Sarah Roberts and Blake Thomas: At it Again

16 & pregnant

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Most people will remember Sarah Roberts for a variety of reasons.

1. Her red-headed shrimp boating baby daddy

2. Her hidden second pregnancy

3. Dating Ashley Salazar's ex-boyfriend

4. Her engagement to a guy 10 years older than her

Anyway, regardless of all of the crap that's happened since she became a mom at 17 and appeared on the 3rd season of 16 & Pregnant, she's maintained a relatively low profile. Blake, who is Tinleigh's father, left Sarah to go make more money on a shrimp boat, but ended up moving back to Georgia and impregnating another girl. Sarah was mad that Blake was taking care of his second child, but refused to help raise his first.

When we last saw Sarah, she had petitioned the court to have Tinleigh's last name changed from Thomas to Roberts since Blake didn't have much to do with his daughter.

A few months ago, Sarah shocked the Facebook world when she posted about making amends with her ex-boyfriend, Blake Thomas. Sarah had even allowed Tinleigh to have a play date or two with her sister, Kaelyn.

sarah roberts

Although things looked promising, things look like they've taken a turn for the worst.

Sarah took to Twitter a few days ago to openly discuss Blake's role in Tinleigh's life now.

Sarah tweeted that she was mad about a Facebook post that Blake had made, and clarified that he's still "pathetic to those who know the truth" to which Blake said that Sarah should be a grown up and take her problems to him instead of posting on social media.

Some other concerning things came up in their social media blow up including the fact that Blake bought a house in South Carolina and asked Sarah and Tinleigh to live with him, but they said no.

Blake also accused Sarah's boyfriend Justin of being physically and emotionally abusive, claiming that Tinleigh is terrified to be around him.


Yeah...I laughed my ass off at "haffnt" as well. The first comment made me giggle too. "I thought April and Butch were the Ross and Rachel of our time"...he he he...

I am sooo NOT the grammar police. I'm a big fan of the words y'all and ain't. But some of this shit just astounds me. Like the words "should have"... The contraction is "should've" which is NOT the same as "should of". I haffnt done enough baby head dye for this to make sense. I should of done more.

The schools ain't well there, y'all. April did marry the father of her daughters boyfriend so obviously the drugs have messed up her brain. You're expecting too much well english from her. Is it sad she still makes more sense than Farrah???

she sounds like a 13 year old with her first boyfriend the way she's going on about her "great catch" on social media. i certainly hope april was wearing her more classier heels under that dress. the butterflies on her cake scream sophistication and the tattoo under her ring is a really nice touch.

What about her "Butch" tattoo? And his matching "April" one. It's a sad day guys. A sad day.

She can change it to "Butcher" and tattoo two giant hams, one on each side.

Fun fact: My dumb ex got his dumb new gf's name tattooed on him. When they broke up he had to have it tattooed over. I Lol'd. No offense to anyone but I think it's SO BEYOND STUPID to tattoo your significant others name. MAYBE your kids name (not something I would do) but significant other is just jinxing it.

Too late for Jenelle and Nathan!

She's only been with this man for about six months, who marries someone that quickly especially when they've just got a divorce. Maybe Traplynn is getting a new aunt or uncle

Jenelle Evans comes to mind...

Ew, gross! Isn't she too old to have kids? She looks too old to have more kids...

I think she's only in her early forties actually, she looks about twenty years older though but i suppose that's what happens when you sit about drinking and smoking all day while calling your daughter a bitch

Wow. Cate must be gutted. April beat her to the alter again.

Oh my gosh, yes. Wow, sucks to be Catelynn. How many times has April been married? And how many siblings does Catelynn have?

Who knows. But I'm pretty sure April would've had a few wedding dresses from her past to choose from. Actually, seeing as Catelynn. Won't use it, I wonder if she borrowed hers? Someone should get some wear out of it....

Ooh, ouch. Truth hurts!!

That ring on her wrinkled tattooed finger holy shit. My mom is 20 years older than her and does not have wrinkles like that. But then she didn't do drugs (that I know of anyway lol!)

This guy's name is a trick. I usually associated Justin with cute yung things. This pic is wrong on so many levels. and why more babies? Can't you just stop? Whoever speculated on "Daddy issues" hit the nail on the head. Just weird.

Okay so I can't get this out of my mind.

Here's what I've been thinking:

Sarah was with her ex until he passed away. ( don't know much about them two)

She very quickly movies on to ROBERT. ( so fast that her current daughter could possibly not even be ROBERTS)

Robert knew about her ex because Robert was her manger at work.

Sarah figures since he's older he'll be more " mature" and possibly have "money"

Robert never got a blood test done on the child because he's so excited he actually has a young " gooooood looking girl"

And they can all play house and live happily ever after!

Either Sarah woke up and realized what she was " doing" or Robert realized she was a mistake because she was well young so he moves off.

Then he comes back to town ask for a blood test ( with no interest in DATING Sarah) in the mean time hooks up with another chick and BAM baby#2)

Roberts current girlfriend ( #2) couldn't handle when the test came back and said he IS THE FATHER!!!! ( Sorry I always think of MAURY)

Sarah and Robert get back together because they both say they are ready to make it work ans say tells Robert she will be there for his other daughter too and she's sorry it didn't work out with him and baby Momma#2 but she'd never ask him to choose between his child.

They are a "happy family" for sometime and then things went south at some point so they take it to social media & I have to say that's absolutely trashy but THANK YOU because you
Gave me something to talk about.

& just think if you wouldn't have brought this to social media MAYBE some people would have forgot about your " love story"

But don't worry you get your"Prince charming" just watch SHERAK TRILOGY :)

What? Who is Robert?
Here's how I think it all went down:
Sarah's first baby daddy is Blake. The ginger who left her to go work on a shrimp boat.
Blake came back, ignored Sarah and Tinley, and got another girl pregnant. Said child is the little girl in the playpen with Tinley.
Sarah began dating Skanazars ex, Justin Baker, until he died in a car accident. She then started dating this creepy old man, Justin Fine. Soon after, she has another baby, Tessly, that could belong to Justin Baker or Justin Fine.
I think I got that all right. Someone correct me if I left anything out.

LMAO..... I'VE been calling him Robert.

He's ROBBIES twin.....

Robbie as in leahs ex.

I'm well aware of his name.

Just when i thought it couldn't get any worse than Robbie her comes ROBERT...

AKA Blake Thomas.

Just a play on words.

Not really a play on words. What you're doing is nicknaming him due to his resemblance to Robbie. Maybe name him the Robbie doppelganger, Robbie 2.0 or something similar because calling him Robert was confusing! But maybe that was just me and my pain addled brain. Also, was your "here's what I've been thinking" story supposed to be a jokily dramatic take on their relationship farce?

The boy who died was called JORDAN and they had never met in person. She wasn't talking to him at the time of his death, but was very sad about it.

Sorry, thanks!

No worries, I think everyone has got their wires crossed a bit haha!

It makes me sick to think she had sex with someone less than 2 weeks after she lost her partner. It's disgusting, she must have really loved him and been heartbroken by his death - note the sarcasm - I know everyone deals with grief differently but it's sick in my mind.

How are people thinking this? Where's this came from? She wasn't with Jordan when he died, they hadn't been speaking, and they had never actually met

The way she acted about his death on social media she made it seem like they were still together. She even got a really badly done tattoo on her ribs in memory, including his initials I think.
Idk, she does a lot of whining on Twitter and then bitches that people are invading her privacy by asking about it.

Yeah that's why I thought that! She was like blah blah he was the best person I ever knew and taught me so much so I just COMPLETELY assumed they had at least MET and were together! My bad....

Are any of you commenters from the NYC area? I would love to do brunch and talk smalk about the teen moms.......

That would be so fun!! I hope you find a teen mom junky close to you!!! I know at least a couple of yall are from my area...(someone asked me about gypsies in white hall and someone else gave me some advice about where to shop for under armor in little rock). We should get together too and maybe have a little viewing party when the new season starts!!!

I'm from CT, let's make a date of this ;)

just warning you, I'm 34 (a young! 34) and i'm nothing like these Teen Mom girls- i just find their drama and nonsense so addictive and amusing. I wish I could talk to each of them one on one and shake the stupid out of them!

LOL no worries! I'm 23 so sometimes I can see where the girls are coming from with their actions, just because I'm the same age, but I don't have children and went through the end of my engagement without putting any of it on facebook, and I don't even have a twitter, so it that regards I'm a little different.

What I love about this show is they're such trainwrecks, I can do completely average things like not going apeshit on an ex, and I get bragging rights for it ;)

TMJ meet ups?! Yes please! Sadly I'm on the opposite coast :-(

Oh so he abandons his daughter and girlfriend for a job on a shrimp boat, comes back, gets another girl pregnant, then asks his ex and first child to live with him when she is married to someone else and had a baby to that husband? Tinleigh is what 2/3 with 2 half siblings already? Wow, also if her husband is so abusive why hasn't he phoned the police? Social services? Tried to get custody ... yeah because he is probably lying. I do agree about the social media thing but it's calling the kettle black because he has done it too and retaliated to it.

I don't think Sarah's married to this guy Justin FINE. I think he's just her second baby daddy - they were engaged for a little while, I think, but then they broke up, and I don't think they're together anymore. But that could change any minute now, WHO KNOWS!

Sn't she the girl that got married to an older guy? Theres so many of these girls now it is so hard to keep up!

Oh god, puke in my mouth, I'm reading through these comments getting more gossip and ewww, they're all so trashy :(
I feel for the dead Justins family, it must be so hard for them knowing she might be their granddaughter, she better find out the truth and if she is his she had better give them contact.. I couldn't imagine losing your child :'(

Omg, what's this about Kailyn saying she felt annoyed that Jo gave Isaac a hair cut that looked like a little white boys haircut? I couldn't view it from my country :(
Seeing as I'm suppose to be doing my essay right now I feel I should right "discuss" at the end ... I'm such a procrastinator. (maybe MAci could give me tips)

I think Kail said that the haircut Jo gave him was "ghetto," and that Isaac is a little white boy. I think her complaint was that his hair cut wasn't "white enough," for lack of a better term. And unless I'm missing something, it was an ordinary buzz cut. So basically just another day of Kail being culturally diverse only when it suits her.

"So basically just another day of Kail being culturally diverse only when it suits her" 100% correct!

This annoys the poop outta me!

It is so annoying. Someone on here said before, Kail loves herself some Latinos, but she still wants her kids to be white like her. Yeah, they're half white but they're also half Puerto Rican/Guatemalan. They're biracial every day, not just on the days where Kailyn feels like watching Dora.

Latinos are not white?

I'm sorry, I should have said Caucasian. But I'm also applying Kailyn-logic to this whole situation, so you know it's going to be skewed to whatever point she's trying to make. :) What I was trying to say was that Kailyn has two children of equal parts Latin descent as well as Caucasian descent. But she only embraces the heritage that she wants them to have when it's convenient for her. She said that Isaac shouldn't have his hair cut a certain way, because as she put it, "he's a little white boy." It was my impression that she was implying that Jo isn't white.

His race would be white but the ethnicity would Hispanic or Latino.

Race is divided into African/Black, White, Asian, Hawaiian/Pacific Island, and American Indian/Alaska Native.

Ethnicity is Hispanic/Latino and None Hispanic/Latino.

At least, when it comes to the US census and medical forms.

No worries, i understand what you said, im just confuse about the latinos/white/caucasian thing, but doesnt matter.

About Kail, yes, is a BIG hypocrite.

Anyone else see this?

Blind Items Revealed
March 16, 2014

This still young pregnant reality star from a very popular cable reality show was doing shots yesterday. The person who saw that also saw a bong out but didn't see the reality star actually using it but others were making heavy use of it while the reality star was at the same table.

Jenelle Evans

Well, Jenelle....

Nah. I see Jenelle knocking back some cones on her bong before some shots.

Catelynn however......

The name tessly reminds me of testicles....

Love your name!! hhaahaha!

Hahahah thanks! I laughed SO hard after that part!

Did y'all see April's wedding pics? I'm happy she found someone after butch, but it seems like they've been engaged less than a week. (she just posted pics of the ring and saying she said yes a week ago). She hasn't even been divorced for a whole year and here she goes traipsing down the aisle-wearing a white backless dress. Keeping it classy

Why do people rush into marriage?! If she was younger people would go ape saying "oh they have been together less than a year" .. me and my fiance have been together almost 6 years and are engaged but not actively planning the wedding until next year but people still said "isn't it a bit soon" (his family said that) even though his sister ( she is 35) had been with her now husband 6 months, got engaged, married within a year and pregnant 2 months later... not one said it was too soon :/ Ageism -sigh-

My husband and I were engaged after 5 months of dating. I was 22. We actually started dating a few days before his divorce was finalized. We waited a year before we got married (23) and almost another year to have a kid (24). We will be married 5 years on Halloween.

My mom was the biggest opposition for me getting married. My dad, well, I don't think he was happy but he didn't voice it. Most of my friends had married young at 18. So, even though they were all divorced, 23 wasn't so young. TMI, but, heck, I didn't lose my virginity until 22!

I grew up in a super trashy part of Texas. A good friend's little brother got married the weekend before I did. They knew each other about a year. The hubs and I will be celebrating our first anniversary this weekend and they've been separated since around Halloween of last year. And he's had two other fiancees since then.

Isn't it sad that April got married before Catelynn and Tyler? That means they're no longer step brother and sister, since she is clearly divorced from Butch.

I just realized that. Yeah, it's sad when you claim to be so stable and so in love yet your man doesn't want to marry you and even asked for your engagement ring back on camera. And that your druggy mother has already been beaten you to the punch a couple times. I wonder how Catelynn feels that April has gotten married before she did. She's probably internally screaming.

She probably has a case of legses open syndrome like Leah. Can't go too long without a man.

Grosssss. But so accurate. Also, how is it that it took me until now to see that Dr. Finkelstein has #marroquinlips? Yet another thing ruined by Teen Mom.

He he he...throw some black hair on him and we have Lidia.

I really liked this girl on 16 & Pregnant. I was SOOO mad she wasn't on Teen Mom 3. IMO, she would've been a lot more entertaining than Briana or Katie. Yeah, Sarah's voice was kind of annoying and her mom treated her like a baby, but I liked her. And from the little information we get about her, she seems like a really great mom. I hope the rumors about her new guy being abusive aren't true.

Blake was a loser, and I'll bet he's still a loser. I wouldn't trust anything that comes from his mouth. Any guy that doesn't want to help raise and support his own child is worthless (even if he does take care of his other kid.)

Upon zooming in to fully appreciate the loveliness in that picture, I noticed that the creepy old man is wearing aeropostale. Keeping up with those youngsters....

May-Decmeber romances don't really bother me as long as both partners are of the legal age to consent and whatnot. But something about this creeps me out to no end. I think it's the fact that he looks like he could be her father--and that he was married when they got together and supposedly conceived the second baby with the poorly thought out name. Also, how old was she when they first got together? Like eighteen or nineteen? And she already had a baby? I mean, I know I said I don't care as long as both parties can consent, but it's too creepy when one partner is barely out of his/her teens. Legal doesn't necessarily mean you have to go and do it.

That's what I'm saying. He's a complete creep and she's also an idiot

Oh my. Tragedy has hit my little town in Arkansas. Damn fucking suddenlink took MTV off my damn channel lineup. I get a lot of new channels now. Hallmark, own, we, fx, but they took away mt MTV. No more teen mom for me... What am I gonna do? I'm gonna sit in my room and pout all night Wednesday and scream "leave me aloooooooone!". Fuck.

I'm in Arkansas, too! :)

Can I come watch at your house??? Lol

LOL What part of Arkansas do you live in?

I'm in crime bluff. Lol. (actually white hall)

Fuck that! I have DirecTV and remember when they acted like a bitch and took away MTV during a Teen Mom season. So I feel your pain. You can watch it online the next morning at least.

You guys, seriously, I can't stay awake late enough to watch it on MTV when it comes on!! So, after my hubby and son leave in the morning, I wait until the new one is put up on and watch it there and have my coffee.

Supposedly, it's all viacoms fault. But I'm disgusted. They took away my kids nickelodeon too. I'm just gonna hide my damn iPad tonight so I won't read yalls comments. I'm gonna be late to the damn party. This sucks.

Looks like Adumb might be a daddy again soon.....

Megan, any validity to this report? Have you heard anything about it?

Is it wrong of me to hope this is true? We know the producers would love for it to be the case!

LOL YES it is wrong! Only because this poor innocent kid is going to have such shitty parents plus a zillion half siblings. But for our entertainment it is totally right. This is like the sims on crack I love it.

I will say this: She's a smart gal, because after Adumb's history, even if she's not really pregnant or pregnant by someone else, folks will believe her! Adumb has magic sperm!

Megan, please please please write about this Adam mess, including Jessica Nicole and her weird instagram bs. I just read the Starcasm article, and now I'm seeing stuff on Radar about Corey and the custody fight. I'm even going to use the "it's my birthday" card, because it actually is.

Happy birthday :)

I thought you were going to pull a Nathan and ask why we didn't order you a cake :)
Happy birthday!


Season 6 is a go! (If this is true)

SHIT! It wouldn't surprise me one bit if it's true, but it's sad. He should be forced to be fixed. If you're going to be in and out of jail forever, why should you be allowed to keep making babies that you wont be around for?

Someone please create the usernames "aubrees half siblings" "chelseas sister wives" "adams super tadpoles"

Jenelle is using recycled pictures of kaiser to trick people into thinking she had him again, she posted a pic of him from "this morning" at like 6.30 ish but someone said sunrise in her area wasnt until at least 7.10 ... instead of acting like a good mom just be one... seriously

I saw that this morning!! I was seriously thinking the same thing. It is not that bright at 5-6 in the morning. I wonder why she goes through all that trouble to post stuff like that.

Wait, Kaiser or Jace? Also, I saw a rumor that Kaiser is living mostly with Nathan's mom now. But Jenelle refutes that claim. We shall see...the truth will come out!

I watched a preview on wet paint earlier with Jenelle asking Babs about custody (that she was clearly forced to do by either nathan or her producer) and the first thing Babs asked was "Where's Kaiser?" No one ever asked where my baby was, cause she was always with me until a few months old. Cause that's where newborns are supposed to be... Not really surprised Barbara asked Jenelle though. She's not mother material and will probably be something like my daughter's dad, looking for any excuse to drop baby off with a babysitter!!

Good point regarding asking where the baby is. That's a no-brainer for most moms! For Jenelle, not so much! Also, I read an interview about her not breastfeeding anymore. Folks on here were right - it was JUST TOO DIFFICULT, so she gave it up. Here's the quote from the interview:

“I tried breast-feeding for a month, but it was so exhausting. It was like taking a sleeping pill! The first two weeks, my hormones were going crazy. One time I just started crying and I was like, ‘I’m overwhelmed.’ Nathan was there all the time to comfort me, tell me it would be OK and that we’d get through it.”

Wouldn't surprise me. They weren't ready for this- there were pictures of then out partying and at the beach without Kaiser like, a week or less after he was born. This is Jace and Emery part 2, they're just being quieter about it.

Not surprised either. I had a feeling she wasn't because when I saw her at Ask the Moms, we had to take a break for Kail to breastfeed(filming almost took 5 hours). This wasn't the case for Jenelle.

For a second, I thought "had him again" meant "gave birth to him right now". And I was thinking, "God, she delivered him on camera! She has to be insane to try and trick people into thinking he was just born!".

Anyway, yeah, I've heard that Nathan's mom is mostly raising Kai right now. I wonder if Barb refused to take in another grandchild? Or maybe Nathan stuck Kaiser with his mother so he'll still be able to have some type of control over the situation. What a freak.

I haven't seen these rumors, but I certainly agree that Nathan wants control over the situation, and would put Kai in his mom's care before he'd go anywhere near Babs. And that kid is adorable! Too bad he'll grow up to look like Nathan.

Ha I totally thought that too! I was all like ...hmmmm why would she want to fake giving birth to a baby that she's already given birth to...?

Oh i don't proof read so a lot of my posts come out sounding like a child wrote them!

here guys, kinda random but i was scrolling through buzzfeed and i came across a video of the most followed person on twitter in each state. guess who has the most followers on twitter in the state of South Dakota?
you guessed it

Chelsea Houska

I'm a bit confused by that. If he indeed missed his weekend and they hadn't agreed otherwise on a different schedule, I don't think he can use their custody agreement against her. If, say, there court orders say he gets him every other week and he missed his weekend for whatever reason, it technically is Kail's weekend. Unless they decided otherwise, he would be going against the papers and messing up the schedule. I don't know though.

The only place it says he missed his weekend was from kailyn. Going by the text, it seemed to me like kailyn wasn't giving Jo Isaac on Jo's time. All she is doing is trying to take the heat off of the comments she made on tonight's episode. Her way of doing that is by being a spiteful bitter bitch. Has Kail grown up? Hell no. Sure she saves all her crazy for twitter instead of the show, but she is still acting like a teenager

I see right through her lol

I seriously laughed my ass off at "you can suck a dick, beat your husband, eat another cheeseburger or whatever else you like to do on a Wednesday evening"....oh my goodness..I cant

Regardless, if he missed his visitation last weekend, that does not automatically make this weekend his.

The beat your husband part was pure awesomeness lol!!
I agree if he missed his weekend, then yah that's his problem. He said she said. He likes to get her going, she's a liar. Who knows who is telling the truth haha

Exactly. If the reason why Isaac missed a weekend with Jo because of Kail, I can guarantee we would have heard about it. Or he would have mentioned something in his text. Or would have called the cops last weekend if she was preventing it. So, in that case, I do believe he missed his weekend on his own accord.

My husband's ex called the cops on us once. My husband worked on Father's Day so they were to go back with their mom. Well, he decided he wanted to spend the time with them and called off. She got pissed and called the cops on us. However, in their parenting plan, it stated that he had them for Father's Day. So, there was nothing the cops could do according to the documents. Same in this case. If it states it's Kail's weekend, it's Kail's weekend.

OMFG LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that text shows his immaturity if nothing else. Yes the beating your husband - fairplay she deserved that dig but commenting on eating a cheeseburger and sucking dick? Is that necessary, I interpret that as him calling her fat and a slut. It is no one but his fault that he missed his weekend, they can't change there whole plans to the alternative weekend just because he changed one. Say they booked a weekend away, a play date, had a friends birthdya party at his pre-k etc, they can't cchange their plans for their weekends just because he missed his one of his own accord, if it wasn't his decision to not have him that weekend it was obviously his own decision or her would have point scored with that. Threatening the police because he didn't get his own way, the ammount of time my nephews dad cancels his whole 2 fucking hours a month with him and then decides yeah ill have him the following weekend when we have a weekend camping planned and booked ... it is the same thing... I would like to know how it would have been vie versa, if kailyn gave isaac to jo on her weekend would she accept that jo gets 2 weekends in a rown or would she throw a tantrum too? God i worry about these "co-parents" and how it will impact those kids, Aubree seeing adam and chelsea bitch about the other, isaac hearing from his mom gthat she doesnt want him going to hid dads (granted they dont argue or bitch in front of him), jace wont even know his dad and the twins have to see their parents bitch, threaten and argue over custody while mommy gets high and neglects them... Keep it classy teen mom.

I'm confused by the people saying Kail could use that text against him in court. He didn't threaten her. I mean, he wasn't nice, but he didn't wish her harm or threaten her. It's pretty common for someone to tell the person that they're arguing with that they can "suck a dick", I have no idea why but that's the truth. And Kail is married so he's not really implying that she's a ho. Everything else he said was insulting, yeah, but not really court worthy in my opinion. What can Kail say? "Jo hurt my feelings when he told me to eat a cheeseburger. Doesn't he know that I can only eat cheeseburgers with Isaac and they aren't like the lame cheeseburgers Jo would give him?!"

It was just immature lmfao they can't use that in court. If they could then he could use her racist psychotic tweet. I mean really immature parents aren't a new thing in the court system how stupid. I thought Jo was fucking hilarious, he's probably just so god damn fed up with her. It's too bad the co-parenting has gone to shit like Leah and Corey :/

Co-parenting gone to Shit could be a good username. But is there a rule against using curse words in usernames? Co-parenting gone to poop works too.

I agree with you, that text was hilarious. It was obviously mean spirited and did nothing to help him get his son (whether he got him or not, I don't know). I have no idea who was right here, so I can't take sides. All I know is that Jo called her out on her abusing Javi and her fondness for cheeseburgers (and dicks) and it was effing funny. If only he had brought up the mermaid thing somehow, my life would be complete. The best was how he said "whatever the hell else you like to do on a Wednesday evening," as if sucking dicks, eating cheeseburgers and beating Javi are all part of her normal hump-day itinerary.

What she said wwasn't really racist though, it wasn't nice and she shouldn't have used the words white but because she is white she can't really be called racist. That would be like every black person to say nigga is a racist :/ I didn't sya she could use it in court i just said it shows he is immature, but i guess the people syaing that actually mean that if he called the police after she has told him she is right look at our contract he could get in trouble for wasting police time and she could claim emotional distress? I aint no lawyer but from what i see on law and order .... oh god i'm an idiot.

Oh sorry, I should have been more specific! I wasn't referring to anyone on this site, I read a couple of the comments back on twitter and they were along the lines of "Jo's so stupid, doesn't he know she could use that against him in court!!!!!"

jo's comment is hilarious. no the most mature or appropriate thing to say, sure, but still funny. i don't believe a word either one of them says about anything and i'm sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

another case of baby daddy drama that should stay off social media.

I have no problem believing Jo because Kaylin tries time and time again to take as much time away from him as she can with Isaac. I can't wait 'til it blows up in her face and Isaac realizes what she's done, if they haven't brainwashed him into turning against his father:/

Season finale tonight, y'all! I won't be watching but I can't wait to here what happens. I am more interested in Jenelle did get custody (anyone notice her having Jace more?) and the outcome of court for Leah (I'm guessing she "wins").