Douthit, Divorce, and Diabetes

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More and more seems to be unfolding in the world of Mackenzie Douthit McKee lately. Most remember Mackenzie from her appearances on MTV's 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 3.

Those who have since kept up with Mackenzie are familiar with her encounters with the devil, her recent attempt to get free breast implants and the rumors that swirled about trouble with her marriage to her children's father, Josh McKee, this past April.

Because we all know how marriages in this franchise tend to go, many fans readily believed and weren't particularly surprised at a rumor that Josh had flushed his wedding ring down the toilet and left Mackenzie.

Though Mackenzie initially denied the story and continued to post happy pictures with Josh online, she made an official statement to Wetpaint confirming that there was indeed trouble in paradise.

"I try to keep those things off of social media, but you never know what's going on behind-the-scenes with people. It got pretty bad and he did leave for a while, and we decided that we were going to get a divorce and separate. He went and stayed somewhere else, and we just decided that we don't want to live without each other, and he came back, and he said, 'I'm sorry.' But I can't put all the blame on him or all the blame on me because we just could not get along for the life of us."

Mackenzie continues on to let readers know that she and her husband have not divorced and trying their best to work things out.

"We're still working on stuff. Marriage is always a work in progress and sometimes it will get perfect, and then a door will slam in my face and it will get bad again, and we won't agree on stuff, or whatever. But I don't know, I don't feel like I could ever live without him," she laughs. "If he leaves it's really going to hurt me."

Mackenzie goes on to credit the encouragement from fans as a source of strength during this difficult patch in the young couple's relationship. Such support can be found all over Mackenzie's Instagram page.

#relationshipgoals #relationshipgoals

In addition to Mackenzie's difficulty maintaining her perfect "faaaamilyyyy" with Josh, she's also known to be a very fragile diabetic. Mackenzie risked her health and battled severe complications when she became pregnant with her daughter Jaxie in 2013. This was Mackenzie's third high risk pregnancy.

Her gestational complications are not the only struggles with diabetes that Mac is known to have. She seems to consistently have trouble managing her blood sugar.

This has garnered her some criticism from fans before. But now, Mackenzie is changing the conversation between herself and her fans by releasing a song.

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According to Star Magazine Mac's single "The Sweetest Treat" is said to come out at the end of this month.

The song is meant to educate children and adults about diabetes. Even better yet, fifty percent of the profits will go to diabetes research! It's always at least a little nice to see these girls trying to give back.

Did you initially believe the divorce rumors? Are you surprised that Mackenzie confirmed the rumors? What do you think about Mackenzie's song? Will you buy it?

Can't wait to here from you in the comments!


For a split second i was like "Gannon has a brother?"
Releasing a song? 1 word about it : don't .

But it worked so great for Farrah.

Hahahahaha at encounters with the devil! I like you, Tomlin :-D also, how is this dumbass supposed to educate anyone on diabetes? That'd be like me being a sober coach!

Yeah, it's pretty crazy how Mack wants to educate people on diabetes when she doesn't even take care of her own condition. That's almost as crazy as Catelynn and Tyler educating people on how adoption works and...oh, wait.

Or Maci educating people on avoiding unplanned pregnancies.

Or Amber educating people on being sober.

Or Farrah educating people on Christian parenting.

Or if leah were to talk about being in a healthy & faithful marriage

I do not care for this girl but I like that she is going to help raise money. But I thought she doesn't take care of her own health??? Lol

on a side note unrelated. I was wondering if there could be an article in the works about teen mom and dad's ex gf/bf's.
Example: Jordan who was with kailyn or jenelles' exes. From seasons of 16 & pregnant and all 3 teen mom. Not just the ones normally mentioned. I think that would be a nice update

Jordan works at Best Buy in the LV mall where Kail and Alex used to work. He's on my friend's spring basketball league.

I think Jordan was a total derp at the time, but I've come to appreciate over the years the fact that when Kail hinted they should move in he was like hell, no, and actually had the nerve to be upset with her when she cheated. He seems like the only person (other than Jo and his family) who refused to put up with her shit.

Kail did Jordan so fucking dirty. She cheated on him with Jo, didn't apologize, and tried to defend it with this bullshit excuse of, "Well, he my son's father and we'll always have this connection with each other." Like sharing a kid with somebody justified having an affair with that person.

But the worst part was when Kail tried to make it work out with Jo and told Jordan to basically wait for her in case Jo didn't want to get back together. She made it crystal-clear that Jordan was her last resort. I think she even told him on the reunion to get tested for an STD. That poor guy. I hope he's recovered from his relationship with the She-Hulk. Those scars probably took a long time to heal lol.

Jordan was such a catch, she really fucked up. I hope he finds someone who appreciates him. And I hope he's okay.

I had liked Kail for the most part until she cheated on him. That was the turning point for me with her. And the reenacted confession was painful to watch.

Tracy- I take the opposite view. I am disgusted by those who try to raise money for themselves by tagging a charity onto whatever they are doing. If she wants to help charity, give 100%. If she wants to give less than 100%, take all of the money and give whatever to the charity and keep her fat mouth shut about it. She only adds the charity to the effort because she thinks SHE will make more money by including the charity than she would if she just put out a song on her own. She repulses me.

Also, I will believe that she donates half of EVERYTHING that she makes off the song when we see the ledgers and accounting. I do not trust this girl or her husband.

I wonder who's song is going to be better...hers or farrahs?! ???

Epic Rap Battle: Farrah v. Mack!

My ears are bleeding at the mere thought.

The frenzied howling of feral cat being attacked by a rabid skunk sounds better than Farrah's singing.
And Mackenzie's navel frightens me.

Remember when Angelina Pivarnick (from jersey shore) released a single called "I'm Hot," which listed a variety of reasons why she isn't hot? "I'm hot, I'm hot, like an ice cream cone with a cherry on top." Soooo~ you're the opposite of hot. You're freezing cold. You're terrible. Lord give me strength.

Wow, this new site layout is really weird.
About the article: I always thought that even though she can be a bit dumb, I liked her lol. There is just something about her. I have a friend that is also a brittle diabetic so I somewhat know the struggles. She gets a lot of flack for not managing her diabetes probably but knowing someone that has similar problems, I see how hard it can be. Her blood sugar will jump off the charts for no reason, so often. It's really hard to manage. Anyway I wish the best for her. She might be dumb but she hasn't done anything awful that makes me dislike her.

I've always found Mackenzie to be VERY strange. At 17 I wasn't thinking about getting married and having babies. Like most girls I wanted to go to collegel. Therefore I don't understand Mackenzie.. Specially because she had two babies before the age of 21. Yeah I'm sure her 'health' issues had a lot to do it but even Maci has gone to college. All Mackenzie ever wanted was to have 'a family' with Josh.. DELIBERATELY.
It's just weird to me...

P.s. I'm not knocking people who haven't gone to college.

Look at that photo. Look at how dead Mackenzie's eyes are. How lifeless her smile is. She gives me the creeps. She comes across as slightly sociopathic with how devoted she is to Josh. Wasn't she at one point ditching Gannon with her parents to go Josh-hunting in the middle of the night? And she was still doing it even after they got married! Hell, she even crashed her car a few days after getting it looking for Josh in the dead of night instead of staying home with their kids. She'll bend over backwards for that rodeo zombie, and something about that is just so skeevy.

Mack has always had crazy eyes over Jawwwwsh. Borderline Jodi Arias

"She comes across as slightly sociopathic with how devoted she is to Josh."

SHe is SUPER obsessed with him and I could not understand why. He barely acknowledges her or talked to her when she came around. I don't recall the 'hunting' incident but I DO remember Josh (idiot) picking Mackenzie up at 10 at night. Mackenzie goes to Gannon and wakes him up and throws a hissy fit screaming she and Josh 'ARE A FAMILY'. I loved how her mom told her to shut up as Mackenzie was leaving. Shut the hell up Mackenzie. Your parents are telling you to not wake up your child because he's SLEEPING. Also what happened the crap out of me while watching TM3.

WHY THE HELL WAS GANNON ALWAYS PUT TO BED ON HIS STOMACH!! Babies shouldn't lie on their stomach but on their back because DUH that's much more safer.

Anyway.. About the car crash: Regardless of it being a skeevy thing to go after Josh I think it has also have to do with having just a little of self respect.

There is no WAY I would go after someone who clearly doesn't want to be with me or who takes off when he pleases.

Oh man, I remember Mac dragging poor Gannon out of bed in the middle of the night to sit in Josh's car. Poor thing was wailing and so distressed while tweedledum and dumber stared vacantly ahead. I wanted to reach through my tv and cuddle Gannon, smack his stupid ass parents, and yell at Mac's parents for letting her keep a baby she wasn't trying to raise in the first place. Since then and all her and Josh's other exploits, I've seen them as selfish, stupid, spoiled losers.

It seems to me like she's basically trying to justify her getting knocked up at 16 by really obsessing over the marriage/kids thing.

Hhhm. Good point; you might be very much on the money that Mackenzie is using it as an excuse.

Although I do have a feeling that Mackenzie never intended to go to college. I've seen other girls on 16 & Pregnant and TM at least SAY they want to become a *insert whatever profession*.

All Mackenzie ever seemed to care about was Josh, Josh, kids (3 pregnancies before the age of 21 says she's wanted all three of them) and cheerleading/Fitness.

I've always thought she could be a poster child for munchausen's, especially when she was pregnant with Jaxie. She seems to make decisions solely based on the amount of attention they can give her, regardless of how dangerous or just stupid they are ("forgetting" to eat while pregnant, going to somebody's house while pregnant even though that person had already said they would beat her up...). I think she tries to pull the sweet innocent thing off while doing anything for attention.

Wait! Somebody threatened to beat her up? Who? Why? Details, please!
She's definitely not the cleverest mouse in the maze. I'd put her below Leah in terms of intellect. and that's pretty bad.
Josh has even more of a flat affect than Ryan, who is occasionally slightly animated and amusing in a dry sort of way. It seems like he's given up all hope at age twenty-seven or whatever he is, but when he's alert, Ryan can get off some good zingers.
Josh seems like he's dead inside.

It was when she was pregnant with Jaxie.... Josh was hanging out at some person's house (she was a heavier girl and possibly a lesbian, so at the time the theory was he was there doing drugs, but never confirmed...) and she told Mack ahead of time if she showed up at her house she would beat her ass.. Mack then went to her house, got her ass beat and ran all over social media about the horrible person who beat up poor little pregnant MacKenzie. Obviously, NOBODY deserves to be physicially assaulted and it shouldn't have happened... but this girl was at least 3 times her size and warned her ahead of time what would happen.

I think that's true. I remember reading (I think it was on here a while back? Or another TM blog since this one wasn't active during TM3) that out of all the girls at the reunion Mackenzie was really snooty and acted like she was all that. Makes sense because she was one of the popular girls at her school IIRC

I am disgusted by those who try to raise money for themselves by tagging a charity onto whatever they are doing. If she wants to help charity, give 100%. If she wants to give less than 100%, take all of the money and give whatever to the charity and keep her fat mouth shut about it. She only adds the charity to the effort because she thinks SHE will make more money by including the charity than she woudl if she just put out a song on her own. She repulses me.

Also, I will believe that she donates half of EVERYTHING that she makes off the song when we see the ledgers and accounting. I do not trust this girl or her husband

Exactly. I bet you anything (not really) that Mack will use some of the proceeds (if she makes any money, which, doubt it) to get her breast implants. She can no longer get people to actually pay for them after the My Free Implants fiasco, but she'll probably use the charity donations and justify it somehow by claiming that the diabetes destroyed her boobs or something.

And let's be honest. Half of fuck all isn't very much.
Maybe this is really her new "Buy me boobs!" Fund.....

Oh no... A song? Please let it be better than Farrah's

It has to be better than Farrah's. Although the idea of Mack rapping is disconcerting. Country Western seems more her thing, or possibly contemporary Christian. I can't see Mackenzie rapping about being up in the club with her posse, about to cap some ho in the ass, but whatever.

It's like she's doing everything in her power to make money in the most outlandish ways to avoid the reality that she's incredibly unprepared FOR reality. I don't know if it's worse that she's surrounded by people that tell her these are viable options, or that she's delusional enough to come up with it in the first place.

Also, I honestly hope that they do split up. Time apart may clear her head and help her find her priorities and become slightly less dependent. But dependence seems to be ingrained at this point, and he's incapable of doing anything but what's convenient and immediately available.

I don't know. Josh is just the worst and their dynamic is so foreign to me.

Nice half-ass 'stache, cowboy. He looks like a greyhound giving some intense side eye.

Is it just me or are a lot less people commenting now with the new layout? It seemed like each article would have 100 comments within a few hours before

But there's a lot more articles coming out. Like 5 today already? So I guess they're just more spread out.

I believe it's because of what Lyin said. It's more to do with the amount of articles than the layout.

Back when Megan was the main contributor, we would have these mega posts containing several stories at the same time. People would keep coming back to the same giant post to make comments until the next article went up. I think that's why it seems like the articles aren't getting much comments. They're not all contained in one big article like they would have been before the site got some new writers.