Check out this adorable photo shoot!

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Felicia Cooke, who was featured on 16 & Pregnant's second season, is a mother to two little girls named Genesis and Giselle. Felicia has been relatively quiet since MTV stopped filming her, and even though she's still active on social media, hasn't had any huge scandals around her recently. She ended up being the first person in her family to graduate high school, and things seem like they're going decently well with baby-daddy Alex Gutierrez. Felicia's oldest daughter, Genesis, turned 5 years old on February 25th, and in order to celebrate, Felicia decided to have some pictures taken of her little girl. Genesis is in love with Disney's Frozen, so the photo shoot had Genesis dressed up like Elsa and she even had her hair and make up done. Talk about a dream come true for this little girl. Personally, I think that the pictures are adorable, and I'm glad that it seems like Felicia is making some one-on-one time with each of her daughters.

Update on Savannah Mooney's Son

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Well, after posting yesterday about Savannah's son, Rowan, being taken away by his father, Stone, some things were brought to my attention about the situation that really made me reconsider the whole thing. While I know that every story has three sides, this one has so many twists and turns that it's making my head spin.

What You Need To Know About Ryan Rice

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Although you might not initially recognize the name "Ryan Rice" he's going to quickly be one of the newest baby daddies in the 16 & Pregnant franchise. Although he will likely never be featured on an episode for MTV, the guy will undoubtedly be making waves when it comes to publicity and controversy with one of the former 16 & Pregnant stars.

Which 16 & Pregnant Star was Arrested for Prostitution?

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Picture courtesy of TMZ

Season 2's Valerie Fairman was arrested once again. TMZ exclusively reports that Valerie was arrested last night on a prostitution charge. There was allegedly a sting going on after several complaints from the community were brought to the attention of the police. When Valerie was approached by an under-cover policeman for some form of sexual act, she agreed for a fee, and was arrested on the spot. She was in New Castle, Delaware for the arrest, but has been transported to the Baylor Women's Correctional Institution in Dover, Delaware. She is still in custody, and there doesn't appear to be a release date for her listed at this point in time.