Update on Savannah Mooney's Son

16 and Pregnant


Well, after posting yesterday about Savannah's son, Rowan, being taken away by his father, Stone, some things were brought to my attention about the situation that really made me reconsider the whole thing.

While I know that every story has three sides, this one has so many twists and turns that it's making my head spin.

For those of you that missed the initial post, basically Savannah's ex-boyfriend, Stone, took their son, Rowan, and is keeping him.

Since Savannah and Stone did not have a custody situation legally agreed on, Stone has every right to take his son for however long he wants, and due to this, Savannah missed Valentine's Day with Rowan and will likely miss his fist birthday on February 27th.

Initially, Savannah claimed that the reasoning for Stone to take Rowan was because he was jealous of the fact that Savannah has moved on and is now dating a guy named Malcolm.

Malcolm and Savannah were together during the catch up special, and he has a child of his own.

Stone stooped pretty low and has been throwing racial slurs at Malcolm, using "the N word" frequently and bashing him due to his race.

Malcolm obviously wasn't too happy about this, and took to Facebook yesterday in the midst of all of this drama to share his opinion.


But it seems like there's yet another side to this story.

One person that was commenting on the same status was allegedly a relative of Stone's, and his accusations were pretty intense as well. Here's a snippit of what this guy wrote:


Well, that's certainly a side of Savannah that we didn't see on MTV, and that hasn't been portrayed on social media.

We've looked into more details of this situation and reached out to the original poster for further comment, but haven't heard anything back yet.

After posting the article yesterday, we also had a couple of people come forward with more information about Savannah's current living situation. She is allegedly living with Malcom, and it seems like this guy might not be good news.

Malcolm reportedly is into drugs, and people have claimed that judging from his Instagram pictures, he's likely dealing them as well.

We also heard a report that the house they lived in was shot at recently, which likely led people to believe that there were drugs involved.


While all of this is simply information given to us by sources close to the couple, it does make you consider what the reality of this situation is and whether or not Stone was truly acting selfishly or if he was acting to protect his child from the living situation.

These two are still expected to go to court in a couple of weeks, but an official court date hasn't been announced at this time. We'll be sure to keep you posted when more information pops up.


And this is why I always want to reserve judgment over this kinds of situations. It's completely "he said, she said" at this moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if Savannah was as wild or into being a homie-hopper like what's being accused. MTV has given quite a few girls the good-girl edit. What if Savannah is yet another one? I'm not saying that she's right or Stone's right (and he is certainly in the wrong for using racial slurs, especially since his son is mixed-race). It sounds like a pretty messed-up situation regardless of who's telling the truth. Poor Rowan.

I have a theory that the one who gets the good girl edit are actually the more ratchet one and MTV edit them as victims to cover it up and milk it for all the attention and the ratings it's worth.For exemple Dell was apparently a shit dad but it was more "hype" and catched way more attention to make it seem like he was the victim of Jasmine's parents house rules. Or when poor good girl Maci has to deal with horrible deadbeat Rhyne. Or Chelsea being attacked by the SD cosmetic license police for absolutely no reasons. And I'm sure there is a thousand more exemples.

I know Millina and Maddy both got good-girl edits. I wouldn't be surprised if Savannah did, too, and they were trying to do the Catelynn angle with her alcoholic mom and little half-brother.

Maddy didnt really get the good edit, we could tell she was the idiot she is.

The Ashley reported Maddy was incredibly difficult for MTV to deal with, she was very entitled. They paid her less than the usual 5K when filming was done.

Publicity, I believe it. I hated the bitch the second she admitted to being pregnant from a one night stand. I have a strong feeling she did it purposely JUST to be on the show.

Maddy with the hairline? I still can't forget her boyfriend's teeth ::shudder::

I don't know if it's the worst of them that gets the good girl edit, probably whoever they can turn into the best sympathy case and whoever is capable of the edit. The worst of them would never be able to pull it off. Maybe it's just that they try to make them all look good, but the fakest ones, like Maci and even Jenelle (MTV tries so hard to make her look good!) that have the most drastic difference between the show version and real version of themselves. I just don't think Chelsea or Maci are the most rachet of the group, just the best and faking being good.

Ratchet might not be the term I'm searching for but maybe something that represents that they don't make the best decisions and are spoiled and entitled? And I mean I'm more talking about 16 and pregnant it's just that TM exemples were easier to find. I mean it's seems that alot of them who were portrayed as defenseless wholesome girls ended up being the worst/on drugs/insane/just and overall raging cunt (Nicole, Ebony, Nikkole, Jamie, Cleondra and ect)

This is a huge reason why teenage pregnancy needs to stop happening. I realize not all teens are like this, but now we have a one year old who is stuck in the middle of fighting parents and serious allegations. It's just sad. Unfortunately, some random judge will now make all the decisions for them because these 2 can't grow up and do what is best for Rowan.

There's always an exception to every circumstance. There are some teenage moms who get their crap together and do well with life. However, that's not the case for the majority. I agree with you completely. For the most part teenagers do not understand the give and take that's required with a child involved. It's not all about you anymore and your feud with an ex, there's a child between you now.

I'm becoming very annoyed by the younger generations pregnancies lately. I'm 24 and do not have children, not even sure if I want my own. But it's sad how many females my age and younger are just popping them out with random people now. I truly miss the days when you'd see a married/engaged/stable couple announcing a pregnancy. I can be happy about those, I cannot be happy about someone popping a kid out they can hardly afford just because they want someone to love them.

I know so many people I went to highschool with that have multiple children with multiple non-existing baby daddies. I don't like to judge people because I don't know their situation, I just feel bad for the kids. They don't deserve fighting and petty behaviour.

My son is special needs, and every day I'm so thankful my husband and I are on the same page. I couldn't imagine a teenager being in my position. I'm so glad my son has a stable house to grow up in! :)

I will never understand why so many women seem to want a souveneir (baby) from each relationship they're in. You are forever connected to that other person once you have a baby, whether you like it or not. I had my son when I was 18 and learned very quickly one was enough for me. Almost 16 yrs later still no more...it's not that hard.

Jesus, Mary, Josef on a camel, I do hope this child wasn't in the middle of a situation where bullets were flying around!

Could da boyfriend not be arrested for the pics on his Instagram? Or is possession of a soft drug not punishable in his state?


Ow don't be mean LOL.
I have a lot more brain cells and class, in my thumb, then she has anywhere.

Jk the DA just threw me off.

Well this new information changes my mind on how I viewed the situation. I still think they're being petty, but if what Stone's relative says is true (and let's be honest here, he/she is a biased source of information because of his/her relationship to Stone), then the two of them need to sit down and discuss this situation like adults. It took two to tango, so they both need to grow up and handle this like adults for Rowan's sake.

My bro is stoned to the bone, puff puff pass my man.

Your comments always make me die from laughter; thank you Sir Nibs aahahah xD

He said, she said bullshit!
99% of the time both people are wrong.
Someone gets a divorce or breaks up, both wrong.

Fighting about you're child? GROW UP & do what's best for them.

Believe it or not buttercup when you have a child its not about you or what you want.

Its about what the child needs/ deserves.

It's bad enough when two adults get a divorce and act like children, but shit. Teenagers being put into those situations more likely than not leads to chaos.

What's sad is that, ultimately, Rowan's gonna be the one paying for their stupidity :/

I would not like to be the judge handling this case.
Maybe CPS will be asked to investigate both parents so the judge can get some facts straight.

Right! Its like" oh she pissed me off now I am going to piss her off and she will wish she never did that. "

What these people need to realize is it's not a game, a score of right or wrong its about you're child.

And I absolutely hate when parents can't put their feels aside long enough for the child to benefit.

I'm not talking about having birthday parties together ( even though that's probably best for the child) because sometimes its better for them to see their parents single and happy then together and fighting....

However you should be able to stand each other long enough to both be present at the soccer game without showing hate.

OMG people like that are the worst. When I'm at work I help people file for custody and visitation and as I was explaining the process and different visitation options she had to one woman she actually says to me, "Oh so I should to get him [her baby daddy] mad, huh?" Like wtf is your thought process?

Like wtf is your thought process?

Clearly these girls don't think much of anything through, so I'd have to say their "thought process" isn't much of a processe.

Its more like they have an idea/ something they want and they just do it.

It doesn't matter who it effect's as long as its all about them everything is good. ( think about you're child)

Some people never get further than do-re-ME.

Hahaha spelling mistakes everywhere!!!

My bad....

I feel awful for little Rowan. He's already in the middle of this shit and his dad is using racial slurs to boot. Growing up is going to be confusing and painful for him and it really just breaks my heart...

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE GIRLS?! Hardly ANY of their actions show that they care one ounce about their kids well being. The majority of the 16&P episodes should have included Dawn and families like B&T.

I am actually very glad I kept my son. He is now 10 years old and we are in a much better place than we were, albeit due to some lucky circumstances. I don't think giving up your child for adoption just because you are a teen mom is the best answer for everyone.

What I do think (and my reason for the reply) is that someone like Dawn (minus the adoption) should be brought in for these girls. This show should aim to actually change their lives. I know I would have benefited greatly from having someone OUTSIDE my family with the training and knowledge to answer my questions, give strong, healthy advice and simply, for lack of a better phrase, "be on my side". Granted my situation was probably not quite the norm.

I see so many of these girls struggle from lack of a person ask an honest question to. Yes a lot of them are idiots and probably don't know (or care) which end the diaper goes on, but I think a lot of them would do a lot better with a person there who is not going to judge nor take their kid away, but actually take the time to listen and step in when things need to be helped.

Teen pregnancy is terrible, but when it does happen, it is not helpful to those involved to treat them like vermin and say "sucks to be you. give it up or do it on your own". In the end helping the young mom leads to a well adjusted child who will be less likely to make the same (or worse) mistakes once they become a teen.

Real Teen Mom, I'm guilty of adding pressure to my oldest sister to give up her baby. She was the "black sheep" of the family, drug addict and alcoholic. My mom was too old to care for another baby (I have no faith in my sister to raise her child) my other siblings are parents but aren't in the position to raise another adequately. My oldest sister refused to give up custody, and even though she isn't a great mom now (Her baby is 9 months) I cant image life without that precious little girl. (I take a lot of responsibility for her, My mom and I co parent to raise her) Everything about adoption seems devastating no matter what position you're in.

You definitely sound like an exception to the rule! I'm glad your experience was positive. I wasn't a teen mom, but my sister was, so I know the struggle. I was in 7th grade when she gave birth and she lived at home.
Some of these girls though, they strike me as the types that think a baby would be "cute" or "fun" so adoption doesn't really seem like an option to them, and then they end up stripping, doing drugs, leaving the baby with a parent..that's what I was speaking on.

You are right, there should be programs where teen moms or any new moms can get in touch with some sort of buddy.

We have youth health centers here. We are obliged to bring our children in every so often to check their weight and height etc.
They also make at least two house calls when you have a new born.
Many parents see them as the enemy (they can be very annoing and they are a part of CPS) but I found them very helpfull and kind.
There is also a lot of misinformation going around. For instance my stephmom was very sure we were making our daughter fat. The doctor told us to give her even larger bottles when she had her check up, she needed it.

I've had this thought myself, but I think the majority of girls actually made the right decision for themselves across the series. Jenelle did not, Jace should have been adopted. Nikkole should have chosen adoption. Potatozar should have adopted out to a family that wasn't related to her. Lori probably should have kept her son seeing as though she has made up for it twice.

It's actually really interesting to see the stats of girls that keep the baby versus those that don't on this show. I feel like they should show both sides more often. The last time we saw someone do adoption was Season 2.

I mean, yeah, lots of girls in the later seasons have thought about adoption, but no one went through it. I think showing all sides to a situation is more important that ratings "gold" in a moral sense. I don't know, that's just what I think as someone in the demographic they're trying to "educate."

I agree. Both sides should be equal. I mean the girls could still go back on it, but the ones seriously considering or pursuing would not only be interesting to see but would, as you said, educate the demographic.

Who knows to be honest. People will say anything to make the other look bad in these types of situations. It could very well be bullshit talk to make Savannah look bad for court. Or it could be true. However Malcolm seems articulate. He can spell. He wrote a well thought out status. Not some Brianna crap where she writes how she speaks with "da" instead of "the" and other slang plus misspelt words. These are all kids. Kids tattle and make up stories. I just hope the judge sees through the bullshit because I like to believe that Savannah wanted better for her son than what her mum gave her. She did seem really hurt by that life.

I was impressed with Malcolm's status too... It's sad that decent spelling is impressive with these people! However, it could be that he's just smart enough to know when to make an effort and when he can be an idiot. I'm really hoping for Rowan's sake that this new info isn't true, but there's a good chance they're all losers. Poor baby. :(

Did anyone else understand a word of what Stone's relative was saying? There were periods in the middle of sentences and it is just a jumbled mess. I find it hard to believe someone who can't even form a sentence.

I didn't understand most of his post. On the other hand, Malcolm's was pretty coherent and well-written, so I'm more inclined to believe him, if for no other reason.

I'm pretty sure Harris meant harass if that's any help! I agree though, it kind of ruins credibility when you can't form a sentence...

My thoughts exactly. Periods everywhere for no reason, the constant use of "your" instead of "you're", "Harris" instead of "harass" and various other mistakes. Faced with only those 2 arguments, I'd believe Malcolm. But really, as other people said, it's too much of a he said she said to say who is telling the truth. It's so typical of MTV to make the mom seem more together than she really is and to make the dad seem like a deadbeat when he really isn't. The jury's out on this one...

Probably typing fast on his phone. I get multiple periods in my texts if I'm not careful because the period button is right next to the spacebar on my phone. If I'm in a hurry, I don't bother going back to fix them. Harris for harass looks like an autocorrect problem. Still, it WAS hard to understand, you're right.

Yeah but if you're putting a message out there for all to see you can at least proofread a little to get some form of English.

Seriously. This incoherent disaster makes Sandy Kay's dispatches from the holler look like Nobel Prize in Literature material.

The next briana.

My favorite part of the second sentence is the dick hoping. Best typo of the whole mess of a paragraph.

Stuck between a *confirmed* racist and an *unconfirmed* crap mom, my heart just goes out to little Rowan. I feel for him the same way I feel for North West, precious beautiful child with far less than ideal parents.
At least Stone and Savannah have the potential to grow out of their issues, but its not fair for Rowan to have to suffer through it.

That poor kid. Nobody to really fight for him, it seems like he's just a pawn in the game right now. That's just sickening.

Okay, I don't get these young parents make dumb ass decisions that they think won't affect their kids after birth. like "oh I'm gonna date this pot head cause YOLO." Not to mention most of these girls have a "this is MY kid." Mentality.... It. Doesn't. Work. Like. That. I hope Rowan goes to the parent deemed most stable and fit. These kids just don't realize that the one who really gets hurt at the end of the day is the baby. My step son will never know a life with his parents together because my husband and the mother of his child were like "YOLO. Let's bang everything that moves." 9 months later here comes a baby born to unorganized, unprepared 19 year olds. There was a question of paternity (multiple guys could have been the father) and as time passed and court shit got settled the only person who REALLY lost was my step son. He lost time with his dad, and in the middle of two, very very angry young adults. His mother and my husband are products of young, naive, separated parents and the cycle just continued. It makes me sad for my step son. At least my husband and I are very stable now. His mother is trying, I will give her that.

I'm sure Savannah isn't perfect, but I'm not going to automatically believe Stone's relative's version. They are obviously going to be biased toward him, and they've probably only heard his story.

I'm just not ready to condemn the girl yet and say she's a bad mother based on one unconfirmed story from a relative of the guy who's keeping her child from her.

And Stone, your child is mixed-race. Might want to work on not using derogatory words to refer to black people. That's all I know for sure about the situation.

Yeah and even IF he took the baby because he was scared for his wellbeing then why has he been hanging out in bars every night?

If he really is out every night, he's there raising the bar of sucking as a parent.

Of course, we don't have the whole text conversation between Savannah and Stone. However, his responses are full of such hatred and anger that I think there is a lot more to this story. To me, it didn't come across as someone angry because he was concerned about his son's wellbeing. Stone's focus was on himself and her new beau. And if she was really "dick hoping" would she be in a relationship? Also, didn't she mentioned before that she dealt more with Stone's mother than Stone because he was always out?

It just comes down to he said, she said and only time will tell what the deal is.

Wait, Savanah is a stripper too?

Just for two weeks rumor has it.
Being able to keep a job at Target for just one week has me puzzled. It's not like you need a Master for that.

she seemed really ambitious about getting a degree during her "where they at now". Well most of them do anyways, Jordan at one point wanted to go to beauty school or something.

They *ALL* want to go to beauty school at some point. I don't see the connection, but OK.

BTW, off topic, but I saw a post about Izabella and she is a Junior in college in Utah. Some of these "facts" that she posted actually surprised me (in a good way, like that one). Anyway:


It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged and I have gained some new followers. So I thought it was appropriate to share some fun facts about myself and Jairo!

1. My eyes are naturally blue
2. I’m 5’ 6.5”
3. I love anything vintage
4. My favorite color is black
5. I could live on coke slurpees
6. My favorite holiday is Halloween
7. I’m a junior at the University of Utah
8. My major is psychology
9. I love Disney movies (Alice in Wonderland is my favorite)
10. I have been out of the country 8 times
11. I am on the Dean’s List
12. I don’t like romantic movies
13. I like shows about space, history, and nature
14. One of my favorite pass times is reading
15. I can say the alphabet backwards
16. I have a terrible singing voice
17. I have always loved horses
18. I am afraid of deep (especially dark) water
19. I’ve never broken a bone or been stung by a bee
20. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 12

(Is it weird that it took me a really long time to come up with 20 facts about myself?!)

Since Jairo is a pretty quiet guy I think I’ll share some fun facts about him as well so you can get to know him a little better.

1. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister
2. His eyes are so brown they look black
3. He recently got into snowboarding and loves it
4. His first language is Spanish
5. His middle name is Johnathan
6. He works at Walgreens
7. He’s 22
8. When he was 17 he got his ears pierced (don’t tell him I told you)
9. He loves to be outside
10. He loves ketchup
11. He’s 5’ 9”
12. He loves cars
13. He’s really good at drawing
14. He doesn’t really like dessert
15. His favorite drink is Coke
16. He loves action movies
17. He always has to be moving (sometimes he even paces when he’s talking)
18. He’s allergic to milk
19. He’s a very hard worker
20. He’s a great dad

It’s funny because Jairo and I are really total opposites in a lot of aspects. But I think that’s what makes us work. I mean they do say “opposites attract” right?

she doesn't update her ask anymore,but it seemed like at one point she didn't really like jairo.

Maybe Izabella is like a rabbit. Female rabbits absolutely love the males...until they get pregnant. Then they hate the males so much and will physically fight them and try to put as much distance between them as possible. I can imagine Izabella doing that every time Jairo manages to knock her up.

I don't get these racist people, if you're racist, why not just date someone your own race. Same with Karl.

Because someone of their own race wont feed their narcissist elitist ego. I pegged Kail for who she was long ago; I honestly believe that she believes she is better than Jo and the Riveras solely because she's white, even though she was staying in the Puerto Rican Rivera's huge home while her white American mom Smirnoff Suzi was staying in a motel somewhere with her boyyyyfren. They were just so lucky she was gracing them with a half white grandson, dontcha know? She was doing them a favor.

While I don't believe Jo drank that koolaid, I believe Javi wholeheartedly did. I could never see him allowing a brown skinned, trigueña latina to physically and verbally abuse him like Kail does, but fair skinned blonde hair blue eyed Kail will always get a pass, because he's so lucky to be married to whats touted as "the dream woman". Kail goes after guys she believes are inferior to her, and the guys that go after her think shes something so special because of her "looks". We see how quickly things wifh Jordan ended.

I also think that Kail wouldve liked Vee alot better if she was white like her, I mean how dare Jo go "backwards" after having the best, right (eyeroll big time)

I imagine Stone to be a similar way, which is why he got so mad Savannah is dating again. I'm sure jealousy in general played a part of it, as well as, (if its true) anger at his son being around a drug dealer, but the way he called this guy the N-word several times, its mostly anger that Savannah "went back" and got with a black guy he perceives as inferior to him.

There are a starting amount of racists who get partners of color, thinking theyre saving them, and enhancing their partners genes by breeding with them. Its pretty messed up.

Karl doesn't just go for guys inferior to her, all her "friends" are hispanic. I've never seen her with a white girl.

She was friends with at least one white girl in the first season of "Teen Mom 2". Kail went shopping with her for school supplies at Staples and Kail spent the entire time bitching about how nice it was for her friend to have nice parents giving her money she needed to school supplies and Kail didn't have parents do that for her and her friend was just so lucky. It was super awkward and that girl (whose name I don't remember) looked like she regretted having Kail accompany her. I don't know if she ever came back, but after that, I noticed Kail started hanging out with mostly black and Hispanic people. I think it's a combination that she wants to look more cultures and enlightened by having friends who are also minorities, and that she feels she can push them around like she can Jo and Javi. Notice how she never physically assaulted Jordan, her only known white boyfriend, like she did to Jo and Javi. She's a piece of work.

This is an interesting theory and totally fits her. I always had the impression Karl hated being just another white blonde chick and sought out partners and friends of different races to look more cultured or whatever. But then she goes bitching about Jo making Isaac look like a "thug".

Has anyone read that Parsley (Adam's other kid) broke her arm falling off a couch?!?! Wow. I have a hard time believing anyone was watching her and I hope CPS got involved since they have to. It's standard for them to investigate to rule out child abuse. At least in California it is! It will sicken me if this could have been prevented if she was being watched!

Don't know any details about this situation, but I'm pretty sure she is around 2 years old. Toddlers having accidents that cause broken bones is pretty common, you can't really keep a toddler tied to a chair all the time. I'm not trying to be rude here, but wishing a cps investigation on someone whose kid is most likely not being abused is kind of terrible, and takes time away from kids who actually need it.

I saw that as well! Poor baby! Believe it or not I've seen pretty responsible parents with their kids in the hospital. Turns out they fell off a bed or couch and landed just right to break something. Hell, my daughter tripped going into her play tent and fell just right to hit the corner of a wall and blacked out. That was the worst, scariest thing I had ever experienced. Shit happens. Taylor seems like a good enough mom.

For falling off a couch? Kids get hurt. My 2-year-old hasn't broken any bones, but he's certainly fell quite a few times and gotten some bumps and bruises. He can climb, he's fast, I don't have my eyes glued to him 24/7. When did this become so abnormal that it would warrant child protective services? My mom was great, but my brother and I were adventurous kids and we sustained quite a few injuries- CPS was never knocking at our door for it.

I fell off the bed when I was 3. No broken bones or anything, I just fell. Why did I fall off the bed? I was fighting my mom because she was putting ointment in my eye to help clear a clogged tear duct. Kids fall, they get hurt sometimes.

I fell off my parents bed at 4 and broke my humerus bone...It happens to even responsible parents...
Is her name really parsley? Ha!

Haha! no her name is Paislee :) (not sure if I spelled it correctly.)

To keep a two year old completely watched all the time you need to have eyes in the back of your head and the speed of a cheetah.

My daughter got a wicked black eye once. She had been climbing on the back of our couch, fell forward and hit the wall pretty hard. The couch was only about a couple of feet from this well. It was a nasty one. A couple days after, when it looked it's worst, I had to go shopping with my girls. Some elderly lady commented on her eye and how I must have gotten really mad. She was playing it off as a joke but it felt so uncomfortable and it made me feel so horrible. When people saw her eye, I just felt that judgment and people making assumtions. It was the worst feeling to this people could think I harmed my baby. Thankfully, I did have people who also understood that accidents do happen and has similar experiences with daredevil children who were constantly injuring themselves. My daughter is such a little monkey and so fearless I feel she is the one who will keep me on my toes.

Forgive the spelling and grammatical errors. The daughter in question was crawling all over me. She wants my phone. Lol

I took my son to the park one time time ( he's two) and he tripped over his own feet and fell and hit a bench before I could grab him and he had a black eye and I felt the same way you are describing. I just wanted to take him out to have an awesome day and he ends up coming home with a black eye, it was horrible. At home I am constantly having a heart attack, he can literally climb up anything, like a monkey.

Same here! My son is starting to get VERY adventurous, and he fell off our couch once as well. Right in front of my face, I couldn't grab him in time. He got a black eye, and I actually avoided taking him out till it got a bit better. Because of the people who think CPS should be called over something every child goes through!

my daughter literally did a 360 roll of the couch right in front of me when she was about 18months old. She thankfully didnt break anything but I wasnt fast enough to catch her but seriously lol they are fast and things like that happen in an instant. It doesnt always equal bad parenting.

When I was about two years old I was with my mother in a hospital waiting room waiting for my dad to get out of hernia surgery. I was sat on a chair and simply fell off and split my lip open. At least we were in the right place to fix it ha.
When my dad came round from surgery and asked where we were a nurse told him that I was in Accident and Emergency lol. I had to have stitches in my lip and we have a photo where it looks like I had been punched in the face. My parents didn't take me out till it healed better because of people automatically assuming child abuse.
Kids have accidents that can't be forseen or prevented sometimes.

Same! When she was 2, my daughter fell off a chair and did a faceplant on a hard tile floor at an event at her school (she was sitting at a table RIGHT NEXT TO ME). Her tooth went through her lip, and she had to get plastic surgery!! Unfortunately, this stuff happens, and I was watching her - I couldn't have been any closer unless she was sitting on my lap...and she STILL then could have fallen and hit her face. Anything can happen. But yeah, poor Paislee. I'm sure Taylor feels terrible.

My one year old was playing at my parents house in the dining room that they use as a play room and she tripped, falling and hitting her face on a little tin treasure box that was on the floor since they had a bunch of toys out. We were sitting in the living room directly across from the dining room, the rooms are connected by a large arch. She didn't need stitches but did have to go to the walk in and get skin glue and she now has a little scar by her eye. My parents, my husband and I, plus my sister and her husband were all in the living room and my 5 and 3 year old daughters and 4 year old niece were playing in the dining room with her. Kids fall and get hurt sometime. My oldest got bit in the face by my dog for no reason when she was 2 (lab German Shepard beagle mix, he was getting old and half asleep and I think he might have mistook her for one of the other dogs or something going for his bone when she was walking by I don't know he never bit anyone before and had never ever been violent or agagressive at all) and she had to get 7 stitches and although my dog had never had a history of biting or violence and it might have been accidental I had to put him down (he was a rescue with severe separation anxiety, so bad he ate a hole in my front door) and I could not give him away with his separation anxiety, keep him constantly kenneled (apartment living with no yard) or risk him biting my children again :(

If her name really were Parsley,that would be the best. So does he still have that third baby coming?

He could name the third baby Parslee or Rosemaree or Chivee

bahaha Chivee

Lol. Parslee, Sagee, Rosemaree, and Thymee.

I have a friends who's son fell off the couch and broke his arm and the first thing she did was upload a picture on Facebook! Someone did ask her why she was taking pics instead of taking her son to the hospital and her excuse was she was waiting for her ride to get there!!! If that was my child I would have called the ambulance and worried about the bill later. Even though shes my friend I do worry for her kids

I used to be a little girls nanny for 3 years, and I watched that kid like A hawk. I was super carful to never let her get hurt in anyway because I was afraid her parents might think I wasn't doing my job. Seriously I was pathetic, following her very closely all around the house. One day she fell, and I seen the whole thing happen. She had a small bump and bruise on her heard. There was nothing I could have done. Why? Because this shit happens. Kids fall.

She's a toddler, and toddlers are reckless. They have accidents and get hurt that's a part of growing up. Not everything needs CPS involved.

Off topic, but Nikkole just announced her daughter's name in her super important YouTube pregnancy posts (who does that?). Anyway, she's naming her Ellie Jade Palun. She claims she didn't steal Jade from Maci (Sure, Nikkole...).

Is that what Maci is naming her daughter? I didn't know that. lol

Yeah mtv.com had an article that she's naming her Jayde Carter McKinney.

Jayde. Because Jade isn't cool enough without that unnecessary "y."

^ LOL! So true! I hate the unnecessary 'y' and 'i' added to every name.

I will say besides the y, its a nice normal first name.

A friend of my husbands just named his daughter Grayce. Yes with the "Y". Insert eye roll here....

Before my friend found out she was having a boy, she was seriously considering Grayce for the name because she likes those unusual spellings. I kept trying gently discourage her. Lol. Another girl I went to school is giving her daughter the middle name Jayde so that must be the new thing now.

I'm having a baby girl this summer, and we love the name Grace. Adding a y makes it terrible

I'm judging him based solely on the fact that he's publicly posting incriminating pictures of him handling huge amounts of weed on social media. Just because your idiot friends are posting every bowel movement they experience on social media doesn't mean you should. What kind of moron provides prosecutors with his evidence of his own crimes?!

Also: Whoever Stone's relative is needs to either move in with Leah or go back to school because that was physically painful for my brain and eyes to try to read.

The school must not be well there too.... It's starting to worry about how many places the school's aren't well. Is this what the next generation is going to be like, the future leaders of our country....

It's that dagnabbit epidemic of School AIDS. Causes rampant stupidity rashes and crabs. Very sad.

Click if you need a Laugh!First thing that came to my mind was Leah & Jeremy

So even though this is a different thread I really wanna talk about the Getting to Know specials. Megan is probably super busy moving and hasn't had a chance to put the thread UP (I can totally empathize cause moving SUCKS!!!!) but let's discuss anyways any thoughts??
Maci once again got the freaking good girl edit surprise surprise. Notice how they showed when Ryan didn't show up to Bentley's party but they didn't show how Maci put the idea in Bentley's head to invite him. I could rant on about it but whatever.
Farrah is such a bitch!!! I don't know who's worse though her or her mom. I mean no wonder she grew up the way she did look at her influence. I love how she through a hissy fit when her new friends were gong to get to see what a bitch she is. Also it may have been just me but did anyone else see that part where she was stuffing her breast with the dr to figure out how big she'd be after the boob job Michael's face got all excited... It was really creepy.
I really liked Ambers. I think she's going to be really interesting to watch this season. She really admitted all her mistakes. Like they asked her something about if it was the drugs fault that she acted a certain way and she goes first of all it's never the drugs fault it was mine I made the decision but yes they did influence me. I was really impressed with that. Gary was such a douchbag though. He was like yeah I shouldn't have provoked her but oh well it happened. Ugh can't stand him and then the way he said that he never planned on giving Amber custody back. I hope (if she really has gotten her life back together) that she fights him for joint custody. Otherwise he's just going to use Leah as a weapon against her forever.
Not much to say about Cate and Ty except it seems like maybe Cate's finally growing up a little this season. I loved how she was standing up for Brandon and Teresa and then she even told Tyler that the new baby wasn't going to replace Carly. She needs to stand up to him more. Tyler is such a douche. I really hope B&T call him out on his bullshit.

So far, I've only seen Farrah. I gave my boyfriend the remote after we came home from the bars on Saturday night and that's what he chose (lol, this is why I keep the guy around). Anyway, besides the fact that Farrah has no friends and had to invite her 50 year-old neighbor over for the viewing, my biggest takeaway is how surprising it is that our favorite Backdoor Teen Mom doesn't seem to have learned from her mistakes or grown as a person. AT ALL. I mean, she's still defensive, irrational, and crazy about arguments that happened six-plus years ago. I got in lots of fights with my mom when I was a teenager, and just thinking back on my past behavior makes me cringe. I can't imagine how much more embarrassed I would feel if I saw that stuff on tape! I would prob dissolve in a puddle of tears on the floor and beg for her foregiveness.

Anyway, I also noticed the creepy little glint in Mykole's eyes during the boob part (what happened to the guy who had a meltdown when he found the Nova Reign--I mean NuvaRing--in the fridge?!). On that note, how bizarre and inappropriate is it that Sophia knows about her mom's implants/club appearances/"boyfriends?"

Ha ha your name is too funny

Thanks! I have been lurking forever but haven't joined due in large part to not having a good name, and then, boom, one just lands in my lap. Farrah truly is the gift who keeps on giving :)

I love your name, too! If Leah doesn't quit dick hopping/acquiring new names, she's gonna need a little fold-out extension attached to her driver's license.

LOL at your name! That was great when Farrah said that. Glad we can keep remembering now!

So no "getting to know" recap?:/

I hope we get it soon!

I was really looking forward to that, but I think I used up all of my best comments already lol. I still hope Megan puts up the recap so I can read what she thought about all the asshattery that went down haha.

I was hoping people would comment on it anyways but I haven't seen too many opinions.

Yeah I still need to watch the rest of Amber and Farrah's (though I think I've had enough of hers honestly) and all of Maci's so I haven't really gotten to comment on them yet. Disappointed in Amber's anger issues still having such a tight hold on her but I still stand by my opinion that she has taken full responsibility for her actions.

I know this doesn't really matter, but Malcolm and Rowan are not "exactly the same race", one is Black and the other is a Quadroon. I'm really into genetics and biological anthropology and whatnot, so that just really irritated me.
I don't know what's really going on with the situation, but everybody just needs to start acting like adults and think about what's best for that baby.

1. Calling mixed race people mullato, quadroon or octoroon is no longer considered appropriate. It's like calling an Asian person Oriental.
2. "Quadroon" or not, the little boy is still mixed black and it is still capable of getting his feeling hurt if he ever heard his dad use disgusting slurs against a group of people that Rowan does still belong too.

1. That's just PC crap. I know plenty of Mulattoes and Quadroons that prefer those terms over "mixed-race" because it's more specific. Mixed-race can refer to any mixture and a lot of people actually care about their heritage and don't want to be lumped together with people that don't share any of it (ex. a Black-White mixed-race person shares no racial background with a Polynesian-Amerindian mixed-race person, so it's stupid to just throw them into the "mixed-race" group and completely ignore their heritage).
2. I didn't say it was okay for Stone to be name calling or that it wouldn't hurt Rowan's feelings, I was just pointing out that Malcolm was incorrect in saying that he and Rowan are exactly that same race.
3. This is not the place to get into a debate about race, so I'm just going to stop here.

Nope not PC crap. It doesn't matter if he is a quarter black or half black, he will still be considered a black man by society and have to deal with the same prejudices from people like his own father.