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16 and pregnant

taylor lumas

Taylor Lumas, who appeared on the 3rd season of 16 & Pregnant, is best known for being the youngest girl to ever appear on the show. She began filming when she was 14 years old, and delivered her daughter, Aubri, when she was barely 15 years old.

She's stayed very quiet since filming ended, and has seemed to raise her daughter the best that she can.

Taylor is currently in her senior year of high school, and it appears that she's finally hit a breaking point that is requiring her to reach out to her fans from the show and ask for help.

Taylor posted a link to a website where she was asking fans to donate money to help her provide for her daughter while she is recovering from a surgery. Taylor writes:

Hi Everyone!

As most of my close friends and family members know, I have a mass on my hip bone that is ready to shatter my pelvic bone. I am due for surgery Monday to correct this problem. Since I found out about this mass I havent been able to work and will not be able to work, most likely, until the end of June. As single mother with bills to pay this has been a HUGE problem. My daughters father pays very little child support but every little bit helps. I am really stuggling. Physically, mentally and emotionally. It's my senior so I am planning to attend college and attempt to move out so Aubri and I can have our own space but this health problem has been a major problem. I can not recieve any help from the State and as most know kids arent cheap and neither is medical cost or everyday life. So, today I am letting my pride take the back seat and finally saying I NEED help. I hope that all that donate to Aubri and I realize how grateful we are for it and that you are helping us tremendously! Every little bit WILL help us and we can not say thank you enough!

Taylor is requesting $3000 to help provide for her daughter, and although she hasn't received very many donations yet, it does seem like every little bit will help with this situation.

If you want to donate to help Taylor out, you can follow this link to the gofundme website that she's set up.

Best of luck to Taylor and Aubri as they try to sort through things. I'll be sure to post about how Taylor's surgery goes once details are available.


I'm going to kick her $50.00. That sucks. Teen mom or not, this can happen to anyone.
My wife is a paraplegic after multiple back surgeries. We had insurance and a six figure income along with a brand new baby. We lost everything through this ordeal (except each other!).
We are back to six figures now that I have become the bread winner. Took almost 4 years though!
We never would have made it without help.

Why can't she receive any state/government assistance?

This is just a guess here, but she's still in high school and living with her mother. It's possible she doesn't qualify because she's still considered her mother's dependent and her mother probably makes too much money for her to receive government assistance. Plus quitting a job in the last 3 to 6 months can disqualify you also and she had to stop working due to her medical issues. The system is set up for the users and abusers not the people who actually need help to get on their feet. If you're a single mother with one child and have a full time minimum wage job, you make too much money for a 2 person household to receive benefits. Sometimes even part time income is too much money depending on the state you live in. When my daughter was born 10 years ago, I went back to work too soon after giving birth and the job I had at the time required me to be on my feet for 8 hours a day. This caused me to be hospitalized and I had to quit the job. I applied for food stamps and they held the fact that I quit my job against me even though it was for medical reasons and I got denied for benefits.

Honestly, that really sucks. Taylor seems to be trying to provide for her daughter and isn't a fame wh*re like 99% of the girls. I might donate $5.

I had some people come together to raise a bit of money for me once when I needed help. It was small donations each but every little one counted and added up to make a difference. Honestly the gesture itself was just as much help as the money. It was such a mental boost to know that I wasn't alone and that people cared to help. Words can not describe how that felt and it was such a boost for my mental well being at that time. I am going to donate to Taylor. I also deal with health problems and they take over your life and you can't always control it. It sounds like she swallowed her pride as is deserving of help right now.

I am going to donate as well. So sad that she is going through this.

Poor Taylor :( she seemed like a good girl on her episode. It was neat seeing someone close to home! I really feel bad that she is going through this and I wish I had money to donate to her. Hope she gets the help she needs.

I'm not in a place financially to hand out any money but hope she gets better!

That's awful :( If I had the money, I would donate but I am barely getting by as it is. I hope she get better and everything works out for her with moving out, college etc. I thought she seemed really sweet on her episode and she seems to be trying to give her daughter the best possible life she can.

Part of me is very understanding, and my heart goes out to her. I've been in crappy situations as well. But……. I think it's tacky asking "fans" for support. If she can't get on govt assistance because of her age, her Mom could apply since they are her dependents. Although, she might make more than allowed and not qualify as well. Either way, i don't think putting your financial issues on social media and asking for money is right.

My heart goes out to her, but not enough to send any money. She isn't the only person with problems. I'm a single mom, had to move back home, to live with and rely on my parents because I have too many medical problems to be able to hold a job for years. I've spent all my savings, and get ZERO support from Avery's father. Texas doesn't give a crap about anyones medical situation, I've been trying to get on disability for what seems like forever now. I suppose I should just ask random people to send me money as well.
I know I sound like an ass, but I don't really care.

I'm not sure how I feel about this either. I think I'm a pretty charitable person, but I'd much rather give to a charity supporting struggling moms, who can regulate where the money is going a bit better. It seems a bit unfair to all of the other struggling teen moms that haven't been on MTV to ask fans for money...friends and family maybe, but strangers?

Now that she's done it, who will be the next MTV mom asking fans for money?

It's sou I toteven type understand. Fighting disability is a joke. It took my wife 3 years or appeals to finally get approved. Keep appealing and don't let them close your file. They will calculate your back pay from the original application date.
SSA is a fucking circus. Getting disability is essentially retiring early because it's based off of your work history/credit yet the system is designed to keep that money fron you.
Throughout the entire process I always floundered at the idea of anyone going alone. We were lucky that I was able to support us. Couldn't qualify her for any other assistance so that meant paying out of pocket (almost $500 a month for doc visits and meds!) for almost two years and THAT meant choosing between rent, food, electricity or her Care most times.

And not sure where that first sentence came from....weird!!

I'm with you. I had like a 20 month long status migraine AND a hiatal hernia surgery all without health insurance because I couldn't afford the crazy shit they offer to people who were "disqualified" due to pre-existing conditions. (Pre-existing condition was migraines, ironically enough.) SO many trips to the ER (two on our honeymoon alone) and neurologists and every procedure you could think of to try and get better. I couldn't get our state's version of medicare because I wasn't a single mother; I was married with no children and apparently that disqualified me. I couldn't get approved for temporary disability because the neurologist who convinced me to get botox treatments for my migraines after telling me that she understood how debilitating and life-halting a status migraine can be "didn't believe in disability" and refused to cooperate with Social Security requesting my records and a statement saying I was incapable of working. We're in medical debt up to our eyeballs and I think it's super tacky to go on social media and request money when you have a "fan base" from a TV show about not having sex responsibly. If she had asked her friends and family, that's completely different. A friend of mine is 25 with a two year old and was diagnosed with Lymphoma the day after christmas. Her mom started a campaign so she could have some help with the medical bills and I donated what small amount we could afford. I don't mind that at all. I don't mind donating to charities. I made all of our wedding favors from craft stuff I had around my house and we donated $500 to St. Jude's instead of shelling out money for decorative shot glasses or whatever the hell else usually constitutes a wedding favor. I hope her surgery goes well and she recovers as fast as possible but she's still a minor who lives with her mother. They can figure something out without MTV fans. Shit happens and that's life. She's young and shouldn't have to be burdened with paying bills and affording health care but she decided to act like an adult at 14 and now she has to BE an adult and deal with hardships like the rest of us. (Disclaimer: I'm a callous and bitter bitch.)

America, the land of the free! I normally try avoid country-bashing, but man I'm glad I live somewhere with free healthcare.

Your idea of moving to Canada didn't sound so bad!

That is one of the bigger incentives to expatriate haha. That and I effing love maple syrup. My best friend's girlfriend works for the Canadian government and has a small amount of RCMP training (which he should never have told me because I now always refer to her as her first name followed by Do-Right) and her family owns a farm with a bunch of maple trees. Apparently it's called a "sugar bush" and my friend said he thought of me when he was trekking out with snowshoes into the sugar bush to tap maple trees for delectable Canadian maple syrup. I made lots of *wink wink, nudge nudge* jokes about tapping her sugar bush. Because I'm apparently perpetually 12. ;)

That's horrible Rae. I can't pay any medical bills right now. I'm not even sure how much more I've got after the past few months of new doctors and hospital bills on their way to my mailbox. You helped me make my point here though. There are people way worse off. They won't get better to go back to work in June.. maybe never. Their struggles are lifelong battles. Those are the type of people I make donations for. And when I can give, I absolutely will. Everyone has a different opinion of course, but with me some circumstances in going about handling her situation just don't sit well. If you feel compelled to help her, good for you, and I do hope she gets better.

I'm sorry you had to go through that. My cousin has had a similar condition and she had to move home during her freshman year of college. It's absolutely debilitating! I don't think you're callous and bitter for disagreeing with Taylor asking "fans" for help. We all have different worldviews that are shaped by our life experiences. You went through something terribly difficult just like Taylor, but she was raised by different parents, in a different place, different teachers, different everything.

I asked my social network to donate money to my sorority sister's family when she was diagnosed with cancer. I was desperate to help her and her family, and though it was my acquaintances, friends, and family donating they didn't know my sorority sister from Adam, but some of them bent over backwards to help. I'm sure there were others who just scrolled on past and I don't blame them a bit. Our economy's may be bouncing back but it's growing suuuuper slowly and we can't all afford to give to every person who asks for help!

That doesn't make you a bitch, it makes you a realist. The only reason I think Taylor is different from some of the other MTV moms is because up until now, she has stayed off the 16&P/TM grid. If it were Nikkole Paulun or Ashley Salazar, I wouldn't lift a damn finger.

I will give her that. She doesn't seem to be a famewhore like most of them. That was really nice of you to help out your sorority sister and that strangers helped so much!

You guys are all so kind. I guess I won't begin the negative rant... But I'm sure not on #TeamDonation

Considering only eight donors have contributed so far, bringing her grand total to a whopping $58, I'm pretty sure you aren't alone.

I wish I had the money to give her right this second. I took particular interest in Taylor and Lori, since Lori is from my hometown and Taylor is a stone's throw away in Cincinnati. I found Taylor to be one of the most likable cast members of 16&P, and particularly felt for her because of her age. It can't be easy for her to reach out a few years after her segment aired, so I'm definitely donating come pay day!

My dad often "adopts" several kids for Christmas and buys them all of their presents. I might try to get him to kick some gifts or money her way this year...she's tried hard and deserves it!

You must live by me, I'm across the river in Indiana though ;)

I live out of state now, but I grew up in five minutes outside of downtown Cincy on the KY side of the OH river! Do you live near Vevay?

That question sounded stalker-y lol.

Hahaha no you're fine. I'm about 30 minutes from Vevay. We live near Lawrenceburg/Aurora :)

When you brought up the "Suzie Sorority"-to-be girls from your high school in a previous thread I had a feeling you were either from the South or close to where I went to college... not to be creepy, it just stuck with me because it rang so true. Too funny that I was right, I bet lots of kids from your high school went to my alma mater. One hour away from Cinci!

Man, I wish I could give more, but I'm not financially well enough to do so. I hope every penny counts, though.
Sucks for her. I'm glad I have free healthcare, even if it's never perfect.

I just seen her where are they now special on Saturday. She was very likeable compared to some of the other girls from her season, (Danielle C., Aubrey the stripper). I wish her well.