Kristina Robinson Opens Up On Her 16 and Pregnant Experience

16 and pregnant

kristina robinson 16 and pregnantKristina Robinson appeared in what was likely the saddest episode of 16 and pregnant to date.

This was because the father of her baby, Todd Hight, passed away shortly after the couple agreed to appear on the show.

She had a tough decision to make on whether or not to continue filming, but went ahead with it anyway, and from the sounds of the interview she gave her local paper, almost regrets it.

It was her mother who e-mailed MTV about the show, and it was extremely tough to go through with the process, especially once she realized how invasive filming would be.

I'm sure having cameras follow you around everywhere for a solid 3-5 straight days is a very annoying thing, then to have it happen every other week or so for a few months must have been stressful.

While initially rumored to be on Teen Mom 3, she made a comment "The money is not worth the drama you get from doing the show" which pretty much guarantees she won't be the 4th mother for that season.

It's sounding like Jordan Howard will indeed round out the cast (who will likely take the Amber/Jenelle drama role).

It's too bad because Kristina seems like a real down to earth type of girl, who could badly use the nice paycheck that comes with being on an MTV show.

The rest of the interview is interesting, especially saying despite having the date of her sons birth off by 2 weeks, it was very accurate.

Kristina also claims it's not scripted, and while I agree with that, there are no doubt points of every episode where the cast has to reenact something that happened when the crew wasn't there.

I'm not sure how often it happened during Kristina's episode, but it does happen quite often for that show.

Kristina also went on to say that feedback has mostly been positive, including people asking her to speak to groups, and twitter was also not as harsh as it's been to other moms.

I know she won't be on Teen Mom 3, but I do hope MTV finds ways to keep up with Kristina along with many other girls this season who didn't make the cut.


She is by far the strongest of the season.
I absolutely loved her episode because she showed such strength and was very real. I may not agree with her decision to marry so quickly after having her son, but I'm very happy for her and she is such a great mom.

What happened to Briana? I really think that if Jordan was on TM3 they would have showed her at the reunion. Briana was more interesting if you ask me. Jordan was just as disrespectful and rude as her mother, and that is solidified by the fact none of the girls from the season even liked her after they met her at the reunion.

I really like Kristina's story, but I don't think I could ever watch her episode again. It is such a heart breaker. I think it's in the best interest for her, her family, and all the girls watching the show for her not to be on. It gets depressing honestly, but I think it would make her grieving and accepting alot worse if she was on TM3.