Is a new Teen Mom spinoff coming your way?

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Teen Mom Junkies exclusively revealed on Sunday night that MTV had not pulled the plug on a Teen Mom spinoff featuring the girls from 16 & Pregnant's 5th season. While MTV hasn't officially approved a spinoff for this cast, they haven't denied it either.

So far, MTV has shown 5 seasons of 16 & Pregnant. Three of those seasons (1, 2, and 4) resulted in a Teen Mom spinoff, and season 3 wasn't considered for a spinoff for several reasons.

Several of the girls from season 5 have taken to social media to promote their Where Are They Now special in an attempt to receive enough views to be considered by the network for Teen Mom 4.

Autumn shared the following message on her Facebook fan page:


Along with Autumn's announcement, she shared information that the network wanted the girls to receive 1,000,000 views on the episode in order to be considered for a spinoff.

While the girls can't confirm or deny this claim because they're still under contract, Autumn has made it pretty evident that the network is thinking about a spinoff.

One source told Teen Mom Junkies that the Where Are They Now special would serve as an audition for a Teen Mom spinoff.

In this way, the girls that received the most comments or publicity from the episode would be the ones that would be approached to fill a spot in the spinoff.

Adding on to the above comment from Autumn is the fact that several of the 16 & Pregnant girls were also on Twitter re-tweeting messages from fans about a potential Teen Mom 4.

Wile none of them revealed many details, we have sources that have given information to us about the possible spinoff.

MTV had 12 girls featured on this season of 16 & Pregnant. The girls that would be eligible for a spot on a Teen Mom spinoff would be the girls that proceeded to follow through with filming for the Where Are They Now special.

This means that Arianna, Courtney, Karley, and Jazmin wouldn't be eligible for spots.

Arianna, Courtney, and Karley all chose to Skype in to the show, while Jazmin chose to not participate due to some legal issues that are going on with Dell's visitation with their daughter Laila.

That leaves Maddy, Autumn, Millina, Savannah, Summer, Savon, Aleah, and Jordan as our possible Teen Mom candidates.

We can also reveal that the four episodes which received the most views during the 16 & Pregnant season were Maddy's episode (as the premiere of the season), Autumn's episode, Jordan's episode, and Summer's episode.

Although ratings generally play a part in choosing the Teen Mom girls, there's no guarantee that this decision is based on ratings alone.

Traditionally, the girls that are featured as a premiere and finale of the season are included in the spinoff, but this may simply be due to the increased publicity of these slots.

To our knowledge, MTV has not contacted any of the girls about Teen Mom 4 since shortly before the special aired on Sunday.

Normally, MTV can obtain ratings from the shows within a week, but if they're considering using views from Canada as well, they could be waiting a little longer.

Public record for the views will not be available until Sunday at the earliest.

MTV receives a lot of criticism for airing Teen Mom in general, because many people feel that it glamorizes teenage pregnancy and promotes impulsive behavior. They also feel as though the MTV show gives girls that appear on it a sense of fame and fortune which is unrealistic for the normal teen mom.

The last spinoff of Teen Mom 3 only lasted one season and many people blame that on the lack of drama that was displayed throughout their episodes.

While I'm not sure whether I'm for or against a Teen Mom 4, I think that there was more drama in the Where Are They Now special for the season 5 girls than the entire season of Teen Mom 3.

If you did an entire season with some of the girls from season 5, you'd be bound to have some interesting story lines and drama to view.

Another thing to consider is how much time MTV is putting into all of the Teen Mom / 16 & Pregnant franchise at the moment. They are currently filming the Teen Mom 2 girls for a 6th season, and they've recently finished filming the return of the original Teen Mom girls.

If things go well on this reboot, they'll be due for another season by the end of 2015.

MTV is also currently casting for 16 & Pregnant's 6th season, which should begin filming shortly if things go as planned.

Throwing a Teen Mom 4 in the mix would be a big gamble for the network because chances are, they would need to hire some additional camera crew members to be able to capture everything that's needed for these shows.

With all that being said - would you watch Teen Mom 4, and which girls would you pick to be a part of it?

tm4 2 tm4 1


I'd watch it. I think this last group of 16 & Pregnant showed some of the really crappy situations that some young moms find themselves in (coping with other people's addiction, getting kicked out of your parents' home, and obviously all kinds of baby daddy drama), but several of the girls were actually really likeable people - people I would honestly like to see succeed. I'd like to see their trajectories (hopefully positive...). I'd be most interested in Summer, Aleah, Savannah, and honestly Jordan/Derek - but I think that last one is unlikely as Evie currently lives with Jordan's parents who don't want media attention.

The only one worth watching is Jordan, you go girl.

Just go to the strip club you can watch her there ;)

She quit the strip club. Sad day for Baltimore...

Lol did she? That's good. Yes indeed sad sad day. I'm sure there will be an apocalypse soon (lol)

According to her Twitter she did. And she deleted all her stripper pics. I kind of hope she doesn't fully get her shit together because she'd prob be boring. Buuuut Evie is gorgeous so I'd still want them on TM4

3 men and an Evie she did? Like recently? I have to say, I really do have hope for her to turn her life around so she can really be a good mom to her daughter. Maybe mostly because Evie has the chubbiest baby cheeks ever.

Last week she tweeted about job hunting, and when someone asked if she was quitting the strip club she told them she already had. I want her to be a good mom for Evie, definitely. That little girl deserves a mother worthy of her. I also Jordan and Derek grow up and realize that being civil is the most important thing for Evie. Of course, most of the former couples of 16&P can't help but bash each other on Twitter, so that may never happen.

Well hot damn. Maybe she was genuinely affected by seeing herself on the show. Or maybe it's all for show, but if she is turning her shit around I can't bag on her too hard. Her kid deserves a mom and she's still young enough to change and truly make up for time lost. She won't ever make up the time she missed, but she can be better in the future if she realizes what is really important. Would be an interesting story line on TM if she got picked, whether she turns herself around or crashes and burns.

Well Sir nibs I guess you're out of luck buddy

Well for me Summer is also worth watching, I need it to upgrade my English skillses

If you switch out Savanah with Milina thats my list. I really just wanna see her g9 at it with Trevors mom a couple times! Definitely NOT Autumn tho the fact that she's begging fir a spinoff is so annoying!

Oh God that mom was a NUTJOB. Reminded me of my ex mother in law. Hallelujah I don't have to deal with that anymore. Yea I wont' lie, that was some entertaining TV plus Millina awkwardly "gogo dancing" on a milk carton. Seriously why isn't anyone paying me to awkwardly white girl dance at parties? I obviously missed my calling.

I would watch a whole season of Millina go-go dancing *snort*

And Maddy and MIllina's Friend Zone fellows. I want to see them too.

right?? pay me in rum n cokes, and I'll snap n shimmy all night. I even have ugly boots!!

Millina is the last person that should be on teen mom. She's been pregnant 3 fucking times already, it's ridiculous. With how many baby daddies? She is a terrible role model for teen prevention. Her lastest pregnancy was within the last 4 months I think. I would rather watch Maddy and shaved head than someone who just keeps getting pregnant and knows better.

whoah i missed that! when did that come to light? i know she had to prove her baby was trevor's in that extra scenes thing they did. she definitely got the good girl edit on 16&p :/

She said all of it on her account. She said she had an abortion at 16, then had kayden. Then she said she just had a tubal pregnancy. She wouldn't say whether it was with Trevor or not. 3 times is insane, she doesn't deserve to be on teen mom. It's a teen prevention show

oh wow, that's insane. i'm 28 and i haven't been preggo that many times.

You'd think after two unexpected pregnancies that you would use some freaking protection

Sorry, she had an abortion at 14, not 16. But yah, after having an abortion she should know better about unplanned pregnancies. She's exactly like Mackenzie, except all of Macks were with Josh. Everyone complained about how she was one of the reasons teen mom 3 failed, so why would everyone want Millina on TM4?!

yes that autumn facebook post screams attention whore at its finest. I would definitely want to see Summer and Slordan and Aleeah, the rest of the cast is just annoying. Well Savon and Savannah aren't annoying but there wasn't anything really interesting about them

Please watch cuz ma piss cup boyfrien can't hold a job and I need the $$$$ k thanks. At least spell the show right autumn. Ugh I hope she's not on. I'd want summer Savannah aleeah and Derek but not Jordan. Jordan will only become more of a piece of shit.

LOL WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT!? I'm crying laughing. Everyone please go look at that.

I saw it on another site and all I could think about was Autumns knocked 12 year old who mows lawns. I don't know where it came from originally though

*knocked up

It's from a parody of Maury. I saw it not too long ago actually.

You beat me to it Red, I was just coming back to post the results of my googling


I didn't even notice at first that she wrote "Where They At Now" instead of "Where Are They Now" until I went back to see what she had spelled wrong and now I can't stop laughing because the voice I read it in in my head was hilarious.

I laughed my ass off when I saw that. You just have to use your brain power to transfer FOUR WORDS from MTV's speakers to your keyboard and you failed. Hard. That itself is enough proof that I don't want people like this being paid for being people like this. Ugh.

All I could hear was Autumn's voice saying "Where They At Now" when I read that, followed by her saying Dustin's name with that ever-so-slight lisp she has, calling him "ya big dummy", talking about "goin' on homebound" and getting excited over seeing her baby's "nuts" in utero on the sonogram screen. Oh yes, and explaining to Dustin from the other room how to change Drake's diaper, yelling out "Get up under his balls" with the wipes. She just SCREAMED out class, along with those recliner chairs in the front yard with snow on them.

Don't forget "y'all hirin'?"

Ehn. I'd probably watch it, but I can't say I was particularly enthralled by any of these girls. I do think they'd be much easier to watch than the girls of TM3 though. I would have paid MTV to take Screamy, Peppy, CouchPotato, and Katie off my tv.

But Katie was a vs dare you. Yeah me too Mackenzie and her slow bf were particularly boring.

I noticed we very rarely see anything on these girls anymore. Alex and her rage issues, Mack and her exploding uterus, Katie and her "Why dont you love meeee" and that whore what ever her name was. Probably why they cancelled the show in the first place

I'm super sad about it *sarcasm* Lol i went and lurked on Alex's ask and I guess Matt might go to jail for not paying child support... not sure if that's true or that's Alex lying. lOl she even posted court documents about it. Super classy. Glad she feels like she has to prove something to strangers.

She ALWAYS posts court documents. I'm willing to bet very expensive dance lingerie that even her scanner rolls its eyes at her when it sees her coming.

The only reason I watched and occasionally look at the tm3 girls twitter is because I'm about their age and my daughter is about the age of their children. But the tm3 series was boring and the girls are just like all the teen mom franchise girls before them.

Does anyone else honestly not care if there's a tm4? Maybe cause tm3 was so bad.

I think TM4 is a horrible idea... No one really cared for this group of girls just like TM3. I'd honestly rather there be another season of TM3 than them start a TM4.

No way! I would watch a TM4. The first season is always te best. Before they have the money and the fame. TM3 didn't work because those bitches KNEW it was happening and they thought they were famous before it started. I like what the plans are for the next 16&P where they follow the girls for a longer period too. I think if they scrapped the whole TM thing and just followed them for the first year of the baby's life and then pay them at the end-that's realistic of the struggle.

That would be so much better! And then a follow up special every so often. It's much more realistic to listen to someone talk about the struggles of motherhood when they're not driving a brand new $30k+ vehicle. -.-

I don't give a shit about most of them but I'd really like to see Slordan, but too mad she's leaving the strip club. Part of me feels sorry for Evie, but really, who doesn't like to watch trainwrecks.

I couldn't muster enough fucks to give in order to watch this past season of 16&P, or TM3, so I'll pass on TM4.

Muster enough fucks LOL. Same here dude. I will say TM4 seems like it will be more entertaining than TM3 ...TM3 was just SUPER boring for some reason.

I don't think we should encourage most of these girls. I think Aleah could benefit because of all her health problems but I'd like to remain in the dark if she's a horrible person after all. Teen Mom tends to bring out the worst in people. I have ZERO interest in seeing Autumn in anything because, even when she's being paid, she can't get the name of the show correct.

I'd definitely watch. When they were casting for TM3, I could barely remember any of the girls from that season of 16&P, but this season has several candidates for an interesting storyline. My top two choices would be Summer and Aleah. They are both sweet girls with real struggles. Aleah might actually be the first to stay with her baby daddy, which I'd love to see, and the step-mom element is interesting. On top of baby daddy drama, Summer not only has no motherly role model, she has to BE the motherly role model for her sisters, one of which is now pregnant.

I'm torn about Jordan. While watching her would certainly be interesting, and Three Men and an Evie is precious, I'm afraid that throwing cameras and money into that situation would cause Jordan to self-destruct even more. Who knows.

As for the fourth, I would have liked to watch Karley, but if she's out I'm thinking Savannah? I'm not sure of Aleah's ethnicity but I think it'd be good to see a black girl (Savannah or Savon) since there haven't been any in the Teen Mom franchise yet.

I feel the same way about Jordyn! I wanna see yhe Derek stuff but I don't want Jordyn to get the money or attention! She would without a doubt be the Jenelle/Amber of the season there's not even a question about it.

I like the idea of it being Summer, Aleah, Savannah and Derek.

oh! that's my line up! maybe they could rename it "teen parents" so the number doesn't keep going up like those now! that's what i call musics cds.

No. Just no.

TM1, 2, and 3 have all proven that a little bit of money wrecks most of these girls' lives. Don't set another batch up for failure. I get it, they're mostly all reality TV trainwrecks, but thanks to the previous fame ho's clinging to their 15 minutes it just seems ridiculous to carry this on with new girls.

THta's what I'm saying. I'd watch if they didn't get such a hefty paycheck. That's what makes this show ridiculously untrue. The thought of a deadbeat bitch like Jordan getting a huge paycheck makes me sick to my stomach.

All Jordan's proceeds would go to the dope man and not to her daughter.

Exactly! If they made it so all the money went to the kids once they turned 21 or something that would be different and the thing is I bet half these girls would do it for less money anyways they want the attention and "celebrity" status just as much as they want the money.

I cannot imagine many of the children from this franchise doing well with suddenly having access to all that money at age 21. They've already gotten shafted with shit for brains for parents (most of them, anyway,) I'd hate to see them make the same mistakes their dumbass mothers and fathers did when they were given a huge chunk of change for having a child at 16. This reward would just be for being the child of a teen parent.

Then again, if they survive to adulthood without killing their parents, that itself may deserve some sort of fiduciary reward. I'm torn. For example: Sophia. She's fucking doomed because she's being raised by a nanny and Farrah's parents. Recipe for another damn Farrah because that's how Farrah was raised. So she'll be 21 and either she'll beat the incredible odds and turn out to be a decent person and deserves the money for not letting her family douchify her OR she'll wind up just like Farrah and go down the path of The Plastic Woman with Not So Much Questionable Morals as No Morals Whatsoever to Begin With. That's Farrah's formal title, of course.

So MTV will pick the girls who've inspired the most internet comments and discussion?

I mean, most of us were making fun of Millina and Jordan. Does that count as commenting and discussion?

I hope they choose Aleah for this possible spin-off because her story is genuinely interesting between the health issues, raising another woman's son, the possibility of Noah's birth mother coming back into his life. Plus, Aleah and her boyfriend seem very down-to-earth and normal. They're not doing crazy shit or anything. They're just regular people who got pregnant as teens and are dealing with the situation the best way they know. They can be the designated Couple We Want To Root For.

The others I don't care about that much. I just want Aleah, dammit!

I like Aleah too, but money changes people and usually for the worst. I used to like Leah, (EVEN KAIL) at one point, but the money made them self entitled divas/

I loved Aleah! Best one from the season! I love how much she loves Noah and how she kept referring to him as hers. I think she's a story worth watching. I would hope she wouldn't let the money get to her head.

I like her too. But I think her segments would be boring.

You just made me wonder who at MTV is assigned to read stuff like this forum and the Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant blogs in order to find out what their audience wants more of and what we'll riot and throw cockroach cribs through our TVs because of. I would LOVE to be paid to read the stuff you guys come up with. MTV! Hire me as a Research Consultant for Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant Core Demographic Studies. I'll be diligent in my research!

I think TM4 will go the same way as TM3, cancelled after 1 season. It seems to me that the viewers are invested in the original 8; theres only so much capacity people have to watch young women make a mess of their lives.

I'm honestly surprised 16 and Pregnant itself is still on; the first 2, maybe 3 seasons were young ladies who really did make mistakes and ended up pregnant. After that, it became more and more apparent that there were girls who were becoming pregnant for the sake of being a "reality tv stah" (the teenage brain is irrational enough to think that 15 minutes of fame is worth an 18 year commitment).

Wasn't it revealed that quite a few of the young ladies in recent seasons had been pregnant before, experiencing miscarriages and in one case, a stillbirth? That is devastating of course to any woman, but for a teenage girl and her parents, that shouldve been an automatic, "you're getting on birth control"; that they got pregnant again after such close calls speaks to what its really about, the MTV cameras.

I dunno which is worse...not having experienced it yet and being stupid enough to think that your 45 minute spot on MTV one Thursday night will be your big break so you get pregnant as many times as possible until one sticks and you get cast for the show OR actually being on the show for only 45 minutes 6 years ago and continuing to PRETEND to get pregnant, "have a stillborn" and STILL think that mess WAS your big break and anyone cares at all. Not that I'm talKKing about anyone specific...

I'd watch it haha. I would pick Summer, Aleah, Jordan(need a crazy one, but I liked Derek though), and Karley. I hope karley would still be considered. I hate having the girls who just live and home mooching off everyone and doing nothing. Yes Summer falls into that, but her life is storyin!!!! Lol

I don't think Karley is eligible but I liked her too.

Eh Karley I feel like tried to hard to be just like Leah the way she gave her kids a names that sounded the same and then their middle names where names from Leahs family and then she fought with her husband about the truck it was like she was trying so hard to be just like Leah. It was really creepy.

You can only take so much big sad muppet. I didn't like Tony or her mini mouse mom. She just seemed like the least...stuck up.

Just NOT Maddy. Please not Maddy.

Wasn't Maddy a pain in the ass to work with? Like, to the point of her not being paid as much? I'm hoping they wouldn't choose her because of that.

I think there was a lot of filming problems in Maddy's hometown. I think the mayor banned MTV's cameras from a lot of places. But I think she lives with her dad now in Indiana so maybe that's not an issue anymore? If that was the case then her parts would be boring because she wouldn't be able to film anywhere besides her house.

Oooh yeah, now that you mention it, I think you're right. For some reason, I thought she was hard to work with; like she had a Farrah-esque attitude. You know, slamming doors, acting spoiled and entitled, like she was some household name.

I would like Karley if only so they gave a serious focus to post partum depression and showed the gritty reality of it instead of "the doctor gave me these anxiety pills and now I'm cured!" like it always has been in the past.

Which is what's already happened apparently. That's what she said didn't she? That she had but now she's better? So you wouldn't see any of it if they did choose her. I sometimes wonder if these girls know the difference between PPD and just actually being extremely exhausted to the point of emotional breakdown. And also boredom from the same thing day in and day out. Which is what normal life with a newborn is like. And that's not PPD. Which can be very serious and take a long time to overcome.

I really don't think many moms know what ppd is. Like you said they think being exhausted or even baby blues are ppd. I think a lot of moms want to act like they have it the hardest. Like the moms who claim their morning sickness is awful because they puke once a day or the ones that claim no one is tried until they have a child.

Teen Mom 3 was terrible and boring despite the girls having plenty of problems. I want teen mom 4 to happen and to be amazing. I'd want jordan, millina, autumn and summer. Those are the stories I'm interested in for selfish entertainment purposes, but I would like aleah, derek, karley, and savon to get the teen mom $$$$$

Story-wise, I wouldn't mind Milina (her mom's addiction issues and a new baby would be interesting) but her voice kills me. It grates on my nerves, far more than anyone else ever featured on any of the shows.

I can see how one would be annoyed by Millinas voice. SHe's more tolerable so I don't think it bugs me as much, but Omg Maddys voice did that for me. SOmeone mentioned it sounds like she has a mouth full of peanut butter when she talks. It's SO NASAL. Don't need to watch a season of her cock teasing that poor bastard that pays for her baby's stuff lol.

Which brings to mind a possible username: LegsesClosedForCarseat

Yeah, I couldn't figure out the name of the guy she was stringing along until her mom started talking about it. I seriously thought she was calling him "Bruh". "Bruh" is Aubri's god-father. I was like: is this how she says "bro"? Like, "hey brah, wat up?".

THANK YOU! Millina's voice and just her style of talking drove me bonkers. Maddie's too, but not quite so much. And don't get me started on Autumn's grating voice...

Lol at Autumn's grammar. "where they at now"

Anyway, I'd choose Jordan for trainwreck purposes, Summer for the Leah effect, I don't really care for the others maybe Millina and Aleah

Now i kkind of want them to rename the show. WHERE THEY AT NOW. Lmfaooo it is so fitting...

If they do that, they should also rename Teen Mom "Baby Mama Drama" and 16 & Pregnant "16 & Knocked Up"... Or some funnier names because I'm not creative.
And the new theme song for 16 & Pregnant should be this:

My guy friend used to be like oh you're watching your 16 and slutty Teen Slut show?

If they ever do change it so it's all just one big show (like everybody was talking about with 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom combined where they just follow the girls through the pregnancy and the baby's first year), the name should be "That's What You Get When You Get Knocked Up", just because I want to see that title pop up on the notebook paper after a dramatic moment when they go to commercial.

Where they at now! Omg! Hahaha!

Thats my cast exactly!!! Those are the girls I'd be interested in watching. The only thing is with Summer we'd need subtitles although I've gotten better at understanding her I bet fter a few episodes we won't even need subtitles anymore.

Lol if we're lucky we'll learn backwoods English in no time

OMG I couldn't understand her where are they now. I type about 80 wpm they can employ me to do the captions, although I can NOT for the life of me understand wtf she would be saying.

Ma mom is steel strugglin wit her adeekshun...and (mumble mumble)...since u last saw me i cleaned out the roach creeb and got me a escalayde with ma new teen mom moneys...(mumble mumble)

LMFAO Trap Baby! The accuracy of it though...

not Millina ! she's a slut and got pregnant three times but got the good edit

Let's be real most of them are sluts lmao. (Maddy 1 hour relationshit), But yea 3 times wtf. Then there was Mack who miscarried I THINK once (maybe twice) before Gannon

I'd watch it. As long as they didn't have maddy. She is obnoxious. I can see her being the next farrah with a porn.
The problem with tm3 is that they picked terrible girls. I remember when they announced who the girls would be, I couldn't even remember who Brianna was.

Maddy's face bothers me so much, I would never be able to watch if she was in it. She seems like she got pregnant on purpose for the MTV check too so I hope she doesn't get rewarded for it

THIS! I think the problem with TM3 was the girls they picked. I would have loved to see Kristina, her episode was so sad it brought tears to me eyes when she was in the hospital (although we know what happened to her, she had like 100 more babies after the show aired). Her baby daddy passed away but it wasn't like Farrah, they were actually in love.
I also liked Devon's story, her house was wayyyy too crowded and his boyfriend was in the military or something.
But why would they picked Katie? I really have no idea.
Mackenzie is like the dumbest girl on the whole franchise but I guess they always pick the first girl of the season (which means Maddy is gonna be on tm4?)
Alex is the biggest drama queen but I kinda understand why they picked her.
Brianna's segments were sometimes interesting when shoes were flying across the room or when her sister was around.
Maybe if they had made a better combination of girls tm3 wouldn't have been a complete failure.

they picked brianna because she got pregnant the same time as her sister and she had one of the most deadbeat baby daddies. I understood picking those girls instead of Katie, why the hell did she get a spinoff? Her 16 and pregnant was boring as fuck

except for Katie*

The one that baffled me was Alex. She was SO FUCKING annoying in 16p I was shocked they chose her. It was for Matt's drug shit I know I know but still...her voice

Alex was a surety for drama. She had Matt and up until the birth was considering adoption. So they knew they had that drama too. I reckon they knew Joel smoked pot and could see that becoming an issue.
Seriously though, has drugs not been a part of ANY Teen Mom relationshit?

As long as there isn't maddy and autumn i'd watch it. Famewhores are just too annoying. And i'm not appearance shaming but nobody would sign maddy to be in porn. Farrah at least had the porn star look, maddy know what i mean

I can actually totally see Maddy doing porn. she looks like an amateur pornstar with the fake hair and jacked up face. I don't mean that in a good way.

And don't ask me how the hell I know that lmao

I can see Maddy doing porn. Cheap ass D grade porn.

I think you may be a bit misguided about porn if you think someone's face matters hahahaha

Loll exactly. She's perfect for it.

I think they should pick Jordan, so that there could be a possible spinoff called Chez Joey. The show could be about all of the shenanigans the strippers get into.

You know, I may actually watch that.

Nothing against this group of girls (except Jordan because she sucks) but MTV is going to have to make another channel just to air teen mom/16 and pregnant if they make a TM4. That would be so much of the same thing with different people. I like 16 & Pregnant but Teen Mom is getting so drug out. They brought back the originals who are way out of their teen years and barely count as mothers. Farrah, as terrible a she is, was basically who made that worth watching because the rest of them are pretty boring and predictable at this point. I guess they'll have new babies now and Amber's out of gel, but really there's like a million other people doing that and it doesn't pertain at all to what Teen Mom was supposed to be based off of. The Teen Mom 2 girls are a mess, except for Chelsea and even she has made some bad decisions that went unaddressed (sexing Adam-uh all the time, Chelsea's Choices...). TM3 was just a disaster. If they add a new 16 & Pregnant and a new Teen Mom 4 I think it will be too much. People liked the originals when they first came out because they could get attached to them. No one is going to get attached to any of the new girls when there are 17 story lines going on because they won't be able to follow any of them. I'm just rambling now...

omg I am a moron but I just realized your username is a play on words. If Leah does still have that horse it probably is high just from being near her.

Poor horse :( I was ridiculously excited when I came up with this name. It works on multiple levels! Leah with her holier-than-you attitude and her, er Ali's, poor horse who is probably living off a diet of pillses, cheese puffs, lunchables, and soda. Now that you mention it, I wonder what happened to the horse. Did she ever post any pictures of Ali on it or just the ones of Leah standing next to it? That's some quality therapy right there.

Am I the only one who thinks that Amber will pop up pregnant within the next year to 18 months??

I do. She has to keep up with the Joneses. Or in this case, the girlses.

Exactly! I had some hope for her when she was released, but that hope is dwindling after seeing some of the choices she has made since then.

I wouldn't be surprised but I really hope she doesn't. She seemed to be doing so much better and I hope for Leah's sake she can find that mentality again. She missed out on so much time with Leah since she was kind of in gel or high and I really hope she decides to spend time building a solid relationship with her. It'd be great if she ditched the weirdo boyfriend too but I guess you can only hope for so much.

I could actually see them making a whole new channel all about young pregnancy/parenthood.

I so want this to happen, just so I could see Maddy's face and her twitter rant when she doesn't get picked. But really I think I would like it to be just one season like TM3, honestly I thought it was better that way.

I really want it to happen to! They had a bunch of dramatic ones this season!

I love when they bitch cause they didnt get picked. I remember Alex did that and Roxanne was like THIS IS A TRAGEDY.

It was a tragedy for Roxanne. She had to go back to paying for everything again. And there was no MTV crew around to babysit Briana anymore.

I would watch, but having seen what money does to these girls, I honestly think they should just keep any future Teen Mom series to one season. After that, they don't struggle for money like real teen parents and they aren't teens any more. My list is Aleah (because she seems like she'd be a positive role model and deserves the money), Summer (because I love her storyin') Savannah (and Stone's awesome friend) and Jordan (for the trainwreck factor, of course).

I agree with all of this! A long, long time ago, I wrote a post suggesting that they go about the Teen Mom series much like that. As they clearly have no plans to end 16 & Pregnant, and because the originals won't be interesting forever, I thought they should follow up every 16 & Pregnant season with ONE Teen Mom season that covers four of the girls. Then they wouldn't have to worry about hits and misses (Teen Mom 3) and they could keep the series going without it looking ridiculous when they hit Teen Mom 10 or whatever.

MTV should just put 100% of the filming money into trust funds for the kids. Maybe, just maybe, you'd weed out the worst of the potential girls that way.

Yes! I've been thinking that for a while too, it just seems like the most sensible choice- for keeping it realistic and getting the ratings. Come on MTV, think of these things!

Or someone mentioned filming 16 and pregnant until the kids are about 1 or so. Then we get to see part of the pregnancy + them dealing with a newborn. Then what if they did one season of teen mom but in a 16 and pregnant format? Like a year or two later do a follow up but each girl gets a one hour special. Boom they get a whole season out of it while each girl gets minimal money since it's one segment each.

Alright, so MTV has a formula going with Teen Mom typically.

The one they potray as the "responsible, good mom", they give them a good edit, and sweep their dirt under the rug. The airhead, they say a bunch of dumb stuff and appear to have the IQ of a sack of rocks. The trainwreck, or in TM3's case "trainwreck in progress", they do drugs, drink, dickhop, and so on. Then you have the filler, they're usually pretty dull.

"Responsible, good mom"; (Maci, Leah earlier on, Katie)
Airhead; (Farrah, Chelsea, Mackenzie)
Trainwreck; (Amber, Jenelle, Alex)
The Filler; (Catelynn, Kail, Briana)

So what are the guesses sticking with that formula?? This isn't who I WANT them to choose, but who I think they will.

"Responsible, good mom"; Aleah
Airhead; Maddy or Summer
Trainwreck; Jordan
The Filler; Savon, or maybe Savannah?? I don't think Savon is out of the running. They covered her trying to start a singing career so they could go with her as an attempt to get a unique storyline.

Who do I want them to pick?? Maurice.

I liked savon she seems like a sweet girl but it is like watching paint dry when she's on tv

But we can hear her rap about Eden drinking milk ALL THE TIME if she gets chosen for TM4!

Haha that was cute

And if her aunt makes an appearance, we'll be treated to a glimpse of her elegant colorful eyeshadow!

You're right! Though the roles of the girls of TM3 are debatable, besides Mack who was obviously the airhead. Even though she had anger issues, Alex is far from a trainwreck imo. She does work really hard for her kid. She could fall under filler or even responsible mom. Though Briana shows it much more online than on film, she is a HUGE trainwreck. I think they meant for her to be filler and she ended up being a ratchet surprise. Good god that girl needs Jesus. Katie could fall under responsible mom or filler. She had her flaws but was my favorite of the bunch.

Exactly. I remember after watching the first couple of episodes of TM2, I was like: Leah is the new Maci (southern girl with cutesy accent and mannerisms, former cheerleader, gaggle of giggling girlfriends, devoted to her children), Chelsea is the new Farrah (materialistic, image conscious girl with some family money behind her), Jenelle is the new Amber (crazy temper), and Kailyn is the new Catelynn (batshit insane family life, grew up poor).
If there were no Aleah, I suspect Summer would be slotted to play the role of Maci/Leah, but she's probably too much like the latter in terms of a trashy background, might make MTV worry she would also get into the pillses. That's if they can resist the small-town charm that drew them to Maci/Leah. Autumn seems more like the Farrah/Chelsea replacement - at least, she sort of reminds me of Chelsea, being a relatable girl who can't get over her totally loser ex. Nobody really reminds me of Farrah, as she is one of a kind. Train wreck is obviously Jordan. I'd go for Savannah as the filler - like Catelynn and Kail, she has the alcoholic mom/dysfunctional family angle.

Of course, what's funny is that both Briana and Alex ended up seriously vying for the train wreck slot. In the end, Alex seemed more like Kailyn than like Jenelle - really bad temper, but most seemed to consider her hardworking and a "good mom".

I never watched this season of 16&P, but from the recaps Summer and Aleah sound like they would be good for the show. IDK who else

Besidesths two you didn't miss out much

I think one red neck is enough, i will go with summer, autumn's too much of an attention whore

I agree that as much as I might enjoy TM4, they need to do something about the money. Like, maybe give them a tiny incentive / set up a trust fund for baby but that's it. As for who is picked, anyone but Maddy... PLEASE. I just wanna see her rage over not getting picked.

What made them choose not to do a TM spinoff with Season 3, again? I know Jordan Ward was told she'd never be considered because she got pregnant with Arri so soon after having Noah, but I can't think of any other reason.

Lol MTV has standards! I can't believe they didn't chooose Jordan cause of that. Hello Jenelle, Maci, Caitlin, Kail............

Ya MeV just likes to pick and choose what standards they'll use

My guess is because so many got pregnant again. Like, a ALOTTTTT of them.

Looking back on the girls, I guess I can see why. Jordan got pregnant again right away, which (at the time) went against "the message" of TM. A message which is effectively ruined now that the stars can buy houses and cars whenever they feel like it. Jamie and her bf got arrested for beating each other up or something, as did Cleondra and her bf. Danielle got addicted to heroin, Jennifer Del Rio was accused of getting pregnant on purpose by her ex. And of course we can't forget their explosive fight on the side of the road during their episode.

I think a number of them also got arrested or had records that made them look shady. But, yeah, a lot of it had to that so many of them got pregnant, like, several months after having the first one.

Apparently it was because basically every girl ran into trouble with the law and/or had another pregnancy.

Jordan, Jennifer, Jamie (twice), Danielle, Izabella and Allie have all gotten pregnant again. Jennifer, Jamie, Danielle, Cleondra and Kianna plus a lot of the dads had run ins with the law.

And i think how they acted on social media also played a part in it. Apparently it was going to be Jordan, Jamie, Jennifer and maybe Izabella but 3/4 ruined their chances.

It was because of Season 3 that MTV was careful in choosing 16&P girls for the following season (the TM3 season). That is why most found that season and TM3 boring, because MTV wanted to be safe about their choices but i guess now they saw it doesn't work so they like trainwrecks again.

I just want a show with Stone's friend honestly.

Girl, you just fell for the do-me eyes!

I live about an hour away from them and my in-laws live even closer (I'm talking like 20 minutes), so we go down there often and I always secretly hope to run into him for you girls. Haha!

Please talk to him if you do! Hahahaha

Oh, I will. My husband (who lived in their town after he graduated,too!) watched this last season with me (and his mom watches, too) and he got a kick out of him, too, so I think he would even start up a conversation with him. I would definitely let him know how much everyone loves him and to not change. Lol.

For the love of God he needs to be back on TV.

I second this! It would be hilarious to see him on some kind of dating show. Wait, that's it! As soon as he reaches the age requirement, he should go on The Bachelor!!!

He is so not my type and I'm wayyyy too old for him but I love funny guys like that. I'll go on that show just for entertainment value

I think I may be the only one who'd want Ms. Crittendon included in a TM4. (What a last name. It reminds me of that little rodent type critter from The Dark Crystal.) Definitely Summer and Jordan, then Aleah. I would have liked to see Karley. Too bad she's ineligible. Hopefully they choose the right group of girls this time around. I remember last season, when they released the names, I was shocked and disappointed. I saw them picking Mackenzie a mile away, Alex I understood because she blew up at the drop off a hat and Matt had an adeeckshun problem. But when they announced Katie and Brianna, I was so shocked. They would have been my last choices for that season.

I knew they would pick Katie. I think she was supposed to be the Maci of the season. They had a lot of similarities in their 16&P episodes. Both wanted to go away to college but had to stay home and have a baby, both graduated hs and were in college while raising said baby, babydaddy was hardworking doing dirty manual labor, both lived on their own and not with their parents etc

I think Katie and Brianna weren't mtvs first picks. I think they wanted Lyndsey and she turned them down and I'm thinking at least one other girl turned them down. Sarah and Kristina were both pregnant during the where are they now.
These are the girls from season 4:

So true about Crittendon! Dying laughing at the Dark Crystal creature name! I think it's pretty pathetic to be on Twitter begging people to watch the show so that the ratings will be good enough for you to possibly be on the spinoff. Try accomplishing something in your life instead.

I personally don't really care who they'd pick for the show. There's girls I liked better than others, but I agree with a lot of you that said the money/fame a lot of the time doesn't end up doing them much good. I think it seems to at first. For a lot of the ones that don't come from wealthy backgrounds, it's great to have the money to put towards a place to live, things the baby needs, and schooling for themselves so they can have a career. But it gets to a point where they make too much and seem to worry more about having more kids and jumping into relationships rather than improving their own situation first. Most of the TM girls have either taken forever to get a little schooling or have dropped out (sometimes repeatedly). And then we get stupid fake storylines about them "not having enough money" yet they always have hair/nails done, new cars, nice place, numerous pets, expensive washer/dryers, a horse, and Mary Kay makeup kits (I'm looking at you, Leah), and enough money to fuel drug problems.

Don't forget Leah's "spare car." Who the fuck owns a spare car when they're 20-something?

I had a spare car at one point... But it didn't run and I was waiting on the scrap man to come buy it off me.

I know plenty of people Leah's age that don't own a car never mind have a spare car, they also have hand me down furniture and appliances because they kept their legses shut and worked for what they have

I know someone who's surname is Chittendon. So similar.

Their last names are so funny. Looney Mooney etc

It was so weird that they were called Savon Looney and Savannah Mooney, the names are so unusual but so similar at the same time.

In England, Looney means crazy person, don't know if you've heard of that in America but it made me laugh! Even though she is probably the least crazy of the bunch

They had to choose Mack, she's the pretty girl that all the teen girls fawned over, they always pick that one (Maci, Chelsea, Mackenzie). That'll be Summer if they do a Teen Mom 4. They'll have to choose Jordan as well, because there's gotta be a drama queen (Amber, Jenelle, Alex). The other two are pretty up in the air, because I don't think there's so much of a formula for them. I can see them doing Aleah and milking her diabetes because medical issues always pull sympathy. I have no idea who the 4th would be, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's Maddy. The girl with the first episode has always been featured before.

*laughs at the thought of Maci being the pretty girl* Yea I guess out of the rest of em maybe. You're right they always pick a good looking one and the rest of the 3 are kinda...well Jenelle....Catelynn. I think Farrah WAS somewhat the pretty girl before all the plastic surgery. I really don't think it will be maddy only cause so many people couldn't stand her ass. Yea you'er so right first episode is always on TM.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, Nooooo!!
I love teen mom. however I've only watched seasons 1&2.
I couldn't bring myself to watch 3. And I can't tell you how many times I've been thankful I didn't watch 3.LOL

But in all seriousness they do not need to make a teen mom 4.
I mean teen mom 3 was a flop.
I don't know what I'd do without TM & TMJ!!
However, we have all learned something here: ALL of these girls 1-3 have lost consept of REALITY.

Continue the 16 & pregnants if you please but, do not bring them all to " teen mom" where are they now is enough.

As for the teen moms that MTV already ruined, keep the goiisp coming!! ( if you can't beat em, join em!)

I hope MTV producers read this page and heed our advice.
Summer and Aleah are my main choices.
SUMMER seemed like such a sweetheart and I really liked her, and she has enough drama in her life to keep it interesting. Plus, they need a Southern girl for each Teen Mom set (Maci, Leah, and Mackenzie filled the previous roles), it is a requirement.
ALEAH was interesting because she was the only girl in stepmother position, plus she has the medical issues. The money from the show will probably be needed for her future medical expenses.
I hope they don't pick MILLINA. I don't think anybody could stand the way she talked or her personality in general. It was interesting or entertaining, it was just offputting. Most people would probably skip her segments. Add in the fact that she's been pregnant three times already and she's the worst choice.
I didn't like MADDY. She also had an annoying way of talking (not as bad as Millina, though) and even with all the drama going on she still managed to bore me. Plus, I can't look at her without picturing the shaved widow's peek Cruella-colored hair.
I didn't mind AUTUMN one way or another, but I'm still stuck on the "pee cup on the restaurant table" thing.
I didn't watch SAVANNAH's episode, but the alcoholic mother situation would probably make for good TV.
I didn't watch SAVON's episode either, but her segment on the special was boring. And she doesn't know how to buckle a carseat.
JORDAN is trash. I didn't watch her episode either, but she was high as a kite on the special and a druggie stripper isn't really something that should be promoted. Although, if they went from the angle of Derek's daily life with Evie in a sort of Teen Dad way it might be an interesting change and a way to bring in more viewers.

*wasn't entertaining or interesting

I can really see them using Summer. She's got so much going on. Cheating partner. Adeek-Ted mother. Pregnant teen sister.
I wonder if Autumn knows something like that she's a possibility? Why would you push promote it otherwise? And surely before deciding they are doing another TM, MTV would have to be sure the right genre of girls for the show would be interested. There's no point promoting the possibility and then the girls you want say no. It also makes sense of why jordan has deleted all her stripper photos from IG and Twitter. And is trying to find another job. It's not a good look for MTV to support strippers. Maybe they told her to clean up her act and they'll help her.
I really think it will be Summer, Autumn, Jordan and ?? I doubt Aleah. Aside from her medical condition, she really has nothing going on. And if she does get sick, so MTV want to be a part of filming that?

I think Aleah has a lot going on potentially. She has her health problems, her kidneys going bad, the fact that she's raising another woman's child and the possibility that Noah's birth mom may want to edge back into his life. That's a lot for a teenager/young adult to handle on top of raising her own daughter while going to school.

If not Aleah, then I hope Savannah. At least she's somewhat likable. People find themselves routing for her. She has Kail potential (story line wise, with the alcoholic mother, feeling like she has to parent her own mother), but she is not an entitled, hungry, head shaking martyr, so that's a good thing. She seems much brighter than Kail too.

I just really hope they don't go with Savon. Sure, she has a sassy ass Auntie and a baby whose skin is so pure it looks like it's made of plastic, but I don't think that's enough to hold her own segment. She just doesn't seem interesting. In fact, I was kind of cringing watching her put herself in the friend zone.

Although, I must say, I'd rather watch Savon than Manila's ratchet ass. She puts her drug riddled mom on a pedestal and it makes me sick. Hate to break it to you chick, you're mom is not hot, so you're screwed.

Omg, rooting - not routing. Sheesh.

I love Savannah. Yea I don't DISLIKE Savon it was just boring as hell... I really don't care if she's making pizzas and dating dudes I just don't. Ugh you know who disgusted me so bad though? Savannah's alchy mom. She was just a nasty person. I know she has a problem but she just ALWAYS seems so belligerent and hateful. I'll miss Savannah if she's not on but not her horrible excuse for a mother.

Savon just seemed so normal. Like, she was your average teen mom. She moved out to her own place, has to rely on government assistance to get by, and is working a minimum-wage job to still make ends meet. Her son's father is not and around, and she knows he probably will never be. She has dreams and goals, but has to settle for something a bit more mundane in order to support her child. I think that's why she comes across as uninteresting. It's good to see that she's doing better, but it'd be boring to see because she's very average.

Ttb, yes her mom was a pig. She looked like a troll, always crossing her arms ready to defend herself. So defensive. You could tell they she didn't want or like the cameras around. She probably just put up with it for the pay check.

Blanket, all I can think of is Spongebob. "Hi, I'm normal."

I think watching Aleah would be like watching an old married couple. And from an entertainment perspective, it won't get ratings. It's great for her. And her life. But boring for TV.

I also think they will avoid Aleah, because while she definitely fulfills the role of a proper mother, she doesn't seem like a normal teen. They like their "good girl" to also be a relatable teen, like Maci, who seems devoted to her son but also had a lot of friends and was very involved in the extracurriculars/socializing of high school.

The "good girl" also has to participate in petty drama, like jealousy over their exes girlfriends and missing out on the fun their friends are getting up to. Aleah doesn't seem like a teenager at all, which is a good thing for her family, but MTV seems to like to cast the semi-popular girl as the "good mother", so they can give her the good edit but also use her petty grievances for drama.

Jesus God. Maybe MTV could devote 45 minutes to teaching these girls how to use an age appropriate car seat. It's a miracle no one from this franchise has wrecked and killed their kid.

Thank you!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that notices that.

Agreed. Maybe at the reunions they should go through all the footage of bad car seat usage and point it out to them. I really believe some of these girls just don't have a clue that they're endangering their children. Maybe Dr. Drouche could tell theme to visit their local fire stations and get car seat inspections.

Oh, but that would include Dr. Drew actually giving good advice. Not gonna happen.

Even I notice that and I know jack shit about babies

They would probably have to have a tech who is insured through safe kids or at the very least all the girls would have to sign a waiver saying they wouldn't sue.
If they didn't a mom/dad/caregiver could sue mtv if anything ever happened to the child in a wreck after being told the proper way to restrain a child.

But it would be a really good idea to have someone show these parents how to restrain a child.

I understand what you're saying, but I'm curious if the suing thing wouldn't work in reverse too. If one of the girls gets in an accident now, and someone from their crew knew better but didn't say anything, could they sue them for that?
I'm sure someone from the crew has kids or at least knows how to buckle a carseat correctly and cringes every time they see how careless these girls are with buckling in their kids. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I were in the crew and something happened to one of the kids that I could have prevented. I know MTV doesn't let them "interfere", but it must really eat some of them up inside.
I don't understand how a parent can be so careless and not research what is best for their child, especially something as simple and common as a carseat. It's crazy to me that no one in their lives knows better to help them.
At the very least MTV could give them a damn pamphlet from a tech or car seats for the littles or something.

I don't know that I really cared for any of these girls this season. Maddy and Millina were the most annoying I thought. Their voices alone are like nails on a chalkboard to me. I couldn't stand hearing them talk. If Jordan quit stripping and tried to get professional help for her PPD I would like to see that. I don't think PPD has been addressed on these shows and I think it's an important thing for people to know more about. It happens to lots of women but people don't really talk about it for some reason. As for the other girls, meh. None of them were all that interesting to me really. I think with the failure of TM 3 it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a fourth. Just my opinion.

Yeah.. No one is really that likeable or entertaining

I think its kinda silly to do a Teen Mom 4 when 3 didn't last. It just really shows that they're trying to squeeze as much money out of the girls as possible. That's just my impression. I'll watch, maybe, and see how I like it, but I do worry about how fame hungry it is making some girls.

Hopefully if they dk it they won't pay them as much. like a lot of other people have said, that's probably the number one complaint that teen mom isn't realistic with them buying houses and cars

Millina would be an interesting addition because her segments are SOOOOO TRASH-TASTIC. I mean, seriously. Go-go dancing on a milk crate? Meth mom being pregnant right out of rehab? Trevor's crazy mama? So many possibilities! The only problem is that MTV will undoubtedly go the St. Maci route and edit out all of Millina's super-reckless behavior, like the fact that she supposedly drinks a lot and has numerous men around her son. Millina could easily be one of the best segments on the spinoff because her life is so unbelievably trashy. But then MTV's editing monkeys will sweep it all under the rug and make her look normal when we know she's anything but.

Millina really reminds me of Catelynn Like, the girl seems friendly and approachable, but also has no home skills. And yeah, only Millina's family achieves equal level with April/Butch on the trash scale. Literally every single parent seems insane/angry/dysfunctional/deadbeat in Millina's and Trevor's family. The grandma seems nice, but then so did Kim/Catelynn's grandmother. Also, like Catelynn, Millina is very forgiving of her mother's antics. Girls like Savannah seemed to set boundaries with their substance-abusing mothers, but like Catelynn, Millina seems to always have her arms open in acceptance of her mother's multiple problems, allowing herself to get drawn in and hurt repeatedly.

Do you guys see Ryan throwing himself at Dalis over twitter tonight?! LMAO. After weeks of trying with Shelby and her ignoring him now he's trying with Dalis. First he tweeted "I want a gf i can go to the gym with" and then he tweeted at her congratulating her on graduating college. she has ingorned him so far. hahahahahaha i love desperate Ryan. Just turned 27 yet still hasn't figured out that in order to keep a girlfriend you have to treat them right, not just be nice looking, or they'll walk away without ever looking back.

Haha! I just looked at his twitter! So awkward

Poor Rhine. I would go to the gym with him. I wouldn't date him. He's an awful boyfriend. But I would shag him. At least once.

Ryan's most recent tweet: "Standing in the gym and some chick tells me I have really sexy legs and ask if she could rub them so I told her she had a really sexy ass"

…okay?? Thanks for sharing, Ryan

I know Rhine is dumb. And I know he's the biggest mamas boy and shittiest boyfriend. But I have the biggest soft spot for him. But he has skinny ass chicken legs.

I reckon without mtv around that Rhine and Maci would've made it. He clearly hated those cameras from the 16&P episode. And during TM, Maci changed. She thought she was better. And could do better. And still does. I'm not saying Rhine was perfect. But I think if they both didn't have adoring fans filling their heads with shit, and the TM cameras, it might've worked.

Lol ok I'm sure some girl MIGHT have said that, but he's probably making that up for Dalis to ffeel jealous. LOL I'm glad she ignored his dumb ass. What happened with Shelby? He's such a fucking tool. Sure he's hot but fuck I'd have to go all kinky and gag him to shut the hell up if I ever wanted to be aroused.

And YES he does have chicken legs. I look at a guys legs I love some muscle. I think have more than him. Not attractive.

I've never noticed Ryan's chicken legs, are they as bad as Gaythans if so then that's definitely not sexy his face makes up for it though Nathans booze bloat, blush cheeks do not.

I think they are skinnier than Gaythans (I love that my iPad autocorrects to Gaythan now!)
But Rhine is waaaaaay hotter.
Fuck, Marry, Kill of the TM franchise?
TM1: F- Rhine, M- Derek (cos he dies anyway) K- Tyler
TM2: F- Jo, M- Javi (I could use a good bitch around) K- Gaythan
TM3: F- Josh (wouldn't last long, he'd fall asleep) M- Joey K- Matt

That seemed so much easier in my head till I actually had to think about it!

Ya, I was pulling for Ryan & Maci in the beginning. But, you're probably right that they would have made it without MTV. They had both of their families support, but all of Maci's fans thought she could do better

Ooh I want to play!

S1: F- Ryan, M- Derek, K- Tyler & Gary
S2: F- Cole(boyfriends count right?), M- Cory, K - Adumb & Gaythan

He also tweeted Dalis a congratulatory tweet for graduating college. He is such a loser.

Omg You're s Bad Person! I forgot about Cory and Cole! How did that happen. They are both my "marry" for TM2. Lol

I just realized that since they're filming now we'll probably get to see Cole next season. I'm excited to see more of him and what his personality is like and what Chels is like in a non-Adam relationship.

I scrolled down a bit and saw that he meant to call Shelby sweet pea but spelled it 'sweet pee'....PEE! I laughed.

Megan, I just wanted to thank you for all of the posts lately! I love coming on this site and seeing a new story! :)

I'm not trying to doubt you guys, promise, but I was wondering if someone could source where they found Millania has been preggers 3 times? I can believe it, but I'm just curious where people heard that from. Same for Autumn.. I think someone mentioned she's been preggers 2x?

Milina mentions it on her twitter, on or whatever it's called. Apparently she was pregnant before, but had an abortion (she was younger, I want to say 14/15). Then she got pregnant after, also with Trevor, but had an ectopic pregnancy (I think).
Not sure about Autumn.

Damn she was preggo at 14? Good grief!! At 14 I was still playing with barbies and sure as hell not having sex.

That's ceazy. I really don't understand how that can even happen (getting pregnant three times)

Milina, Mackenzie, Jenelle, Leah, Jamie, Lori, Kristina and *Nikkole if you choose to count her, have all been pregnant 3 times. And at least 75% of all the girls in the 16&P franchise have had second pregnancies. Kristina is the only one with 3 pregnancies and raising 3 children though. Leah technically is but not in the way I mean since she miscarried one pregnancy.

Wow, somehow I didn't realize that many girls have been pregnant 3 times from that show

3 men and an Evie might be adorable to see, the rest...not so much.

I thought you were talking about me for half a second.

But on behalf of my namesake, I thank you for thinking we would be adorable. In all honesty, I don't know if Derek would sign on. He seems to want Evie to have a normal life and doesn't really talk about 16 and P much (other than retweeting posts about Jordan being a train wreck)

Aside from that whole part of the situation being so adorable, I really would like to see that (Jordan (sp?) not getting any money of course). I think it would be really nice to see a teen dad actually stepping up and not just taking responsibility, but being the one that is the fully responsible one.

I mean if these are having such an impact that teen girls are getting pregnant just to be on the show then, perhaps they could spotlight a responsible willing teen dad (yeah..there was that special but still) to encourage guys who find themselves in this situation to step up (I really hate that phrase, I can't think of a better one) or even know they can handle it if they think the mother can't. They could actually use the franchise for something positive.

I think there's a resounding consensus: NO MADDY! haven't even watched their season and I know she's an obnoxious bitch. That post she made for her baby's first birthday was so trite and attention-seeking. Just, no.

She makes me wonder about the fate of other girls that got pregnant for the show but didn't get picked.

I would love to see a Teen Mom 4! I'm so over the original 8, they're not even teens, or struggling moms, anymore. I would have to say though, that if a TM4 does happen though, that MTV change the way the girls are paid. I don't understand why all that money shouldn't go into a trust for the kids. As for the girls, like a lot of you guys, I would like to see Aleah, Savannah, Summer, and 3 Guys and an Evie. And if Jordan really is turning her life around, that would be cool to see. I would say for sure, no Maddy, or Savon. Maddy is just a raging bitch who would irritate the fuck out of me, and Savon's episode and "where she at now," was like TTB said, like watching paint dry. Her putting herself in the friend zone was cringe worthy. Just the pure face of Autumn pushing for it, makes me not want to see her on it, either. Thank God Arianna is out of the running, because she was terrible. Like everyone, I liked Millina on her episode, but after hearing about all her extra curricular pregnancies, and her nails on a chalk board voice, I wouldn't really like to see her either. I think the reason TM3 tanked was based purely on the fact that the girls were all idiots. I was so surprised when MTV announced them. I think if MTV even did a survey on the girls we'd like to see,they would have a lot better outcome of viewers.

Ya, I'm annoyed at how much the original 8 girls make, but I'm still interested in their drama. I just feel bad because it's hard for me to remember that their kids are going to see all of their screw ups eventually and really shouldn't grow up with a camera in their face during kindergarten.

So, I think Teen Mom 4 would be interesting and I'd watch even though I didn't watch the 16&P's.

I know this is random, but do any of y'all ever wonder what you would have been like had you gotten knocked up in high school and ended up on 16 & Pregnant and then Teen Mom? Like, would you have been the good girl, the train wreck, the angry raging one, the materialistic girly-girl, the boring one, the filler, etc, etc? Or something different all together.

YES I was just thinking this! I was so fucking 16 I mean I still had a retainer. I mean I didn't even have sex till like 20 or something so it's hard to imagine....we'll just pretend all the other slutty stuff I did in high school got me pregnant... I'm laughing at the thought of htat show being filmed in like 2002 with the ridiculous way I dressed and that alone is just great. I was like kind of a slutty nerd if that makes any sense so that might have been either a really entertaining show or a real shit show. Probably a shit show. I mean as much as I bash these girlses I can not IMAGINE having your life filmed. Omg...panic attack city.

(Sorry if that was TMI). What about you? THis is so funny to think about. Crazy I think there were MAYBE 2 or 3 pregnant my high school class. I didn't know them, never was friends with a teen mom or anything like that cause I just didn't know any. I met this girl that was like 20 and had three kids (and she was a real bitch), she would have been such good candidate for the show because she did drugs, was a trainwreck, a regular Jenelle. But anyway.

My school had A LOT of pregnant girls. One Spring Break, ten or so got pregnant, so a bunch of babies were born over Christmas
I'm almost 23 and still a virgin and have never been 'slutty' at all, so it's hard to imagine. I reckon I'd be the Southern girl with the really white trash family that everybody comes on here to make fun of! lol. I mean, at 18 I was helping raise my nephew and I was always barefoot with a baby on my hip.
I'd probably be the girl that tries to keep my baby's daddy around even if he treated me like crap, so everybody would think I was pathetic. I would have definitely wanted to be married before the baby was born, even if it was a Summer-DJ type marriage.

Oh, I'm also the "good girl" and was always really studious and never partied or anything, so I know I wouldn't have become the trainwreck, at least.

All the guys that asked me out in high school were drug dealers/criminals, so the baby's daddy aspect might have been pretty interesting TV.

I reckon I would be the filler. I'm a combo of them all. Who knows. Half the reason they become what the do is the money.
Sadly the only one to stay true to herself is Mackenzie. She's not become a famewhore, she doesn't air all her crap on social media and she's not trying to stay relevant. And that surprises the shit out of me.

I'd totally be the boring filler. I don't really want kids but I'm almost positive I'd be a good mom if I did ever end up getting knocked up. I treat my dogs like spoiled children, so I imagine I'd treat an actual human child like gold. And I'd take my kid on a shit load of vacations because I think kids at Disneyland, aquariums, zoos, etc is just the cutest thing in the world. I'm pretty sure the only thing I'd do with my money that people would complain about is get more tattoos because I love them and it takes me forever to afford them as it is now because you know, I actually go to a good, reputable artist that charges a lot unlike any of these girls.

Ha. That's a very interesting question. I've often thought how tough it would've been to come into fame and money so young. It would've made my life 1000 times worse, but I'd probably still be the "good girl," because that's just always been my personality :/

Still, I do fear I would have become a rager because of my family being the way they are. But the guy who knocks you up is an important factor and I have no idea who that would have been lol

Yeah... I would have blown all the money on God knows what

I have thought about this. Maybe my label would be train wreck? Or part train wreck? Lol. I went to Catholic school, but my home life was very different. I had my first boyfriend at 17. In that same year, my mom kicked my abusive step dad of 15 years out of the house, started disappearing and left me alone a lot. Then she'd come home with all of these skeevy creepy men, one of them ended up attacking her and I. Then she left all together, and my step dad came back. The boyfriend I had at that time didn't go to my school, was a year older and on his way to college, came from a way more "well to do" and put-together family than mine, especially at that time.

I've thought about it too! But I kind of think I'd be one of the ones who did 16 and Pregnant then regretted it because I know I'd get hounded on the internet for being 'slutty' (I kind of had a friends with benefits thing going on when I was 17 with a 22 year old university grad who I was embarrassingly in love with but he only wanted one thing). I know I'm too sensitive to what other people think of me to go on Teen Mom!

Then again, thinking about it... I might have done Teen Mom if purely for the money. I went to a grammar school (state-run, highly academically selective) where the school only really cared about image. The rule was if you got pregnant, you were thrown out of the school so I guess I would have needed the money since I would have no qualifications and my parents could barely afford to pay the bills, never mind support a baby! Couldn't see the babydaddy sticking around either and I loved to party so who knows, I might have turned out as the trainwreck haha

Ok this one finally got me to register (I so need a better name).

I was actually a teen mom. I got pregnant at 16 and my son at 17. I have actually though about the question. I come from the South (I don't really have an accent though :) ) and I was an honors student in high school. I want to say I would have gotten the good girl edit but I actually think I would have gotten the train wreck title. Here's why:

good girl edit:
-honors student
-minimal extracurriculars (I was in the play, woo?)
-kept up with school/went back/graduated on time
-never went out (as in, I stayed home and was with my son)
-No drugs or alcohol (until legal)
-accepted to college/had an actual plan

train wreck:
-parents are split
-previous custody drama among my parents
-I put pink stripes in my hair for my senior year (mega scandal!)
-dad sued my mom for custody of me 5 months before my 18th (I had to testify in court why I did not want to live there.)
-he won with the promise that he would provide everything for me and my son. not surprising that he did not.

**--OH as a side note my dad had my right to work taken away by a court order till I was 18 (because I got a c in math and was working to pay for my hand me down car at 16). I did not know this was thing till it happened. this is important in a minute**

-my car was taken away leaving me with no transportation to take son to daycare nor to get to school from there (no school bus because it was too close to the school. Never mind the 8 lane highway and bridges between the school and daycare)
-my being told "I need to pay for my son, go get a job". uhm...but didn't you...oh ok.
-being made to lie to WIC so my son could have his soy formula (milk allergy)
-being told even once I turned 18 I was not allowed (by the courts) to go back to my mom (he really said that.)
-my CIA escape on my birthday (most epic story ever)
-then of course the usual baby-daddy drama (I dropped his ass for good reasons but still had to deal with things like kidnap threats)
-then for the "Where they at now" special: moved to Europe

you could of course continued me for the following teen mom with that story line. It got good.

All of the above is completely true. I know it sounds like it is not. I had a good group of friends in high school who came together (sometimes with their parents) who really helped me out. I have gone on to become something and 10 years later and struggling through uni still in Europe, hence why I can't decide which role I would have gotten.

Also really, I want a cool name like ya'll!

Wow! That really is a good story. I'm glad you're in a much better place now. Your name should be teen mom success story because you pushed through a lot of shit all on your own.

awww. Thanks!

I was a total psycho in high school so I can see myself being the train wreck. Like I was a super overachiever and quintessential good kid. But at the same time I had the most prideful and aggressive personality. If I had a kid I know I would've been getting into with my baby daddy like no other! Despite being super involved in school and community service, I used to drink a lot too. It just would've been the absolute worst lol. But I didn't even have sexy until I was 18 and out of high school and I've never been pregnant, thank God.

What a great topic Mary Clown! I think I wouldve been filler.

When I was a teenager, my mom PROMISED that if I got pregnant while in her house, I would be put out, and she would help me get aid. I have no doubt that she was telling the truth, so my 16 and Pregnant would consist of me and my mom going to the welfare, section 8, wic and foodstamps offices so I could get help and be moved out by the time the baby came.

Knowing how softhearted my mom is, my Teen Mom would be her watching the baby while I finished school (and I would finish school because I dont want to live in the hood projects/section 8 for any longer than id have to). I probably wouldnt go for a bachelors, just a two year associates but in a reasonably wellpaying career field like IT, paralegal, or sign language interpretation. My child and I would transition from government aide into probably a modest apartment, and live happily ever after lol.

After my Teen Mom stint, my kid would be in school full time, so I would probably try to go back for a bachelors and maybe even an advanced degree so I can get a better paying job and be able to afford a house. I would probably be 30 years old with a 14 year old before we made it to middle/upper middle class living.

I would hope that throughout all this, my childs father and I would be able to successfully coparent, but the guys I liked when I was a teenager... i would be lucky to get child support.

As for romance in all this, if I wasn't still with my kids father (which statistically I wouldnt be), I would probably casually date like Chelsea, see a guy here and there but not bring them around my kid until it was serious. I would also have my womb on clink clink lockdown until I got remarried.

Writing this all out and reading it has made me very very grateful I didn't become a teen mom.

I've totally thought about this, because I *was* a teen mom. Got pregnant at 16 and had my daughter at 17. I would have gotten the good girl edit, because my bad girl behavior was totally hidden away and not that bad. I was an honors student, had my daughter over Christmas break and went back to school in January, graduated at the top of my class on time, and went to university when she was 8 months old.

Only drama - My daughter's bio dad stuck around with us until she was four months old and then he cheated on me with his (former) lesbian coworker (which I only discovered because his apartment burned down and no one knew where he was that night). We managed to successfully co-parent for another year until he disappeared and has never been back.

My daughter is 11 years old and I just scheduled my PhD defense. I figure I turned out okay.

I feel like I would be the Maci, Chelsea, Farrah, Mackenzie type story lines all jumbled into one. I was a 3 sport athlete in HS (soccer, basketball, lacrosse), I was popular, etc. I have always been into fashion, makeup, etc which is something they all love as well. And my friends all partied in high school which fits a few of their stories. My family is fairly well off which only Mackenzie doesn't apply to. Howeverrrr I highly doubt my parents would have supported me like the other 3. I would have had to work and go to school but probably not pay for every little thing and live at home. I'm still witn my boyfriend from HS so idk how that would have worked had we had a kid. We've been together almost 6(!) years now but not too serious and kinda on and off ish so clearly wouldn't be ready for a baby at 16/17. We actually met at work when we were both 15 so I guess if anything we were responsible enoigh to have jobs and do well in hs. I definitly would not have dropped out of HS. So I guess maybe have the good edit? Idk. I just have so many similarities to them and k can even see my boyfriend beig uninvolved/interested like Ryan and Adam and josh.

But thankfully I graduated with no baby and am a junior in college lol

I have wondered that. I was kind of an odd ball in high school. Had to stop playing sports due to an injury my sophmore year, so I joined the work program my junior year. I went to school half a day then worked the other half. I was obsessed with making money and trying to be as independent from my parents as possible.

My high school boyfriend was a couple years older than me, and he was such a freaking pansy. I was such a bitch to him and he took it, and the more he took it, the bitchier I became. If I had a kid with him, I know my parents would have helped a lot. They probably would have watched it while I went to school and work and helped me pay for everything. I don't know how his parents would have acted, I don't think they liked me much because of the way I treated him.

Luckily, he and I never had a kid and I left his ass when I graduated and got together with my now-husband. I guess as a parent I would have been pretty boring to watch, but as far as my relationship with him, I would have been a Kailyn... yelling, being angry, it might have eventually evolved into shaking his head.

If I was a teen mom, I would definitely be the shy, very intimidated one with a temper. I probably would have gotten the good girl edit and here's why:

I had good grades in high school
Was in band and got scholarships (woohoo, lol)
Attendance was close to perfect
Had a job
Never drank or smokes
Would have put my kid first
Went to and graduated college and now going back for another degree

What would make me had a bad edit:

My mom went to jail, so I became an emotional mess
My anger got the best of me
Dad lost his job and we didn't have much and the tension was high
My parents would probably have disowned me, causing me to go down a downward spiral
Shame would be placed on me by my grandparents, which might would have caused me to rebel a little.

I've thought before of what my life would've been like had I been on this show. Makes me wonder what would actually happen.

Slordan's stripper facebook fan page is gone,now that she quit stripping, will she still possibly get a spinoff?

I think they all know something we don't know. She has deleted all her stripper pics off IG too. I reckon they've been told who's a possibility and maybe one of her conditions was to clean up her act.

WHAT THE FUCK, MTV?! Are you going to pretend like it never happened!!? Like Manila's 18 pregnancies! We all know what happened. Omfg.

I'd be interested to see if TM4 would be any better than TM3 was, I'd also crack up if TM4 got a series 2 after TM3 was axed. That would make for some interesting Briana tweets!

I just did some Twitter sleuthing. And they are all re-tweeting anyone who mentions them in who they'd like to see in a TM4.

Not related (sorry), but I'm re-watching s2 of 16&Preggers and I'm currently watching PotatoFace's episode. Her uncle and aunt are SAINTS for putting up with her crap. Girl has soooooo many issues, she should have tried counseling / SOMETHING because just taking the kid back for a trial was really problematic.

You could write a book on Salazar's psyche and how fucked up it is. Girl could not parent and did not want to do what was necessary to raise her child (ie. get a job, use the money to buy her baby things, etc.). Yet somehow it's everybody else's fault she had to give Callie up for adoption. No, Salazar, it's your fault because you had the unrealistic vision of being a stay-at-home mom at seventeen and using your mother's well-earned paycheck to support your daughter. It's nobody's fault that she couldn't hack it at motherhood. She just wasn't mentally, physically or financially prepared. I really wish she would have continued with therapy, I think she stopped because she didn't like what the therapist had to say (which was, in a nutshell, stop hassling your aunt and uncle and leave Callie alone). She's an absolute whack-job.

And she just posted a pic of beer on IG. How's AA working for ya Ash?

Not surprising. I never thought Salazar was an alcoholic---she's a lot like Kail in that she constantly wants attention and will do anything to get it. Is she and that piece of shit Justin Lane still broken up? I hope so. Maybe that'll cool Ashley off on the whole baby-making thing for a little while.

They are back together. They deserve each other.

She couldn't even stay sober. Sounds pretty alcoholic to me.

I'd love to see a Teen Mom 4! This franchise is my guilty pleasure. I'd be interested in watching Karley but I guess she isn't in the running since she didn't have a big update on the "where are they now". So I'd like for Jordan, Aleeah, Summer and Maddy (ik ik no one will agree with that) to be on it.

For some reason I don't find Maddy to be annoying like everyone else thinks. I enjoy her segments and don't find her voice to be annoying or her face bad to look at lol (I actually find her very pretty) Jordan would have good drama and I'd love to see more of Derek and his friends raising Evie! Too cute. Though I do hope Jordan will get her shit together. Summer is entertaining to watch. & I don't think Aleeah would be boring, I think she's a fabulous mom and it would be interesting to see her raise Noah since biologically he's not hers, plus all the complications from her diabetes.

[…] to  a source that spoke with Teen Mom Junkies, “The Where Are They Now special would serve as an audition for a Teen Mom spinoff.  In this […]

I'd pick Maddy, Summer, Jordan and Autumn. Only ones who's episodes were even the slightest bit interesting this season

OMG guys, I openned my facebook page and the first thing I saw in my news was this:

It's a local newspaper so it's in spanish but look at the picture, it has me cracking up!!!

I knew she looked familiar!

YOU GUYS Shelby tweeted that Ryan is a pill head and a thief but now she deleted it. Ryan and Leah for the next couple? and it can connect the two series!

Anyone have a screenshot? I could see him being a pillhead. His tweets are kind of all over the place, and his eyes look dead in most of the recent pics we've seen of him.

I did a quick google search & found this story about it:

I have a personal bit to say really quickly: I JUST GOT ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE! I am so excited and I cannot stop smiling about it (the school was my first choice) and I thought I should share this amazing news with y'all :DDD

Okay, onto the actual topic!

I think the girls they should pick are Aleah, Summer, Savannah, and maybe Autumn? I know they probably will have Jordan on because they need those ratings and having a stripper on there will definitely fit the "Jenelle" mold. Actually, scratch that: I think they should feature Derek. He needs more credit.

What the line up will most likely be though is: Jordan, Millina, Autumn, and Summer.

Meh, I'll watch regardless.

Whoooop! Congrsts! There is no better feeling than opening a college acceptance letter but it's even better when it's your top school. I remember being super afraid to open my top school when I was in Hs. Even though k as told a hundred times that usually the big envelopes were a good thing j was still so anxious snd nervous until I opened it and had the biggesr relief. What's your major?

Thank you sooo much!!<3

I want to double major in Media Arts and Design and Marketing. I am kinda looking into working with a combination of journalism and social media. I'm super passionate about journalism and would loveee to work in that field :)

ohhhh journalism! maybe you can work with maci in the future! oh wait...

I'll be done with my master's before she ever gets that Associate's degree.

Congrats on your accomplishment! I wish you the best of luck in your academic endeavors.

In regards to Derek, I feel like I am in the minority of people who don't think Derek should get that much credit. I mean he is doing well by going to school, but he doesn't have Evie full time or work either. It is possible to have a child full time, work and go to school. People do it all the time. He is doing a hell of a lot better than Jordan but I still don't think we should all be singing praises either js.

I think part of the problem is that the Where Are They Now segment didn't clarify that Evie actually lives most of the time with Jordan's dad and step-mom and their kids - Derek has her some of the time, but Evie's grandparents do the bulk of the parenting.

what deer cam said. the where are they now didn't even mention jordan's parents. totally made it seem like derek is the sole provider when it's pretty much been said that he only has her on the weekends and doesn't really support her financially since he doesn't work. either way he's doing way better than jordan though, and she should be ashamed. i knew she wasn't going to be a great mom when she chose to make her daughter homeless so she could be with derek, but damn jordan, i had more hope for you than this.

I'm pretty sure Jordan said that her parents were helping financially with Evie. Not sure if she mentioned she stays with them most of the time.

And by her parents, I mean her dad and stepmom. She also mentioned she was considering living with her biomom.

Dos her bio mum sounded like a super role model "rolls eyes"

Congrats! That's a super exciting time in life, especially if you already have a passion for a certain major.

These girls just want fame. They don't care about the statistics and helping out other girls. I hope teen mom 4 doesn't happen.


I only watched two episodes of season 5 and lost interest. I don't think I'd watch this show either. I think a big reason I liked Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 is because I'm only about a year older than most of the cast for both shows so it was easier to identify with them (I'm 24 now). The girls on 16 & Pregnant now just seem in a completely different place in life and I guess I don't connect with the show as much anymore. I'm amazed though at how much MTV has been able to milk this franchise!

I'm totally with you on that. I'm 25 and was 19, almost 20 when the first season aired. The season that turned into TM3 was the last I watched and by the end I was forcing myself due to lack of interest. I'd take more TM and TM2 over another TM# or 16&P. Guess I prefer to watch adults act like high schoolers more than actual high schoolers.

Idiot Jenelle admitted to knowingly accepting stolen merchandise on Twitter. Saying that the rings Cortland got her he stole while she waited in the car and that he told her they were stolen. Admitting to felonies over the internet is always intelligent

Wow, wish I could say that surprised me

Jenelle tweeted her ring cost $10,700. She thinks people will be impressed, when people just think she's an idiot for not spending that money to get her son back, or Nathan's daughter back. I mean not that they want them back, but if you're gonna act like you care about your kids then maybe don't brag about how much better you spent on an engagement ring

5 years of MTV money blown, it's pretty obvious custody is no where on her priority list

I think that's in really poor taste to tell people how much your ring cost. If NAthan really picked it out on his own, why does she know rhe cost? Did he really tell her?

I believe she said he showed her the receipt to prove it. That girl is TRASH. I can't stand her. I've been following her CONSTANT tweeting while she's gone and she mentioned Kaiser once and didn't mention Jace at all. And she tweeted about everything else she possibly could... Everyone kept posting about her not mentioning her kids, so finally on her last day "all i want to do is see kai and jace"... Sure Janelle, I'm surprised you remember their names. I'm actually even more surprised she didn't mention Emery just to try and bug Allison.

I think there was a lot of drama between their group on this vacation. That girl that looked like a poor-mans Holly Madison posted that MTV paid for their hotel after Jenelle claimed Nathan paid for everything. Then Holly Madison posted that she and Jenelle are getting along, but she was upset at Nathan. Then the landlord posted that there was a lot of drama on the trip. I wonder what Nathan did that got that girl mad and I bet Jenelle is mad at him too, she usually only posts stuff about missing her kids when she is going through a fight.

Wasn't it just last year that Jenelle was saying hat she couldn't afford the $5000 she needed to get a lawyer to get Jace back?
Good to know that she prefers to spend/or have Nathan spend double that money on a ring.

And how tacky is it to say how much the ring costs? Evidently that's all that matters to her. Since Nathan's ring is more expense than Courtland's stolen ring, it MUST mean that Nathan is the better guy and loves her more.

Honestly if their relationshit was actually about love they should have just eloped in St. Thomas. It would have been a beautiful, intimate ceremony. Then the money could be spent on getting custody of Jace. Shit. They could probably have even used the same lawyer and gotten custody of Emery.

There is no way I would be able to walk about with a $10000 ring on my hand after telling everyone it cost $10000. We all know the kind of people Jenelle hangs with, how long til the "I've been mugged after passing out drunk on fireball" tweets. Jenelle's dumb too so I doubt it's insured

scummy mummy

Yes! I'm so going to start incorporating this word into my dialogue.

Is anybody else getting redirected to dumbass pop ups every time they visit this site on their phone? It makes it so difficult to read an article or post, and it's honestly pissing me off.

no, but I noticed since coming back home from the USA that I'm getting this "attention required!" page where I have to type stuff to prove I'm not a robot. Blargh.

Yes I kept getting that on my phone. It would automatically send me to some random website. I've just been getting on my computer now

I get a lot of ads for percocets ..

Yes!! I was going to ask but then I figured it was just me since no one else complained. It keeps sending me to some good housekeeping shit and like fit mom daily or something.

On the last post the pop up ad was always asking "Searching for mermaids?"!!!

It's happening to me as well. And when I make my way back to the comment section, none of the new comments are pink anymore. Sigh. I'm all for ads so Megan/Steve can make money from this, but if there is another way for mobile to have ads without being redirected, I would very much appreciate it!

I don't get ads. And I mostly come here on my phone. From another country. So I would presume I would get then too.

Oh my gosh, I thought something was wrong with my iPad! Every time I get on this site from it I get redirected to some add for The Doctors. I have to leave that add open in one tab then reload the site in another tab just so I can read anything but then the new comments aren't pink. My iPad actually says The Doctors in the web address bar and I can't get it to stop. -_-

YES!! Nobody else said anything so I thought I was the only one. I can get to the site just fine but once j click on an individual article it automatically redirects me to an ad with Dr. Oz and I forgot the other one. I use safari on my iPhone and I discovered the only way to keep viewing the side is to go under the private browsing. I haven't had any issues under private yet.