Ryan's Behavior in Jail Will Shock You

Tyler Mckinney

Most people who wind up in jail look at it as a chance to get rehabilitated, maybe learn some skills, lose some weight, get sober and pass some time until you can get out and get on with the rest of your life. But not Ryan. Uh uh. It looks like, shockers of shockers, Ryan decided it was a chance of a lifetime. No, not to do more drugs (although we wouldn't put that past him). Nah, he decided it was his chance to cheat on Mac. Ruh-roh. Let's look at what happened, shall we?

Mackenzie Response to Ryan's Being In Jail Will Shock You

Tyler Mckinney

Maci Bookout must be soooooo relieved that she decided to leave Ryan when she did 'cause all this guy has done in the meantime (as opposed to other teen mom hubbies) is develop a pretty persistent drug addiction and REALLY bad judgment (what with the driving under the influence and getting in trouble with the law because he walked out on a restaurant bill). 

The Latest in Shocking Updates To Ryan's Recent Arrest

Tyler Mckinney

Now that Ryan is once again behind bars for possession of heroin, we think Mac should seriously consider giving him the boot. I mean, think about it - he's not on Teen Mom anymore and doesn't have a source of income, his supports are quickly waning, he's got a major drug issue, and oh yeah, there's that thing about how he keeps going to jail. 

What Does Maci Think About Ryan's Most Recent Arrest?

Tyler Mckinney

Woah. Looks like Ryan has been arrested. Again. We wonder if MTV is secretly regretting the fact that they fired Ryan OR if they're thanking their lucky stars that they got rid of such a major liability. Either way, here's what we know about what went down...

Are Cheyenne and Cory Most Definitely Getting Back Together?!

Teen Mom OG

It seems as if all Cheyenne ever talked about on this season of Teen Mom OG ws getting back together with Cory. Cory, Cory, Cory. In fact, it seemed pretty inevitable to us that Cheyenne was going to break up with Zac. Even more interesting was Cheyenne's admission on the Teen Mom OG reunion that she was in love with Cory but it was he who needed to take some time to see what he really wanted out of life. 

Farrah Posting Nude Pics Again?!

farrah abraham

In addition to pimping out her daughter with Sophia being involved in as many cheezy product endorsements as possible, Farrah is at it again, attracting just as much publicity in the new year as she ever has. Even more interesting, is that despite being off of Teen Mom OG, Farrah continues to wind up all over the media.