What Is Teen Mom Young and Pregnant?

If you've been watching Teen Mom this week, and haven't been fast-forwarding over all the commercials, you've noticed that MTV has something new and unexpected coming out in March. It's a new Teen Mom series called Young and Pregnant.

Oh boy...MTV Is Considering Replacing Farrah With Mackenzie Edwards?

Now that Farrah is officially gone from Teen Mom OG, MTV has been looking for someone to replace her. There have been tons of rumors about who would be the new Teen Mom, but The Ashley is reporting that MTV has narrowed it down to two candidates.

Michael Abraham Fights Back and Tells His Side of the Story: Teen Mom Junkies Exclusive!!!

It's Friday and Teen Mom Junkies has the goods for your on this fine morning! Yes folks, we managed to nab an exclusive interview with Michael Abraham. Now why has Michael got something to say right now? As y'all may know, we recently published an exclusive interview with Deborah Danielsen, revealing a number of details about her experience being catfished. The book was a re-release of the original publication. Now, what made the re-release particularly juicy was a number of things Deborah had to say about her marriage to Michael. Like the drugs, sex and rock and roll details. But now, Michael is telling it like it is and revealing his own perspective. Read on to find what he had to say:

EXCLUSIVE! Teen Mom Junkies Personal Interview With Debra Danielsen: Part II

As we mentioned before, we here at Teenmomjunkies had the chance to nab an exclusive interview with Debra Danielsen of TeenMomOG about her re-release of Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim to Catfishing, the tale of how she got catfished out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We learned all about her experience with this but what's more, also had a chance to get the deets on her real thoughts about Simon. Read on to find out about this as well as what Debra is going to be up to next.