Will Jordan Howard Round Out Teen Mom 3?

There is nothing people like better than rumors and speculation, so I'm here to bring that to you. Since three of the 16 and Pregnant girls have almost been confirmed to be on Teen Mom 3, there is that fourth girl who is still a mystery. Mackenzie Douthit, Alex Sekella, and Katie Yeager have been unofficially confirmed by various sources, which leaves rumors circulating as to whom will round out the cast. So far, I have heard Kristina Robinson, who will be featured in the 16 and Pregnant season finale, and Sabrina Solares who was featured last week enjoying her gelato, as rumored to be the final girl on Teen Mom 3. However, today I saw an interesting article from Gather who posted a couple of interesting tweets from Jordan Howard that I somehow missed. Jordan, her fiance, Tyler, and their baby, Chase, were featured a few weeks ago and certainly brought drama to the table, as indicated by our sidebar. Jordan and Alex's recaps received the most comments. And, as we all know, the only thing MTV likes better than perky cheerleaders is drama!

16 and Pregnant - Sabrina Solares

Sabrina Solares is from Los Angeles, California, where she lived with her dad, and now lives in Franklin, Tennessee to be closer to her mom. Since her mother's house is full of rugrats, Sabrina and her sister live with their grandparents. Sabrina's boyfriend, Iman, still lives in California, but he's planning on moving to Tennessee to be with Sabrina.

16 and Pregnant - Hope Harbert

Hope Harbert is from Lee's Summit, Missouri. Her boyfriend Ben has a mohawk. That's the important thing here. Oh, yeah, she's pregnant too, and Ben is a jerk. He said he didn't want anything to do with either Hope or the baby.

Jordan Howard Defends Her Family On Twitter

Last night, on 16 and Pregnant, we saw Jordan Howard caught between her mother and her boyfriend, Tyler. There is no question that the episode caused uproar by Jordan's mother, Kelly's, seemingly racist comments. During her episode, Jordan mentioned that Kelly didn't like Jordan dating a white guy, then when Tyler is over Jordan's house, the comment, "This ain't no white person's home!" is thrown around. Jordan received backlash on her episode via twitter and responded to them.