What You Need To Know About Ryan Rice

16 and Pregnant


Although you might not initially recognize the name "Ryan Rice" he's going to quickly be one of the newest baby daddies in the 16 & Pregnant franchise.

Although he will likely never be featured on an episode for MTV, the guy will undoubtedly be making waves when it comes to publicity and controversy with one of the former 16 & Pregnant stars.

Ryan Rice is the ex-boyfriend and baby daddy of season 2's Nikkole Paulun, and although social media was portraying the relationship in a positive light, it seems like things aren't all that they may seem.

We spoke exclusively to Nikkole about her relationship and got some juicy information on this guy and the reality of their relationship.

Nikkole has claimed that the relationship is abusive on several occasions via her Ask account, but she's never truly revealed details until now.

It seems like things are much worse than we had initially thought, and after getting a run-down of her relationship and other life events, we're hoping that this girl runs for the hills.

Nikkole met Ryan in November of 2013, and although she had been skeptical of dating anyone at that time due to former relationships falling apart, she was eventually talked into dating him.

She didn't want to bring Ryan around her son, Lyle, who was 3 at the time, but ended up giving in after Ryan pressured the relationship.

Nikkole says that things were initially nice and that she was comforted by having someone that seemed to truly care about both her and Lyle.

Several months later, on New Year's Eve in 2013, Ryan first physically abused Nikkole. She claims that he was confronted about trust issues, and that Ryan began yelling at a friend. Eventually he found Nikkole, who was hiding in a bathroom at the time, and drug her into the living room by her hair and demanded that she would drive him home. She said she agreed, but when he left the house, she locked the door and told him to walk home by himself.

Ryan was obviously upset, so he kicked the door to Nikkole's mother's home in, and drug her by her hair again through the snow and threw her phone into the yard so she couldn't get to it. Nikkole drove him home amid apologies from Ryan, but was skeptical about the intent behind them.

She planned on cutting all ties until she got home and realized how badly her mom's house was damaged.

Nikkole was afraid to get in trouble, so she called Ryan to try and get him to help her clean up, and they ended up staying at his house that night in order to avoid being home when Nikkole's mother showed up and saw that damage.

Sadly, the abuse continued, and it moved from being incidents that happened in private, to things that happened around friends and family. Nikkole said that the abuse got so bad that she eventually called the police, but ended up dropping charges and simply cutting ties with Ryan instead. She ignored him for a couple of months, but the cycle of abuse continued when the two began hanging out again as friends this time.

Nikkole said that things were pretty good at first, but that fairly soon afterwards Ryan began being careless with sex.

Nikkole would ask Ryan to be more careful, and instead of following her requests, he would simply make excuses about how he wasn't able to have children, and that he didn't even think that he could get someone pregnant or else he would have had several kids by now.

Nikkole said they had sex like this for almost a year, and that since nothing ever happened, she didn't think it was a possibility.

Nikkole said that the last straw this time around was an argument that ended up with her being thrown to the ground and blacking out. She cut all ties with Ryan, but found out that she was expecting his child less than a week later. She told Ryan about the pregnancy, and after her first ultrasound he decided that he wanted another chance with Nikkole. He said he was sorry and that he loved her and Nikkole said that if he could turn his life around, stop partying, and be supportive, that they could give things another try. Once again, this didn't last, and the reckless behavior on Ryan's part kept taking place.

Ryan was allegedly driving drunk one night on the way to Taco Bell with his pregnant girlfriend in the car. Nikkole decided to formally end the relationship about a week and a half ago, and has told him that she doesn't want him at appointments for their daughter any more.

She has said that if he's cleaned up his act by the time their daughter is born, that he can be a part of her life, but that it all depends on his actions between now and then.

He's reportedly trying pretty hard to get her back, and is sending her explicit pictures and messages about how he's changed.

He refuses to talk about the abuse, and has not sought counseling for any of it, so for now, Nikkole is not allowing him in her life.

nikkole1 nikkole2

Nikkole also revealed several other facts about Ryan that seemed a bit shocking. She says that Ryan is currently talking to a 35 year old married woman named Jen. He has convinced her to leave her husband, and when Ryan was confronted about it, he simply said that he was using her for her money. Ryan has also been on probation since the summer of 2013 for physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

While Nikkole knew about this incident, she didn't find it alarming until it happened to her. Nikkole also reported that several girls have come to her claiming that Ryan has hooked up with them or attempted to hook up with them during times that they were dating.

One girl even claimed that Ryan gave her chlamydia. In this picture you can see a conversation between Ryan's ex and his mother dealing with the incident that landed Ryan on probation.

nikkole3 - edit

One thing's for sure - the things that we really need to worry about are the kids. Both Lyle and Nikkole's unborn daughter have fathers that have not made the best choices in the past.

I also hope that Nikkole can put this relationship behind her and learn to move past the cycle for abuse so that her daughter will grow up knowing about healthy relationships and not those that can be abusive and damaging to the rest of her life.

Lyle is also at a very impressionable age and needs to learn that male role models should not be putting their hands on women.

Although Ryan has not abused Nikkole in front of her son, and Lyle seems to adore Ryan, that doesn't mean that things couldn't take a turn for the worst and end up with Lyle in a situation that would cause him a lot of emotional distress.

Nikkole is currently 19 weeks pregnant and is due with her daughter on July 12th.


I trust absolutely nothing that comes out of this girls mouth. She's someone who constantly plays the victim, and she makes me sick to my stomach. Domestic abuse is no joke, and if she is suffering from it, I hope for her daughter's sake she gets away from him.

Sidenote: anyone remember that part in stepbrothers, when the one guy tells Will Farell's character that he has a face he just wants to punch? That's how I feel about Nikkole for her stillbirth charade.

I have a hard time believing a word that comes out of this girls mouth. She blatantly lied about being pregnant and even had her innocent son involved. I hate her. I lost my son and for her to play around like that makes me want to wring her neck. If she really was abused that really sucks but I don't have much sympathy for her. Except she needs some damn counseling. I trust you Megan that better things are to come from this. But I still hate her.


I am so sorry for your loss, I couldn't even imagine going through something like that and have to see this sociopath try to turn herself into the victim yet again. I wish she could see the impact she has had on not only her family, but the countless people she's insulted all over the world.

Thank you, I just want to see her pay for her insulting every single angel mom or woman who can't be blessed with a child. She's garbage and I honestly don't pity her. No one deserves to be abused of course but I still don't sympathize. I guess I'm indifferent?

I am fully with you Drunk Chelsea. I lost my daughter so I can imagine how you feel.

No woman deserves to be abused, but goddamn Nikkole comes pretty close to one who I wouldnt mind being pushed around.
The things she has done, unforgiveable in my opinion.

Thank you Glitter Pants.

I feel as though there's more to it than what she's leading. I just can't in all good consciousness believe her after that stunt she pulled. And it's obvious it was a lie, she's treating this pregnancy way different than her "stillbirth" and there's too much photographic evidence.

I lost a baby as well. Her fake still birth was enough to make me see red. Unfortunately, I was in an incredibly abusive relationship when I was a teen that almost ended my life. As someone that has actually been abused I feel horrible accusing anyone of lying about domestic violence. So, I will say this, Nikkole has a very, very loose relationship with the truth. If her allegations are true, I hope like hell she wakes up and realizes that supervision and therapy are the way this man needs to be a part of her life.

Question. How sure are we that this pregnancy is legit?

She has posted actual video of ultrasounds and such, so people are pretty sure that this pregnancy is (sadly) legit.

Sorry, but this is the girl who faked a stillbirth. Altough it's reasonable to think that no respectable guy would date her, I still have a really hard time believing her tales.

Someone needs to explain to this girl that an "exclusive" interrview is not a piece of fiction you dreamt up for attention & sympathy lol

The fact that she's already decided that she'll let someone who she claims is unbelievably abusive to her and random property be around her and her BABY DAUGHTER "if" he gets his shit together tells me that she's already fine with him being around and she'll throw that baby to the wolves just to have a dick in her life. It's pathetic.

If this exclusive discussion was communicated to Megan, I'm sorry you had to converse with this slag.

I know we should give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but...this is Nikkole. The girl who not only lied about having a stillborn baby, but even told her very young son that his little brother died and said little brother's ashes were in his teddy bear. I honestly can't believe anything that comes out of her mouth at this point.

Nikkole said it, so it MUST be true! Eyeroll...

I think any kind of abuse is awful, I really do. However I wouldn't believe a word that that cumbucket says.

FUCK Nikkole. I was abused, I've shared that. What I didn't share is that I lost my baby BECAUSE of that abuse. My due date was July 30 so close to Nikkole.

Nikkole is a dirty liar. I don't believe a word she says. She doesn't understand abuse as a victim. So it's clear she really isn't one. They have a relationship that is toxic both ways; I truly believe she seeks out those relationships. If she was really ending it and he was abusive she would be handling it so differently.

But just because... Nikkole, if he is abusive, think of your child. PLEASE. If not, get it together or give your baby to a loving family. I'd give ANYTHING to have mine back. I didn't have a choice and will live with it forever. YOU DO.

That is horrible, really. My mouth fell open. I am so sorry you had to go trough that, nobody should.
Wish you the best.

Fake victims are always so hurtfull to the real victims. I'm all for punishing the fakers when proven guilty.

Thank you. That means a lot to me. I barely make it through most days. Coping but it's hard. We didnt live together and I didn't call the police right away so the bastard only gets an assault charge not DV. He wanted the baby so badly which is the sickest part of all.

Fake victims do make it so much worse. I know I will be painted as a vindictive girlfriend by the defense because of the women and men who make false accusations have opened the door for that argument. Obviously they also impact the falsely accused's life terribly. I get that the courts are set up to help and benefit the victim and not to doubt them, so false accusers rarely get their comeuppance... but I strongly believe they should be punished harshly for it.

Sorry for the rants. She struck a major cord. I can only imagine the anger of the readers who have gone through worse (a stillbirth) and watch her get away with it.

Megan, I am glad you published this article. I hope it leads to her exposure. If she was abused, I hope it pushes her to see that she should get away from him and protect her baby.

What the fuck? This is 100% the most disappointing thing that has ever been posted to this website. You are WAY better than Nikkole "exclusives" Megan. Even if she isn't lying here, and nobody would put that past her, nobody gives a fuck. Lyle is already in a situation that causes him a lot of emotional distress- that fucking dumpster fire is his mom.

I was thrown pretty off guard by this article also, but if Megan says there's a method to her madness...then I'll reluctantly go with it, I suppose...for now.

While I do understand your disappointment about this article, I think that if you understood my logic/thought process behind creating and publishing this post, you would understand more of why I did it. Feel free to tweet @TeenMomJunkies or send our Facebook page a message for more information. Thank you.

I trust you Megan! I know that you know how we feel about Nikkunt around here. You won't let us down :) x

I am holding out hope that this article exists to create some sort of narrative about the total inappropriateness and sheer dangerousness of the parents of this poor baby girl, so that she can be taken by Child Protective Services the minute she enters the world. Or something like that. In some way, by telling stories about others, Nikkole reveals a lot about herself (not scared of beatings, is scared of her mom getting her in "trouble"), which also builds a case against her. Her mind, quite literally, does not work right.

I'll trust you. But only for you, Megan. I'm thinking this article wasn't written for everyone to feel sorry for Nikkhole.

I agree. I trust Megan. We all know what an unkempt cunt Nikkole really is and Megan has her reasons for writing this article. Thank you to everyone for the gossip and laughs. I am going through a very painful time in my life. My grandmother (who raised me) just died on the 9th. My only enjoyable escape right now is logging onto TMJ and reading the great articles and hilarious comments. You all are so awesome!

I am so sorry for your loss!

I'm sorry for your loss. My grandparents are my absolute world. I'd be beside myself if I lost one of them. If you need to talk, let me know and I'll give you my e-mail address.

My grandparents didn't raise me but my grandfather died this summer a week after my birthday. Due to divorces, I'm lucky enough to have 6 grandparents. My grandmother died about 9 years previously but we saw it coming as she had cancer and I was in high school in another state. That was hard but my Papaw's death this summer was awful. I moved to his city after my grandmother died, even lived with him for awhile and we were really close. It was absolutely awful and the worse death/funeral I've ever gone through. I had a panic attack and couldn't even go into the room where they had his casket until my sister came and talked me down for about 45 minutes. I'm so so sorry you lost your grandmother. I felt like I should have handled my Papaw's loss better than I did because overall, it's expected that our grandparents will pass long before we do but it's still really, really hard to accept. And your grandmother was a mother to you. You're not alone in your grief. I still have little breakdowns from time to time. On Thanksgiving, I was in a grocery store buying gatorade and the theme from Hawaii 50 randomly came on the radio. My grandparents had the player roll for on their old player piano for that song. (It's like a rolled up scroll with little chunks cut out of it where air from some bellows blows out of the opening to depress different keys on the piano while you pump the bellows.) My sister and I would play that song non-stop when we visited and I hadn't heard it in years. I had to take a moment to try and find a quiet place in the freaking grocery store and just sob a little. Death is fucking awful and I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you so much everyone for the condolences and sharing personal stories about loss. It makes me feel good to know people care. You are all amazing and I really do care about all of you on here. I apologize for going off topic.

Kayekaye, Thank you! It means the world to me that you took the time to address me and post condolences.

Red, I know you are going through your own struggles right now and that you are telling me I can email you if I need to talk is so kind of you.

Rae, I'm so sorry for your loss. It is hell on earth isn't it? I already lost my grandpa when in 2000 and I'm still not over that. I think we will always feel pain but hopefully one day it will lessen a little bit. I'm trying to focus on the happy times.

No problem. Just let me know. I don't mind setting up a textfree or kik account to chat with you. I had someone on here get in touch with me when I was really needing some comfort on what I'm going through, and it helped me greatly. I don't mind doing the same for somebody else.

In fact, maybe a few of us should make KIK accounts. Or if there is another similar service. We could snark 24/7!!

Wait... you spoke exclusively to Nikkole?!



And you believed what she said enough to write an article? Shocking....

Please give me like 1% of your faith on this one - greater things are yet to come. I can promise you that.

My intention is not to disrespect you, Megan :) It just seemed like we might have stepped into The Twilight Zone for a second when I read that sentence.

greater things are yet to come :)

Yeah I'm so confused. You state you don't like her in every post about her. She must know this too. Not to mention she's a pathological liar. I mean I have been in an abusive relationship before and I never accuse people of lying about being in one. All I know for 100% fact is that she's just a shitty person.

Only for you, Megan. I'll give you that. You haven't let us down yet.

Hmmm interested to see what is to come. Maybe more dirt on her to expose who she really is finally. Fingers crossed. To me that's worth it then.

Off topic but does anyone know what Corey Tyler does for a living? I realized I don't even know.

OH GOD that reminded me of when Corey was allegedly dating or talking with nikkole! Yikes.

Just because Megan reported what Nikkole said doesn't mean she believes her or expects any of us to believe her. Obviously we all know the track record there. All Megan is doing is reporting Nikkole's side of the "story."

@ Trap Baby & Eyebrows; I'm guessing its a combination of the two.

I'll wait And see what Megan has up her sleeve. Other thab that I try not to give Nikkole the attention that she desperately wants.

TTB last I heard he worked for tbe water company in his town. But Jeff uploaded a photo and it said Liuna on Corey shirt. I googled that and it stands for Laborers' International Union of North America.

Thanks Deer. *swoon* my prince is so hardworking and sexual.

Hey Megan, how about that number girl. I like crazy abused chicks that don't use protection.

Go back to bed Sir Nibs, you're still drunk!! Don't you know to never stick your dick in crazy??

You could be talking about solo many people in this franchise lol.

Lol a couple years ago I went to Florida, and one night I was bored so I was looking at her twitter and she posted her number, and people were saying they were talking to her. I saved it in my old phone, no idea if she still has the same number from then and now.

Don't do it! You will definitely get sexually transmitted crazy mouth from her.

Nothing good ever happens in Florida, Publicity.

Right?? Florida is nuts. I hate where I'm living but at least I don't have to worry about somebody eating my face off.

Megan...I'm getting the feeling that you're a wonderfully sneaky bitch on this topic and I for one cannot WAIT to see what's to come. I trust you and I will personally figure out a way to send you all sorts of your favorite keurig cups if you're plotting this whore's downfall. Anyone else, and I'd question their motives but you've been really good to us here and very straightforward.

Also I'm really sorry you had to communicate with her. Erg.

My guess is she posted the article to let us poke our own holes into Nikkole's story. People on here have been very good detectives.

Am I a bitch for not believing her? She's like Jenelle. Every relationshit involves abuse. And you can't blame him for getting you pregnant, bitch! You let him stick it in!!

That's what I was thinking. If a guy told me he only shoots blanks id be like that's great wrap it up buddy. And then call me crazy but if a dude dragged me by my hair out of my moms house I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have sex with him. I wouldn't even talk to him. But then I have to remind myself it's nikkole she's probably lying.

On her episode it seemed like she was just this quiet little waif of a girl who couldn't stand up to an abusive boyfriend.. But now I look at who she has revealed herself to be and I'm like I can't even believe its the same person. Like it definitely makes me feel like there is so much more to every story that involves her

I hate to blame the "victim" in situations like this but she's obviously fucking proud as hell that she's carrying this dude's baby and keeps letting him back in her life just to smack her around. I know there's the whole Stockholm syndrome shit and the cycle of abuse, but she's in the public eye to an extent and is too stupid to realize she's basically making a CPS case for her mother to serve her with if she ever pops out a real baby this spring.

There are abuse victims who stay with the abuser because they can't get out, and then there are abuse victims who hunt it down because they think that's love and also they love all the attention they get from just being a victim. I would normally NEVER EVER accuse someone who's being abused of that but Nikkole has never once shown good judgment or non-selfish motivations. Ever.

Not believing her doesn't make you a bitch. It makes you smart.

Oh jeez. As much as i don't really trust Nikkole, I am very sorry to hear about this. I hope she stays safe for the sake of their kid and Lyle. And that Ryan gets the help he obviously needs. What a sicko. :(

She's legit certifiable to say that she'd let such a violent person around her baby. (There are a lot of implied "if"s in my statement. IF she's actually pregnant. IF the dude is abusing her. IF she has an IQ higher than that of a goldfish subtracted by Forrest Gump.)

Why is this posted in the tense that you now support Nikkole? She has been lying about a stillborn, too stupid to get on birth control after "two" unplanned pregnancies, and has threatened every baby daddy with jail time. She IS Jenelle. Do you not see that? This only encourages her wicked behavior.

Hm Megan has never supported Nikkole I mean I never... for the same reasons as all of us. so I think there is going to be more to this. I have faith.

I agree with Trap Baby. I gave this a hearty leer when I started reading it but several things lead me to have faith that there is a method to this madness on Megan's part:

1) Megan has never been fake or lied to us before.
2) She's in the comments explaining herself rather than just letting all hell break loose and letting us jump to negative conclusions about her colluding with Nikkole. If she was being shady, she'd vanish from the comments.
3) Megan has an established dislike for Nikkole. She's just far more diplomatic about it than the rest of us because she's probably a better person, haha.

uhhh.... I must have missed the memo... Since when do we listen to Slikk Nikk?

exactly. he beat her up and drug her out by her hair so he could get a ride home, n she chose to stay at his house to avoid getting yelled at by her mom??? I'd rather get yelled at than beat up. n if he really caused all the damage while assaulting her, wouldn't her mom be upset with him, not her? Her lies hurt my head. I really hope this is all part of some super sly espionage plan, Megan. Don't drink the koolaid!!

Is the past tense of 'drag' really 'drug' in US English? In the UK we'd say dragged. But I really hope it is drug because it could not be more appropriate. She must be on some serious drugs if she expects anyone to believe any words she manages to garble in between cocks in her mouth.

Hahahaha I read "drug" and go wtf too. Hahahaha I'm thinking dragged.

It's dragged. The English major in me was cringing the entire time.

And he basically he trapped her. ANOTHER trap baby....greeeat

Trap Baby.... It's your time to shine.


C'mon I thought we were above criticizing the person writing the article? If you don't believe Nikkole why not either focus on that or just not comment on an article if you don't like it?

I was content just being a lurker, but I just can't with this girl and her always-a-victim attitude. It sucks that there are girls who have such crappy self-esteem/co-dependance issues that they feel the need to stay in relationships like this, but Nikkole YOU chose over and over again to stay with this guy.

1. "she was eventually talked into dating him" = she CHOSE to date him. If she didn't want to, just learn to say no.
2. she was "pressured" into introducing her son to this guy. Again, SHE made this choice, all she had to do was keep saying no/drop his ass.
3. She ended up dropping charges against him
4. She decided to start hanging out with him again
5. She decided to have sex with him without protection

No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship, but the relationship wouldn't have continued or even started if Nikkole hadn't decided over and over again to keep this guy in her life. You made your bed Nikkole, now fucking lie in it.

Your username gives me life.

I just don't see how she fully blames him so the unprotected sex. Like "he became careless". Sorry bitch it's your vagina so make him wrap it or you take birth control or something.

I.. ummm.. hrmm..... I really don't know what to say about this. I'll just say this then: Thank you Megan for a new article!

That's such a Danny Tanner-esque thing to say

Oh puhlease


Oh Mylanta!

So he's full of rage and kicks in her door, yet she's so frightened of her mothers reaction she sleeps over with the guy who dragged her by the hair twice in one night? She's a nutcase! Also trying to make it seem like her pregnancy was accidental. Did she forget what show she was on? She said oh he would have fathered a lot more kids and I told him to be more careful. So what it's all his fault? She was so dumb on her episode and looks like somethings never change. I really hope she aint lying for attention because no one deserves to be abused EVER!

Totally had
To check my calendar to make sure of wasn't april 1. Any lawyers on? Just wondered-is this slander?

It could be (in North Carolina at least). Defamation can be hard to prove against a person with notoriety or fame because of the First Amendment implications, but I would argue this guy isn't a public figure. In the event that he is not, this could 100% be slander (spoken defamation), provided it isn't true. He would have to prove a lot, including damages (depending on the state pecuniary or damages to his reputation), and that might be difficult if everyone already thinks this guy is a jerk. Also, truth is a defense in all defamation cases, so on the off chance Nikkole is telling the truth, she would be protected in that sense. So, in typical lawyer fashion, I'm going to answer: it depends.

There's way too much 'Nikkole says...' in this article for my tastes- seems like an awful lot of hearsay. Too much of Nikkole the Martyr too- oh the wounded Nikkole called off their relationship for the 12th time but was too much of a saint and continued to befriend and have sex eith him.... please.
And if a word of this is true then she's dumb for putting up with it and not using any protection

I believe it truly came from Nikkole. Whether or not it's actually true though is the issue.

The timing of it.. Like it says on new years eve in 2013 he was dragging her by her hair and then come Spring 2014 she is gushing about her relationship on social media and that she's engaged and getting married in October

Also, I did some snooping on her twitter (as you do) and only about eleven days ago she was going on about how Ryan's such a great guy, because he got her tacos. Presuming this is the same Ryan and disregarding the possibility that these were magical tacos that no pregnant woman could ever resist, it at least seems like Nikkole is waffling about staying away from him. Then, about five days ago, she did one of those "cryptic" tweets about how she didn't understand why he was trying to talk to her or have anything to do with her.

I'm pretty happy when my husband offers tacos. But then again, he's never raised a hand to me or screamed at me so maybe they're just happier tacos than Nikkole's. (Also, there's probably a lot of men handling Nikkole's taco lately if you catch my drift.)

This skankwad is as classy as a dumpster fire behind a Hooters and just as full of shit. I think she's completely incapable of telling the truth in any form. Good lord how I despise this trash bag. I'm wondering exactly what Megan has up her sleeve; she knows the overall opinion of this twatrocket, so there's got to be some good reason for doing an exclusive...

Fun fact: I guarantee this douche has some kind of crotch rot from banging Nasty Nikkunt.

I really don't think her texts indicate anything. In the first one he said he didn't want to be with her and told her to delete his dick pics. In the second one he says he's not "like that" and she details abuse, but he doesn't confirm it. We don't know what they were even talking about prior to her abuse claims in that text - it could have been about cheating, stealing, anything. I'm not going to call anyone out here but Nikkole. Maybe her proof should be a little better than what she gave us.

Also, Nikkole isn't above stealing pictures from the internet and claiming them as her own. That could be anyone's generic dickpick from reddit or google.

And how about dick pic #1? A big star over a really dark photo. That could be anyone!

I was reading through the article and waiting for the snark to begin. I was surprised to find that there was none. It read like "well this is what she is saying". So, I am kind of curious to see where this is going because throughout the article I was rolling my eyes and mentally saying "oh hi, Jenelle."

On another note. Abusive situations are hard to escape. 75% of women are more likely to be killed when they leave an abusive relationship. They are continuously threatened, stalked and tortured. So, I would want to hear WHY Nikkole chose to stay on the chance (however slight) this is true.

Lol I was waiting for snark too

Since Megan did get an exculsive interview with Nikkole, I can imagine there was a stipulation she would simply give Nikkole's side of the story without adding snark to the article. If she knew Megan was going to add her opinion on the situation, I highly doubt she would have spoke with her. Honestly, I wouldn't either.

On top of what everyone else has said, the timeline makes no sense... Nothing against your article, Megan, I'm guessing it's from Nikkole... But they met in November 2013 and SEVERAL months later on New Years Ever... That's barely two, tops, so that just seems weird... Then it says they broke up for a while and didn't speak and all that, but also says they were having unprotected sex for almost a year. That New years Eve was just over a year ago, so clearly she didn't break up with him for long. Just seems like girl can't keep her story straight already.
That being said, her dating an abusive asshole isn't exactly farfetched, she's a train wreck. It just looks like she's laying out the ground work for sympathy, or getting child support? Who knows...

We trust you, Megan!

(Raspberry sound).

I feel so bad for Nikkole's children. It's obvious that she has issues and they're the ones who are suffering because of it. I hope Nikkole gets the help she clearly needs and can be a decent mother. I also hope someone gets Lyle into therapy because the whole "stillbirth" fiasco probably did some damage to that poor little boy.

I'm titillated by what's to come next, Megan. It's been awhile since we've had some good drama (not bad "extravagant" drama :P).

What is this chode doing with the dicks pics? Hey baby here's a picture of my dick, let's give it another try. WTF.

Anyone else amused at how Nikkole totally confirmed herself as a serial liar? Because this side of her story is not even close to what she has been posted online all along. Also, if I found out I was pregnant a week after my bf knocked me out, I don't think the first thing I'd do would by announce it to the world. I may be wrong, but didn't she announce before the pee dried on the stick?

Yes she announced it when she was only like 5 weeks along, basically documenting EVERYTHING about her pregnancy since, every ultrasound, doctor appointment, every meal, every fart, every time she throws up etc etc.. Weird for someone who is in crappy terms with the father and just had a "stillbirth". My thought is that her reasoning for doing this is a) for attention and b) she hopes that by proving this pregnancy is real it will somehow convince people that the last one was real too, because she knows most people don't believe her about the last one

Plus, when she announced she was pregnant, she said she and her boyfriend told his whole family at his birthday dinner that same night. And yet her boyfriend claims he was at home with his actual girlfriend. NONE of this adds up, as per usual.

What I need to know about Ryan Rice is absolutely frickin NOTHING! Bore off Nikkole!

From Ryan's Facebook:

"Its so goofy how crazy ppl can be. Especially when ur having a baby with them and theyre completely confused or just about to much drama and munipulation. Its the most dramatic but also weirdert thing ive ever seen. I know ive done stupid shit. Ive been an ass hole and been so mean. Ive freakin scared and grabbed her by her hair. I know its freakin crazy as hell! Ive been a dick for sure. But i dont talk to her anymore at all because shes crazy and makes things seem completely different than they are. Gosh i dont even feel like making a post because the shit is the most annoying thing in my life. I do love that were having a child but she doesnt dowanything but try to make me seem like shit. I know this makes me sound bad but i never talk to her unless she has a doc apointment or sometimes when she tries to argue. Its hard to explain though its in a fucked up way.. She loves me no matter what when i talk to her or hang out at all. But for the last while (months before we found out about our baby) ive been honest. Ive told her i want her to be happy. I want her to do her thing and find what she wants. Ive broke up with her time and time again cuz i wasnt inlove. And ive always said that. I didnt wana hurt her any worse than i had. She has told me all kindS of crazy shit. How shes gna give the baby her last name. She makes shit up. She lies or blows it out of perportion. And threatens me with this stupid shit all the time.. I have to tell her to leave me alone every day. I know everyone believes her bull shit but i promise she uses this pregnancy to try to gain control. Gosh this shit is so hard to ewplain and its taking to long. I just want ppl to know i know things have happened but she is crazy in a very scary way. Gosh i hate posting any drama but i have to stand up for myself. I feel like im in a creepy movie. The shit she said about me being with someone else isnt true and ive never said anything she says i say. i dont talk to her and shes obsessed with trying to hurt me or manipulate shit. Its just crazy"


"The manipulation and crazy crap is just to much, i cant explain everything in a text like this.. I know i shouldnt talk crap. I hate it, its sooo annoying. I just want piece and her bs is so fake its seriously like a weird movie. And its like never weird if i talk with her and hang out as friends. I just had to stop because she takes it wrong euery time and i hate leading her on into this weird ass shit. Nikkole im tired of this. Plz just quit bein goofy.this is enough and we dnt need to be posting this stupid crap (our business) the shits ridiculous. If u wana argue we'll record it and post it so everyone can see and hear ur crap.. Im just sick of fakeness. And im so embaRressed of thiS whole thing. Wtf. Just leave me alone except for being a normal decent person and ill delete this drama. I know u dnt want ur business out. Its ten times worse than what usay about me. Im sorry to call shit out just stop and ill quit while u havd a chance. This is fucking insane"

Aaaaaand also:

Nikkole Paulun Lmao bye Ryan. you tell me to leave you alone every day? that's funny cause I don't even ever text you. have we fought? yeah because I get mad that you choose to party and be a fucking loser rather than get your life together. you can try to play this however you want. if I'm so "creepy" for telling everyone how abusive and psychotic you are then so be it. if I use the baby against you because I argue with you for missing things your promised to be at or the fact that you've done NOTHING to be ready for when she comes then so be it. I NEVER said I want to be with you besides right after I got pregnant. Ask jake or Navarre about the night you picked me up by my throat and jake tackled your bitch ass to the ground. Or jon or Jared or Brandon how you threw me around by my hair that one night at the apartment and took me into the bedroom and everyone kept coming in because they were scared you were going to do something else to me. Admit it, you're an abusive piece of shit. You damn sure try to talk to me still and if I have to post the texts to prove that you're lying then so be it. Nothing in that article is a lie and you know it. I never have talked about the bullshit you've done to me & I've always protected you because I thought it was the right thing to do. I lied to my own mom about you kicking in her front door and tried to blame it on my brother to PROTECT YOU. That shit makes me crazy but finally admitting what I've been through does not. So go on with your bullshit. anyone who's been around the both of us knows the "freaking" truth.

So...she threw her own brother under the bus to protect her abusive boyfriend? This trainwreck is so fuckin messy I can't even wrap my head around it. I'm secretly hoping, REALLY HOPING this pregnancy is fake, too.

Btw the post has just been deleted. Other commenters in Nikkole's defense were Samantha Jo-Diggs (I thought she hated Nikkole b/c of the fake stillborn??) and Nikkole's mom Rikki (who only commented on the fact that Ryan did in fact cheat on Nikkole, and she wishes they would BOTH grow up).

Sorry, last comment I swear, when he says "I know you don't want your business out. It's ten times worse than what you say about me."

I wonder if he knows about the fake stillborn situation...

His grammar/spelling is atrocious and she is a serial liar. "So be it." Lol.

So now it's a matter of he said, she said.

He did admit to pulling her hair. My guess is abuse did occur but, perhaps, not to the degree that she is claiming.

Why did her friend call the cops? If they were fearful for to be hurt, they needed to intervene. What if she had been seriously injured? What if he had killed her? That would be on them for not reporting it. Maybe not legally but the guilt would have eaten them. Especially if he is that abusive and psychotic and they have witnessed it before?

Funny. I ask guys to pull my hair ;) Maybe that's all this was too honestly lol and she's exaggerating. Didn't Farrah do something like this too? So many girls exaggerate abuse it's insane and horrible. And then it's hard to believe if it actually happened.

Hmmm, I'm beginning to wonder - did Megan post Nikkole's side in order to encourage Ryan to make a tit-for-tat move and spill the dirty details on Nikkole? Maybe Ryan was around enough to know the truth about her stillborn and possess proof? Just thinking, especially since he said himself that he has ten times the dirt on her...

Someone should get advice from a lawyer here. Admitting the abuse and responding with this lenght and dept is not going to help him get custody.
That's prob what she hopes to gain by putting these claims out there.

Is he 12? He shouldn't be having sex with an IQ this low.

act your age, not your dick length.

That's exactly the scenario that came to mind for me too Chelsea's Loveshack. It's no secret that Nikkole like to constantly share 'her side of things' aka 'lies that make me look like a victim' and it's no secret that Megan can't fucking stand Nikkole. It would make sense to befriend her, get her mouth rolling talking shit about Ryan, just to be able to have Ryan reveal everything as revenge. He would have met her only a few months after the alleged still birth... he probably knows more than anyone can imagine.

also, Megan, the amount of ass kissing it must of taken to gain Nikkoles trust enough for her to speak freely must have been exhausting, since I'm sure it's not news to her that you aren't her biggest fan but rather a huge skeptic. You win the golden cheeto for that alone.

"Gosh golly gee whiz I stuck my dick in crazy and it all backfired on me because I'm too dumb to put on a condom."

That doesn't sound toxic at all. Winners all around.

She has cried wolf too many times. I don't believe a word of what Nikkole is saying, and I hope it catches up with her.

I'm not saying I don't believe her baby daddy is batshit crazy. He'd have to be to stick his dick in Nikkole. This poor child doesn't stand a chance with these two as parents. I hope CPS intervenes immediately.

I'm not even doing a Marry Fuck Kill on this one. I may be a bitch, but I'm not Satan. When there is a Jenelle post, that will be my time to shine.

Then lets play "sterilize, institutionalize, or incarcerate".

Omg YES! This sounds so fun. Ok.

Nikkole, Leah, Jenelle

Sterilize Leah.
Institutionalize Nikkunt (for at least ten years).
Incacerate Jenelle (for at least ten years).
Isn't the rules that the marriage lasts ten years? Then the institution/prison should last that long, too!

10 years works. Gosh my first instinct is sterilize Jenelle. Forever. Institutionalize Leah, gel for Nikkole.

Sterilize---Leah. I would sterilize Jenelle, but she doesn't seem adverse to getting abortions. Leah, meanwhile, will go through with any pregnancy regardless of the circumstances. She also seems keen to have as many trap babies as possible to keep her current man around.

Incarcerate---Jenelle. She's been arrested so many times. How in the world has she not gone to jail yet? It's time Dustin stopped returning her calls and let her face the music the next time she gets into huge trouble.

Institutionalize---Nikkole. I think this one is fairly obvious. She's a horrible person, but it's clear she has mental issues. Like Jenelle, she needs to be locked up for a while---but in the nut house---and face her demons head on. It won't erase the terrible things she has done and said, but it's a start.

I like this game a lot better than "Screw, marry or kill". We should play it more often!

Sterilize jenelle. Bitch has been through it all gel, rehab, and instituonalized (by babs once right?) She always sees the glowing joint at the end of the tunnel. No more kids for her.

Incarcerate Nikkole, let's see how the soft girl tone & act goes over in the slammer.

Institutionalize Leah because it's the only option left and she could probably use an evaluation to see the after effects of all the cheese puffs and baby's head dye.

I had an ex hit me after during a break up in front of his dad. Yeah I dumped him in front of his dad. I would have put it on YouTube if it were around then.
He got his comeuppance in life. Ppl usually do.

Shit. This goes elsewhere on the page.
Damn it.

I'm sorry that's awful. One in high school was screaming cussing at me in the middle of a restaurant. I kicked him under the table hard in the shin and people around me clapped and told me I didn't need to be with a loser like that. Not right that I kicked him. Very AYM of me but I was like 16 and fuck being talked to like that.

Man and who hits someone in front of their dad wtf

His family refused to see who he was.
He showed them.
I never saw him again.

Amateurs. Come one now.

Institutionalize - JENELLE. Every single person in here would be lying if they said they didn't think that would be HILARIOUS. She has to do what everyone else says, chances are that in the 10 years she is in there not ONE person will give a fuck who she is. She will have no access to weed, nobody will be able to bring her opiates from the outside, and if she throws a "LEAVE ME ALLLOOOOOOONE" tantrum she gets shot with Thorazine and that will shut her up for the next several hours. Chances are she won't be as obnoxious coming out as she was when she went in. I think with jail or sterilization she'd still be obnoxious as fuck.

Incarcerate - NIKKHOLE. Let's be honest, how long would that bitch last in prison anyway?? She'll figure out real quickly that serial lying and being ditzy as fuck won't get her positive attention, and it isn't like she can fake another pregnancy. She'll be somebodys bitch in less than an hour. Fucking hilarious.

Sterilize - Leah. No more trap babyses in West Virginia.

That really would be hilarious to watch Jenelle be in a loony bin. But dear God someone needs to sterilize the beef flaps. I also want Jenelle to never get her wish of having a girl. Nikkole in gel is great. I think Leah is a better mom than Jenelle but not by much.

IMO with the way she acts, Jenelle would be drugged out of her mind in an institution. It wouldn't be on the drugs of her choice but I honestly don't think she would care.

Eh at most she would get some mild downers. A known drug user isn't going to get the good stuff in there.

That Thorazine shot sounds nice.
I sometimes can't sleep. I sometimes want to just escape.

According to Starcasm you'll get your chance soon, Jenelle served Babs with papers to get custody back.

Like real, official papers? Or construction paper adorned with Nathan-made stick figures illustrating what he thinks should happen regarding custody?

Jenelle makes my blood boil. I already posted it over on Starcasm; but the only reason Jenelle wants custody of Jace is to hurt Babs. Has Jenelle actually done anything to get her life together? She's what 23(?) and still has very public breakdown/breakups, she doesn't work, neither does her w*]nker of a boyfriend. Kaisers being raised by the daycare staff and grandparents who think it's absolutely hilarious to let a baby watch porn. She almost definitely still smokes weed (I don't think weed makes you a bad person, I just think that you shouldn't be around children when you do so) and she's probably abusing some sort of antidepressant; this is Jenelle. And if that's not enough of a case for Babs to have full custody for ever, she abuses animals, and wishes members of the armed forces actually died on combat (whilst fighting for your liberty). There's nothing else to say but Jenelle is a Grade A cunt, she personifies what is wrong with the reality tv culture and is an awful human being. I absolute despise that bitch.

Usually I am pretty chill on TMJ but Jenelle infuriates me, trying to hurt Babs because she can't get everything on her terms.

Exactly. Plus, I think Jenelle's expecting way too much out of this situation. She had Jace removed from her custody by CPS. Nathan isn't even allowed unsupervised visits with his own daughter longer than like 6 hours at a time and she's not allowed to sleep over. Who in their right mind would give those two custody of a child that's already been removed?

They will only have to watch one episode of Teen Mom to see that shits the same.

Yeah right, good luck with that one Jenelle.
Like Babs said, it will be a very slow process.
Official visitation rights for Jennelle, maybe but full custody, ne-eh.

It'll be a no process. I fully believe that Barb just says she'll ease into letting Jenelle have Jace back so that Jenelle won't flip her shit on her in that moment. I would hope she's smart enough to realize that Jace isn't safe with Jenelle and Nathan as caregivers.

Yep.. Barb promissed Jenelle exactly nothing.
A low process could take 18 years!

At the risk of sounding harsh. I sort of wish I was the one to drag her around by her hair.
Disclaimer: Domestic Abuse is absolutely not a joke, but I'm not believing a single word that comes out of her mouth ever!

Ha! Omg, are you new? I love your name! You're so inevitable.

I'm not new just only here sometimes.
I don't get any "me" time at home but my job leaves time for it :)

Your name is so hilariously sad and true. Let's jump even further into the future and have a name like Kail and Gigi's Reunion. Plz God let this happen.

This just made me think of "Hart of Dixie" (my Nexflix obsession) There is this girl (Cricket) with an extremely gay husband (Stanley) and finally when your thinking she is going to announce that he is gay she announces that she is gay. Anyways it is utterly shocking and your like WTF?!?!? Come to think of it I may have binge watched way to much yesterday...

Okay, so I stopped reading about a quarter of the way through and just started skimming. Here are my questions:
1.If they are in Rikki's house, and Ryan is arguing with a friend, why the hell was Nikkole hiding in a closet? If the guests in your own home are arguing, your first reaction is to hide? If that was my house, they would have a two minute warning before the gun gets pulled out, ESPECIALLY if my kid was home too.
2. He claimed his sperm were non-functional, does that also mean he is unable to get STD's?
3. She got in a car with him as a passenger, after he was drinking, and decided WHILE they were driving that she was done?

What the actual fuck, none of this makes you a victim Nikkole. These are all idiotic choices that you have continued to make. You are completely incapable of keeping another human life safe and I hope that the state takes that baby and gives it a safe home the minute it is out.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she had heard rumors about him being abusive before she even met him and even sought him out for a relationship.
She is the kind of girl that always needs to be the victim even if it means creating a situation to make herself one.

She certainly gives out that vibe. And she is very vindictive. Fake stillbirth aside, I remember watching her catch-up special where she said she put her son's father in jail after catching him riding around town with another girl when he had a warrant out for his arrest. So Nikkole told the cops where he was because she was jealous he was dating somebody else. She didn't do it because it was the right thing to do or because she was trying to keep her son safe from his father. She did it out of pure jealousy and had that stupid smug look on her face while recounting it to the camera. This girl is cray-cray.

Shouldn't CPS look into anyone who's willing to get in the car with someone who isn't sober with a child or if they're pregnant? I mean that's endangerment

Nikkole is so fucking ugly, she should have spent her fake stillbirth money on fixing her weird face instead of boobs. I don't actually care if he beat the shit out of her its nothing more than what she deserves for mocking the feelings of grieving parents and screwing up her own child to try to keep her boyfriend and make money.

I get how hard it is to leave an abusive relationship. It's toxic and an emotional rollercoaster. I've been there. Granted I was A LOT younger than Nikkole (if this is all true).
BUT this is Nikkole. I'm not going to say she's lying but I'm also not going to defend her. I do however believe she's like Jenelle and instigated a lot of shit.

Also MTV does a lot of publicity for Domestic Abuse Awareness. All she would have to do is call her producer and find out what kind of help there is.

I believe that he probably does like to hit women but I also believe that she probably does still chase after him and wants to be on his dick so they can be a "fam-a-leeeeee"

I wouldn't be surprised if she was like Jenelle. Instigating until the dude snaps and then cries wolf. I'm not saying its ever okay for a man to hit you, but everyone has a breaking point.

I bet she pushes his buttons.

I've never really been a victim of abuse, butI can't imagine getting my ass beat and wanting to tell the whole world about it right away. I mean it's a traumatic thing to go through right. And the first reaction is to run to a teen mom site and blab about it? Seems like a weird reaction. Just one to get attention not to open up about abuse.

You know that scene in TM3 where Matt and Alex are screaming in each others' faces and he starts yelling at her to hit him? That's pretty much how I picture it going down between Jenelle/Nikkole and the person they are fighting with. Normal people don't want to be hit, because if they actually understood domestic abuse they would understand it's not something you can control - where's your guarantee it will only be once and not too hard? But these girls, like Matt, you can just see the wheels turning and that they are thinking: manipulative leverage. It won't be that bad, and then I can control you/charge you/escape being the only with with domestic charges filed against me. Amber did the same thing on top of the stairs after pummelling Gary - she kept goading him into shoving her, saying she was on the edge, was he gong to "do it", because then they would both be on camera abusing each other. And the one thing I can say for Gary is that he didn't follow through.

I replIed above. Not sure why it was misplaced, but it got misplaced.

I still don't talk about what I went through with my ex. It is traumatizing. Some people don't mind speaking about it, but with everything I've had to endure in my life, that is one subject I'm still scared to speak about. Every time I hear a male Scottish accent my skin crawls to this day, and this all went down 10 years ago.

That scene with Matt and Alex said a lot about both of them. He probably wanted to hit her. Hell, I did! But he didn't. He exercised extreme self control while she was behaving like a psycho cunt.

That must be really hard for you Red, I hope you don't think all Scottish people are abusive assholes, most of us are really nice. I understand not wanting to talk about it though, I can talk about it with certain people but I would never post it all over the internet for everyone to see.

Two absolute psychos.

This girl just cannot take responsibility for anything!!! Ryan probably is an abusive twat, but she still has a choice in the matter. He forced her into a relationship- multiple times? He forced her into the car while he was drunk and she was pregnant? He forced her to have unprotected sex for a year? He forced her to bring a convicted abuser around her young son?

I really like Megan and I am so glad she writes for this blog so we can snark...but giving this girl attention and a forum to spout her lies is a bad idea. Nikkole is obviously mentally ill.

Nikkole, if you read this: Get some help- seriously. There are children in the mix here that don't deserve to play a part in whatever drama you cultivate. Enough.

It's dragged,not drug.

Both of them are batshit crazy. I just hope that Megan doesn't get pulled into their crap too far.

I'm really hoping this is a long con to get Nikkole's "exclusive interview" in writing so she can't go back on her word later.

This girl is a nut job! I don't buy one word of what she said. Nikkole is playing "good girl" all of a sudden because she's pregnant with her SECOND child. She can't blame this guy for getting pregnant, it's her fault too. Let's not forget the picture she had in her story on Snap chat of him rolling a blunt on her stomach with her vagina clearly showing. She's no innocent good girl. She clearly isnt careful herself since she wants to CLAIM this to be her third pregnancy, which we all know is a lie. I'm sure there is more to the story than she is leading on with the domestic violence part. I mean c'mon, she went back to his house the night he "beat her ass". That's fishy enough.. If that were me I would make his sorry ass walk home and explain to my mom how she pulled my by my hair and then kicked the door in. or better yet CALL THE COPS. She is so stupid to think we are going to believe all her lies. She's clearly a compulsive liar and not very good at making up stories. She just wants to be relevant and in the "spot light". Too bad your spot light is all negative and you look pathetic as usual, Nikkole. Poor Lyle and baby girl..

he** not she

I don't believe a word that comes out of this twats mouth. Sorry Megan, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt here but I really wish you wouldn't have given this idiot the time of day. All she wants is more attention, and that's exactly what she's getting.
Obviously Ryan is just as psycho as she is, everyone in her town knew about the "stillbirth," he'd have to be insane to stick his dick in her.
We can only hope this causes Ryan to spill any dirt he has on her.

Maybe that's the intent? To get Ryan to spill?

Let's hope!!! haha

Nikkole is so screwed up for so many reasons. I don't even know where to begin. So I guess I will start here. I struggled with the truth for many years. Pretty much all through my teens. I always felt like I wasn't good enough so I just made a new me. Wasn't right and wasn't fair to those that actually cared about me. Here is the thing though about lying. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper until you are eventually found out and when you are people that would have loved you anyway originally won't love you anymore because they don't even know who you really are. Slowly you will loose all the people that matter to you. Hell I even was as low to say that my child was a still birth because I was just to ashamed to admit that I had placed him for adoption. I will say this Nikkole if you are reading lying is like any other serious addiction. There is only one way out and it is a struggle everyday but you have to do it for a healthier you. Also you would be amazed at how forgiving most people can be when you take ownership of the wrongs you have done and truly commit yourself to being a better person. It isn't easy and is often humiliating. It will suck but it is really the only way you can live a health and productive life and you have to do it because your children deserve that.

Kudos to you for acting like an adult and taking responsibility for your actions. It kills me that no one (hi Jenelle) in this franchise seems to grasp that when you make a mistake, even a huge one, people will always respond more positively if you humble up and admit you were wrong.

It's good that you were able to admit that you were wrong and be responsible. I honestly don't know if I can see Nikkole doing that, though. In order to be responsible and right her wrongs, she'll have to admit to faking her entire "second" pregnancy/stillbirth, admit "Ashton" never existed, and actually try to feel genuine remorse for what she put a lot of people through, including her own son. But she won't. As soon as she became pregnant with this baby, she immediately stopped talking about the stillbirth and went on like it never happened. It's not like your situation, where the baby is real and not just in Nikkole's care. This stillborn baby straight up never existed in the first place. Acting like it never happened isn't the same as admitting that it never happened, Nikkole. I just don't think she has the self-awareness or the emotional/mental capabilities to just come clean.

Nikkunt is very manipulative and I think she want to make it seem like she is this poor little girl who has an ex who's still in love with her when really she got dumped and would probably date him again if he asked. She did this little online game with every one of her ex-boyfriends. She really wants you to believe that the guy is in love with her and that she's being this mature person who tells him it can't be if he doesn't change is act. Also everytime one of her relationship is hitting the fan, Nikkole is magically pregnant. I remember Mike or Sam saying that she claimed being pregnant in the next 24 hours after he got his girlfriend. When Ryan gets a girlfriend, Nikkole goes batshit crazy and announce on instagram that she is pregnant and that her and Ryan are this perfect little family and that they found out on his birthday, while really he was celebrating with his new girlfriend and family. Nikkole is crazy when it comes to relationship, multiples persons have said she did things that are seriously concerning like stalk Teri at her work (Mike gf's, the father of Ashton, the build a bear baby), told a couple of guy to go beat up her ex, claimed to her fans that her and X we're an item when they weren't, multiple fake pregnancy and so on.

Anyway I don't think Nikkun is evil as much as she is crazy and that she's probably an obsessive stalker to some degree. And I think all of her pregnancy serves the purpose of keeping in contact with a guy that dumped her and has nothing to do with her wanting to take care of a kid. lol anw sorry for my long rambling but I really hate this chick.

I'm glad you brought up the other girlfriend from his birthday, whatever happened to her? Does anyone know about that situation???

I just checked her Instagram, and she hasn't posted anything Nikkole/Ryan related in a long time. So she probably wised up and moved on from the drama.

I stand corrected. She commented on Nikkole's whole 'woe is me' diatribe that accompanied this link on her FB page saying "I just can't believe he sent you dick pics from MY bathroom lol"


Hey, apparently, Jenelle is taking Babs to court to petition for custody of Jace yall ! There is an article on Radar and on Starcasm.

Just in time for the cameras what a coincidence

Starcasm is reporting that jenelle has filed a petition for custody of jace and that barbara hasn't allowed her to see jace since it happened. I would be totally shocked if jenelle was awarded more than visitation.

It's going to be the shortest custody case ever. Who the hell does Jenelle think she is? Babs may be keeping Jace away from her, but when has Jenelle ever really expressed an interest in seeing him for pure, genuine reasons? She did seem sort of attached to him when he was a baby, but that ship has sailed. Now you can't even call their relationship "brother and sister" like anymore. They're just strangers who happen to be related. Hell, you can argue that Catelynn and Tyler hare more of a relationship with Carly than Jenelle does with Jace.

I wonder what would happen if the courts request she take a drug test before they consider giving him back, with all that came out from that Candy girl and everything

I also read that barbara told jace to call her mom And that's what caused jenelle to file for custody. I can't see Babs doing that.

Barbara is his mom, she's been there for him from day one. Jace was already calling her momma, we all saw Beef Flaps freak the fuck out over it. I hope she gets supervised visitation, Jace is terrified of her meat head boyfriend and her 13 mugshots aren't going to do her any favours in court.

No that is true isn't it? Jace is calling Barb mom and he is calling Jenelle mom.
They had that discussion last season.

If I was Babs I'd get a restraining order against Nathan. Seriously Jace should never be around him and that would greatly reduce his time around Nathan. C'mon get a backbone Babs (hopefully she'll put her everything into fighting for Jace so jenelle never gets him back)

This is going to be interesting.

Nikkole is SO mad that jenelle is stealing her thunder right now. Hahah

My question:

Why is Ryan in her phone as Ryan at 10:50 am but as loser at 9:49? I mean I guess it's possible the messages were from different days, but it just struck me as odd. Carry on.

Yeah, I'm not sure that those are real, but I'm no expert on that. It wouldn't surprise me though if it turns out Nikkole faked them.

I want to know who sends nudes that early in the morning? Like its not even lunch time and he's already sending out pics of his ding dong. Gag.

I love that you have a time frame on when nude photos should be sent. It's like drinking, it just isn't right before sunset.

It just seems wrong...not like I've gotten a bunch of dick pics in my lifetime or anything. I've only had them sent to me one time and it was extremely late at night and SUPER creepy. So now I just associate them with lonely, creepy guys late at night hahaha.

I received a dick pic at 7 am once. It was the wring number but it was interesting start to the day...

Omg!!! That's like "Good morning, here's my dick!!!" I don't even know how I would react to that.

Yeah lol he said I'm so sorry wrong number. I wanted to cry.

Omg Trap Baby that's horrible. I guess its a good thing it went to the cell number of an actual adult, and one with a sense of humor. With twelve year olds having cell phones these days that could have been soooo bad if it went to a child's phone

None of the timeline fits.
Met November 2013, fight a month or so later, December 31, 2013. The she "ignored him for a couple of months", and had Unprotected sex for "almost a year", and now she is ____ months pregnant due in June?
Someone needs a calendar because none of that adds up.

Especially since she said "several months later on New Year's Eve 2013". I don't know about you but to me several indicates more than one.

My question is who has over 200 unread text messages? Really? Is she that popular?

I was thinking the same thing...

Every time she posts screenshots she has over 200 unread messages. Either the screenshots are fake, she sucks at reading texts, or she has Twitter set up to send text message notifications. I don't know which it is, but I would go INSANE having that many notifications on my phone.

Nikkcunt is saying that Ryan was spreading around Chlamydia? She's one to talk. Didn't it come out after her 16 and pregnant episode that Josh gave her herpes? Puss Pussy Paulun is one to talk. Also, why in the world would she still have unprotected sex with him and believe him that he couldn't have kids. You can still get STDs even if a guy claims to be sterile. Hey Puss Pussy Paulun, I'm sure you can contract more then one STD. It happened to my ex friend. The guy she lost her virginity to got her pregnant and gave her HPV and Chlamydia the first time she had sex. Stupid Nikkole probably wanted to get pregnant again. She already contacted an incurable STD and got pregnant at 16. She knew to use a condom. I don't believe her that she thought he couldn't make babies. No one will believe her after all that plus the whole fake stillbirth she tried to pull. Hate that she got away with that but at least she recently got arrested for the retail fraud. Do we know 100% that she is really pregnant this time? Because there are some cunts that have convinced their families that they were pregnant and then killed a real pregnant woman and stole the fetus. I wouldn't put this past psycho Nikkunt. Pregnant woman in here area need to know about her and be alert just in case. I hope I'm wrong that she would do that but better for all pregnant women to be safe.

Not only should she know how to use a condom, if it's really true that she "asked him to be safer" and he made excuses, she could at least have gotten herself to the doctor to get on some form of birth control (not that that would help with STDs, but she would not have ended up with another (maybe) unplanned pregnancy). Another girl from 16 & Pregnant that didn't learn their lesson *shaking head*

Yup I only feel bad for Lyle and her unborn kid

Not defending Nikkole or anything but your over use of the word cunt and pussy is a bit extreme. Basic STD fact time: You can contract HPV/herpes even wearing a condom unfortunately, and also, HPV is not "incurable", the immune system eventually kills it off. I am also blatantly ignoring the pregnant women/foetus stealing comment :o

Who are you and why are you blatantly ignoring that fact? It happens. Nikkole or Nikkunt as we call her around here, is absolutely crazy enough to attempt that.

Let's just say there are a lot of people on this site who have followed Nikkole's batshit crazy bullshit for a long time. It personally resonates with a lot of people, because faking a stillborn is heinous enough, but especially despicable if you are trying to get pregnant and having difficulties either with getting pregnant in the first place or carrying a healthy baby to full term. While fertility is something most of the Teen Mom crowd have no true appreciation of, Nikkole takes the cake for faking a very real loss for personal gain, especially since late-term loss of a child is so indescribably upsetting. As for the baby-stealing, this girl had fake ultrasounds and a fake belly and carried on this disgusting charade for almost nine months - seems like a reasonable escalation.
Also, HPV does not always magically work it's way out of the system without complications, a big one being cancer. HPV-related cancers are some of the most serious cancers a young woman has to look out for.

I thought this too. I'm kinda ignorant on the std subject and honestly don't know much about it. But I know if someone claimed my partner gave them somewhere , I sure as he wouldn't CONTINUE having unprotected sex with them!! Ever!! mainly because I wouldn't know what was curable or not Until I maybe did some research Of my own. If anything she says is true, which is debatable, she is a complete idiot and Lyle us probably more intelligent than she is. Especially if you buy ANY dude telling you he can't have children (unless he's had a vasectomy, and I'd still want black and white proof of this). Literally lol at this stupid braindead skank!!

*something not somewhere

Hey guys...totally off subject but I just wanted to share the dream I had last night. I dreamed that I was a producer on tm2 and we were filming a scene with Jenelle and Tori and Jenelle was super messed up on drugs and started freaking out because she had a bunch of pills and she couldn't find them. So she made us stop filming and made everyone present tear up her house looking for them. I ended up finding them in the pocket of her jacket and flushed them down the toilet because I thought it would be funny. She ended up having a huge meltdown and ran to her room crying and screaming because she couldn't find them. I thought that was pretty funny...it actually seemed like real life!!!

Hahahaha! Free Moogan, that sound so funny! I was laughing out loud reading about your dream and I really needed a laugh. It does sound like it could be a scene next season. Did Jenelle scream,"Leave me alooooone"? Probably not if she wanted everyone to scramble to find her drugs for her. I would be terrified to flush her drugs. She would attack me. I hope Tori would help me and join in with her drumsticks if Jenelle attacked me. I wish I would have a dream about the TM2 cast. Mostly Babs. Kieffer could make an appearance too. No Mongo though. That would be a nightmare. I really hate him and hope Jenelle and him break up for good so he is off the show. What I would give to have Kieffer back instead of Mongo. Even CourtyB, Gary, or Josh. Any of Jenelle's ex's instead of nasty ass Mongo.

Glad I could make you laugh W! I always have strange dreams and Jenelle just happened to be the star last night. And I'm pretty sure she did scream leave me aloneeee! Dream me is a lot braver than day time me because hiding drugs from jenelle does seem really scary. Lol I would love to dream about Babs and Keiffer!!! Maybe they would have a road trip or some other exciting adventure.

Could anyone read my article on barbara allegedly being served
any pointers/advice would be good


This is such a clusterfuck it's hard to know where to even begin. Girls like this are part of the reason people blame/shame victims. Lying about a stillborn absolutely destroyed any credibility she had (not that she had much to begin with). If the abuse did occur, she clearly is too messed up to handle it appropriately. It's worrying that she let him back into her life after that. If a guy is willing to abuse women, he could very well abuse children as well.

And LOL at him claiming he couldn't have kids. Cause abusive, uneducated assholes always give sound medical advice. My money is on her trying to get pregnant this time for the attention and sympathy. Too bad we're all onto her. She's so much more conniving and manipulative than she seemed on the show (dumb and naive, but harmless).

She's also weirdly submissive to Josh in her episode? I'm after re-watching it there and the severity of her daddy issues explains a lot.

and what do the dick pics have to do with anything? is that supposed to be a mark against his character? Cuz I've seen everything but this bitch's fallopian tubes...

Ryan just sort of blasted Nikkole on his facebook, guys! Read while you can because he said he's deleting it soon.

Link please?

Here's the whole thing in case he does delete it.

"I have never met a more weirdly obsessive person in my life. The fakeness is unreal. Its like a fucked up movie about a weird obsessive girl. I could post sooo much dirt but there is no point. I try and try to be nice and just get her to leave me the hell alone unless it has to do with the baby. I know im not perfect but its annoying because its nobodies business. Nikkole is so full of shit. She posts stuff online constantly about us and theyre almost all lies. She is the weirdest, fakest person ive ever met and know most ppl know this. I cant believe i got into this mess. I realized that months before she was pregnant, that is why i broke up with her. Itwas so damn stupid for me to keep seeing her and leading her on. I was stupid. Id get lonely and id go sleep with her. Which i know is really messed up but stopped dohng it. I couldnt even see her without her making some kind of post that would make it seem as if we were together. There were even times where she would beg me and cry to me trying to get me to sleep with her and i made it clear im not on that anymore. I know most guys out there dont believe me but im not attracted to her like that anymore and im done sleeping around like a fool. Anyways i havent talked to her for a little while except for when she threatens that shes sleeping with my so called friends or threatening that she'll post exagerated bs. And trust me theres all kinds of crap. I do not care about what she does. Its just annoying that i have to explain things and stand up for myself. The point is that for the most part she is full of shit and i just wana be left alone unless theres some kind of an emergency with the baby. I know this drama is bad for this kid but theres no bein just friends with her which is gna be fine. Now nikkole, leave me alone with ur public drama bull shit and go back to stripping and webcam porn."

These are the things trap babies are made from. Manipulative girls who just can't take getting dumped and guys who can't turn down an easy lay. The cycle goes on and on until there is an oops.

Since Ryan is going to delete this status on FB, too...

"I have never met a more weirdly obsessive person in my life. The fakeness is unreal. Its like a fucked up movie about a weird obsessive girl. I could post sooo much dirt but there is no point. I try and try to be nice and just get her to leave me the hell alone unless it has to do with the baby. I know im not perfect but its annoying because its nobodies business. Nikkole is so full of shit. She posts stuff online constantly about us and theyre almost all lies. She is the weirdest, fakest person ive ever met and know most ppl know this. I cant believe i got into this mess. I realized that months before she was pregnant, that is why i broke up with her. Itwas so damn stupid for me to keep seeing her and leading her on. I was stupid. Id get lonely and id go sleep with her. Which i know is really messed up but stopped dohng it. I couldnt even see her without her making some kind of post that would make it seem as if we were together. There were even times where she would beg me and cry to me trying to get me to sleep with her and i made it clear im not on that anymore. I know most guys out there dont believe me but im not attracted to her like that anymore and im done sleeping around like a fool. Anyways i havent talked to her for a little while except for when she threatens that shes sleeping with my so called friends or threatening that she'll post exagerated bs. And trust me theres all kinds of crap. I do not care about what she does. Its just annoying that i have to explain things and stand up for myself. The point is that for the most part she is full of shit and i just wana be left alone unless theres some kind of an emergency with the baby. I know this drama is bad for this kid but theres no bein just friends with her which is gna be fine. Now nikkole, leave me alone with ur public drama bull shit and go back to stripping and webcam porn."

IF the plan was to get him to spill whatever dirt he has, it might end up working...

haha beat me to it! :)

At least his friends seem intelligent. Telling him to shut up because he's giving Nikkole exactly what she wants by ranting.

From Nikkole's FB:
The abuse I went through the past year is so sick and twisted at this point. For him to try to turn it around and make me look like I'm the bad person and I'm just crazy is EXACTLY the manipulative shit he always tries to pull. I told HIM I don't want him coming near me or my appointments. I told him that he can see me in court and fight for his rights. It is NOT wrong of me to want to keep an abusive person away from myself and my daughter. All he does is drink, smoke, and waste his life away while trying to bring everyone down with him. He's 24 with NOTHING to show for himself besides a car that he bought with student loans and NEVER went to school! Kiss my ass Ryan I'm glad you're upset that everyone knows the piece of shit you are.

....Cause she has so much to show for herself. Psycho bitch.

"All he does is drink, smoke and waste his life away"... Hmmm sure you're not thinking of yourself there Nikkole?

Hello all! Long time lurker but just had to sign up to add my 2 cents to this tomfoolery. Let me first apologize if I reiterate some of your previous posts/points as I have not had time to read through all the comments yet.
Two parts in particular really rubbed me the wrong way (pretty much everything Nikkole does rubs me the wrong way but this really stood out):
1.Ryan began being careless with sex according to Nikkole. This implies that she had no say in the situation which we know is not the case since she was not raped. She could have either stopped having sex with him or gone on some form of birth control to prevent bringing an innocent child into this abusive situation. Don't act like you had no choice in getting pregnant.
2. After Ryan allegedly abused Nikkole for the first time and left Rikki's house in shambles, Nikkole basically says she was forced to stay with Ryan to avoid Rikki's reaction. Um, I have a feeling most parents would be mad at the abuser and not the victim. Something just doesn't ring true here.
P.S. Not saying people who suffer domestic abuse aren't victims. I really question if Nikkole has been abused at all since I take everything she says with a grain of salt. Plus she is really playing that victim card here to make people feel sorry for her.

I think I remember reading somewhere that she said her first baby daddy did this exact same thing. Didn't her mom claim that she told her Josh would abuse her and forced her to get pregnant or something?? If so, surprise surprise. She's crying wolf again. I didn't follow the whole stillbirth thing or know how that went down, but the fact she chose to bring another helpless human into the world when she doesn't even fucking have custody of the first one makes me completely sick. She's a horrible mother and needs to be sterilized.

Also, someone told her they got an std from her boyfriend and she STILL takes him back and try to "raise" a child with him?! Umm congratulations, dikkhole. Guess she's catching more than just pregnancy from this idiot. I can't handle this girl

To me this reads 'Oh no the trap baby didn't make him stay, time to say nasty things online.' I'm sure he's a loser, I mean he was involved with Nikkole, but I'm not sure I buy all of this story.

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