Uh oh. Guess Which Teen Mom OG Stars are Making Enemies Out of MTV Now?

Farrah isn't the last person to make an enemy out of MTV. It seems more Teen Mom Stars are out  and about giving interviews to various media outlets, venting about their bitter feelings. So who is it this time? Looks like it's Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards. We have a feeling these two are pretty upset that they're going to be missing out on some hefty paychecks especially after getting pregnant with their first child. 

What???!!! Is Bristol Palin Headed For Teen Mom OG?!!!

Ever since Farrah Abraham left Teen Mom OG, the show just hasn't quite been the same. The question of who was going to be added as the fifth cast member has also been hanging over our heads. For a while, MacKenzie McKee was noted to be the fifth mom, but now The Ashley is spilling some serious gossip on....wait for it....Bristol Palin becoming the fifth mom on Teen Mom OG?!

Will you pay $4.99 a month for a badge on Farrah's new app? (No, it's not porn)

In typical wannabe-Kardashian form, Farrah is always looking for news way to monetize her fans -- so now she's released an app on iTunes and Google Play.  But before you ask: no, it's not a porn app.

Tyler Just Gave Us More Details About His Childhood...And They're Chilling...

Tyler Baltierra generally doesn't like to talk too much about the specifics of his childhood that led to his alcohol and drug problems, but we got another glimpse into them this weekend, when he shared a long poem.