Photos Released Of The Interior Of The Rendon Home

ebony rendon-jackson

16 and Pregnant's Ebony Jackson-Rendon and her husband, Joshua Rendon, were arrested this week due to the deplorable conditions in which they were living and raising their daughter, 2 year old Jocelyn.

Not to mention the drugs and paraphernalia that were found in the home. It was reported that they might also be kicked off the air force base they're living on and Josh kicked out of the Air Force altogether.

Photos of the interior of their home were just released from the Jacksonville Police Department.




That's ridiculous...They should be ashamed of themselves. I don't care how old you are, at a certain point you need to act responsibly and keep a clean home for your child. These are disgusting conditions for a frat house, let alone a home with a small child.

omg that is horrible!! One they have a child and that child should not be living like that!! And two, how can anyone live like that period! That would drive me nuts!! Very disturbing and unacceptable!!

That is disgusting! That poor child..what is wrong with people!

i agree about the dirty house, thats just wrong and disgusting. but drugs and paraphernalia? really? thats just hookah equipment... totally legal and nothing wrong with it. i guess people will do anything for a good dramatic story.

Synthetic marijuana has been illegal in Arkansas since 2010.

Not to mention illegal on any and all military bases.

hookah is just tobacco which is not illegal, and the thing in the drawer is usually for smoking hookah. I'm not sure about it being on a military base, I would think if you can smoke cigarettes you could smoke hookah too, but generally it is not illegal

A Hookah can be used used to smoke very LEGAL flavored tobacco, however they were most likely using it to smoke "spice" (synthetic Marijuana) therefore making having the hookah ILLEGAL....

Hooka is not synthetic marijuana - it's shisha (flavored tobacco)

The arrest report describes it as "synthetic marijuana."

Too bad there's no pictures of the supposed maggots and dog + baby crap.

Any synthetic drug is illegal in military base housing. They are stupid for doing this because the military police are even more strict than regular cops. Seeing as the military is giving you a house for free with no utility bills...

Actually the house and bills r not free...if you choose to live in military housing you forfeit your housing allowance each month which is anywhere from less than $1000 to over $2200. And yes the laws on base are much stricter than off post. Sadly the condition of their house is not uncommon on military bases. Ive been an army wife for 11 years and filty houses and neglect are common occurences on post.

just so you know, and everyone else knows, we military families do not receive a free house, the rent is automatically taken out of the military members paycheck, and the amount is based on your rank.

That's disgusting. It looks exactly like my boyfriend's moms house.

Yeah, that's not cool. It's Ebony Rendon-Jackson, by the way.

According to her mugshot and arrest report, it's Ebony Jackson-Rendon.

I feel so sorry for that child they need to grow up

If she couldn't keep her house clean due to personal issues she should have hired someone to help her in her time of need.

shes a young mum! i'm not defending her at all, the state of her house is repulsive and i agree with CPS, BUT do you seriously think she has money to hire help? i don't know what kinda rich kid world you live in but most of us can't afford that kinda shit. We clean our houses and care for our kids single handedly.

She apparently has enough money to buy synthetic pot, from the looks of it on more than one occasion, and all that stuff to smoke it out of, so if she was that worried about cleaning up (obviously they weren't) she could find the money to do something useful, like hiring help to clean her house, or doing something special with her kid. I guess she'd rather smoke, and let shit- literally, pile up.

I am 19 years old as well, & have 2 kids of my own. Have my own apartment. My apartment looks no where close to that. Its not hard to pick up after yourself.. This just means she was lazy.. She doesnt need help picking up after her or her daughter.. & maybe she doesnt need the dogs.. That would be a smart idea. I just dont understand teen moms that dont take car# of there child.. Its unexusable. If you cant take care of your child acceptably, then give the child to someone that would.. Or dont have sex.

My house is clutterly and I may not do the dishes or laundry everyday but that is just disgusting.