Everything we know so far about the Teen Mom OG reunion

andrew glennon

It's that time again. Yep, Season 7 of Teen Mom OG is headed for its reunion episode, which means that the dramz is going to mount that much more. So is Maci finally going to clobber Mackenzie? Will Ryaaaaaan's cheating on Mackenzie be brough up? Will Amber get more heat for her relationship with Andrew. Hmmmm. All of those are possible, but for now, we have a few sneak peak's into what's coming down the line in terms of Amber's response to her big breakup, Catelynn's reflections on her year of treatment and Ryaaaaaaan's questionable logic on just why he can't find good substance abuse treatment. 

Catelynn Hits Back At The Haters After This Week's Episode

tyler baltierra

This week on Teen Mom OG, we saw Catelynn leave her home once again to go to rehab.  In the episode, Tyler got extremely angry about the whole situation, and started to wonder if he wanted to remain with Catelynn.  And as Catelynn dropped Nova off at school for the last time, we saw her crying and begging for her mom.

Well, Now We Know Exactly What Tyler's Brother In Law Was In Jail For...

tyler baltierra

Tyler's sister has recently been a main character in Teen Mom OG, a departure from previous seasons.  We also recently got introduced to the rest of her family, including her husband Billy Elkins, who showed us his ankle monitor on the show.

Ryan's One True Love: His Cavalier, Chance

Tyler Mckinney

Ryan Edwards has been real, real busy lately. Ryyyyyyyyyyaaaaaan, as MacKenzie would drawl, has been threatening gun violence, impregnating MacKenzie, getting into more trouble for his drug usage and even sleeping around with a few other women on Tinder. Frankly, we're shocked he had the fortitude to get up off of his couch and do all of that. But, if there's one thing that Ryan has definitely made time for in the past several months, it's his King Charles Cavalier, Chance.