Nikkole Paulun...Slip Up Regarding Stillbirth

16 & pregnant

Nikkole Paulun has probably won my vote for the most controversial person to be a part of the 16 & Pregnant franchise, and it's all spiraling from her alleged stillbirth that occurred a little over a year ago. Nikkole, who was featured on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant, had let fans know that she was expecting a second child with a guy named Mike Sindone.

According to Nikkole, shortly before she was due to give birth, she went in for a routine visit to the doctor and found out that her unborn child had died.

This seemed like a serious tragedy, although accusations soon came out that Nikkole had faked the entire pregnancy.

The evidence was stacking up against Nikkole, and people were calling out mistakes in her pregnancy, stillbirth story that was sold to Radar Online, and the medical documents that were also released to Radar Online.

At one point, Nikkole's friend, Samantha Diggs, did an interview with a different Teen Mom site about Nikkole's fake pregnancy and ratted her out on everything.

Nikkole never confirmed that the pregnancy was fake, and she's been trying to keep comments on it pretty low key, but she recently put a picture on Instagram that might squash her entire story.

Nikkole shared the following picture on her Instagram account on Thursday evening, and although it's been deleted, we were able to snag a copy of it from someone on Twitter. (Bless you, @SoFloBeachBitch)

nikkole1 Nikkole shares a picture from her alleged stillbirth in July 2013

As you can see, that's Nikkole in a hospital gown, holding an infant. Please note the hair color in this.

When we saw Nikkole on 16 & Pregnant, her hair was bleach blonde, and she had blonde hair for quite some time after her son, Lyle, was born.

You can also see the top of Lyle's head in the bottom right hand corner of this picture. Below is a picture of Nikkole, Josh, and newborn Lyle so that you can compare.

nikkole2 Nikkole, Josh, and their son Lyle from their episode of 16 & Pregnant

The thing that threw me off was that throughout Nikkole's alleged second pregnancy, her hair was also very blonde.

Check out this picture, which was the last "belly pic" she shared before the stillbirth incident, and the picture of her hair from the bikini picture that started all of the speculation about whether she was ever pregnant to start.

nikkole33weeks Nikkole's last "belly pic" at 33 weeks

nikkolebikini Nikkole in a bikini at ESTfest, just days after the alleged stillbirth

As you can see, in the bottom picture, which was confirmed to have been taken AFTER the still birth, Nikkole still has blonde in her hair, and it's nowhere near as dark as it is in the picture with the stillborn child.

This leads us to the question of when she would've taken the picture in the first place.

Nikkole shared with Radar Online that the stillbirth happened on July 28th, 2013, which is a little over a year ago. Radar published their story on August 26th, which was nearly a month after the bikini picture was taken.

This would've given her plenty of time to fabricate the story, falsify the medical records, and take a picture holding her "son" before people really got on her case.

The other possibility would be that once the story about the stillbirth and the medical records didn't get accepted by the public the way that she wanted them to, she might have taken the next step and taken the picture to try and keep people quiet.

I know this whole situation is pretty controversial, and it still makes me angry. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Photoshop. She's a lying piece of shit and she took the photo down because people were calling her out on her bullshit. I have lost a child. So fuck you Nikkole.

I'm so sorry Leah's Meth Pipe! :( it's people like Nikkole that piss me off. I've never lost a child, but I know people who have and it's sad. It's fucked up in the head to lie about stuff like that. She's a pathetic excuse for a human and she knows it...

I had a stillborn back in June 2013. I carried twin girls full term and at 38 weeks(the week before my induction date) I found out that one of my daughters(twin B) had passed away. The other twin survived and is now a happy & healthy 14 month old, but going through that pain was hard. I still cry about it sometimes, so I hope this Nikkole girl isn't lying about something like that.

I feel so bad for the people who have lost children/had miscarriages and have to read about this psycho story. Just know that Nikkole is a fucking psychotic cunt rocket that is going straight to the bottom and everyone hates her and she's going to have a miserable shitty life.

Thanks girls. I don't go around mentioning it for sympathy. It just fucking kills me that dumb asses like this bitch treat the death of a baby as a joke.

We know you don't say it for sympathy, you're not an attention seeking whore like Nikkole. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I can't even imagine how pissed off this must make you, since the the story makes me disgusted and livid and I have never lost a child. This is the ultimate slap in the face to someone who has. Fuck her and the dick she rode in on.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had a miscarriage and it can be devastating, and also something you never want to talk about. But it's really hard to keep all in when stupid girls do shit like this just for the attention. Hugs for you.

Sometimes I have problems emoting but I feel like I'm a pretty empathetic person. Every time I think of a miscarriage or a stillbirth happening to me, I instinctually think I'd just turn off and refuse to deal with the grief. And that is solely because I don't know what it's like to carry a child. I don't know what that "your life is about to change forever and you're not allowed to be afraid of making plans anymore" mentality that comes with motherhood, whether it be upon finding out that you're pregnant or actually having the child. I cannot think of anything more devastating and it's a terrifying prospect because I have NO IDEA how to put myself in those shoes. Nikkole not only doesn't understand what something like this actually does to a person, I suspect if she did experience something like this, she'd be numb to it anyway because anyone who can tell their son that he's going to be a big brother, name the fake baby and then tell the child that their dead little brother in a teddy bear cannot possibly have a soul.

That ! Was obviously supposed to be a ?

I'm a little sensitive to it all at the moment as tomorrow would be his 10th birthday.
I appreciate your cyber love guys!
This site is the best :) xxx

Hugs to you, LMP. I understand how it is, I've had two miscarriages, and I always think of them when their due dates pass....and what could have been. If Nikkole really di what we think she did, there are no words. It's beyond mentally unstable, it's literally time for the rubber room and shock treatments. How dare she. I would love someday for someone like Dr. Phil to sit her down and get her to spill it all. Imagine the running mascara.

OMG yes!! Get her on Dr Phil so he can call her on her bullshit like he tried to do with "I'm so perfect at life" Farrah! That would be amazing :)

I'm really sorry for what you've gone through. My ex lost his son at 20 months old and he would've turned 10 this year too. It really changed him. I'll just put it out there, I made the teen mom buzz blog and posted about this cunt Nikkole because at the time I was still with him, and it enraged me that she did this when I thought of how much his son's death affected him, and how private he was about it overall. I believe wholeheartedly that she faked the whole pregnancy. I've been in contact with people close to Mike and heard all the crazy details. It is just insane, sadly, but that doesn't excuse how outrageous and disrespectful it was to people who actually have lost children. Sorry for my rant. I just feel for you.

Can mike request birth/ death certs since he was the named father !
I don't get what the point of taking a picture of you holding the baby would be if you can't see the baby...

Pissed out IUDs (HA! fantastic name) it was a great post!! It got all the rumors and things that didn't add up all meshed together and explained it out really well. Thanks for writing that, seriously.

I know they tried to get information and contacted an acquaintance who is involved in the legal field about their rights but from what I understood a year ago, it wasn't considered to be so outrageous by the general public, and I think the cost of pursuing it wouldn't he feasible to two young people like Mike and Teri. I think overall they were just relieved that people finally realized Nikkole was a nutcase, and they wanted to move on. Teri is a really nice woman and she was actually very sympathetic to Nikkole. I'm glad the two of them have their own child now and seem to have been able to move on. The maliciousness of this toward Teri was largely understated. Nikkole was sp jealous that Mike wanted her that she had to insert herself between them. It's just messed up.

I wish she had faced criminal charges. Honestly, it was just so horrible and insane that I felt she needed to get a huge reality check. The WORST thing about this was her telling Lyle his brother died...

I liked Nikkole on her episode and I felt for her but "fakebabygate" was one of the craziest stunts I've ever witnessed.

And Rae, thanks. After a few days of sleuthing I knew it was BS and I felt for Mike and Teri enough to "break the ice" so to speak lol

Cougar Ladyfriend I forgot to address your specific question. I think they tried, that it was their first attempt to get some truth. But I think they may have needed an attorney to follow through and we all know those are PRICEY unless you're Jenelle lol

Fuck that elephant seal looking ho. She has no soul.

What an insult to elephant seals!

Hahahahaha yes. And I love your name haha

Is it just me or is Lyle looking like he's facing the camera but hanging his head. As in, "look sad about your dead brother" hanging his head. Fuck. That. Bitch.

It's like how Farrah has Sophia trained to look at the ground and look somber and sad whenever she brings up "Daddy Derek" (which makes me grind my teeth because that's fucking new and she's milking the dead boyfriend for all he's worth and I want to punch her in her Walter Matthau chiclet teeth.)

Im so embarrassed to say I actually used to like both of them from their 16&p episodes. I used to feel so bad for them. Like Farrah's friends turning their back on her and Debra being crazy to her.With Nikkole I felt bad because of how Josh treated her. MYGOSH now we know everyone had good reason to treat these selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bags the way they did.

I felt horrible for Nikkole because she was so soft spoken and just let her boyfriend walk all over her and obviously emotionally abuse her. Now I realize she's just stupid AND evil. Bad combo.

It was a gnarly episode. One of the most memorable IMO but clearly they were BOTH screwed up.

Whenever I think of her episode I always think of the scene where she was pregnant and dressed for homecoming playing Rock Band with her little brother after Josh ditched her. Of course you feel badly for her but I always felt the scene to be uncomfortably awkward, the innocent-yet-not scene of a kid playing with his pregnant teenage sister. Not sure how old he was but I'd guess 10-12. I would imagine her brother would still live at home and was witness to this current cray.

I am so very sorry that you know the heartache of losing a child. It is such a painful, empty and depressing thing to go through. I hope you are doing better. I send you a cyber hug because it must still be hard to discuss. (((HUG)))

I'm so sorry to hear that :( So sad :(

I have also lost a child. His name was Carter and he was 5 months old. When I read about this a while back it literally made me cry. She is a horrible person. I don't understand why anyone would ever want to fake this. It's the worst pain you will ever feel. I'm sorry for your loss Leah's Meth Pipe.

She is a sick fuck, seriously. We talk about how bad Jenelle is, and Farrah, and the rest of the 16 and P/ Teen Mom girlses, but nothing can ever top this. A stillbirth is in the top 3 things in my opinion a woman can go through (the other two being premature death of a spouse and death of a child); to falsify going through something so awful, so heart breaking and gut wrenching, you have to have a close relationship with pure evil.

In her 16 and P episode, I thought she was just goofy and aloof in comparison to sociopath Josh, but obviously birds of a feather flock together.

I hope the guy who was told he was the father sues her in a civil suit for emotional distress.

Her mom is just as sick for aiding her in this whole stillborn carp. She's just as cold hearted and soulless. And for what?! For your daughter to get more nickels and a boob job?! Even the friend that sold her out is just as wicked for going along with it for 9 months.
I haven't experienced stillbirth and hope to never do so, but when this whole charade went out I stumbled upon some YouTube videos on parents stories told by pictures and it broke my heart completely. I could feel those parents pain, but not this fugly whores.

Her mom seemed so nice in the 16p episode....I can't believe she's as psycho as her dinosaur faced daughter

That was one of the things that pissed me off the most! Her mom seemed to have a clear head in the 16&P episode but she most likely overlooked and/or qas complicit in the fake baby deal. It was said when her mom was in hospital Nikkole staged some of the pictures like the one in the article. I can understand being embarrassed by your kid being so nuts but not enabling it.

People have said her mom has had custody of Lyle. Is there any proof of this?

Let's hope her mother has Lyle. Cause Nikkole doesn't deserve to be in the life of Ny child.

Amen Meth Pipe. She is the absolute worst of all the girls who've been on 16&P. Jenelle is terrible but the kind of trauma Nikkole inflicted on Lyle is far worse than even Jenelle's habitual neglect. Seriously, can you imagine being an adult having to come to terms with your mom inventing a baby brother who died? My ex's kids had so many issues from their brother dying. Knowing your mom put you through that intentionally, FALSELY is one of the worst mindfucks I could imagine.

I stumbled upon a woman's blog about a daughter she had who had anencephaly (born with no brain, only a brain stem) and it chronicled from when she found out she was pregnant all the way to several years after the baby passed away hours after birth. It had the hospice worker program and the photography the hospital offered and the counseling. It was heartbreaking. I would never wish that upon anyone. A good friend in college went to Haiti with her mom who was in some Nurses without Borders program and a baby was born with anencephaly and no one, not even the doctor who delivered the baby would touch him because that would be "bad juju" and his wife was currently pregnant. My friend snuck back into the hospital, put a knit cap on the baby's head and held it for five hours until he passed away. He lived for 12 hours and she's the only one, including the mother, who let that baby "know" human touch, regardless of how aware he could have been. It's not because they're cruel people, just very superstitious and uninformed.

That's so sad :(

It would take too much money to get a lawyer in order to prosecute Nikkole. He said he couldn't afford it which is why she's getting off.

Let's all make a gofund for mike so he can get a lawyer all pitch in even 1$ and hell have enough because with 1$ we can all make a big difference I mean who wouldn't want to help

My only hang up with that is the fact that she would probably still try to deny she lied and be the victim all over again. So many people would shove themselves into her colon to try and get on the drama train or support her for whatever reason...the same kind of people who fight for support of Jenelle and whatnot. Mike would have to dredge all this up again and Nikkole would most definitely make money from the situation from tabloids before any legal repercussions for fraud or emotional suffering were had and a situation like this is probably somewhat hard to prove "intent" or some legal bullshit like that and she could very well get off on some loophole. Just let her and her tanning bed tattoo fester until no one gives a shit which trailer she lives in when she's 30.

I'm just going to be honest here, I hate Nikkole too but I agree with rae I don't know how easily that would fly in court. I really don't like gofund either...I think Allie and her wholesome family ruined it for me. I just wonder when I think about donating if half the ass clowns would donate for me. Would this guy Mike donate to my lawyer fees if the same thing happened to me? Lol doubt it. I don't care that much frankly, but I do think she should be held accountable. I just don't care enough to pay $$$ for it. It really should be taken more seriously though....random people shouldn't have to pay money to get her in trouble for this shit.

Also I heard he married or had a baby with another girl and just decided to drop it so who knows.

That's what's so fucked up about it TTB, this stunt was so public based on her being on 16&P but normally people aren't criminally charged for behavior like this. If she'd gotten money from him during the pregnancy maybe it would qualify as some extortion or something but it primarily was psychological manipulation.

Nikkole and Mike were banging and then he got a girlfriend. Once he got his gf, Nikkole claimed she was pregnant. He didn't stop caring because Teri got pregnant. That happened about a month or two after everything went down. The two of them were both actively being fucked with because of Nikkole's scam but I don't think she was directly contacting them so it wasn't technically harassment. Nikkole did post several things on her twitter before fakebabygate laughing about being a homewrecker, though, which made it clear she wanted to screw with their relationship.

It's funny because my ex cheated and got someone se pregnant right around when this was happening so I really sympathize with how Teri must have felt when she didn't know whether the pregnancy was real or not.

Jenelle faked a miscarriage and even faked pictures of her bleeding in the bathtub. Jenelle is just as bad. They are both despicable.

I don't really disagree because I'm no Jenelle fan, but I fricken hate Nikkole. For a while I felt for her for being so crazy but at this point i loathe her. She let her son believe he was going to have a brother for nine months. At four years old that's practically a quarter of your LIFE. Jenelle has major issues and her shitty parenting is affecting Jace in many detrimental ways, but Nikkole.... she did something truly evil. Not fucked up, not selfish and stupid and wrong, EVIL.

Not to be creepy, but I saw a comment you left up earlier. Did I read right, you use to run Teen Mom Buzz (or something along those lines)? If you did, I must say I was impressed with all the digging you did into Nikkole's story.

That belly shot doesn't even look like her. And it looks like the same hospital gown. Speaking from experience, regardless of the bleeding and flat stomach, a REAL mother who's given birth to her stillborn baby would not have a smile that wide days after losing her baby. She makes me so irate and crazy mad.

And not only a huge stupid grin on her bitch face, but she's out drinking in the damn woods with her degenerate friends. Not grieving the loss of her child, and not at home with the child she already has. And didn't she tell Lyle he was going to be a big brother?! Ugh it's horrible enough to lie to strangers about that, but the fact that she needlessly put her toddler son through some real emotional trauma is the icing on the shit cake.

Didn't she sell a photo to radar of Lyle kissing that fucking teddy bear she claims she had the ASHES OF HER DEAD CHILD placed into? That thing is going to haunt him like no other and it's just a fucking bear.

Exactly. When Leah had her miscarriage all she did was lay in bed wishing for her baby back. Nikkole expects us to believe after going into labor and delivering a still born child she can go out and party? Ugly bitch.

Didn't her friend claim that she stole a hospital gown and made her mom get out of bed so she could fake this picture when her mom had her gallbladder removed or something? This must be that picture or something similar she concocted.

They have hospice services for stillbirths. She would have photos of the actual child and we all know that if this truly happened to her and that poor kid Lyle, she'd sell those dead baby pictures before you could say "Boobs Through Your Belly Button."

Yes!! I remember Samantha said Nikkole did this but the picture never came out. Here it is

It's probably the picture she staged when she went to visit her mom in hospital. Remember Sam said when they went to visit her mom she made her get out of bed and take pictured of her in a gown holding a doll wrapped in a blanket to use as the "still birth" photos.

That was my first thought. I don't even see a doll in that picture though, just a wad of blankets.

*Cue psycho music*

She's definitely the type to taxidermy her cats later on in life.

She's not cool enough to own cats.

It looks like her son lyle's head in the bottom corner. Why would you have your 4 year old son right there with you with his dead sibling in your arms!?!?! That would be extremely traumatizing to a child that young!!! This probably was staged when they were visiting her mom in the hospital. I don't even think a hospital would allow a child that young to be that near a stillbirth baby like that...(but I could be wrong). It just seems so wrong to put a young child through that (if this was all true).

This is NOT in ANY way defending slutball, and I don't know for sure how it is with stillborns, but my older brother died from SIDS when he was 4 months old. The hospital let my parents and 3 other siblings in the room once her was gone come in and take pictures and do whatever they needed to do. My siblings were 3, 18 months and 4 months at the time of his death, and they were all able to have a family picture with him after he was gone. I know it sounds morbid, but it's what my parents wanted, and the photo hangs in our living room, and my siblings have never said anything bad about having to be in a picture with their dead brother.

I have worked with baby death. We completely go with whatever the family wishes. Some choose to not see or hold the baby. Others have friends and loved ones in for a few hours after the stillbirth/newborn death. Professional photographers can take some gorgeous, precious pictures with whoever they wish. We have lovely handmade gowns and outfits, hats, booties and blankets and headbands that are donated.

Some request the family pics or baby pics but ask not to see the pics. They get handed to the parents in a sealed envelope in case one day they feel ready to look at them. It is done with great taste, class, complete respect and very tenderly. We do them with some miscarriages, stillbirths or neonatal death. Pictures are important because it is tangible proof, a tangible connection to their baby. It says 'I was born, I was loved and you held me.'

Your comment just made me tear up. Then I thought about Nikkole and her psychopathic lack of respect for human life life and got filled with rage.

Notebook. Imagine, just reading my comment made you tear up. Witnessing it, breaks my heart every single time. I cannot fathom personally EXPERIENCING such a loss. To even think, for a second, that someone could fabricate such grief...there are no words. It is vile, disgusting and has got to be the definition of evil. They need to be released into a room full of parents who are experiencing this grief. They would tear her apart.

What is with all these down votes on people having photos of their child?? There is NOTHING wrong with it. It's such a different loss than anything else. Because with a parent/grandparent/friend/aquaintance, you've spent time with them. Know them. Made memories. When you lose your gorgeous baby you lose all the hopes and dreams you had for them. The chance to make memories with them. The chance to remember what they smell like and how soft their skin was. Photos of the small, very very precious amount of time you have with that baby is all you have.
So fuck you to whoever is down voting the comments that talk about having photos of your dead baby. Fuck you.

I am so sorry for everybody who had to go through losing a child or sibling like that. It's horrifying.

Whoever is downvoting these posts needs to stop. There is no need to judge how fellow human beings deal with such a tragedy. I really hope the down votes were accidental like it can happen with touch screens.

To whoever downvoted the stillborn photography, grief is powerful and sometimes having a picture of the baby you only got to see for a short time helps in ways you can't understand. Heck, I lost my beloved dog almost a year ago. I had her cremated and, while most of her sits on my dresser, I have a small bit of her ashes in a necklace that I wear every day. People might think it's weird, but she was my baby and that's all I have left of her. I don't know how I would live if I lost an actual child.

Don't fret over the downvotes. If someone truly "likes" that my brother passed away, and "dislikes" how my family chose to grieve this incredible loss, than they need my prayers, not my negativity. The world is hateful enough, I don't need to contribute to it.

I'm really not understanding the down votes......

People downvote for no reasons.


Some people don't have the guts to voice their opinion so they down vote anonymously instead. It's irritating, but whatever.

They have really incredible hospice services for preemies that don't survive or stillbirths or late term miscarriages. Photography is usually included. It's somewhat 'tasteful' considering the subject matter and they handle the situation with a lot of compassion and empathy because it's not a body to the mother or siblings or father or anyone else in that family. It's a baby and it's a baby who deserves love and respect and everything that they can possibly give them before they bury them. There's a program that takes wedding dresses and makes infant burial clothes for people going through things like this. They're all handmade (as in by humans, not an assembly line but still with the use of sewing machines) and every outfit is custom and free for the family. I have two wedding dresses ($100 bitches) and only wore one and wanted to do something good with them after my wedding and they had so many donations they aren't accepting them at this time. But it's a wonderful program from what I've researched.

I can't imagine the guilt and helplessness people who ACTUALLY go through this must feel. I just know that for me, the biggest heartache would be knowing that I didn't do my job as a parent to save the baby. Yes, it's out of the mother's hands. But I would feel like I let that poor baby down and I don't know how people soldier through something like this. To have this dumb cunt make a mockery of such a horrible, life shattering event is easily one of the top 5 most evil things I've ever seen. I cannot believe she got so many people to go along with her, as well.

Guilt is a very real and very painful issue with a stillborn. The vast majority of the time there is nothing the mom did, or could have done, to change the outcome. Some moms do every single thing possible to carry a healthy baby but end up with a stillborn baby. Sadly it sounds cruel, but it is survival of the fittest and if the baby has serious problems, it just cannot survive. It is nobody's fault but mom usually blames herself because she carried the baby. However an abundance of research suggests the stillbirth would have happened anyway. The worse part is that these babies are often beautiful wee babies, perfectly formed, appearing to be sleeping.

I just wanted to make it VERY clear that I was in no way saying that it IS anyone's fault. Especially not the mom's. I just know that I personally would feel like I screwed up somewhere, even though my brain would know that's not what happened. I dunno who downvotes a post with information about free infant funeral gowns but I hope no one here thought I was saying women with miscarriages, stillborns or infant deaths bring it on themselves.

Just curious but what does a hospice do in that situation? I thought they were only for making the terminally ill comfortable? But if the baby's already dead what is there to make comfortable for it? And don't they try to save premature babies no matter what? I'm just really curious how it works.

Hospitals often allow the parents of stillborn and dead infants in general have their family of all ages come and say goodbye to the baby. Either way a young child will experience the pain of losing a sibling and I think in some cases it may help the children to see their sibling and tell them goodbye so they can fully process what has happened. Most things that people assume "scar' children really don't, kids are extremely logical when allowed. Nicole is a gutter whore of the worst kind however and I do believe the entire thing was staged.

I was at the ER last week and there were people visiting their sister who clipped another car head on going 90 mph and flipped her car and she lost a was deemed a miscarriage so she wasn't far along. Apparently they were telling people that the box they were carrying around was the baby so they could take it home. WHAT THE FUCK?! I was like 1st, that's all kinds of illegal. Secondly, what the hell are you going to do with a miscarried fetus? Bury it in the back yard? Either have a mortuary take care of it or do something other than walk around bumming cigarettes from people while claiming to be carrying a fetus in a box.

Some people do bury family members in a family cemetery or the backyard of a home that's been in the family a long time. Maybe that's what they were doing? Not that I ever would, but if someone died and I just wanted to take the body to bury myself am I not allowed to do that? Do you have to go to a funeral home and stuff?

I have no idea what the policy is now on that, but my mom had my brother still born in the 90s. They told her to carry his body around for a few days so she could properly grieve and then they'd creamate.

Of course she said that was mobid as hell and she wasn't doing it, but that was a thing you could do back then. Not sure how that works now.

It seems like it would technically be a hazmat issue but apparently I may be incorrect. This wasn't the mother carrying it around though, it was her siblings. It just seems like a weird option...if you need to do the carry it around thing, surely there's a place they can put the body while the mom is getting treatment for the car accident instead of the siblings carrying the poor baby around like a picnic lunch and chain smoking in the parking lot.

Sometimes when a pregnant mother finds out her baby no longer has a heartbeat (no longer viable), she must carry the baby for a little while longer. They know the baby will be stillborn but the mom still has to deliver the baby. Without getting too detailed, this sometimes will occur naturally or mom needs to be induced. During this time mom may be sent home to allow her body to prepare for the delivery. Home can be a more comforting place than the hospital for this transition to occur. Especially considering the alternative is often a hospital Labour & Delivery ward, which is tortuous for the family.

Depending on the age of the embryo/fetus, different protocols and laws apply. The law and the hospital procedure protocols will determine the choices the parents have for the remains of the baby. I am not trying to be graphic I am just sharing the info so it is more clear to those who want to understand it. I think knowledge makes us all more understanding.

I would speculate after her boob job. It's too convenient to have a major operation that would require a hospital stay and then this picture suddenly surface. She's been sporting relatively dark hair hasn't she?

She had her boobs placed in through her belly button and it was an outpatient procedure. This is probably from tanning salon tattoo gangrene treatment.

I had a boob job (don't judge me lol) and depends on a few things but it look a good week to be walking around, out and about. You really can't move your arms for quite a while. I got mine under the muscle though so mine might have been worse than whatever she did.

I don't judge you. I'm jealous of you. I wanna buy me some boobs SO bad.

They're fun but they're a pain in the ass too! I went a bit large...LOL you can prolly see on instagram. If I could go back I'd get em jsut a little smaller....let's just say I do not fit into Victoria's secret. But fuck them anyway they're overpriced. It's just a pain finding a bikini now. I don't know wtf I was thinking but they definitely have their perks! No pun intended.

I don't want porn star size boobs. Just a decent set. I didn't get left with much after the babies.
I haven't seen a pic yet where they look too big? But I haven't been looking for boobs either! Lol I'm gonna go have a sneaky peak now!
They start at about $7K in Aus. And we are paying that for braces at the moment so boobs have to wait. Again.

Lol I was gonna say the same thing, I'm jealous as well. I've been wanting them and my nose done for as long as I can remember.

Man. I would love a tummy tuck or something along those lines. I haven't quite bounced back from my second child.

Okay so I have it all figured out. Meth Pipe you want a smaller set, so we are going to suck out the fat from Girlses tummy and make you some boobies. Everyone just posts tummy tuck or boobies, whichever you want. We can line everyone up, divide the wealth of jiggle, and presto everyone is happy! You of course can choose c) none of the above. Anyone requesting a nose job will be shown Farrah's picture...and that outta be enough to change your mindses! You're welcome! Teehee :P

NewDay I totally agree about the nose job thing. Don't mess with your face! Yeah just look at Farrah and realize you don't look like that! Although i won't lie I might get botox when I'm older much older!

Out of all of the shitty selfish things that the girlses of this entire franchise have done over the last fiveish years, this is by far the shittiest and most selfish of them all. Was this girl born without a soul? Does she not understand empathy? I've said that plenty of these people only care about themselves, but this bitch is in a league of her own. How do peop even come up with this sick shit?!?! You would have to be completely deranged to even concoct a plan like this, and an absolute sociopath to have the balls to go through with it. Seriously, fuck this foul bitch.

I read recently that it's mostly a myth that sociopaths have higher IQs than the average population. So there can definitely be stupid sociopaths and she most definitely would fit into that category.

I don't even see a baby in this picture, but maybe it is just me. I also haven't seen anyone look like that after birth. Usually they look very tired and worn out, she looks.... For a lack of better words, all. Also, I don't see someone letting a person take pictures of them during their moments with their still born child. But this is also crazy Nikkole. I don't understand.

The few people I know that have had still births do have pictures of them holding their baby. Obviously they're not happy and smiley in the picture but they want to remember their child in some way. And for still births the use pitocin in induce labor and you give birth and it is painful and tiring as giving birth without the reward :(

and they will let you have your other kids come in and hold the baby and take pics with it and stuff, ive actually seen a few people even put the pics up on facebook, one even made their profile pic of her 9 year old holding the stillborn baby, I think that was a bit much but I guess if its what they wanted to do...

Yeah, I say more power to however they need to heal. I think it's scummy to do it for attention, but I don't think that's what 99% of the people who would choose to do that are thinking at all. I'm a big proponent of trying really hard NOT to judge how anyone grieves unless it's obviously insincere and attention seeking. That irritates me to no end. But if someone I loved had gone through losing a child, they should do whatever possible (in a positive way, of course) to recover from such a loss.

My friend lost her son to a birth defect (same one that my son had when he passed) and she posted photos of herself and husband with the baby so that family could see him and grieve fully. Most photographers that take these photos for families do it for free and they do things such as staging and colorless photos so that they appear more pleasant than reality. It may not be something that EVERYONE wants to see but its a reality...someones baby died and just because it died doesn't mean they don't want to share its existence with their friends and family.

Pitocin speeds up the birth process, but it wouldn't make her look less tired or anything. She doesn't look like a person that just gave birth at all. I don't doubt that there are people out there who want to take pictures with their deceased baby, but it just sounds terrible to me.

I don't get the thumbs down for this comment... maybe people misunderstood you. Pitocin induces labor but oftentimes it is a longer process than what it would be naturally. I understand the discomfort about stillbirth pictures, too. A year ago, a friend of mine had a stillborn son. He posted his son's picture on Facebook and made it his cover photo and also his profile pic. I don't mean to offend anyone but it was a little disturbing to me to see all the time without intending to look at it. He was a beautiful little boy but it (sorry to be blunt) was obvious he was dead. It was just sad. I have no problem with him posting the pictures. It was just something I wouldn't necessarily want to share with anyone closer than family or make my profile picture.

I'm not putting anyone down who would choose to do what my friend did but it is okay for people to have the reactions they experience.

I also just thought, if she just gave birth to a stillborn, why would her gown be loose? There would be no need in it being loose because obviously she wouldn't have been breastfeeding. The only reason is makes sense for it to be loose, is because she just had that boob job and is why she is in a doctor bed.

Ugh, I can't stand her or her stupid, ugly, dinosaur face!

LOL dinosaur face is so accurate. And Leah's duck walk! You're a fucking genius dude.

I always thought Salazar looked kind of dinosaurish tbh. You know that dopey cartoon type dinosaur?? That is Salazar.

She's a bucktoothed potato face or a horse. MAYBE a dinosaur like maybe that bitchy one named Sarah from land before time but less cute. I always thought TM3 Alex looked like a dinosaur too with her weird eye placement.

I thought Alex looked a little like a fish, especially when she "danced," it was like she was just reeled in.

Then its official. Nikkole, Salazar and Alex are all within the "dinosaur" species. We just need a creative name. Annnnnd go!!

Alex, Ashley and Nikkole are part of the Bitchowhorus Rex species. Sadly, they still roam the earth.

Buck tooth dinosaur face

Whore-a--saurus for all. LOL yes Alex looked like she was having a seizure every time she danced. I feel so mean but it's true. Also I'm still in therapy from that fucking lingerie she wore for the performance. So fucking trashy.

When we decide their species do you ever wonder what species you look like? Me and my friends did this lolll and my one friend is super skinny so she was a flamingo, I was told I have dolphin eyes, and my other friend was a beaver. All infinitely better than bucktoothed dinosaur faced whores.

Whore-a-saurus it is!!

and I would definitely be of the "Bug eyed Russian" species. Sounds like a fly.

Ashley also looks like a shitty cgi rabbit with the ears cut off

UGH Ashley is another one that I think faked her miscarraige. God they are both such twat waffles.

Random but I had to mention, I'm actually named after Sarah from The Land Before Time and my mom wonders why I turned out so bitchy hahaha

That looks like an Asian chick in the pregnancy picture. She should be in fucking jail honestly.

I thought that pregnant girl looked asian too.

Fuck her. Most of you on here know my reasons why I'm so sensitive to this, so I'm not going to elaborate further. She is fucked up in the head.

Oh, and also, look who is with Howiewood now(Same people that represent Nikkole and Chelsea):

Great, at least we now know who is the train wreck of season five, and hope she is the only one

That's odd that Chelsea has a manager at all, let alone the same as Nikkole.

I meant to add especially since Chelsea's strategy is to keep her shit on lock down whereas Nikkoles is to whore it out at all possible junctures.

Maybe it's for Randy ;)

FUCK this girl. Dear god, fuck her. I can't even say I hate her because it goes so much deeper than that. If the purge was real, she'd be the first thing on my list.
Like everyone else said, that picture is from when her mom was in the hospital and they staged pictures. Ugh. It just makes me so sick.

I'm laughing my ass off at the depth of your loathing. "dear god, fuck her." That's great!

My feelings on her: She can eat a bowl of fuck.

Also I adore the name SoFloBeachBitch

She is indeed, one messed up girl. I hope she never get's offered any MTV Specials or anything that would give her any more attention than what she is already receiving for the still birth, and her skanky tattoos.

Remember when she got that monstrosity on her back really soon after the "stillbirth" and there was something about MTV cameras being there to see her mom's reaction? I don't remember if it was a picture of a camera or she just said they were there. If MTV got taken for a ride and covered a stillbirth that never happened, I'd love to know who made THAT mistake.

It is a weird story I've never said anything about it because no one knows for sure and it would be absolutely horrible if she really did have a still birth and everyone is doing this. Don't get me wrong if she made it up its really f'd up and disgusting

I dunno why you got downvoted. I figure a lot of people don't know the depths of the full story and that's why she hasn't been completely mob lynched out of anger and hatred for doing something so heinous. Have you ever read this article?

It's not concrete proof but it's pretty damn close. I hope that didn't come off as rude. I just wanted to make sure people know about all of this.

My question that why is Lyle not in foster care if his mother(with grandma's help)publically emotionally scared him? People are saying that nikkole's mother always had custody of Lyle since like he was six months or so. I don't have kids of my own, but can't Josh's mom or sister can at least petition custody of Lyle, because of this. Is josh still in jail/ rehab? If I where josh just this alone would help me get clean and heck, make me join a church community, I actually hope josh gets better, so he can care for his son, before nikkole makes her debut porno, if she has not already

Josh has been clean. He is in jail right now for trespassing because nikkole cheated on him and he confronted her at home and she called the cops because he refused to leave her lawn. Not because of drugs.

He was such a fucking sociopath

BUt then so is she...

Idk. Josh was definitely an asshole, but knowing what we know now about Nikkole I can't really blame him. She probably only pretended to be decent for the MTV cameras.

Josh has to be in jail other than traspassing, he could have had a warrant out for his arrest before he got charged with traspassing, the only reason why he would be in jail if he threaten to kill her. I really hope he gets help so he could get custody of Lyle, and not that fame whore who fifteen minutes are up

He was on probation so the trespassing violated the probation. Nikkole also said he was threatening her as he was outside or something.

Ugg she pisses me off. I've never lost a child but was there as my sister did. I held her and felt the pain as a sister and aunt. I can't imagine as a mother. What a twat waffle. She needs a good punch in the throat.

I have same on her Facebook and she said she took pictures when sam gave birth to her baby Charlie she even took some holding Charlie but she threatened nikkole of she used those she would take legal action that's problably why she took some in her moms room ...physco phsyco girl! She nessa serious help she did all of this not just for the money but to trap a guy!! She didn't want him and his girl friend to be happy SMH

Sam not same

Didn't same have a baby girl, unless Chariie is short for Charlotte

My phone auto correct Sam to same sorry for the typo

Yes Sam had a babygirl but she named her Charlie lol

Ok thanks

Sam is an idiot and she spells it Charlee

I just told my fiance about this and he was like is that considered fraud?... Did she ever get money from people aside from selling her story? Can she really not be held accountable for.this.?

She got $2500, from for selling her story, and she has that ten cents per clink sulia page where she posted the story as well.

I reread your comment, she never held a benefit for hospital bills and other things that come after a still born, but I believe she was a "celebrity" at some newborn event when she was pregnant for her "stillborn", all I remember is that she was given free products for newborns, not anything for Lyle age at the time, so I have no idea what the items are valued or if she would get charged with fraud because because that event she was given gifts not money, and she could have sold the gift for money

I think her proximity to places like Detroit and the fact that baby product companies give out SO MANY freebies all the time would just be a small blip on a radar in an area with much bigger problems. She's unforgivable, but you have to prove intent and all this shit and rule out mental illness (not hard to get an expert to agree to a bullshit diagnosis) so I honestly think nothing legal will ever happen to her for this. Karmic, however? Yes.

She only got $2500? People said that is the money she used to get her boob job with, and I thought boob jobs were way more expensive than that.

They are but you can do payments on em. They're usually at least $5000

I thought Radar claimed that they never actually paid her because she never provided a death certificate or something along those lines that was ACTUAL proof instead of the obviously doctored documents she did provide.

Plus Heather Clouse (sp?) was sucking her ass for a while...

Nikkole is so desperate for fame, even if it means disregarding any morals or a conscience that she had. I cannot imagine going through that, let alone lying about it. The other day I was at an ATM and the car before me just drove away. They didn't clear their screen and I could have withdrew money then and there. I didn't because I felt it was morally wrong to steal someone else's money and went onto my own transaction. I don't get how some of these girls live with themselves after the things they have done to be "famous."

I've had that happen too. I couldn't, in good conscious, tamper with it.

What kind of ATMS do this? This has always made me nervous but as far as I know once the transaction is done at my bank, it spits out a receipt and that is the end of that.

In my experience, it's those standalone ATMs. One was at a Renaissance Festival and the other was in a mini shopping mall.

All the ATMs near me (east coast, USA) will pause for a bit after you get your money, and then ask if you want another transaction. A lot of people will leave the machine during that pause, allowing the next person to potentially click "yes" and take their money if they get to the machine quick enough.

Sammy, my bank is the same way. Crazy enough, even after all the hundreds of times i've used the ATM i never realized it did that until recently. Now i always make sure to say not to that before i walk or drive away. Thankfully nobody has ever taken advantage of me being completely unaware.

I was at the bank one time and the car in front of me withdrew money (i don't remember how much) and they drove off and forget to physically get the cash out of the dispenser. I was next in line and saw all of the money hanging out. I could have been an evil person and taken that money but instead i went inside the bank with it but i know that a good percentage of people (sadly) would have taken it and driven off.

I've been working at a local supermarket for 5 1/2 years (i was 15 and a cashier, not 15 and pregnant lol) and you wouldn't believe some of the shady stuff that people pull. We have to count the baby formula 6 times per day because customers steal it. There are also people who eat and drink things and then hide them on shelves without ever paying for them.

And unfortunately customers are sometimes not even honest. Last fall a $100 accidentally ended up in the wrong slot of a cashiers drawer and while giving a customer back their change, she gave a $100 bill back instead of a $20. Now this error was 100% the cashiers fault but the customer walked out of that store knowing they had way more than they were supposed to. When the drawer was counted later on and it was off, they checked the cameras and were able to pinpoint that customer with the store discount card that they used. They called the man and he denied ever getting the $100 bill even though it was shown on security cameras.

Another time, a woman dropped a $50 bill while she was in line. The woman was frantic looking for it so we suspended her order. The next man in line had his order rung up and he goes to pay with a $50 bill. My friend and i who are front ends right away were suspicious so we had the cameras checked. Turns out the man picked up the $50 bill and put it in his pocked and acted like it was no big deal instead of telling the woman.

Sorry for my rants lol i have so many more which is sad

That's shitty but incredible that your store cares enough to go back and check the tapes for stuff like a customer losing their own money. Wow. The grocery stores here probably wouldn't give a shit.

Well fortunately, most ATMs have cameras or there are cameras in the buildings/locations where they're at. So it's likely you would have gotten caught and charged. But that's not what keeps me from doing stuff like that. I'm like you: It's not my damn money.

Right. I couldn't even imagine taking something that belongs to someone else. I can't imagine not being honest if someone's money fell on the floor and I didn't give it back. My guilt would eat me alive, lol

The atm's I use used to do this yrs ago but now they only allow one transaction at a time and clear out immediately after you're done. Sometimes I miss being able to deposit a check and then immediately withdraw cash but it makes sense not to be able to.

I don't even see a baby in that picture, just a few bundled up blankets. The entire stillborn story is pathetic now as it was then.

This picture is faked. No hospital would wrap a still born child in a large bed sized blanket. The child would be wrapped in cute baby blankets. That's a full sized blanket.

This absolutely crushes me. And I'm not going to talk about slutball at all in my post, that's what she wants, and I won't give her that.

My best friend had a stillborn. She went into labor premature, and her beautiful baby girl, Emma passed away before she was able to be born. She was going to be my goddaughter. I was there in the room when the doctors couldn't find her little heartbeat anymore. It still haunts me. I don't have any pictures of me holding her, I was shaking so hard I was scared I would hurt her, and the fact that it wouldn't even matter made it that much worse. I tried (and failed, I hate to admit) to be strong for Emma's mom (I don't want to give her name online). She's still in counseling over it, and this was almost 3 years ago. I have pictures with Emma and her mother, and one of her mother holding her teenie, tiny, perfect little hand. It's heartbreaking. I assure you, none of our beautiful pictures look like this. No one would EVER cover the face of their dead child, to hide it from the world. There is absolutely no way. Ok sorry this is rambling, I'm sobbing and I'm not going to edit it to make sure it makes sense at all. Nothing makes sense of slutballs situation. I can't.

I'm so sorry. Just you being there was, I'm sure, valued by your friend more than you can know. Both my best friends are due in September and if something happened to their children, I know that they're strong ass women but it would kill a part of them. I'm sorry your friend is going through that but good for her for pursuing therapy. I hope things get easier for both of you. What a horrible loss.

Be kind to yourself Sammy - no one can imagine how they might react in such an awful situation. Reading your post has legit made me all teary. I hope with time things get a little better and a little easier for you all

Wait. Has someone answered this question. Is there even a baby in that picture? Where? Or is that the point?

She is the absolute literal worst. I can't even begin to go into how horrible of a person she is.

I spent a good little bit wondering if Nikkole was mentally ill, because honestly this shiz is something that I thought only a clinically insane person would do, but eventually I landed on a "probably-not-crazy-but-possibly-the-shittiest-person-ever" theory instead.

Crazy heartless cunt disease seems accurate. But seriously who the fuck knows....gosh a psychologist would have a field day with her. The disorder that scares me the most is Munchhausen Syndrome....holy shit it's insane.

Munchausen by Proxy is scarier because whoever the victim is didn't do a damn thing to deserve it, ya know?

Oops yea that's what I meant....the mind can be a crazy fucked up thing

I almost wish she WAS mentally ill. At least then there could be treatment and possible acceptance and a slow redemption. But I genuinely think she's just an attention whore with nothing better to do. She's a disgusting human being.

Yeah I really don't think she can use the excuse of being mentally ill.

Notice her hands and arms are covered to make sure you can't tell if there's an IV hooked up to her. I'm more and more convinced she did this when her mom was in the hospital like her friend told TRTMT.

This, and in the other pic you can clearly see all her hospital bands and everything....not shady at all.

This bitch is dumber than a box of rocks. It really makes it difficult to understand how she pulled this off as well as she did when she is so fucking stupid!
I really thought maybe she had some mental delays when I watched her 16&p episode.

I've thought all kinds of shitty things about Nikkole, including "I hope one day she actually knows what it feels like" but I can't wish that on an innocent baby. I wish there was a way (without harming a baby) to make her know what she's done, to actually understand the gravity of her lies and her actions.

She's possibly the worst example of a woman and human being I have ever witnessed. Jenelle may be rubbish, but to my knowledge she;s never sink this low.

The stupid part about it is that she can't even lie well. She's hung herself out to dry and had done long before anyone ever ratted her out, and she just keeps fucking digging that grave. Well... you know the saying... give someone enough rope and they hang themselves.

Does her state/area have public records? With jenelle it took all of 5 minutes for people to find the birth record of the roll. Would the same be possible for Nikkole?

It depends because no birth certificate is issued in the case of a stillbirth I don't believe? I'm not sure how stillbirths are registered and how public those records are. Especially in the US, I'm really not sure how it works given the variation from state to state

Even with a still birth there would be a birth and death certificate. Just not sure on how public they are. I'm not American so don't know how it works

Yep she is sick. I never imagined anyone would fake a still birth but she seems to have managed it.

Anyone know why she seems to be crawling up Jenelle's ass on twitter?

I can't stand this seahag. I need a can of Bitch-Be-Gone.

It doesn't even look like there's a baby in that blanket that she's holding

I know this isn't about Nikkole, but while we are on the topic of crazy, slutty, shitty moms... Has anyone seen the news about Casey Anthony being 4 months pregnant with twins?! Plus, she's about to be in her own reality TV show. I'm really hoping the article I read was a joke, but I'm thinking it wasn't. That's horrifying news.

Really someone is crazy enough to have sex with her.

I read that it was completely false, Thank God.

Thank God it is a hoax, as is the story of her adopting a baby from Russia.

What should be added to this article is that MTV was going to do a stillbirth special on nikkole last October, it was going to be like the special with the chick that got the abortion, nikkole was going to get the dr drew treatment and everything. This is all according to (the now defunct) teen mom talk

Who has a stillbirth and immediately wants to film an MTV special?

I have not been paying attention to this story and I come into it seeing this article from Megan as the first bit of information on it that I am getting. I do not see what the scam even is. Are you trying to say that she had the baby and faked the miscarriage, because that is what I get from this article. I had not been paying attention and just thought she faked the whole pregnancy. Could someone help me and explain the scam? I am not trying to say that the reporting is wrong or anything, The problem is with me just now trying to figure out what is going on. Thanks in advance for anyone who could quickly outline the situation for me.

Nikkole faked the entire pregnancy, then faked a stillbirth to end it. There never was any baby. She released this picture of her and her "stillborn son." But it obviously was not taken from the time period she claims he was born and is therefore further proof that he never existed.

The 'scam' part of the story is the scam of money people donated to her for her baby, the $10,000 radar paid her for two stories regarding her stillbirth, and the emotional trauma given to her ex-boyfriend and 4 year-old child. There are pictures of Lyle kissing the fake baby belly, and another of him kissing the teddy bear "she put the baby's ashes in". Sick, sick motherfucker.