Kristina (Robinson) Head: Pregnant Again


Most people will remember Kristina's heartbreaking story on the season finale of 16 & Pregnant, Season 4.

Her son's father, Todd, drowned while they were swimming at a beach, and there were a lot of tears shed during her episode while viewers watched her try and cope with that loss and become a young mother at the same time.

Since her episode aired, Kristina has gotten married and had another child with her husband TJ. Her second child's name is Tommie Joseph, although I believe they just call him Joseph. The second pregnancy shocked some people, and many wondered how she could move on and get married so quickly after her former fiance's death, let alone bring another child into the world when she was still coping with that whole situation.

On the "Where Are They Now?" special, we saw Kristina's husband say some really mean things to her, accuse her of smoking marijuana, and threaten to divorce her and take their son away from her.

She admitted that she had slept with someone else while the two were separated, and that it caused a strain in their relationship.

It was quite an eye-opener, to say the least, and it really didn't leave me with the sense that the relationship was anything near stable or that the marriage was going to last.

Apparently I was wrong, because Kristina and her husband are adding a 4th child to this family. The baby, a boy who is due in February, will be the couple's second child together, and they each have a child from a previous relationship as well.

The child that she is carrying is allegedly a boy who the young mother plans to name Layten.

Kristina has hinted at a pregnancy a couple of times via her Twitter account, but has failed to post pictures of this pregnancy on social media, even though she documented the last two pregnancies that she had.

The picture above was leaked to tumblr from Kristina's private Facebook account, but she still has not commented on it.

Are you surprised at this pregnancy? As far as I know, Kristina will be the first girl in the history of 16 & Pregnant to have a third pregnancy and third child be born (she is not the first to have three children, as Leah (Messer) Calvert had the twins and baby Adalynn).

The last season has given us more second pregnancies in the shortest amount of time than any other season.

Kristina had her second child in January 2013, Sarah Roberts had her second in October 2013, and Jordan Howard, Myranda Trevino, and Mackenzie Douthit are all currently expecting their second children.


I can't understand why Kristina and her husband rush so much. They got married after a nanosecond of knowing each other and had a baby immediately after that. I do understand that it totally could cause some tension in their relationship and I was happy for them when I heard they're not getting a divorce and they're working things out- most 16&P people just take they toys and move to some other sandbox, like marriage and parenthood are a childish game, which they're very much NOT. But another baby...? Gosh, it would be hard to handle for a 40-year-old people, married for 15 years, let alone such a young people with a lot of emotional baggage.
But I do hope they'll mature and handle this the best they can.

I've been wondering about this story, thanks for writing about it Megan!

Was she pregnant in the Where Are They Now too? That would be 3 girls who were and hid it. Holy crap.

They just don't want to be judged. Even if they're a great parents and have stable families, it's never a good thing to have 2 or 3 kids before you're 20 and they've gotten enough of the negativity after their episodes. I'm not saying they don't deserve the negativity, just saying that I understand why they try to avoid it.

Kristina had her second January 2013, not 2012

You're right! I went ahead and fixed it. Thanks for catching that. :)

But I'm glad you wrote about this. I had seen pictures/ heard gossip and was curious. She did move on quick , but it could be her inability to really process grief and trying to make herself feel better... She never wanted to talk about the tragedy in any way and never even watched her own episode. Todd's mom posted some nasty things on FB about which lead to gossip sites writing articles and her trying to sue. I just don't think she's really dealt with it

Megan, I love your writing. It's so wonderful how you give us so much background information and really write a story, rather than lazily writing a two line "article" as other sites do. Your work is very much appreciated!

It says 4th child, am I missing one? I was only aware of the 2 kids. Would this be the 3rd or did I miss one somewhere??

Kristina has her son, Lukas, from her episode of 16 & Pregnant. Her husband has a child from a previous relationship. Together they had Tommie Joseph, and now she is pregnant with this child.

Thank you! I didn't realize he has a child!

I didn't know about his other child either! Good sleuthing, Megan!

When I first saw her 16 & preg ep I was so sadden by it. But then I watched it again & this time I noticed how much of a total b*tch she is. Especially to her mom, I kinda felt bad for the mom. Anybody else think so? Or am I just crazy. Haha (:

I just saw this episode and I was freaking bawling. I can't imagine going through my pregnancy and raising a kid without my husband. It's heartbreaking. I think there may be some major issues that weren't revealed between this girl and her mom. Also, I cannot wrap my head around getting pregnant so young, almost drowning, finding out your fiancé DID drown and then try to process all the pregnancy issues she went through. Everyone deals with grief differently and it seemed like it just broke her to even talk about the guy dying. She was obviously SEVERELY depressed. I hope she's found a way to handle that unimaginable grief but I don't think having so many kids with a new husband is the best approach. But I'm not her. It seemed that whatever support anyone tried to offer emotionally, she pushed it away. Maybe she thinks getting married and burying herself in babies will give her purpose to keep going or a least distract her from losing him the way she did.

She's in debt for more tha 55k$ plus attorney fees from when she lost her lawsuit, so tell me who's gonna pay for these 4 kids when they are basically going bankrupt. Oh that is right, us taxpayers.

What was the lawsuit about?

She sued Starcasm because of an article they made about her, she obviously lost. And is obligated to pay 55k plus attorney fees for 3 company, plus hers. I think it could be well above a 100 000 $

Wtf?! Did they really need to snap back at her like that? They know she has no dang money.

Good lawd this girl breeds like a flipping rabbit. She hardly waits for one to stop crowning before the next is conceived.

It wasnt put on social media like the other 2 because the father of the baby is unclear. They split up last summer for a couple months and she got pregnant as soon as they got back together.. The gap between the two guys was a matter of days so there is really no telling unless a DNA test is done. The really sad part is who the other baby daddy may be. She had the baby today and as far as I know TJ is there with them. Let us all pray this poor girl stops having babies now. She really didnt need a 2nd one, much less a 3rd.