Teen Mlom OG Season 8, Ep;isode 11: Who Breaks First? Maci or Amber?

We're baaccck and ready to dish on teen moms who apparently want to have more kids, despite NONE of these ladies being teenagers anymore. 

Teen Mom OG, Season 8, Episode 4 Recap: Nova Gets Jelly Jelly

Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn and Tyler are on kid number 3, but technically it's their first time dealing with sibling rivalry. Awww. Poor Nova.

Teen Mom OG, Season 8: Episode 3; Amber Goes Waaaaay Crazy


Woah. Cory is definitely dating someone gorgeous which means that Cheyenne needs to move on.  Luckily, for her, Cheyenne didn't have to look hard and found a Matt, who lives in Baltimore and can appear on TV and visit her enough to sustain her income on MTV. Cheyenne points out that she has a lot of baggage what with co-parenting, Ryder, and her big family. You forgot your personality. 

Ryan's Behavior in Jail Will Shock You

Most people who wind up in jail look at it as a chance to get rehabilitated, maybe learn some skills, lose some weight, get sober and pass some time until you can get out and get on with the rest of your life. But not Ryan. Uh uh. It looks like, shockers of shockers, Ryan decided it was a chance of a lifetime. No, not to do more drugs (although we wouldn't put that past him). Nah, he decided it was his chance to cheat on Mac. Ruh-roh. Let's look at what happened, shall we?

Mackenzie Response to Ryan's Being In Jail Will Shock You

Maci Bookout must be soooooo relieved that she decided to leave Ryan when she did 'cause all this guy has done in the meantime (as opposed to other teen mom hubbies) is develop a pretty persistent drug addiction and REALLY bad judgment (what with the driving under the influence and getting in trouble with the law because he walked out on a restaurant bill).