EXCLUSIVE: Lori Wickelhaus Gives Birth to Son

16 & pregnant


Lori Wickelhaus, who was featured on a heartbreaking episode of 16 & Pregnant, seemed as though she was forced into giving her son, Aidan, up for adoption.

Her boyfriend, Cory, and parents were not supportive of her keeping her son, and she ended up placing her newborn up for adoption.

While she was able to keep in contact with him frequently, she admitted that she never truly got over the adoption even if she realized that it was the best choice for her at the time.

Lori has stayed relatively quiet since her time on MTV concluded, but received some media attention in October of 2013 when she gave birth to her second child - a daughter named Rylynn Jo. At the time, she was engaged to a man named Joey Amos, who was the father of Rylynn, and the two seemed to have it all together.

Sadly, this relationship didn't last.

Joey has moved on, and from the looks of things, is very happy with a new girlfriend and has an active role in his daughter's life. Lori has also moved on, but maybe in different ways than Joey.

A couple of months ago, Lori gave birth to a third child. This time around, the child is a boy who Lori chose to name Logan.

This child is not Joey's son, and for now there's no word on who this baby's dad actually is.

Lori is not openly in a relationship with anyone, nor has any family come forward to make claims on who the baby's father is.


Logan was born prematurely and had a stay in the NICU for a while, but is currently happy and healthy and home with his mom and big sister.


I dont know anything about this girl but what the hellllll. Three kids, three baby daddies?! Girlllll

She can give Leah a run for her money in the Baby Daddy department.

She must have broken up with baby daddy number two and immediately got knocked up with baby 3, Kristina Head springs to my mind

Oh yeah Kristina was a mess. I want to feel bad for her, and i kinda do, but like close your legs plz.

I feel bad for Lukas because he will be the one to suffer for her shitty decisions, I'm sure she said he was developmentally delayed. Is birth control really expensive in America or something is that why these girls don't use it

Lol you can get birth control free at planned parenthood. There is no fucking excuse. Condoms are not THAT much andd you always close your legs. No my fellow Americans are just whores lol and a lot like to mooch off the government for child support. Oh yeah Lukas definitely had problems, that was really sad. Remember her second baby was almost as big as him and born like a year later?

Birth control and well woman checkups (e.g. pap smears) are free for everyone under Obamacare. The only thing it takes is effort!

@Nathan's Nipples, (eeew the mental image!!) I don't know what country you are from, but I was wondering about this too, why does America seem to have such a high rate of teen pregnancy?

Here in Australia birth control is very inexpensive and can even be free. We have good sex education in high schools too. And free clinics you can go to if you need advice.

It seems to me in America that a lot of schools do not teach sex ed, but if they do, they only say abstinence and not teach about other birth control methods. Forgive me if this is wrong fellow TMJ posters from America :)

I live in a state in Australia which has a high teen pregnancy rate, but I dont think its nearly as high as some places in America.

One of the least educated countries, one of the most violent, and the most knocked up. I'm kinda ashamed to be an American. I don't know if it's the water or what. Murica disgusts me sometimes...

Oh and the most overweight. How could I forget?

@Nipples and Trailer Traitor - Birth control was pretty expensive up until about two years ago when Obamacare made birth control free under insurance, like TTB said. However, since that's relatively recent and because many people (particularly young and/or low-income population) still don't have health insurance, the numbers haven't caught up. On top of that, a lot of people are horribly undereducated (in general, but also in the realm of sex ed). Many schools and parents don't teach sex ed at all, and many still (STUPIDLY) teach abstinence-only sex ed.

America's teen birth rates have actually dropped significantly in the last several years, and I do actually think MTV played at least some part in that - not necessarily via these girls' stories because obviously according to this article many of them are following statistics, but MTV does do a good job of forcing the girls all to mention different methods of birth control. IMO, teen birth rates won't fall enough until there is a movement toward widespread thorough sex ed.

Shit, sorry for the novel but you get the idea.

@jenelles Eyebrows, thanks for that info, that makes sense :)

In Australia we are so lucky that we have a good public health system, and its (mostly) free for all citizens. Meaning I can get pregnant, have ultra sounds, anti-natal classes, nurses check ups, and have a baby in a public hospital with no cost to me at all. Apart from some elective procedures I wont pay a cent.
From my understanding this is not the case in America.

Jenelle's yea they did drop which is great. I wonder REALLY if it was the show. I mean I hope so but for some reason I would think it does the opposite and glorifies it. I mean there are a few broads said to have gotten pregnant just for the show.

Maybe baby number 3 also belongs to daddy number 2 but they were already split when she found out?

TT-Leah where in Aussieland are you from? I'm up in Nth Qld. Nipples how about you?

And TTB you know I love America! I'm currently living vicariously through you and two friends who are in the US. One is in North Carolina and the other is in Entreprise Alabama. They post awesome stuff on FB all the time and I wish it was me!!!

Ugh grass is greener.I'll trade you any day!

I'm in the UK meth pipe, all birth control is free here all of the time but we still have some of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the industrialised world, almost as bad as the U.S.

Nathan, is meth popular in the UK? I always thought it was only big in the Midwest/Southern US.

Fun fact: my state had the highest rate of meth lab busts last year!

@Leahs Meth Pipe I'm in Tassie :)

No meth isn't really popular here, its still heroin and crack here, the ingredients to make meth aren't really available here
When i typed heroin in there the next word my phone suggested was Jenelle lol

yeah, Irish twins! In that case, she and her ex must have broken up before or immediately after Rylynn (-__-) was born for him not to be the father. Or maybe she cheated and that's why they broke up.

Either way, two small babies as a single mom with one in NICU is probably not a picnic, so I wish her well and hope she can manage to make a life for them.

I heard a story about a couple who had a baby in Jan, got knocked up asap after, and had the second in November, so they went from New Years with no kids, to Christmas with two.

Hi I'm new here :) Been lurking for at least a year but this article/situation has made me want to make a serious point.

Repeat pregnancies like Lori's are actually what makes this show so important as far as I'm concerned. Dr Drew goes on and on about in during reunions and the stats are overwhelming (this is also relevant for marriage btw). The sheer number of the 16&P girls who have gone on to have at least one more child and/or a failed marriage is ridiculous.

Genuine question, are there any of married 16&P couples who DON'T yet have another baby and are still together? I can't think of any. Considering they all got pregnant at 14-17 and Bentley is the oldest of the franchise and still only 6 it's complete madness.

Every single one of the girls on this show has said that they will be one to disprove the statistics and so few of them actually have. It makes me kind of sad as much as I enjoy gossiping about and laughing at their lives. Finishing school is also a major point in this. It's scary how many of the girls drop out and don't finish any type of formal education/ settle for a GED when they could have finished High School if their situation was slightly different.

Obviously a big part of the issue is the ridiculous lack of sex education available. I'm from the UK and although my sex education wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, it was more than any of the 16&P girls seem to have had.

Promise not all of my posts won't be this serious but it's a point I've not seen raised often and I think it's massively important :)

Maci isn't with the father, but hasn't been married, and is in a long-term relationship, also hasn't had another child.

Catelynn and Tyler are still together, engaged, and just now having another child 5 years later.

Summer Rewis, unstable as she is, and even as young as her child is, is still married to DJ and not pregnant.

Farrah hasn't had another child, and obviously she isn't with Sophia's dad because he passed away. I wonder if her future would have been the same if he were still alive, though.

I get your point about Maci but she has been in 4 relatively long-term relationships in 6 years, which I think is quite a lot tbh.

I have a lot of respect for Catelynn and Tyler for giving Carly up etc, but who knows what would have happened if they had parented her.

Fair comment, although it's very unusual to have two babies in just over a year we all know it can be done. They're not exactly providing a generally loving and stable household for their son though!

I assume since they weren't together and were constantly arguing in her 16&P episode, they wouldn't be together but who knows? That's just an all round horrible situation tbh.

The fact that there only a maximum of 4 that can be mentioned here is fucking sad. I know there are some couples who are seemingly happily married/still together and have another child but they are still so young!

I'm the same age as the TM2 group and am at the point where me and my boyfriend of 8 years are thinking about having our first baby, can't imagine having 2/3 by different fathers at this point at all. Chelsea is the obvious exception (and my fave) here.

That baby is so stinking cute.

I remember her episode her damn mother forced her into adoption. They were well off and couldve kept that child. I can believe the adoption screwed her up bad. She really wanted to keep him and her family was not supportive in the slightest.

Yep that's what I think. She wanted that baby. And so did the boyfriend. Her parents were absolute assholes. That is one 16&P episode I absolutely bawled through.

The boyfriend never wanted the kid. He kept talking about how his family was disappointed in him and Lori for not keeping their baby, but I never heard or saw any support coming from them. Plus, he was living with a roommate and dragging his feet on whether or not Lori could come live with them. His attitude was basically, "I don't want this kid, but I don't want to look like an asshole for saying so". It was just weirdly passive-aggressive.

Also, who cares if Lori's parents were well-off? They wanted to be Aiden's grandparents, not his mom and dad. He wasn't their child, so they shouldn't have been expected to support him. I think if Lori had kept him, her parents would have been stuck primarily raising him because Lori and Cory sure as shit weren't ready to successfully raise a child.

^ YES!!!

Why is it her parents job to raise the baby? If Lori really wanted to keep her first son, she could of. I didn't see her getting a job, getting some help from the government for the time being, nothing. She wanted to raise her son while her parents did everything financially. If more parents stepped up and stopped raising their kids children, maybe they would think twice about it. Just my opinion. (There are actually fantastic teen moms by the way! It's the ones who sit around expecting parents to raise their child)

Exactly. Lori was a lot like Ashley Skankazar in that regard---she wanted to play house with the baby while her mom and dad footed the bill. But they're rich, so of course, they should pay for a baby they did not conceive and choose ti bring into this world and take home with them. *end sarcasm*

I think the reason a lot of people disliked Lori's parents were because they were very pragmatic and logical about the entire situation. Like, they didn't let emotions get in the way of what was going on. But least somebody was thinking about the baby's future. Lori and Cory weren't with their constant "Should we keep him? I want to keep him but I don't the money or the room. Should we get back together?" bullshit.

I feel like Lori was just dumb and naive and Ashley is just evil and a whore...

I feel like her parents really got a bum rap. This girl never struck me as very bright (and has apparently just gone on to make stupid ass decisions) and it's not her parents' job to spend their later years raising her kids. If I'd gotten knocked up as a teen, there would have been no tv show unless it covered my ass kicking and ride to the nearest clinic. Luckily that was not the case, because it's not that hard to not get knocked up. Condoms work! Perhaps someone can help her figure that out. She's going to keep squirting out replacement trap babies and probably take till menopause to figure out that's a shitty idea. Not sorry lol just the vilifying of her parents always pissed me off. They are perhaps the only set of parents to ever hold their kid responsible for her stupid actions. Rant over :-)

She was otherwise batshit insane, but I respected the way Alex Sekella and her mom dealt with her pregnancy - her mom laid it on the line that she wouldn't parent Alex's baby for her, meanwhile Alex did as best as she could to handle motherhood on her own. She messed up with her landlord and had to move back home and probably was too hopeful that Matt would help out either financially or at least by watching their daughter (overlooked his damn obvious drug problem, too), but she also worked three jobs and at least tried to move out and parent 100% on her own. She did that shit all by herself - found somewhere to live, found a potential adoption family. I think her mom respected her genuine effort, and that's why she let her move back in.
That's the kind of shit you do if you think you might want to parent as a teenager against all odds. You work as many jobs as you can before and after the birth. Some of the stuff she did was dumb - like holding out hope for drug addicted Matt, then blowing up when he predictably flaked out - but if nothing else, she was a damn hard worker.

Yeah, Lori was dumb, but miles better than Ashley. Ashley was so self-entitled with her whole, "I know Callie is better off with my aunt and uncle, but I'm not happy with it so she should live with me even though that'll suck for her" bullshit. Lori meant well, but she wanted what Ashley wanted: to be a mom without actually taking on the responsibilities of being a mom. It sounds like Lori at least has a decent relationship with Aiden and his parents. Ashley and her aunt and uncle have so much tension between them.

I know I will get downvoted by some Isabella supporter but that's how it is with her, she keeps popping them out because her mom will just help her raise the babies so she can play house with her husband and keep doing their thing.

Javi's I completely agree with you. It's like her parents enable her to fuck and make more kids lol. And it's a shame because she was going to be a doctor...she SEEMED like the only smart one. Sad.

And yes almost anyone is better than Ashley!!!

I think she felt pressured by her parents. She wasn't given an option. They didn't offer any support at all. And I'm not just talking financially. They told her more than once that they were ashamed and embarrassed by her being pregnant and in high school. I feel like they were religious and she was their only child and she had shamed them and not made it look like they parented properly and they failed. It was all about them. IF they had maybe said to her what Alex's mum did "I'm not raising the baby, you'll need to move out" yada yada. Maybe Lori would've had the opportunity to think ok. I can do this. They will still love me and offer support. She got nothing from them. It was sad. And I agree with what someone else said that her mother seemed jealous of her pregnancy. And embarrassed.

I also think that if Lori hadn't given up Aiden, she might not be in the mess she's in now. She's trying to fill a void by not having him.

But who knows. We only saw 40mins of their lives.

I don't think Lori was forced to do anything because she never made a fucking decision. Sitting there on your ass, going, "Maybe if I wait long enough they'll give in to what I want" is not a choice. It's not like Lori had a feasible plan to keep/raise Aidan, and her parents made her give him up anyway. She literally did nothing throughout her entire pregnancy. You can't exactly force somebody to make a decision when she never made a real decision to begin with.

I think she was waiting for the baby be born and make the baby decide. Brilliant plan.

@Leah's Meth Pipe: Sort of related, but I'm always surprised by the number of parents who are genuinely embarrassed by their kid being pregnant....yet the contract to allow them to be filmed. Can they really be *that embarrassed* if they air it on MTV?

Cute baby, but damn girl. SLOW. YOUR. ROLL. Stop having babies. Get a hobby. Or a better cable/satellite package. Find something to do other than get knocked up.

There is a woman in the UK who has 18 children, kinda like the Duggars but not religous. Her and her husband were both adopted and they reckon that's why they're so keen to have so many children.

Lori was adopted and she was forced to give her first born up for adoption, so it would appear that in some desperate attempt to feel a biological bond with something she's just gonna keep popping them out.

It's sad really. Especially as now Rylynn and Logan are growing up in broken homes.

I get it. I saw her episode and my heart broke for her. I related to her on such a deep level. I don't know her current situation but I am not surprised.

And her kid's name is Rylynn.

My question is how the fuck does she keep getting knocked up? We've all seen her nudes that leaked. Not 1, not 2, but 3 different guys have found her attractive enough to get it up. Come on.

All jokes aside, Lori was a very sweet girl who was basically forced into giving Aidan up. watching her episode broke my heart because you could tell there was not a single cell in her body that wanted to or thought it was best, but her boyfriend made her and she wanted to keep her boyfriend and went along with it. I know we all hate on Cate and Ty for the same reason, but damn at least they stayed together a lot longer...

Whoa, she had leaked nudes? Glad I missed that.

Same here, honestly she was not the prettiest of the "16 and pregnant" girls, and her second baby daddy was cute, I would die laughing if this "mystery" baby daddy is a hot super model hunk.

That would be awesome.


EVER! I saw them accidentally and still haven't recovered.

Sigh. Now I'm curious. I'm such a 4 year-old. Tell me not to do something, that's all I want to do.

I'M TELLING YOU DON'T. Ugh me too. And then I looked at Jenelle's nudes and wanted to kill myself.

I saw them back when and I didn't think they were anywhere near the level of Jenelle's Arby's sandwich or any picture of Farrah in or out of clothes. Nothing can be as bad as the picture of Jenelle. Nothing.

God :( Fuck you Jenelle for ruining Arby's and everyones lives.

Ok. So with all the talk of her nudes I had to look them up. She wasn't too bad. I've seen worse. She looks like she's lost some weight since the last time I saw her on TV.

Well I just looked them up... she reminds me of Buzz's girlfriend.

Buzz your girlfriend, woof. Oh man best movie eever.

1. HOly shit she really does look like it

2. The bad part about it is the director made a dude wear a wig for that picture. So yeah...awkward....

omg I didn't know that! hahahaha

Her boyfriend didn't want to give him up! They faught in the delivery room about it and she had her dad throw him out. He wanted that baby. Her parents made her give him up.

I don't think Corey wanted the baby as badly as you think. When Lori agreed to do adoption, Corey agreed as well but wanted a custodial agreement. Like, he was totally cool with somebody else raising his son and footing the bill as long as he could see and play with the kid every weekend. Plus, when Lori gave Aiden up, couldn't Corey have fought the adoption and gain primary custody over Aiden? He could have fought her on it, and he didn't. I don't think he wanted to keep the baby all that badly. Sure, it probably hurt him quite a bit, but like Tyler, he just didn't want the kid at that point in time.

Oh yea I don't think so, and I guess he;s never even seen Aiden. I think he liked the idea of it at first but then got over it. Honestly the parents might have seemed "evil" but it was the best decision. Those two were not fit to be parents.

I'm going to rewatch her episode. I felt really sad about the situation. I feel like she had not options and no emotional support from her parents. I'll come back when I've watched it again lol

Lol at you thinking a man will only get hard for a skinny, no stretchmark, no cellulite, no pot belly body. Hou would be surprised at how different the perfect body looks to a man versus a woman. You put Gisele Bundchen and Adele in a room, you'd be surprised at how many would go for Adele. But I digress *steps off of "dont be a shallow fatshamer" soap box*

I feel bad for her for still obviously having long standing emotional problems after doing what was best for her son. It is a very very hard thing to have to do. I stand by her parents though, my parents were the same way. It was my body, my choice, my baby and my responsibility if I conceived. My mom pretty much told me point blank if I got pregnant in her house and chose to keep it i'd be out the door; being a homeless teen mom is the quickest way to get approved for section 8, wic, and foodstamps. Is it cold yes, but it kept me from even thinking about having sex until I was on my way to college lol.

Guys like different things sure, but let's be real: The majority will go for Giselle. Not that I even like gIselle, I think it's gross how skinny she is, and I think Adelle is pretty but too overweight (just if I were a guy). Maybe a nice middle? But yea my point is guys will go for whatever they like. Curvy, skinny, short, tall, fuckever. I hate when girls say guys will only go for certain shit. NOPE they'll go for whatever the fuck they want.

Different strokes I guess, because the majority of men I know would go for Adele, plenty of boobs and butt whereas Gisele has significantly less of both. I admit I shouldve made a better comparison, Sofia Vergara or Beyonce vs Gisele. They're alot more mainstream acceptable versions of the hourglass.

In almost all cultures a curvier body is universally found more aesthetically pleasing as it represents higher fertility (lol case in point Lori haha). I

completely agree though people like what they like, and I will add that fashion and media are promoting one type of body as THE body to have, and its the furthest thing from.

I will say on the contrary. Just because someone isn't overweight doesn't mean they don't have boobs or a butt. Giselle is one of those chicks with an impossibly perfect perky Brazillian butt, (I haven't really looked at her boobs lol) but yea she's super skinny and of course some guys like a little more. Omg I love SOfia Vergara! Ok we can agree she is perfect. Yes they are definitely a classic hourglass figure whereas Giselle is more of a stick. But those Brazillians and their butts I tell you! Well we can both agree Adelle is the more talented one! God Giselle does nothing lmao as do most models. Like Katie!!!

I am on the fence about just how gorgeous Giselle is (there's no denying she is stunning), but I have seen bikini pictures of her and the only thing that really "wows" me about her body is her butt. Like her, I am thin but don't have a well-defined waist, so maybe this is just me projecting... lol.

Sofia has the best body though, I'd trade for it in a second.

Right? In my experience, most dudes are not nearly as critical of women's bodies as other women are. I didn't think she looked that bad personally. She ain't skinny, but it wasn't the wreck I was expecting based on the reactions.

Well, I did think it was a wreck, but you're right girls are WAY more critical. I just don't understand why she or anyone else would do nudes in the first place...I thought Kim was a fucking wreck too and thought it was hilarious when someone placed her ass on the keurig

Is it weird I think Jenelle's are more of a wreck than Lori's?

And it's not a crime to think Lori's nudes are unattractive lol. Although I think Farrah's are too cause she's disgustingly skinny. I don't know maybe people should just wear some fucking clothes.

I'm just nude shaming. God I don't know...there are tasteful ways to take pictures with little clothes on...but these bitches are MOMS and just flash their junk for everyone. I'm no prude but it's like your someones mom...your kid is going to be traumatized when they find that, and they will. OR their friends will. Especially Sophias. Ugh. EW and same with Adumb now who wants to be in pporn. Aubree just READING about that will be traumatized he wants to make a tape with moms old co-worker lol.

And then Ashley is not even gross (when you don't look at her face) I mean she has an ok body (whatever its nothing special) and when she posts her skanky pictures I'm just like bleh I didn't want to see that, lol. Clothes are good. Wear them.

I should clarify, I wasn't far shaming. I was face shaming.

... Lol okey *whispers her face

... Lol okey *whispers "her face is in her non nudes too", sips kermit tea*

The point I was making was that the chick is bricks in the face. It's okay when every talks shit about Catelyns face but the second I mention Loris face its an uproar. But that's none of MY business friend.

She is rather unfortunate looking... I looked at the nudes and all I could really focus on was her bad hair. Girl needs a better hairdresser and some styling tips! That would help her looks a whole lot.

Lmao that's what I'm saying. We're all thinking it. She was sweet. Stupid but sweet. i feel bad for her honestly...

I still feel like her first baby's father was more of a "friends with benefits" situation that went awry and she didn't have the heart, or was too ashamed, to have an abortion. Her parents were wise in suggesting adoption, as they adopted her, but she was left with a void. She was not only rejected (by the baby's dad), but by her adoptive parents, when she said she wanted to keep the baby.

Then, she went through a grief process, losing her child. If I remember correctly, she had a closed adoption. That means no visits like Catelynn & Tyler, no cards, no contact. Can you imagine the pain of carrying a child to term only to never see them until MAYBE they want to meet you as an adult?

Also, Lori herself was adopted. I know from friends of mine who have been adopted that some harbor a sense of abandonment, even though they were taken into loving homes and raised by wonderful parents. It sticks with you, even through adulthood, and it has an affect on every relationship. She seeks acceptance in the worst of ways and just isn't smart about it.

I'm not sure if she's looking for a bond or too stupid to get on birth control. I'm just so sad for her children.

I think it's pretty shitty of you to bring up nudes that were posted 2 years ago with the disclaimer by the poster that "Actually right now she's in a program in Davis, West Virginia to better herself.......LOL."

That makes you just as bad, if not worse.

Her episode was super sad. I really felt for her and thought that the lack of support she was given was awful. But come on! Three babie, three daddies...someone get this girl some mirena!

Her episode was super sad. I really felt for her and thought that the lack of support she was given was awful. But come on! Three babies, three daddies...someone get this girl some mirena!

Whoa! She's pumping them out now isn't she.....I'm surprised. I really thought she would've been one of the ones to go onto bigger and better things because she was so distraught over giving up Aiden. I thought she would be determined to make something of herself. I guess she's making a mother of herself. Over and over again. Congrats I guess. I hope she can support them.....

This makes me sad. I think had she been given the opportunity to keep her first baby she very well may have gone on to do great things with her life. Instead she was so torn apart from grief that she keeps having babies to try to fill that hole.

Or maybe she is just dumber than rocks and can't figure out birth control but I'd like to think it's the first one.

I know that this isn't a judgment-free zone, but I have to admit this and I've never seen anyone really say this and I know I'm horrible, but... I spent most of her episode convinced that she was slow. I actually wasn't really outraged when her parents wanted her to give up the baby because well, I thought she was developmentally disabled. But apparently she's not, so I'm a dick.

But regardless of my dickishness, I think her son is adorable and I truly hope things go well for them.

At one point she was in a transitional program for young adults in West Virginia, per The Ashley. She wasn't able to function as an adult, presumably. It was something she 'graduated' from. So, as for the slow part, it's a possibility.

Not trying to be mean but, now shes taking care of two young kids?? Hopefully she has a good support system now.

I used to work with a girl who wasn't "slow" by medical evaluation, but she was definately a beer short of the 6pk. And she now has four babys to four baby-daddy's. Maybe you're right on the slow part....

I wonder how one graduates, when you successfully boil water?

Not to sound like a complete bitch, but what the hell? For some people being able to do a "simple" task like that is praiseworthy.

I used to work for a transitioning program in a public high school and now I do similar work for government-funded agency and let me tell you it is amazing to see my students learn and grow.

I teach them how to advocate for themselves, find employment or educational (usually trade work) opportunists and do things like apply for housing.

They are also taught life skills like making a menu and shopping for the ingredients and executing meals. They learn to schedule their lives and do things like Laundry Saturday and keeping track of household chores.

We also teach interpersonal skills and how to handle social situations so they don't get taken advantage of or end up with unwanted pregnancies.

And you can bet your ass I want to cry tears of joy when some of them can successfully boil water.

End Rant.

Gah. Opportunities not opportunists. Those kids are so lucky I don't teach spelling or typing!

Booster Seat, I was clearly making a joke. I don't believe Lori is mentally deficient in such a way that boiling water would actually be a feat. I'm a licensed mental health counselor and have worked with kids and teenagers who could never grow up independent enough to cook for themselves. I was proud of their accomplishments too, whether that was as small as holding still for someone to brush their hair. If Lori were actually mentally retarded I would not have said what I did. I also counseled teens in drug rehab before they were turned over to a program where they would be going to school and living on their own. I get where you're coming from because I've been there too, but you completely twisted what I wrote. Considering my career I find that offensive.
There, end of my rant.

I didn't twist what you wrote. You wrote it with no "just joking" context. I though it was rude. You thought it was a joke. You though my response was twisting your words. It is what it is.

Have we digressed to such a point that we argue over the semantics of boiling water? Too sensitive, find another blog.

I did some more sleuthing, and found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga5DPMijld0. She says she had no self esteem and no life skills. I seriously hope that her parents are helping her now, because I really question her self esteem even now.

I thought she was slow too, someone get Rhine to text her and ask

She's not slow. She has some issues, but she's not slow. She went to a very good private high school before getting shipped to West Virginia.

Her "very good private high school" doesn't have an application process that is contingent on academic aptitude - if your tuition checks clear, you're in. Beliw average and even average students can still attend.


I never said it did, but she certainly would not have been sent there if she was "slow". She would have been better off in our hometown's district schools if that were the case. Just because the girls that go there don't have to apply to get in doesn't make it a bad school. It's known in our region to be one of the best Catholic schools. Families from three different counties send their daughters there.

I feel like you're missing the point. I'm sure it's an academically competitive school for the area, but those with the means to send their children to private school generally do without regards to their academic abilities. Could you imagine if Lori went to omg public school? If her parents are in a peer group where teenage pregnancy is something that they are embarrassed about, then I would gather that they would also rather their child go to private school than the godforsaken public school. To assume that someone who went to private school is not slow is a fallacy. She could be, she could not be, but don't use her school as that "proof."

Slow enough to not be able to figure out some birth control for herself...

This just reminds me of RHINE asking if Kyle was slow. Yeah...you know, I can totally see why you think that. Gah I feel bad ><

LOL does anyone remember when Lori said she liked Miley Cyrus songs or something, and her mom was like see right there is a reason you shouldn't be able to parent. HAHAHAHA....that was just kind of the best.

I think it was a Hannah Montana reference. She said something about feeling like Hannah Montana having the "best of both worlds" with an open adoption.

HAHAHAA oh yea cause it was the name of a Hannah Montanna song. I just thought when her mom was like yea see...you are not fit to parent cause of that it was so hilarious. And kinda true. LOL

As a 23 year old with a Hannah Montana CD in my car (I have a little sister!) I am crying laughing at this. I am just picturing Lori dancing to to Best of Both Worlds alone in her bedroom...

Someone should tell Javi that.


A few months before her episode aired, my cousin had just had a baby with my friend's sister who was eighteen and still watched Hannah Montana, and both of them were really immature, so when Lori's mama said that I just about died laughing.

Just so you know, my mom and I discussed if having sex with her was even ethical because...girlfriend is slow.

I could totally be off base here but I had suspected she may have been born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

She doesn't look as FAS-y as Catelynn. But, I know that means nothing because the time when fetal exposure to alcohol will affect the brain is a different time than when it'll affect the facial structure. So you can have the look with little effect to the brain, or a badly affected brain without the characteristic look.

It would certainly explain a lot.

I don't necessarily think that her parents were as bad as others thought they were. They had been down this road before, and knew as adoptive parents that a financially stable couple could give Aiden a better life than Lori could. She had no realistic plans for the future, and they knew that. We also don't know what they knew about her birth mother. It's clear she's a really messed up girl, and probably repeating her birth mother's mistakes. I think she would have continued to get pregnant regardless of the adoption.

isn't this the girl who gave up her child for adoption but then the adoptive parents gave her the kid back?

I thought it was her??

No, she had an adoptive family picked out and they backed out right before her due date. She found another couple shortly after that and they had an adoption ceremony at the hospital after he was born.

oh okay makes a lot more sense now thanks:)

The couple she chose seemed super nice and I thin kit was an open adoption

You're thinking of Ashley Salazar who gave her daughter Callie to her aunt&uncle, took her back to attempt to raise her, then sent her back to her aunt&uncle. She's a piece of work, but I still feel bad for her.

Poor girl.. Why doesn't MTV provide these girls with real therapy after their show? Once they haven't been chosen for teen mom their drama is of no use or profit to mtv. Please help these girls who desperately need it!

I agree with this. I think some blame falls to her parents as well. I didn't agree with what they did, but what's done is done...and they should have gotten her into intensive therapy. Even women who make their own choice to adopt out their babies usually need therapy. I got the impression from her parents that they never gave two shits about how this would affect Lori. This is exactly why young birth moms typically don't do any better in life than their counterparts who kept their kids- it destroys them emotionally and they end up having replacement babies anyway trying to fill the void.

And remember when she had her daughter, her mom commented on a picture and said "this ones a keeper!" Such a bitch. My dislike of those people goes even beyond them pressuring Lori into adoption- I think they are just generally shitty people.

Thank you! Someone who agrees with me!

God Kristina desperately needed therapy. I know she was in it during the show but she needed MORE and it obviously didn't help.

I've been wondering what's going on with Lori. She's from my hometown (sooo weird to see that on TV! We're not known for our teen pregnancies), and from a good family. I'm not shocked that she moved away after watching how her first pregnancy went down...I think the Wickelhauses had great intentions but they were so overbearing with her. That's Fort Thomas for you though, can't have any glaring mistakes in parenting for people to discuss at Mass every week.

I'm from that area as well. It was strange seeing our area on TV. I'm surprised with the path Lori has chosen. We come from a good area with good values and many opportunities.

Whereabouts? I grew up in Campbell County, but lived in Boone County for awhile.

I'm shocked only 1 girl from the entire franchise was from Kentucky. I can say that as I (unfortunately) live here.

There haven't been too many from Kentucky or West Virginia, which is quite surprising. I wonder if it has to do with the general distrust of mainstream media in the region.

That, plus a lot of counties are also starting to put restrictions on filming. I know a lot of the girls from 16 and Preg weren't in the running for Teen Mom because they upped the restrictions.

So I may get a lot of downvotes, but am I the only one who really didn't sympathize with Lori that much? Yeah, yeah, yeah---her mom and dad were rich and didn't want to support their grandchild. But, come on. What did anybody expect? Lori had absolutely no plan to raise that baby or give him a decent home. Her ex was a loser and she clearly wasn't mentally prepared for how hard parenthood was going to be---especially at that young of an age. I mean, she literally sat there for months and didn't try to think of a way to make it possible to keep Aidan. She seemed to think that no choice was a choice, and her mom and dad would eventually give in. You can't act like that when a child's wellbeing is at stake. You need to do everything possible to provide for him, and Lori and Cory didn't do that at all. They basically wanted Lori's parents to help them out ie. basically provide Aiden with financial support for the next several years. Yeah, they were really ready for parenthood.

I hate to sound harsh, but I hate all this "Oh, her parents were so cruel how could they do that" bleeding heart bullshit that's always going down whenever this girl is mentioned. It sucks she had to give up her kid, and I feel for her on that level. But, honestly, what did she expect? No game plan, the father was kind of weird about the whole thing, and her parents made it clear they were not going go raise her baby. The fact that Lori was miserably unprepared indicates that she just wasn't ready to be a mom at that stage. Now she's an adult and she can clearly pop them out without any regards for their wellbeing or whether she has a stable relationship with the fathers or what. Aiden got off pretty lucky, all things considering.

I'm with you on this one. There are ways to get help as a teen mom if you are willing to work hard and want to keep your child. The fact that she sat around thinking her parents would give in, does show her immaturity. She had no back up plan for when they said no. A mom who wants to keep her child, will go on welfare or whatever if that's what needs to be done. Lori could of done that.

She should really slow down on the baby making and have some sort of stable relationship!

I'm with you two. If she had kept Aiden, he would be in her parents' custody. It was very immature of her to think that she could just wait it out to make them change their minds. It seems that there's a vicious cycle beginning - her birth mother, her, and hopefully not her daughter in the future.

I think if Lori did keep Aiden, it would have been a Jenelle-like situation---the parents have primary custody and are pretty much Mom and Dad while Lori is the flighty big sister. Of course, Lori's not on drugs (that we know of), but it would have virtually the same thing going down.

Absolutely agreed.

Remember in the catch up special she had gotten a dog to "help with the love she had built up inside of her?"... and she was saying how if she had a dog before she would never have had a baby. sooooo.... that didnt quiet work out did it. What happened to that poor dog! Thats whats important here...

Not at all! That baby is so much better off. The baby's father was an asshole, Lori is obviously immature as fuck, just goes to show her parents were right. They were forceful about it but fuck, they knew what they were talking about. I thought her parents were honestly nice people too they weren't cruel.

I think they were forceful about it because Lori and Cory were not making any real decisions about Aiden's future. The months were going by, and they were still going around in circles without any real progress. Somebody had to put their foot down because, again, a child's wellbeing was on the line.

Oh i know! it was like WEEKS of the due date and they didn't know. Maybe it seemed cruel but you're totally right it was for the best in the long run. And her getting pregnant by these different guys just proves it. Corey seemed like a piece of shit and she was just young and dumb. NOT fit to be parents.

I agree with you, but I did empathize. Try to recall the times when you were upset with your parents, siblings, or friends at 16. Were you rational? Further, were you thinking of your college life or future career yet, at 16? We are all irrational and hormonal at times, at any age. I really don't think the pregnancy became "real" to this girl until her son was born.
When your entire life, at 16, has been financed and supported by your parents, surely you think they'll take you as you are. Lori didn't get what she thought she would. Her parents didn't raise her baby.
It's difficult to envision certain things.

Oh I remember this girl and at the end of her episode, she was back in catholic high school and vowed not to have sex until marriage. And I remember thinking yeah right. Those Catholics are some of the horniest people... Lol

I believe that was either her or Izabella that said this and they both have second/ third babies out of wedlock. So what gives.

Hahaha that is so true. I went to Catholic school for 10 years...but one of the reasons I was ALWAYS careful about using protection as a teen is because I was terrified of getting pregnant and "shamed" out of school haha.

What I remember from Lori's episode was the potential adoptive couple and their sad story about not being able to conceive.

It is probably one of the cruelest things in this world, how some people can pop out babies like the have a clown car vag, and others can try for years with only heartbreak.

I'm going to watch her episode again now :)

I just want to point out that Logan was born "a couple months ago" according to the article, so it looks like she jumped on to another guy 6 weeks after her daughter was born, so to say but if that is not slutty I don't know what is. She official has three different babies from three different guys, hopefully their isn't a fourth one, in case of this baby being a rape baby then I am truly sorry what I have said.

Yikes....yea. Eh...judging from Lori's past behavior I don't think it was rape lol. If it was foot in mouth. And I agree it's extremely slutty and just SO careless to her other kids...makes me kinda wonder since it was so quick if her 2nd baby daddy knew the 3rd one..if they were somehow connected.

I'm going to take my paint out on everyone. Remember when she had nudes floating around? GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I looked I DONT KNOW WHY. Anyway...that baby looks just like her. She seemed really sweet, but my is she dumb....sorry Lori but get it together.

I agree with people her parents were annoying, but I think they were right. That baby is much better off. And maybe her parents didn't want to raise her kid which it seems like they would have had to. They were super forceful about it though which sucked but really that kid is SO much better off.

*PAIN not paint. bahahaha.

Off topic, but are there any other "teen mom/16 and pregnant" baby daddies that are on their second or thrid kid, I already know Andrew(Jenelle), Adam(Chelsea), Alex( Felicia), Blake( Sarah), Isaiah ( Christinna) and Joey(Katie) and I know Gary is rumoured, and I read in comments that Joey( Allie) was expecting a second but that was over a year ago? Is there any others that have had second kids I am just very curious.

I remember on the Where Are They Now special Lori said she was looking for her birth mother. I'm wondering if she found her and it turned out to be a negative experience. It'd fit in the timeline of her downward spiral.

I also remember her dad made the argument to her in regards to keeping the baby, "life is a struggle for you, your mom has to help you get through most weeks". I really hope that's better for her now, and her mom is more supportive of these babies now that they're in the picture. A part of me wondered if Aiden was her biological grandson, there wouldn't have been a question of keeping him. She seemed almost jealous.

I mean... It's obviously not better since she keeps getting knocked up. Yeah that would be really sad if she did meett her birth mother and that's why she's acting like a loon. Ugh...I mean I get what your'e saying you hope her parents are supportive of these babies, but why the fuck shoudl they be? She's a god damn adult now. She should be closing her fucking legs and worrying about a career. If they were like you shoudl put these two up for adoption too I wouldn't blame them. At least we know Aiden has a chance at a good life, can't say that about these two kids. I feel so bad for them....if she wants to fuck that much she needs to get on birth control or get her tubes tied. It's just sick to me she had another one SO soon by a different man. I'd be so fucking embarrassed if I were her mother...

I meant more as mentally supportive, not financially from her mother.

Haha now I just have that rant from Pirate Mike when Jenelle said at least Andrew can support her mentally. "Mentally isn't gonna buy the diapers! This paper towel has more than you've got, kid!" I miss him.

LOL i loved that. Andrew is here to support me mentally! Good job with that one Jenelle. Yup that ppapertowel is still better off than her LOL

That baby looks just like Shawn Wallace. Inconthevable!

His name's Wallace Shawn, actually. But you're right! HAHA

Just a question out of curiosity cause I don't know how it works. She was given up herself for adoption, and her adoptive parents are financially stable and shit, and she even went to private high school, but I'm just wondering how did she turn out to be a mess? We read about these trashy girls on the blog and sometimes comment on how some kids are better off adopted (Jace, Kaiser, Sophia...), obviously her birth mother gave her up because that was for the best, but look how she turned out, so I'm wondering, is adoption really the best solution sometimes? Had Lori stayed with her birth mother, she would probably have been the same as now. Does adoption really make a difference? I think in most cases, the adopted babies are better off adopted, but in Lori's case it seems like there's no difference.

I know right? A stable family didn't seem to help Lori. It's hard to say, although a lot of kids who come from strict religious families like her seem to REALLY act out and rebel once they're old enough. That's my only explanation. Right and look at Farrah? I mean her family is psychotic but they are well off, etc. Just because they are well off doesn't mean they are good parnets. Lori's parents seeem better than Farrah's but yea...I have no clue why she turned out that way. Some people are just crazy no matter what! As much as I hate Kailyn she could have turned otu A LOT worse based on Suzi's behavior.

There are also plenty of parents who have normal, well adjusted children and children who are total fuck ups. It has a lot to do with brain chemistry. Nurture cannot always make up for what Nature has done.

I agree. I'm working my way through my third year of my degree and planning to apply to medical school. My brother has been arrested 9 times in two years for drug-related charges. We we're raised in a well-off, stable household. Sometimes people just turn out differently regardless of how hard parents try.

True, my sisters have both had problems with drugs and neither went to any college or trade school. I'm the youngest and, while I've not made excellent decisions throughout my life, I have two trades that I can fall back on and I'm such a goody two shoes that I've never even smoked pot.

As my colorful brother says, "Can't mix shit and pond water and get Evian."

I think Lori might have some sort of mental and/or developmental issues, so that could account for it. Her dad did say something about her mom having to help her get by, and I just took that as meaning that she's not capable of doing things on her own. Not to be mean, but she kind of looks like her birth mother might have drank during her pregnancy.

She's not attractive by any means, but doesn't appear to have FAS if that's what is being implied. She has a pronounced philtrum and her face is fully formed rather than flat. I don't disagree that she has a mental issue, though.

So what exactly does 16&preggers teach its audience?

Having a baby at 16 is hard, but the second you turn 18 - 20, it's okay to pop out 3 more.
Adoption isn't easy, and you should have more babies within a few years even if you have no means to support them but hey, you're not a teenager at least!
Have multiple babies and get on TM/TM2.. MONEY IN THE BANKKKK.

Ok so her daughter was born 10/22/13... and this one was born "a couple of months ago."

Damn, girl.

I was thinking the same thing, I had this one chick in my college course who's kids are 7 months apart( but with the same guy through) her daughter was a premie, and had tons of health problems, and it was a low risk pregnancy too

I'm 8 months younger than my sister and brother. But then again I was born 14 weeks premature, and as much of an oops baby as you can get.

My brothers are 10 months apart. My mom conceived on her honeymoon, and after he was born, boom, another baby. My mom was pretty much constantly pregnant! She could have qualified to be on this show. Married at 18, a mom of two by 19.

Wow, he looks just like Lori!

My main question with these girls that are popping babies out rapidly at this age, is when are they going to stop? These girls seem to collect trap babies from every man that can afford to buy them a big mac, so that can really add up between the ages of 16-38 or whatever.

They don't; they get more free crap for every kid they pop out.

I think doctors typically bring up sterilization if they realize a woman is on her nth baby with as many fathers and she has years of fertility ahead of her. Clearly she either 1) wants them (which is usually easy to tell) or 2) she doesn't know how to stop them coming.

I'm thinking of Summer's mom–how many kids did she even have by 25 or 30?

You're storyin. I think 4?

"Rylynn" tho...


Can one of you ladies make a list of every single girl who has been on 16&p and record who has had second, third kids etc and include if the days have had kids. (Include miscarriages if applicable please ) i dont have good stalker skills

*cracks knuckles*

Ebony - ectopic pregnancy, second daughter Jayda.
Whitney - son River
Catelynn - Noooovuhhh
Jenelle - "miscarriage", abortion, son Kaiser.
Nikkole - abortion, "still-birth", currently pregnant.
Lori - daughter Rylynn, son Logan
Leah - miscarriage, daughter Adalynn
Kailyn - abortion before Isaac, son Lincoln.
Brooke - daughter Ryley
Felicia - daughter Giselle
Markai - abortion, currently pregnant
Aubrey - second son unknown name
Christinna - second daughter unknown name
Megan - currently pregnant
Ashley - "miscarriage"
Jordan - daughter Aria
Jennifer - son Sebastian
Jamie - abortion, son Mason
Danielle - daughter Jayleigh
Izabella - daughter Anastazia
Allie - currently pregnant
Mackenzie - daughter Jaxie
Briana - "currently pregnant"
Jordan - daughter Skylar
Myranda - daughter Ryleigh
Sarah - daughter Tessly
Kristina - sons Tommie and Layton
Autumn - miscarriage before Drake
Milina - abortion and miscarriage before Trevor

Wow how did u memorize all of that

Jesus God (Leah), no. Wikipedia helped with a lot of that, that's why they're in order of when their episodes filmed. I remembered vaguely of the other stuff, and when I googled it, other articles helped put the pieces together. There's probably some I missed, especially stuff that happened before their episodes.

Millina's son isn't named Trevor, though, that's the baby daddy's name. Um, what is her kid named? Kayden or something?

Wow, didn't know that about Autumn and Millina. You really can't claim an 'accidental' pregnancy after you've already had 2 pregnancies before it..damn

Milina had an abortion AND miscarriage before her son?!? Holy Jesus. At 16 I was barely thinking about sex, nevermind being pregnant 3 fucking times!! Have these girls ever heard of birth control?! Did she ever say kayden was accidental? because after having unprotected sex resulting in 2 pregnancies before him, it sure as hell was not an 'oopsie' in 'I was naive.'

Urgh. We just found out my just turned 19yr old niece is pregnant. For the 4th time following 3 abortions in the passed year. She's had a pretty shitty upbringing and I guess someone (her mum I think-mu husbands sister) got sick of paying for abortions. I don't know why or how she keeps getting knocked up when birth control is free in Australia. She will be Jenelle 2.0 the Australian version. Except her mother is Jenelle the original.

Oh no, sorry, Meth Pipe. Sounds like your niece has been using abortions as birth control. Yikes, and ugh. Sew her up!

Jesus, 3 abortions in a year? How is she even going to carry that baby? Her uterus is destroyed.

Apparently not Jaced, because she still managed to get pregnant again! At what point as her mother do you not drag (by the hair if it's the only means!!) your daughter to the drs office and get her on birth control? It's just really fucking sad. She is going to abandon the baby for a life of drinking and partying. I see it already.

Also Mack supposedly had a miscarrige before Gannon

Yeah she apparently had a late miscarriage before her son, I'm sure hat was when the rumours were flying about how she tried to get pregnant so she could get on mtv.

Apparently (according to the Ashley) she was already being filmed for that pregnancy for a previous series of 16&P and they stopped when she lost the baby. She got knocked up again pretty quick....

Also Jordan's daughter is named Arri or some dumb shit like that. I wouldn't even point that but JS no one has been cool enough to use that name yet. I'm still Jesus Godding at Milina!

Where did you read about Nikkole having an abortion?

I remember years ago, shortly after her episode aired, Nikkole implied on her Myspace page (lol) that she was having a second child. It was something like "Patiently waiting for baby number two" or some stupid shit. And she wouldn't clarify when people inevitably asked her if she was pregnant again. Then she stopped after that, and Jenelle said that Nikkole had an abortion. I know it's Jenelle and you can't really trust her, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was telling the truth.

Lol remember when Jenelle posted that video of Nikkole drinking underage on YouTube? Jenelle used to have so much dirt on her.

Nikkole had an abortion??

How did you know that Milina had a miscarriage and a abortion and autumn miscarriaged as well

Your amazing do you know any scoop on the dad's? All I know is Adam and the shrimp boat guy


Sad news, I hope Amber has plenty of support to get through this wickedly tough time.

That's so sad :( Damn only 50...

Aw I can really relate to this, my bio dad suffers addiction but I don't see him and I lost the dad who raised me to cancer this year, he was only 62 when he died but he lived a healthy life so we couldn't believe when he got diagnosed with terminal cancer :( I really hope she doesn't end up relapsing without him, he seemed to be her biggest cheerleader in staying sober And when she got out of jail.

So sorry, Hate. That is terrible. My Dad is battling cancer right now, and it is so sad. May all dads rest in peace, including Amber's - 50 is waaaay too young to die.

I noticed in the story that it says that Tonya is his wife. I thought they were divorced? And I totally thought Shawn (Bubby) had more than one kid.

Yeah, I JUST saw that. I am so saddened by this. I hope she stays on her path though, it's what her dad would have wanted. Bless her heart!

Genuinely sad to hear that. It was always clear how much she loved her father.

amber always seemed very close to her father. i am genuinely sorry to hear about her dad and hope she has the support she needs to get through this.

Long time lurker/reader from Holland here, and always thought about registering, but i thought this news about Amber's dad is so sad, i just had to say something. I loved his look or you could say his charisma, he just had this certain something about him that i thought was so cool. I'm not the hugest fan of Amber, but i thought the way you could see how she loved him was great, he could've been a positive influence in her future, but not meant to be i guess :-(

I hate that for Amber. My mother (stepmother, but raised me) passed away recently from an aneurism and was only 38. It has completely turned my world upside down and I can't imagine how this would be if I was battling addiction like Amber. My condolences.

I don't feel bad for her at all. And this article was so sympathetic to her, I must be missing something but to me 3 children to 3 different dads by your early twenties is disgusting. She is clearly having replacement babies and I feel for her first child because he will feel shit that she didn't keep him but kept her next two when her situation isn't much better at all. She clearly has low self esteem and needs male attention, I mean the nude photos, unprotected sex with 3 baby daddies. She needs to find her dignity and self respect because I think she has lost it.

Remember early in TM when Tyler and Catelynn thought they were pregnant and joked that they'd give B and T a sibling for Carly? Lori should do the same thing. Gosh and so I'm guessing she's raising (or her parents are) the second one, and now a third, I wonder how her parents must feel about all fo this...

And I have to agree I don't feel bad. Think if this were a guy knocking up different girls, but since it's a girl we're like awww poor thing!!! Ugh. I think people just feel bad she has low self-esteem but Jesus it's no reason to bring innocent kids in the world.

This TTB! If this was a guy on his 3rd kid to a 3rd dad we would be calling him out! But she gets "congratulations... sadly they broke up and she got knocked up 2 seconds later :D "
I know slut shaming is wrong but bitch is a slut.

to a 3rd mom! ... apologies, i was working at 5am until 3pm and then babysitting until an hour ago so i'm pretty drowsy lol

It's all good. I totally agree. and I HATE this term "slut shaming." Maybe stop acting like a slut and people won't make fun of you! Yeah SERIOUSLY if this were a guy we'd be "slut shaming" him, but she's a girl so it's ok!

It's not even slut shaming. It's stupid shaming. She can have sex with as many men as she wants. USE PROTECTION!!!! The three baby daddy's thing is wrong.

I think she just wants to feel she has family, I remember that being her major reason for keeping the baby she gave up for adoption. She outright told her mum she didn't feel like she had any family and to her this baby was all she had in the world and she was ignored.

I just think her adoptive parents were so adamant to do what they thought was right they entirely forgot to do what was right for their daughter and thus they set her off on a really freakin destructive cycle.

I don't remember Lori being a ridiculous girl, she seemed to be really torn and feel really bullied in her 16&p so I can see how a situation of 3 babies to 3 different guys has happened.

From what I recall trap I doubt her parents are raising her babies, they were so against that when she fell pregnant as a teenager, it was basically "keep the baby and get out, give it up and stay"

Honestly, though, wanting to keep a baby when you're sixteen-years-old and don't have a plan and the father is no help just because you want a family is not a good reason to parent. Yes, I get that she wanted a biological bond with somebody, but it just wasn't going to happen in that situation. And she knew it because she literally didn't think up a plan or anything. And she's apparently okay with popping out more failed trap babies, so she can have all the bio ties she wants with her replacement children.

Kids that age think they know everything, but they have NO IDEA how much a baby changes your life. Hell, I was much older than a teen when I had my daughter and I still had no idea! It's a total, complete 180 change, and nothing is ever the same. I think sometimes these girls think "I'll have a baby and it won't be so bad, I'll still finish school and life will go on as usual." Um, no. You have no freaking idea, kiddo.

BTW, I should mention that I didn't see Lori's episode, but from what I've read on the comments, it sounds like a really sad situation. And I do feel for her.

No it's not, but she was also 16 and pregnant, her decision making skills were probably not right at their peak right then. She had everything dictated to her, she made no plan because she probably felt like there wasn't any point planning because her parents just made it out and out clear that if she kept the baby she was gone. Imagine being 16 and being given that choice. She most likely felt she had no option and no support. I'm not surprised she's had more babies since because she's probably trying to fill a need for family. She needed help not babies, granted, but I just feel like her situation is more complex than some of the other girls.

Not every parent is going to jump and down when their 16 year old gets pregnant. They made it clear they weren't going to raise a grandchild as another child. I don't know why so many people expect parents to baby their daughters who get pregnant that young. If my son came to me and said he got a girl pregnant at any age, I sure as hell would not be supporting that financially! So many teens have babies too early because they know their parents will pay and babysit the babies while they go out and be a teen. It really needs to stop. People like that give actual good teen moms a bad name!

I didn't suggest they should jump up and down or be delighted, but I feel they were entirely cruel to Lori during her pregnancy. I just think they handled it incredibly badly.

It could of been handled better, I agree with that :)

I think putting the child up for adoption was the right decision, but I think her parents should have looked at it from her point of view.

I think they only looked at it from THEIR point of view, as in--what the adoptive parent and kid were getting out of the adoption, not the grief that the mother was going to live with afterwards. It could be that Lori's biological mom had no grief. It happens. But I always felt very sad for Lori that no one was there to understand why she was grieving.

I agree it was the right decision, but the route to it was so messed up it's untrue.

Emotionally damaged or not, having children in that mind frame (having kids for selfish reasons alone) is just going to continue the vicious cycle. Her children will resent her because they will end up going without because she couldn't cross her legs or even use protection! One child you could sacrifice what you want to give him/her what he/she wants and needs but having 2/3 it gets harder and harder. OH not to mention the fact they are going to have to be like "thats my sisters dad" ... what not yours? "Nope" .. "Oh that's the guy that fathered my big brother, he was paced in adoption a couple years before me" oh so is he the same dad as your sister? NOPE ... and seeing as she isn't in a relationship she will probably meet another guy.. if he is her age he will probably want kids in the future so bam.. another different daddy ... wtf?! These poor children will be scarred because of her bad choices.
This is one thing i like about chelsea .. she feels guilt over giving aubree a shit dad and you know she wont make that mistake again but lori obviously doesn't see fathers as important in a childs life.
Sorry if this sounds nasty i'm not being nasty to posters here im just kind of reallly annoyed at lori, like i didn't expect her to do this and i'm kinda disappointed in her.

That's the point: She's emotionally damaged. There isn't an "or not" because she can't actually figure out that she isn't helping herself any by having these kids. It's not a smart move, I'm not pretending it is, all I'm saying is that I understand where she's coming from, I never said that made it right.

I think Lori feels that having these kids will make her feel better. It won't - but I see the logic behind the thought process, and I personally believe her parents sent her down that road when they refused to give her any support (and by support I don't mean just letting her keep the baby - I mean emotional connection and understanding of her situation and helping her work through it - you know like parents should) and made her give up a child she felt gave her a biological family link and a grounding.

As a parent I would have been horrified that my child didn't feel she had support and a family around her, Lori's mum just yelled more. They should have gotten her help, not bullied her.

@OHRLY yeah but I know what she id doing is damaging her kids so I can think she is a terrible mother, when she grows up a little and maybe finds love outside of her offspring she will realise what an idiot she has been and how she is hurting innocent childrens mental health.
Honestly the "there is no or not" ... well if that is your logic then terrorists it's all good because they're emotionally damaged and can't see what they are doing is wrong. Same concept just a tad more extreme. Both affect innocent peoples lives and both play god.

That's a rather extreme stretch of logic. However, as you went there, do you really think that terrorists do what they do believing they are wrong and just doing things for the sake of it? Or do you think that they believe (at least on the ground level - the ones that actually perform terror acts) that they are fighting for what they believe to be right and true? Isn't that what is so terrifying about terrorism? That the people that commit such unspeakable acts do it believing they are doing the right thing?

Terrorism is a relative issue. It's entirely possible they see us as terrorists intent on destroying their way of life.

That doesn't make their acts ok, or right. If you are going to go out and kill innocent people you have to be prepared to take the consequences for that.

Just for the record, I never said what lori was doing was right - I just said she probably doesn't see why it's wrong. It's also not too late for her to pick things up if she can get the right help and break the cycle.

@OHRLY I think I was drunk when I wrote my last comment because I can't make sense of it at all!
When I mention the terrorists by that I mean a lot of the terrorists and child soldiers in the world have a distorted view because it has been drummed in that what they are doing is right so they do not see what they are doing as wrong, a bit like lori, she cant see what she is doing is wrong. Both affect peoples lives forever and both play god in the sense of bring and taking life.
Terrorists are bad people obviously, they take peoples lives and it doesn't matter if they don't know its wrong because it still is wrong.
Lori is affecting childrens lives, they will most likely go without and she still seems so immature and emotionally damaged by both her upbringing and her first pregnancy and no baby that she will most likely not be able to meet the emoitonal needs of her child because she cant even help herself.
I get your point, she doesn't know what she is doing is wrong but doesn't stop her being a twat. I agree that she isn't beyond repair (YET) .. unlike Leah who is so far gone in the crazy scale.

Her 16&p episode made me so sad. I couldn't believe her adoptive parents at all, it's no wonder she's had more babies and boyfriends. I feel kinda sorry for her, she obviously felt displaced and like she didn't belong and when she tried to explain that to her adoptive mother she jut brushed it aside, there was 0 understanding. It was awful.

Ohrly thank you! I have been saying the same but no one else seems to agree. I don't think Lori expected them to raise her baby. Help yes. But not do it all. But there was no room
For compromise in what her parents wanted. It was sad.

I don't know what kind of compromise Lori was looking for when she literally brought nothing to the table on how she was going to raise Aidan. Like I said in another comment: it's not like she had a legitimate plan that her parents shot down. She couldn't think of a way to provide for her son. And when you can't think of a way to provide for your son, it's probably best that you not parent.

being 16 and being ordered to give up your kid by two grown adults who won't budge is probably more than a little intimidating. Quite frankly, she probably never thought of anything because she was so damned upset and stressed the entire time with parents who wouldn't talk anything through with her. She was dictated to, and her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

So it's the parents' fault that their dumbass daughter bitched and moaned about wanting to keep the kid, but did nothing to help herself? I don't think so. They were dictating to her because she was being so passive about the entire thing. Her and her dumbass ex-boyfriend who told her she could move in with him but never even asked his roommate whether that was a possibility. Just the way they both handled the situation indicated big time that they weren't ready to parent.

No one should EVER dictate to someone else about keeping a child. It's not right. And look at what happened? Two more kids with potentially two different fathers. They didn't want to HELP Lori deal with it, they just wanted to shout what they thought at her. I'm not even saying that she should necessarily of kept the baby, but the way she was treated was just disgusting in my eyes. No one should feel cornered into giving up a child.

I felt like her parents were impatient with her and Cory because they weren't making any real decisions about the baby's future and family. It was literally weeks before the due date when Cory told Lori to just go ahead with the adoption. There was no plan. There was no anything. I would have been exasperated, too, if my kid didn't make a sound decision until a mere few weeks before the deadline.

So maybe Lori was in two minds because Cory kept going back and forth on his plan with her? Maybe she was hoping (remember, she's 16!!) that he was going to provide a little more support and help her make the decision. She was completely alone in the situation and left to feel that she had no other option. They didn't once sit her down and say to her "ok. IF you keep the baby, what is your plan. Let's see if we can make one together" Maybe Lori in her catholic household had no ideas government assistance programs were available to her? No she probably wasn't in a place to parent. But her guilt and emotional well being is completely shot to shit since, because she was never let to realise that herself. She was bullied into the option of adoption.

And if parents don't want to raise a baby from their teenager, then they should educate them properly or have them on birth control. Where and how are all these teens getting an opportunity to have sex and fall pregnant?? Especially from what appears to be some of the more affluent parents who I expect would be a bit stricter with where their teen goes, with whom, for how long and what not.

Yes Meth Pipe! That, exactly that. I just don't understand the way her parents went about it. Now they must be kicking themselves at the result of their actions if they are smart enough to realise that they have to take some of the blame for their child getting into that situation in the first place.

As a parent raising a child, you have to be able to take a good long hard look at yourself when things like this happen. Yes Lori is the one that had unprotected sex (She went to a catholic school, whats the betting it was abstinence only sex ed), Lori is the one who fell pregnant, but somewhere along the line her parents made her feel displaced and like she had no "real" family.

My heart broke for her, I think Lori spent a long time feeling unwanted and babies may be hard work, but they need you and want you. It fills that need in a second.

It's not right because she's trying to fix problems with babies and that doesn't work, but she's not doing it to harm them intentionally. For me that is the difference that makes me feel so bad for Lori, she's no Jenelle, Farrah or Nikkole. This girl genuinely can't see the wood for the trees and the two people who were meant to help her figure it all out failed her. That sucks.

Feeling like you are displaced in your home is no reason to parent a child. At some point you have to think about the baby. I think her parents might of been LESS harsh about the situation if Lori would of came to them saying I have a job, I filed for wic, I filed for other government help. This is my plan, it's going to hard but I will do what I need to for my son. Instead, she did the complete opposite. Say around whining her boyfriend wouldn't let her move in. It's like someone else said, no plan whatsoever.

What she does need is counselling. She obviously has deep emotional problems from giving up her son. (She probably resents her parents, when in reality she should be mad at herself for not even trying). Either way she needs help because 3 children by 3 different fathers at her age is a wake up call.

It just bugs me that people get annoyed when these girls' parents act all buddy-buddy with them and think that teen pregnancies should be celebrated. Then we get parents like Lori's who actually make their daughter accept responsibility for her actions and they're branded cruel because they didn't want to help their sixteen-year-old daughter raise a baby. Jesus God.

If anybody should be blamed for this, it should be Cory. He was Aidan's father. He was partially responsibility for the pregnancy. He was living on his own and---according to him---had a family who supported them keeping the baby. And what does he do? Passive-aggressively talk about how much he wants to keep the baby and try to pressure Lori into keeping the kid when he never had a game plan or anything. Hell, she couldn't even live with him because he was too chicken-shit to talk to his roommate about it. Oh, but he wanted Aidan, so that's all that matters. It's like Tyler the Great and Terrible said in Season One: a baby needs more than just love.

Also, I'd like say that Lori didn't go with adoption until Cory pretty much told her to go ahead with it. She gave in not because of her parents but because she realized Cory wasn't going to be there for her or Aidan.

No one is saying they should be "buddy buddy" but it is their responsibility to GUIDE their child not force their hand like they forced lori's.

All I'm saying is that I see where this is all come from. If her parents had been more supportive and less like dictators MAYBE Lori wouldn't have two more kids right now.

I just cannot imagine my daughter coming home to me, telling me she's pregnant at 16 and my response being to just dictate what she does to her. That isn't my job. My job is to realize she's already going through hell and I need to help her work out what she needs to do that is best for her and then help her do whatever that is. Not to make my child feel like she has no real home or real support. That's just awful.

Lori had no clue what the hell to do. Why should it be her parents' responsibility to hold her hand when it comes to her child? She was sixteen, had no plan and no real help from the father. They had to be forceful because she literally spent months and months not thinking of a plan beyond "If I wait it out, then they'll change their minds". She wanted to be a mom without any of the responsibilities. That's not her parent's fault.

Would I do the same thing? Probably not. But I'm not going to hold them responsible or think they were in the wrong for what they did and how they reacted. Aidan needed a voice, and his birth parents sure as hell weren't giving him one. Somebody needed to step up for the baby whose future was at stake here. And if his mother and father weren't going to, then his grandparents had to take the wheel.

It's her parents responsibility to hold her hand and support her and help her make the decision because she's 16. Absolutely they can feel disappointment and shame and embarrassment. But if my 16yr old daughter fell pregnant, I would take a good hard look at myself as well and NOT lay all the blame of the situation on her.

Why should they have held her hand? BECAUSE THEY ARE HER PARENTS.

Kids are for LIFE. You don't just give up on them because shit gets rough. You just don't. I'm not saying they should have coughed up cash or just welcomed the baby etc etc. But there was zero support of a girl who was clearly emotionally fragile from the two people in the world who are supposed to be there no matter what. Support doesn't have to come in "Oh never mind darling, there, there its all better" but they just didn't even want to try and understand Lori.

I love how the 4 of us can have a disagreement without being down voting trolls haha!! We are big girls! Now if you get a downvote, it's because of this comment. There was none when I wrote it :)

Mack, I was thinking the same. It's all just our opinions and we even had the whole discussion without name calling! Shock horror!

I hate it when people downvote because you disagree with them there's someone on here that does it all the time and its really obvious she's doing it

Woot to grown up discussions without being rude and understanding points of view haha!

Seriously it's so refreshing!!! Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.

Hey, guys, I know we have REALLY different views, but I also wanted to say that I'm glad we could have a grown-up discussion about this very complicated situation. Nobody was flinging around names or downvotes (in fact, I've only received a couple---most of my comments have well-written replies, so thanks for that!). This is part of the reason I'm glad I joined this website. We're all buddies and when we disagree, then we're still buddies. We just have different viewpoints!

I always think the world would be pretty boring if we all agreed. A good debate is good fun - it's not about tearing people apart, it's about having a discussion and if someone has some really good points, who knows maybe you even change your view a little.

Exactly! It made me want to rewatch her episode with a more open mind and less emotion. I'm yet to find it though, but when I do, I'll be watching Corey closely!

It aired here again pretty recently. It's definitely worth a re-watch - let us know what you think after!

Let me add that I did realize, to an extent, that maybe Lori's parents didn't handle the situation as well as I originally thought. It's been a while since I've seen her episode. But I still think Corey really didn't want to parent. Let me know how he is, Leah's Meth Pipe!

Although I don't feel sorry for her I understand why people would, your comment "no wonder she has had more babies than boyfriends" made me crack up lol

Catelynn's and I are totally on the same page about this, but I want to be clearer on something I brought up before: We don't know what Lori's adoptive parents know about her birth mother. Sure, she grew up well-off, but we don't know if there are biological reasons for her behavior. It's clear that her reasoning process isn't quite developed, and maybe her parents were taking a harsh approach because years of sensitivity weren't working. Take it from someone who knows - a parent can be TOO helpful. You have to crawl before you can walk, and with Aiden, Lori wasn't prepared for that process.

The story with Lori left me with an unsettling feeling. First of all I didn't think she was at any point ready to parent but felt that with proper support it would be something she might have been able to do.

My mother was a adopted by her uncle and aunt after her mother passed away. On top of that my mother was 1 of 12 children. She was well taken care of but never felt the bond you would expect from a mother. Actually none of her siblings did either. In fact out of 8 girls only 3 ever had children. They suffered quite a bit of abuse and it took my mother about 30 years to get over the pain of wanting a motherly relationship, and feeling cheated do to my adoptive mothers lack of affection.

It is sad because I didn't feel Lori received the love a mother would provide her child at such a crucial time. Even if they felt that adoption was the best for Lori, where was the motherly love, encouragement, insight. I felt her parents to be rigid and cold in their demeanor. Just my observation.

I did admit I felt horrible for Lori (not that I thought she was the brightest bulb) but rather because I am sure her parents were upstanding people in their community and probably well liked. I don't think Lori suffered the kind of abuse my mother did but I still feel a lack of motherly love there from her mother. Just wanted to note my adoptive grandparents were pillars in their community my grandmother was a school teacher and grandfather did quite of bit with the bureau of Indian Affairs and both were well know in their community as well.

I am sure 99% of the adopted kids out there are loved beyond belief. I just think, that is not the case for all of them. Lori may be one of them.

Well, I had to peek at the nudes, because I was warned, naturally, I looked, lol.
I'm not sure where they are posted for all to see, but what came up in my google search was myex.com or whatever that sight is. There was a comment that said "best f**k of my life" she will do anything" or something. God dang I am glad that sight was not around when I was dating, how embarrassing. But, that being said, I also did not have nudes floating around to share, or babies then, soooooo.

myex.com???? WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT SITE? Holy hell. Men can be pigs.

It is a sight that people post pictures (mostly nudes) and a story why there ex is shitty. There are men and women on there. I just saw it when I looked for her pics, which btw were not as terrible as the Jenelle beef curtain pics. (Atleast the ones on here had no vag pics).

If preventing pregnancy isn't a priority, then hand these girls a dictionary. Your poor kids will spend the rest of their lives spelling these god-awful, trashy names.

Where did you hear that markai is pregnant again @ Macis accoiates degree?

Oh wow I didn't know she had three pregnancies now... I thought this was her second.