WTF Simon?

Anyone check out the "Being Simon" MTV special last week? We almost forgot to comment on Farrah's clear steering of the episode and how desperate she was to make herself look like a expert in real estate.

Farrah wants you to pay $19.99 a month to see her (non-nude) content???

Kim Kardashian has an app, and she makes tons of money off it. So does Taylor Swift... And Zendaya....

Who's the bigger idiot? Simon Saran gets into a Twitter spat with Courtland Rogers

Being Simon, the Teen Mom biopic on Farrah's on-and-off douchebag Simon Saran, is coming up this week and we're all soooo excited... And just in time for his debut, Simon has decided to get into a Twitter spat with another of our favorite douchebags, Jenelle's ex Courtland Rogers -- the guy with the Cadillac tattoo on his neck.

Are Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran Back Together? Pics Spark Rumors

Here's some not so surprising news: there are rumors that Farrah and Simon are back together.

You may have noticed that Simon has recently been tweeting pictures of himself in Greece. Normally that would just be Simon's self-aggrandizement, but The Daily Mail has posted photos now of Farrah being in Greece as well. Here are the pictures: