Is Mackenzie McKee the Farrah of TM3?

Mackenzie Douthit

Signs seem to be pointing to yes. How you ask? Boob jobs, bad music videos and sex tapes!

Boob Jobs

Both ladies underwent enhancement surgery after their time on our boob tubes (see what I did there?).

Farrah even had her assets redone in 2013, replacing her C cups with Ds. For some reason Farrah even keeps the old implants in her closet--a fact she discussed with her daughter Sophia during "Being Farrah."

Left, Farrah wearing her old implants and holding her new ones. Right, Mackenzie before and after surgery. Left, Farrah wearing her old implants and holding her new ones.
Right, Mackenzie before and after surgery.

Mackenzie added bigger breasts to her muscular frame in June.

In an effort to help pay for her newest additions, Mackenzie set up an account on, though her account was taken down the same day it was set up.

If you're unfamiliar with how the site works it's explained on their home page--"Since 2005, MyFreeImplants has provided a zero cost alternative to cosmetic surgery loans. No payments, no interest, no problems. Just fun, friendships, and free breast implants."

Musical Mavens

Both ladies have tried their hand at breaking into the music world.

First, Farrah released her first album "My Teenage Dream Ended" in 2012 and followed it up with "Blowin" in 2014. Haven't had a change to listen to Farrah's musical talents lately? Just click below!

Mackenzie recorded her single "The Sweetest Treat" last month.

The teen mom's rap was aimed helping young children with diabetes make smart choice. Because if we know one thing, it's that most of these teen moms are AWESOME at making smart choices.

And last but certainly not least...Porn Stars?

We all know that Farrah became the first teen mom to release an adult entertainment video with her tape "Backdoor Teen Mom" and TMZ is reporting that Mackenzie might be following in her footsteps! According to reports, Vivid (the same company that released Farrah's "sex tape") has obtained one of Mackenzie and husband Josh! Apparently the tape somehow magically appeared at Vivid's headquarters and Mackenzie's lawyer quickly shot them a letter demanding that the tape not be released.

Farrah and her lawyers also fought the release of her sequel.

Mackenzie's PR rep is Gina Rodriguez who has helped other women (including Farrah) get their sex tapes released by Vivid. Coincidence or movie in the making?

Interestingly enough, after Farrah made some comments about Mackenzie not need to get breast implants if she couldn't afford them, Mackenzie had this to say...

What do you think the odds of this tape being released are? Will Farrah take Mackenzie under her wing and show her how to become a successful business woman?

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Odds it will be released 100%

I wonder if she gets ass pillaged like Farrah did?

No way can Jawsh's addled ass consent to anything! Bet he signed the release with an x!

Does he even have enough brain cells left to write an 'x'?!

he'd probably nod out halfway through writing it

Well she probably slips in and out consciousness as well, so this should be thrilling!

My prayers have been answered.

all i have to say is WWJD? maybe she got confused and thought it stood for WHAT WOULD JENELLE DO???

How else would they be able to pay for the Kia she ruined before they could even get insurance on it? No ones going to watch/buy it though, just like TM3. Mackenzie really grosses me out.

Well, I hope he bangs more enthusiastically than he...anything else's...

LMAO! I imagine he'd be half-asleep through the whole thing, glazed eyes, occasionally mumbling indiscernible syllables.

Maybe he's really enthusiastic during sex and uses up all his energy and that's why he's comatose during the rest of his life... I reckon we'll find out soon enough.

I am so disappointed in her uterus I might have to change my name! It has had 4 opportunities to blow up and take her with it. Maybe fifth times a charm?!?

Don't feel let down! She put something on her FB the other day about buying a puppy to fight off baby fever. Pregnancy number 5 is not far off!

Probably took so many takes to get one where Josh looks remotely awake or interested that a pregnancy was bound to result from it!

There's still hope!

On a scale of one to teen mom 3 boring, how lame do you think their sex is?

I'd say Briana on the couch after exhausting herself from complaining about Devoin lame


I can see it coming out and her justifying it because they are married so it's not sinful or shameful like Farrah's

lol yep. like giving it to vivid is a-okay bc it's with her husband, y'all!

They are just enjoying each other's beautiful bodies!

Errm... I don't think god ever said 'go hither and make porns'. Think the church isn't for porn, period.

Maybe josh has been teaching her how to ride like she's in the roadeo

Probably lasts about as long as a bull ride.

Pot, meet kettle.

Ha your avatar made me chuckle to myself for a minute.

man this girl is sick. she has (imo) a raging eating disorder and she is OBSESSED with being famous. her twitter is either talking about her obsessive working out/food restrictions or RTing random articles intouch keeps writing about her.

ive been hating on her for the past few months and i have to say this is a nice little pay off- lol

Totes agree on the eating disorder. She uses her diabetes as an excuse for everything!!

and everyone is like YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! bc shes working out. but obsessive working out is an ED. and she restricts like fucking crazy

Thank you for saying it so I don't have to.

to me it's very obvious. first off her skin has that grey hue to it, even with her fake tans. her eyes are so gaunt and her hair is very very thin. when she posts those before/after pictures im like her 'splurges' are things like peanut butter and her entire twitter is a timeline of it. it's fucked up and sad and everyone is like OMG A MOM IN SHAPE YOU GO GIRL WOOO HASHTAG HEALTHY MOM!

Possible sex tape titles??

Annnnnnd go

(Come on Sir Nibs, I kmow you can come up with at least 10 off the top of your head)

This is gonna be good.

Back Woods Teen Mom! or In the Saddle with Teen Mom!

doing it for jesus

Annnnnd.....We have a WINNER!!!!!!

in jesus' name we..........FUCK! awww yeah

(Blood) Suga suga
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Oklahoma Ho
Penis Prayers
Gyrating for Jesus
Adam and Eve go west.
(Okay that last one was bad, I was just trying to combine the bible and rednecks)

Mackenzie Does Miami

How did I NOT think of that one the first time around?!

Glitterpants, Trap Baby, Rae, get in here!! We need your input for titles!!!!

8 Seconds, The XXX Parody! Actually, I'd watch the shit out of that if we could sub in Luke Perry (don't just my early loves!) for Jawsh :-D

How about a mashup of two of these suggestions: Oklahoma Hoe-Down!

teen mom rodeo behind closed doors
whoring in oklahoma
teen mom: rode by cowboy
bodybuilding in bedroom

Teen Mom: Hoe Down

I'm listening to that album right now and drunk so your user picture is just really amazing to me.

The Sweetest Treat ;)

I hope that's the theme song at the very least

Ride 'Em Cowboy
Ride 'Em Cowgirl
Mount Up
Saddle Up
Boot Knockin' Boogie
This Ain't Her First Rodeo

Maybe Josh is well-endowed and it'll be something about him being hung like a horse

This read like a song, I swear!

Ride 'em Cowboy, ride 'em cowgirl
Mount up, saddle up
Boot knockin' boogie, this ain't her first rodeo

Apologies in advance for these images.

Bare-Back Diabetic Attack

Every Door Teen Mom: Hog-Tied & Raw-Hide

New Breasts Gone Wild in the West

"Rode-Oh Shit, That's What My Last Brain Cells Signed Off On?"


The Second Coming of...

Ok I need to stop

I just lost my shit @ "Bare-Back Diabetic Attack"

I'm flattered! My favorite as well lol

Why not just use the name of her song, 'The Sweetest Treat'?

Meant to write The Sweetest Teat...

Step one: get free fake boobs

the sweetest free boobs

Jesus God Mckees

Jesus God McKees ?

How Mack gets Josh started.
Picture of their ex-car under title. Josh half asleep in it, Mack approching in cow skin bra with label on it from the website that bought her boobies.

McKee's on her Mcknees

Tits McKee!!

Not even surprised. Mckenzie is an attention whore.

Two things-
1)I feel like a square. I use my real pic here. I can't pic out ONE moment to screenshot for a good avatar, especially now that Amazon Prime started CHARGING for Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. SO sad about that.

2)I would totally watch it! Only if I could watch it for free like I did Farrah's. I might be a dirty bitch but I'm a CHEAP, dirty bitch!

I'm sure once it's "leaked with our Mrs. McKee's permission" you'll be able to find it online for free.

Finally, someone who understands me

Truth be told I had some serious considerations about watching Farrah's.

I just finally decided I didn't want to risk unnecessary nightmares.

Jesus. If this is the kind of fame complex she (and the other 3, especially Briana) got after one season of TM3 then I'm glad they only got one season!

I'm actually surprised Briana didn't release one yet. Wonder if Mack will use the Teen Mom name in her tape as well.

She just signed on with Mack's manager, so it's probably only a matter of time.

Yeah I expected all of this from Briana before Mackenzie. I didn't watch much of Mackenzie though, she drove me crazy during TM3. After seeing all of this, she might be worse than Briana. Not as trashy as Briana...but more of an annoyance

Nobody wanted a contract with Briana. The sex industry has some class.

Also...what is with the fame needs of TM3? I realize the whole franchise is struggling to stay relevant, (aside from TM2 at the moment, and that's thanks to Leah and Jenelle drama largely) I had to google Alex though, I forgot she was on TM3 because she seems to lay pretty low. However, I do think she's also a level of crazy I'm not about.

Go to her instagram. Watch videos of her dancing. I swear, that will be all the entertainment you need for the night.

I bet anything she "leaked" the tape but I don't see Josh being on board.

He was probably sleeping

Or trying to get away while she hung on for dear life and whined about her FAAAAMILY!

maybe it was her masturbating the whole time and she was alone.

Probably. It's probably a video she filmed to send to someone for her "free boobs" and now decided to get more money out of it.

Grangie is going to be so proud.

Josh should be prepared to use his performance in the video as proof he wasn't awake during the filming.

Or ever. If I was him I would want a paternity test. Is the guy ever awake enough to get an erection? And then cum??

*ahem* Nocturnal emissions.

Conspiracy time!! What if this tape was filmed pre-boobs, post wedding ring in the toilet?! So she will justify it by saying they were having problems at that time. Because yeah, I don't see Josh on board either.
How sad would it be if it was with someone else. What husband is A-OK with their wife having sex on camera for the world to see, just for some extra money?! I mean we already know their relationship sucks but damn.

I like this theory. Like what Kristinna did. The marijuana smoking ho!

She's such an attention whore now, it's really depressing. I wonder if she really thought that this embarassing song about diabetes (that I managed to forget about already, before that post happened) would make her in any way famous? Because it surely cost money to produce and I can't imagine any way she'd make any profit on that.

Well I guess we know what those fake titties were really for. Wonder what they'll call it... Backdoor Teen Mom 3? Mackenzie's Rodeo? One Night At Grangies? I can't wait for Farrah's response to this, if there's anything that pisses off Ms. Backdoor it's someone trying to outdo her.

Teen Mom Cowgirl: Rode Hard and Put up Wet

The whole family is full of hypocrites. Between Mack being two faced and constantly lying about the state of her relationship, and Grangie in the corner saying they have good Christian values, it makes me sick. I'd rather be an Abraham than a Douthit

Yeah the Danielsen-Abraham clan can at least plead insanity for their actions

Don't forget how she won't acknowledge the pregnancy with Oakley!

I am actually really confused... I saw on one of the teen mom sites ( I cannot remember which one) a screen shot of what looked to be a tweet from MacKenzie saying something about it being 3 years since she lost the baby and she posted the babies name to be Gunnar. Is Oakley something she said and then changed it to Gunnar or did someone else say/guess at Oakley? Anyone know?

The Ashley wrote an article on it and said that Mack and Jawsh planned to name the baby Oakley. That's where I got my info

Everyone has one lonely little down vote. Hey there, Mackenzie!

No no...remember to use words Mackenzie can understand like, Ya'll and howdy!

It's Grangie!

Mackenzie has favorited two tweets today regarding the sex tape

1. "@DouthitKenzie who the hell cares that you have a sex tape"

2. "@DouthitKenzie has a sex tape? Pfft I'll watch it ??"

Yeah, this sex tape is getting released.

She's like the white trashiness of Leah with the fame whore qualities of Farrah. It truly is something special.

I guess Jesus isn't okay with birth control, but 100% on board with porn.

As soon as we're interested in something else (so, a week or two after release) she'll probably run over to that group of Christian former porn girls that tries to rescue everyone. They're really annoying, like "I had no idea getting gang banged for crystal meth was a bad idea! Jesus saved my ho ass!" so her clan will probably love the self righteousness. Because you know, you can do anything you want, as long as you go on to condemn anyone else who does the same thing.

You can do anything you want, except have an abortion or love someone of the same gender. Praise the Lord!

She'll probably try to write a Christian parenting book just like Farrah too. It's like she was born to be Leah but decided to be Farrah.

Lol I know plenty of "pro lifers" who haven't practiced what they preached ;-) it was different with them, of course. Everyone else was a dirty baby murdering whore, but they HAD EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES BECAUSE THEY WERE NICE GIRLS WHO JUST GOT IN A BAD SITUATION! I also know a few girls from high school who seem to think I didn't know them back then lol going off what they post. I'm like you didn't feel that way in 03!

One time in college I had someone I was friendly with tell me how opposed to abortion she was and how it was killing a baby and that women should have the babies they get pregnant with because that's what you get for having sex. Lo and behold, literally 3 days later she tells me she's pregnant from a one night stand and is getting an abortion.

I didn't say anything about it to her, I just offered to go with her, but I really hope she learned a lesson and isn't like another woman in my life who has had abortions and still talks shit about it like it never even happened.

There seems to be a pervasive "it could never happen to me" attitude among that crowd; which, given that rape is a thing that exists, is impossible unless you've gone through menopause or have your uterus physically removed. One of my best friends called me in tears yesterday, because she found out she was pregnant with an IUD- so not only an unplanned pregnancy, but a very scary, high-risk one at that. It really can happen to anyone.

I've also always been bothered by the "babies are the consequence of having sex!" school of thought, because not only is it saying that women should be punished for having sex, it's saying that a child is that punishment. What a depressing way to view children.

She once tweeted "kudos to those who never made a sex tape" to get back at farrah for bashing her trying to get free boobs. Oh my god, someone worse than farrah actually exists. Farrah paid for the boobs, mackenzie asked strangers online, farrah made a porn and proudly released it despite not admitting it was a porn, and now Mac is just copying everything farrah did.

HAHAAHAHAHA Chelsea, Javi and Kail are talking shit about Mackenzie on twitter. I love it.

Chelsea: (In response to TMZ's tweeted article) "? hasn't this been done already ..?"

Javi: (In response to Chelsea's tweet) "@ChelseaHouska ???"

Chelsea: (In respone to Javi): "@JaviM9 you and kail next!!??"

Javi: (In response to Chelsea): "?? these lame a** sex tapes. We're gonna make it worth it. Sike, I'll go to jail for murder before that"

And then Kail's tweets

"We chose to share our lives on a teen mom show but that's where the similarity ends. Not all of us are interested in at fame at any cost."

"I've made my own fair share of mistakes and I, in no way, want to be linked to the mistakes of others."

Of course Kail has to be a self righteous cunt about it. Urgh. She irritates me so badly.
Mack probably saw that OG got another season after Farrah's tapes released and she wants aTM3 season 2. Poor bitch feels ripped off.

She really is more likely to go to jail for murder, what with her anger issues.

Ew why is Karl acting like she's all high and mighty?

she is high and mighty. She's a tall mighty gigantic scary hulk

Karl's sex tape would be shown on animal planet.

You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals.

So let's do it like they do on the discovery channel! Bad, bad images now...thanks!

Maybe Boozy Suzi has a sex tape and it's a sore spot for Kail, haha.

Trust Kail to become prissy instead of being able to make a joke like Chelsea and Javi.

It's not like anyone's asked her to make one.

The thing is, Kail gets on her high horse about it, but if she didn't have two giant train wrecks in Leah and Jenelle in her series, she could've just as easily been the one season wonder that the TM3 girls are. And who's to say she wouldn't desperately be still looking for her other 14minutes?

God forbid any of the TM girls said that in regards to Kail's violence incident...

Incident? Did you forget to use the plural for that?

"Incidents" I correct myself, lol.

Javi says he'll go to jail for murder before he releases a sex tape that's because the only time kail probably comes at him these days is to shake his head, the one on his shoulders.

Javi's cry for help anyone?

He's probably blinking "torture" in morse code.

Kail is way too much of a prude for any sort of video/photo evidence of her and Papi getting it on. Plus, there might be a glimpse of unfolded laundry in the background.

Black Hole Kail strikes again! I seriously doubt Chelsea was actually suggesting Kail and Javi make a sex tape. Can you imagine what that would be like? I think I'd rather watch two gorillas go at it than those two try to have sex. It'll probably involve a whole lot of head shaking and Kail yelling at Javi for two hours.


God forbid Kail make a consensual sex tape with her husband. She'll beat on him and yell at him in front of her kids, but doing porn? That's just asking for too much of the She-Hulk!

Don't be is beneath her, unlike Javi...unless she is beating him up.

You know, I'm all cool with Kail and Javi never inflicting a sex tape on us. Can they take down the pic over their bed now? Because my eyes haven't recovered from that.

I would watch it. Not even going to lie. Because it would be fucking hilarious.

I'll probably need eye bleach after though.

Jail for murder? Thats such a weird thing to say.

Kail, shaddup.

Wishful thinking. He's married to Kail. Gotta get out somehow.

So, is Javi basically saying he'd rather murder Kail than create a sex tape with her?

Hmm. Sounds logical.

I couldn't stand this girl from the get-go. I originally thought she was dumb as a box of rocks, but I know now it's all an act. She has manipulated her mom for years with the dim bulb act, and took it to MTV. She got viewers to believe the whole "simple country girl" bs for years. However, it was pretty clear after the Kia incident that she's more a ball of crazy than anything else. And BTW, I think she said that the baby she lost was named Gunner - that was the first I had heard of that, I thought it was Oakley too.

I hope she pulls some moves from the School of Farrah Abraham and pretends that it was a LEAKED SEX TAPE to celebrate her pre-surgery boobs and definitely NOT a porn tape so she's NOT a pornstar.

I wonder if Vivid had James Deen on a two for the price of one deal? He's at least better looking (and more alert) than Jawsh

10 bucks says she's post boob job in the video

No! I want a before and after homage to Chasey Lain!

Just saw this on the Lastweekonteenmom tumblr:
Is mugshot #16 imminent?

Jenelle also sold a story to US Weekly about how her tech certificate is more important to her than getting custody of Jace:
"Look, I know Jace is important right now, but, you know, my graduation is coming up in July.’ So I mean, that is just, it’s the no. 1 priority right now"

.... No words.

Jace is NEVER her number 1 priority.

"I'm sorry I have to put my son on hold because I have other shit to deal with." -Jenelle to her attorney, Dustin.

What did she do this time?
Nathan got her arrested for domestic violence? Drugs? Fight?

I had guessed domestic violence or driving without a license, it looks like the latter may be true.

So apparently she's claiming that some guy road raged and purposefully hit her car. So probably no mugshot this time.

Jenelle is claiming that her car got rammed by some random person with Kaiser and Jace in the car. Which is why she didn't mention anything about it on twitter, or take either of her kids to the emergency room, and instead proceeded to play pretend happy families with Nathan at the water park.

I only believe her story because who wouldn't be overcome with "fuck this bitch" and hit Jenelle's car?

I only believe her story because who wouldn't be overcome with "fuck this bitch" and hit Jenelle's car?

Haha, true.
But imagine if it did happen, she would be on twitter within seconds to get sympathy from all her deluded fans, and then posting photos of Jace and Kaiser in the hospital getting checked out. And probably photos of the car being damaged, and excuses about how now she won't be able to go get Jace on the weekend because her cars getting fixed. I think she didn't know anyone had photos of her with the police until after she got home from the water park, panicked, and made up some stupid lie.

I saw on Instagram someone said they were there and she and Nathan were yelling at each other and fighting, so maybe they got kicked out and the cops were called? Who knows.

Psst! Umm, Jenelle? It's not exactly a secret that Jace isn't a priority to you. Even Jace knows it.

The most unbelievable part of her whole story, to me, is that she "had both of her kids with her." At least make your story believable Jenelle!

Oh, Lord... Mackenzie needs to stop focusing on building her man body, chasing Josh, and staying "famous", and start focusing on managing her diabetes and being a mother to her two children! MacFarrah needs to grow up. This ain't gonna make Jesus or Grangie happy.

I'm disappointed that she's going to OK the release of a sex tape and THOSE were the biggest boobs she got.

I don't know if this has already been said but Mackenzie is such a fucking hypocrite.
She bashes Farrah for doing porn and then lying about it...but her denying she set up the MyFreeImplants account (especially when she posted proof) is no better than Farrah claiming it was a "leaked sex tape."

Just saw a picture of heather... ON A CHAIR. Someone get a spray bottle stat!

Oh man, I forgot how much HC used to cream over Mack. I can only imagine how she is defending her so hard right now.

Oh god she is probably the one downvoting.

Hey Clouse!! Go fuck yourself!!

Uhh it's Heather Woods now (THE Heather Woods to be exact!), don't you know she's like so happily married to the totes most amazing man in the world (he's a cop, incase you didn't know!) and has totally perf children that she breastfeeds/fed ('breastfeeding advocate' y'all!) because she is like so awesome and the best mommy evarrrrr? #LifeGoals

She makes me want to vomit with her 'my life is perfect, look at me!' attitude.

Oh Heather, enlighten us with your wisdom and knowledge, please. But first get of your high horse so we can hear you better.
Just because she finally-finally managed to become Heather- spouse it doesn't mean the rest of her improved.

Ugh I can't stand Clouse. Acting like she's the breastfeeding goddess mom. She started trying to get pregnant right away after she had her last baby, and as soon as you get pregnant your milk changes and a lot of times the baby won't like it anymore. If the baby does keep breastfeeding, you have to stop breastfeeding at some point because it causes uterine contractions and can induce labor. She's lucky she took so long to get pregnant or else her son hardly would've been breastfed at all. And then with her recent pregnancy, she was complaining about hating being pregnant and wanting the baby out immediately, which is pretty freaking selfish when her son was premature. Her whole pregnancy she bitched and moaned, plus she bragged about how she couldn't wait to get her tubes tied. Like, if you don't want to be pregnant, maybe don't get pregnant in the first place? She just loves the attention.

Producer Heather or the Louse? I'm not sure I'd let either on my furniture.

She is just embarrassing herself. I always liked Mackenzie, I thought she was well-meaning, just very dim, like a much dumber redneck version of Chelsea.

But girl has flown off the chain in the past few months and now I see where she was always kind of creepy and weird.

I think she started famewhoring when she busted her new car without insurance, and couldn't afford it.

They are the Mimi and Nico of the Teen Mom franchise. Like even the celebrity couple FAKE sex tape scandal situation has happened before!

Does anyone know if Grangie has fake boobs? I saw a pic of her recently and she has a pretty good rack for a mother of 5/6? And her age....they look a little too perfect. So maybe there was no issue with Mack getting titties?
I can't imagine her being all Debra and My-kole defense for a porno though ?

Well, she seriously thought that abstinence was a legitimate contraception strategy for her Mack after she had already had Gannon and her previous miscarriage, so who knows how her brain works.
Maybe because Mack and Jawsh are married it won't be immoral or something.

I wonder if Grangie is expelled from church yet?
I knew another lady like Grangie, very religious and was someone important in the church, 3 of her daughters are currently doing slutty low quality modeling jobs.
I'm not bashing religious people, I just think, idiots like these make those nice religious people look really bad.
Oh wait, Debra is also super religious.

was anyone else super relaxed and not surprised when you guys heard about this? I was expecting it to happen after the free boobs.
Leah surprised me when she dated a new guy and moved in with him after two weeks of being together, beside this, none of these girls surprise me anymore .

Let me guess, Mac's next step : vagina mould or a second sex tape

and the next girls to release a sex tape: Leah, Jenelle, Briana and Jordan

Honestly? Nothing any of them do surprises me at this point

I am shocked that surprised you about Leah. She isn't one to make good decisions so it seemed nornal for her. I could see her being the next to have a sex tape released but hers wouldn't be consensual. Ol Robby probably has that rabbit in his hat as a way to make some money for his new family. If it's not Robby it is some other dude going at it while feeding her bottles of pills.

Non consensual pornography, or revenge porn, is becoming increasingly illegal in many states, and a federal bill against it is poised for next month. Even Google is taking massive steps against it, and what are you going to use to find these non consensual porns? Bing? Please.

Besides, all those Vivid released celebrity sex tapes were all released with both partners consent, despite what the media circus may have said. There's a reason Vivid hasn't been hung out to dry like Shoc. If we see a Leah porn, it will be with her signature attached.

Color me naive, but I didn't see this coming at all. I just find it so interesting (and sad) how easily these little girls can be manipulated into making life-changing decisions that can literally have a disastrous effect on them and their children. Most idiotic youngsters, you can look at them and say, "They're gonna be ok. They'll grow up and make better decisions when they mature a bit." But damn, these girls! MTV comes knocking and they sign away their brains and morals.

Mackenzie has always been some kind of famewhore, Gannon was her second pregnancy, it was rumored that they were filming her with her first pregnancy but she lost it. And after she got pregnant again, they started filming her again.

Well, they are teenagers. A group of people not known for their decision making skills, but well known for their egotism.

That's kind of a whole part of the "don't get teen pregnant" thing.

Seriously?! I'm maci done.

And for Jenelle and her no.1 priority is school and not her kids and that she's had fun in a waterp ark with Nathan and said kids and got arrested/ticketed/whatever...
I'm Amber done.

It was just on Starcasm that Jenelle was offered 1.5 million for a sex tape but turned it down because of her high morals. Didn't she do nude shots for her boss or someone for free? Her and Keifah probably would have done one for the contents of a change jar back in the day. I love how moral all these ladies portray themselves to be.

I doubt she was offered 1.5mil initially. I wouldn't be surprised if she went into bargaining and then got cold feet and wouldn't sign or said other half wouldn't sign. I have no doubts it exists.

What is this, Opposite Day? There's no way in hell Jenelle turned anything down because of "high morals." Give me a break! There was a revealed blind item that said that Jenelle was trying to get into porn and failed the talent test (whatever that is). It's far more likely that they turned her down instead of vice versa.

That Tumblr said the "talent test" is an STD screening. She claims Jenelle has herpes and can't do porn because of it or something.

@high horse, that sounds like a more legit reason, we all know jenelle is a walking STD. Karl also has STD from Jo, it was mentioned on a reunion a long time ago.

Had, past tense. She claimed clamydia, and she also said she got treatment, so she would test negative.

"Turned out down " = she tested positive for an STD and is not allowed to participate in the porn industry.

Which is honestly what I think might have happened with Amber too (but less likely than Jenelle).

I think it was Gary or maybe Kieffer who said Jenelle had herpes? That would be enough to fail an STD test (and fair enough, porn stars don't need to be exposed to serious diseases just because of their career)

Well, there are strict laws to protect them from exposure, and porn actors have served time for performing while infected.

I remember hearing rumors about Jenelle having herpes, but I don't remember ever reading an actual sorry about it. I figured out was just one of those comment section rumors.

Herpes testing is usually inconclusive if it's not during a flare up, so most adult ent. production companies don't test for it. So if Jenelle ever failed a STD test for a porn company, it means she has some other type of creepy crawlies. Although, I also think that's just a comment section rumor. Jenelle had plenty of money when she was on heroin, because she drained it all from Jace's college fund -side eye- Plus, I think Jenelle is far too egotistical at this point to do porn. She thinks she's so famous and such a bad ass in her own right. After Teen Mom 2 is over? That's a way different story!

My thought is she caught something intravenously from sharing needles.

Bet it's the hep! From my extensive research (watching a lot of intervention) it seems pretty common among the shooty-uppy sleep around club.

In other news, my new band shall be called the Shooty-Uppy Sleep Around Club. Consider dibs called.

I really, really doubt that. Jenelle has had at least one set of nude pics leaked, so the actual value in her.. umm... goods is decreased right there. At least Farrah had the dubious title of the "hot" one from her season... Jenelle's rep is as a bathtub pooper.

some people are into that type of porn. maybe vivid is trying to corner a different market with her.


I agree. Jenelle has nudes already, there's no surprise or shock value there.
There's no way Jenelle would get 1.5 mil, just based on her ridiculous tattoos! Vivid (and every other professional porn company) have a certain 'standard' of how the girl should look, and Jenelle just doesn't fit the cut.

Shooty Uppy, Sleep Around Club has me giggling over here.
Teen Mom Bathtub Poop Party?

Chickenfriedcheetos, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thank you. hahahaha

On last week on teen mom tumblr somebody suggested that Mackenzie is pregnant again. Wow, how can someone be so dumb is beyond me. Is she that fame hungry? :/

I don't think she's pregnant again. I did hear that she admitted to having a miscarriage a little while after Jaxie's birth, so it could be related to that. That makes four pregnancies for this girls. I think Mackenzie's name should be Bricks McKee because this girl is so fucking stupid.

Well maybe she's ready to get pregnant for a fifth time because she's waiting for TLC to approach her. TLC is famous for supporting homophobic people who don't use birth control, Not sure if Mackenzie supports LGBT or not but since she came from a ridiculously conservative(in a bad way)family, it would be unsurprising if she's homophobic.
With a sex tape and a new pregnancy, I honestly think she's trying to compete against Leah. Well Mackenzie, better find a new man so you can stay more relevant!

Am I the only one hoping it's not Jawsh with her in the video? That added bit of drama would probably make me watch it.

Oh who am I kidding? I'll hate-watch it just like I did Farrah's.

We all watched it. Only the strong can admit it.

Lol. I haven't watched it but I'm very particular about porn. I'm the soft core, Skinemax, there has to be a storyline type. My boyfriend likes the raunchy stuff. Where does hers fall? Should I risk the upset stomach and take a peak?

There's a big difference between porn you watch to get off and porn you watch for the sake of having watched it.

Just pretend you're watching Sharknado.

I didn't watch it either, but not because it's porn- because it's Farrah, and everything about her just plain skeeves me out. I can barely even tolerate watching her with her clothes on.

I might be curious to see Mack and Josh's, but only to (maybe) find out what his face looks like with a different expression on it.

I watched it, but I didn't have the patience to finish the whole thing, it was just Farrah screaming like a llama the whole time, and James Deen being the professional actor he always is.

I watched it. Watched it twice.

Did you watch it online? For free? I don't want to pay for that. I've seen some stills. But I would watch it for some laughs.

It was on pornhub for free back when it was first released. But it's since been taken down :(

Something tells me that this chick will release a sex tape as well or pose nude in Playboy. Wtf is this shit??? Lmaoooo i am so fucking done

I like how she said "it's supposed to be funny, shout out to the girls who compliment instead of hate" or whatever.
I don't find it humorous at all, it barely made sense...I feel like it was just a way to be get likes/follows and keep up the modeling charade. She's a gorgeous girl (I'm talking physically, mentally...she's about as interesting as a watching paint dry) but she's still riding on the whole, I was dating a guy from teen mom and look at me go. I'm surprised we haven't seen a tape out of her, either.

WTF! What part of it is supposed to be "funny?" I agree, just another opportunity to show off her bod (which she does have the right to do), but still, such a famewhore.

she's not even pretty.

Always thought she had a nice body, Her face though....Is just average. Just my opinion.

every post is her basically telling people to stop hating her for being stunning, she's just shaming everyone else who doesn't work out like her. And she's trying really hard to prove that her butt is real, pathetic.

lol she is such an instagram model. her 'professional' shots she posts all look like shit. yeah she has an amazing body but her face is just average. she's not going to be on magazine covers anytime soon

Testing out my new's been awhile! I've lurked for years and commented occasionally, but I've been busy with life and shit. I'm digging the new layout (y'all are killing me with the profile pics ?) and the new writers! Keep up the good work!

Anyways...I think I can speak for 99% of "The America" when I say that NO ONE wants to see this tape. Ewwww. This is probably going to be more boring than Paris and Kim K's sextapes. Mackenzie, serious question, did you sell your soul to the devil? Because I'm pretty sure Jesus would NOT approve of this...quit being a fame whore (and real whore) and focus on your kids, smh.

What the fuck happened to getting an education and a real job? These sack of potatoes already has made more money than I have in my thirty some years of existence getting knocked up and showcasing the foibles on national television. She doesn't need any more free money for walking us through her how to process!

I guess like other folks I'm just miffed that they were riding high and mighty saying God this and Abstinence that - only to make a U-Turn into Porno. Both Mac and Farrah need to start working on that future peep talk for when their kids come home crying because they were bullied about mommy's porno.

I really cannot stand her at all! All she seems to do all day is post pictures of her working out or drinking her shakes. Where the fuck are her kids while she's working out all day? And she says she drinks like 8 of those shakes a day..cause that's totally normal.

Oh and then she posts all these pictures of her and Josh to make it seem like they are the perfect, happy couple. I don't know why she pretends, but then admits he flushed her ring down the toilet and that she has to go driving around looking for him. In all her photos I can just imagine her forcing Josh into them and telling him he has to look happy.

Then she posts about wanting more kids?! When she's already had 4 pregnancies by the age of 20, and she lives with her parents and has an unstable relationship? She's so messed up. And now of course they had to get a dog that will probably be neglected anyway.

And I will definitely not be watching her tape..the thought of seeing her and Josh trying to even come close to looking passionate together makes me cringe. I have like second hand embarrassment for her because she's so desperate for fame and for Josh.

I only want to watch for like...two minutes max, just to see if Jawsh has SOME emotion ever. My guess is no, and that he'll be sleeping and she'll be screaming "ride em' cowboy" and I'll get a good laugh and eye bleaching after.

I'd totally watch. I'm pretty sure she'd have to wake Josh up to tell him when it's over.

How rich would it be if the porn comes out under her pornstar name Sugar Free Candy Willow.

How many months/weeks did you wait before telling were pregnant?


Nice hiding by the way!

:) Thanks Meth. I'm 28 today and I could still hide it a bit with a baggy sweater. I think I'm at a total of 9 lbs gained. Although, that would be so odd in the middle of summer, wearing a sweater. I love my little bump and not hiding it though. I'm just one of those weird women who love being pregnant - even after all the scary stuff I've been through.

14 weeks. It was pretty obvious by 24, haha.

8 weeks for immediate family, 12 weeks for people we liked and 20 weeks for my boss I hated.

I told my close friends and family as soon as I found out because I can't keep a secret to save my life

Soon there will be enough Teen Mom porn to make a neat DVD box set...

Nikkole is posting up a storm about being in labor

lol bitch couldnt wait for the umbilical cord to be cut

Gotta prove its real this time.

She's like a nicer Farrah.

I can't stand either one of these twats but didn't Farrah pay for her first set of boobs with a loan? Or at least that's how MTV edited it. You know, the pair she keeps IN HER CLOSET like the fucking demented little weirdo she is.