EXCLUSIVE! Teen Mom Junkies Personal Interview With Debra Danielsen: Part I

No doubt about it, Debra Danielsen is our all time favorite teen mom star. So when we had the chance to nab an exclusive interview with her to learn more about her re-release of Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim to Catfishing, we jumped at the chance. Did we fan-girl her a little? Yes, yes, guilty as charged. But, more to the point, not only did we get Debra's perspective on catfishing at this time, we also managed to get the goods on her real opinion of Simon. Read on to learn more!

Farrah Abraham Goes Apeshit on MTV: Teen Mom Junkies Break it Down

So, yesterday, Farrah went nuts about MTV promoting an upcoming Teen Mom OG episode preview in which she's sitting down with a producer being told that out of the 9 teen moms on the show, she's the only one who's a problem. In response, Farrah shakes her head and insists she's not difficult. Seriously? Did she just say that? We here at teen mom junkies secretly enjoy the moments where Farrah pulls out her inner viper and makes the MTV producers go to the bathroom in a port-a-potty outside of her home or bites their heads of when all they're trying to do is make small talk, but, eh, that's just us, right?

Catelynn's Shocking Miscarriage Rocks Teen Mom OG

It must be because it's called "Teen Mom" but it seems that nowadays, just about every teen mom is in some stage of pregnancy. Whether it's finding out you're pregnant (Amber), talking about getting pregnant again (Catelynn) or discussing the trauma of losing a pregnancy (Maci), it's pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy. We're not sure if it's the teen mom themselves or MTV who are pushing this perpetual storyline, although it makes complete sense to us that the teen moms wouldn't be able to push the boundaries of creativity with ideas of how to add drama. Their worlds, are, after all baby daddies and babies. It's not The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, y'all. In any case, this week, rounding out the list of miscarriages was Catelynn.

Teen Mom OG Season 7 Episode 9: All The Deets on Maci's Miscarriage

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. We've certainly come to realize that a number of the gossip bombs on our favorite teen moms that have recently been dropped have their origins in this episode. But, wait, wait, there's more to come. In this episode, we'll watch Farrah push her skintight attire to the limits and Tyler's mom wax poetic on the merits of psychotropics. Can't wait to find out just how snarky we got? Read on.

Who's the Bigger Trainwreck Mom? Farrah or Debs?

Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG got us thinking about who's the bigger trainwreck as a mom. If you didn't read our recap of Teen Mom OG, Season 7, episode 7, check it out here. The scene we're really referring to is the one in which Farrah and Debs are going at it and Sophia decides to actually put her hand over her ears and starting singing to herself. Boy did we feel sorry for her. However, it's nothing that would keep us from unleashing the snark on Farrah and Debs. So let's take a look at these two's worst moments from the most recent episode.

Top Five Reasons to Love Debra Danielsen

It's a snowy day out there in the country and all of those beautiful snow flakes got us thinking about what we appreciate so much about our favorite Teen Mom personas. So in honor of the fact that Farrah pulled quite a bit of gawd-I-am-the-most-ungrateful-daughter ever, we decided to compile our top favorite reasons as to why you gotta love Debra Danielsen. Ready? Let's take off.