16 & Pregnant Season 5: Savon Looney Recap

Savon is a high school junior from Marietta, Georgia. Savon lives with her aunt LaDonna, and two cousins. She's big into basketball, and hopes to go to college with a sports scholarship. That's how she met her boyfriend, Mauwi. Mauwi is a college sophomore, and he played basketball too. They hit it off as friends, but didn't start dating until around 7 months ago. There's one problem: Savon is pregnant with some other guy's kid.

16 & Pregnant Season 5: Jordan Cashmyer Recap

Jordan is a recent high school graduate from Baltimore, Maryland. She's pretty popular and has a lot of fun with friends. Her boyfriend Derek is going to college for a sports scholarship, and she was living with her parents. When she found out she was pregnant, Derek dropped out of school and started working, but when his seasonal job dropped him, so did Jordan's parents. These two are now homeless in Maryland, and only have a few months until the baby is born.

Youngest 16 & Pregnant Girl Graduates High School

Season 3's Taylor Lumas was the youngest girl to ever be featured on 16 & Pregnant. MTV's cameras began rolling during the summer of Taylor's freshman year when she was only 14 years old. Taylor, who was barely 15 when she gave birth to daughter Aubri, enrolled in online high school while Aubri was a newborn, but ended up going back to regular high school around her daughter's first birthday. Taylor continued attending public high school without falling behind, and this May she graduated on time with the rest of her class.

16 & Pregnant Schedule

MTV had originally planned to end season 5 of 16 & Pregnant the same way that they've ended the other seasons, but things have changed this time around, and scheduling is a little different than we would have originally thought, so here's an update for you on what to expect during the last few weeks of 16 & Pregnant's 5th season.

16 & Pregnant: Jazmin Young Recap

Jazmin is a 17 year old from Raytown, Missouri. She's living with her mom, stepdad, and younger brother, while working to finish school and go to college. Jazmin's parents are super strict, so when she met her boyfriend Dell, her parents were concerned, and they couldn't date until her parents approved. There were also super strict house rules that said that Dell couldn't be over alone with Jazmin, and that he had to leave the house by 10 p.m. every night. There was also a strict "no sex" rule that was broken, because Jazmin is 30 weeks pregnant.

Nikkole Paulun's Apartment Catches Fire


It's pretty clear that Nikkole Paulun is one of my least favorite girls to ever grace our television screens, but since I blog about the show, and she was on it, I am obligated to write about her.

Danielle Cunningham vs. Jenelle Evans

It's no surprise to anyone that a lot of the girls from 16 & Pregnant have some beef with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. This is because she repeatedly uses her publicity to post stories about them on Sulia or her website, Teen Mom Truth, and make a couple bucks off of the misfortunes of others. She's made basically the whole cast of Teen Mom 3 mad, and even some of the Teen Mom 2 girls have come forward with their frustrations about Jenelle's nickel-making practices. The most recent issue in Jenelle's life deals with former 16 & Pregnant girl, and mother of 2, Danielle Cunningham.