Izabella Tovar Announces Second Pregnancy

16 & pregnant


16 & Pregnant season 3 girl, Izabella Tovar, has announced that she and her boyfriend of several years, Jairo Rodriguez, will be welcoming a new child into their family in November 2014.

Izabella was the teen from Utah who spent the majority of her summer hiding her pregnancy. She eventually told her friends and extended family, and welcomed baby Enrique (whom they now call Henry) into the world in September 2010.

Izabella shared the news with fans on Instagram with the following picture of their son.


The chalkboard in this picture reads, "I'm so cute my parents are having another in November 2014." While Izabella and Jairo are excited for their second baby, it seems like she knew that people would be criticizing her choices, so she captioned the photo with a long message.

She wrote:

Jairo, Henry & I have a very big announcement to share. After weeks of contemplation we have finally decided to share this news. I AM PREGNANT! The reason it took me so long to share this is because I am not interested in hearing the negative feedback from negative people. But that is part of life and it is something I have learned cannot be avoided. I want to make clear that this pregnancy has been planned for years. Ever since Henry was born Jairo and I decided that we wanted our kids to be 4-5 years apart. Then in October of 2013 I was having complications with my IUD and it was taken out. Jairo and I then began talking about trying for another one. So, in February 2014 I became pregnant! We are THRILLED to announce that we are expecting our second bundle of joy in November of 2014. We are not sharing the gender or the name at this time. Please if you don't support our decision to have another child, or if you have anything negative to say at all I ask that you unfollow me. I do not respond to negative feedback, I simply erase it and block the negative people. To those of you that support my family and me, I thank you. I hope you enjoy following my pregnancy journey! Sharing my pregnancy publicly is a new experience for me as you may know. I kept my first pregnancy a secret for 8 months. So I truly appreciate all the love and support I receive. Thank you in advance for your kind words.

Izabella and Jairo were engaged and planned to get married last summer, but due to unknown reasons, they called off the ceremony. While they are still engaged, there are no known plans on a wedding.

Izabella and Jairo also still live in the same home as Izabella's parents.

There was talk of them getting a house to themselves, but nothing has been confirmed at this point. To top it all off, Izabella is still only 19 years old, which means that this is her second teenage pregnancy.

While many viewers have praised Izabella for her determination to go to college, her maturity throughout her episode, and her parenting abilities, I'm not sure that all of those people will be excited about a second pregnancy for one of the most respected couples to hit this franchise.

Izabella joins a handful of other season 3 girls who have gotten pregnant again, including Jordan Ward, Jamie McKay, Danielle Cunningham, and Jennifer Del Rio.


Wasn't this the dad who worshipped his car and faked going to school? I thought he was one of the lamest shown on 16 & P before I completely stopped watching.

The vagina is not a clown car people, objects DO NOT need to keep coming out of it. WTF

yea it was. thought he was such an ugly little twerp and she could do so much better!

Yeah, I did too. I wasn't impressed by him AT ALL. She was WAY too pretty for him, and the way he disrespected her family by lying to them about school was terrible. I mean, they let him live there under one condition. And that was simple. Finish school. That idiot lied and said he was going! So stupid. Did he not think they'd ever find out? Like, not even when he couldn't graduate or something?

she is way too pretty for him. I think she's one of the prettiest in the franchise. She has beautiful skin and striking blue eyes

She is beautiful!

She had the prettiest eyes! Lol I remember fangirls raving how "hawt" Jairo was. I was like WHERE?

Your name makes me laugh everytime

I can't believe that she is still with that clown. If I recall correctly her family had also had it with his ridiculous behavior.

I apologize for going completely off topic, but has anyone seen where Farrah has announced that she has put Sophia in therapy for basically trying to be a famewhore? Aside from the fact that it is ultra-classy to have a press release to notify the world that your own child is undergoing therapy (although it is always nice to bring this fact to everyone's attention, so that the extremely personal nature of therapy is mooted right off the bat), only Farrah could recognize the desire to famewhore in another (five-year-old) person. When will they remove her from custody?

RIDICULOUS!! Farrah is the only person to leave me speechless, I swear! I'm glad she's using it as a way to help explain the Derek situation, but JFC, cause she's a mini-famewhore?! Seriously Farrah!?!!!??!

You all have got to watch these interviews on RumorFix, from Jenelle's pregnancy, to Sophia ever getting plastic surgery, the therapy, her restaurant, just so much randomness!

What!! She actually put her in therapy and said it's because Sophia is a famewhore?!?! You've got to be kidding me...

It's completely true. Google teen mom news, and it will show up near the top.

I should be clear with everyone and say that I am paraphrasing her words and Farrah did not use the word, "famewhore". She did say is was about Sophia's problems with her fame or some other extremely thoughtful considerations.

I think Farrah has reason to be concerned that Sophia is not completely balanced. It is patently obvious that although Sophia is an internationally recognized, successful reality star of two successful television shows, she is not yet the successful businesswoman she needs to be and has not written any best-selling works of literature or children's stories. She is certainly a hi9ghly talented and successful child, but is not yet highly educated and does not have the framework in place to write erotic literature or books on Christian parenting.

Sophia has starred in several famous music videos, but at this point in time, she was only involved as a guest artist to another more successful recording artist/television personality and needs to learn her place within this network of successful personalities in her life. As of press time Sophia has no known sex tape leaks, but as we know, these things can easily happen to someone with her level of star power, and such releases of intimate personal videos are not always under the control of the star who justifiably could make them for her own personal use to celebrate her body and sexuality at that particular stage in her life. Sophia really does not have her shit together at this time, but may be able to reach the level of some of her more famous relatives in the coming months and years. Counseling will be good for her to learn to recognize her place in the celebrity world in which she is so heavily immersed.

I think I'm biased. Because I like her, I'm not upset she got pregnant again. Even though I think they should have at least moved out of her parents first. I complete understand not wanting your kids to be like 10 years apart. But, at the same time, that's a consequence for having one so young. But she is in school apparently. & who knows what fiancé is doing. Or why they haven't gotten married yet. I'll still be okay with her baby even though I'm so against Mckenzie's.

Even though Izabella was up front & didn't make up some story about her uterus turning to a pumpkin to justify her pregnancy

I think I'm also a bit biased as she was my favorite girl of the 16 and pregnant franchise.
If remember correctly, in her ask account from last summer, she did say that she was going to try for a second child (well basically what she said in her instagram message) and that Jairo had a good job, was working full time and was going to start school and that they were being smart with their money.
So while I wouldn't personally try for a second child while still being a teenager and in school, if they feel they can handle it, good for them.

I liked her a lot as well. And she may be really young, but at least she's still with the father of her children after 4+ years. Only a handful of the 16 & pregnant girls can say that.

I love your name Bumgarner!!!!!!!! I'm seeing the Giants play at Petco Park on Saturday! Fuck yeah! And, also, I love calling him Bumfucker cuz it makes me lawl

She's one of my all-time faves, but I can't say I agree with her reasoning. Even though a lot of people don't like space in between their kids, my sister and I are 7 years apart and are extremely close. It just depends on the people. I realize that her mom does daycare out of her house and can watch her kids while she's at school, but if I were in her shoes I'd want my degree first. And their relationship, on the surface, seems a little rocky.

My sister and I are also 7 years apart and it feels fine to me. I think it'd be weird having a sibling close in age... or weirder yet... having a sibling at the same school as you at the same time lol. That'd be a mind trip.

My sister and I didn't really become close until I was about 14 and she was 21. We were both in the "adolescent stage" then (albeit the opposite ends of it), but that's when we could relate better and really became friends. I'm 23 and she's 30 now. I hardly ever think of our age difference really. We are close and we're friends. I don't think age difference should really be a dealbreaker because you never know how your children will get along each other regardless of age. It's a gamble.

My sister and I are 13 years apart. I just graduated high school and my sister starts kindergarten in the fall. Her and I get along great. My younger siblings are 7, 5, and 2. It's not that bad being so far apart. At 13 I saw all the issues with my mothers pregnancy and what could go wrong. It's a good learning tool.

Although I do see and respect everyone's points about considering the children's considerations for spacing the siblings, I am wondering if this is not really kind of a false wrapping to justify the parents' own desires. I think that kids will welcome siblings at about any spacing and that they deep down are not really grudging against their parents for not giving them siblings exactly when they want them. They are small children - there is a reason why we let grown-ups make important decisions for them. I have a brother who is 2 years younger than me and one who is 8 years younger and I was glad when they both came along and it was cool to play with them. That being said, I am sure that I would have liked them arriving at different spacings too. I think this is similar to the teen moms who are claiming that they had to get their children's names tattooed on them because the kids wanted it so desperately, and finally the mothers just had to break down and take one for the team and get that tattoo that was so important for junior's sense of self esteem.

She has always been one of my favorites, and he is definitely one of my favorite dads from the show. They seem like a sweet couple that obviously love their son. Henry is so cute!

19 is very young to have two children in today's society. I wonder what preparations they have made - where they live, how much money they have saved for this planned baby, etc. but ultimately this is up to them and no one else. I really like her little paragraph with the announcement - she has proper grammer and seems mature in comparison to all the others we have seen. Congrats to them!

Should have read other comments first. I don't know the full story - maybe their parents encouraged them to have another baby? Who knows. I know that latin american culture is a little different and families are much more intertwined. I knew a girl growing up whos family was from Mexico and she had 6 sisters, two grandparents, and her parents all living in a 4 bedroom house. She told me she didn't mind and loved sharing a room with her sisters, and the parents were pretty well off and could have afforded a larger place. They owned a chain of restaurants.

I can't imagine having no college degree, no job, and living at home with parents and planning a second pregnancy. Henry will likely be in middle school before they have their own place to call home. By my standards that is not okay, but I have lived on my own since 17 and do not have supportive parents. Hopefully she finishes her degree and they can have some dependence in their 20s. This has to be straining on their relationship, especially for the boyfriend who can not provide for his fiance and children.

That's true. I forgot the cultural influence. Maybe that's why they still live with her parents, and moving out isn't really a big deal.

Yeah and they said they're being "smart with their money" so if Isabella is in school and Jairo is working full time and they are saving money by living with parents while they get themselves established, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. They still ARE really young and as long as they aren't freeloading and being lazy, I think it's alright.

Being smart with their money would mean not having another kid till they are stable. ON THEIR OWN. JS.

You know, I gotta agree with you. I mean, exactly what have they been doing since Henry was born? They have lived there since she was pregnant with him. I know different cultures do different stuff, but regardless of what your culture is, wouldn't having your own place for your family be a top priority? I mean, it would for me. Just saying.

@Sophie's Binkie
Not really. In pretty much every other culture you either live with your parents for many years or they live with you. I work with a lot of people from India and any of them who have parents living over here are living together and they help each other. I.e parents will watch kids while they work. I have heard that a lot of other countries think we are strange for trying to get away from our families so quickly.

The funny thing about that is I don't think Izabella is from India, and this is the United States.

Orange, I like your comments on here but that one was kind of a dick move. I'm not a libtard who overly validates multiculturalism for the sake of progressivism (I'm a libertarian) but damn, you seem to be judging this from your own prism. No Isabelle is not Indian, but it is absolutely true that various cultures have different ideas of multigenerational home sharing. I'm most familiar with Mexican culture since the area I'm from is about 85% Hispanic in public schools where I've attended and worked. I've also lived with a family of Mexican immigrants - my bf lived with his mom, her husband, his brother, his wife, and my bf's two younger siblings, along with me. In the same apartment complex his two young uncles lived together, and in another apartment his grandmother lived with one of her daughters. They wanted to stay together to support one another. And btw they worked their asses off, legitimately and legally.

I used to be super sensitive to their struggles though I have different perspectives on that four or five years later, but regardless many cultures value the "collectivistic" society in which individualism is less important than supporting the family unit as a whole. Asian cultures are a striking example of this. It is not uncommon for three or more generations to live together in Asia, though I will acknowledge the purpose served is often the care of ageing family members. Still, "this is America" is kind of a trite argument in my opinion.

Seems like anyone supporting these two getting pregnant again is getting intense thumbs down. I don't really care what they do because they seem to be one of the more decent couples from the series but yeah, I'm a little surprised that people are actually pulling that nationalist crap when looking at individuals who could have been brought up in a seriously different situation. My two years living at my ex's house were crazy but awesome. I learned a lot of Spanish and learned to quit feeling so entitled like I was raised to be. I appreciate cultural differences even if I don't decide I want to live like that and I don't see how it's so hard to understand individualism isn't the "prime directive" of every society worldwide.

When I start caring what a stranger on the internet thinks of me I'll let you know :) you might be waiting a while.

People get intensely thumbed down for talking about tacos....

Nice comeback Orange lol

You could've responded to my points ya know. That's what we do on here. Share our opinions and discuss. I guess you weren't up to it?

"Nice come back". Look we're not in 7th grade and I don't care about who has the better comeback. I haven't heard that term since yo mama jokes in the 90's. I hate to be "the barrier of bad news" but I simply do not care. How about we agree to disagree? I think it's irresponsible to have kids while still living with mommy and daddy and you don't. If you don't that's great. you are just not going to convince me otherwise and I'm not even sure why you're trying.

And last I checked this was not a discussion board to make you feel less insecure about your personal life, but a discussion board about a TV show. Nobody cares if you live with your parents. Literally no one. I was commenting about Izabella. If I express my opinion about something it's totally fine if you disagree. But don't expect me to agree with YOU just because you are throwing a temper tantrum about it. Why do you care what a stranger thinks anyway? Sounds like you're just insecure. Not my problem.

And to be perfectly honest when people write long drawn out paragraphs that go on and on I usually stop reading by the second sentence. If even that.

I doubt her parents encouraged it


I am curious to hear what you thought was positive about the babydaddy on her episode. I got a completely opposite reaction to him. You usually have solid reasoning skills and I just can't remember him doing one single thing or having one admirable quality, but perhaps I am not remembering the whole episode or something (I saw it when it came out and have not seen it again, so maybe I am misremembering). All I remember was that he worshipped his car and took it out driving for hours on end while lying to her family that he was going to college. All that gas had to be expensive. I also thought that he had a petty bland personality and also tended to shirk responsibilities in every possible form. I guess I could see that he did not really do anything negative to the kid, like drugs, crime, violence, but that is a pretty low bar to clear. I am not at all trying to disagree with you or anything, but I am curious to hear what you saw in him to be one of your favorite fathers (and there have been dozens of them). Was he really that good, or are the rest of them really so bad?

I have nothing against them, but in my opinion, they should think about at least moving out of their parent's house before considering conceiving another child.

Just my 0.02.

I fully agree. In most circumstances, people should be living on their own before having children. Who the hell wants to live with mommy and raise their own baby?!? I could never imagine living with my parents when I had my son.

Well, as they said in previous comments, it's a cultural thing. In latin america you don't move out till you're married (25? 26?) and if you got pregnant (being a teenager or even early 20s) and are not married you are definetely gonna live with your parents. I think the other reason is very simple: here you don't work till you are done with all of your college education (which your parents pay for). For what I understand in the USA you start working at 16-17, we start working here at 22-23 (unless you don't have money for school/college and start working right away but you don't really earn much). So it's not easy moving out of your parents house without a job AND going to school, almost no one does that (that's another difference, here most universities make you take 19 credits per semester, so we focus more in our education).
That being said, I still don't think it's a good idea they (BOTH) live with her parents, that's weird even here. I guess I'm okay with them being happy because they're having a new kid but it would have been great if they waited till they were more independent.

Meh, I don't agree with living with your parents and getting pregnant on purpose. She has no idea what being independant means. I just can't see how people would want to live at home and raise a child. Maybe it's a cultural thing, maybe it's a freeloading thing, who knows. She is 19 years old. She could of waited a couple years to get their own place, and still be a 'young' mother. I just don't agree with her no motivation to move out and be independant.

I live with my mom, my fiancé, and my son. She likes having us around, I help with the mortgage and the bills, and she helps with babysitting.

The idea that you have to be away from your parents in order to be independent is a fairly new concept. Multigenerational families were never thought of as weird or irresponsible until the past few decades or so. I would never make my son move out, honestly. If he wanted to get married and have babies and have his family live with me, I would have no issue as long as he was helping. That's just the way my family is.

It just sucks that people see you're living with your parents and automatically assume you're a deadbeat who has no business having children.

Haha I love the whole "it's a cultural" thing as an excuse.

It's not an excuse. No one needs an excuse for why they live the way they do if everyone involved is okay with it. And the US consists of many different cultures. I don't understand why people living with their parents gets people so shitty. What does it matter? If the family is happy and stable, what exactly is so horrible about it?

Sure sounds like one to me. Here is a crazy thought. Maybe wait to have kids until you can support yourself? Oh well! Too late I guess. I would be so embarrassed if my child knew I wasn't the one supporting him or her.

Why do you think your idea of how to do things is the only valid one? I can support myself and I do support my child. We live with my mother because we want to and she wants us to. She always says it takes a village to raise a child and I agree. The idea that the parents have to be the sole everything to their children with no help is a new idea and makes life for everyone harder than necessary. Again, what exactly is so horrible about it if everyone involved is happy with the situation?

Do you think your child would think less of you as a parent if they knew you didn't do it all by yourself?

If my son wanted to get married and have a family, it sure wouldn't be in my house. Being independant is not a 'new' thing. You can still live on your own with plenty of help from family. All I have to say is Izabella needs to cut the cord.

Okay good for you. Doesn't mean it's the only right way to do things. No one can ever actually explain what's so horrible about living with family, only that they think it is.

I think if everyone is cool with the living arrangements, why are we judging them? Besides, plenty of older people live with their kids. I know if my parents needed daily assistance, my home is always open for them.
With that said, I couldn't wait to move out on my own and did so when I was 19. Different strokes for different folks.

Was there somewhere where I said my idea was the only idea? I just disagree with you. Quit taking it so personally. And to answer your question, yes I would be highly embarrassed that I couldn't support my own children.

I really am awed at the intense disliking of her still living with her parents. I don't even support it necessarily but I don't see why the positive remarks or ones offering perspective are getting so many thumbs down per thumbs up. It's just bizarre to me. These ideas don't seem particularly controversial in a country in which tons of adult children without offspring are living at home and society condones such behavior. Again, I'm not advocating this, I'm just kinda surprised to see such negative feedback from people when overall this isn't a huge deal compared to most of the crap we see on here.

A lot of people live at home and it sucks. The economy is crap right now and I get it. Perfect reason not to have kids. Why are you so "hurt" about it? If I was hurt about every opinion that did not agree with mine it would be a really tough world to live in.

My family is very much like Molly's in that regardless of the situation, my family helps. My cousin lives with her fiance, their two babies, her mom, her dad and her maternal grandmother. They work and provide for their family, but they stay with her parents because they like staying their, and my aunt and uncle love having them there. It was the same for me and my husband and kid until last summer when I was pregnant with our second and my mom moved in with my brother after he had his second kid. We moved cities and while I do like it just being the four of us, I genuinely miss my mom being close. She was kind of overbearing but I know that it's just because she loves my kids so much. Now she lives in a house with my brother his wife, their two kids, and his brother in law. Plus my sister in law's parents and her siblings are always over to help with the kids or hang out and cook/clean whatever. And nobody ever asks for it. And even though both myself and my brother can support our families separately, and our relatives know that, people still constantly buy toys or clothes or books for our kids, we're constantly getting care packages of hand me downs, or handmade things from my aunts, and people are always always offering me furniture I don't have room for whenever they move. Haha.

My mom grew up with 8 siblings, and lived in a small house with her mom's sister and her four kids. Everybody helped with chores or money and that's just how our family has grown.

Personally, I struggled living with my mom because at the time we had a less than stellar relationship. But now, it's great and I miss her. I love the way my family comes together that way, too. I'm sure it's weird to some people but to me it's just the usual.

Orange is the New Adams Gf -

I am outraged that you do not respect multicultural values. Right now I am looking for a woman who will follow Japanese traditions and walk behind me in public in my exact footsteps and let me fondle strange other women in public places, but I am also trying to respect the cultural fashion choices of some Middle Eastern nations by having my woman wear a Burka, be completely uneducated, not drive a car and never speak to other men who are not related to her. You would be amazed at some of the culturally insensitive attacks I have had to suffer from close-minded people in the USA. I have not yet found the right woman (since my previous Burka-wearing baby died last year), but I am sure it is only a matter of time before I find my soulmate who will never contradict me (but if she does, I would like to have a tribal council condemn her and then rape her to teach her the proper lesson). I just can't wait until the day I am able to break out my female circumcision kit and go to town on my new woman.

How can you disrespect this young couple's needs to impose of the generosity of the girl's parents? That is selfish of you to not let them be selfish to her parents. There really need to be more open-minded people in this world. You need to be better. You also need to listen to me because I am a man (or else). Stop bullying me and people like me for our cultural heritage and decisions. I thought we ended bullying in 2011, but I guess it is still alive and well on this site.

I kinda got lost at the rape thing...

Conspiracy: Absolutely cracking up!!!!!!!!! Good to see some people have a sense of humor on this site.

Marie: He's kidding. Chill out.

Oh my God CM...you are seriously cracking me up here! I read this whole back and forth think this morning cause I was away for the past couple days and I was so surprised by it! You're awesome!!

I disagree. I think if you're gonna leave your parents' house you'd better be able to support yourself. I can't stand the idea that people The idea that living with your parents automatically means you're not independent is just stupid. I know plenty of people who just like being with their parents and treat them more like roomates; pay their own bills and their share of the rent. If everyone's happy, who cares? My only issue with living with them and having a kid is eventually you're gonna want to move out, and if your kid is old enough to have grown attached to their grandparents you're putting extra stress on them because you're happy you're finally getting to have your own space, but they just think of it as taking their grandma and grandpa away. I live across the country from my parents but if I had a kid I would move back (not with them! Have my own place but in the same town)... I had such a great relationship with my grandparents so I feel like every kid should. Of course if your parents suck that's a different story but yeah. Point is I wouldn't see sharing the same house with your parents and your kid is a good idea, you should want to be close to them.

Izabella, culturally at least, is probably more akin to a anglo-american upbringing than a latin american one. Her mother is a white american woman, and they grew up in Utah for pete's sake. I will say that I am disappointed in her, I understand wanting to have kids close together, but like the one poster said, thats the loss you accept when your firstborn is born when you're 15. Not to mention she has 3 years of college left! Going to school period is tough enough, but with 2 kids?

I liked her but I agree, it's pretty ridiculous and sad. And very strange to me they cancelled the wedding yet decided to have another kid while living with mommy and daddy.

Also agree about the cultural thing. Last I checked she lives in the U.S. Cultural differences is not an excuse. Also if you are going to announce something expect positive and negative feedback. That is life...

And correct me if I'm wrong, but if it were a cultural thing wouldn't Jairo be working, Izabella staying at home raising their kids, and they have their own place? Lol.

Also can't imagine having sex with my partner under my parents roof.

I have no idea, her episode was too long ago I don't remember, but from what I understand she or he (?) has mexican family? I truly don't know. And like I said in my post, even for the latin american culture it is weird living with your fiance (who works) in your parents roof. I didn't explain all of that like an excuse @Orange is the New Adams Gf, because they clearly have no excuse. I just said how things are done down here. I don't even know if they have that strong mexican or whatever influence.

Half white half Mexican. And she grew up here.... so yeah.....

@orange - lol!! Can you imagine that?!? Having sex while your mom and dad are one level above you! Creepy haha.

I would laugh in my daughters face if she asked if her bf could move in with us. I know my parents would laugh in my face too

So Orange is the arbiter of cultural differences. If a family is influenced by ethnic culture you better bet they meet all the stereotypes! No one can have a blend of cultural influences, they've gotta be all or nothing. So an Asian family with collectivist values has to be wrapping their daughters' feet, and Hispanic families who cohabitatate intergenerational have to espouse traditional gender roles too.

I can't believe people are cheering this attitude on. I'm not the type to get offended about shit like this but I seriously can't believe there's this mass consensus for such narrow minded stereotyping. I'm usually the one to chide people for crying racism, etc but Orange you are really making yourself look like an ass. I don't even agree with this chick's life choices but this resistance to considering societal differences is just shocking to me. I didn't realize western culture was supposed to be homogeneous, especially in the United States.

I'm not even arguing that one way or the other is better, or even necessarily acceptable (because I don't agree with this growing trend of adult children living with their parents!) but the dismissal of legitimate cultural differences is just unfathomable to me. I honestly haven't seen such gross intolerance on this site before this topic. Disagreements and debates are awesome and I love considering other views but these nationalist arguments against potential cultural influences are pretty grody. I'm not trying to pick on you Orange but I'm just really surprised you had to resort to that bullshit to justify your own viewpoint which is completely valid without entirely dismissing social differences.

I'm curious, Orange, where do you live? (In general, not in a creepy stalkerish way lol!) I'm in Central California. I can elaborate more on why I'm asking if you're up to a spirited civil discussion.

So it's ok for other cultures that are not from the U.S. to view us as "weird" for being financially independent, but not ok for me to think it's weird that people have a bunch of kids and still live at home?

There is no dismissal of other cultures. People are going to do that whether I think it's right or not. Doesn't mean I agree with it. ANd I've noticed it's become an American thing to let grandparents raise the kids. It disgusts me. Just another example of lazy parenting, lazy Americans in general. I am from the U.S. but have moved states a lot. I'm American (white) and embarrassed by my own culture... the obesity, the lazy parenting, the ignorance... so it's not some race thing. So quit implying that please. Thanks.

And to Uterus: ( I never thought I'd reply to someone using the term Uterus!!) Yes I can't even fathom having sex while I know my parents are nearby. I also laughed when Maddy said "moms don't have sex".

Maddys: I was dating this guy in high school and was an idiot and wanted him to move in with us because I thought it would be cool (lolz). My parents did exactly that (laughed their asses off) and I thank them for it everyday haha. we didn't have kids or anything, but yea like with Izabella, I guess her parents really don't mind the risk of those two having another kid while living in their house. Kind of odd to me. I am so against teens living together in the first place...it's nothing but trouble. ESPECIALLY if they don't already have kids, cause I guarantee they will if they're living in the same house soon enough lmao

I don't really care what these two do but I think it would be good to experience a little bit of independence and know exactly what its like to support and take care of yourself before you have multiple children. I don't have anything against people living with their parents but one person living with parents is different than a family of four living with parents. They're so young still, I know they wanted their children close in age, I just feel a lot of these girls rush into second children. She has years ahead of her to have more kids. Even with a four or five year age difference her kids won't be attending school together, (one will be in elementary while another is in junior high, etc) so what's a couple more years to finish school and get a decent job and then move out and have another child? I mean they chose to do it this way so they must be happy with the circumstances but I understand peoples points when asking why they couldnt wait to be done with school ( she's a sophomore in college) and financially stable enough to be able to live outside your parents house.

I can explain what's wrong with living at home while purposely raising children.
1. You don't learn independence
2. You can't stand on your own two feet
3. No motivation to get a job
4. No motivation to use your own money for those children
I could go on and on.
Good for me because my son will learn things like being financially stable and standing on his own before popping out a million kids as a teenager.

After all that, I respect your opinion. It's different from mine, but doesn't make me any better than you. Everyone rasies their children differently

This comment was meant to be posted further up lol! :)

At least it seems like this was a planned pregnancy. And if they r stable enough to take care of another child.then good for them.who cares if shes still with parents.as long as they dont mind.

They should care. Having a child means having the responsibility of taking care of that child fully. I don't doubt she would be an unstable parent, but she should at least have the desire to move out of mommys basement.

Stable** it should stay she will be a stable parent* lol

Agreed. I find it disgusting that grandparents are forced to raise their grandchildren. It is not their job.

Ok,completely honestly I dont see this as being a planned pregnancy...It doesnt feel genuine.
Just take the fact of them canceling the wedding, but deciding to take their relationship to another level and adding another child?.. It personally doesnt make sense to me. I think she may have let the news out in the way she WANTS the situation to be viewed by everyone. Although its not necessarily the actual way it happened. Even the way she worded her long paragraph describing why she was telling etc it just seemed more as a story and list of excuses to me. I dont see how she thought with not even being finished school, when school was so IMPORTANT to her (she stressed it over and over in her episode and the catch up special) she would think having another kid is a good idea. He also didnt seem overly thrilled with his living situation, and now adding in another child will only add on more stress to everything.I frankly am surprised they are still together long enough to be able to make another kid.

Maybe it was an uh oh and that's why they canceled the wedding? I don't know, just taking a wild guess

I get that vibe too. Did not seem planned.

This seems to be a trend. Looking at Ty and Cait.

I get the whole Catelynn and Tyler vibe - not committed enough to marry, but had an oopsie pregnancy and tried to cover it up as planned (my theory on Catelynn and Tyler).

Err, um, I don't know but the big thing I remember about this girl is that she came from a Catholic, church-going household. And if that's actually the case (and not something MTV embellished) then her parents would not have let that boy live in their house until they were married. And there would be no more baby making (IE sex) until they were married. I'm basing all this on what my parents would have done if it were me.

So the new pregnancy makes me feel like their whole 16&P episode was made up! I really liked this girl but now I'm not so sure. i hope they get married for their babies' sake.

Hmm, a 16 & pregnant 'good girl' edit is totally possible.


I think you nailed it here. She can say anything on social media about what happened, but I just can't see this happened exactly the way she said it did. It is not too hard to write up a sign and have your kid hold it (even though he likely cannot read it or at least can't fully understand it). Jenelle could have just as easily written a sign for Jace to be photographed holding that said how much he wanted a new brother but that would not be proof that Jace fully understood the situation or even wanted them to have a baby. The party who is silent in this whole matter is her parents. She says that they were on board with it, but I find that extremely unlikely. I can't really imagine her parents coming down to their bedroom one night and telling them that they really want them to try and have another child.

I totally get the 'not really planned' vibe. We started trying for our second as my mom was getting ready to move out of the place we shared with her, and when we announced at 12 or 13 or whatever weeks, all I did was post a cute picture on my facebook of our shoes lined up with baby shoes on the end, and said that our family would be growing 'by two feet' the month I was due. (don't judge me I thought that was hilarious)

I didn't right a goddamned story about why I waited how long I did to announce it and the 8 million reasons we decided it was good for our family.

Can't any of these girls see past the tip of their nose. Go out party, have fun, see the world. Not knock out babies every 2-3 years while ur still living at ur momma house working part time at a fast food joint crying cause ur baby daddies liked some other girls status on fb. Anyone seen the movie Idiocracy? I feel like that's where we are headed.

YES!!!!!!! That movie is so going to happen! (Is happening!)

. . . has already happened.

Good luck to them.

Here's what I wonder, and maybe someone here who watches the shows more regularly can help me out:

Why is it that some girls and dads are more mature/capable than others and what can I do as a parent to encourage this kind of maturity in my children? Mind you "don't be addicted to meth and in and out of prison" is a given.

It's the whole "nature vs. nurture" thing. Sometimes kids grow up mature and responsible and it's just naturally in their personality and character. Sometimes it's strict guidance from parents who help them to be that way. Sometimes even with parental involvement and support, kids won't learn. All you can do is a parent is try your best to be consistent in instilling values and don't enable if kids won't follow it.

Thanks A

I truly believe it is mostly genetics. I have seen it too many times. I know really awesome parents with bad egg children, and really awful parents who somehow lucked out. My parents were both alcoholics and my mother abused drugs. She is now on her 4th abusive marriage and I move out on my own at 17 via emancipation because otherwise I would not have graduated high school.

To make a long story short - I got a full academic (not need based) scholarship to a university and finished my degree in 4 years. I have a wonderful husband, we own a lovely home, and we are currently expecting our first child. I have a great job and live respectably - never being wild or doing crazy stuff. My older sister had the exact same upbringing, actually a little better than me because she got out before things got really bad. She is now a 27 year old who works in fast food and can not for the life of her get her stuff together. She sleeps around and does drugs. I love her, don't get me wrong, but we could not be more opposite. GENETICS I tell you. It is insane that two people could be so difference and that is the only thing that explains it.

Or my cousins. Perfect upbringing - heck, they never even moved lol. I know their parents inside and out and those are some lucky kids. Older son is in and out of jail for marijuana charges and dropped out of college, daughter couldn't be more wonderful and has her head on straight. Starting college in the fall and owns a small business.

I think parents can only do what they can do. Personalities and how we end up mostly are flukes of nature. It's unsettling but I am convinced it is true. Be good to your kids. Teach them to express themselves in positive ways. Have a healthy relationship. Choose your partner wisely - for their parenting and their genetics. Make kids do for themselves - like waking themselves up, having a job at 16, etc. and do not shelter them from the world. Always have an open heart, open mind, and open arms. Don't enable them to make poor choices, and make sure they have correct information (birth control, drugs, etc.) to make the right choices for themselves. That is really all you can do.

Thanks Snarklark

Shocked at the down voting here... What is there to down vote?

Love stories about people who post here! Thanks for sharing!

Agreed. I thought it was touching that Snarklark took time to consider my question and bring personal experience in. The only thing I can figure is that lots of people have had kids with folks who's genes they now question. I was amongst that bunch years ago. I felt that my son's dad was much too pushy/entitled and I didn't want my son to turn out that way. My son instead inherited his father's big heart and stoic tolerance for friends who are making mistakes. Everyone has something to offer genetically.


What positives do Adam and Andrew (Jace's father) bring to the table?

Answer (?). . .

Driving skills and ability to hold your liquor?

I think some part of it has to be intelligence, the more intelligent you are the better you will be at analysing situations and coming to the best decisions. also I think it is good to be taught independence at home, at age 10-12 you should be clearing the table and doing dishes, at 14/15 you should be able to do laundry, groceries, and also start to learn how to cook some meals, so by 17/18 you could feasibly fend for your self.

Thanks Poppy

I wouldn't say I disagree with you, but I definitely don't completely agree either. I am the youngest of 4 (2 boys then 2 girls) and my older brother is a loser. Straight up, there's no other way to describe his situation. He is 30 years old, still lives at home, failed out of college, and his longest tenured job was when he was 16-18 and worked at a restaurant as a busboy. He's never held any other job longer than a year. And yeah, I almost forgot: he's scored at a GENIUS IQ level multiple times. If that's not "intelligent" I don't know what is. Neither myself nor my other 2 siblings, nor my parents, have tested as high as he has. Since he was the oldest and enrolled in all the gifted programs at school and stuff they tested all of us when we went through the system. All of us tested high, none that high. That being said, there is no question he is the worst off of all of us. 2/3 of us have graduated college. I'm only 21 but I'm due to graduate next spring and there hasn't been a reason I wouldn't. We've all been able to hold steady jobs. My other brother and older sister both live on their own and are financially independent. My other brother is engaged to a girl he's been dating for a few years steadily. We all grew up in the same house in a very nice area and have the lives we do now to show for it. But the fact my brother was coddled over because of his intelligence is why I think he's the way he is. He speaks down to people and believes he's better than everyone. And he's always reminded the rest of us that he's "more intelligent" or "smarter" or whatever. But After 21 years I've finally realized that being book smart isn't always the best indicator of whether people will grow up to be independent, well-adjusted, functioning members of society. He may be the most book smart, but the other 3 of us are far more money-smart, street-smart, and people-smart than he will ever be. I read some comment on starcasm the other day and I had never resonated so much with an internet comment. It was about how this girl had a loser brother like mine because of coddling since he was the oldest. She was defending that crappy kids certainly does not mean they were raised by crappy parents and growing up a in a house that reveals that statement to be truer by the day I get it. There is no 1 factor that dictates whether children will be successful in life or not. I think just helping your children realize what their good at and what will lead them to "success" in life is what your job as a parent is. But I think as a parent you have to prepare them for many different paths. Some people in this life were BORN to be mothers/father and just need to take care of people. They'll never work steady full time jobs because it's not their place. They just take care of kids and significant others, and then most likely their parents and significant others' parents. Other people want to just be the bread winner and take care of people financially and be leaders. When those 2 people find each other they can go on to lead a wonderful marriage and life together. Is one really more "successful" than the other if they are both vehemently happy with their life? But if they don't find each other at 20/2/4 years old, there needs to be a backup plan. Your job as a parent is to prepare them for as many twists and turns and setbacks in life as possible to make sure they persevere.

Thanks for this Kail's Placenta Pills!

Congrats and I hope she has good pregnancy and enjoys everyone knowing this time around. I felt so sorry for her on her 16&P episode when she didn't tell anyone and stayed home ALL the time and then her best friend quit talking to her shortly after she told her and wouldn't bring her schoolwork to her. She was always one of my faves. Hopefully Jairo has grown up some.

WHoa, didn't know Jamie was pregnant the second time.

Izabella is a really pretty girl, I was like, what's she doing with this not so hot guy???
Anyway, I have nothing against her but I think she was the perfect example of MTV glamourizing teen pregnancy. She's probably one of the most fortunate we have seen on the franchise.
1. her parents are still together and her family is rather wealthy.
2. Her dad seemed really "important"at church.
3.Her boyfriend matured and stepped up and never ditched her.
4.Her mom took care of her son for her during the day so she could finish school.

While I'm happy for her, I think this is the kind of girl mtv should not be filming because compared to the other girls, she didn't struggle THAT much. She is the good example that even being a teen mom, you can still accomplish anything, but to be fair, she had a really decent family to begin with, nobody really chooses the family they come from.

100% agree with you!

Jamie McKay had an abortion an posted on twitter how much she regretted it.

That's really sad

Jamie got pregnant again then had an abortion. She posted her ultrasound on twitter with "RIP angel or something like that". People assumed she had a miscarriage and were sending condolences then she was like "oh no I got an abortion!" People were PISSED.

Or something like that wasn't meant to be in the quotes lmao

That is so messed up. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

When I was watching Jamies episode my husband asked me if she and her boyfriend were slow. I thought he was joking until I saw his face, he really thought that they were mentally handicapped and he felt bad that mtv was exploiting them.

Ok that is just kind of hilarious. I remember Ryan asked that about Kyle and I died laughing. I think Jamie was a smart girl but made dumb decisions.

Who Jamie? Hah she was at the top of her class so that's funny. She definitely did some dumb things though (like fighting the girl). Ryan I could totally see though...but he was on drugs. Classy right?

this is irrelevant but, does anyone know why girls from 16 and pregnant season 3 never got their own teen mom show? their season was more fun to watch than season 4

Apparently they were planning one, and two of them considered were Jordan Ward and Jamie McKay. Jordan got pregnant again really quickly and Jamie got arrested for assaulting the girl her douchebag baby daddy cheated on her with. So they didn't bother? That's what I heard anyway.

Wasn't Jennifer Del Rio considered as well?

Basically yes MTV thought about it but didn't follow through. This was when they began to get a lot of flack about a lot of their TM and 16&P stars and their criminal issues, bad behavior, and extreme fertility. So they decided the season 3 girls weren't gonna cut it for a new TM installment.

The reason that season 4 and TM3 were less "fun" to watch is because MTV made a conscious effort to pick girls and storylines that appeared to be less trashy than the ones previously shown.

Less fun haha because it was more realistic. Oh why oh why do I give this show ratings when it is so messed up!?

I think Jordan was ruled out anyway because Brian enlisted and they can't fill on a military base. I might be confused, but I think I read that somewhere.

That happened with the original 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom. Before the format became "pick 4 girls" they were going to follow all 6 girls. Ebony wasn't able to film because Josh enlisted in the military and they were living on base and Whitney chose not to because she didn't want the stress of cameras around because they were going through a lot with her son's medical problems. That could have happened with Jordan Ward too but i know that's what happened with Ebony and that's how the 4 girls format became a thing.


UGH! I'm getting married in a few months and as much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to start our family immediately after the wedding we are waiting until our income goes up. We are both college grads in entry level jobs, and just bought a small house with a really reasonable mortgage. We STILL cannot afford it. Again - what do they do for work?! Do they live away from mom & dad?

I don't wanna be 'that person' but having a baby - especially a second baby - is really not that expensive. Especially if you don't have to pay for day care and you breastfeed.

Actually I will recant that and say when you don't have to pay medical bills - because I'm using my personal experience and I live in Canada. I can't imagine footing the bill for the births of my kids. But if you're thrifty and don't buy into the hype and craziness of the baby retail industry it doesn't really cost much to have a baby. They get expensive when they're old enough to be put into activities and stuff like that, haha.

I'm kind of disappointed...Izabella was one of my favorites, and I really believed she was going to be a shining star and be the only girl from 16 and Pregnant to get a college degree and go to medical school. Maybe she still can, but it seems less likely now...

I was thinking the same, it's an excellent goal to have so I hope she achieves it if that's what she still wants. I wonder how the progress on her degree is going.

This is OT but I have a question for Megan or Steve incase either of them see it.

Is there a way to change the log in process so after you sign in, you get redirected back to the last page you were on instead of being sent to your "wordpress profile"? Might be a bit nicer that way :)

Thank you. I love you.

I like Izabella and I feel like she was probably one of the most likeable and mature girls of the entire franchise. However I do feel that having your second child at 19 is so young. She worked so hard to graduate high school and get into a University I honestly feel like having a child midway through your degree isn't a smart move it definitely increases the chances of you dropping out. That being said her family seem stable and financially well off, she seems like a really good mother and Jairo appears to be a good Dad; I wish them well. It just seems not entirely thought out...

Totally off topic but I was on ADUI's Instagram today and he said that he wasn't in jail all weekend as he was alcohol free, so he was released (probably untrue) and then he said he was taking Taylor to caught for custody because she's apparently been or partying and drinking all night; I don't know the girl but from her twitter and Instagram feed she seems to be a very devoted mother. The worst part about Adam on Instagram is all the girls telling him how he's such a great dad, this one woman even offered to be his lawyer. Seriously I can't believe that many people are that naive and actually believe he's a good parent. You should check it out, it's adamlind9 hahah

Court even, September can't come quick enough I need tk come back to school...

Oh so we shouldn't believe the jail site either? He was still in there on tues for sure according to that and maybe even wed, I don't remember for sure now...

I could've sworn their kids name was Enrique...

"She eventually told her friends and extended family, and welcomed baby Enrique (whom they now call Henry) into the world in September 2010."

Henry is the English version of Enrique. I think that she said either the kid himself or his little friends had trouble saying it, so they changed it to Henry.

Oh crap! I didn't read the whole thing! I'm dumb. Sorry. So is it legally changed or just a "nick name"

I think it's just a nick name, but who knows really! Kind of confusing for a little mite if you ask me.

I read they actually changed it

If her mom runs a daycare and so presumably doesn't mind watching the kids while he works and she goes to school I really don't see a problem with it. They are probably one of the most responsible couples on the franchise and they're good parents.

I have one child and won't have any more, but if I did want another, I'd want them less than 3 years apart. Not for their sake really, but for mine lol. I can't imagine being halfway done or almost done raising your child and then deciding to start all over again. It makes me cringe seeing moms of teenagers have babies. Different strokes, but I can't imagine doing that.

When I have kids I'll be taking care of them. I hate how Americans make their parents take care of their responsibilities. They are done raising you they need a break. I'm sure they say they don't mind but at the same time you should wait till you can take care of your own responsibilities.

My mom has actually haggled her way into getting one weekend a month with either one or both of my kids (both every time is too much for her at her age, haha) because she misses them so much since we've moved away. I totally see what you mean, though and I agree. I have never understood the point of having kids if you, your partner or both of you are not going to be around to actually raise them.

I like izabella but this was a terrible decision. You aren't done with school and you still live with your parents. When you're a teen mom you really don't have the luxury of going "I want my kids this far apart". That's something you earn when you are financially stable. I would rather have my kids far apart and well provided for than have them close together, still living with my parents, no job, etc. Thats a choice responsible people make. Thumb me down all you want but yes I'm disappointed because I thought she was smarter than this. Mackenzie #2

I'm with you cabbage patch! Thumbs up from me.

I agree somewhat. I wish she would have finished college before she got pregnant again. It's going to be so much harder for her with 2 kids than with 1.

I do too. Whoever thumbed you down obviously values not having their shit together before having kids.

agreed with everything you said. what a great message to send your kids. Have two kids while still living with mommy and not being financially stable.

I completely agree with everything you said. I know a lot of people who have brought more kids into unstable financial situations because they wanted their kids spaced a certain number of years apart. You are 100% spot on that it's a luxury. I'm really disappointed Izabella did this.

At the same time I'm not surprised

So much for being a doctor. Her parents enable them to sleep together by letting them live together like that. Wonder why they don't just get married. I disagree with seeing her more on TV. Glad MTV decided not to put Jordan and Jamie on. But it's weird they keep people like Jenelle who are infinitely worse! Ratings I guess.

Hey Megan! Do you know how to get in touch with the owner of these Junkies sites? I'd love to help revive the Dance Moms site with the new season coming up!

I'd love to see that happen.

Dance Moms is by far my favorite guilty pleasure, haha!

(And what is with all these down votes? Can't a girl ask a question?!)

Wow, their son is a carbon copy of Jairo. I'm really happy they're still together. I think she said they'd only been dating a month when she got pregnant. He was a weirdo on their 16 & pregnant episode, but on the update, he'd sold his car for a family one and got a job. Congrats to them.

As long as her parents knew that they were trying and supported the decision who really gives a crap? To quote Kelly Osbourne "My teeth, my car, my vagina, my business." Unlike some of the other girls she had a one hour episode edited to mtvs discretion years ago now. let the down voting commence.

If my kid is living under my roof it is MY business what the hell she does with her vagina. If she wants to have sex then she can get her own place. I don't need my kid having sex in my house, thank you very much. Also Kelly Osbourne is a self-entitled brat.

Ugh I have to agree. Kelly Osbourne is absolutely vile. Love Sharon though! Gosh I remember when that show was on MTV so effing long ago...

Yeah but that doesn't mean that Izabella's parents didn't support her decision... I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but ultimately if her parents supported it then what can be said I guess?

I remember them. I really doubt they're tickled by the fact Izabella is most likely not going to med school. hopefully she still does but I doubt it.

I heard that Cairo has a job, and they actually rent out her parent's basement.
Izabella was my favorite, she seemed like the only girl out of the whole franchise who would actually graduate and have a great paying job. Seems really unlikely now.

Cairo lmfao.... well that's good I guess. That's nice the family is so close. LOL I guess I couldn't imagine living with my parents. I love them and all but holy shit I'd go insane. (Jewish mother, you understand.)

I think it's interesting to see people bashing Izabella for still living at her parents' house when I was seeing so many bashing Jordan Cashmyer for LEAVING her parents' house. Which is worse? Not saying I agree one way or the other because everyone's situation is different, I just think it's interesting.

Though I do think they probably should have waited a couple more years to have a second child.

Big difference between these girls situations. Jordan was looked down on because she left to be homeless with some bum. If she would of lived at home, it would of been by herself. Izabelle lives at home with her teenage boyfriend as well. I would never ever allow my son to move in a girlfriend, or willingly allow him to move into a teenage girlfriends house. It's asking for a pregnancy.

Jordan has no money, Izabelle has a very well off family. Even if her family paid for her to move out, it would still be one step better than living in mommys basements with your boyfriend, son, and soon to be new child.

Izabella* Damn you auto correct!

Meh I didn't like Jordan either. Much less than Izabella. I mean yea I don't think it's responsible to have another kid when you can't even support it but at least they weren't couching in this crazy unstable environment. Felt like Jordan picked that guy over the safety of her child.

Lol I havent seen anyone say "Oh I hate Izabella but not Jordan." What the fuck? Also saw a lot of people say how selfish it was of her to be with her boyfriend instead of just stay with her parents.

It doesn't matter how many times I see their photo I always think "My God Jairo looks like he's 12!"

. . .and more significantly and disturbingly, he seemed to act like he was 12.

What if it turns out he really is????

Meh this one is difficult for me.

Firstly: regardless of any cultural influences I still think she's a bit mad to have two kids at 19 and school etc etc. Life is hard with one, it's even harder with two! Common sense makes me feel like she should have waited until she graduated college.

However... Regarding the culture aspect of all of this... I think this depends, I can't possibly pretend to fully understand the extent of exposure to latin American culture she has experienced growing up. Her fathers culture may be the predominant one in the family home, it may not. So I'm going to sit on the fence about it. IF they have all as a family including Izabella's family decided to stick together under one roof because that is how they all want to live, then that is their choice and I can't really badmouth the choice to have a second child when still living at home. Regardless of my own opinion - its a choice they are free to make.

IF Izabella and Jairo have abused the family unit by choosing to have a second child so young and at home, then yes that is wrong.

But all that aside, where she lives isn't what bothers me, I just never understand why these young girls that go through such tough times with the first babies being so young go on to have a second or third so young too. For me that's pretty illogical in itself! But that is just me.

Totally agree. She's kind of just become another statistic. (Since most teen moms are likely to have another pretty quick). Like someone else said this did not feel planned at all...

Oh my and I know the parents were Catholic. They are probably a lot like Mackenzies parents where they probably would have wanted them to be married first.

That's exactly what I was thinking, surely her super Catholic parents wouldn't be happy with her having another child out of wedlock. I know a couple who have been together 5 years, both have degrees, stable jobs and are in their mid 20s who have just found out they're pregnant... The guy's family are Irish Catholics and are being pushed down the aisle in 4 weeks in the hope that people at church won't find out. The Catholics are pretty strict about that kind of thing!

That may well be the case, though I find people rationalise a lot of behaviour for the sake of their kids.

But all I'm saying is, we just don't know what the family stance is. As much as I think it's poor judgement to have a second baby so young, I can't comment on the rest that I've not seen and that I don't know about.

These teenage girls really put a strain on their families when they have babies so young and are still reliant in one way or another on their parents and the family unit. To an extent I understand because family is family and no one should be left behind, but there is only so much as a member of said family unit you should feel comfortable in needing from your family. Having another child so young is so unfair on the child, themselves and their family unit, but if that's what they want... Good luck I guess.

I have a friend who is in Isabelle's position; except she has one baby she planned for and has kidney disease. I had an unplanned pregnancy. I tried to explain to her that its hard work but she only sees the cute aspect of it which is so unrealistic! I accomplished so much while I was pregnant, but I have more to go. I don't understand why teens and early 20s TRY for a baby. I want another baby, but I also want to give my kids the lift they deserve. What is wrong with waiting? 19 is so young.. she has so much more life to live! Not that its over, but its harder

Whoops, life not lift!

And I didn't realize my auto correct screwed up Izabella's name so bad! First comment ever--- fail

You did fine and also came up with a great name. I hope you enjoy these opportunities to say what you think in the future. I do not want to put words in everyone else's mouths, but I think it is safe to say that we all find that this can be a great deal of fun. There are no right or wrong answers, and pay no attention to thumbs up/thumbs down which usually has nothing to do with anything that is of any consequence in your life. Have fun.

I agree. Your name is amazing and gross all at the same time.

I wouldn't necessarily day early 20's. I know that I'm not the norm, but I had my daughter at 22 and she was planned. Her dad was 24, so we were both young. We had been married 4 years and together 7 1/2 when she was born. We both have great jobs and I can give her everything I have always wanted for my children. We knew when we were trying for her that we had the money to give her a life she deserved, as well as the emotional maturity to be good parents to her. She's 10 months old and it has been a blessing. My husband is the best father and I think I'm a pretty good mother. I know you probably weren't intending for your statement to be a blanket stereotype on all young parents, but not everyone takes until their 30's to get their finances and life together.

I wouldn't categorize all early 20's either. People can definately have their life together at that age. I also had my son at 23. Both my boyfriend and I had good jobs, our own house and a mortgage, I am able to be a stay at one mom since he was born, we are getting married in November, we own our vehicles. So I am with you on that one :) I am so happy I waited till I was ready financially and in a stable relationship to have my son. It makes it so much more enjoyable. I love my little man!

That is awesome, good for you. I think that is very commendable and a great example to set.

Thank you! :)