Doing It For Jesus

Mackenzie Douthit

Shout out to Is Kyle Slow? for the inspiration for the article title and Mackenzie's sex tape.

mackenzie-douthit-2015 Seriously, it isn't a sex tape.

According to The Ashley, Miss McKee on her McKnee's (shout out to Delta Dawn's Charm School) has finally spoke out about her sex tape. Mackenzie is in LA (conveniently where Vivid is located) when Splash News caught up with her on Tuesday to discuss the situation. And her response sounds extremely familiar. Mackenzie denies that there is a sex tape and that she would never do anything like that.

However, and here is the doozy, she admits that there is a tape. Understood? If I had to translate this statement, my guess would she means there isn't a sex tape like Farrah has a "sex tape".

So, if this does get released, it won't be as good of quality. Sorry, guys.

Mackenzie explains that her phone was taken and had personal videos and photos for her and Josh's eyes only. Whoever "took" her phone gave the video to Vivid and thoughtfully returned her phone. Chivalry isn't dead after all, y'all. Mackenzie is meeting up with Vivid to negotiate the tape.

(Hopefully, Gannon and Jaxie will not be joining her.) She has no plans to have the tape released and says that no amount of money will make her compromise her morals. Angie Douthit, Mackenzie's mom also responded about her daughter's video.

"It simply not true," she tweeted. "There isn't a sex tape and there never has been."

But, there is a tape.

Surprisingly, Farrah has not made any comment about Mackenzie following in her footsteps.


I want this to be released so badly and not because I want to watch it, but because I want to watch Mack and Grangie eat their words about "morality." LOL FOREVER

But they're MARRIED!! And it was stolen (BULLSHIT)!! It's still okay with Jesus if you film you're cooch if you're MARRIED! Either Grangie's head is going to explode or she's going to pile on more holier-than-thou non-logic. I can't wait.

Also, don't Mackenzie and Josh BOTH have to consent to it being released? If this gets released, obviously Josh isn't as bent up about this as is being reported.

What are the fine, upstanding citizens of Miam-uh going to say about this? Are they going to allow Grangie to continue teaching their children in public schools there?

Oh so same situation as Farrah. Made a 'personal tape' for her/joshs eyes only and conveniently vivid got a hold of it.
Does she not realize that no one believed Farrah so using the same story isn't going to work for her either?

And that this literally happens to NO ONE via Vivid and even on the slightest chance that it did, she'd have to consent to its release anyway?!

Took the words right out of my mouth

I wonder what's in Mackenzie's mouth.


This bitch looks like she's 40 years old SERIOUSLY.

there is no way Vivid can legally release the tape if Mackenzie and whoever is in it with her do not sign off on it, they don't just mysteriously have your tape and threaten you to sell it to them, everything vivid does is legal.

Shhh! We're not supposed to know that!

What do you bet when it is 'leaked' that the quality is more Kim K Superstar than crappy cell phone sext?

Blah, why won't she go away! Briana must be either laughing or crying though.

Briana is next.

Briana just signed with mackenzies mananger. I'll be waiting for hers. With popcorn. My only sadness is that it won't be with "fukherfaceshoc"

well maybe it will be a tape of her and fukherface, that way it will legit look like "a leaked sex tape"

I want to watch that sex tape. I bet she is real nasty in the sack. She'd be riding him like: OH YEAH DADDY MORE

I'm hoping it's rodeo themed, of course.

Probably competitive and rodeo "I can ride this cowboy longer than you can ride the bull!" She has to say something shocking to wake him up.

I can't stand her nasally, whiny voice. IMHO, it's worse than Farrah. I'll bet dollars to donuts that Farrah's screams of "Cock Cock Cock!" will be a thousand times more tolerable than whatever horrific sounds come out of Mackenzie's nose, I mean mouth.

Yes! I despise Farrah more than almost every other person from this show but Mack wins in the annoying voice departmennt!

I'm married and I don't have kids yet but SHIT these two break up and go full-hog moved out, screwing new people faster than anything I could ever imagine with two kids. This isn't 10th grade, dudes. You're MARRIED and there are children involved. Have a screaming match after the kiddos go to bed like a normal human and grudge around pissed off for awhile but don't just up and leave because you married a complete dumbass and they're behaving like a complete dumbass.

Also: "Sources now tell Fishwrapper that Mackenzie's mom notified her daughter -- while she was in Los Angeles, nonetheless -- that Josh picked up and moved out of the family's shared home, because he believes that she's out in Hollywood filming porn as we speak."

Uhh...was he not awake for the first go around where she filmed them or does he think porn only counts if there's hotel room lighting?!

Gah! You guys are fast - I just came to post that! LOL

Josh being the braindead guy he always is, I have to say, he does seem to have a low profile life on social media and doesn't care about fame. In Mac's music video of her first bestselling single and on her instagram, Jawsh is obviously forced to be in them. When he flushed the ring down the toilet, it was proof he doesn't give a shit about Mac anymore.

Maybe he moved out because he's not in it?
Maybe he doesn't have to sign shit because it's Mack on her own with some of her favorite "work out" toys?
Maybe Jawsh is going to be embarrassed and feels intimidated.
Well buddy, you snooze, you lose.

Meth, according to the article on The Ashley, someone at Vivid confirmed that it was Jawwsh in the tape.

I'm really angry at her thinking anybody will believe that it was "stolen". She's so dumb and she thinks other people are even dumber. I can't wait for the fallout.

I think Farrah, in all her delusional lady backdoor presence, damn well knew she was doing a porn and if she could hype it up that it wasn't a porn (because why else would you film with James Deen, a well know actor in that industry?) and when it was made public, as long as she kept talking about it, she kept relevant. If there was a scandal, she kept relevant. I don't believe for a second that Mackenzie didn't try to sell this and is out to see what $$$ offers she can get...but probably not enough. She's not much of a celebrity, just known somewhat. Farrah has some celebrity status over Mack, and also had James Deen. My guess, is that no one offered them enough $$ because it's just a "teen mom couple." So she's trying to play it up as a scandal, like Farrah did, to keep relevant. We all know how McKee grasps at straws to stay at minimal, D-list important.

All I can think of when I read this title is a Duggar porn that you KNOW one of them will end up making and support their latest "ministry", I'm sure.

"Oh Derick, c'mon and part MY Red Sea..." *giggle, giggle*