Meet Savannah - 16 & Pregnant, Season 5

16 & pregnant


Originally, we had heard that a girl named Chassiney from Jefferson City would be featured on the upcoming season of 16 & Pregnant, and there was a photo online showing a girl being filmed at a grocery store who some people believed was her.

Now, after a couple weeks of sleuthing, we can exclusively announce that the girls' name is Savannah Mooney.

savannah2Savannah is a 17 year old high school junior from Jefferson City, Missouri, and since she's making an appearance on our blog, you can bet that she's a teen mom. Our sources state that Savannah had a fairly rough pregnancy, and she ended up going past her due date and was eventually induced.

She gave birth to her son, Rowan James, on February 27th, 2014 at Capital Region Medical Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.

He weighed in at 7 pounds and 5 ounces.

So far, Rowan is the youngest baby to be featured on this season, which means that MTV is stepping up their editing process and getting the filmed footage out to the viewers quicker than they have in the last couple seasons of the show.

Savannah's boyfriend, and Rowan's dad, is named Stone Nesmith.

Stone is involved in his son's life, which is pretty rare in the series, and we've heard that he even plans on marrying Savannah sometime in the near future.

Stone is very interested in cars, and has some mechanical hobbies that help to occupy his time when he's not taking care of an infant.

savannah3Savannah is the 6th girl who is confirmed for this season of 16 & Pregnant, which means we're still gathering information on 6 more girls.

The new season of 16 & Pregnant will begin on April 29th at 11/10 Central, so be sure to keep your eyes on your television sets for the trailer which will probably air pretty soon at the end of Teen Mom 2's time slot, if things follow the pattern they have in the past.


Congratulations to her ... on giving her kid a normal name!

Rowan is a normal name?

Rowan is a classic Irish name. Another popular form of it is "Ronan," like Ronan Farrow, Mia Farrows son who is very influential in celebrity politics and charity. He also began attending Yale at 13. It's a good name ;)

Don't forget "Daddy Pope" from Scandal! His B613 name is Rowan lol

Lol @ Daddy Pope. I LIVE for a scandal reference.

Well we're in America so yea, it's weird as hell. But better than shit like Aleeah and Aliannah. Lol a name doesn't make a person anyway.

Yup, it's a type of tree. Can be a girl or boys name, but I think more commonly a boys name.
One of my high school best friends is called Rowan.

Also there's the very famous Rowan Atkinson - aka Mr Bean, and the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams

LOL I would not want to be named after Mr. Bean

There's a Rowan county adjacent to where I grew up in NC and I had no idea until just now that it's a type of tree. You learn something new every day! Thanks!

Ha ha Rae! I grew up in Iredell County right beside of Rowan County!

Lady K: No way!! I grew up in Iredell County, too!! Born in Mecklenburg and then moved to Iredell when I was 4 and moved to TN when I turned 18. Did you by any chance live in the Mooresville/Huntersville/Troutman area?

Beautiful baby name! Her baby's father sounds like a good guy too, hopefully hers will be a good episode.

Fantastic baby name! I adore Rowan! She sounds like a good girl - I am really looking forward to her episode! Also, love seeing biracial babies on the show since my own son is mixed race :)

I agree, LOVE seeing inter-racial couples and bi-racial babies on the show!!

I'm actually super jealous moms with gorgeous little biracial babies!! My husband and I are both Scotch/Irish (I have a hint of Norwegian which only adds to my paleness and he has a hint of Cherokee but you can't tell by looking at him) and our children are going to be so pale they'll probably come out translucent. I've lived my entire life in the Southern US so I know people can be extremely ignorant about biracial children and/or interracial couples and I hate that for people on the receiving end of it. I figured it was pretty isolated within mostly southern culture until that Cheerios commercial came out last year and it featured a biracial family and so many people lost their damn minds bitching about it all over the country. That really, really surprised me. Hopefully, more commercials, TV shows, really any type of media presence will feature positive biracial relationships and parenting so yet another generation of kids won't have to grow up thinking there's something inherently bad or wrong about their families. How is a kid supposed to feel if their mom and dad have different skin colors and they see people getting legitimately mad because a commercial on TV also shows a mom and dad with different skin colors? That's just gotta be an awful thing to have to explain to a kid, especially when they're young. Sorry didn't mean to ramble. I'm just glad it's becoming less taboo even though I didn't realize it was still such a huge issue anywhere other than the south until recently.

Pretty young lady, in the first picture she looks a bit like Lauren London.

It still makes me cringe to think that she, as well as the other young ladies on this season were between 10-12 when the first season of 16&P aired.

Oh god, they grew up with 16 & pregnant. Never thought of that. I feel old...

I second that cringe. Clearly they didn't learn anything from the past seasons, either.

I'm really happy that MTV is realizing that people enjoy it when the footage they are watching isn't like 2 years old when it airs.

Wow! This blog always has interesting articles, but I think this is the first time TMJ is officially announcing a new 16&P girl first. Bravo Steve, Megan and company!

Anyone else notice Karley Shipley from the new series who also had twins (with names sounding just like Leah's twins...) has #AAA in her Twitter bio.....

If she only has twins, why the third A? Is she shooting for Irish triplets?
Dream big, kiddo!

Karley's husband's name is Tony...short for Anthony. I'm making an assumption here that the third A would stand for that...

I had no idea! Thanks Megan!

Is that like a twitter thing to hashtag the initials of everyone in your family/your kids on your twitter bio? I'm not being an asshole...I'm genuinely curious/confused.

A normal name!!!!

In the picture of Savannah with her boyfriend, she looks like a young Ebony to me.

She is so pretty! And she had her whole life ahead of her.
Why carry his child to term?
Why allow him to inseminate?
Why even give him a second look?

On twitter, she is @citylightdream.

My name is Savanna! And I had a baby as a junior in high school.... My baby's dad was (and is) involved in his life (we are married now) .... And my son also weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and I also had a complicated pregnancy.....

Whoa, weird. Can't wait to watch her! She's pretty!

Don't really like her after stalking her Twitter. Maybe it's just that I'm getting old, lol. She and her boyfriend seemed to have been on/off for numerous times.