Farrah Suing For MTV $5 Million - Does She Have A Case?

farrah abraham

In case you haven't heard the reporting, Farrah is suing Viacom (which owns MTV) and Morgan Freeman's production company for $5 million for wrongful termination.  According to E!Farrah claims this:

Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 11: Ryan's King Charles Cavalier Trumps Bentley

Tyler Mckinney

It's that time again, y'all. Time to see just how much Ryan prefers his King Charles Cavalier to Bentley (don't call him a deadbeat dog owner) and check in on how Starburst has been doing lately. Read on to find out more.

Michael Abraham Fights Back and Tells His Side of the Story: Teen Mom Junkies Exclusive!!!

farrah abraham

It's Friday and Teen Mom Junkies has the goods for your on this fine morning! Yes folks, we managed to nab an exclusive interview with Michael Abraham. Now why has Michael got something to say right now? As y'all may know, we recently published an exclusive interview with Deborah Danielsen, revealing a number of details about her experience being catfished. The book was a re-release of the original publication. Now, what made the re-release particularly juicy was a number of things Deborah had to say about her marriage to Michael. Like the drugs, sex and rock and roll details. But now, Michael is telling it like it is and revealing his own perspective. Read on to find what he had to say: