Will Ryan Edwards Leave Rehab Early Again?

Uh oh. We're not sure if this is a example of poor adherence to his treatment plan for addiction of or if fatherhood has struck Ryan as his priority right now, but it looks like Ryan might win up leaving rehab a TAD early. Now, if there's one thing that comes across about Ryan it's that being a dad isn't exactly his forte. In fact, he pretty much stands for being a "deadbeat dad," - especially when you compare him to "dad bod" Gary.  However, it appears that though Ryan had planned to remain in rehab until next year, he may actually leave by Thanksgiving. Is it possible that Mackenzie wanted him home with her? 

The Shocking Showdown Between Bristol and Dakota

Now that Bristol and Dakota have announced their impending divorce publicly and MTV is finally beginning to showcase the footage that reflects their marriage's unraveling, it seems the gloves are off and Dakota and Bristol are being caught throwing pot shots at each other. So what's being slung more recently? Dakota is now accusing Bristol of not letting him be present during their daughter's birth. Meanwhile, Bristol immediately denied the reports. 

Ryan and Mackenzie Have Their Son and You Won't Believe His Name!

Call it a throwback but Mackenzie and Ryan decided to name their son "Jagger" and he was born early Tuesday morning. Mackenzie must have been really mad that her son's birth didn't make the Teen Mom OG finale - we bet she was cursing Maci in that hospital room. As for Jenn and Larry, apparently they showed up for the baby's birth 'cause it turns out that Ryan WASN'T THERE. Yep, folks, Ryan was apparently checked into another rehab facility and as a result, couldn't be there for the birth of his child. 

Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 20 Recap: Will Bristol Stay in Overalls the Whole Season?

Maci and the rest of the crew is back this week, bringing back all of the old skeletons in their closets since apparently they have nothing better to talk about.. So who drummed up the most drama? Read on to find out.

All the Times We Saw Bristol's Divorce Coming on Teen Mom OG

After seeing the premiere of Teen Mom OG. we're thinking the real reason Bristol got a chance to be featured on this season of Teen Mom OG is that she definitely has the most authentically jacked up relationship. Amber is simply not generating enough drama given she's not beating Andrew or getting cheated on and of course, everything between Tyler and Catelynn sees a tad staged. Maci's only source of real drama is her relationship to Ryan Edwards  Cheyenne has an ADORABLE child and may get back together with Cory buuuuuuut, truth be told, it's Bristol who's got a trainwreck of a relationship. 

Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 19 Recap Part II: Why Cheyenne Will Get Back with Cory


Cheyenne heads to a toddler class with Cory and Ryder. Ryder causes quite a stir with her dancing. Back at Cheyenne's house, Cheyenne discusses the class with Zach. She felt that it would be awkward to attend the class and Zach insists that he's not trying to tear Ryder apart from Cory. Zach seems WAAAY too reasonable. 

Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 19 Recap: Bristol's Uterus is a Platform for God

They're baaaaaaack. Is Maci going to spend the season whining about Ryan even though she succeeded in kicking him off? Will Amber talk smack about Matt? Will the cast recall Farrah? We have a strong feeling this season is going to be all about the ghosts of Teen Moms Past since soooo many cast changes have taken place in the past year.  Let's catch up with everyone, shall we?

Did Track Palin Make it to Willow's Wedding?

Lot's going on with the Palins and of course, since Bristol is being filmed for Teen Mom OG, we're sure to be getting all of the most recent news on the deets with this drama-filled family. In the last few days,  The latest and greatest, is that Track Palin was most recently arrested for domestic violence charges for the third time in 3 years. What's truly troubling about this story is that Track apparently assaulted a female acquaintance, who when she tried to call the police, Track allegedly tried to take her phone away from her.  

Why is Farrah Liquidating Her Stores? The Answer Will Shock You

Farrah Abraham has been liquidating her furniture in both Austin, Texas and Lakeway, Texas which leads us to believe she's definitely shutting down her businesses and liquidating. The question, is what's going on with her finances that she keeps needing to get rid of her inventory? We all know that Farrah's FroYo business closed earlier this year, so what gives with her furniture business? 

Bristol Palin vs Farrah Abraham: Which One is More Annoying?

Last night we got to learn more about Cheyenne and Bristol up close and personal and while Cheyenne proved to be your typical teen mom featured on the show (plenty of baby daddy dramz that she's "so over"), Bristol seemed to have that extra level of tiresomeness. Like pretty much everything she had to say was incredibly annoying. So, in honor of the upcoming premiere of Teen Mom OG, we just had to ask, who's more annoying, Bristol or Farrah?