Once It Is Seen, It Cannot Be Unseen

16 and pregnant

Sabrina and Octomom sisters?This completely changed the way I watched the most recent 16 & Pregnant episode featuring Sabrina Solares. Once I noticed the resemblance to Octomom, my mind = blown.

Some are also saying that Iman looked a bit like Kris Humphries, but I wasn't seeing it. On the bright side, he did give me my new favorite quote ever...

iman serving a gelatoThat's right. Enjoy it!


This is Wrong.


so wrong and uncalled for

Why is it uncalled for? She just looks like her. I didn't know that was a terrible thing to point out. It's not even like Octomom is a bad person. I'm confused by the negative comments about this.

Oh no, this is so very very RIGHT.

I totally thought he looked like Kris Humphries! I don't see the octomom thing though..

I knew he reminded me of someone I just couldn't put my finger on it!

Lol lighten up people! Welcome to the United States of the offended.

I'm offended by that.

United States of the offended HAHAHAHAH totally agree. People find reasons to be offended by the stupidest crap these days!

she does look like octo mom! but the kris humphries thing...don't think so

all someone did was point out that someone looks like someone else.. big deal! even if the other person is a horrible person, doesnt mean just bc they look alike then the other persons horrible.. get with it!!

I kept telling my hubby, he looks just like Kris Humphries just bigger! lol I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I didn't notice octomom but now I can kind of see it. Why is that so wrong to say? Lighten up people!

lol i thought i was the only one who saw that! Made me wonder how many more she is going to end up having.

Seeing this article made me laugh because I totally see it! I pointed it out to my boyfriend while we were watching it. She definitely does look like her.

I can kind of see a resemblance, not much though. The whole gelato thing was hilarious too.

hahaha this is funny, I do see the resemblance with the oct mom. While I was watching this on the computer I paused it real quick and my brother thought her boyfriend was Kris Humpries

That is kinda freaky to see that.. I wonder if Sabrina would know about this? I know if it was me I would really be thinkin about plastic surgery cause I WOULD NOT want to look like Octomom.. but that just my opinion on this

She deff doesn't look like her....Sabrina's my friend and people who get on here and try to talk shit are just low down and don't have anything else better to do.

[...] part of the reason I didn’t watch it.  Honestly I was mostly excited to see Sabrina (aka Octomom jr), and whether or not she was finally asked the burning question….. did she, or did she not [...]

I totally love Sabrina. She was composed throughout the episode and Iman is so adorable, I hope the best for them. Me being a teen mom myself (Well not anymore) but I know how hard it is to have a child at 16 or 17. Maybe they will make it through. May God bless them and keep them together. :)