You'll Never Believe Which Teen Mom Star is Slamming Cheyenne Now!

With the upcoming premiere of Teen Mom OG, it seems all of the stars, whether former, current or upcoming, have all decided to open their mouth to the press and start slamming each other. First up on that roster, is Farrah, of course, throwing some serious shade the way of new mom, Cheyenne. Much like Farrah's usual pattern, she's decided to run ironic with her criticism, attacks Cheyenne where it should hurt herself - on her intelligence, of course. 

Farrah's Shocking Breakdown: Who Is She Accusing Now?

Another day, another breakdown. And it looks like this time, Farrah Abraham is at the heart of the controversy. Today, Farrah appeared with her moms, Debz, on the show "Face the Truth" hosted by Vivica A.Fox. The goal of her appearing on the show was to mend her relationship with Debz. Of course, we find it hard to believe that this would be a true goal considering that these two have appeared on reality TV before to purportedly address the troubles in their relationship before. 

Which Teen Mom OG Star Has Gone Off The Rails Now

It seems there's been quite a bit of unexpected turnover on Teen Mom OG lately which means that you've got a lot of unemployed stars with nothing but time on their hands and apparently they're using it to call MTV out in a senseless, desperate way. So who's been at it more recently? 

See What Farrah Had to Say about Bristol Palin Here!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well, apparently, if MTV scorns you, you also unleash the fury. Although quite clearly on videotape, MTV clearly gave Farrah a chance at redemption, she chose to reject it and move on. But now, she has a whole lot of shade to unload onto Bristol. So what did Farrah have to say about Bristol lately? 

Here's How Hard a Time Ryan Edwards Gave Mackenzie Edwards About Her Spending Habits

For the last season of Teen Mom OG, Ryan has been sitting around on his extra-comfy couch, giving Mackenzie, his new wife, a really, really hard time about her tendency to spend. But it's weird, 'cause he'll give her a rough time about just going to the mall and spending what we're assuming is a few dollars. Well, now that Ryan and Mackenzie are off off Teen Mom OG and have lost what may have been a reasonable Teen Mom contract, these two must be pretty desperate because Mackenzie has decided to go back to work. Yep, folks, apparently she's starting a new business as a wedding planner! 

Sophia Abraham's Glam Life Heats Up

Farrah just can't get away from controversy. First, we hear that she could do jail time for her recent assault charge. Then there's news of Sophia's lewd dancing on video. Now, it appears while Farrah is doing a photo shoot, Sophia showcases just how quickly she's growing up. The video in question that we're talking about was a video posted to Sophia's twitter account with the caption, "Sophia's Glam Life."  

The Real Reason Ryan Edwards Will No Longer Be On Teen Mom OG

The most interesting thing that Ryan Edwards has done over the last few seasons of Teen Mom OG has been to get high and drive while his fiance at the time, Mackenzie, tried hard to ignore it. In fact, in the last season of Teen Mom OG, Ryan's King Charles Cavlier was significantly more interesting than him, even when all he was doing was lying around on the couple's gigantic sectional. But, we're wondering if all of the controversy over Ryan's violation of his probation charge was yet another sin that forced MTV's hand in firing Ryan Edwards off of the next season of MTV.