Jamie McKay Gives Birth To Second Child

16 & pregnant


16 & Pregnant season 3 star, Jamie McKay, gave birth to her first child, Miah, during her MTV debut in 2010.

Jamie and boyfriend, Ryan McElrath, had ups and downs throughout their episode, and called it quits for a while after he allegedly cheated on Jamie when she was pregnant with their daughter.

When MTV's cameras caught back up with Jamie on the "Where Are They Now?" special, she had admitted that the two were back together and doing their best to raise their daughter together.

Jamie remained quiet for a while, but in November 2012, she posted a picture of an ultrasound picture and a caption "rest in peace little angel" that led people to believe that she had miscarried her second child.

Jamie set the record straight by saying that she chose to have an abortion, strictly out of fear. She received a lot of backlash for the situation, and eventually removed the post and ultrasound picture altogether.

Jamie once again shocked followers yesterday when she posted a picture of her new family of four on Twitter. She included only a simple caption of "baby boy" which led to many people wanting details on the situation.

Jamie eventually spoke with The Ashley and revealed some details about her newest addition. From what we know, his name is Mason and he was born on October 25th.

Jamie joins a majority of the season 3 cast mates that have also welcomed 2nd children including Jennifer Del Rio, Jordan Ward-Finder, and Danielle Cunningham. Izabella Tovar and Allie Mendoza from season 3 are also currently pregnant.



A few things:
* Miah looks JUST like Jamie but with her daddy's eyes
* Miah always strikes me as it's spelt really weird, but I can't actually think of what would look better. Thoughts?
* If you have to give an interview about how your partner is doing sooooo much better, he's probably not.
* So Jamie was pregnant 3 times in 4 years. Why is she so against contraception? It totally works, she should give it a try.
* She says Ryan doesn't want anymore kids but she does so they'll probably have a couple more, yeah because that won't make him book or anything.

Congrats I guess.

"Miah always strikes me as it’s spelt really weird, but I can’t actually think of what would look better. Thoughts?"

Mia with no h at the end lol

But that would be pronounced "Me-uh" not "My-uh".

I kind of just assumed her name was Mia but spelled stupidly.

Isn't that correct spelling for that pronunciation Maya?

My name is Mia (me-uh) and people call me Maya all the time when trying to pronounce my name.

Mya, just like the singer would be good.

I vote Mya, but I know some people don't think three letters make a "complete" name. I doubt she put that much thought into it, though.

It's a Hebrew name, Mya is right but yea doesn't look complete for some reason. I like Maya more. but NOT MIAH confusing!

My dog's name is Mya, and everyone adds the extra A.

my name is 3 letters? i never knew that it could be considered incomplete - weird!

We have a higher end chain department store in Australia called Myer. I always look at her name and in my head say ME-AH

Totally agree-I looked at that picture and thought, she looks exactly like her mother except the eyes are definitely his!

Maya :-)

I agree. I think it should have either been Maya like Maya Angelou or Mia like Mia Hamm.

A girl who went to my school spelt her name Maja

Miah is really cute but she seriously does look like one of those programs that takes two pictures of a couple and morphs them together to say "This is what your baby would look like!"

Glad these two are still together I guess. I hope their relationship is good enough to parent two kids together now.

It's pronounced "MY-uh" but looks liek Mia o_O Maya or Mya would have been nice....oh well.

I'll play both sides of this news

Something snarky: It was really nice of Ryan to show up to this birth considering he skipped out on the first one to drink and hook up with other girls. Second times a charm?

Something nice: I'll give her credit that it seems like she actually doesn't want to be in the spot light. She hid this pregnancy really well and only after creeping back on her instagram did I notice that there wasn't a single body picture of her for the past 60 weeks. Congrats on not being a fame whore!

She does seem like one of the girls who regrets being in the spotlight, especially after all the backlash from her abortion.

What kind of person feels that their abortion is a suitable topic to send out to the general public on social media. It is as if she thinks that we are all waiting on pins and needles to hear the most intimate and personal details of her life. I am waiting for her next tweet that gives us the corn count on her next dump and the mileage she got on her most recent trip to the store. Why do we see the details of peoples' disintegrating marriages and their personal fights and feuds being broadcast to the world. What kind of world are we now living where this kind of stuff is made public to the world? People have a screwed up concept of where their private lives end and their public lives continue. What will the children of these tugwits think when they are able to read all of the dirty laundry of their parents?

So true. It's absurd how much personal information people are willing to share with everyone they've ever been acquainted with. I get a little defensive when my grandma asks how my day was.

Seriously...that seems really strange. I bet she felt guilty and wanted people to think it was a miscarriage. It seems so weird you'd share a picture of your sonogram of your dead baby to fucking everyone....wtf

I seriously don't get the compulsion to share pics of piss sticks, fetuses (aborted or not), dramatic personal details, or how fucking dilated your cervix is. I've seen all of it in Facebook and didn't ask for any of it.

I once saw a post on my FB newsfeed about a a girl's mucus plug.

Jesus God, Leah! *vomits 12 straight hours*

I'm guilty of sharing all of it but then again I have a grand total of maybe 40 people on my fb with a vast majority being family (as both my parents cane from families with 6 kids who all have kids) and maybe 10 close friends. We're stationed 650 miles away so fb is one of the main ways we stay in touch

Oh yes - remember the infamous Leah tweet about how she felt so bad that she had already slept with 7 guys and she was only 20 (at the time)? Seriously, who insisted she share that information with the whole world? Well maybe Mama Dawn or Grandma Sandy, but neither are known for their discretion when it comes to Leah's sex and social media.

Point is, other than being an attention whore, why did she need to share that with everyone in the first place? It was none of our business (unless you have slept with her or are planning to do so). Jesus God Leah!

I remember that! I also found it particularly funny because I'm younger than her by a couple years, and I've only slept with one person, who in turn has also only ever been with me.

God only fucking knows where Robbie has been.

Actually, I just read about this in one of my classes. I even thought of Leah and TMJ as I was reading it÷

A study done in 2011 found 6.2 percent of students in grades nine through twelve had had intercourse before the age of 13. 15.3 had experience sexually intercourse with four or more persons. These statistics came from the CDC.

THAT'S INSANE. AND MORE THAN ME AND I'M 30 LOL. Ah kids these days...

I am 28 and that is more than me! Well, at this point, most people would have more than me. LOL. I couldn't even imagine having sex at 13 or 14 let alone multiple partners around that age.

I was flipping through channels the other night and came across another reality tv show train wreck that I could not stop watching - TrueTori! Oh my...such a mess and I cannot believe people share this type of info for ratings. Really hoping it is all fake just to make some $$$$. And then came the scene of Tori on the toilet taking a pregnancy test. It was Catelynn all over again! Why? Just Why??

I have seen this! But only the first "season"

Her episode is one of the few episodes i've seen outside of seasons 1 and 2A and i thought for sure she would be a single mother raising her kid and Ryan a deadbeat. Didn't he show up to her delivery drunk and/or high?

Fastforward and i realized we were all fooled and she wasn't the sweet innocent girl she was portrayed as. I remember her getting into online fights with her 16&P castmamtes, she got arrested, she had an abortion, etc. And now has gotten knocked up 2 times since the show. And her and Ryan are still together which is probably the most shocking. Now matter what i found out about her, it's still crazy to think he not only stuck around to be in the childs life but that they are actually still together.

Abortion is a sensitive subject, so I'll try to put this delicately: posting a sonogram with "rest in peace little angel" is extremely bizarre and almost disrespectful to moms who have miscarried. I'm not hating on Jamie for her abortion, but she made a choice to kill her unborn baby so to post "rest in peace" seems a little strange. How sad could she have been when she CHOSE to end the baby's life? And why post it on Twitter?

No disrespect to women who have had abortions. I don't intend to offend.

Congrats on the new baby though. I know from her catch up special that she had PPD with her first baby. I sincerely hope she has a better support system now.

I don't think people who have abortions should talk about it unless it openly on social media, not fair for someone who has had a miscarriage to be going through their facebook and see that. I know a girl who had an abortion and our friend went through a miscarriage and the girl who had the abortion actually said "I know exactly what you are going through" ... that was just disrespectful, yes I understand if they regret their decision to abort and feel the pain but it isn't fair to compare. Especially when girls like Jamie obviously don't learn from their mistakes ... "Oh i had an abortion, maybe I should use contraception seeing as i've had 2 unplanned pregnancies, oh darn i'm pregnant... again" Like why put yourself in that situation when it is PREVENTABLE!

That's really sad for your friend with the miscarriage. While I don't doubt that many women who abort feel guilt or sadness, I don't think it's fair to those who miscarry to say that it's the same thing, because it's not.

I know I will get hated on for this but here is my very personal misleading pregnancy story. When I was pregnant with my son, very few people knew about my pregnancy. It was a case of me being blackout drunk and then six months later I went to my doctor thinking I had something very wrong with me. Turns out I did but the problem is that I was pregnant. I struggled with the idea of keeping the baby but I have two crap parents and was young and had no money. I was too far along to even have abortion as an option. Like it or not I was going to have a baby. I ended up choosing adoption for my son. Those very few people that did know I was pregnant thought that I lost the baby. I am not proud of it but I just couldn't take anymore judgement over it as I was already judging myself as a failure trying to come to terms with the fact that to this day I have no idea who the father of my first born is and just so angry. Angry that I didn't have parents. Angry that I didn't know who had sex with me. Angry mostly with myself for getting that drunk and for not knowing sooner that I was pregnant. It is fucked up and to this day there are people that I don't talk to because it is too hard for me to let them think that my child died and too hard for me to own up that I placed him for adoption. I guess what I am saying that while I don't condone her choices, I kind of understand them.

I am so sorry you had to go through that, I can imagine it being very hard.

No hate at all. The difference between you and some of these girlses is that you have remorse for your actions and you sound like you've learned and have grown from it. These broads are seriously PROUD to get abortions and they milk it for every damn cent that it's worth. Like Jenelle was SO fucking casual about it, went on a date with it, was like derppp I dunno if Courtlands baby is still in me or Gaythans *giggle*....I mean zero remorse. It's just so disgusting how some women have such a disregard for other people... I understand Jamie's choice to have an abortion I just find it very odd she'd post a sonogram to the public.

That is a really tough situation and you did the right thing for you. I probably would have done the same thing and I don't think you should be ashamed. I think you'll find most people are more accepting than you think, and if you tell people the truth I bet you will only receive support.

If she feels that way, she should talk about it. People get abortions for a lot of different reasons, sometimes even when it's not necessarily what they want to do, but feel they have to do. She has a right to be sad and miss the baby if that's what she feels. I don't really consider it disrespectful for someone to express their personal feelings just because someone else may have had something else happen and may be feeling worse. It's not Jamie's problem to censor and edit her own life just in case someone reading it had a miscarriage and got upset.

I don't mind if she talks about it either. I actually found Markai's episode interesting (and very sad). I'm just confused what the point is in sharing something SO personal on Twitter you know? It seems like a private thing...confused who she's sharing it with...I mean it seems like a family matter not a thing you'd post on Twitter.

I could not agree with you more.

I'll give another point of view. Some of you know how badly I've been struggling to carry a pregnancy, and now it is a struggle to conceive. I cry myself to sleep every night thinking that my time is just up at this point. It is a daily struggle. Even more when I am watching family and friends getting to go through pregnancy and parenthood while I'm left behind. Last week we found out the fertility drugs did not work, so I have been an absolute wreck. So with that being said....

I can chalk that situation to Jamie being young, reckless, and confused. I believe she was still a teenager when she got the abortion, and I read where she posted that she regretted it immediately after taking the medicine and screamed and cried the whole time. I can see her kind of feeling like she had no other choice. She also said most of her family had cut her off and wouldn't speak to her after finding out she was pregnant. They didn't cover the topic on the "where are they now" special, and normally they would, so maybe it was still too sore of a subject. I can see how she would her miss her baby afterward. Posting it on social media is a little strange, yes, but I do give her props for being honest when people assumed she had a miscarriage.

Now, let me make this clear; NONE OF THAT excuses her actions. If I had seen anybody else pull that crap I would be furious. I had always been pro-choice but now abortion is a touchy subject. They don't want to raise their baby?? Give it to me!! I'll adopt them!! As for Jamie, I'm sure she regrets the abortion just as many of us regret things we have done in our late teens/early 20s.

Long story short; I'm wishy washy on this, almost too much to form an opinion, but no, I don't think she is a bad person for doing what she did.

Red, I'm so sorry about what you're going through! I can't imagine how difficult it must be to watch these girls get pregnant like it's nothing and all but ignore their children. Please know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers! I genuinely hope for Miah and Mason's sake that Jamie and Ryan are in a good place and committed to parenting. I feel like she does regret her abortion. But that doesn't make it any less hurtful for women struggling to have a baby. Again, I'm so sorry for what you're going through!

Thank you very much. That means a lot to me. I've been hearing "If you quit trying it will happen!!" and "You can always adopt!!" or even "If it is meant to be, the Lord will allow it." and even though people are just trying to be nice, those words sting a little bit, especially when the people telling me that already have kids. A simple "I'm sorry, is there anything I can do??" goes a long way, so thank you very much!! I appreciate you!!

I understand what you're saying. Sometimes people want to feel like they're encouraging you or comforting you, when all you need is to just know that they understand, or are at least trying to. Sometimes less is more. I'm hoping for the best for you, and I'm hoping you get exactly what you need!

Red there is a fantastic blog called theRhouse.com that deals with sooo much of what you are talking about.

I'm sorry for your struggle. I think your comments about Jamie were spot on - people make mistakes when they're young. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you. And then there's Jenelle.

lol, "and then there's Jenelle..."

I can sort of relate to how you feel. I lost my daughter when I was 26 weeks pregnant and it was the most difficult thing that ever happened to me.
Her daddy walked out on us when he found out I was having her, but my parents were very supportive.

Nontheless, I am still struggling with it, even after 4 years. There isnt a day that goes by where I dont think about her, about how she couldve grown up to be.

I will light a candle for you and pray for you.

Damn, that's rough and I'm sorry to hear it :-( on a completely unrelated note, your username just made this flu riddled girl's day :-D

Yay I'm glad you like it :)

It came to me when my eyes gazed upon Tyler's twitter background. I got this image in my head of him dancing to Macho man in rainbow glitter pants.

Hope you feel better soon, I hate the flu!

@tylers rainbow glitterpants ;I'm so sorry about your little girl. Almost 8 weeks ago I actually lost my son at 31 weeks. Its such a terrible thing to go through. :(

You ladies are so strong for sharing your stories with us! You never know what the other women reading this are going through, and I'm sure your stories help others.

I'm not one to really bash someone for having an abortion (unless it's like jenelle, who uses it for birth control...). Until you are in someone's position and have to live with that kind of decision, it's hard to know what the 'right' decision is. Personally I would never flaunt it on social media, but people grieve and go through things so differently. I think with Jamie it comes down to being young, no support, and easily manipulated. She probably regrets her decision every day, hence the new baby.

So maybe she had the third baby because she regretted aborting the second? While I agree she is allowed to be sad and sharing it, why not just PREVENT IT! I think she got backlash not because of abortion, but because just like the other morons the show has produced, they learned NOTHING from their own story.

I don't see it as disrespectful to moms who have miscarried. Bizarre as hell, but not disrespectful. It would've been really messed up if she lied about miscarrying, but she didn't. She made a strange choice to share about and abortion, but it may have been her weird way of grieving. I understand that a miscarriage is a gut wrenching thing to go through, but everyone knows that people have abortions. I'm pro-life but I'm not under the impression that abortion is an easy thing to go through. Her baby still died and it will still probably haunt her til the end of her days

This is completely off topic but:

Does anybody still keep up with the Teen Mom ex's? Ya know, Kyle King, Kyle Regal, Dalis, Jordan, Taylor, Courtland, Gary, Keiffer etc

I wonder what all of them are up to but im too lazy to check. Anybody know if they're single or in relationships? If so, upgrade or downgrade?! Do they still try and be in the spotlight or have they stepped back and moved on? So many questions!

LOL recently (like some time during season 5B) I was watching Twitter like I always do during the episodes, and Courtland tweeted that Jace wants to live with him. LOLLOLLOL!

Wow 3 pregnancies in 4 years :O 2 kids and she is 21? With the guy that cheated and was with other women while she was giving birth to their daughter. I would bet they do drugs only way they can live in such weird ways, that or their view of the world is distorted.
Someone posted that she posted RIP to her baby she aborted ... I don't believe in abortion, I believe in contraception, which she is obviously too stupid to use. I just can't believe she has the audacity to post RIP to mt beautiful baby when she chose to end its life. (unless it's to stop them living a painful life) How can she post like that .. it isn't like she was against other kids, a year later she has had another one.

I am vey pro-life myself. I think it's pretty gross that she posted that, but at the same time I kinda understand her remorse. I don't think I could ever have an abortion, but in the midst of all the emotion, I could see her being young and dumb and wanting the share her grief. I sure as shit wouldn't have done it, but I don't think she realized how other people would take it. Despite my beliefs, i have friends who have chosen abortion and I don't judge them. I see one of my good friends struggle and feel awful about it every day of her life. But she was homeless at the time, so I understood why she made the decision and know she wouldn't haveif she was in a better situation. It's just a very loaded issue and I don't believe in judging people, so I guess I try to approach it with a certain sensitivity. Idk bro.

I totally can't chime in on her number of pregnancies or children because I'm 20 (about to be 21) and I have two kids with a third one the way next summer, but I will say I think it weird that she decided to keep this baby, but not the pregnancy in between. I mean, it was the same dad, right? And she clearly regretted even having the abortion so she clearly wasn't 100% sure about it.

I feel bad that she clearly felt she had to have an abortion and she had to go through all of that, but if she didn't want to have more babies, she could have prevented them. it's not 100% effective, sure (I have a niece and nephew thanks to failed birth control) but I feel like these girls in particular don't even try, because they've caught on that baby = tv once you're on the MTV gravy train.

I never tried to prevent any of my pregnancies, but I'm also not on a national reality TV show for preventing pregnancy.

I had a friend who did this actually. She had a baby in high school, got pregnant again and had a abortion and a couple of years later she had another child. All through the same guy too.

This is off topic but im curious

Does anybody still keep with the the ex's? Like Kyle King, Kyle Regal, Dalis, Jordan, Taylor, Courtland, Gary, Keiffer etc?

I have so many things i wanna know but im too lazy to look them up and i dont know their IG/twitter/ etc names

Are they single or in relationships? If so, upgrade or downgrade?! Do they still try and remain in the spotlight or have they stepped back and moved on? Do they work and/or go to school or are they still living the lazy lifestyle they learned from the castmates? So many questions!

Does anybody still keep with the the ex's? Like Kyle King, Kyle Regal, Dalis, Jordan, Taylor, Courtland, Gary, Keiffer etc?

I have so many things i wanna know but im too lazy to look them up and i dont know their IG/twitter/ etc names

Are they single or in relationships? If so, upgrade or downgrade?! Do they still try and remain in the spotlight or have they stepped back and moved on? Do they work and/or go to school or are they still living the lazy lifestyle they learned from the castmates? So many questions!

Taylor Halbur is in a relationship with a guy named Joe who also has a kid. She posts a lot of pictures of him with Paislee, which I guess is her way of trying to piss off Adam.

Dalis, last I knew, is still working as a fitness trainer.

I don't know about Jordan, but I think he's still on good terms with Kail since his cousin Adrienne helped Kail write her autobiography.

I'm not sure about Kyle King, although I will admit I'm surprised he and Maci ended things for good. I thought he'd kiss her ass forever just to remain on the MTV gravy train

Taylor isn't dating the dad of Moxon, is she? God, that name. It's a magical combination of moron, ox, and white trash fairy dust (meth).

I need Moxon's parents back on TV. I want to know what kind of human names their kid Moxon. When that episode came on, I wasn't wearing my glasses (haha I'm 94) and I assumed it was Maxon which still isn't a real name, but at least it's based off of Max, which is a name. Then you all set me straight :)

Is this Joe's kid an ee sister too? Because that would be perfect.

Is Kyle slow?

Yup. At least slower than Rhine.

That's pretty bad...

"I’m not sure about Kyle King, although I will admit I’m surprised he and Maci ended things for good. I thought he’d kiss her ass forever just to remain on the MTV gravy train"

Didn't they break up after season 4 was done filming and then got back together when season 4 was airing but then broke up for good when it was made pretty clear that Teen Mom was not coming back for another season? 2 years later it of course came back but back then there were no signs of it coming back and he no longer had motive to stay. He probably recognized her spending habits and knew her 15 minutes would dry up and so would the money. There would no longer be any positives to playing house with a pimply, whiny, lazy drunk.

Kyle King has been with his girlfriend Kendall for like 2 years. They seem happy and stable. I think she's a dance instructor or something and last i saw hes a security guard. He seems to want 100% nothing to do with Teen Mom.

Dalis has been dating a guy named Seth for over a year. He's a minor league pitcher in the San Diego Padres organization. She recently signed a modeling contract, she's still a fitness trainer and she's graduating from TTU with her bachelors in exercise science in December. And she got a boob job.

Taylor is dating a guy named Joe and they seem happy. He reminds a lot of people of Adam. She is still working as a bartender.

No idea about anybody else.

Taylor is a bartender??? I wonder who watches Paislee during the night.

Yeah, she's a bartender at the most popular bar in Sioux City (which is also the biggest city in SD). According to her personal FB, she's been working there since 2010, starting back when she was attending the University of South Dakota.

I saw on Starcasm about a week ago that Taylor went to court to get Adam to pay his back child support which didn't only go to Paislee's needs but also her having to pay a sitter. I believe when they were still together Adam watched Paislee while Taylor worked.

I saw that too. Adam said Paislee could stay at his gym's house "daycare". Then threatened to take her to court to get full custody. Yeaaaahhh, right, Adam.

I can't knock a single mom for being a bartender. Depending on where you bar tend, you can make tons of money in tips in just one night alone. It is not like she is stripping, prostituting or dealing drugs. If she is able to comfortably support herself and Paislee on tips than more power to her.

Matt Damon's wife Luciana was a bartender in Miami while she was a single mom raising her daughter. Bartender tips were how she put food on the table, paid bills, etc and she did fine supporting herself on tips. Of course now she's married to one of the biggest movie stars in the world and doesn't have to do that anymore but she still did what she felt she had to do to raise her daughter.

Really? I wonder if she lives here in San Diego. Great updates you're awesome!

Nope, no San Diego for Dalis. She's still in Tennessee finishing her bachelors at TTU in Cookeville.

Her and Seth met at TTU (she's a student and ran track for 4 years, he was a student and played baseball there before being in the MLB Draft). He's now in San Diego's minor league's, so he's not playing in San Diego. This past season he was playing in Washington.

Dalis is from Southern California though (Port Hueneme/Silver Strand Beach in Ventura County) and didn't move to Chattanooga until she was 16.

I lied, he was playing in Oregon.

Does anyone know how old Dalis is? I know her boyfriend just turned 21, and Ryan is in his late twenties isn't he? So if Dalis is the same age as her boyfriend, wouldn't that make Ryan in his mid twenties dating a teenager when he and Dalis were together?

Ryan January 3, 1988
Maci August 10, 1991
Dalis May 16, 1992
Shelby November 28, 1992

He gets older but his girlfriends get younger, basically. He is going to be in his 30's and still dating 20/21 year old's because it's already a trend. Pretty sure Kathryn, Morgan, Kirsten, etc were all also way younger than him as well.

He gets older, they stay the same age...alright, alright, alright!

Was follwing dalis on youtube for a while, she does good work out videos but then it got too whiny so I unfollowed lol.

I follow her on Instagram and it's just plain awkward. She's always posting responses to people who have supposedly been bashing her for her body, but in all the time I've followed her I've never seen a negative comment. That or she posts some video in a really fake voice saying something about how amazing or beautiful or whatever each of her followers are as if she's a big enough celebrity for people to be inspired by. She seems like a really good, sweet person, but following her is just so awkward.

It is super awkward....but she tells these long winded stories about her life and I'm just like...who are you talking to? Because I don't care....do you care about MY life that much? No....do your work out videos and shaddup.

Thanks for that! Damnit MTV. I'd really love to know how Keiffer is hahaha. Put him on where are they now.

Kieffahhhh where are ya???? Omg i hope so bad that he somehow returns to Jennelles life just for hearing Barbara saying his name again haha, who knows, maybe he take care of baby Kaiser if things dont work out between Nathan and Juhnelle

Hey, he lives in the park, and kids love parks! A match made in heaven! I miss that rascal and his green hoody :-(

I miss kieffuh-babs interaction, they should put him back on the show but don't let him actually date junelle,is it possible?

He's as much of a parent as Jenelle so I don't see why they can't feature him.

I gave Kieffer laptop advice on twitter. I felt so special. Then I remembered who I was talking to and felt pathetic, haha.

Not including Jenelle's unstable ex's and Taylor, who do you think gets married and has kids next? They all were in serious relationship with teen/young parents, yet didn't have kids and still don't have kids.

I'm going with Kyle King and Kendall because they've been together a long time and he is super close to his nephew and her twin sister just had a baby.

Didn't Kyle regal amitted he "dated" Maci as a publicality stint and later on he felt guilty and broke it off with Maci. Kyle was an up and coming motor cross racer. Maci lied how close they still where and how he is a second dad to Bentley while he said he wants nothing to do with her. I think he would never have gone out with him if she was not "famous" and I have just notice that none of Maci or Ryan's significant others have children. I guess Bentley is forever an only child with no step sibling either.

Yeah, i kind of figured he was using her. I mainly just couldn't see him settling down and he didn't seem very comfortable around Bentley. He did to her what that dude from Caged did to Chelsea.

Ironically, Maci met Taylor from dating Kyle Regal. Taylor was really good friends with Kyle and his group of friends. Probably why he had no problem packing up and moving to Tennessee, he had no friends to say goodbye after getting involved with her!

And i agree about Bentley staying an only child. It's obvious based on their and their friends lifestyles that Maci and Ryan would have had no intention of settling down, getting married and having kids until much later in their lives (30's probably) or maybe never at all. Bentley was a big oops in their plans but nothing has changed. They still don't want to get married and pop out more kids, partying is still their top priority so i can see Bentley being an only child forever unless another oops happens because i just don't see Maci or Ryan getting married or having kids, i just don't. Even with Maci being with Taylor for a long time, it doesn't seem to be a serious serious thing where they're even going to get engaged soon. Ryan is single again so maybe he'll knock a chick up during a one night stand.

Ryan isn't single. He's still with Shelby and has been for a while. I can see them having a baby. Not for a while though.
Remember when Maci wanted a baby with Kyle?!

According to Ryan on his twitter, says he is single and no longer with Shelby.

Not the first time they've broken up in the 1 year they've been together. (They celebrated 1 year in September even though they've broken up multiple times in that year and multiple times since). They just broke up before Bentley's birthday but got back together for like 2 days and are now broke up again. And about a week before that they had also broke up. Very unstable.

They sound on and off as fuck so it's hard to keep up lol. He's probably banging Maci on the side as we speak. Bintlay must be overjoyed having his parents bounce from person to person...no wonder he wants to stay with MEEMEE

I checked out Kyle Kings instagram a while back. One interesting thing I saw on there is that the house he and Maci bought together was purchased in his name only. Strange to me since he didn't appear to have a job. They also completely redid the house and it looked like a totally different house. He referred to it as the "trap house" and was selling it.

It looked like he had a townhouse in a different city that he was trying to sell too. I was pretty confident that he was using Maci for fame, money and plastic surgery, but now I don't know since he's the one who bought the house.

His current girlfriend (at the time I was creeping) was very pretty, definitely an upgrade.

Kyle had plastic surgery?!

Toward the end of his run on teen mom, his face changed. He looked less like a bulldog puppy and started getting somewhat attractive. I think he had veneers, may have reset his jaw completely. It seems like there were other differences too but I'm having a hard time finding before and after photos of him.

His face did change! And i have to admit (even if i dont want to!!!) that i find him pretty hot now lol. He was always a butterface but now his face aint too bad now. He definitely did something with his teeth but his face is thinner now or something. And i think when he fixed his teeth he stopped talking funny as well.


From what i understand, Kyle's father flip houses for a living. So Maci and Kyle both purchased the house in Chattanooga for really cheap because they were going to make it really nice, sell it and get a nicer home a few years later. Kyle's name was put down because Maci had bad credit.

Fast forward about a year and they split. Kyle still flips the house but then sells it for profit to get out of Chattanooga and then he moved back to Nashville/Murfreesboro. I'm not sure about the townhouse.

He's still dating that girlfriend. She's the only girl he's publicly dated since Maci. They've been together like 2 years and seem really happy and stable. He also seems to want to be out of the spotlight.

The guy looks more mature, and less "adamish",i hope he has stepped up, and boy is her daughter beautiful. My only question is, did she finish school? She was a straight A student with big goals.

I don't remember, is it pronounced mee-ah (Mia) or my-ah (Maya)? I'm not a huge fan of the spelling, but both sound pretty. I especially like Mia.

In regards to her abortion, I'm not going to take a stance on it either way. Everyone has a stance on it, and I respect everyone's opinions. But I'm sure we can all agree that it's extremely troubling that she has gotten pregnant 3 times by 21. I genuinely hope that she and Ryan are doing well and are good parents.

Dont forget, Mackenzie was pregnant 3x before 19.

That's true. I do like her best of all the TM3ers, but the girl should probably cool it with the baby making. Oh well. Congrats, Mack, you win!

My-ah, Maya.

That's a pretty name, it would have nice if she spelt it Maya.

I remember on the catch up special how she was telling the camera how he had changed and grown up and was sooo much better. Then her mom busted her out and was like "What about when A, B, and C happened?" I laughed so hard. Good luck to her, she will need it.

Do we have any more information on her? I don't remember what her status was on the last update that MTV did - did she graduate? Go to college? At least she isn't selling stories to Radar.

Also didn't Jordan finder and brian break up??

Really? I remember The Clouse making them seem like the most amazingly perfect couple that could do no wrong and would OF COURSE never split up!! LOL

Yea I haven't snooped on it recently, but like a month ago she just had a picture of herself and was making all these single emo tweets and talking about moving back home to be with her family (not brian)

They were allegedly seperating, but who knows what happened after. It's hard being a military spouse, i can see that happening to kail.

Except for the fact Javi barely is away! I love when he was away and she was like GOOD lol. Loving wife right there.

A teen mom blog on Tumblr is saying that Millina has been pregnant 3 times too. Has anyone else heard this? Is it like well known and I just missed it? They're saying she got pregnant and had an abortion with some other guy, had a miscarriage with Trevor (was that his name?), then got pregnant with Kayden a month after that.

Classy stuff...yea I think it was Trevor.

Ah, crap. Looks like someone got the good edit. Then again, with Trevor's psychotic mother, her addict/jailbird mother and that weird wannabe Billy Ray Cyrus dad, they had to make someone there look good.

I thought they made her look really sympathetic. Incarcerated mom, burnout dad, psycho future grandma . . . they had to make someone look good last season since the rest of them were a hot mess.

They did make her look really sympathetic, and with good reason. Everyone around her was a hot mess except for her grandma. But it stinks how MTV seems totally dedicated to the good edit for some girls, but hangs others out to dry. None of them are perfect, so why not show the good, the bad and thr ugly for all of them?

Ugh. I've never been pregnant ever, but if I did fall pregnant and decide to get an abortion, I would do everything in my power not to get pregnant again until I was ready. Why are all these girls losing and terminating pregnancies and then conceive again and again? It's absolute madness.

I liked Millina, but it's not hard to believe MTV gave her the good edit because everybody else around her (except her grandmother and little brother) were total fuckups. It's not hard to act like you're the only sane man in that sea of awfulness. I know MTV won't feature girls who already have children, but I wish they would extend that rule to girls who have already been pregnant prior to the show, even though their previous pregnancies weren't carried to term. Although it could be used as a public service announcement: "Don't be like these girls---you can still protect yourself after a pregnancy. For more information, go to it'syoursexlifesowearcondomsidiots.MTV.com."

unrelated but:
Leah's next halloween costume anybody?

HAHAHAHA perfect.


What the heck guys! Why would someone propose to Ashley Skankazar?! Poor Callie.

Hahaha and like 2 months ago or something he was calling her a whore...ew she's hideous inside and out. Damn bucktoothed potato. Remember she Nikkole-esque pregnancy announcement too? She said she miscarried but it all seemed like bullshit. Poor Callie is right...

Aw, shit...

Well, I'll always remember fondly when he took that "paint me like one of your French girls" picture, making fun of her.

Potato needs to clean her filthy ass nails if she's gonna expose them to the public like that!

I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with nail upkeep!

I'm a lifelong cuticle mangler, but when I was temporarily engaged I had the good sense to make a fist when showing off my ice lol

Thumbs down all you want, dirty potato head hahaha

Whenever these girls show off any kind of rings ("promise rings" - ugh), the first thing I notice is how wrinkly their fingers are from all the tanning :P

I thought they where engage I could have sworn that she refer to him as a fiancé

I think I remember them saying they were for quite a while that he was looking for a ring so they were practically engaged, but I think she was either making it up or he was just telling her that to keep her off his back.

Guys can you tell me a website where i can see the where are they now specials??? Here in latin america it just aired out the season 1, they also missed the Hope chapter (i dont know what season was) and they are currently airing TM2 s5, so i havent seen season 5b, nor the latest 16& preg season, if i try to enter to the american mtv website it redirects me to mtvlatin america. Any suggestions??

download hola extension for google chrome. go to MTV america, use the extension to view it from america, and there you go :)

Totally irrelevant but...

Today is my anniversary!!!

That's so exciting! Congratulations, The Girlses! How many years?!

It's been five years.

And screw you whoever down voted me! I am excited and happy!

Happy anniversary! LOL they're bitter and alone. (I am bitter and alone but I did not thumb down!). You give me hope LOL!

That's wonderful, good for you and your husband!!! And the thumbs down is probably from #TeamMesser. Five years of fidelity isn't possible for them, and they're jealous of your happiness!

Happy anniversary! Mine is on Monday :)))

That is awesome! How many years?

Two years :) To celebrate I took the day off and we are going to get my navel pierced because he finds it hot in a trashy sort of way haha. No kids yet but I figure my time to get a piercing like that is limited so you know, yolo. Then we're gonna get a bunch of ingredients to attempt to concoct the best grilled cheese possible. We're really klassy.

Congratulations! I love hearing about people's anniversaries :)

If they're trying to convince people Ryan was sober for their baby boy's birth they're going to need a better photographer. And special fx team...

He just looks creepy to me. If I saw a picture of him with a needle in his arm, I would be completely unsurprised (I am totally aware that's not a word)

It was crazy... on 16 and preg he looked like that too...just a total meth head. Crazy how drugs just made him look like that when he's so fucking young. Jenelle doesn't really look like an ex druggy but I think cause she mostly does weed. Courtland on the other hand yikes...OH and Katie's mom! Her and April (my grandma) probably share needles.

lol "does weed"

Bahaha shows how in touch I am with drugses. I need to hang out with leah more.

I hate pill poppers and the reason I hate them isn't just the shitty parenting. That makes me want to drag them out and shoot them but I hate them as well because it makes my life harder. There are a shit load of new laws on what I can and can't write my patients. You have people that are really in need of pain medication that now can't get what they need. The days of being able to call in a prescription are long gone. Now every time someone needs something they have to have a visit and only then can I write them a physical prescription. Which is really sad when you realize that I work with low income patients. The majority of my patients work too much to qualify for free health care and don't have insurance through work and so each time they have to come in it costs them. A $100 doctors visit is enough to prevent a family from having groceries that week and it's sad. There are people with real problems that can't get treatment now because of people like Leah.

Messer I was prescribed xanax for anxiety, and omggg what a pain in the ass it was to get them. Had to go talk to a shrink each time, which I understand but it sucks pill poppers make it so fucking hard. Same with vicodin when I was out of surgery. THat is so sad to think poor families have to sacrifice their health because of that.

Tylers' trap... It sucks. I am sorry you have to deal with that. I hate all of it. I just had knee replacement and I find myself rationing my pain medication because I know how limited my supply is. Sure I could go without it all together if I could be hooked to an ice machine and didn't have to move but, I have two kids on of which is six months old. My husband works in the oil field and can be gone for a few days at a time. I loath pill poppers for so many reasons.

That's terrible :( That's so much worse than my situation I luckily have booze LOL and can usually have a glass of wine and calm my tits (which I know is bad) but having to ration your pain medication...that's horrible. I definitely think Leah is a pill poppper, I'm not so sure she does meth but certain scenes I just recognize the same ways I was if I took xanax, like if I were to take a A LOT of xananx it's really rather frighting to think about. I have ambien for insomnia too and they gave me like FIFTEEN pills which is nothing. I can see how people turn alcoholism because they dont want to pay for pills they need to simply fall asleep! Our system is so fucked sometimes...

Yeah, out if nothing else scares people straight when it comes to drugs, one look at April should do the trick.

My vanity alone prevents me from doing drugs...jesus they look 30 years older than they actually are. Katie's mom almost looked as bad as April though they both looked like tweekers lol


What is she? 20? 3 pregnancies under 20? WINNING!!!

As for my opinion on the abortion situation.... it's not really something people ever "want" to do. It's not a happy situation or something you're super proud of (unless you're Jenelle) and I really do think it can mess you up emotionally. As for Jamie posting the ultrasound on instagram and the "rip angel" comment... I can just understand it. Even though it was her choice, she did say she regretted it immediately after, and maybe wishing the baby to rest in peace was somehow helpful to her grieving. Yes it's kind of strange, but it makes sense to me. I understand how people think it could be offensive to women who miscarry, but since Jamie regretted her decision, she was probably grieving it just as much as a woman who miscarried. This is just my two cents on how I see it anyway.
But good for her if they're happy now and doing well. I always think it's crazy how many pregnancies girls like this and mackenzie have/had. I'm 22 and have never had a single pregnancy lol.

It's fine and it doesn't bother me much, it's her body, but why post it on Twitter to a bunch of strangers??? Yeah I wonder when Mack's uterus will detonate LOL. I'm 30 and have never had a single pregnancy! Had like one scare but it wasn't even a scare, just me being paranoid. I guess we're uncool Costco Corey!

Imagine that! Using protection and being educated on sex does wonders, eh? ;)

Looks like Ryan Edwards and Shelby broke up. Does Ryan ever have a relationship that last more than like a year? He's always proclaiming love to these amazing relationships but then a week later shit hits the fan, usually because he cheats. I can't wait to hear Jen and Larry's excuses now for why Ryan is single. When will they ever admit that Ryan is the problem and not all of his ex's???????? He's probably back at home too since they lived together LMAO


in reply to bthurm85: im single so I have no restriction lol I'm ready to get wild with it like old times son

Ryan posted happy pics with Shelby on IG like 2 days ago. He says smart ass shit on there to get a rise out of people. I wouldn't be surprised if he was full of it.

You can break up in 2 days you know. Ryan and Dalis certainly used to tweet lovey stuff only to have breakups he next day. Plus Ryan and Shelby broke up once before for like 2 weeks because he apparently cheated and it was a whole big twitter drama. He does say smart ass shit, but this was a direct tweet to followers, it was a reply to one of his best friends Brandon so it wouldn't end up on anybodys twitter feed.

Him and Shelby don't follow eachother on twitter anymore, he tweeted like a million people asking them if they were going out for Halloween, a lot of them being females, he retweeted a tweet saying Halloween is his favorite because of all of the girls slutty costumes plus he tweeted something similar about girls costumes, Shelby tweeted something about guys who let it be known their girl is theirs and are doing it right obviously to show Ryan didn't do that, etc

Yeah righto guys! Following TM drama isn't my entire life! No need for the thumbs down. Maybe they have broken up. Whatever. I was just saying what I had seen on IG in the past 48hrs and all seemed sweet. Yes I know you can break up in two days. You can break up in 2hrs. Whatever.

Yeah you can have a realtionshit in one hour! Just ask maddy. Wonder if Rhines hair is white now.

Rhine is hot. No denying it. Grey hair or not. But I'm not OCD about him! Lol

AND Rhine is the kind off asshole to deliberately break up with someone before Halloween weekend so he can go try and hook up with someone in a slutty costume.

Weird thing to notice, Jaime is the first 16 and pregnant girl to have a girl as a first girl and then a boy as a second, it is either girl than another girl( Leah's case twin girls then a girl),boy than another boy(in Jennifer case twin boys then a boy and Kristina's boy then two more pregnancies with boys)or boy than a girl.

I noticed that to, but mostly in regard to how most of the girls who have second (third) kids have either all boys or all girls. The only ones with one of each are Lori Wicklehaus, Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant, Isaiah Robinson (he had a daughter named Destiny with Christinna Cook, then went on to have a son with someone else, but she had another daughter), Jordan Ward-Finder, Jamie, Danielle Cunningham, Izabella Tovar, Mackenzie, and Jordan Howard. That's 10 out of 27 that I counted thst either had or are having second (third) babies.

How sick is it that 27 have gotten pregnant again after being featured in a documentary series that is supposed to be PREVENTING teen/young pregnancies? And they have more than one teen/young pregnancy. Ugh.

But Dr. Drew says 16 and pregnant has changed the world! *eyeroll* Well honestly at least teen pregnancy rates are lower because random people can see the doofuses on TV. Too bad they don't take their own advice...

That's because by the time their season aired they were "trying" to get pregnant to get on the show. So a second/third pregnancy is nothing.

Also Felicia boyfriend had a son, with some one else between genesis and Giselle, and Shawn(Aleah's BF) had a son before they welcomed a daughter, whom was 3 when Aleah's daughter was born.

Thanks for bringing them up! I was basing it off the Wikipedia page, and while I was so sure Alex (?) Had another son, it wasn't on there so I figured I made up some drama in my head to keep myself entertained. And I didn't even add in the season 5 girls, because I assumed that it was too soon. I forgot about Aleah's boyfriend's son and also I didn't add in Karley's 2 girls.

So make that 12/30 have a boy and girl.

Katie Perry is not safe near Leah and here's why:


If Robbie wore this, Leah would devour him!

This is what Robbie wears on role playing night. Gotta keep the romance alive in your affairs, y'all!

You just made me snort out my drink with that.

These girls are jsut following the statistic. Most girls who give birth as a teen mom will likely have another child in 2 years or less.

They all seem to not want to use birth control....How stupid!!!

Farrah dress up as glenda the good withc for Halloween...and it wasn't skanky....WTH??


that should have read....It WAS skanky

It's actually less skanky than I was expecting. Her face alone makes for a good costume.

Why do these kids keep having babies on purpose??

Because we live in a system that rewards terrible life choices + attention whoring is my personal theory.

Because otherwise they might actually have to live in the real world and try to actually do something with their lives!

Did anyone else ever think Jamie looks strange? Not being rude, something about her looks different.

It is the wide set eyes I think.

I mean this in the nicest way but she always reminded me of Dark Crystal:


She looks like a muppet to me. Sorry I'm a douchenozzle.

LOL. I always thought Karley looked like a muppet. I mean if we're being assholes, I had to let that one out. Oh we're going to hell. And to ensure my place in hell I always thought Sophia looked like a treasure troll. Yayyy for gasoline underpants on my way to hell!

Karley definitely looks like a muppet, but I think it's kinda cute. Not like in a model way, but I very cutesy way.

Well if we are going to hell then I thought Arianna looked like a drag queen. Not like the awesome I want to get drunk with you drag queens but the you should buy better make up drag queens!

Bahahaha Messer I thought the same thing. Eh yea I don't think Karley is cute :( I feel bad for her but Tony speech impediment hits it so there we go. And anyway the REAL model is Katie! bahahahaha

Katie is still a model. Have you seen her IG lately? Hahahahahahaha

Dark Crystal! There's a blast from the past!

Lolll I went to a Halloween party tonight and they had dark crystal on the wall I just burst out laughing. Yea it was bugging me on her episode what she looked like...and then i heard they were redoing dark crystal! ( don't know if that's still true) And I was like OMG that's Jamie LOL

Jenelle's Instagram. Another kitten? What does she do with all these animals??

Pregnancy changes people faces because of weight gain. I think her eyes look wider set because of weight on her face. Especially shortly after delivery Mom's tend to get "moon" faced.

Ughh really? A baby a 4 year old dogs a cat. Do you really need another animal to abuse and neglect juhnelle? Poor cat...well don't leave it with leah

There hasn't been any pictures of Jax or Skyye on her twitter for a while so she must have replaced them just like she does with her children. Did anyone see her dressed up for Halloween with Jace, she really did look like she was his big sister not his mother and every picture she posted was about her, it makes me sick

Ugh shes a disgusting pig

The good thing about cats is they'll generally take off, never to be seen again if you mistreat them. Or maybe it'll fuck up her face when she tries to smack it around :-D

OMG that would be epic! I have a Bengal and he would FUCK her up if she yelled at him like she did with Moogan. I'm still so sad how scared he looked :( I was just like omg bite her in the vagina.

Ha! Bite her in the vagina! *dead*

I have a cat, D.C. Who will wrap around whatever limb she doesn't want near her if she isn't in the mood and bite/scratch the shit out of it lol not to me, but I never worried about her when I had parties because she kept the drunks well mannered. The DC stands for Devil Cat, btw ;-)

The poor dog would've had to be put down if he bit her in the vagina, imagine the diseases he would catch. Either that or the chasm would open up and swallow him whole

LOL :( true. He would get lost up there and never come back.

Not only did this loser show up to her first baby's birth drunk/high, but he has hickeys all over his neck. And if I remember right, jamie was arrested for beating up the girl he cheated on her with.


Damn i miss barbara already

Me too :( How many months until TM2 comes back?

I want to be Barbara's friend so bad...I want her to teach me to do squats and tell me I'm driving too slow. And we can get joint tattoos on our breasts and talk about how shitty Jenelle is.

I want to drink box wine and watch Drag Race with Babsy and my Mom so bad! Then I'll take her backroading and drinking beers in east TX while a friend watches her kids and we can outrun the game warden and have all kinds of fun!

Probably had an ANTICHRIST ATTITUDE to go with them!

I remember we made a teen mom menu for her restaurant. Antichrist antipasto salad was on the list hahahahaha

That sounds delicious and rebellious lol