Mackenzie "Drops" Her New Single

mackenzie douthit

mackenzie"The Sweetest Treat" is here y'all and things are about to go down. Mackenzie decided recently to create this video for all of the children out there suffering from Diabetes.

But unlike her predecessor, Farrah Abraham, her song was actually a rap.

She said she wasn't a very good singer and decided that a rap would be the better way to go.

Today is the day we finally get to hear this masterpiece single that has been much anticipated by us over at TMJ.

Listening to this once was probably enough for me. It's definitely very Dr. Seuss-like and absolutely meant for children.

Mackenzie talks mostly about how proper diet, your doctor, and physical activity are going to be your best friend if you have diabetes.

A lot of it is pretty redundant and there are a few random webcam videos of her sitting with her children and Josh awkwardly chillin' in the background as Mackenzie and the kids laugh and smile.

It was very "cutesy" and what I would expect from Mackenzie.

I'm going to give the girl SOME credit here because she definitely did it better than Farrah (maybe I'm a little biased). I guess we will find out soon enough what this song does for Mackenzie and the children she is trying to educate. But I don't think it was half bad. If you are into monotone not so good rhyming.

It was basically informative and I feel that children could understand the message she was trying to relay. And that was the point after all.

So here's to hoping that this song does some good in the world of diabetes. Hats off to Mack for trying. You gotta start somewhere, right?

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Step one : don't manage your diabetes like I manage mine

Reminds me of Kidz Bop. Very, very lame - but it is informative, and very simple for children to understand.

She's no Eazy. Plus I can't get over little Shelby waiting to happen trying to act like an authority on managing the beetus.

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge

Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube
From the gang called Niggas Wit Attitudes
When I'm called off, I got a sawed-off
Squeeze the trigger and bodies are hauled off
You too boy if you fuck with me
The police are gonna have to come and get me
Off yo ass, that's how I'm going out
For the punk motherfuckers that's showing out
Niggas start to mumble, they wanna rumble
Mix em and cook em in a pot like gumbo
Going off on a motherfucker like that
With a gat, that's pointed at
Yo ass--so give it up smooth
Ain't no telling when I'm down for a jack move
Here's a murder rap to keep you dancing
With a crime record like Charles Manson
AK-47 is the tool
Don't make me act the motherfucking fool
Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe
I'm knocking niggas out the box, daily
Yo weekly, monthly and yearly
Until them dumb motherfuckers see clearly
That I'm down with the capital C-P-T
Boy, you can't fuck with me
So when I'm in your neighborhood, you better duck
Cause Ice Cube is crazy as fuck
As I leave, believe I'm stomping

I'm fucking in love with you <3 let's have babies and not pierce their ears

OMG! Baby Earrings! I love you, also! My husband makes fun of me when I bust out with gangster rap in the car! My fave is Boyz n tha Hood! FYI, Straight Outta Compton the movie is coming out in August! I can't wait!

Lmaoooo noooo Mckenzie, just no! Kidz Bop wouldn't even play this ?

I salute anybody who got through this in one piece. I gave up after twenty seconds. The terrible lyrics combined with her dead eyed stare was just too much for me. Plus I love how she tried to include Josh in the video and he just wasn't having it. Has he flushed his ring again yet?

Wow, compared to this - Farrah should have a grammy.

I sadly agree with you.

Yikes. So cringeworthy. God, the second hand embarrassment...
I love the "I can't sing so I will rap!" way of thinking. Rap actually takes some skill too, Mackenzie. Everything about it is really, really bad - the lyrics, the "rapping" itself, the production (was there any production involved? It sounds as if she was singing to a webcam mic.)
If this is aimed at children, why is the music video just her walking around, awkwardly dancing in a studio and pretending to talk to the producer dude? You'd think something cute or funny (...intentionally funny, that is) would be way better... I can't imagine a child who'd want to watch this.

That poor tattooed guy just looks embarrassed the entire time. I hope he got a good paycheck for being involved with this monstrosity. You could also tell whoever edited the video was trying to make Mackenzie look like an airhead. All the video clips of her "recording" the song in the recording booth showed her forgetting words and not being able to follow along to her own song. I guess her sugar was low and she wasn't able to concentrate.

Mackenzie doesn't need to try and look like an airhead.
I'm tying to imagine what Kanye West would say if he heard this. His head might explode.

"Rapping, that's just like talking, right? I can talk. People like the sound of my voice, it isn't grating in the slightest!"

Excuse me, I'm going to go listen to some NWA now.

Omg i had to turn it off after 40 seconds. My ears are bleeding. I don't know in what universe this is better than Farrah's. Actually if im being honest, i could probably listen to "Blowin" over "The Sweetest Treat". Blowin at least had a beat to it and autotune because she knew she couldn't sing, this song is all Mackenzie's horrible rapping skills with no background beats to it. i am scarred for life and i only listened to 40 seconds. Also wtf kind of music video is that lmao

I agree farrah's album was better. at least it was autotuned so you didn't have to hear her real voice, but mackenzie used her own voice and the lyrics are just embarrassing. If anyone should be a role model for managing their blood sugar, it's Aleeah.

When did Mackenzie turn into such a famewhore? Is she that depserate for money and/or fame? It all started when she sold her stories to TMZ about her no insurance car crash, selling false stories about her relationship troubles to TMZ saying Josh flushed her wedding ring down a toilet, than the implant fundraiser, than the very clearly staged papparazzi photos on a beach of her boob job, this "rap" music video, etc

She is faslty becoming one of my least like girls

because vlogging and getting a real job at the salon was just too much to handle. Her most worthy stuff, the car and the ring are pretty much gone.

I think she got one of these "managers" who is thrusting her into the limelight,'s not working. Go back to the salon and the rodeo, kids.

When was this "being healthy is the sweetest treat" created? Before or after she didn't check her blood sugar, got in her car, then drove off the road and got into a wreck?

Being healthy is not the sweetest treat, according to Mack, since she eats junk food and candy like there's no tomorrow.

The sweetest treat is Oreos. Too bad Jeremy doesn't agree.

Twenty points to Ravenclaw.

Definitely cringeworthy. I need to go listen to Nightwish or Apocalyptica.

Yay Nightwish!

YASSSSS!!! Apocalyptica is my shit!

Electronical, I have love in my heart for you.

I've been listening to Shadowmaker for the past two days. Love that album. It almost made me forget how awful Mackenzie's "rapping" is.

What the actual fuck, this is fucking embarrassing. How is she proud of this.

She sounded very bored but I think it is a good song for children.


They Might Be Giants have good songs for kids. Kids can have good taste in music too.

I've been trolling TMJ for a while bc I'm impartial to the hilarious comments in times of boredom. I must say that after about 23 seconds I had to shut this shit show off. Not only is she a horrible "rapper," but she's also a horrible promoter of managing diabetes. Good lord girl, get your shit together for your health and for your kids!

I'm going to grab a cupcake and some soda to settle down and listen to this.

It was stupid, but it didn't make my ears bleed like Farrah's autotuned mess. At least she can say hers was meant to be silly/corny since it's actually aimed at children, whereas Farrah's was an attempt at an actual music career.

Same here. But I can tolerate monotone rapping over awful "singing" and horrible editting any day. And the production quality of the song... I don't see how she couldn't have just recorded it locally. It would've sounded just as bad.

The LOLs started with the fire extinguisher in the background at the very beginning, and never let up throughout. Seriously, anyone with a smidgen of creativity could've come up with a cute idea for a video to go with this (awful) song and improved it a little. Toss some junk food around, have some fruits and veggies in cute little bowls, maybe film her walking down the aisle of a grocery store tossing healthy stuff in her cart...ANYTHING! But no, let's just go with standing in a recording booth and awkwardly walking down a hallway and stupid webcam shots of her family. Sounds good.

I agree, the song and video won't even appeal to the "target audience" at all, which is supposed to be kids. And I wouldn't really call what she's doing "rapping". It's more half-monotone and half-singsongy talking. During one of the segments where she's playing with the kids and Josh is on the couch, he leans to the side so that his face isn't in the frame, just his legs/feet.

Also, in what universe does "glucose" rhyme with "choice?" I guess the schools aren't well in Miami, Oklahoma either.

holy moly, she looks terrible

I can't bring myself to watch the actual video, but I have to know - does it feature her new rack???

This is a terribly desperate attempt to stay relevant.

Additionally LOL at Josh giving not a single f in the background.

There's no way this paid for her boob job. She should have kept her day job...and by day job I mean her freeimplants account.

This is one of the worst things I have ever watched. She isn't even 'rapping' as such, just talking in monotone and in the video she is forgetting the words to her own song.
Jesus, God Leah

This reminded me of those horrible poetry readings in junior high - the ones where you had to show up for a grade and recite an original poem of your own in front of one and all. Some of the kids would try to be theatrical but most would just stand there and read their art way too close to the mic with no interest or emotion whatsoever. But even THAT wasn't as bad as this shit...sorry "Mickey", you are going to have to use your new tits and ass for fame and fortune.

Christ almighty, I was embarrassed for her as I was watching it. I couldn't make direct eye contact with my screen without losing it. Bless her heart.

Is she a robot? Her introduction of the song was very monotone and emotionless (as is what I watched of her "singing"). Does she always talk like that? And really, she can't even lip sync along to a song she recorded!

That video was kind of horrible. Did professionals work on this?? If so, it's hard to believe.

Speaking of Mackenzie I was so proud of myself the other day - one of her vapid leghumpers on facebook was going on and on about what an "adorable name Jaxie is". No joke. It was hard, but I resisted the temptation to comment on what an asshat this leghumper clearly is.

At least it wasn't like.."buck shot" or whatever they said in her 16&P episode with Gannon. Cringe.

No, but the term "jacksy" or "jaxie" is British slang for the ass or buttocks. No joke. These idiots couldn't even be bothered to Google their original name to make sure it wasn't potential fodder for the kid's peers in the future.

One of Mackenzie's friends who I think was on a few TM3 episodes had a son recently and named him Rowdy Roan because he's going to "be a little cowboy." I think her name is Kayla, but there's a million friends named Kayla in this franchise.

I am Amber and Maci levels of done after reading that.

Her instagram is @caylapaige if anyone wants to check out the levels of redneckery going on.

She looks like she's 40 years old.