Are Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran Back Together? Pics Spark Rumors

farrah abraham

Here's some not so surprising news: there are rumors that Farrah and Simon are back together.

You may have noticed that Simon has recently been tweeting pictures of himself in Greece. Normally that would just be Simon's self-aggrandizement, but The Daily Mail has posted photos now of Farrah being in Greece as well. Here are the pictures:

No, 'Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith Is Not Engaged

Nathan Griffith

Looks like the Teen Mom 2 world got into a frenzy when they believed that Nathan Griffith and his girlfriend Ashley were engaged. However, that doesn't seem to be the case and Ashley herself went about extinguishing the rumors. Well, guess there was no attention being sought out.

FTC May Be Cracking Down On Teen Mom Stars Farrah Abraham and Chelsea Houska

chelsea houska

It looks like sponsored posts without disclosure are getting Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Chelsea Houska in a bit of trouble with the FTC. When you posting a sponsored post from a company, it must be disclosed in some obvious way. If not, it is in full violation of the Federal Trade Comission's rules.

Is Catelynn and Tyler's Clothing Line Tierra Reign Suitable for Toddlers?

tyler baltierra

So we know that just about every Teen Mom star is starting their own business and lending their name to whatever business will come their way. Maci Bookout's man, Tyler, started his own T-shirt company, and of course, Catelynn and Tyler had to follow suit.

Is Farrah Abraham The Next Scary Stage Mom?

Sophia Abraham

Has anyone taken a look at Sophia Abraham's Instagram lately? This girl is shilling for practically every brand that Farrah can get her hands on and it's clear that Sophia is being shuttled into the entertainment industry. Even though Farrah has taken her own career into some pretty questionable directions, it's clear that her name can attract quite a bit of publicity. So has she been trying to just build up Sophia's career all along? Let's examine the evidence: