What's Amber's Latest Shocking Move? The Answer Will Surprise You

andrew glennon

While we've all been really happy for Amber and how her life has been going lately (especially since she had to go through so much for her last ex what with his cheating and all) but let's be honest - it's been an awfully boring season for Amber. Instead of beating up boyfriends, now she's boxing for charity? She and Andrew are discussing in a mature, adult way, ways to lose weight and care for themselves? A teen mom OG couple is spending all of their time, lounging around the house with their baby, enjoying domestic life instead of arguing and doing a lot of drugs?

Teen Mom OG Recap, Season 7 Episode 26:

andrew glennon

Ready for another recap of Teen Mom OG? Read on to find out what happened to the ladies most recently?

Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 23:Is Cheyenne Getting Back Together With Corey?

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While Maci goes shopping with Bentley for clothes for school Jen and Larry talk to Mackenzie about how Bentley should go to a private school in their area. For some reason, Jen thinks she knows how Bentley should be raised. Ryan, deadbeat dad of the year, thinks he knows that Bentley really needs to go to private school. Oh boy. We think y'all should keep your opinions to yourself considering you've demonstrated such an outstanding capacity to parent one child. Those mug shots really back that up. 

Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 22 Recap: Cheyenne Breaks up with Zach, Yay!

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We're finally starting to understand why the teen moms are such suckers for having babies as soon as they meet someone. We literally think that they feel that a baby is the symbol of their love and a way to seal their tenuous bonds with their baby daddies. Seeing Amber so peaceful made us realize it. For more on how Amber's been doing, scroll on!