EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Head Gives Birth


A few weeks ago, we released a story sharing news that Kristina Head (formerly Robinson) was expecting her third child.

It turns out her baby boy, Layton, was born yesterday. Kristina has kept this pregnancy extremely quiet, and it seems like we might have figured out why that was.

A source, who would prefer to remain unnamed, let me know a few details of Kristina's pregnancy which haven't been shared anywhere else. Kristina got pregnant sometime last summer between May and June. It turns out that around that time, Kristina and her husband, TJ, had split up. The two were separated for a couple of months, and if you recall from her update special, she had slept with another man during that time.

After TJ and Kristina got back together, which was sometime around August, she found out that she was expecting her third child. Apparently, the day that she got pregnant, as determined by ultrasound, was between dates where she was sleeping with her husband, and the other man.

If that wasn't enough, the other man was one of TJ's best friends.

In order to be sure that the baby is TJ's, a paternity test must be done, and nobody knows what will happen if it turns out to be his friends child and not his.

Our source gave us a statement about the situation, which says:

It is really a mess she's gotten herself into. Don't understand why she just keeps making things worse on herself. I don't want everything to get out because I would hate to hurt TJ or the other guy. All I can say was that he was good friends with TJ and when I found out that all of this was going on I was completely shocked. Obviously she's ashamed of a lot which is why she's kept this so private. She keeps changing her FB and Instagram so I'm no longer getting updates from her, but there was a comment posted on TJ's Facebook this afternoon that said, "congrats Layton is beautiful" & when I messaged him about it he confirmed the baby is here and everything is going fine.

No pictures have been shared of the child, and I'm not sure if we'll even hear about baby Layton until the child's father is known for sure.

This seems like a pretty big mess, and I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Kristina and all three of her boys.


Her husband was right. She's a marijuana smoking ho

This girl really is digging herself in deep. Her first son, poor thing, has developmental difficulties and a deceased bio dad. She should have slowed the hell down and spent her time looking after him, especially since it was obvious right from the start that he wasn't growing normally. On the Where Are They Now episode, her newest baby was the same size as Lukas. :(
It already seemed ridiculously fast for her to be married and having a second child, never mind a third. Does this girl not know how to use birth control? Three kids with potentially three different fathers, and she's all of, what, nineteen? Twenty? On top of that, doesn't she owe a shitload of money for losing her lawsuit against Starcasm for writing about what her deceased babby daddy's mother claimed about her being semi-responsible for his drowning? She's in big trouble having to look after three young children, owing money and with her marriage possibly ending in divorce.
Then again, this is what Leah's life would look like if she weren't on TM2 / her husband didn't have such a good job. Both girls have three kids, one with a developmental problem, and both keep getting caught in cheating scandals. What is wrong with these girls.

I think these Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant girls keep getting pregnant because whenever they are in a new relationship they want to "create a family" with the new guy. It seems like the girls feel like they will have a stronger bond with the guy if they aren't only raising HER baby but a baby they created together. If that makes sense. (I'm trying to find the right words but it's hard to say what I'm trying to say.) Does anyone else notice that whenever these girls get into a "serious" relationship or get married they feel the need to have another baby with the new guy? It definitely shows their immaturatiy!

Does anyone know of a site where i can watch 16 & pregnant episodes.they have them on mtv.com but they wont play.and also cant find them on youtube.but i want legit safe sites.thanks

Make sure to click the tv tab. Find links from putlocker or sockshare preferably, gorillavid is also ok. That's where I watch them cos I'm in the UK

Would that be a site you can watch 16 & Pregnant extras on as well? I never got to see the catch up specials they did on some of the girls more recently like Nicole,Kayla, Lindsey etc Im in Canada and our MTV.ca sucks at being updated


im from canada as well and i watched it on youtube. i googled it and i think it gave me a link

Hulu but you might need a paid account

What a bitch of a source. This would be the kind of thing that we (the public) don't need to know.

Jenelle 2.0???

More like Leah 2.0. This girl makes Leah and Mackenzie look like saints.

Three kids in three year and one with special needs seems like a ruff deal without the marijuana, deceased boyfriend, affair and DNA-test.

Hello, yes Maury? ...

This is such a private matter, I don't even want to know. Hope her new baby is healthy and her other kids are doing well.

I don't want to know, either. It should have been kept private. She was on one episode of 16 and pregnant - that shouldn't make her entire life an open book. Honestly, grief changes you. It makes you do stupid shit. Especially if you don't have a good support system and especially when your grief is exposed on national tv. I can't tell you how many stupid, regretful things I've done in my life because my emotions were out of control. I feel bad for this girl, her boys, and her husband. I hope she can move past this and have a stable, happy life with them.

I'm so glad I kept skimming the comments until I saw these. I can't even imagine what this girl has gone through, and all before she was 20, but the only thing people can focus on here is that she has three children at such a young age. She signed up for one episode of 16 & Pregnant when her biggest issue was her pregnancy, and then suddenly her life spiraled out of control and her baby's father died. Do we really expect her to move through this effectively if we're constantly writing about her life with such critiquing?

I understand both parties, it is horrible what this young woman has had to deal with, but because of her decisions three children will now suffer, you can say they wont, all they need is love bla blah but we are looking at a young girl who doesn't work, had no experience or qualifications, couldn't afford to go to school if she wanted too, potentially three different dads, medical expenses she will struggle to pay the list is endless. Because of her poor choices she is in a very sticky situation but more importantly, those kids are in that same situation. The money stress will rub off on them the list is endless. It is a shame that the girl also has the added pressure of having spotlight outlining her mistakes but she needs to see that all this is down to her poor decisions and her poor kids will now bear the brunt of that.
Anyone can have a tragic life story when you add it up, I feel lucky in my life but when you add up the events;
2.sister tried to commit suicide
3.mother is disabled and has cancer
4.biological dad is an ex junkie who is too ashamed to come back
5.step dad who raised me died of cancer last month
6.brother and sister teen pregnancys
7.abuse within the family from an outsider
8.got attacked in my own home from a home invador, caught him, got beaten and had to get tested for HIV (thank god i did not contract it but during those tests it felt like eternity)
9.worked in a job that made my life hell for 2 years where they put their workers in danger
10.I am the reason my mothers disability progressed so rapidly.
11. lived in council estates my whole life
12. i helped raise my nephew
13. our landlord was a madman who had someone hold my mum at knife point in front of us
14. same mad man tried run us off the road with the whole family in the car
15. my brothers car accident
16.grandfathers dimensia
17.other grandfather died

Now if you read that you think "what a hard life"... but what i take from it, i survived, i made the right choices in those situations, i do not let it weigh me down, i try to make the best of everything. If you read that statistically i should not be wher ei am right now. Really i should be a teen mom like everyone else on my street, pro creating for money pretty much. But here is where i am, a manager part time working with children and young people with disabilities, i work in a nursery and am going to start studing social science to try and get my degree... all this by the age of 20 ..
We are the same age, I have had technically an equally bad life as her but i have not touched drugs, i work, in a stable 5 and a half year relationship and im getting married in 2 years time..it is all about choices.. thanks to my choices my kids will hopefully be raised in a stable home because i didnt have 3 kids at this age. She still had time to change her choices ... my brother had 3 kids at her age (granted same mum) but he is a mechanic, has a roof over his kids heads and doesn't struggle too much but only because he amde the choice to work hard, get a job, not waste money on drugs etc.
If she doesn't changee her decision making i do not see her keeping custody off those kids.
Sorry for the novel!!

I'm not really comfortable with comparing people's struggles or hardships. It's such a moot point- I'm sorry for all the bad stuff you've experienced in your life, but I fail to see the connection to someone else's. You have what you have, good or bad, and that doesn't really change the shit I have going on in my life. Is her dead boyfriend, special needs child and depression supposed to suddenly look better and more manageable because she wasn't raped or held at gunpoint at the corner store last night? It's the approach most people take and, quiet honestly, it's total bullshit.

I get the point, I do, but I fail to see anything good coming from the constant updates on this girls life and the harsh judgement we put her through. YOU can make your choices and deal with your pain in your way, and SHE can do the same. There's a level of concern for her children, and I think there are good intentions behind it, but until she does something that proves she's an unfit mother, I think we need to back off. Mostly we have circumstantial, subjective evidence and opinions about her and her decisions.

I'm not sure why you'd think I would say her children only need love. I'm not living under a rock. But I'm also not going to sit here and say her children will definitely suffer because of those choices. Women can have children at young ages, make mistakes and learn from them and change her path. Maybe she won't keep custody of her children, but is it really our business? She didn't sign on to have her entire life aired out to the public this far past her episode.

***child with special needs. Ick. I can't believe I switched the wording around in my other comment.

@Christine. I commend you for everything you have done thus far in your life, but you need to know a few things. First, you should never compare one person to another individual. And second, what may be a huge deal to one individual might be a minor thing to another. You have dealt with a lot, and it is great that you progressing into this person who wants to help people, but unfortunately, not everyone is like that. Everyone experiences things differently and will handle those experiences differently. So comparing stories is probably the worse thing we as human beings can do to each other ... especially those who have been victims of a traumatic event. Just throwing my 2 cents out there.

I have to agree with Rhiannon. I can't stand when people do the whole "I have it worse than you" thing. Or turn it into a pity party for themselves. It's pathetic. Just because she doesn't have the same struggles doesn't mean they aren't as bad. Really.

I do see where your coming from, but the way she is dealing with her hardships are punishing her children and that is not okay. When you have a child you should not be so selfish.
My hardships were hard did i do drugs and have multiple children .. it is not okay to be all
"oh well this girl lost her first child dad,she has a child with additional support needs, " i am sorry but she can't care that much. Weed is not good for a childs development, they inhale it and get high with you, even if you do it in a different room, or an hour before they come in or with the window open, they still get the same high as her and thats her selfish decisions once again.
You can't give her a free pass just because some bad stuff has happened to her in the past. And if it is okay for her to make mistakes like these and damage her children then what about Farrah Her daughters father died so is it okay she is making up lies about her parents abusing her?
She needs to be held responsible because yes she has had a hard life but newsflash, everyone has a tragic story, even the lucky people! My friend has the "perfect" life, everyone handed to her, but she has a tragic story, she got held a knifepoint when she was six .. everyone has a tragic story, you, me, everyone reading this does! But are we popping kid after kid we cant support financially or emotionally? In the caatch up you could tell she barely looked after her kids so i gotta wonder what she does when camera stop rolling.
HER poor decisions, have now led to 3 CHILDREN suffering .. just because she has had a hard life has nothing to do with it anymore because now she is giving her kids a bad life.
But i do agree, and i wasnt trying to say my life is worse and i turned out fine i was trying to make a point. Just because you have a hard life doesnt mean you have to screw up 3 chldrens lives.
You must be from america our terminology is different lol, over here to be "political correct" its additional support needs, forever changing though x

Just for your information, I don't feel that I have had it hard but I have good coping mechanisms I.E. I am not set on self destruct like this girl is.
I have been through a lot, I have used it in a positive way to help others, to remind myself to wait to try for a child even though I want one i know it is the wrong time.
This girl has had traumatic experiences, but she has since been self destructive. On a road to hell pretty much, she hsould have focused on her child, but no, she hopped into bed with the next guy, married shortly after and had another child. IS known to use weed and frankly once again selfish and self destructive. She then hops into bed with his best friend and doesn't know which is the dad to her 3rd child. CLASSY. she is my age, has 3 children one with additional support and one of the fathers is dead. IT is sad that that happened but her choices since then are making her children suffer. She chose to cheat, she chose to do drugs, she chose to have kids she cant afford so I'm sorry if i feel sorry for the kids and not her.
P.s. A PIT PARTY FOR MYSELF ... Lol, yeah my life is sooooo bad, i have 2 of the jobs of my DREAMS, and i am gong to do the college course I have been dreaming of, I have family that stand by me, a good future, a loving and loyal fiance .... My life is not a pity party :) I was just outlining anyone can have a tragic past and overcome it rather than destroying not only their lives but the lives of their children.

I agree. I'm sure this happens to "regular" girls, so to speak, but the only reason anyone is talking about this girl is because she was on one episode of 16 and pregnant.

I'm not condoning her actions or think shes justified because of her life experiences, I just think this is not something the world needs to know. It's a seriously private issue, and whoever the "source" is, is seriously messed up for airing this. It just seems exploitive to me. She was on one 60 minute show, her sex life shouldn't be commentary for the public.

I don't want to sound like a bitch but if you truly thought this was such a private matter then you would not have read it, or commented, and you defiantly would not be on this website which keeps up with all these girls private lives. She brought it on her self, I'm sure she knew by that time the kind of Negative attention these girls got and STILL choose to apart of the show.

Reading about stuff that people put out in the public and online is different than reading about someone who tries to keep her personal life private and who was unfortunate to have someone come out of the blue to spill her business to a bunch of judgemental strangers.

I haven't seen pictures of Layton but she did share an ultrasound picture of him a few months ago on her fb and he looked exactly like Joseph.. I'm 99% sure that Layton is TJ's.

You're 99% sure Layton is TJs by an ultrasound pic? That's 100% impossible.

I know she's super young and she has not had an easy life, but... this is pathetic and disgusting. She's only making everything worse for herself.
What kind of a woman JUMPS straight on someone's d!ck when her marriage is falling apart? (Yeah, I know, Jenelle, and it only proves my point) I'm not married, but I suppose it would be traumatic for me to find myself in a situation when my marriage is on the rocks, and there's an innocent child (or 2) in the middle of this. But she just rushed to someone's bed. And it makes me sick, because it was TJ's friend, which looks like she tried to take revenge on TJ.
What kind of a mother does such things?! Well, Kristina, how about taking care of your children and actually putting THEM first, not dudes?
When a woman doesn't know who's the father of her child... it's the lowest of all the lowest things.

I don't know how old you are, but I do know when I was in my late teens and early twenties I was boy crazy and made some bad choices. I also did not have a child and my boyfriend never died right in front of me. Comparing her to Jenelle is like comparing apples to oranges. She has custody of her kids. She is married. As far as I know, she was never a junkie and has not been arrested more than a dozen times.

I don't know how old YOU are but by my early twenties I was less boy crazy and tried to get myself together. Just because you were boy crazy does not mean these other girls are too. I wouldn't compare her to Janelle but this girl is all over the place and honestly a bit pathetic.

I'm 23. And I have never been boy crazy enough to forget my choices actually matter in my life. Plus, maybe I'm terribly strict and old-fashioned, but in my humble opinion it's not okay to be boy crazy when you're a mother. It doesn't matter if you gave birth at 16 or 36- when you have a child, you need to take care of your child's best interest, and before you do something, you should think about your kid first. Which Kristina very much did not do.

I've never said she's as bad as Jenelle, or that she's worse than Jenelle- she's not. But what she's done was very "Jenelle-style" and this fact actually creates some place for the comparison, sadly. She has put her booty call before her kids' best interest (especially since her 1st son is a special needs child, I had no idea about it) and her marriage (not technically over, yet, at the time, and obviously not hopeless, since they got back together after that). Jenelle always cares for guys much more than she cares for Jace and sure: Jenelle is a terrible train wreck, and Kristina is a better mom, and it'll probably stay this way even in 2020, when she has 9 kids with 9 different fathers. Which doesn't change the fact that what she's done is disgusting.

(I feel sick even thinking about it, but... isn't a situation when you CHEAT on your husband the occasion when you think about birth control the most and you want to protect yourself from the unplanned pregnancy the most? *barf*)

Let he who is without sin...

Omg that your name is hysterical! And disgusting and still hysterical

Thanks! :D

Is there some kind of secret competition between these girls we don't know about? Who can have more kids and marriages before the age of 30?

Lmao i love ur name.i also love her little sayings and how i remember mtv did a commercial of just babs for the preview lol

She needs to keep her legs closed.

who cares who she has sex with? She needs to learn how to use birth control

Exactly. She could sleep with 100 guys and I would think nothing of it, but this moron clearly isn't using protection. That's where I draw the line.

What makes these young girls think its alright to sleep with someone else so soon after you and the father of your child are seperated.it is different when you dont have children because you dont have the same feelings as you do when you were a family.those couples r never really seperated.they are always bound to get back together.it is rude to that other person and shows you dont really care.and to possibly have a kid with that guy you cheated on him with.what a mess you get yourself into.and idk how they forgive them.i could not cheat or if i got cheated on never go back with that person

A lot of these girls do not have solid support systems in place. A few of them come from dysfunctional families and pick up negative behaviors and some of them are in families that do not know how to deal with tragedy so the girls are put into difficult situations to face alone.

I think for a lot of the girls (Kail, maybe being the best example), their initial relationships "saved" them in some sense from their life. If they lose that relationship, their immediate instinct is to replace it with another...quickly. Having a baby is emotional and I can understand why some would confuse the excitement of a child with what is necessary for fixing (or speeding up) a relationship.

With all the money MTV makes from these shows, they really should ensure more therapy rather than sending Dr. Drew to play "therapist" in what amounts to what ends up being like a Real World reunion.

How about this: When you pick a girl to be on the show, pay her a very small amount of money for her appearance. Then, put a trust fund up for her child so that the baby has sole access to funds when they turn 18 to use on something like college or whatever. Then, set up a fund for the girls that can only be used for things like rent, therapy, or medical expenses. You can dictate how money in a trust can be spent and you can be charged if the money isn't spent accordingly. It would ensure the girls don't run out to fund beach house drug dens or heroin, but, instead, are using the money to benefit themselves and their children. I'm not advocating giving these girls hundreds of thousands of dollars, but something to help if they feel the need for therapy or co-parenting courses. At the very least, MTV producers should help the girls get in touch with local services if they need support.

By the way, I work in startups. I understand how expensive it is for MTV to do what they are doing. I don't normally advocate how companies spend their money - it isn't my place. That's the business of the shareholders.

My issue is the ethical one. With the Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant franchises, there is a child or multiple children involved. With Jersey Shore, MTV is paying a bunch of kids to get drunk every season. The consequences are far more on the individuals than with Teen Mom/16&Pregnant, where the consequences of negative behavior skew far more toward the child.

You see cycles being repeated within the show and it is unfortunate. Let's be honest: someone like Maci has become the darling of the show, but what does she do? She's dropped out of school multiple times and spends a lot of time partying and on vacation rather than actually working. What is she going to do in five years when the money is gone and no one cares? And this is a girl who looks to have come from a solid support system. Or Farrah who comes from a wealthy albeit dysfunctional family but has shot into D-List?

On a moral level, it would be nice if the girls faced some sort of options. Not enough money to make them comfy and able to ride around in pink Hummers, but enough money where they can seek opportunities or at least their children can seek them.

Okay, enough of my novels.

I think they should do that but give them the money when the show has already finished so you get to film the real issues faced when being a you g parent.

Let's talk about someone who actually wants to be in the spotlight. Like Briana randomly bashing Chelsea for no reason.

I cannot even handle Briana. So over that girl and her family.

What the heck was that? Briana will do anything for attention.

She said she misread Randy's tweet, but even if she did he was saying what something autocorrected to. Not making a comment about her or anyone else. She just loves the drama.

I honestly think that her jealousy over TM3 being cancelled and TM2 getting continued is taking over her brain. She seems to target the TM2 girls. I wouldnt put it past her to get all petty over something so trivial. Grow up- its not their fault your season got cancelled, and they were around first...
Time to show a little dignity and grace and take this opportunity to move on and put Teen Mom behind you, even if it means having to get a real job. You will be happy in the long run that you did something with your life instead of trying to ride a teen show gravy train well into your adult life

What exactly happened with Briana?? I missed it...

@Chelsea's Mascara Streaks

Katie Yeager tweeted:
"@BrianaDejesus_: My photo autocorrects Briana to brains….coincidence? I think not."

See the error? Katie's phone autocorrected 'phone' to 'photo.' So, Chelsea Houska's father, Randy Houska, replied:
"@katiebyeager @BrianaDejesus_ It also autocorrects phone to photo."

So, Briana replies to Randy:
"Are you one to talk? Especially with a daughter like urs?"

I don't know what Briana was thinking at all. The only thing I can think of is Briana thought Randy was making some crack that phones autocorrect a lot of other things, so it is a coincidence that 'Briana' gets autocorrected to 'brains.' Briana thought her intelligence was in question, so she attacked Chelsea.

P.S. It really is a coincidence that 'Briana' gets corrected to 'brains.' I used to like her, but that girl is a friggin' idiot.

That might actually be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. She is beyond an idiot. Too eager to fight and be in drama. Brianna just screams immaturity.

Did she actually apologize?

Briana bashing Chelsea? That's a new one. Never heard about that one till now. None of these girls should bash on Chelsea, or her father. They should take a look at themselves. Eeesh... Never ending cycle of BS and crap talk on each other, when they could benefit from *gasp* supporting each other instead. Crazy idea, I know.

She's on the wrong show. She should be on Maury! I'm sorry but I can't stand the people who say "oh she's been through so much and grief" so that makes it ok to be so careless and bring children into this world she can't even give the proper attention to or afford? Negative. Can't stand idiots

It doesn't make it okay, but she's barely out of her teen years and most teens make mistakes. It's hard getting your shit together when you don't have support. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes and cut the girl some slack, Jesus. She kept this news private for a reason.

It's still and will forever be called birth control or condoms. Sorry there is no excuse

"Shes just a teen, and teens make mistakes" I'm sick and tired of that excuse. They are young adults, not children, They know what they are doing, no excuse.

Someone has a shitty friend...

LOL did anyone hear about Farrah saying she's done with sex and wants to be a virgin or nun forever? Someone explain to this girl what virgin means...

LMAO- nice name!
Farrah is prob done with sex because nobody wants that.

Her episode made me cry so much...I feel bad for her honestly she seems out of control. And it is extremely slutty what she did but I'm thinking she is probably still so messed up from Todd drowning. Very dumb to add another life intot he mix she needs to get it together...I hope things get more stable for her after this. Very sad if it's 3 different baby's dads my God....

I get that she went through something traumatic, and I feel for her, I really do, but there comes a point in your life at which you have to pull on your big girl panties and start taking responsibility for your actions. Things aren't going well in your marriage? Bed hopping is not the way to fix it. She's got three little lives depending on her now, time to take responsibility for herself. She probably does have some issues from her boyfriend dying, but it's time for her to recognize that and get the help she needs so she can properly take care of her children.

Im proboby going to get down voted for this but oh well, I don't feel sorry for her at all she is a slut in my book. 3 kids, possibly by 3 different guys by the age of 20. She is the worst of all the girls from the 16 & pregnant shows. I don't feel like she is just doing this cause its how she grieves, that's BS! I honestly don't feel she was really all that mournful about Todd's death to begin with. She jumps from dick to dick with no regards as to how it will affect anyone else including her children. There are many more ways to grieve without bringing innocent children into the equation, if she wants to be a slut, that's her way of grieving then she needs some birth control. And her problems should be made public cause how is this girl gonna support 3 small children who have 3 different fathers who she's most likely not going to be with, that's right all us tax payers who are footing the bill for her welfare checks.

God I hate the word "slut."

I don't think it was ethical to write this article....it's ok to talk about things on the show and discuss the parts of their loves they choose to show through twitter, instagram etc. However what good can come from us finding out secrets that will have a hugely negative impact on real people's lives....

100% in agreement.

Well it sounds to me like the reason this article was written was because someone came forward with details about the whole story. Isn't that what a good reporter is supposed to do, interview then report what statements were given in the interview.

I bet all you people complaining about it being wrong to post this article and all this privacy blah blah are the same people who just a couple months ago were gossiping and speculating about this girl and her third pregnancy. You all really seemed to want to know what was up with her then, well here's the scoop, deal with it

A) I didn't read the article that she was pregnant again because she was on TV once and I really don't care.
B) I'm "complaining" about the fact that this was her private information - and it should have been kept between her and her family. Obviously she has a shitty friend who spilled her secrets, and that's not okay. It's not like she's Nikkole, Jenelle or Farrah who decide to sell their own dirty laundry to Radar Online. This girl obviously has enough to deal with. And what if her kids grow up and read this article and all these comments?

Well I do agree with you that her friend was wrong for sharing something like this, but at the same a lot of you on here were wondering about her and did want to know what was going on with this pregnancy of hers so that's why I feel like people shouldn't be complaining about this article. Megan is just reporting on what a lot of readers wanted to know about and what information was given to her from obviously one of kristinas "friends". Not all the stories that we hear about the other 16 & pregnant alumnis is all rainbows and butterflies yet I don't see no one coming to their defense about privacy and what not

I hope for her it's TJ's baby, but even if it is, it's not like that marriage will last long anyway. I'm probably sure there is a universal rules that say if you use a paternity test 2 years into your marriage, your marriage is doomed. It's a universal rule or common sense, not sure which. Probably both.

I'm sorry but I just don't feel any sympathy for this girl whatsoever. She just rubs me the wrong way. 3 kids by the age of 20 (does she even have a job?) Her own husband called her 'a weed smoking ho'. She cheats on her husband with his friend(that's just wrong on so many levels), todd's family accused her of possibly being a part of his death, which come on people don't just accuse people of things like that out of the blue, there had to be some reasoning behind all that. I just done get a good vibe from this chick...and I don't. Know if I'm the only one that feels this way but if I am oh well, that's how I feel, sorry to offend anyone

Does anyone know what she was like before her fiance's death? Not to be mean but for all we know this behavior could just be how she is and have nothing to do with grief.

Does anyone know what's wrong with her son? I keep reading that she has a son with a disability. I'm wondering what's wrong with him and which son is it?

Her first son Lukas was premature and im pretty sure he had asthma or some other breathing problem. He was really small and sickly looking on the catch up special.
I also have no sympathy for her, she shouldn't have gotten married so quickly. She looked to be struggling with ths two, and now she had three.

It was just plain irresponsible for her to get pregnant two more times in two years when she has a son that has so many medical issues. He isn't going to get the attention he needs because of her foolishness and he's going to suffer because of it. I think needing a paternity test for the youngest one on top of it all is just icing on top of this hillbilly cake. I feel sad for all 3 of those kids.

This is the first person featured on my show who to my knowledge has had three separate pregnancies and births. That alone makes this situation crazy. She's not even from an old season.

*the show not my show lol

I looked it up. Lukas was born 9-26-11. Tommie was born 1-9-13. Layton was born 2-12-14. They are 16 months, and 13 months apart, and Lukas is 2 years and 5 months older than Layton. I can't imagine having 3 under 3, that aren't at least multiples! Even then I can't really imagine it, but props to the moms/dads who can do it!
I feel kinda sad for her, because my stepmom is the same way. She was a little older though. Her first was born when she was 19, the second was born 17 months later with a different dad, and the third was 24 months and one day after that, by a third dad. Then she met my dad, who had me before they met, who she then cheated on and is now married to yet another person...Hopefully Kristina straightens out this mess before she goes any farther downhill.
None the less, congrats on the new baby. Good thing he is healthy. Good luck on being a new mom again!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry there's so much negative backlash on this article being posted. When the original article was posted about Kristina's third pregnancy, people made a big deal out of Kristina hiding her pregnancy. People shamed Sarah Roberts for the same thing and speculated so many things on that situation, that I assumed people would want to know the details of Kristina's situation in order to alleviate all of the rumors that have been going around.
I will be the first to admit that I'm far from perfect. I'm a teen mom myself and I've had my share of difficulties, but I can promise you that after having one child, I know exactly how babies are made and I've gone out of my way to prevent myself from having any more children out of wedlock. I'm sorry again for all of the anger over this article. I'm simply posting details that were given to me by someone who wanted to share them. I have no control over what people tell me, and my goal for this website is always to bring you, the readers, facts about the girls. I stand by my decision to publish this article and I'm sorry again for anyone who disapproves.

Personally, I think you were right to post it ! You got a tip and you made an article about it. Nothing wrong about that.

You are still TMJ savior's regardless. Mister Kailyn Logic is desesperate to see me spend so much time on that site. (It get me a baby fever sometimes so there is that). I think you are a great writter and i'm sure everybody here agree about that !

I agree. No need to reply. Whether she filmed one show or one season, she was aware of the interest surrounding the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom franchise so she should expect people to be interested in her life. I'm a huge fan if it all and love hearing "where are they now" stories and catch ups on their lives. All of them. So she had the first baby. Tragic circumstances. So sad. She moved on, got married, had another baby. Maybe a but soon, but maybe she wanted a family and to share the joy of a healthy bub with her husband and new family. This third baby is incredibly irresponsible. You don't seperate from your husband and go and have unprotected sex with his best friend. She knows how babies are made. She's been there twice. Pretty recently. It's just stupid, immature, irresponsible behaviour. And the tax payers foot the bill. How, with THREE children under three, can she give her special needs son the attention he deserves? How can she give her middle and new baby (both are babies still!) the attention they need and deserve. How will she cope mentally? The whole situation is just wrong. Thanks for sharing the story Megan.

We would've hoped for a better "ending" for her, but I don't think there's anything wrong with posting an article to clear up the fodder from the rumor mill, even if it doesn't paint a positive picture of her situation. Once they determine the paternity of Layton, it'll probably all come out anyways, regardless of who his father is.

I don't believe you have anything to apologize for. We live in a digital world and it doesn't matter if she was on 16 and pregnant or not, people would still be talking about her. Look how many stories/photos become viral. Some are funny, some are the shock value and hers I defiantly think is the shock value.
My problem is that on her catch up special they said she cheated because her she thought her husband was cheating. She doesn't seem mature enough to have one kid let alone three already. She slept with her husbands good friend, but how well did she know him. She obviously didn't use protection and this raises a bigger concern for me. What if she had contracted a serious STD. What if she contracted hiv. Far fetched? Maybe, but she's not only putting herself in a dangerous position, but her children will ultimately pay for it.

You shouldn't have to apologize, like you (and I) both said everyone wanted to know what was up with her and you let us know, some people are just never satisfied!

Wow. That's unfortunate

How exactly does her sex life make her a bad mother? Firstly, people with multiple baby daddies or baby mommas can b ejust as fantastic or just as horrible as parents in biological families. Secondly, everyone's acting like she left the boys sitting in the family room or at the bottom of the bed when she was having sex...highly unlikely. Sure her decisions may not be the best and those actions have no excuse, totally granted. However, just because these girls do something you dont agree with or wouldn't do does not mean they arent good mothers. Essentually she's being called a bad mom because she has sex...so do parents that have sex after their kids are in bed, or out with relatives bad parents? I think to have a good standing for comments you have to think outside of the fact that they were on 16 and pregnant or teen mom. She fucked up, doesnt make her a bad mom

Lol so many thumbs down...I'm guessing half of this site are republicans.

What an idiotic comment.

Her choice to keep having unprotected sex shows a lack of concern for the kids she already has, and going out and sleeping with TJ's best friend doesn't make for a stable home, even if they were apart at the time. When you put your kids first, you realize that your actions affect them....and hopefully, you act accordingly!

I've thought this out, and it's really interesting that the non-Teen Mom 16&P girls get so much internet coverage for just being on a single one-hour program, while people from other similar shows (such as True Life) manage to escape that, which is what some people are reacting to. There's a definite fascination with these girls. Since Kristina was on a later season, she most likely would know that there would be curiosity about her life, based on coverage of earlier 16&P girls like Whitney and Ebony. To some degree, the girls from later seasons probably know what they're getting into.

Haha so when will we get the update on the results of the paternity test?

Lmao Since we know too much already...we need the ending now.

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