Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Dr. David Takes Michael

Tonight was the first episode of Season 7 of Teen Mom OG. This season seems less exciting than previous ones, although that's kind of expected.

Who Else Thinks Ryan Edwards Should Be Cut Out of Teen Mom?

Last season's Teen Mom OG was pretty shocking, what with Ryan Edwards's opiate abuse problem come to light and his new wife, Mackenzie, pretty much ignoring the problem, then blaming Maci for Ryan's issues. Now, we all know that opiate abuse is a medical issue, but one of the most controversial episodes took place when Mackenzie and Ryan were driving and Ryan was high. Even though Ryan looked so strung out, the filming just kept going and Mackenzie kept turning a blind eye to what was going on.

Guest Post: "If I had a mom like Farrah, I'd be a better person"

Note: We're generally pretty hard on the Teen Mom stars, but this post was emailed to us by a reader, and we thought it was very interesting...

How Much Does Farrah Make To Show Up At Strip Clubs, Events?

More than any other Teen Mom star, Farrah does a lot of events -- and most of them are sexual in nature. Almost every month, she's at a strip club, doing something for porn site CamSoda, or hosting a party of some sort. She recently announced that in December, she will be hosting Gossip's 20th anniversary. And there's a reason why -- she gets paid a lot!