Chassiney: Not on 16 & Pregnant

Lately we've been reporting a lot about the upcoming 5th season of 16 & Pregnant. Last week, we posted an article about a girl named Chassiney Kellerman who was allegedly going to appear on the season. After the article was posted, we had a lot of comments coming in that were both confirming and denying Chassiney's role in 16 & Pregnant, but we can now confirm that Chassiney will not be participating.

Nikkole Paulun is bad at Snapchat

As many of you will know, Snapchat is an app for your phone that became popular among teens and college-aged kids a little over a year ago. With Snapchat, you can send photos to your friends for 10 seconds (or less, if you want) and then they're gone forever. However, a recent update to the app gave users the ability to add pictures to a thing called their "story" where the photos were saved for 24 hours, and anyone on the user's friends list could view them.

Jordan Howard Welcomes a Baby Girl

Jordan, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant was due on February 26th, but ended up being induced last night. She welcomed her daughter, Skylar Aris Zeplin, sometime around 2:00 this afternoon. Although there aren't a ton of details that have been released yet, Jordan did plan to deliver her daughter without pain medication, and she had been told that her daughter would be a pretty big baby. Her son, Chase, weighed over 9 pounds at birth, and Jordan was expecting another 9 pound baby this time around as well. We'll update this post with more information about Skylar as soon as more details are posted.

Whitney Purvis is Expecting Baby #2

Whitney, who was one of the six girls to be featured on the very first season of 16 & Pregnant, has had her share of issues since filming ended. She was dating Weston Gosa when we first met her, and she gave birth to a son, whom she named Weston Jr. Although Whitney and Weston have had some problems staying out of trouble, and Weston has had a menagerie of fabulous mug shots, it appears that the two have reconciled their differences, and are together once again.

Jennifer Del Rio has her Baby Shower

16 & Pregnant season 3 girl, Jennifer Del Rio, is currently 29 weeks pregnant with her third child, and her family decided to throw her a baby shower this weekend to help her get everything she needs to prepare for the baby. Jennifer and her husband are working on putting together a Lion King themed nursery, and the baby shower's decorations went right along with that theme.

This Week In Teen Mom News: 16 & Pregnant Edition

1. Lindsey Harrison is in a music video

Lindsey, the model, cage fighter, mother, was filmed for a music video a couple of months ago, and since then, she's been stating that she would be making a return to MTV, but we haven't yet heard why. Yesterday, she released the link to the video that she made an appearance in, but I never would have thought it would be something like this. The video, which features several scantily clad young women, is pretty sexual and there's lots of booty shaking. No news yet on whether MTV would actually show a music video (imagine that, music on MTV) but I really doubt they would be showing this one.

Who's Expecting?

There are a lot of girls who were featured on 16 & Pregnant who are currently expecting another child. For the sake of time, I won't write an entire article about each of them, but I'll share updates about them on this post so that they're all in one place for those people who are curious.