Ryan's One True Love: His Cavalier, Chance

Ryan Edwards has been real, real busy lately. Ryyyyyyyyyyaaaaaan, as MacKenzie would drawl, has been threatening gun violence, impregnating MacKenzie, getting into more trouble for his drug usage and even sleeping around with a few other women on Tinder. Frankly, we're shocked he had the fortitude to get up off of his couch and do all of that. But, if there's one thing that Ryan has definitely made time for in the past several months, it's his King Charles Cavalier, Chance. 

Did Ryan Threaten to Murder Taylor and Maci?

Maci Bookout has a good reason to get a protective order against Ryan Edwards, according to documents released by Radar this morning.  In a signed petition for order of protection, Taylor writes that Ryan "called me on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 and threatened to show up at my house and put a bullet in my head."

Farrah Abraham Settles Her Lawsuit, See What Michael Says

Farrah has settled her lawsuit with Viacom and MTV over her firing.  You may remember that parts of the lawsuit were leaked, and we got a chance to take a look at her claims.  Some of the things she said at the time included (according to E!):