EXCLUSIVE: Allie Mendoza suffers miscarriage

16 & pregnant


When we met Allie on the finale of 16 & Pregnant season 3, her mother lived in New Jersey and couldn't afford to take care of her, so she was living with her father in Pasadena, Texas until she found out she was pregnant at the age of 16. At this point, her father kicked her out, and she was sent to live with her boyfriend's family.

While living with her boyfriend's family, Allie witnessed her boyfriend's mother having drug induced rage, and eventually moved in with her boyfriend's grandmother.

When baby Aydenn arrived, things didn't sort themselves out, and her boyfriend was less than supportive.

Allie eventually left the relationship and moved back home with her mother in New Jersey, where she has since been raising Aydenn on her own.


Back in August, Allie Mendoza shared the news that she and boyfriend of a little over a year, Chris, were expecting a child together by sharing a picture of four pairs of Jordan shoes. Fans were shocked at the news, because Allie seemingly had her life together and wasn't planning on having another child until she was married.

Allie obtained her Associate's degree and was working full time as a daycare teacher. She and Chris planned to move into their own home to prepare for the arrival of their child.


Sadly, Allie suffered a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy.

She was due in March, and announced the news very early. While this has been a hard time for everyone involved, Allie and Chris continue to try and better themselves and raise Aydenn.

Since announcing her second pregnancy, Allie has removed herself from all social media sites. Our source says that Allie and Chris are both trying to finish college degrees and are focusing on raising Aydenn.

16 & Pregnant season 3 has the most girls from any season that have gone on to have second pregnancies.

The list includes 7 out of the 10 girls shown on the season, including Jordan Ward-Finder, Jennifer Del Rio, Jamie McKay, Allie Mendoza, Izabella Tovar, Kianna Randall, and Danielle Cunningham.


I'm sorry for her loss.

Off this topic guys, but Amber Portwood's dad died yesterday. It's sad.

I'll be writing about that later this afternoon. :)

That happy face is so morbid.

Lol I think it's just her saying "I'll write it soon" smiley face, not Ayms dad died yay!!!!

Ah Trap, you crack me up and you always will. TACOS.


Now I want Tacos again :( lol

Usually, I'm a pessimistic bitch but the first thing I thought upon hearing this was at least she got out of prison and got to spend some more time with him before he passed away. Hopefully this doesn't cause another relapse. (But I can't say I'd be entirely opposed to another Gary beating...just kidding...mostly.)

Sadly the first thing I thought of was Gary beatings.

Very very sad but yet again this has happened to a girl who couldn't wait 12 weeks without announcing it to the world. There is a reason people wait 12 weeks.

My soon-to-be ex-boyfriend told his whole family I was pregnant days after we found out. It was unexpected (I was diligent with my birth control), we were only at four weeks, I was on a teratogenic drug and was at a high risk for miscarriage. This was four weeks ago... and I'm no longer pregnant. So we had to go through the horrible process of telling all of his family and friends I miscarried and looked ridiculous for bringing it up that early. I had begged him to follow the 12 week rule! I am so glad I didn't tell my family or anyone else.

I'm really sorry for what you've been through. What I don't think people understand about the "12 week rule" is that it isn't about manners ot tradition, but about protecting the mother from that extra added heartbreak. For many, talking about their pain helps them, but most that I know hate that they had to have those conversations over and over for months afterwards. Once again, I'm so sorry about your miscarriage, I hope you're doing okay!

Thank you, Seen You On The Deercam! He is an abusive jerk (I brought him up in the Jenelle post) and he had been trying to "trap baby" me since I broke up and made up with him a few months ago. My emotions have been mixed from the moment we found out to the moment I miscarried, but I'm coping.

I tried explaining exactly what you just wrote to him when he wanted to tell people. "But he's already our child, he'll be a fighter, he'll make it." And honestly, that made me feel even worse, because then I felt like I had failed when I lost the baby. Hopefully he will save himself and the mother of any future children he has from that awful process of having to share the loss so soon after the announcement.

So sorry that you had to go through a miscarriage :(
When I was pregnant with my son, I had only told my mom right away. At 12 weeks I told my dad, 3 sisters, and my husbands family. The day after I told everyone I started bleeding. Thankfully it didn't turn into a miscarriage, but the first thought that popped into my head was, how was I supposed to tell everyone I lost the baby. I can't imagine having to go through what you went through. I am pregnant with my second child now, and I did not tell anyone until I saw the baby on an ultrasound!

Even though Allie asked for wholesome money, it's still heartbreaking to lose a child. Wouldn't wish that on anyone!

I'm so sorry that you have to go through this, Eagles and Mermaids. It is good to read that you are coping. I imagine the pain is still fresh... even if you haven't told anyone about the pregnancy on your side, I hope you have someone you can talk to about the miscarriage if you need to. TMJ is always here! *hugs*

I hear what you're saying Deer Cam and I totally agree, but I've had 2 miscarriages in the past...one was at 4 weeks and the other at 13-1/2 weeks, pretty much right after we told everyone. Just saying a miscarriage can happen anytime, but I personally wouldn't tell people until after the 12 week mark.

Also, so sorry to hear everything you are going through right now, Eagles and Mermaids (((hugs))).

I tried to follow the 12 week rule but when I was pregnant with my 2nd son at 11 weeks I started bleeding and cramping, I had to make an emergency doc appt and needed my mom to watch my son. It was hard. Me: umm mom I need u to watch trent, mom: why, me: (starting to cry) I need to go to the doc. Mom: why, me: ummm well I'm pregnant but may not be anymore.

Worst pregnancy ever. I also bleed at 18 weeks went into preterm labor at 22 weeks he stopped growing at 32 weeks and suffered a bad infection from tge hospital after birth was in the nicu for a long time.

Sooo sorry for your loss, Eagles. I've been in your position, and I know how you feel. Hang in there.

::hugs:: My sister in law recently suffered a miscarriage. She made the decision to be vocal about it and her grieving, but it's just that...SHE made the decision. YOU had the decision made for you. I agree that men should be involved in pregnancies, but there's a line and your ex definitely crossed it.

I hope you're leaning on some solid friends' shoulders through all this. I don't know you, but you deserve better than him.

This 100%. I totally agree that men should be involved in pregnancy, but even in this age of gender equality, some things will never be entirely equal. No matter how much the baby is wanted by both parents, while it is still solely dependent on the mother, she should be given more say with things like this.

Eagles, I am terribly sorry for your loss. I hope you continue coping and that you can find a way to keep this negative influence out of your life. That was a manipulative and selfish thing for him to do, especially since you are going to deal with the emotional fallout. You're in my thoughts!

Very sorry for your loss! Between that and your ex, I really hope you have a good support system. Sending you positive thoughts!!

She also couldn't wait to blow money on baby Jordans.

I don't think it's a big deal if people announce before 12 weeks (because after you see a heartbeat on an ultrasound, the risk of miscarriage goes drastically down, like a low single digits percentage chance). What bothers me is that most of these girls seem to announce to thousands of people before they've had any sort of prenatal care. That's just crazy. Wait till you see the doctor before you buy the fetus Air Jordans.

"Wait till you see the doctor before you buy the fetus Air Jordans."

Fucking. I should not be laughing this hard.

You can see a heartbeat from 6wks. And most miscarriages occur between 6-12wks. So a heartbeat means shit. You can lose a baby at any stage of pregnancy. I lost a son at 19wks. But between 6-12wks is the most common time for miscarriages to occur.

Most miscarriages occur before the woman even knows she's pregnant.
Most clinically apparent miscarriages (two-thirds to three-quarters in various studies) occur during the first trimester. The National Institutes of Health report that "around half of all fertilized eggs die and are lost (aborted) spontaneously, usually before the woman knows she is pregnant."
But, yeah, the entire first trimester is risky, so it's always best to wait until you're past twelve weeks to announce it if you can.

Yeah, that's not right, Meth Pipe. Most miscarriages happen earlier and they're usually because of a chromosomal abnormality. Most miscarriages that happen after a woman knows that she's pregnant probably didn't ever develop a steady heartbeat. It happens though, that sometimes a weak heartbeat will be detected and a miscarriage can still happen, but there are usually other warning signs too, like slow growth and bleeding. I'm pregnant with my third right now and there were a lot of concerns about miscarriage because I was bleeding and the growth of the baby was slightly abnormal (second trimester now, everything is fine), so this is something that I have recently talked about with several specialists. Google "risk of miscarriage after seeing a heartbeat." It's true that it's pretty low if a healthy heartbeat is seen.

I saw a strong heart at 6 weeks, measured a few days ahead and no bleeding not even spotting, no slowing down of symptoms and at 13 weeks through ultrasound I found out baby stopped developing at 8weeks 2 days. I never had any bleeding until I was given meds to miscarry. Pregnancy is odd.

It makes me so sad that so many of you girlses have had to go through such awful experiences. :( You're all in my thoughts!
As much as I think it's a bit extreme to announce to the world a pregnancy so early, I do think it's a woman's choice and that should be respected. Personally, I wouldn't want the whole world knowing, but I'd definitely be telling my close friends and family, because I grieve best with support from the people I love. I don't think there's anything wrong with that! And there's certainly nothing wrong with not telling anyone and grieving in your own way. Grief is a funny thing and everyone deals with it differently.

I have neverr been pregnant. Is the unwritten rule 12 weeks? That does some wise. I get being excited but yea calm yo tits on the announcement. And I think A LOT of the reason she announced it was to get $$$$ for her wholesome family.

seem* not some. i need coffee.

Yes, I too have never been pregnant but the chance of miscarriage is much higher in the first trimester so that's why people wait. Often they tell family earlier, but not their friends and colleagues etc.
Some people wait even longer if they've had difficult pregnancies in the past.

For my second (successful) pregnancy, I waited until 20 weeks to tell people at work. By that time I was showing and everyone knew anyway.

I've never been pregnant either, but if it were up to me i'd just wait until the baby was actually born before announcing it to anyone besides my bf, just always seems that whenever i say shit prematurely out of excitement, BAM, its jinxed :-/

Most people wait until the second trimester to make a big announcement. My cousin told me she was pregnant when she was at 9 weeks but it was to be a secret until she was further along. The fewer people who know the fewer you have to re-hash it with if something happens.

Most of the girls I know do not follow this. They post it up at 5 weeks and then I sift through posts about fetal development for the next ten years until their kid is born. It's so refreshing when someone actually waits until a whole trimester is over before info-blasting everyone with a computer about their talent for conceiving.

12 weeks is the time when the risk factor of losing a child drops a fair amount, miscarriages are a lot less common after the 12 week point. Also for a lot of women it starts to get harder to hide a pregnancy after 12 weeks - I know it did for me lol.

Wait, you never been preggo?, I'll be right over


She announced it in August,but when did she have the miscarriage ?
If she was due in March, she was already two month pregnant when she shared the news, if she had a miscarriage just the other day, she would've been 5 or 6 months pregnant already, and it wouldnt have mattered if she stuck to the 'twelve week rule'

I'm sad to hear this for her, but glad to see she and her bf are still stable and focusing on college. Though still not in the best situation to have a second child, she seems like she would have been able to handle it since she got her associate's and has a full-time job, unlike SOME people who had "planned" second babies. *cough TTB's parents*

Here to play the Devils advocate...

You dislike TTB because bullying.
So you become the bully and insult not only TTB, but their family as well.
Three or four posts ago Megan actually had to address the bullying going on. Can't we all just simply address when something is offensive to yourself or others without stooping to one another's low levels?

I think she was talking about Cate and Ty.

If it is about Catelynn and Tyler's second child on the way I apologize. However by the abbreviation (that is regularly used to mention a user) I read it differently

No it's okay, MTV Editing. No worries.

MTV I always read my name as Throwback Thursday LOL! (Which makes no sense I know) So many abbreviations on this site. I'm just happy Tyler's Trap Baby is a term now lol! Thanks Mtv's. I know I shouldn't be laughing buy the thought of my parents having unplanned kids at 70 years old is kinda funny


Was that directed at Jenelles Eyebrows?! All she said was Allie seemed more stable than catelynn and Tyler. Didn't take that as a bullying comment at all. Hmm

I don't dislike TTB at all! I was just joking about Catelynn and Tyler not doing shit since they gave up Carly then "planning" Novuhhh. Not actually talking about TTB herself. Sorry for the confusion :p

God that "name" is going to be so annoying to hear... how is it trendy?

I didn't take it meanly at all haha :)

Thanks bro!

Awkward...lol. I guess thanks for standing up for me, but I'm no bully I'm just blunt and have my opinions. I really could give a fuck what anyone on here does with their life so if I'm talking about the girlses I'm not talking about YOU and don't take it so god damn personally. I have someone on here who stalks my fucking instagram and facebook and has made comments about my body, the way I live, for being single,what a loser I am, how ugly my name is, how ugly I am, that I should kill myself, suicide hotlines, etc. And all of those comments haven't always been on HERE but I see them. That's bullying, and they're still on this site, so whatever. Moving on...

That is really awful, she's clearly a crazy little bitch and telling someone to kill themselves is evil.

Lol yea I actually called my friend and read it to them, do you know how celebs on Jimmy Fallon read Mean tweets? If not go look it up it's so fucking funny. So I read it like that to them LOL and we just laughed at how stupid it is. They called me a slob or something (so creepy that they look THAT much at my instagram) but the first thing I said out of all the insults was oh.....I should clean my house. Yeah gosh if I were like 15 I'd be weeping in a corner but I'm 30 so I don't give a fuck and they can look at my social media all they want, it's just god damn weird cause I posted a picture of my CAT months ago on here and they followed me cause of that. ANyway.... It's all good though this site is fun and they don't ruin my fun on here! Sorry bully! I'm still here bitch. And if I kill myself it will be because the world has run out of chocolate. (Seriously that's a risk right now!!! *Panic attack city*)

JImmy Kimmel* not Fallon

That is so creepy and i dread to think what she would make of my instagram, I have an 8 month old who trashes my house daily, I mean as long as your house doesn't look like Leah's trailer who cares. I feel you on the chocolate front though, its taking all my self control not to eat the Christmas chocolate I have stashed in my house

How did they even find you?!? I know some of you guys are friends outside of here, but how could the crazies even figure out who you are in real life?

Well I found Trap in real life from here. She posted a link to a photo from her IG and I started following her. Then we found each other on FB and have become buddies. She's a cool chick. I posted her a little gift last week :)
I follow Farrahs Chest Boulders on IG too. Same way, she posted a link. I'm
Not a creepy stalker. I just thought these girls were funny and decided to get to know them in real life.
The stalker however (I too saw the comments) is just evil and mean and a bully. It's so ridiculous to be so nasty to someone you've never met and only know by a pseudonym screen name. Yet to take the time to creep through photos and then write a disgusting name calling comment is sad. And makes themselves look childish and bratty. Grow up loser. You know who you are....Shame on you!

NOTHING like Leah's EW! THere's just cat toys everywhere, they are little terrors. Yea no clue about fb but I did post the pic of the cat and I guess they just found it from there. Ugh whatever. LOL yes I'm so fucking worried about the chocolate. Ever since they announced that I've been freaking out. Funny part is they don't have the balls to message me who they are!n Anyway it' all good.

Meth Pipe you're the bestest!!!

Oh I see, I must have missed that. I'm not on any social media (I'm a crazy anti-social hermit lady :D) but everyone on here does seem really cool! It sucks though that they were able to use it the same way, but for bad purposes. As a rule, I don't understand the purpose of arguing on the internet, but stalking and trolling strangers over it is in it's own league.


Deer Cam I know! I have suicidal thoughts just thinking about it. Apparently humans are claiming chocolate quicker than the cocoa beans can grow. So at some point we are gonna run out. I hope I'm already dead when that day comes.

Was it the illiterate Texas ho that stalked you, I'm surprised she had the intelligence to figure out how to, you should be able to post a picture of your kitty without being worried someone's going to turn all Jenelley stalker on you. I have no idea how to work instagram and I only made an account about a week ago but knowing people might do that makes ne want to shut it down

This is friggin serious. Part of me wonders if this is some conspiracy by the Hershey company or something to drive up sales. But then I thought why would they need to? Fat Americans love chocolate, especially at Christmas, so there's no need for that. Well, I suppose I'm going to shoprite tonight.

I'm giggling like Leah does when she leaves her dealers house right now! "Illiterate Texas ho!" Hahahaha

That's scary crap TTB. Everything here is in good fun, so clearly this person needs a life of their own.

And Nipples don't shut down your IG. It's fun. Just be careful with it. There's always those in the world who have to ruin things for everyone else.

Deer Cam I know. I know. Self confessed Cadbury addict right here. I need to start stockpiling for the end of the world as we know it.

Nipples I'm fucking dying right now. LOL illiterate Texas Hoe is right. You can make your IG private. I would but I've had it for YEARS with no problems and built up a big following so if I made it private now it would fuck everything up, and FUCK her/it. Yea I think it was her, she probably sucked someones dick to work instagram for her since we both know she doesn't know how to sell "shovanistic" anywayyyyyyyyyyy. YES GOD DAMN CHOCOLATE IS RUNNING OUT.

Omg I could totally see it being a big conspiracy...in which case it's WORKING

Yeah, I study business so I can totally see it being a big marketing thing, like with Twinkies and Mike and Ikes. But the foolish consumer in me says that I must go and spend an entire paycheck on Lindt's Lindor Truffles.

I think it is private meth pipe and I don't really use it how your supposed to, I just use it to post pictures to fb because I can't do it directly on my shitty phone. I haven't added anyone to it and I don't plan to. Bitch is illiterate though her posts gave me a headache trying to figure out what the fuck they said and you know she made up other accounts to talk to herself like she had friends, she cray cray

Lol yea I love how they don't talk at all for a while and then when they do they're on at teh same time. "Oh you're from Texas!" "YEs I am" "You're so cool" "I know RIGHT!?" "They" are from planet wackadoo. I have no fucking clue what she is saying half the time either. God damnit I hope the chocolate thing is a conspiracy theory. If not all of the women of the world will go APESHIT.

Its because Catelynns pregnant right now, once baby Novuh comes out and Tyler tells her to work on herself there will be more chocolate for everyone else. Deer cam babs I love lindor, I got 1.5kg a couple months ago for £10 its my Christmas gift to myself lol

Nathan's Nipples, Lindt's are the seriously the best thing in my life right now. I'm currently planning my day tomorrow around driving to the outlets where they have an entire Lindt store, because it's important to have priorities.

Seriously, Tyler's Trap Baby, all joking and chocolate aside, I hope the jelly h8erz let up soon. Their attention span probably isn't that great, so hopefully they see something shiny soon and leave you alone ;)

I fully approve of your priorities because where chocolate is involved, especially Lindt, no distance is too far

Lindor is the BEST! Thank you. Jelly Haterz should be a type of candy. LOLLLL yea the chocolate shortage is probably Catelyn's fault. Or maybe I should just stop eating my normal amount of chocolate. Thanks yall. Yes shiny things are quite distracting to children.

People that tell others to kill themselves because of internet drama are pretty near the bottom of the barrel of humanity.

Part of me wants to be ig friends with you guys so I can put faces to names... The other part of me doesn't want to link any of my social media accounts to this site because I'm ashamed of how much I follow this trashy ass show.

@Electronical I feel the exact same way haha

Electronical, trap and I keep it on the down low on social media. The odd joke here and there. But they probably come across as private jokes. Lol
And don't worry about the chocolate guys. Some science nerd somewhere will have the understanding that the world will end by psychotic women if he doesn't find a way to make the cocoa grow quicker to keep up with demand. It'll happen guys. The mens'es don't want to die!

LOL on my social media you would NEVER know I watch this damn show. I'm so ashamed. Yea I deeply regret ever putting my personal info, definitely don't do that. Can I just say it's been so fucking nice without illiterate Texas hoe? We're all getting along and it's fucking nice. Rant off.

Trap, what was the creeptastic "stalker"'s name before they changed it to blah-blah-Extravagant? I'm sick and my brain is point blank refusing to click into place but I just know I know the name, just can't place it right now and it's driving me nuts! I was going to go back a few posts but I don't have the energy lol and with being sick id go back, start reading and promptly forget what I was looking for anyway hahaha

She was You gottah be the mothuh Jenelle before she was extravagant. Go back to Isabella's birth post and you'll see the crazy

And sadly, I'm sure, she will change it again and pop in with some new name talking the same shit and causing more drama. Her and her mate Bush.

Wow Trap that's pretty intense - and also pretty disgusting.

I'm glad you can laugh at it though - good for you for taking the higher road x

Good god, I'm back on that article now to read it (I don't know how I missed it before, I am literally on this site every day) and all I can say is...what a psycho!!! Jeez TTB, you got a crazy one there!

Extravagant you can't sit with us

Ohrly, did you go back and read? Because Megan actually deleted most of the really foul stuff. So it was worse than what's there now....

TBH Meth Pipe I didn't, I saw it all start but I have a small baby to take care of, I didn't want to get into the crazy drama. This is my downtime if you know what I mean?

Life is too short for all that bull. Especially on a teen mom blog.

What Nathan's Nipples said. Just fuck off and don't respond to every god damn last one of my posts. I'm not even reading through your illiterate Texas hoe nonsense. Oh yes because you didnt' describe what I look like and say "you think you're so smart." You must think I'm a fucking idiot if I don't know you're looking at my shit. Go ahead and look at it just quit talking lol. And what Ohrly said, the site is fun and you suck the fun out of it by talking. Pipe the fuck down with your horseshit. No one wants to hear it. TRAP BABY OUT.

"I do not need her to end up dead." Psycho. Lol honey, if you came by my property you'd be the one who would end up dead. Your cowardly ass can look at my social media but can't directly message me. You're a fucking cunt and it is ILLITERATE. Not "illerate" you stupid fuck. The only reason we say it a lot is because we're referring to your incessant babble. Direct message me if you have a fucking problem, keep it off here it's fucking annoying as shit, as are you.

effin A, man. I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand her, so I kept my mouth shut, but she irks the fuck outta me. for some reason I always assumed she was like 60 or some shit and doesn't fully understand the webbernets and that's why she sounds so stupid when she types.


God dammit! I don't want to milk being a disabled vet (but I totally will!) but I'm a TX ho and all of us better get along, because I said so, and am in the midst of celebrating Chrismakuh, and we are going to get the fuck along!

Extravagant; Firstly you won't see shit on my social media. Because I'm set to private on everything. So stalk away.
Secondly; it's not bullshit. Trap isn't lying, I've seen the screenshot of the comments made that were not approved by moderation.
Thirdly; Trap never said it was you. Or accused you. She responded to Nipples asking and said "I think so" not, "I know so".
Fourthly; If you hadn't made so many nasty ugly comments regarding her family, her diet and her life, she would have no reason to suspect you.
Five; This will be the last time I waste any of my time responding to this shit from you again.

I think Megan needs to put ALL of you in the time out chair lol :p

Macks, you are very right! Lol

Nathan's don't you love the pattern of 9 thumbs downs? Bitch is going to get carpal tunnel with all the accounts she makes! Time out for me Macks. I'll write on the chalkboard 100 times "I will no longer address the twatmobile" ;)

Tyler's trab baby where was this mean comment on??

Which post did Meagan address bullying in? I guess I missed it which is weird cause I have no life and have diligently checked this site everyday for two weeks now.

I notice a lot of hateful comments on posts about Izabella Tovar than any other posts. But I'm not gonna lie, I hate the term "bullying" and on the Jenelle post someone accused me of bullying her. I kinda went off on that person because they are part of the problem. I had shared a difference of opinion from jenelle and one of our commenters called that bullying. Um no.

It was the Lindsey post. The word "bully" is thrown around so much these days. Some people are just assholes. Not bullies.

I fucking HATE the term too. EVERYTHING is bullying nowadays. If you have a different opinion you're a bully. It's really fucking stupid.

I view bullying as systematic abuse with intent to harm another person, typically one who has done nothing malicious to you. Disagreeing is not bullying. A (single) hateful comment may be mean, but it isn't bullying. I can't stand how the term is thrown around now, it minimizes the experiences of people who really are suffering from true bullying.

My comment doesn't speak to anything that happened on this site, just the use of the word bullying in general.

"If you have a different opinion you’re a bully."
Yeah TTB but you don't usually just have a different opinion, you're always cursing and telling everyone to fuck off and that they're a cunt so...

Cleondra, Kayla J., and Taylor are the only ones from that season without further pregnancies. We all know where Cleondra is at, but I hope that the other two are working to take care of their kids and building a good life for them. The pic of the Jordans was so immature, and I hope that Allie focuses on Aydenn (spelling??? weird) and doesn't try to replace this lost baby right away.

I liked them too, also liked Lizzie even though she was kinda full of it haha.. I also really liked Savannah and Stone from last season and wonder how they're doing. But I guess we'll see in Where are they now. I want one on all the girlses! I'm invested damnit.

Yeah I wish they would go back to season 1 and start another round of Where Are They Nows?

For real. I seriously remember all of these girls, which is sad, but I want to see the GOOD stories along with the bad. It seems like we only get updates from the bad ones.

Fun story, but not really. My husband drug me to the Christmas party for his work last weekend at some brewery. One of the people listed on the brewery's site as part of their "brew crew" is Lizzie's baby daddy Skylar. I was kind of hoping to see him there, which I know is creepy, but did not. And my husband forbid me from mentioning it to anyone at the party because it was "embarrassing". Haha.

Dam!!!!! I would've loves that shit to happen! Hahaha

I actually get jealous of all you guys who live in the vicinity of these trash piles to see them in real life. I would love to ask them the real questions. None of that Dr Drouche crap.

I didn't know we were in the same area until I saw him on that website. Haha. My husband is in the military so we haven't spent a lot of time where we are currently. I was secretly hoping he'd be at the party mingling with guest or something so I could try to get some info on lizzie without looking like I was hitting on him or something. He does list spending time with summer as one of his favorite things in his bio on their site so I guess he's still in her life which is good.

Oh Meth Pipe (never did I think I'd be typing that...) - Dr douche crap made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that!

High Horse, you're from Virginia too? Whoot!

Perfect baby, perfect boyfriend, perfect everything!
Then he cheats on her.

Repeated cheating, right?

I know he cheated during the episode while they were engaged. I want to say after they were married he did it again, but I'm not positive. They're divorced so something went down.

Dude he's still with the same girl he cheated on her with

This is really sad for her but it shows why you shouldn't announce a pregnancy before the pee stick has dried.

You should always wait closer to 12 weeks to tell people. I can't imagine having to tell everyone you miscarried every time you saw a different family member! It would make is so hard to move on. Hopefully she just focused on her son, and not getting pregnant ASAP to replace that baby.

Oh, I've seen the after effects of stupid Pinterest inspired announcements and piss stick pics. You just get a miscarriage update on your newsfeed! Seriously, nothing is private to these girls if it can garner them any attention.

While I agree announcing it on social media (especially when you have thousands of followers) is a bit ridiculous, I really hate the 12 week rule. I think it is up to the mother to decide when she's ready to tell anyone about the pregnancy because every woman responds differently. I miscarried at 7 weeks, I had told less than ten people. I ended up telling more afterward because keeping it a secret would have added to the depression I already felt.
So I am sad for Allie because whether she told no one or told the world she would still be feeling the sadness of losing a child.

I just always wait until people are just about to start asking why my figure has taken on such strange proportions. Of course, now that I've had 3 kids, that would probably happen next time at about week 2.

My personal rule when pregnant (I'll admit I didn't wait 12 weeks even though I intended to) was that I only told people I would go to if I had a miscarriage. So basically if I had a miscarriage I would tell my parents and my best friends so that they could be there for me- my husband only told his best friend. Then at about 11 weeks we announced it to everyone except my (step) son- we told him at 12 weeks and I put up a little Facebook announcement on FB only after we found out the gender at I think 19 weeks? Whichever point they can say girl or boy.

When I found out I was expecting my son, one of my good friends that I worked with only had 3 months left in her pregnancy and I wanted to give her the rest of her time before making it public to everyone... Didn't quite work out that way for me, we told our close family and close friends (work Chica knew too) and my managers (I had a lot of other appointments and they were concerned with me suddenly needing so much time off) around 10 weeks but after the 12 week ultrasound the father left and went to work (we worked together) and he told EVERYONE. Bar regulars, coworkers anyone who was willing to listen. And whoever he missed one of my managers ended up telling the rest of them.


I'm sad to hear this. I hope she is doing ok and can focus on getting herself into a really good place before trying for another baby.

I'm very sorry for Allie and her family, and I'm sure it's even more heartbreaking to have to tell so many people, and to have to deal with it so publicly. To go along with the waiting 12 weeks to announce pregnancy, I think parents should wait to tell their own kids about the new baby. First of all, 9 months is an eternity to a 4 year old. Cutting it down to a 6 month wait, or even 5 seems much more doable. Also, my heart breaks looking at that sweet picture of Aydenn with the ultrasound, knowing that he won't have that brother or sister that he looks so excited about. Kids are resilient, and they do forget things, but it still makes me sad that he had to go through this sadness when they could have shielded him from it.

Isn't this the girl who set up a gofundme to make her family "wholesome?"

Yes she is.

Damn, so matching Jordans= wholesome! Hahaahha

Haha that's how we do it in NJ ;)

They're her classier Jordans! ;-)

How does donated money make one's family "wholesome" exactly? Anyone care to enlighten me?

Agree with everyone saying the 12 week rule. When I had my ectopic, before it was discovered the only people who knew I was pregnant was my husband, parents, siblings and mother in law. It was hard enough telling them what happened, so I can imagine the pain in telling the world.

Its messed up, but alot of people will gossip and act as if the woman has done something to bring something so terrible upon herself, or that she deserved it. Thats probably my biggest reason for the 12 week rule, people can be very very cruel in your lowest moment, and no grieving woman or couple deserves that.

As for the baby Jordans, while I personally find them tacky, I cant knock her for buying them early. Heck, i've known plenty women to see cute things and buy them for a future baby before theyre even pregnant. It isnt uncommon by any means.

I bought my other half a tacky baby bib that says "I love my daddy this much" on it with a silly picture to indicate the amount of love on it when I was 7 weeks pregnant as a fun "You're going to be a daddy" gift. Its pretty common to buy a little something I think.

Yes it is sad. I feel like I have to say I feel worse for the women out their that have waited to give their babies the best life and then have trouble conceiving while over girls can get pregnant very easily.
I do find it difficult to feel bad for Alli, I feel for the unborn baby and her child because she told her child she was pregnant and now he wont be getting his little sibling :( BUT it is hard to feel bad for a woman that asked for help financially to make her family "wholesome", while spending money on baby jordans to announce. If only I could ask for donations to make my family "wholesome" so we could own our own house too :) Oh well, renting isn't that bad, our rent is only 300 a month for a 3 bedroom with a nice big garden and it's a fixed contract where we can stay as long as we want so long as we pay rent and don't piss off the neighbours so we have it good :)

300 bucks a month for a 3 bedroom?!?! Where do you live?! When I lived with my sister, we had a 2 bedroom, small bathroom, kitchen, and living room for 1000$ a month! And our landlords liked us so they never raised the price while we lived there. This is alberta canada. I can't believe you only pay 300 lol!!!

I am in Scotland :) Some private lets are ridiculous, we had a decent private in a nice area for 350 a month first and then mum got downgraded from a 3 bed council house (govt. housing)to a 1 bed that was more suitable for her needs.
At first we didn't want to because it's council and has a bad reputation but honestly the house is nice, the garden is massive, the front garden is nice, the neighbours can be mouthy but most of them have kids and if any bother you if you complain they get sorted out quickly :)
I love our little house, it's in the best catchment for schools, right across the street from the best primary school in our county AND next to the best high school :) Private in this area (mostly ex council houses so the SAME kind of houses) cost about 800-1000 a month so we got very lucky :)

Sorry didn't add that we got the council house mum gave up for her new house :) and the best part for us is we can decorate it anyway we like (need permission to do anything like a conservatory), they can't kick us out unless we don't pay our rent which wouldn't happen so it feels safer than private, when we were private we kept worrying at the end of every contract lol

Geeze what's with the down voting these days?!? How was her comment offensive?

That's so cool you're all the way from Scotland! :)

I want to visit Scotland so bad! That's awesome

TTB I have always wanted to visit america, but i want to see so many places i just can't afford it! Scotland is beautiful :) Especially the highlands ... oh and if you ever visit you should go to Perth and St Andrews, the history is amazing and scenery is gorgeous! The weather sucks though!

I'm new here, well, new in posting comments that is, been reading here forever ;-) I'm half Scottish/half Dutch, my mom's from a town near Glasgow.

That rent is amazing! I'm in Aberdeen and before we bought 3 years ago, we were renting a 2 bed flat for £850 a month! Aberdeen is pretty crazy though. Do you mind me asking where in Scotland you stay?

So that's in pounds? Trying to do the maths here lol. In NZ, rent is sooo freaking expensive. Especially as I live in the most expensive city. Right now we're in a cheapish area, and we pay $430 a WEEK for a 4 bedroom (well, 2 bedrooms and 2 really tiny room), but that's actually decent for where I live. So thats NZ$1,720 or 855 pounds, or $1,340 US. It's interesting to see comparisons between countries.

Fellow Scot here as well! I'm in a small town just outside Glasgow. I do love it here, I can be in the city in 25 minutes but my town has beautiful scenery and on clear days the views are stunning! Camping opportunities are wonderful also. I always joke I need a holiday but it's to get away from the people, not the place! Lol. Renting from the council is a wonderful opportunity! I don't understand why some people act like it's beneath them, at the end of the day if you're renting from the council and have a family the money saved (which can be 50 to 100% of the cost of a private let!) can go towards making your kids' lives better. That's good for both familial and social dynamics in the long run!

Also, I'd like to apologise in advance for my rambling and any grammatical errors... Lol I have a laundry list of health issues that jumble my brain at the best of times but to make things worse (the week before Christmas, as if the festive season's not chaotic enough!) I have an ent infection and my precious little girl is sick too!

I'm from London, UK and rent is way more expensive than that down there! £300 is a steal!

My comments are still awaiting moderation :-( Wonder how long thats gonna take, i have ADD, so almost no patience, haha, want to join in the convos already :D

I live in London and pay £600 for a studio flat, kill me.

At my fellow Scotsman, we are about 2 hours away from each other! I know camping up in Wick/Lybster is beutiful, and perth :)
Yeah a lot of people say they are "scared" of my area, but I don't see why, a part from my house being broken into (which was only because it was a junkie who heard my mum had loads of strong drugs) I don't have many problems. As a child I didn't even realise it was a bad area, mum would close the curtains if trouble starter so we wouldn't see the bad stuff, i've never once been attacked or shouted abuse at or anything. In fact it's quite nice to know the police circulate the area at all times, when we got broken into they were there in one-two minutes, and when a child went missing (she wondered off to the park when her mum was in the bath) the whole community went out looking for her. It's a house right near the beach, the town centre, the library and biggest park in town ... and to top it off we live near the best schools so i really don't understand the idiots that think I'm beneath them when i save 500-1000 a month than them when it comes to bills :/ That's a holiday right there and when i have kids thats some kick ass toys, clothes, trips etc ...
Yeah London is expensive, I'm going there for my birthday in april, we lived there when i was a kid but don't remember it much. I know my mum said she hated living there because it was so busy, her flat was a lot of money and not worth the money! Isn't london one of the most expensive places in the UK though, along with Edinburgh and Aberdeen etc? If I lived in Edinburgh council rent would be a little higher but privates are ridiculous. My friend is at uni there and her mum and dad pay her rent, bills and gives her spending money and they give her 3000 a month :O more at holidays so she can buy presents and that .. i wish i had a parent that could afford that! Her flat is a 1 bedroom near the uni so i get why it's so expensive but holy crap, i get 960 ish a month and my OH get about 1200 a month, our bills are total 700 including the car so our extra money goes on saving for a decent car and holidays plus saving for our wedding :)
I am not good at money transferring stuff, i know the pound to euro you get more euros, and a pound is 10 egyptian dollars, not sure about the pound to US or NZ money though... never been BUT if any of you want ot, I don't know, adopt me for 2 weeks ;) I am toilet trained and social in small groups :P

I love that there are other people from other countries on here! :D

Yea I agree about the wholesome" thing. "Give us money for our wholesome family." Damn your rent is CHEAP! Thumbs down is p\robably just jealous how cheap it is.

I agree, jealousy is ugly guys :)
The downvoters on here is getting ridiculous .. trolls need to disappear, stat.

Amen to that...

Off-topic, but apparently Leah texted/messaged Brittany about Jurmy!


Ready for those diq pics tbh.

Holy balls. Seems legit to me! NO DIQ PICS EVER.

I don't necessarily WANT them, but I want them to leak just to see how much more MESSY this fiasco can get. Might as well!

What kills me is Leah's all, "This isn't about me or him, this is about my babies..." Really? What about the girlses when you got caught on the deer cam ya dumb ho?!

Pot, meet kettle.

Exactly. Pretty sure she wasn't thinking about her girlses while she was sucking Robbsies dickses

I don't know, Leah's Meth Pipe, that doesn't seem like her. There's not even a slim chance she could get pregnant from that.

Oh that's just how she greets him hello. Not the actual sexing that he's talking about in InTouch!

Anyone read Dante's Inferno? Leah is going to the lust section of hell fo sho.

I found the "who even does that" type comment hilarious lmao that along with the "I can't believe I had sex with my husband during this" just cracked me up. Leah, you weren't so fussy when you were shagging robbie!!

She seriously said she was having sex with him during this and that is what hurt her most?! She cheated on him! Not pics only but the full shabang! I'm sure Corey and Jeremy felt so betrayed that you were having SEX with Robbie while having sex with them!
Oh god everytime I think
"I feel sorry for her now, jeremy is so immature" and she says crap like that!

I swear. She and Robbie are on damage control. I'm pretty sure they know the Calverts have actual proof of the affair. Robbie hit all the marks--Jeremy emotionally abandoned his family and his tryst with Leah was a one time thing. O And now Leah is hitting the marks--she's still having sex with her husband. It's in writing. How can you say they weren't trying to work past it when it's in writing that they were still having sex at the time Jeremy contacted "the other woman".

Hit it on the nose!!!
This entire thing reeks of someone who has been advised by a lawyer...
If Leah is able to prove that her affair isn't what ended the marriage ie- they moved on from it, Jeremy's bid for fault based divorce would be rejected and she will do way better in the settlement. That is why it looks like she is acting delusional about the state of her marriage.
That is also why Jeremy is off of social media. He couldn't stop saying crap about Leah online and that would probably bite him in the ass in the settlement.

Yeah Leah is predictable, she is now shaming correct and Miranda for something a obviously fake page of theirs posted acting like it was them and claiming that it was their marriage in trouble.

My favorite is "to even think I had sex with my husband during this :,(" as if she wasn't starved for some Jurmee loving before, during and after her tryst with Robbie.

Yet she couldn't stand it when he only wanted to talk about sex ;-)

It's like please, Leah. When AREN'T you having sex?

I doubt they were having sex, because it doesn't seem like Jeremy is reciprocating any of the lovey dovey crap she's thrown his way. If they did have sex, he was probably hate fucking her and it didn't mean anything. I agree with the people who've said that Jeremy is probably using this affair to his advantage so he can get what he wants out of Leah.

It says that these textmessages were exchanged on december 5, yet on her fanpage she wrote on december 14 that' she was with him the night before close to his job' Ok, so the dickpics weren't such a big deal after all ?

What the hell is leah doing up at 4am?

What is Brittany doing up at 4am :-)

Maybe the pillses keep her awake?

I was going to say "having kids can do that to you" and then I thought "Don't be silly! It's Leah, so it's definitely not one of her three kids keeping her up!"


Wasn't her rant about Corey and Miranda at 2am? Girl needs to put down the pillses and take a nap!
Any other mom could be up with their kids, but we all know the girlses aren't with Leah!

Blind Item #11

Leah, Leah, Leah.....I'm sure she is secretly loving all the attention that is coming her way.

WOW! Do you think addict bf is robbie? and yea I'm sure she loves the rumors about her SO much.

I'm guessing either Robbie or her dealer, but at this point it could be any male that had a hard-on! Robbie was quick to point out they used protection and she is pointing out that she was still sleeping with the bacon pimp, so either way girl seems to be knocked up!

I used to be such a CDAN fan. Now I think about 90% of the blinds are made up, BUT the ones about minor celebrities (if we can even call the Teen Moms that) probably tend to be true. This would not surprise me at all. The question is, if it's Robbie's and it's a boy, will it be Robbie Jr. or Arobbie? #AAAProblems

#AAAProblems. Laughing hard at that one!
I think she should name him Andrew. Out of respect for Dr Drew who never called her on any of her bullshit earlier.

But you know she'd spell it Aynndrew.

Imagine if she had another set of twinses, then she could have an Arobsie and an Andrew or Robbie Jr. and Jurmy Jr. to cover all her bases

Lol you guys make me laugh! Yes to the Jurmy and Robbie Jnr's! Hahahaha

I seriously think I saw a "Robbie Jr and Jurmee Jr" situation on Maury once.

I need to start downloading the Maury all you 'Mericans speak of. It sounds like my-kinda-show!

He's one of the best/worst parts of our fine nation. You can find clips on YouTube, which is much better than actually watching the show. I swear, 50% of the hour is commercials, 25% is recapping what just happened before the commercial, 15% is the audience saying ooooooh and about 10% is paternity test gold.

We used to get Jerry Speinger. But no more :(
I'm off to YouTube right now!!

remember Maury's big fat babies episodes?? those were always my fave.

It'll soon be #AAAAProblems
Either way it's #CantKeepMyLegsesShut #MyHubbysHalfAsBadAsIAm #MakeMyStateSad ;)

I'm still sticking with Arobella for a girl, because who can resist a good pun (besides 90% of the world). For a boy, probably some jacked up version of Aaron or Aidan. Or maybe some trendy name with an A in front of it, like Ajaxyn.

Yeah, that's why I like A-METH-yst. I think she would go for Adam for a boy. We all know she would fuck Adumb in a second if she had the chance. Can you picture leah in the green room with the bad boys? She would be a giggly little school girl twirling her ratchet purple extensions while drooling cheetohs drool.

Chelsea doesn't seem to like her much (frankly, she seems to hate them all) maybe she has tried to get her cheesy mitts on A-D-A-M? I'm telling you, it would be the most beautifullest love story in teen mom history.

Lmao, I saw Arobella and immediately read it as areola. Now that's as baby name!

Oh Leah. At least she seems to be waiting the 12wks out....

It's the one rule she ever followed, aside from Mama Dawn's infamous "legses open" decree. Did she wait when she had Addy or the miscarriage? If she conceived in early October, we can expect an announcement shortly after New Years, correct?

Well we all saw the piss stick for the miscarriage. And I don't remember with Addy. That's more a case of Addy-who?

Poor Addy. As soon as Leah gets a new douchebag/booooyfriend, Addy is going to officially be Grace II. The only reasons she paid attention to Addy at all in the past almost 2 years were that she was the baaaybeee and that she was the current husbands kid, aka trap baby. Once she has a new baby with a new guy, Adalynn will just be another child support check.

There were pap pics of Leah at a park with the original #AA girlses and she was obviously pregnant. I remember she was wearing a tight brown t-shirt.

Leah, you in danger, girlses.

Hm, I found it odd in her conversation with Brittany she mentioned having sex with her husband (which we knew was a lie). Now we know. I think it took her awhile to admit she was pregnant with Adalyn. Pretty sure she got papped at the park and it was obvious she was pregnant.

Yeah I thought that whole leak seemed a little suspicious. Like maybe Leah and Brit are working together for mutual benefit. Leah gets the spin and Brit gets ca$h.

Lmao if this is true... I totes called the need for a DNA test!

OMg when I first saw this article I thought the thing about the 12 weeks too. Glad I'm not the only who thought that because I felt really bad. Lol did she ver get money for her wholesome family on gofundme?? Sorry but she did not seem ready to have a second child. That really sucks thoough.

And yea heard about Ayms dad :( really really sad news he was very young.

I don't think she ever got any funds for her wholesomeness. I was honestly amazed that someone her age was even thinking about buying a home in NJ. If I remember right, she lives in Newark (also where Jo lives) which isn't a great area, but still plenty expensive. I'm not very familiar with the area, I'm only ever there because that's where the airport is, so I'm sure there are nicer areas and homes. But I'm assuming they don't have a huge budget. I know there are some other Jersey girls on here, maybe they know more about the area?

I'm really shocked that Ayms dad was only 50, he looked much older. Losing a parent really sucks and I hope she continues to focus on Leah and doesn't let this affect her recovery

I know...my parents are in their late 60's and look younger! I'm guessing ayms dad had a drinking problem? Fuck I should lay off the booze...

Just gonna go ahead and leave this here...

At least it's a little better than maci's? LOLOL

Like she was told a few days ago, she should really just have another baby

Excellent, because I needed 8000 infinity scarves and Texas themed sweatshirts. I'm especially fond of her pride over pity fraction shirt. Maybe I'm just a math geek :) and it wouldn't be a Kailyn article if she didn't bring up her crusade to "normalize" breastfeeding (as if it had not been part of life since mammals came into existence).

Ugh. I though the Peace, Love Breastfeed was going to say Peace, Love, Bagels, lol.

I would totally buy a peace love and bagels shirt haha. Stinking Karl got our hopes up for nothing :(

Mmm bagels

I am going to my kitchen and get a fucking bagel. Dammit.

This bothers me so much.. At least I could sort of relate to Kail before because I also looked like a bit of a blob while breast feeding and caring for a baby and school aged child. I respected that she put her time into her kids and not into makeup/ weight loss/ style but don't now pretend you are a fashion stylist!!!
My priority list is: immediate needs of my children (food, bath, sleep, education), children's needs that I can do in advance (lunches for the next day, wrapping their Xmas gifts, making practise tests for school or crafts for a 15 month old), my hygiene, cleaning the house, treating my husband well...... No where in there is there room for starting an ego-centric clothing line!!!
She should be concentrating on more important things!

Also if you want to make a short to support breast feeding make one you can nurse while wearing!!! Wtf she of all people should understand the frustration of being unable to easily nurse in stylish clothing!

Being a Mum is such a freaking culture shock. All of a sudden coming last is weird. My stuff always gets done last.

She didn't breastfeed Isaac. Why the sudden "Breast is best" craziness now?

'Cause she found another high horse to get up on. Girl has a lot of tall horses.

Because it's a hot button issue.

I swear, I'm not breastfeeding when I have a kid because I'm going to have to get back on my meds, but I have nothing against women who do breastfeed. There's a subgroup of women (like Karl) who love to throw it in other women's faces because it gives them some sense of feeling superior.

I really feel bad for the women who desperately want to breastfeed, but can't produce enough milk and still get harassed by people like Karl. It's such a personal decision, and no-one should have to feel bad for whatever choice they made.

Ok, I'm off my soap box now.

I'ma put my hand up as one of the women who really wanted to breastfeed and couldn't produce the milk. Fucking sucks to have it rammed down your throat all the time. It's why I don't support the phrase "best is best" its just a guilt inducing phrase for women. I'm so over the guilt thing, now i'm just angry that I'm judged by women like Kail before they even know my story.

I breastfeed my boy and it annoys the shit out if me. We get it Kail you breastfeed, we don't care millions of other women do it every day and don't feel the need to ram it down everyone's throat all the time and take bf selfies and post them on twitter. It really feels like she does this stuff just to make people talk about her

Really ??? Peace, Love, and F*cking Breastfeed ??? Did Leah give her dealer's number to Kail before she came up with this mucho bizarro statement ? Who on earth would ever want to walk around with a shirt saying that ? :-/

“Some people are saying that the prices are too high, but these are high-quality custom designs–they are not just screen-printed designs,” she said.

Wow. So many snarky things I could say about this, so little I could actually say in public.

I've seen clothes similar to her infant and toddler ones at the Dollar Store...

But screen printed designs is exactly what they are...

Boobs, mermaids, and dogs = everything I could possibly want to showcase on my clothing.

Ok I think it's weird that Kail is coming out with her clothing line right after Maci. Do they all have to do EVERYTHING? I can only think that they got clothing line deals like they automatically got book deals. Does that mean you HAVE to have a book or clothing line? Please don't. Why don't they just study, get a degree and start a career like normal people? Well, I guess they are not normal people.

Or of they insist on having a clothing line, actually put work into it and design entire pieces instead of crappy graphics to go on cheap t-shirts and hoodies.

And skanky Nikkunt is asking to have some of her maternity lines when they come out.

I was highly disappointed that there isn't a "Shake a head" t-shirt design for sale.

That will be in Javier's collection alongside the big papi shirt and Miley face ahirt

Oh phew, because I was literally so sad to be missing out on that front.

I know hopefully he ships to the uk

Haha it will say "keep calm and shake a head"

I wish this broad would quit going on about her milk sacks

Those milk sacks are her best feature! Followed by her anger problems. ;)

praying for all of them and wish them the best of luck in the future.

&&& can I just say I love that kids hat! haha

I'm super sorry about Allie's miscarriage, but I feel the need to mention that her boyfriend's eyebrows are ON FLEEK.

I noticed that too! damn boy ~

they look super thick too....

Ha, I was thinking the same thing earlier, spot on, but couldn't bring myself to type on fleek, lol. He looks like he fills them in, so perfect for a man.

Okay so this may be really insensitive to be going off topic on a thread like this but I wanted to just post this because I know I will forget tomorrow. I decided to go on Maddy's instagram and start from the beginning and it is....interesting. Here's just a summary of what I've seen so far through it

1. Maddy breaks up with boyfriend and posts tons of "I'm so sad posts"
2. Maddy looked exactly like Aubrey as a baby
3. Maddy sleeps with Cody to get over boyfriend. Cody is a dumbass that doesn't even know how to pump gas. She refers to him as her boyfriend
4. Within a week of calling Cody her boyfriend, they break up lol
5. Maddy gets back with ex boyfriend that she tried to get over with rebound Cody. Turns out he's really attractive?

That's as far as I've gotten so far, but I think we all know what comes next. She finds out she's pregnant and boyfriend probably leaves her. We shall see.

Maddy posted a picture of herself as a baby and wrote "I was such an ugly baby. Good think Aubrey looks like her daddy". AUBREY LOOKS JUST LIKE HER AS A BABY OMG

I wanna see it, where is it?

That kid looks just like her, I think she's fishing for compliments and people to say how pretty she is. Not going to happen lol

Oh my, after you posted this I scrolled through her instagram trying to find the picture. I couldn't find it. Now that you posted the link I can see why! Her kid looks just like her! I'm also not sure why she's so thrilled that her kid supposedly looks like her meth addict, dead beat "dad", but to each their own I guess.


It's like a reverse version of when Alex said she was glad that her daughter Arabella Isabella A Capella Gabriella Sekella looked like her, and wasn't ugly like Matt. Ouuuuch.

God these people don't have eyes

So Leah is bitch about Corey and Miranda marriage! Calling them liars and that on her Facebook page!

Oh and did I mention the page she is claiming to be Corey is obviously either a fake or has been hacked, it's not Corey's style TK bitch about all of his co stars. Leah is a pathetic bitch and how dare she criticise another marriage when her one sucks!

Seriously, why would you post that on Facebook? Call the man and ask him about it! He'd probably say exactly what we are...that he has absolutely no idea who runs the page. It has been taken down in the past ten minutes, no doubt the work of Leah and her fangirls.

Thanks Facebook...whenever I report racist content you tell me it doesn't violate community standards, but you'll take down a Teen Mom page just because a thotianna throws a fit about it?


check out baby adakfadfsdadsfdalynn in the back LMAO

This jealous ass, bitter ass bitch! Fron Leah's verified facebook accpunt.

Things you see on Corey and Mirandas "official and APPROVED page" is far from being true, and all I have to say about it is that they may want to be very WISE about what they post because a marriage that PRETENDS to be PERFECT is NEVER perfect. Especially when there is way more not told to a specific spouse, and thats all im going to say. As far as the status on our court hearing.... I am very happy with the results and will talk about it very soon. I think the results were in my daughters BEST interest. This is all im going to say in regards to all the craziness being post on their page as well as any other page. Marriage is far from perfect but my husband and I are very much in love with each other and still remain married and that doesnt plan to change. We love each and EVERYONE of you and wish EVERYONE including those that talk down about us the very best and a Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR. MAY GOD BLESS XOXOXOXO"

From* account* fucking typos

"Accpunt" is close to "accunt". Me gusta.

Can anyone decipher this

Blah blah blah I'm jealous of how happy Corey and Miranda are blah blah blah Merry Christmas.

I just looked at the official page and it really doesn't look like it's run by Corey or Miranda, or even anyone that close to the two of them. It reads more like a TM2 news page with a particular emphasis on Corey and Miranda. Leah is INSANE.

It honestly sounds like she's talking about her own marriage. She is the one who pretends everything's all sunshine and roses on twitter and fb, when Jurmy is sending dick pics to fugly single mom Brittany, then all the secrets that she keeps from Jurmy, like fucking Robbie. She's going to tell everyone the outcome of the custody hearing when intouch pays for it and if it went in her favour I will pity the poor girlses

Okayyyy....She writes : "Marriage is far from perfect but my husband and I are very much in love with each other "

Uhuh, he's so much in love with Leah that he sends some random groupie dickpics :-/

I'd almost want to have whatever she's on...

Seriously, as much as i cant help being curious and wanting to know allll the details of the whole robbie/leah/jerms messe(r)d up triangle, shit is getting boring, she's pretending her shit smells like roses, and being vague, i hate when people are vague, get to the point already woman ! So everybody can just move on :-/

It makes her look SO bitter. What a trashy bitch.

I'm loving this drama!! Does she not realize how pathetic and jealous she sounds??
I'm just dying for Jermy's take and I'm getting worried we will never get another twitter blow out from him! I miss "caught ya" and Mr Kidd not affording a Big Mac... Give us more beauties like that Jerms, please!!

I'm sorry for her loss. And I'm sorry that her son is going through the pain of losing a little sibling that he was very much looking forward to. This is probably why really young kids shouldn't know about their parents' pregnancy until it's far enough along that stuff like this is less likely to happen. It's just a heartbreaking situation all around.

Still, I can't get over how Allie actually went on the internet and asked total strangers to buy her and her boyfriend a house. And then thought they would actually get donations. Girl, please.

To make her family more "wholesome" (lol) cause it is up to strangers to do that!

Lol. Who the fuck gave you a downvote? You're absolutely correct! If Allie really wanted to buy a home, then she and her boyfriend should do it themselves instead of panhandling on the internet. It's not like Taylor Lumas, who asked for some extra money for a hip surgery she really did need. Allie was delusional to think that anybody would help her get her wholesome home.

Lol there's always 2 thumbs down from the same one cunt. Fuck em. Or it's Allie! Yea i feel bad about her miscarriage but it was SO tacky to ask for money the way she did. Taylors seems to be doing the best out of everyone. Her mom was so nice too...she had a lot of support. Wonder if the dad is still int he little girls life. DAMNIT I WANT MORE WHERE ARE THEY NOWS!!!

5 accounts. Excuse me. YOU'RE A CUNT.

Daaaammmmnnn. I think the worst thing about random downvotes is when the people handing them out don't bother to back them up with a comment or two. On the last article, I said some pretty strong things about Lori and the adoption, and only got a couple downvotes. Everybody who disagreed with me said so without just downvoting me to oblivion without explaining why.

Seriously, downvoter. Go to hell.

Yeah but then you've got the downvotes that come from people who just hate you. Not necessarily your comment. It's stupid childish shit. Whatever though. I don't comment for the thumbs up/down anyway.
And you're right. At least give your opinion. Like we said on the Lori post, you never know when you might be made aware of something via someone else's different opinion.


1. How many times are you going to say" that's all I'm going to say" in one post? shit.

2. " My husband and I are very much in love" WTF???!

I have always rooted for you Leah.

I've seen you when you were truly happy you had curly hair and you were actually a stay at home mom to you're girls.

Lately I've really hated this version of you but I still HOPE that you will find happiness and stop this crazy shit.

the truth is I do even like you anymore but you have TWINS and that leaves my heart soft... because as scrwed up as you are and as much as you MIGHT change you have TWO child at the same development as far as age so while you're messing up left and right those girls need you at the same time!

yes let's not forget about your bacon baby, You are teaching your girls that love means cheating on you're spouse and staying with them..

you and LYNN deserve each other!!!!

bless you're heart! ( I'm from TX so that wasn't a compliment)

you make me so pissed off!!!!

( hope your done having children!!!)

I think Leah is purposely trying to create drama for Teen Mom 2. They constantly say if MTV finds out something but didnt catch it on film, they will have them to reenact it. I think she is trying to deflect from her problems by causing problems with Corey and Miranda so MTV would want to air that instead. She knows damn well that page isnt ran by Corey or Miranda but she wants to make it seem like they talking shit about her to justify her bashing

I bet MTV loves her for it. Tons of publicity for the show.

As entertaining as this shit storm is to watch, I am becoming very concerned for her wellbeing and her children as well. She is very delusional and it is not a good look. I am sure a lot of this is to play up the new season, but most soap opera writers couldn't come up with the shit she's spewing. She has some very serious mental issues and her family is just enabling the behavior. She will be the next Amanda Bynes, unless someone steps in and gets her some much needed help.

Right I mean I'm always hopeful for this chick.

partly because I love happy endings but this train wreck is even getting hard for me to find something positive about it anymore.....

this maybe "fun " to talk about but at the end of the day my heart just can't handle all this Leah is messing up big time......

I hope Corey gets coustdy more and more is he perfect? No but he's stable.,. I'd love Leah's new season being all about her getting help......

Exactly, MTV should just do the humane thing and say 'you're off the show" Their money is just enabling her and letting her continue her trip in Lala-land. Sad that ratings mean more to them than trying to actually help her get out the mess.

Ratings have always meant more to them. Remember when Jenelle and Kieffer were nodding off on the couch because they just used heroin? And when Amber whacked Gary? And when Kail caused Javi some permanent brain damage? They don't care about the people they're filming, not one bit.

I just wanted to say I love your name. Once a cheetoh always a cheato hahahahahaaaa

Thnx TTB ;-) Been reading here forever, i feel like i know all of u, haha, love this site

Half the time they know they are airing stuff that could and has gotten the girls arrested. They love it, it's good drama and good ratings. MTV don't care about anything but the money those girls make them

Leah's fuck ups are even worse given how much Ali will come to rely on people. It's one thing when you have able bodied children, but to let kids down, especially ones who will come to rely on you even more as they get older is just too awful for words.

I'm forever glad Corey is the Girlsies daddy. I know he'd never leave Ali to be ignored etc, but sometimes a girl needs her momma and I don't think any of Leah's girls will get that.

I wouldn't be surprised if Corey took in Addy too for the sake of his girls - I know it'd have to really come to something, but I know he'd want to keep them together as sisters.

I know I always thought damn Addy would be better off with Corey too. So sad! I really think Corey and Miranda will have kids soon though.

And the inconsiderate bitch held them a skating party!! Ali can't skate! What was she thinking? I understand Alleah shouldn't have to miss out either, but why not two parties? That way they both get something they can do.

I'd like to say maybe the girls wanted a party together, but it sounds unlike leah to care about that!

I just remembered my dream! I dreamt I was around Kailyn somehow and I went to her computer and she was on TMJ looking through comments. I cant believe we dream of these people.

Remember to sue MTV for the money to pay for the therapy it'll take you to get over dreaming of Kail. You were at risk of a dream head shaking!

I have to believe they read here. Making themselves known might be against their contract but anyone can read here and not comment.

I wish they would comment, imagine Nathan all up in here telling us he's a good military man and that we need to see his genuality, Leah proclaiming her love for jerms and her girlses, Amber could tell us how she was kinda in jel. I wish this would happen so bad now

Oh we'd know it's Nathan because it'd be in all caps. Perhaps some *CLAPS* for emphasision.


Sigh. These girls can be so stupid it hurts. And to think they're responsible for another life.

The baby can come out of your butt, umm okay then. Hardly surprising that she got pregnant with that amount of understanding of her own anatomy. She can't be serious though, no one could possibly be that dumb surely

LOL THIS IS SOMETHING A 12 YEAR OLD WOULD WRITE. NOT EVEN!!! Giggling so hard. her stupidity is entertaining. Thank you for this.

I can't believe anyone would think that, someone get this girl a biology lesson stat. The schools must not be well where she is