EXCLUSIVE information: Arianna Michelle Hazel

arianna michelle hazel

Arianna's episode aired last night, and she's received mixed reviews from people. Some were claiming that she was too harsh towards her baby's father, Maurice Lamar Rumph Jr.

Others were saying that she was justified in feeling that she deserved an apology.

One thing that I didn't see coming was that Arianna, who was shown as a relatively good girl who got put in a bad situation by getting pregnant as a teen, was actually arrested just two months after her son was born!

I posted earlier that I was really frustrated that I couldn't find very much information on Arianna.

Sources close to Arianna have revealed that she has been trying to stay out of the spotlight and that she is doing her best to avoid publicity that comes from being on 16 & Pregnant.

She has deleted her Twitter account, and it appears that her personal Facebook page hasn't been used for several months.

One thing that we did learn through our search is that Arianna Hazel was arrested in January of this year for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

At this time, Arianna's son, Aiden, would have been only two months old.

It does appear that this is Arianna's first run in with the police, but it leads me to think that this incident might be the reason that she's keeping so quiet on social media accounts.

We've been told by several sources that Arianna's producer from MTV has created a fan page for her, but that the girl doesn't want to receive any backlash from people who viewed her episode, so she's choosing to keep it under wraps for the time being.

It also appears that Maurice has a record of his own. According to reports online, Maurice was found guilty of shoplifting in January 2012 at the age of 18, and he was put on probation for around 10 months.


Whilst I do believe she probably had better things to be doing when her kid was 2 months old than getting high, I think it's stupid that she got arrested for possession of such a small amount of weed (although from seeing her episode she probably kicked off at a cop who might otherwise have let her off with a warning).

In the UK from what I've seen you get a warning/the police don't care if it's a small amount obviously for personal use, unless you're a jerk about it.

It just seems stupid for someone to get a criminal record over something so petty, that could now hold her back from getting into college or getting a job, and thus becoming a more productive member of society.

I totally agree

I think it's like that here in Canada too. I smoked my fair share of pot when I was younger, and if you're not disturbing the peace, usually, no one says anything. I've seen a lot of people in Montreal smoking in the streets, and I've never seen anyone get arrested for that.

Anyway, I agree on everything you've said.

I agree too. I know a lot of people here in California who have gotten only warnings when being stopped with smaller amounts of marijuana. Usually in those cases they were respectful and honest with the officer that stopped them.
I am not a marijuana smoker, I haven't been for a couple years now but I try to not judge people for these types of things without fully knowing the entire story, but I agree that its definitely not a good idea when you have a two month old to take care of.

Lol seriously. It's ridiculous that a charge even exists for that. If you get caught with that amount of marijuana in Canada, the cops just take it and dump it out in front of you or "confiscate" it then they probably drive to the nearest Timmy ho's and smoke it in the parking lot.

America has way too many charges for such little things. It's part of the reason their incarceration is the highest in the world.

Lol this reminds me last night I was watching "Border Patrol" which is like a docuseries about Canadian customs agents. There was an American trying to visit but he had a criminal record in the US for mooning somebody like 15 years ago. So I guess it's the border agents jobs to determine if American's with criminal records are allowed in and they referenced the Canadian criminal code. They were like "there is nothing in the Canadian criminal code about mooning someone. You are allowed in Canada". I gotta say I laughed pretty hard at that lol.

"America has way too many charges for such little things. It’s part of the reason their incarceration is the highest in the world."

I think is more because we Americans don't like to follow rules. Pot might not be as bad as heroin but it's still illegal so until that changes you will be charged. As ridiculous as that sounds to some.

Just my humble opinion. I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I try my best to not harm my body viciously and I definitely avoid getting myself a criminal record for something as stupid as pot.

Agreed. I will admit that I smoke on occasion but regardless of my beliefs on whether I think it's "harmless" or not, the fact still stands that it is illegal and if I get caught, I will be punished accordingly. I just don't understand why people think their own personal opinion trumps the law lol.

Javi's Teeth- I don't do drugs or drink either, I've never smoked pot before, and so many people don't believe me when I tell them that!

Agree 100%. I'm glad they're starting to legalize pot slowly but surely for many reasons but the main ones are: 1) Legal and controlled research as to the benefits and risks. 2) Regulation in regards to pricing, what you're actually buying and how shady the person you're buying it from is. And 3) I smoked pot in high school from time to time but haven't since my senior year and when I'm so wired I can't even get Ambien to work or I have a migraine that's gone on for months, without fail, someone always suggests pot and I think "Hmmm...that seems like a logical next step since I've tried everything else" but I don't because it's illegal and I'm not going to jail because I have a migraine and insomnia. So I patiently wait until it's legalized in my state or I travel to one where it is legalized and THEN I'll try it again and see if it helps. If you are a big enough asshole, a cop in TN or NC can easily get you in more legal/financial trouble for simple pot possession in than a damn DUI and I think that's ridiculous.

I've never smoked and have never been drunk and I was made to feel like I was "less mature" and inferior to the people who have done those things!! It drives me crazy because I am actually proud that I have never done drugs. (not that I condemn people who do but that it was a struggle not to give in and try them)

My husband unfortunately found out he is now banned from Canada for a DUI he got eight years ago... And I really wanted to visit Montreal!!! I agree, an arrest for that amount of mj is unnecessary and hopefully becoming the way of the past

Oh, my brother is in the same boat. But, your husband can be granted entrance to Canada if he writes them an apology note. No, I'm not kidding hahaha.

Look up the procedure for your state and attempt to have the DUI expunged from his record. If that happens he can enter our wonderful country :)

"What's your business in Canada?" "What's YOUR business in Canada?"

No joke, my cousin grew up in a hick-ass county in middle Tennessee and about once a year, the police department would take all the pot they'd confiscated and burn it AT THE BOTTOM OF A VALLEY and all the high schoolers would have a giant bonfire at the top of the mountain and celebrate the updraft.

Years ago in my Southeastern Kentucky town, the cops would burn all the marijuana confiscated in roundups right in town. Across the street from the McDonald's no less

I love that the police thought burning confiscated weed was smart!! Excellent! Logic fail!

Anywhere close to Crossville, TN? Lol sounds like something the bible thumpers would do.

Yeah, I know!! I haven't smoked in like 10 years, but I remember one time, I was smoking in a park (I was like 18 years old...) and a police office came to me and confiscated my joint. Later, I go through the park to go home, and there he was, smoking what he had just confiscated.

It's weird how it's not such a big deal, here. I'm not saying it's harmless or anything, but police officers seems really laxist when it comes to mj possession, in small amounts, at least..

Sorry if my English isn't perfect, it's not my first language.

Agree as well. It's just pot.

Shit.. in most areas of Texas they'll arrest you for a possession of anything. A j roach, paraphernalia.. they don't care. Few years ago I got stopped with a few g's, was arrested ($45 PR Bond, out in a few hours though, my lawyer is awesome) Then spent 6 months on unsupervised probation, some community service, drug and alcohol classes- those were the worst. That's called getting off easy around here. I'm moving just outside of Denver later this summer. Everyone from Austin is flocking there, but I'll have a medical license. I don't want to be on pills for anxiety any longer, it's been 5 years, and herbal stuff works just the same.

Ridiculous story time: A friend of mine in high school (idiot 1.0) was a huge stoner and would occasionally sell on the side when he had so much handy that even he couldn't smoke all of it. One day, this other idiot kid (2.0) was showing a different idiot (3.0) a little ball of weed (nugget? whatever) and our English teacher saw it and said, "What is that??" and 3.0 shoved it in his mouth, swallowed it and said, "A Gusher." Lies. They had an ambulance take him to the ER to get his STOMACH PUMPED and 2.0 was retained in the office for pot interrogation. He lied and told the school cop that 1.0 sold it to him even though they hardly ever even spoke. 1.0 got called to the office, searched, his car searched and they found scales, a bowl and a film canister with less than a gram of STEMS ONLY (don't ask me why he even kept them) and charged him with paraphernalia and possession and arrested him. THAT was the stupidest drug charge I ever personally witnessed. 1.0 developed a seething hate for 2.0 and eventually saw him walking around a neighborhood at like dusk 6 months later. My friend and I were on the phone with him and all we heard was, "Be right back, just saw 2.0 in blahblah's neighborhood" (by the way, when I say "neighborhood" I'm talking white suburbia driving in cars their parents bought them) and heard tires squealing and a bunch of grunting. He got back on the phone out of breath and had apparently mildly beat the shit out of 2.0 for being a punk little liar and then got back in his car and continued the conversation like nothing happened. Meanwhile, 3.0 will forever be remembered as the kid who swallowed weed and tried to pass it off as a Gusher.

Hahaha!! 2.0 kept the stems. Gusher Boy, they pumped his stomach for a bud... Why? How much exactly? That must have been highly pleasant. Don't see the point though, if I'm not mistaken, pot goes into your blood stream, correct? I could be wrong and sound like a fktard right now but I'm on newborn duty. Havent slept right in weeks, so you'll have to excuse some shit that I say around here. I just had a baby a few weeks ago, and am losing my mind a lil bit. I woke up from a short nap yesterday at 8pm thinking it was 8am today. I tried to p/u a prescription at Walmart, which was at Walgreens. I tried swiping my gas card (repeatedly) when buying groceries instead of my debit. So tired.. Lol. I'm all backwards and upside down these past few days. If you could see my life right now you would be laughing right along with me. Have to laugh off the dumb stuff!

I'm from southwest Florida and they crack down SO hard on pot here. I'm a mother of 2 small children, but I do enjoy vaping a bit at nighttime. When I was younger I was charged with possession of less than 20oz for less than a half a GRAM of Shake that they found on a CD case in the backpocket of my driver seat.... Someone I had in my backseat was rolling on it I suppose. I went to jail and was put on probation for over a year. Luckily my lawyer got it to where I didn't lose my DL. Here in FL iif you are convicted for any drug you lose your DL for 2years.. Our local sherriffs office has a fb page and they post bad things about pot all the time very bias. (I think to get the geezers to vote against it here in FL)

I can't believe in other countries and even other states you get a ticket while where I live you can literally ruin your life by just having a small amount of pot.

She lives in Georgia. It is southern united states. They are very intense about prosecution for weed here for whatever reason. I have lived in Georgia but mostly in Alabama. Last year my cousin in Georgia was caught at a friends house with less than 1 oz in possession. No previous offenses, he has a job and goes to college full time... an otherwise good kid. He spent the night in jail, got community service, $1000 fee, and it is on his permanent record (shows up when you google him, too!) so pretty much screwed his life up for something most consider very small. He is at risk of losing a scholarship and got suspended from his work for a few weeks... so, yeah. It is not California, or Canada, or UK.

NOt surprised at all. Don't think this is such a major crime though. I've never smoked weed and don't really care if others do, however don't think it's smart to be doing that when you have a kid. But they REALLY treat that crap too seriously. Does anyone know if the baby's father stepped up? The thing about her frustration over him is he is a dumb kid, and she expects him to grow up so fast. What kind of job do you think a dumb kid can get? I understand wanting to have everythign for your child but seriously you should have thought about that before getting pregnant at such a young age. Stupid stupid.

I'm assuming his job is shoplifting diapers and baby tuxedos.

LMAO Rae "thumbs up" (Are they not working for anyone else?)

That and having the record for worlds largest mouth full of braces. Or no no we're both wrong he's a rapper my bad.

Ugh. Really unattractive. Kid is all braces. That's the only I could look at, I have zero clue what the guy even looks like besides that huge metal mouth.

And those lips! My goodness, Farrah Abraham can only DREAM about having plump lips like his - that, along with the metal mouth, was totally nasty. They both were, quite frankly.

I thought she was pretty minus the hair and attitude. And constant bitch face. God I still can't get over that Free Hugs girl. I would have socked her in the ovaries.

She seemed to be a bit self-conscious, mentioned a few times about her skin and kind of hid behind her hair. She's not bad looking when her hair is fixed up and she isn't in tie dye clothing. Arianna is what I'd refer to as 'sometimes pretty' - nice, nothing spectacular, but not unfortunate looking. Definitely needs to get rid of those atrocious blue/green ends. What does she think she is, a freakin mermaid? I don't see the appeal of multi unnatural colored hair. Leah also, though she finally ditch the purple crap.


I just wanted to see an updated picture of the baby he was pretty cute

Me too! I think biracial kids are gorgeous

I thought Arianna was gorgeous, she just had a shit attitude and some trashy tendencies. I may be making an ignorant assumption, but I'm assuming she's also biracial? Both her grandmother and her mom seemed to be caucasian and she seemed like she had some sort of extra ethnicity added in. Gorgeous girl. She just needs to...not communicate on national television.

And get a better hair stylist.

I thought she was gorgeous too, agreed about the hair. A caramel brown would have been gorgeous on her. Or probably just her natural color.

I'm surprised they didn't bring his criminal record up on the show. That obviously happened before she got pregnant. I wonder if he's had any more problems with the law since then. That really does suck for her though. That's such a small amount to get arrested for but at the same time she shouldn't be getting high when she has a baby in the first place. I guess what do you expect she left her baby home with her grandma when he was just 2 weeks old. My mother said I was 4 months old before she felt comfortable enough to leave me with someone else (I was her first) and even then she was anxious about it the whole time. She said that's really hard to leave your baby when they've been cocooned in your stomach for 9 months. Although I noticed her getting annoyed with him from the beginning. She didn't really seem very nurturing towards him. She kept getting irritated when he cried or pooped messy. She clearly doesn't have a strong motherly instinct. Hopefully she's stopped smoking since her record and it doesn't interfere with her doing nursing. She needs some way to provide for her child. I'm curious if Maurice is still involved with the child and providing for him still. He seemed to be really involved in the child's life during the episode.

My parents bought tickets for a concert months in advance, when my mum was in the very early stages of pregnancy. She thought she'd be fine leaving me as I'd be 3 weeks old by the time the concert was on.
When I was born obviously everything changed and the mothering instinct kicked in. Not wanting to disappoint my dad, my mum went to the concert, but sat and cried the whole way through! Poor woman lol.

That's really funny poppy. I love babies, everyone calls me the baby whisperer. I just think they're so cute and precious and innocent. They've not had a chance to do anything bad yet. People tell me all the time that I'm going to be a neurotic mother who suffocates her kids because I love children so much. I really hope I'm not like that though. One of the girls at my job asked me why I went to college she was like you're just going to be a stay at home mom anyways. I was insulted at that though. I think everyone should have an education what happens if my baby daddy runs off on me? Then how do I support my child. Not that I plan to live off baby daddy I definitely want to be able to provide for my children on my own without any help just in case. Anyways my whole point before I got off topic was I'm no where near being a mother but I'm protective of other people's children. I couldn't imagine just leaving mine after 2 weeks to go hang out with my friends. That concept is so crazy to me.

I worry constantly that I'll be a shit mom, too. But I've had several people tell me that the fact I'm already worrying about my kids before they exist means I'm on the right track for being a good parent at the very core at least. I think if you're already this maternal, there's something inside of you that will really catch fire when you become a mom.

As for the chick who made the comment about you going to college: Some people are dumb bitches. She falls into that category. What a rude fucking thing to say! I would have loved to have finished my degree but I have health problems that have hampered me and I still plan on being a stay at home mom. It doesn't mean that the education I DID receive short of a degree isn't going to help me in life and a lack of a degree doesn't make anyone more or less intelligent than anyone else...I know people with their Masters that are absolutely dumber than a box of rocks, they're just very informed in their particular field of study. I didn't stop learning once I stopped earning course credits. I think we really, really push the "if you don't go to college you're not worth anything and if you DO get a degree and don't use it 100% of the time, you're also a waste of space" attitude WAY too much.

You're so right Rae! People love to judge. You know the girl that said that to me got married at 17 to a guy in the military, they had two kids and then she decided to leave him because he didn't give her enough attention. She had no way of supporting her children but luckily her mother was a manager of a dr. office so she was able to get her a job there and then she found a new guy to help support her and her kids call him daddy and she's awful to her baby daddy wow I just realized I kinda just described Leah... It's not Leah though I promise. And I reread my comment and realized how what I said could've been taken as an insult. I didn't mean that if you don't have an education you won't amount to anything. It's just so much easier to get a job these days if you have a degree vs if you don't. I'm sorry that your health can't allow you to finish that is a really crappy situation. I wish the world worked differently. I mean how is this for logic. You need a job to get money, you need a degree to get a job, you need money to get a degree. It makes no sense. Anyways thanks for your comment about being a good mom :) I really hope so. I love children. However I need to be in a healthy and mature relationship and completely financially stable before I were to ever bring a child into this world. I want to be able to provide my child with all the necessities plus some.

One million times this, growing up I was always referred to as the little mommy in my family, i love babies and children, my dream job is to be a stay at home mom. However I'm still going to go to college and get my degree(s) because no one can tell you what tomorrow holds, my husband is here and healthy right now, but thats not promised to me.

Like you said these days its very hard to work without a degree. My heart always goes out to the widows of servicemen; most of the time widowers of servicewomen are either servicemen themselves, vets, or have a degree and career field where if their wife perishes, they at least have the financial means to survive. For many widows, especially of enlisted men, this is not the case. This is why I advocate for the MYCAA program so heavily, it may not be much, but it can put a at least a sizable dent in the cost of vocational training or one's associate degree.

@Rae im sorry to hear about your medical situations, have you ever considered online schooling? Alot of brick and mortar universities and community colleges offer online degrees, and if you're in state you pay the same price as sitting in class.

I didn't take what you said to be insulting at all. I just think that chick who told you that is a dumbass. I have friends who started families young, I have friends that got their degrees, started their careers and then started families and I have friends that went to graduate and law school because they couldn't get a job with "just" a bachelor's degree which is terrifying. Sometimes it seems like a Bachelor's degree is this generation's high school diploma and woe betide you if you don't get at least that. My mom worked full time to put my dad through college and graduate school and the deal was that she would go back to school to get her nursing degree once we were older but she was pretty much the one who raised us while they both worked and then they got divorced and tuition isn't really an option for her...I definitely think having a fallback plan is the way to go whether you plan on being a stay at home mom or dad or not because you really never know what life is going to throw at you!

As for online school, we're currently looking into a program for my husband to do an online program so he can work some sort of regular houred career instead of full time truck driving because we don't have kids yet so right now we're just kind of gritting our teeth, paying off student loans and medical bills and saving what we can towards him finishing his degree and having kids sometime in the future. He's been studying computer programming but he works 80 hour weeks so we have to find something affordable and 100% online. I hate it because it's like "here! Do all the work and then do online coursework and I'm just going to sit home and migraine my face off and watch shit TV and read stuff about weird animals online!" but I can occasionally bring some money in with craft products and photography, I just can't maintain a steady job because my immune system hates me. But my husband is incredible and somehow puts up with my sorry, pitiful immune system. Trucking is freaking hard work and I'm really proud of him because I know it's not easy to drive all day and sleep in a truck most of the week and it's not easy for us to be apart. HOPEFULLY, things will get better soon with my health and I'll be able to get a job and we can get him finished with school faster and then I can go back to school once our kids are a little older (and ya, know...exist.)

Aww, Poppy, your poor mom! I can relate. I went out for our anniversary when my daughter was about three weeks old. I felt guilty and worried the whole time (even though we were at a restaurant walking distance away.) Also, I still felt huge and very unattractive and was self-conscious as heck. I'll never forget that. But baby was fine! And she'll never remember it!

He seemed like he wanted to be involved when it was convenient and all he really had to do was show up and only seemed to step up A BIT when she made it clear to him that he wasn't going to be in the kid's life much unless he took some responsibility. Yes she was harping about wanting her apology, but I really don't think expecting him to financially contribute after her mom and grandmother had paid for everything so far was that much to ask. She should also contribute though, as well.

My mom worked full time when my sister and I were born and she had to start taking us to daycare and return to work when we were each 6 weeks old and she said it was the hardest thing she had ever done up until that point. One of my best friends just recently let my niece spend the night at her grandmother's house this past new year's eve and it was the first time she'd spend a night away from her since...ever and my niece was four and a half years old. Whoa. I hope I'm not in a position to have to do the separation anxiety thing before I'm absolutely ready, but I've seen the extremes of both ends and it doesn't necessarily mean they're not going to be good mothers. She seemed angry and depressed as hell so it's probably good she got some alone time with her friend. But...every time I see a girl on 16 & Pregnant doing that over and over again, I wonder if it's going to be another Jenelle "I make time for MYSELF" chick.

Rae you always have the craziest most interesting stories to tell. You're so brave for sharing most of them because its some really tough stuff. Anyways, I'm just like you in that I'm always looking for the next Jenelle. I also tend to be a lot easier on the baby daddies on these episodes. I feel like MTV always tries to make the girls look like saints and all the guys to look like absolute deadbeats. Maybe I'm being so easy on him because compared to all the other dads this season he's been the only one to make an effort for his children.

It's so sad that what constitutes a dad trying hard these days is picking up the phone when the chick calls, being at the birth and bringing over some diapers. But I know that MTV is pretty heavy handed with the editing. He just seemed like kind of a careless jackass to me. But she seemed a little batty, too. If MTV can create a juggernautwhore like Jenelle and keep her on TV and getting paid for an episode of 16 & Pregnant and FIVE SEASONS of a reality TV show about being a Teen Mom when she's a Teen Incubator, I question their judgment on picking mentally stable girls every time they announce a new season of 16 & Pregnant. (And the stuff I share only seems brave because the internet makes me somewhat anonymous and therefore, I'm basically superwoman, but thanks.) ;)

My husband and I went to Wal-Mart by ourselves and left our 3 day old daughter with my parents (they came to visit for her birth). We had to get her some premie onesies since she was such a little peanut at 6lbs 3 oz and 18.4in. We were gone for maybe 45 minutes and I called my parents 3 times lol. I didn't spend my first night away from her until she was a year old when my husband and I got a hotel for a night when he came home for leave during his year long deployment. She also spent 1 night at my sister's house a couple of months later. She's 5 now and has only ever spent those 2 nights away, my 3 year old and 8 month old havent ever spent a night away.

I think as long as you keep a sane balance, that's totally awesome that you're able to be there for your kids that consistently. My niece would just go into hysterics at the weirdest things. Her parents left her with her grandmother when she was about 4 for 4 hours go to to dinner and a movie with my husband and I once and for the next three months, every time she saw us, she would run to the back of the house sobbing because she thought we were there to take her parents away or babysit her and her parents were going to leave. THAT is not well adjusted. They're lovely parents and she doesn't want for anything in the realm of love and safety, just not my cup of tea when it comes to parenting style for the most part. She's gotten a lot better since they have her in a mother's day out program twice a week and she has kids her own age, now, though!

My oldest started doing 1 afternoon a week at daycare at 2 1/2 and our 2nd daughter started going as well when she turned 2. I forgot my oldest spent a few more days away from when I was hospitalized with complications during my second pregnancy and during the birth of each of her sisters. They'd probably have sleep overs with their cousins or my best friends daughter if we didn't live 700 miles from home. Even with daycare and staying with mamma (my mom) on occassion when we're visiting while we go to the tore or even more rarely have a date night my oldest has a melt down any time I leave except when she goes to day care. That's more her being my over sensitive drama princess than anything else. I'm a stay at home mom but I did get my bachelor's in accounting before having kids. I agree with the other posters that having some kind of back up plan is a good idea.

I'm a stay at home mom and I can't stand to be away from my kids for more than a night or two, at most. I have two girls, Avery and Mazy- 6 years and my almost 3 week old newbie <3
Same dad, never around, left when Avery was 5 months to run a strip club a few cities away that his dad bought. We briefly got back together because I had nowhere to live when my fiancé and I split for a few months. Now he still lives just 20 minutes away but works as a cop 4 hours away. When he is in town there are no calls, zero visits in 3 or 4 months now, hasn't seen his other daughter once. He's a cocky jerk, and admittedly has no knowledge of how to parent because he's "too selfish of a person". One good thing is he's consistent with child support and never fights me on much of anything. So I don't mind him staying away, he's really only in my way. Only unbelievably sad for my kids, and pissed when I see how Avery mostly reacts nervous in his presence because she doesn't know him. My fiancé now is more of a father to them. I'm glad they have consistent stability in him. Even during the time we had split up, he still saw Avery.

LOVE those names!! My friend has a daughter named Sadie and it's just so prim and cute! Although, you now have an obligation...nay...a DUTY to dress Mazy up like an ear of corn for at least one Halloween in the future.

Thank you Rae! Since the sperm donor wasn't around, I asked my mama to help me pick her name once I narrowed them down to a few. She and I went back and forth for like a month bickering on whether to spell it Mazy or Maisy.. And now she loves it this way, lol.

I like Sadie, but my cousin just had her second a few months before mine, and named her Zadie. Her daughters are Zadie and Zona- which always makes me think of Arizona.

My daughter's 2, and I have never spent a night apart from her.

Having this second baby just makes me want to stay home now, since 2 is my limit. They grow so fast I don't want to miss one thing Mazy does.

I'm one of those that has a degree and doesn't directly use it. I studied a degree that a direct job doesn't exist for (I.e I couldn't graduate and walk straight into a job as thanks to my degree). It's one of those degrees if I wanted to utalise directly I'd have to spend my entire life at my laptop and getting a lot of rejection letters hoping one day I'd get lucky and that shit don't pay the bills! Having said that it doesn't mean my degree doesnt benefit me in other areas.

I've always wanted to be a mummy, when I was a kid I played with dolls and played mummy to them through my own accord, my mum wasn't ever overly maternal, she was a brilliant mum but she wasn't the maternal type at all. It's always seemed like something I just had to do and it always came above having a high flying career etc (although a career is obviously important to earn money and have your own independence!!) I just always have felt having a family is the most rewarding thing I could do with my life. Now it's happening I'm absolutely terrified! I am completely terrified I'll completely fuck this child up more than you do just by bringing them up. It's a peculiar experience because ever since I found out I was expecting my whole life and my priorities flipped a switch. It's all about making sure my baby has a stable loving happy home and that she's safe and healthy, apart from my relationship nothing else is relevant or matters I'd already do anything.

All of you ladies will make fabulous Mum's when your time comes :)

I love the word "mum" and "mummy." Is it pronounced the same as "mom" or like an Egyptian "mummy"?

Also my barbies had a Barbie Dream Camper or something along those lines and they were always having affairs on their husbands and/or getting knocked up at 15. I was such an inappropriate child. ;)

Why is it impossible for MTV to get normal girls on the show? I have people in my world that became teen parents but they don't have a criminal record AND they know how to hold a conversation without screaming at people. (Imagine that!) Anyway, sure it's "just weed", but it's still illegal and a stupid decision on her part. Yawn.

because those girls are wise enough to not air their dirty laundry on an international TV show.

They air their crap on national tv and then want to poof! Disappear and not be judged. Poor Arianna, it doesn't work that way.

1) Millina spoiled me for all the rest of the 16 & Pregnant episodes. This chick was so disappointing.


How about his awesome braces? Those were spectacular. And I totally agree - Millina was one of the most likable girls in a long time. The only other girl that might come close this season is Aleah.

Rumph.. lol. My friend married recently, now her last name is Heine. I'd have kept my maiden name, that is just awful.

My old roommate's name is Camilla and she married a guy with the last name Cleghorn. Cute couple but I always giggle because it makes me think of Foghorn Leghorn!

It has been a minute since I've been on here. Hot damn I've missed this blog and all you lovelies :D How is everyone?

Also, I've been tied up with busy season at work and wedding plans but I heard from a friend that Ashley Salazar was never pregnant? Any news about this? Because I'm wondering how that would factor in with the check she received from selling her pregnancy story...Awwwwwwkward.

Probably another Nikkole Paulun whorebag case. Or she was trying to create a trap baby for her boyfriend since he left her the first time.

Anyone seen Ashley's latest Instagram? Bagging teen parents? Some ecard saying something like "I feel sorry for today's children who see a toy on tv and can't buy it cos their parent isn't over 18 to call" or some shit. Like that wouldn't have been her if she decided one of the many times she tried to parent Callie. She then hash tagged it "ain't that the truth" HYPOCRITE.

My God, I so want to comment on that and write 'at least they kept their children, and didn't give them away.'

This is probably the dumbest post a teen mother could put on instagram. This chick is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

It won't let me comment you directly Macs Magical, but believe me, she is copping some flack. How easily one forgets hey!

3 out of 4 girls irritated me. Does that answer your question? :) And we need an Ashley Salazar update STAT. I'm lost too.

I remember weeks ago Teen Mom Talk posted that Ashley went in for an ultrasound around six weeks pregnant and they couldn't see anything and suspected a blighted ovum, ( I think that's the name) and she was going back to the doctor the next day and haven't heard anything since.
I understand people wanting privacy through difficult times but come on you very publicly blasted your pregnancy and sold a story at five weeks pregnant knowing first trimester miscarriage risks, and then you go from that to posting yourself drinking on instagrsm pics or whatever. If you want privacy why not lay low while you're grieving? It makes it all sound so nikkole-ish.

Shes trying to drop little hints that it happened probably for 1- Attention and 2- Radar to offer up more cash for an exclusive....neither appear to be happening much and all I can say about her efforts is Boo you whore. I have lost two babies one in the first few weeks and another at 23 weeks so if she really lost a baby I feel for her. I really truly do believe she faked the entire thing for attention because shes a nut.

As much as they like to pretend it didn't happen, I think Radar is a lot more cautious about the Teen Mom drama train with the 16 & Pregnant girls after what happened with Nikkole. I don't think they ever paid her but it's still not retracted so it's there if someone were to search for the whole fiasco. But then you have Jenelle who can send them a fart on the wind and sell a story about it so maybe they just don't have any morals.

In the picture it says, "Tag this mugshot... Scary, tatted up, transgender, WTF, etc..." That is one scary mugshot!

I saw that, too! Society (and Al Gore) have created the internet and all we use it for is tagging celebrity mugshots, haha.

That website should be Georgia.arrests.org I check FL one all the time. The girls who are tagged at hotties are usually ratchet looking whorebags whose charges are like poss of a controlled or DUI.

Tagged as hotties**

Ah, the old pot debate. Without getting into my own personal feelings, I'd just like to say that for someone who was so concerned about her baby daddy providing for their son... that pot money could've gone towards formula or diapers. If you're financially strapped, you can prioritize where your money goes.

Oh good lord. Let's hope they both get their sh*t together for their kid. Another win for MTV, casting criminals!

Her baby daddy didn't really seem all that interested in getting a job for the baby, but I thought she was kind of bitchy. He kept saying he would own up for his mistakes if she would do the same, but she got mad every single time. I didn't care for her much.

While I think he wasn't exactly dad of the year Arianna was sooooooooooo annoying! That girl did nothing but nag and live in the past. Yea he really should have been helping financially but this is exactly what happens when you get pregnant as a teen! Most teens are in school not out making money. I might get thumbed down for this but he really wasn't that bad and seemed to want to be involved. He did exactly what she wanted in the end and what does she do? keep bitching about how he wasn't doing what he should've been doing. She could not let the past go even though he was doing now what she requested. & i understand wanting an apology but that's all she ever she talked about and finally when he did apologize she still seemed upset. This girl had the worst attitude and personality ever. & if I were Maurice I would seek out a visitation agreement or custody agreement (whatever its called) cause it's obvious that anytime Arianna gets upset at Maurice for any reason she's not going to allow Maurice to see him.

Seriously annoying. Girl needs to let go, she can't change the past and she can't change the baby daddy. That's up to him.

she was such a beotch I felt sorry for Maurice...she will keep pushing him away if she keeps it up!