EXCLUSIVE: Allie Mendoza suffers miscarriage

16 & pregnant


When we met Allie on the finale of 16 & Pregnant season 3, her mother lived in New Jersey and couldn't afford to take care of her, so she was living with her father in Pasadena, Texas until she found out she was pregnant at the age of 16. At this point, her father kicked her out, and she was sent to live with her boyfriend's family.

While living with her boyfriend's family, Allie witnessed her boyfriend's mother having drug induced rage, and eventually moved in with her boyfriend's grandmother.

When baby Aydenn arrived, things didn't sort themselves out, and her boyfriend was less than supportive.

Allie eventually left the relationship and moved back home with her mother in New Jersey, where she has since been raising Aydenn on her own.


Back in August, Allie Mendoza shared the news that she and boyfriend of a little over a year, Chris, were expecting a child together by sharing a picture of four pairs of Jordan shoes. Fans were shocked at the news, because Allie seemingly had her life together and wasn't planning on having another child until she was married.

Allie obtained her Associate's degree and was working full time as a daycare teacher. She and Chris planned to move into their own home to prepare for the arrival of their child.


Sadly, Allie suffered a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy.

She was due in March, and announced the news very early. While this has been a hard time for everyone involved, Allie and Chris continue to try and better themselves and raise Aydenn.

Since announcing her second pregnancy, Allie has removed herself from all social media sites. Our source says that Allie and Chris are both trying to finish college degrees and are focusing on raising Aydenn.

16 & Pregnant season 3 has the most girls from any season that have gone on to have second pregnancies.

The list includes 7 out of the 10 girls shown on the season, including Jordan Ward-Finder, Jennifer Del Rio, Jamie McKay, Allie Mendoza, Izabella Tovar, Kianna Randall, and Danielle Cunningham.


This show makes me feel so fucking smart...

Jesus god, who actually does that

Why do you have a black eye in your pic on Halloween?

Black eye and a bloody lip. Its fake I didnt have money to dress up so I put zombie make up on and it came out bad so I decided to be a beat up baby mama

I think she means the baby was born facing downwards toward her butt. But I could be wrong, she could be that thick. In fact, I think my first statement is wishful thinking.

OR she could mean back labour which can be really painful in your lower back and that area - where the baby is facing upward and their spine is in line with mum's spine. The pressure from that is insane...

OR she could mean he was breech...

Both scenarios would be reason for a doctor to try and turn baby. BUT I could still be really wishing that she means something more intelligent than she is saying.

I think you may have been right, I still stand by the fact that she is extremely uneducated and her ask is painful to read

They can "try" but it's anatomically impossible. The uterus and rectum aren't connected. There's no way you can shit out a kid.

Lmao he was facing down my butt the best way to explain it n a pain way is to say that

This is what baffles me, babies are supposed to come down the birth canal facing your butt then as they crown they kinda turn to face up by themselves (or sometimes with some help). So I'm not sure what she really means

I have no idea what she's trying to say either, to be honest I don't think she knows. Maybe she got it the wrong way round and baby was back to back, I know that can feel like the baby's going to come out your butt. if only her school had been well we might have been able to figure out what she meant

The schools must not be well in a lot of places.

ask: What do you think of a 11 year old girl having a baby. Bc i saw it on dr Phil. And had the shock of my life.

autumn: Lmao If she takes care of it then good. Age doesn't determine if your a good parent

ask: Your right. But. A 30 year old parent knows more a bout kids and can take better care of one. Since she has a job. While a 11 year old can't even work so she would have to rely on family. What would you do. If drake got a girl pregnant at 16.

autumn: Not true though ik 30 year olds who can't support their child and rely on their family. I'd be supportive and let the girl move in but he needs a job and she would have to help around the house and cook

ask: I read In a few questions back that you said tag a 11 year old could be a good mom. But that's not true bc a 11 year old can't take care of a child. A 11 year old can't even get a Job to provide. A 11 year old can bearly not take care of her self.

autumn: It is true. U can babysit other kids and all to make money or cut peoples grass. If there's a will there's a way

Is this for real? She really thinks an 11 year old kid can successfully raise a child? Sorry, but there were pregnant girls at my middle school (yikes!) and they either gave the baby up for adoption or their parents raised the child as their own. Cutting grass and babysitting isn't a living and it sure as hell won't pay for pampers and clothes.
If a 30 year old has a kid and they have no job, it's *usually* because they're lazy. They are still legally able to work and drive a car, while an 11 year old child won't be able to do that until any baby they have is in kindergarten.

Holy fucktardedness. I'm just astounded by the stupidity. That's not even an opinion, it's just idiocy.

On another note did anyone else see that Nathan (Taylor's baby daddy) got busted buying weed and now his "dealer" is calling him out for getting him in trouble too. He posted pics of the deal and the police report.

Taylor as in the youngest girl to go on 16&p, just graduated high school and had the medical problems a while back?

Yeah that's the one.

This has nothing to do with the article but I'm at work and just did a transaction for someone named Solitaire Pierre.

Loneliest guy in the world...

Am i weird for thinking that it sounds cute ? Haha

Lol, it actually sounds quite cute :D

Hahaha. My friend was like "that's so sad. His name is literally lonely."

I wonder if his mum was ever 16 and pregnant?

where can i buy a "peace, love, shake papi" shirt?

Or Basic Bitch Papi. Or Hulk Kail. Any of the screen names on here making fun of Kail I'd by as a tshirt. Kailursula included.

Can someone link Milinas ask account here? Another site is saying she responded to someone on there saying she had a tubal pregnancy AFTER kayden. Holy Jesus this girl does not believe in protection!

She got pregnant at 14 and had an abortion, then kayden then a tubal pregnancy and she's only 18. Lawdy she's going to have about 20 kids

Didn't she said she cheated on Trevor after kayden was born? I wonder who was going to be the father of the tubal baby. Woman needs to slow the fuck down.

"So you've been pregnant 3 times?"
What's technical about it?

Thanks! Couldn't find it haha. I want to ask her how many pregnancies she's had.

Also, this might just be really douchey, but am I the only one who thinks she looks like she might smell? She looks like a gal who could spend like 72 hours straight drinking, sexing and partying and that doesn't smell good. So does tgat make 4 oregnancies at like, 17-18? Possibly a record for the show.

Isn't she a go-go dancer? I don't want to get into another argument about strippers and whatnot (like what happened when it was first announced what Jordan Cashmyer was doing), but I wouldn't be surprised if Milena was in the same boat and go-go dancing at a really seedy place.

Wow, my school would be ashamed of me.

*that and *pregnancies

Milena's Millennium Vagina. A good solid name. OMG if we're going to talk about who looks like they smell:

BUTCH #1 DING DING DING- cigarettes, ass, paint chips, old wet dog. All that baby smelling.
April- cigarettes and meth
Maci...like bad breath and booze
Matt (Alex's baby's dad)- SWEAT and the woods
Katie- like moldy cheese (i don't know why)
Farrah- i could see her overusing perfume but still being able to smell the dick on her
Leah- just plain old cheetos and dicks and dead kittens :(
Mama Dawn- stale cheetos and stale dicks and roadkill
Javi- BO masked with cheap cologne
Jenelle- smells like herpes
All of Jenelle's men- smells like herpes

I don't know why i had to explain what each one smelled like, but I did.

HAHAHA! Dying! Also, why is there another person using my handle? I had this first. Get off me!

Miranda has confirmed it isn't their page and has also been retweeting how Corey's second time was a charm :) in your face Leah, I'm just waiting to be blocked because I called Leah out on her page.

Leah has sunk to a NEW low... it has been confirmed that that page isn't theirs, not being funny but she obviously knew that hence why she quoted Miranda and Coreys "offical fan page" rather than just saying it. Still she criticised her marriage and caused Miranda problems when Miranda has bigger problems, you know, like her mother having CANCER. Leah needs to get hit by a bus the horrible vile piece of shit.

Her mom has cancer and Leah is saying all that? WOW what a fucking piece of shit... I mean this was all kind of laughable and oh ok Leah being a catty bitch, but now she's just plain evil. I can't believe that! Lol and all it does for Leah is make her look like the cunt, so the joke is on her. WHAT A BITCH!

I know, it is disgusting, pointed it out on her fan page and the fangirls and one private mailed me saying "her mother having cancer doesn't mean she can be a cunt" .. I went mental ... for one it isn't her page, Leah clearly did this to make them get hate which is sick in the head considering her mother is fighting cancer and she is only trying to make her suffer because they're happy and her marriage sucks, she is probably bitter about the court results because she HAD to mention she was "more than happy" with the results... yeah okay. I actually hope she gets karma, she is a terrible mother and a horrible person and example of what a good person should be. I actually can't describe the hate I have for her. When my mum was fighting cancer and dad had terminal cancer my boss did a similar thing to me. Because they weren't giving me my rights (said i wouldn't get time off for funeral, wasn't allowed to use compassionate days for mum, they made me work when i found out, they cheated me out of holidays, they wouldn't let me take holidays when there was sickness going around the nursery even though i explained if i gave it to mum and jim it could kill them and she actually said "That's not my problem" .. safe to say I quit. But this is what Leah is doing, trying to make her life harder when frankly she doesn't fucking need it.

Leah is a piece of shit and she knows it. It's absolutely pathetic when Jenelle is doing better than you! Leah has literally become my least favorite person to ever be on 16 and pregnant. Which is saying something!

She used to be my favorite! Hanging head in shame right now

I know when Jenelle is leading a better life than you, you know you fucked up lol!
BTW i'm starting to realise why i had such crazy fears of my mum dying as a child now ... land before time - mother dies, bambi - mother dies, lion king - dad dies, Beauty and the beast - mother isn't there, cinderella - mother died, Anastasia - no parents, pocahontas - mother died ... what the hell is with that? Mentally scarring! Pretty much every disney film or kids film the parent dies! What even is with that?

RIGHT? Everyone says how happy DIsney movies are, but they can be pretty dark! I know Lion King was a take on Hamlet. Such a good movie. A lot are based on Grimms Fairytales/Hans Christian Anderson too now THOSE are dark

It's totes not until you are an adult re-watching disney flicks that you really realise how dark they can be!

Pretty much every cartoon i grew up with was violent, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Tweety, etc etc, add that to the witches and wolves and evil stepmothers in the fairytales, and it's actually a miracle i turned out so good ;-)

Juat saw on Leah's twitter that the wedding she went to in Orlando was at Disney World !! Hahaha,how f*cking appropriate, her life's all just one big fairytale

#disneybreakup. Damn that sounds like sweet wedding though...Getting married there is expensive! How the fuck did they want Leah to soil their big day with her trashiness? God she probably had to make a speech and slurred her words and talked about how great her marriage is while Jerms is at Buffalo Wild WIngs getting it on and their trap baby is with grandma. #justlikethenotebook #fairytale #AAAGIRLSES #IFUCKINGHATEHASHTAGS

Lol ! While Jerms is getting it on at Buffalo Wings, haha :-)
There's a picture of her with the other bridesmaids, and i have to say she actually looks nice, like the last couple of weeks whenever i saw a picture of her she was on her way to becoming the postergirl of 'faces of meth'

The bridal party seems a bit awkward...I don't know...yea she definitely doesn't look as methy. HOLY SHITTTTTTTT her tweet about "Going to see daddy" and tagging Jeremy. The comments. I'm dying laughing, especially the one "we call Robbie daddy now"


Haha yeah, WV dearcams comments are funny, and the fake-robbie kidd account also :D

^ Your name is amazing cheato! Very clever

Thnx Exploding Uterus ;-) Was the first thing that came up in my mind when i read about her love for cheetos and cheating ;-)

Jesus, I used to think Leah was ok, and she's just turned into this selfish, thoughtless POS. I just don't even know how anyone can be so damned selfish.

Thank the lord for Miranda giving those girls an example of a real woman. I hope Miranda is ok and that her Mom recovers well.

Just WTF Leah. Go look at yourself in the mirror and take a real good long hard look at the way you behave. I've seen three year olds behave with more humility and compassion than you.

Leah is SO jealous. It is painfully obvious. If Corey Tyler called her tomorrow and said "I want you back.", you know she would go for it. She would drop Adderall off at Tammy's, pile the twins in the willchair and go straight to his house.

ahahaha!! I have a mental image of Ali sitting in the willchair and aleeah on her lap, with Leah hanging off the back screaming 'Come on Ali, gun it to daddies house!!' zooming through the mountain roads of WV.
Laughing so hard! Thanks @jollyrancherhairspray

Can we also talk about how romantic Gayhtan is and set this up for Jenelle for her birthday? Oh wait...an MTV logo!


I wonder if anyone actually came.

Sure they did. All the paid extra's for the MTV filming showed up to eat some free food.

The picture he had put on the cake is from Kai's gender reveal. He couldn't find a picture of the four of them since Kai was born...? Yeah the MTV logo is a real nice touch :p

Who thinks they'll get engaged this Christmas?

Most people would probably want a picture of their whole family, you know with all 3 of the kids involved but hey this is Jenelle and Nathan, I would be surprised if they could even remember all the children's names

I have problems with depth perception, especially when I'm not wearing my glasses, but was anyone else on edge about how close those balloons seemed to be to that candle? Maybe it's farther apart than I thought, but if Nathan set this up, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.

The candle is in the middle of the table. I think it's just the angle of the picture that makes it look so close.
A few things I noticed:
Why are there jellybeans on the cake? It looks like he was going for elegant so egg candy?
Why no picture of kaiser on that cake? She posted a picture from all sides and there were none of kaiser.
Why one bottle of wine for "all the guests"
Is that table cloth on wrong? It looks like it should run the length of the table but was just thrown on there. May be it should look how it does but it looks wrong to me.

It just looks like shit

It looks really sorry for itself, it's hardly a decent lot of food for a party lmao

It's not even the amount of food, it's that no one is there. No one will eat that food except for Nathan when he's drunk as fuck. So why even bother to pretend that you had this classy party? (Oooh, you got proper deep fried appies and a veggie platter.)
It reminds me of when Briana's family (from TM3 fame) rented out a community hall for Nova's party. Someone (probably Jenelle herself) rented out a community hall for her own birthday. Except no one even bothered to show up.

I doubt nathan set this up, I'm sure it was MTV. She doesn't mention anything about "my lovah gave me the best party" or anything, it seems kind of businesslike....thanks everyone for coming? I don't know. And the ring? New friend/landlord? Who is that? Probably Doris. Or, once again, someone from MTV who probably bought the house they live in now. I doubt nathan has enough time between playing video games to go pick out a ring.

So last night I was drunk and cuddled next to my fiance. My legs were cold and I said without even realizing it "my legses are cold". He said what is that like lord of the rings "it burnses".

Just remembered it this afternoon. Haha

LOL that is hilarious. I've done that so much. I was getting in the jacuzzi and said to my friend "omg my legses" and he was like wut??? I was like NOTHING. And I can not stop saying everything looks sexual. God damnit Chelsea.

My husband and I have three cats and we refer to them as "the girlses" now. He occasionally reads the TMJ comments and so much of it has become part of our language... I'm almost ashamed but it's mostly awesome, haha.

My other half and I were messing around the other day play arguing and I came out with "Don't make me bacon slap you". He said: "Bacon Slap? Damn that's hardcore" lmao

I asked my hubby to pass me my pillses the other day! (Multivitamins...), he didn't notice, but I giggled to myself.

Off topic, but I know you girlses appreciate a yooneekly spelled name and I just came across this one.... Knatalye (Natalie).

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Natalie is one of my favorite names! I'll probably use it if I have a daughter. So I'm just Kail quivering over here. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

Aw god I know a lot of N names starting with Kn now, kinda like how X replaced "ck" for a while - Jaxon instead of jackson ... a girl i went to school with called her baby Knatasha, she's russian i think so don't know if maybe it has something to do with that?

Cant imagine that her being Russian matters, KN is only pronounced as N in English

Ugh, I know. At first glance I thought it was Katelyn, but then as I was reading it in my head I'm like "Kna-tal-oh my god nooo!"

Her sister's name is Adeline Faith... sound familiar? :)

Oh god :-/ And just saw that it's Knatalye ( we'll call her Ali) Hope, how original

Is it awful that I quite like the name Adeline, not addelynn or whatever fucked up way Leah spells it but the proper way is nice

Have I memtioned on this site that I know a guy named unique.
But his mom spelled it U'Neek?
I died.
I guess if you name your kid unique, you gotta spell it U'Neekly

So my husband got his dad a deer cam for Christmas (to look for actual deer, not cheating spouses). He couldn't understand why I was laughing to myself the whole time I was wrapping it.

I've never heard of deer cams in my life, which makes this even more amazing to me.

My dad has had one behind our house in the woods for a while, just to look at the deerses and squirrelses and wildlife that comes through there...and my escapee dog when he gets out of the yard.


It appears that Christmas has come early at da club, ladies...

so jordont's dad has her kid now? i'm confused.

Yeah, I guess so.Derek is in school, plays some kind of sport and possibly works, but still sees Genevieve more than her skanky mother does.

It seems like that poor baby is carted around from pillar to post. Poor little love :(

More like pillar to pole ;-)

I hope the reason Evie is living with her grandparents is because Derek ran into a tough spot/doesn't have a stable home right now, and everybody agreed that Evie was better off living with her grandparents for the time-being. The article says he's still heavily involved with her life, and I haven't seen or heard anything that indicates he isn't. I hope he doesn't get overwhelmed and drop out of her life because he finds it too difficult to be a young single dad. The kid has already been abandoned by one parent. Don't make it two.

I also hope that Jordan gets her out of her ass and realizes how badly she's fucking up both her life and her daughter's. It's not too late, I think, for her to clean herself up and become a mom again. Evie's still young enough that I think Jordan can become her mother again without it being a problem. It's when the child gets older and more aware of the situation that it gets harder to parent her/him (as we've seen with Jenelle and Jace).

I don't think she will though. Have you seen her FB business page? She loves it. She puts skank ass photos on her IG too. You can tell she is loving it sick.

Yeah, I don't think she cares at all. Which is infuriating because you just know there's a good chance she's going to try and come back into Evie's life several years from now and bitch about why nobody's giving her the chance to parent. I can see all the self-serving tweets and Facebook posts now.

Yeah Derek has her on weekends or something. I'm so pissed off at Jordan. Her whole episode made Derek look like shit and then the Reunion show she was crying about having to go through that and how it made her feel like a shit mum. I thought she would fully get her act together. Skanky box slut. Get off the pole and the drugs and go and look after your daughter. Her poor parents having to raise this baby.

I tweeted Derek asking and he said that Jordan's parents help a lot, and Derek also has friends and family that help.

That's sad, I really thought Derek would step up more and take care of her:(

Jordans father made a statement on her fan page (the Ashley posted it in November)
"I am Jordan’s father I am so sad for my daughter and her choices,” Dennis wrote. “But the facts are my wife and I raise Evie 90% of the time the other time she is with her father. My wife and I 100% support Evie financially and have since July. We are trying to protect Evie and our other kids from all of this media s**t storm Jordan created. We are doing what is best for Evie on a daily basis.”

I think they are trying for custody too. Should be an interesting Where Are They Now segment....

That is so sad. I hope Derek is a great dad and present as much as possible; it sounds like he tries to be. If her parents go for full custody, I hope that he is able to remain in her life as a father should if it's what is best for Evie.

What I don't get is why don't her parents step up to get their child out of there??? She's still a teenager and shes a crack addicted stripper and former pregnant hobo! She isn't 21, that place should not be allowed to employ her. While I still had some legal say in the matter there is no way I would let my teen daughter be a stripper. Instead of calling her out over facebook and hoping she comes around or whatever her Dad is doing... why don't they force her into some kind of rehabilitation while they still can?

The more I think about it, the more seriously messed up this situation is. This poor girl is obviously very, very troubled. Rather than just writing her off as immoral and making the wrong choices, GET HER SOME HELP!! SHE IS A MINOR!!!

Jordan's not a minor, though. I think she's at least eighteen-nineteen-years old, considering she had Evie after graduating high school and Evie is almost a year old at this point. So, yeah, Jordan's legally allowed to do this.

I thought the age of majority in the States was 21? The point is: get her some help!

No, 21 is the age to drink/purchase alcohol and gamble. At 18 you're legally an adult. You can be tried for a capital offense, legally have sex in any state with another adult, sign a lease or any other legally binding contract, die in a war you don't believe in, get a loan and/or open a line of credit and most importantly your parents are no longer legally responsible for you in any way, shape or form.

Homegirl needs help, but her parents cannot force her unless it is decided by a court of law that she's a danger to herself or others. If she commits a crime the legal system may force her into rehab or jail to get clean. If she has serious mental health issues, the court could grant her parents a conservatorship. This would effectively make them her legal guardians, despite her age, in the interest of her safety. That however, is an extremely rare and unlikely possibility. They can try to force her hand toward rehab by giving some sort of ultimatums, but addicts can be pretty goddamn stubborn

Wow, 'Murica!

She does have serious mental health issues...

If it were my child, I would be doing anything I could to try and get them into some sort of recovery. She is screaming for help and attention and public condemnation is so far from helpful.

Who knows what Jordan's parents have already tried. I believe they custody of Evie, and they may feel that it's more important to give her a stable home while also trying to convince Jordan to get her life back on track. But, as said before, Jordan is an adult and she's legally allowed to ruin her life like this. Her father and stepmother can only do so much.

So this is random but I was looking on the teen mom central tumblr and I saw a series of pictures of Millina ( I have no idea if I spelled that right), her mom, and her son together. Well in the pictures it looks like her mom is pregnant?! I may be confusing people or seeing the pictures wrong but from my phone that is what it looks like. Can anyone sleuth this out? I only have Facebook so I have no stalker skills! And I'm sorry I cannot post a link to the pictures but I'm NOT tech savvy at all and have no idea how! Thanks in advance!!

Yes, her mom is pregnant.


Ask.fm accounts are great in stalker skills ;)

Thanks again! It just shocked me what with her being in jail and on drugs not so long ago. I may try the ask.fm stuff but I will have to stop being a grumpy old person at heart and accept that I even have a Facebook lol!

out of curiosity ... Do people just not like my name or is it because extravagant said that she does? This whole downvoting saga has me confused. Don't get me wrong I understand why people are mad but even when the comments are nice people are downvoting like crazy ... Which honestly seems as petty as when people downvote TTB when she isn't even being bitchy.

I love your name! We all should be reminded of Jo's hilarious quips lol. There really is no rhyme or reason to the downvotes so don't worry about it. I'm convinced there are people that sign up not to comment but to just come in and downvote away.