie

Megan, please post the sneak peek from last week on teen mom 2. Please! That shiz is crazy. The one about leah getting her hair did before court! Thank you :)

Wow, good for Taylor. That's amazing and I'm really happy for her. Sad about Jordan and her marriage, she's always had such a cute picture perfect looking family. Well hopefully everything works out with her okay too.
Nothing much to say about Briana. She's still trash

BIG NEWS Y'ALL! Well not really, but we were just talking about her: Amy LA DAWN is back on social media!

"Amy LaDawn Nichols
3 hrs ·

I am so happy to finally be back out in the real world. Things are great. Back to work tomorrow :)"

I'm guessing this mess was in jail?

who is she? i dont remember her.. is she related to leah ?

I think she was Leah's friend who was hooked on heroin?

Which one? ;) Kayla always looked fucked up to me. But it could have been her hair.

She and Jeff got into a few facebook fights. I saw she tweeted Leah a day or two ago and Leah has yet to respond. LOL.
Jeff referred to her as amazon woman. double lol.

She was the one that texted Jenelle about suboxone and said she would have given her and Courtland some of hers if she lived near by. Fat chance of that.
She was also the one that Leah said she had to distance herself from due to her drug use being a bad influence on the girlses. Yeah, there could be some irony there.
I'm pretty sure she was also the girl who claimed Corey was abusive to Leah and cheated on her.
And fourth and finally, she tried to do some "modelling" and posted the photoshoot on f-book, which is probably what Jeff was laughing about.

From her Facebook: "I went to prison for some mistakes I made while I was on drugs. Now I am happy and sober agian. Been clean over a year and I feel so much better now. Done with that life and just happy to still be here and have a second chance. No prison was not fun, but it saved my life and got me completely clean which was something I struggled with in the past. Like I said, today I am just thankful." And someone else commented to her she should support Leah now because it looks like she'd on drugs too :D

High five Facebook commenter! :D

Did you guys catch on the last episode of teen mom, Leah said she felt like she was going to throw up. Then her mom said something about Leah couldn't afford to lose another ounce? Maybe she is losing all this wait because of a drug problem.

Then this idiot apparently went and got her hair done and stuff before going to court against her ex husband because of money and what not.

So, Kail tweeted that she wants to move to California and produce a show?? Um, sorry to break it to you Kail, but you are not a celebrity. Sure, she may have some teen fans, but no one in Hollywood is going to take her seriously. These girls really think they're royalty don't they? Just like Maci selling her shoes. Ew. I really can't wait for this show to dwindle down so these girls will actually learn to get a real job and support their kids.

"Kail Lowry ‏@KailLowry 5h
@JasmineeBriana to produce some show ideas that I have!!:

What is her show called? "Shake Life By the Head" ?
Hahaha oh man

Pride over Parenting written, produced, and starred by Quivering Kail

My latin men fetish/ Wife of a miley worshipper/ confessions of a mermaid

LOL the downvotes make these comments funnier

Wonder how that will work with Isaac and Jo? Does she not think about that??? Of course not!

Of course not! Jo and Vee just watch movies and go to the zoo once a week. There's beach sand in California and Jo can't give that to Issac. #teamblobfish

Well damn. That settles it. If there's sand involved, Isaac HAS to go. Sorry Jo. Sand is more important than you!

And more important than Father's Day!

Pound sand, Kail.

Also Jo and Vee don't have a trap baby that Issac has bonded with. Kailursula is clearly the better parent.

Of course she doesn't care. Kailyn only cares about kailyn, and if anyone disagrees with her then they are selfish and just don't understand.

Isaac doesn't need Jo, he has (what were his words...) Big Papi Javi!. *insert eye roll here*

Ok I know i failed to see Farrah but if Kail moves here I solemnly swear I will see that blobfish in the flesh

Trap! Your h8er is back now too. Someone is out to get us! They are jealous.

They are mad I didn't see Farrah. Sorry but I'm broke lmao. I'm sure she'll be back in California to grace us with her presence.

Oh and but she's taking Media studies at Delaware state! She's legit just like Maci!!!!!!!!!!

Because we all know that everyone who makes it big start their career in Delaware

I kind of hope Kailyn does try to move out to California, only so the judge can smack the smug look off her face by telling her she can't due to it interfering with Isaac's visitation/relationship with Jo. If she does try, then they'll probably do one of two things: grant full custody to Jo, or split visitation so that each parent can only have Isaac for half the year.

Sadly the court seems to favor her:(

Off the subject, but I went back and checked on Maci's auction, and the final selling price was: Check it: $1,225.00! (Granted it was a bidding war between people with 0 stars, so they were probably trolls) But still! That is way more than I would have imagined.

Ugh, I couldn't imagine spending that much money on somebody's used sneakers, drawings her kid did and a fifteen minute phone call about nothing. Are people really that desperate these days?

Just remember Farrah's old nasty, sweaty used swim suit from that she wore for her porno's promo picture was up for auction on ebay before it got taken down and it had a bunch of high bids on it too. I do NOT understand peoples' weird fascination/obsession with memorabilia. Let alone from people who are not even stars! I mean, WTF, I can understand wanting to own or see Jimi Hendrix's guitar or something, but shoes or a swim suit? It's mind boggling.

EWWW was it??? Yea I remember someone paid like $10,000 I think way more actually for Scarlett Johansen's used tissue. LIKE SERIOUSLY??? What is wrong with people. Even if it is a celebrity they're still a fucking person like you and me...holy shit.

A jar of air that was sort of near Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie once sold for $50,000


Ugh, I remember that. I also remember when that waste of sperm and egg Nikkole sold her homecoming dress (I think it was the one she wore on "16 and Pregnant") for ten-thousand dollars, I believe. Like, she wasn't even infamous at that point, yet somebody still shelled out the money to own the dress. Unbelievable.

And, like, who would buy something that Nikkole of all people owned? That's a mark against your humanity right there if you ever helped her out in any way.

Lol and NEAR them. How sad...but hey hopefully the money went to charity. Glad charities are making $$$ off people's stupidity.

A jar of AIR? That's pathetic!

Also, I'd like to sincerely apologize for my horrid sentence structure - I am educated and do know better than that! I was just distracted when I was typing. Sorry!

I wonder if its creepy old men. That does surprise me it made that much though. I love when Ally set hers up and it made 0 seriously that made me so happy.

That can't be right.

Honestly that's a lot less than I expected.

Nobody should be spending any amount of money on used shoes and some kid drawings, but there are some hardcore Maci fans out there, I figured they'd be cleaning out their bank accounts for the chance to talk to their idol.

How pathetic lol

I honestly can't think of a single human being I'd do that for even if I was rich.

....Channing Tatum..........


LOL I knew Farrah wouldn't actually sing (turn your speakers down, horrible sound quality but who wants to actually hear her anyway?)

What the hell is she wearing?

A fucking tu-tu. I hate her.