Did Track Palin Make it to Willow's Wedding?

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Lot's going on with the Palins and of course, since Bristol is being filmed for Teen Mom OG, we're sure to be getting all of the most recent news on the deets with this drama-filled family. In the last few days,  The latest and greatest, is that Track Palin was most recently arrested for domestic violence charges for the third time in 3 years. What's truly troubling about this story is that Track apparently assaulted a female acquaintance, who when she tried to call the police, Track allegedly tried to take her phone away from her.  

Why is Farrah Liquidating Her Stores? The Answer Will Shock You

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Farrah Abraham has been liquidating her furniture in both Austin, Texas and Lakeway, Texas which leads us to believe she's definitely shutting down her businesses and liquidating. The question, is what's going on with her finances that she keeps needing to get rid of her inventory? We all know that Farrah's FroYo business closed earlier this year, so what gives with her furniture business? 

Bristol Palin vs Farrah Abraham: Which One is More Annoying?

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Last night we got to learn more about Cheyenne and Bristol up close and personal and while Cheyenne proved to be your typical teen mom featured on the show (plenty of baby daddy dramz that she's "so over"), Bristol seemed to have that extra level of tiresomeness. Like pretty much everything she had to say was incredibly annoying. So, in honor of the upcoming premiere of Teen Mom OG, we just had to ask, who's more annoying, Bristol or Farrah? 

Teen Mom OG Recap: Meet Bristol and Cheyenne

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Here's to hoping MTV made a good choice with Cheyenne and Bristol, 'cause so far, we're not really feelin' thee two choices for Teen Mom OG. Is it just us, or does feel like MTV is moving into political waters with the choice of these two. 

You'll Never Believe Which Teen Mom Star is Slamming Cheyenne Now!

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With the upcoming premiere of Teen Mom OG, it seems all of the stars, whether former, current or upcoming, have all decided to open their mouth to the press and start slamming each other. First up on that roster, is Farrah, of course, throwing some serious shade the way of new mom, Cheyenne. Much like Farrah's usual pattern, she's decided to run ironic with her criticism, attacks Cheyenne where it should hurt herself - on her intelligence, of course. 

Farrah's Shocking Breakdown: Who Is She Accusing Now?

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Another day, another breakdown. And it looks like this time, Farrah Abraham is at the heart of the controversy. Today, Farrah appeared with her moms, Debz, on the show "Face the Truth" hosted by Vivica A.Fox. The goal of her appearing on the show was to mend her relationship with Debz. Of course, we find it hard to believe that this would be a true goal considering that these two have appeared on reality TV before to purportedly address the troubles in their relationship before. 

Here's How Hard a Time Ryan Edwards Gave Mackenzie Edwards About Her Spending Habits

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For the last season of Teen Mom OG, Ryan has been sitting around on his extra-comfy couch, giving Mackenzie, his new wife, a really, really hard time about her tendency to spend. But it's weird, 'cause he'll give her a rough time about just going to the mall and spending what we're assuming is a few dollars. Well, now that Ryan and Mackenzie are off off Teen Mom OG and have lost what may have been a reasonable Teen Mom contract, these two must be pretty desperate because Mackenzie has decided to go back to work. Yep, folks, apparently she's starting a new business as a wedding planner!