Who's Expecting?

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There are a lot of girls who were featured on 16 & Pregnant who are currently expecting another child.

For the sake of time, I won't write an entire article about each of them, but I'll share updates about them on this post so that they're all in one place for those people who are curious.

Felicia Cooke


Felicia had her daughter, Genesis, when we watched her on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant. Now, a few years later, she's pregnant again.

Her children will both have the same father, a guy named Alex.

Felicia is currently 22 weeks pregnant, which makes her due sometime in May. I haven't seen anywhere that she's posted whether she's having a boy or a girl, so maybe she's keeping it a surprise for now.

Jennifer Del Rio


Jennifer gave birth to twin boys, Joshua and Noah, on season 3 of 16 & Pregnant. Since then, she became married to a guy named Luis Guiterrez, and they are currently expecting their first child together.

The baby is a boy, and the couple plans to name him Sebastian. Jennifer is around 7 months pregnant, making her due sometime around late April.

Jordan Howard


Jordan, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant, had baby Chase when we first met her. Now, two years later, she's pregnant again with a baby that she and fiance Tyler Zepplin planned.

Jordan is 36 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

Initially she was planning on naming the child Taylor, but she has since posted that they were thinking about a name change. Jordan plans on having a natural labor without the use of pain medication.

Aubrey Wolters

We met Aubrey on 16 & Pregnant season 2, where she delivered baby Austin. Now, she's pregnant again with another baby boy.

She's reportedly due on February 14th, and she hasn't confirmed or denied who the baby's father is, although sources state that she's been dating the same guy for a while.

There aren't any current belly pictures for Aubrey, but we can expect to meet her little guy sometime soon.

Jenelle Evans


Teen Mom 2's infamous bad girl is currently pregnant with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith's, child. We don't know whether she's having a boy or a girl, but we do know that she's supposed to find out in less than two weeks.

Jenelle is reportedly due on June 29th, and we will see bits and pieces of her pregnancy on this season of Teen Mom 2.

She's not very big yet, but we can assume she'll begin to grow a little more in the next few weeks.

Mackenzie McKee


Mackenzie, from Teen Mom 3, is currently pregnant with her second child. The baby is a girl, and she is due to arrive sometime in February.

Mackenzie and Josh have kept quiet about what they're planning on naming their daughter, but if it's anything like Gannon, we wouldn't be able to guess anyway.

Since Mackenzie is diabetic, it's highly unlikely that she will make it to her due date, but doctors are hoping she can hold out to make it to 37 weeks.

Christinna Robinson

Christinna gave birth to daughter Destiny on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant. She broke the news that she was pregnant again in November of this year, but as far as I can tell, there's no confirmed due date for her second child.

Her ex-husband, Isaiah, has a second child also, so little Destiny will have two half-siblings. Christinna is dating a guy named Dalonte, who is the father of her second child.

Kristina Head


We recently posted about Kristina Head (formerly Robinson) who is from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant. She's due to deliver a baby boy, Layten, sometime in February, although she's kept all of her social media accounts really quiet about the matter.

This will be Kristina's third child. She has one son, Lukas, who was born on her 16 & Pregnant episode, and a second son, Tommie Joseph, who was born a little over a year ago.

Myranda Trevino

Myranda, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant, delivered daughter Kaylee back in 2011. Since then, she's married her long time boyfriend, Eric, and they are allegedly expecting a second child together.

After Myranda's wedding became Facebook official, people began seeing comments that made them think that Myranda might be expecting another child.

Although there isn't any official announcement from the couple, you can make your own assumptions based on the following conversation.


As always, I might have missed some girls, so if you notice anyone that I skipped over, please let me know in the comment section, so that I can add them to this post.


This show is most definitely promoting teen pregnancy. If these girls are able to get pregnant again so soon, it can't be that hard to raise a child.
Good job MTV.

I don't know. MTV is just showing an honest look at the lives of teenage mothers (at least when it comes to 16 and pregnant). A good % of teenage mothers end up having other children soon after their first are born. Why would it be different with this group of mothers just because they were filmed?
As sad as it is, this is what happens. All of these other teen moms who are not shown on TV may have a really hard life but that doesn't prevent them from getting pregnant again. Doesn't mean it's not hard to raise a child.

It's true. I don't know the exact statistic (and I'm too lazy to look it up) but the fact is that a large amount of teen mothers end up pregnant again within a few years of their first child. Hell, it happened to multiple girls at my high school. It's reality.

I agree. Like I've said, these girls would probably have gotten pregnant again. Yeah, some of them may have been more careless or made more decisions to keep the babies since they now have their MTV fame, but overall, I think that it really just happens because......they love their babies, babies are miracles and blessings, and they want more of those good, happy, family feelings. It's good to feel needed and depended on, and girls/women start to miss the baby stage of taking care of a little one that needs them. The psychology is understandable, even if there isn't a lot of wisdom in the mix. I think it has more to do with the backgrounds, situations, and states of mind/wisdom of the girls that they're filming.

Now, there's definitely a good argument that people watching the show to think "Oh, I'll just go ahead and get pregnant so I can be on the show," and that is how they are continuing to have girls to film in these seasons, and that's a definite possibility. However, I don't think it's MTV that caused these girls to get pregnant again - If they have a baby with a guy that it doesn't work out with, they want to have a baby with another new guy to feel more connected to the guy. You tend to want to do everything with a new partner that you did with a previous one in order to try and trump out those past experiences, heh.

I apologize for grammatical errors or if this doesn't make sense, I'm really tired, heh

I really wonder if most of these girls who rush into marriage and a second child have any education, college anything? Like does it not matter anymore, just fame?!!?

As far as the 16 & Pregnant girls go, I hardly think "fame" is a factor. I mean are they even famous? If they ever were, they certainly aren't anymore. I didn't remember who half the girls on this list were. Also, if they only appeared on one episode of 16 & Pregnant, they made a total of $5,000 for it. That's it. So they aren't that different from other teen moms except for the fact that their first pregnancy was televised.

25% of teen mothers have a second child within two years of their first. This is probably true for the 16 & Pregnant franchise too.

Christinna Robinson is also expecting a baby and so is Myranda Trevino.

Does Christinna have a twitter?

Kind of off-topic, but not really considering she just had a second child. Sarah Roberts is now back with her baby-daddy, pretending they never broke up.

Lololol I saw that. She must think people don't look at her twitter. Dumbass.

Furthermore, is he even divorced yet?

Forrest Gump or Sloth-Victim-from-Se7en?

Christina Robinson and Myranda Trevino are also expecting apparently, but it's a really good article regardless! I am so happy about this new writter ! Thanks Megan

I haven't seen anything confirming Myranda's pregnancy, although I did read the comment she made regarding being happy for the four people in her family. She's remained really quiet since her episode aired, but I'll definitely look into it more!
I did forget Christina Robinson. Thank you for pointing that out. I always forget that there is a Kristina and Christina but they're both pregnant again.

Jordan Howard was going by Tyler's last name last I saw. Are we sure they aren't married yet or is she just using it early?

Felicia- Granted her episode took place years ago, but her boyfriend was less than stellar as a father the first time around (although he could have matured by now). This, combined with the fact that they aren't even together, makes me wonder why in the hell she would think it's a good idea to have ANOTHER baby with him.

Jennifer- I felt horrible for her during her episode. Baby daddy Josh is hands down one of the biggest douche bags that we've seen. Thank God she has such a supportive family because otherwise her story could have ended tragically. Hopefully, her new husband is a good guy.

Jordan- hope her mother has gotten off of the racism train and has accepted that she will have not one but two grandchildren by a white man.

Aubrey- don't even remember who she is.

Jenelle- no words needed to describe this disaster.

Mackenzie- Yeah, she's having her second baby with the same guy who gave her Gannon. And yeah, the two are married. But they are also in no place to be having more kids; not only because they aren't financially sound, but because of the extreme risk she's taking with her health.

On the catch up special Jordan said her mother was much better with Tyler. although she also didn't mention she was several months pregnant at the time, so she could have been lying about her mother to make things seems better than they are.

Her mom was ridiculously hateful and racist. Ew.

Did anyone else get a super creepy mob vibe from Jennifer's mom when she told Josh that she was going to have to go tell her husband that he asked Jennifer to marry him? It sounded like scary calm/intimidating.

I know righttttt!!!! I just watched her episode the other day, and my fiance brought that to my attention. Scared me lol!

Oh good. At least I'm not completely insane. Although, if anyone deserves to be scared shitless by organized crime members, it is most definitely that potato faced ass wad.

Oh, Felicia. She did an interview about three years ago saying she'd like to have another baby in three years. Sad that she planned this trainwreck!!! And in those three years her baby daddy fathered another child. Winner.
Aubrey- hopefully she's cleaned up her act. I'll never forget her being smug during the reunion about being with her boyfriend/husband for longer than everybody else.. then her catch up special being drunk, dancing on a table and talking about becoming a stripper. The guy she married in her episode seemed nice too.

oh yay.... Im due with Jenelle... I get to find out what I'm having in 10 days so I am guessing she is very close to finding out. Does anybody know what exact month the abortion took place? With her already being halfway through her pregnancy it couldnt of been that long ago.

I read an article on a random website speculating the timeline. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it was shortly after she met/began dating Nathan which was in June.

I swear these girls look at a guy and get pregnant!

On a more serious note, while I think babies are great... This does totally defeat the message of teen pregnancy for any young girl who is following these ladies lives after their episodes. 16&P does a decent job at showing the hard reality of teen pregnancy (while TM franchise doesn't really, I think). I question whether any of these ladies and their partners are really ready for another baby - financially and emotionally. My fiance and I have worked hard at co parenting successfully - in reflection, I really think it is an art that you can continue to practice and grow in both your skills throughout the years. That takes dedication and a lot of work not only put in with the child, but your partner too! With financial difficulties, that can be hard to do because of stress, etc. I just hope these babies don't have difficult lives, basically, because that would be a shame. There are plenty of adults out there that wait to have children until they are emotionally and financially sound. We are waiting to have another until our finances are absolutely at a place where it wouldn't burden us (I've made it clear I want to stay with the baby and not work at least for 6 months after birth if not longer) or make our children suffer. It is a hard subject for me and I get pretty emotional because we've talked about a baby for over a year and it will probably be another year to two years before we conceive, at least. But that is adulthood - choosing to see what is best for your family and making a hard emotional decision not to have those you love suffer for the sake of what you many really, really want.

I agree with you and I also think it's so sad that these girls, most (if not all) who don't have the means or maturity to raise children, are getting pregnant multiple times... yet couples who are in a good place want nothing more than to have a baby have so much trouble doing so.

WOW. These girls really are as dumb as they come. What happened to college? Or a career? Nothing wrong being a WIFE and a stay at home mom, but these girls are breeders and lazy. btw. I'm 22. I just call it as I see it.

I agree there is nothing wrong with being a wife and mother after you and your partner have established a home, financial security, and a good emotional ground with each other. I have two college degree's and chose not to get married or have children in my late teen's and early 20's. We are approaching 30 now and my goal after all that college is to be a stay at home mom and wife, figures, lol. But, these ladies didn't even give themselves a chance with a career. IF something were to happen to my fiance's job, I can get a job and help the family. We could afford daycare and we luckily have our own mother's at retirement age that could help (and do help with our 4 year old). While not everyone should go to college, I'm wondering how they have mapped out the next 5, 10, 15 years for their babies financially? Just my thoughts.

Lex- that's my biggest concern for like our whole country right now in general! I so wish they would teach more real life skills in middle/high school. How to balance budgets, deal with insurance, make realistic plans regarding life goals, etc etc. the problem with America's youth is that we have no idea what were doing once we get out of high school/college for some! It's actually crazy how ignorant some people are about the realities of life and money (myself included! It took me years to figure out how to balance work/school/parenting)

The only thing public school in America teaches is how to not question authority, how to memorize and repeat what you've been told (without questioning it), and how to be a good obedient worker bee. People need to stop thinking that school will raise and teach their children everything they need to know for adulthood. Teach your kids YOURSELF. Public school is ok for teaching basic math, English and a few other things. If you want to raise an informed critical thinker it's up to you to make them that way.

Hayzii's comment is spot on! That is why when I was in H.S I started to hate it because I felt as if I was being baby-sat all day. I started to slack off because I felt I wasn't being challenged enough and everything seems so repetitive.

Not to mention a bachelor's degree is now looked at like a high school diploma at best and the job market sucks so people are staying in school to get their masters, phd's and several of both all on student loans because there's nothing else to do and they think it'll make them more employable instead of up to their eyeballs in debt. I'm in no way bashing ANYONE for getting student loans or pursuing more education. It's just kind of pressured nowadays. When I graduated HS, you were a loser if you weren't immediately going to college. So many of my friends went to law school or got a masters in something they really didn't care about just because it was impossible to find a job paying more than minimum wage regardless of whether or not it was in the field they majored in.

Only like a third of Americans ever end up going to college. If everyone went, it would diffuse the worth of a college degree. Although I agree that it's sad how few of these girls go on to college (has anyone from 16&p graduated yet?) it's also pretty expected. As a society we need people who aren't "book smart" to perform the more menial jobs. You shouldn't look down on people just because they aren't like you or don't have the same ambitions as you. That's what breeds hate. racism, sexism, slavery etc all come about because somebody decided that those people weren't worth as much and therefore don't deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect and humanity as the "better people."

I may not think these girls are living up to their full potential, and it would be nice if we could have some college educated ladies come from this series, but it's not my choice to make and I don't think they're worth less than me just because they are having babies instead of going to college.

Ps this is coming from a 21 year old single mother with a 3 year old son who is going to graduate this spring on time. You shouldn't be so harsh on people...

I don't think she's trying to say everybody needs to go to college, she even said "college OR a career." Many (not all, but many) of these girls have yet to get themselves together but continue to have babies. And it is our business when we end up supporting them with our tax dollars.

As much as I'm not trying to advocate this- I just feel like this happens with certain people. I suppose if everyone waited until they were financially stable to have a baby- a lot of people (including myself) wouldn't have been born. However, that doesn't excuse the carelessness of these girls. I think a lot of them just want to have their children close in age. They're also just going through that phase that a lot of mother's go through when their first child stops needing them and they just want another person to care for. Sounds selfish, but it happens a lot.

That's really true. I'm dreading the age gap between our first and second because it will be like 6 or 7 years (and I have siblings as well as my fiance where there are large age gaps... and it really affects the relationship you have with your siblings as adults). I'm already sad that our son is almost 5 and is definitely not a baby anymore. But, we sat down and hashed out what we needed to do as a family and for a possible baby. As much as I want a baby (and I've dealt with this emotionally for a long time now), it just isn't best for us, our son, or the well-being of the future baby. When my fiance was 5, he lived on one mattress with his sister (who is 6-7 years older than him - age gaps!) and mother in a trailer when she left his father. He has strong feelings to never ever let his children experience that kind of situation. While I can't relate to that experience, the look on his face... it brings us both back to reality when talking about another child without taking fiances into account.

finances* !

The real accomplishment will be when one of these girls gets a college degree. With this new season, there will have been around 60 girls featured on this show. Several have went on to have weddings, and second (and third) pregnancies/children. Not one has graduated from college. Not.even.one. At least one of the girls from seasons one and two should have a degree by now, but none of them do. That's disturbing to me.

I think I read somewhere that Izabella from season 3 of 16$P is on her way towards a degree. I remember watching her 16&P thinking that she would be the girl who didn't follow the trend.

Was she the Catholic girl in Utah? I saw a lot of potential in her. I know it's not always an option but her parents are in a position to support her and the baby (and her boyfriend if he stuck around?) so that they could go to college and get an education. I hope they both took advantage of her family's help.

Doesn't Katie Yeagher have an associate's degree?

Farrah has one.

Farrah has a culinary certificate, not an associates degree.

A certificate can be just as useful as a degree, and a degree can be just as useless as a certificate, depending on what a person does with it, and the skills they learned getting it.

Certifications and degrees are becoming less and less significant, in comparison to experience and demonstrated ability.

And still can't sauté or bake anything if her life depended on it.

Kail was working as a dental assistant before she had her second baby, I think that mean she must have at least an associates in dental hygiene.

I pretty sure Kail just has a dental assistant certificate. She went to school for a long time, but she wasn't able to obtain her associate's.

This is an excellent article! MORE BABIES.

I honestly think that these girls don't really look past the baby stage of raising a child. They just want a cute baby to make googly eyes at, instead of realizing this is a child that they're going to have to raise for the next eighteen years.

Your name legit just made me pee my pants bahahahahaa

Hi everyone! I updated the post to include information on Myranda Trevino and Christinna Robinson. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :)

Coincidentally I have the same name as one of the girls from this show and I can't believe she is having her 3rd baby! That's insane! Her kids are really close in age and I just hope that she has the financial stability to pay for 3 kids!

Not all teen moms are bad. I was 18 when I had my son, I'll be an RN next year, which will also be when I have my second child (if everything goes well) paid off property, all that jazz. It's been hard and I couldn't have done it without help from my family.
However, these girls are crazy. I would have and will do anything to protect and financially support the child I have. Meaning no more babies right now. Silly to think money will literally fall into your lap.

MTV probably picks the most "interesting" girls to put on the show - ones that make a lot of bad decisions, or have a lot of problems, because they know they'll bring ratings. All behind the facade that airing these kids' personal life will help others - it sure hasn't helped them very much. Kinda sick. *sigh* well, that's business.

I agree. also, a girl who makes good life choices is probably less likely to apply to be on the show.

I often wonder what they pitch to the girls to go on the show past reality show "fame." Do they offer to pay their medical bills for the baby? That's the only thing that would MAYBE have swayed me as a teen. You watch these girls from families with not a lot of money have preemies or sick babies or that poor girl who lost her fiancé and had to spend like the last two months of her pregnancy in the hospital? That adds up. FAST.

Sarah Roberts said she got $5000 in two installments.
I guess some might do it cos they honestly want to try and stop other girls getting pregnant.

Great article you should do one now of all the moms that have already had a second baby

Some people get brains, others get fertility...

So if Myranda said on the 12th November that she was expecting (or at least alluded to it), she would have been at the very least 4 weeks pregnant (unless she was TTC and did a super early test - unlikely), making her due early July. More likely, if she's telling people, she was around 12 weeks at that stage, so she could be due the end of April, or even sooner.

Was there a sale on pastel maternity wear that Jordyn and Mckenzie missed out on?

*Jordan. Sorry.

I have issues conceiving I am super jealous that these girls are so fertile!

It can definitely be a punch in the gut. I was always taught in health class that if you had sex without protection, BOOM! Pregnant! I've been off birth control since August and my husband and I have yet to conceive. We're just casually tryin for now and I know a few months is NOTHING compared to what a lot of women go through. But fertility really is a crapshoot sometimes. I'm sorry you're having trouble. I'm already worried I won't be a mom and we've only been trying for several months. One of my very good friends had her first baby girl last year after seven years of trying, endometriosis, IVF, everything. While it was incredible to see her finally become a mom, I realize not everyone's story works out like that. I hope you get the family you want very soon!!

Thanks rae! I wish the same for you as well! Who ever thought that having a baby could be so hard? I thought it was just simple

From what I've read about birth control (specifically the pill), it can take a few months for your body and hormones to sort itself out from the constant artificial hormones it was on. I wouldn't be too discouraged yet! The pill specifically depletes folic acid which is critical for pregnancy in the first trimester. Have you considered taking prenatal vitamins, folic acid, B vitamins, and DHA? Those are the supplements I've read that help with preparing yourself pre-pregnancy. Also, there are some apps for tracking ovulation that can be helpful for conceiving. I use one as a natural family planning method - my fiancé and I haven't used any birth control in almost 2 years and not even one pregnancy scare (which kind of worries me for when we do go to conceive - but, I've gotten really in tune with my body tracking my ovulation and what's happening when in the month). I really hope your husband and you get pregnant soon! I just thought I'd comment on what I've researched as we plan on conceiving in the next year too. :)

Ffs. These chicks have babies quicker than my gi tract can formulate a good dump

Haha, fantastic!! Somewhere, somewhere there is a buy one get one free sale on fiber one bars and condoms. We can have it all!