Derek Puts Jordan on Blast

16 & pregnant


16 & Pregnant Season 5 parents, Jordan Cashmyer and Derek Taylor have called it quits after some cheating incidents, and things seem to have changed quite a bit since their breakup.

Jordan, who you will remember as the homeless girl on the last season of 16 & Pregnant, allegedly cheated on former boyfriend Derek Taylor with a guy who does tattoos.

After their split, Jordan began working at a strip club, where she claimed to be a host, but later began posting pictures flaunting her body in lingerie and wearing next to nothing.

People questioned whether Jordan was making the best choices for her daughter, Genevieve, and it seems like we might have finally gotten some answers.

In a Twitter argument a couple days ago, Derek Taylor decided to finally try and set the record straight about the kind of person that Jordan has become.

He shared screenshots of text messages and several tweets revealing details about Jordan's parenting, occupation, and mindset.

Here are a few of the things he posted before Jordan got involved.

derek1 derek2 derek3

Derek even went as far as to post pictures of conversations that he's had with Jordan about things that their daughter needs.

The conversations show that Derek has asked Jordan to bring formula and rice cereal, but that he's never received them and that Jordan often times leaves him hanging while waiting for responses regarding their child.


Jordan eventually caught wind of Derek's twitter vent session, and jumped on board as well sharing comments about her frustration that Derek is dating a new girl named Sarah.

Jordan seemed upset that Sarah was spending time with her daughter and shared that she didn't want her posting any pictures with Genevieve.


Just a few comments:

1. You carry a baby in your uterus...not your vagina.

2. Jordan never claims that she's seeing her child on a regular basis. She simply blames not seeing the kid on Derek's inability to stick with a plan.

3. Derek's final low blow might take the cake for best comeback in 16 & Pregnant history.


With a 16 & Pregnant "Where Are They Now?" special in the works, this might be an interesting story to keep track of.


YES! I loved that episode. Her name was Unique. She was SO trying her best at all of it and had really gotten a shitty deal in life, but she made it work. I think she's married now or something, but she still takes care of her family. The scene in the grocery store when she was trying to get some food broke my heart. And, the food pantry one. So sad.

I am going to assume I was downvoted by Jordan. I have said the same thing that others have mentioned.

I hate girls like this who just add to the trashiness of the name stripper. There are good women out there who are not there to party, who just want to make money for their kids and family. If she was actually there to make money and provide for her kid then I wouldn't care that shes a dancer. But the fact that she has the opportunity to provide for her daughter and chooses to party instead is what makes her a nasty bitch, I don't care if you have mommy issues YOU ARE the mom now and you are doing exactly what your mom did to you. Which should be enough motivation to do right. Whatever exactly like always said babies having babies.
Fyi, I was a bartender in a strip club for almost 2 years while finishing college. Some of my best friends are dancers.

I have a theory, let me just say though besides the information provided I don't know anything about her. Anyway I bet while they were still together they BOTH decided that Jordan should become a dancer, it's more than easy to get a job in one of those places. Her dude Derek?? idk anyway he would stay home and take care of the baby while she was at work and they would be set. It probably was going okay at first but then her dude didn't like the idea of her being a stripper all while she already got herself in so deep she couldn't quit it, not even for her kid.. So now this dude is taking care of the baby and this chick is living the stripper life, which for the ones like her include alcohol, weed & other copious drugs that find their way into the strip club. Let me just say though that this dude has got to be talking shit. She is NO angel but neither is this dude.

Meh I could take or leave stripping. It isn't a great job but if it makes ends meet then I don't care. Hell one time I was really broke and took a daytime gig where I had to wear a body suit and pretend to be a tiger while rich people drank and partied around my cage. It was demeaning and degrading but it paid $1,000 for one days work. I try not to judge what anyone does for a living but I DO judge when women don't take care of their kids. It drives me insane. Having placed a baby for adoption I know the sacrifice it really is to say I am not good enough and think someone else could give my child a proper life. With that said keeping your child and walking out on them just makes you a shit mom.

I also see that Karley is coming to Jordan's defense. Excellent.

She's right when she says stripping doesn't always make you a slut, but I don't think she realizes that putting on her cap'n save-a-hoe cape for a deadbeat mom who is more than likely on her way to drug addiction/alcoholism doesn't make her look good. Pick your battles and friends wisely, Karley.

I'm going to call it now and say sometime soon we're going to see more from Karley, and it's going to be a little bit Leahish (because fighting over trucks, having a weird Jabba the Mom and naming your twin girls oddly spelled A names was just not enough). Her episode kind of spun her as the "good Mormon girl with the bad boy," but I have a feeling there was more to it than that. They're broken up now, and I have a feeling she's digging around for a new husband to trap. Because she doesn't have MTV checks coming out of her ass, and I'm fairly certain she doesn't want to live with her mom. (I wouldn't. She's nuts.)

I wouldn't put it passed any of these girls. Save a couple of them, this season was filled with some of the most questionable young women thus far

I think the girls have gotten trashier as the show has gone on because they know exactly what being on the show will bring even 5 years in the future. I got the impression that girls like Taylor Lumas and Izabella Tovar didn't really want to be talked about years in the future. I think they just thought, "okay, I'll be on tv for an hour, one time, maybe do a "where are they now" next year and collect my money." But the girls that are going on it now (oh, hi, Jordan) are going on it because they want that kind of attention. They all want to be the next Maci.

Word. It's all about attention, but I just don't get it. Why on earth would you want to be a cautionary tale/laughing stalk (let's not pretend the show is anything but that)?

Por ejemplo: Chelsea is one of the least cringeworthy Teen Moms (still hate her). She has a career, a house, friends and no other kids so far. She's doing well for herself and naive young girls call her a role model. But do you really think that any parents in America (save the Mama Dawns and Randilicious himself) would want their daughter to be anything like Chelsea? I sure as shit would not! No one wants that type of life and all that pain, loneliness and turmoil for their child. No one wants a grandchild to be born into a shitstorm. And Chelsea is the best case scenario! I'm sure even Chelsea doesn't want Aubree to be like Chelsea. Not taking away any of the positives things these young women have done, but parents only want the best for their kids and teen parenthood is not the best thing. Who wants to stand up on ntional television and essentially proclaim "I am the type of screwup that your parents warned you about! Don't fuck up like I did!"

I get that teen pregnancy happens. I don't think it automatically makes you a bad person or an inferior parent. All I know is that if I had been a pregnant teen, my mother would've died before she let me humiliate myself on national tv like that.

J5BD and Deer Cam Babs, I TOTALLY agree. Damn MTV spent so much time on the previous season making the girls seem sympathetic (even when they really weren't, Briana) that they did a total 180 with season 5. I mean, they started the season with booty call Maddy! Most of the girls from season 5 were not exactly upstanding, and MTV didn't try to hide it.

Nikkole's Teddy Bear, I love so much that you called me Deer Cam Babs. It really shows how pathetic my life is that I am emotionally having a hard time not being Barbara's Cackle anymore. I think I might have to switch back. Anyway, MTV definitely decided to go the other way this season. I also think the theme of season 5 was, "your wonderful boooooyfriend is going to turn into a douche if you have a baby with him." Because when it comes down to it, girls have lost friends, school, scholarships, sports, opportunities, freedom, college, etc and haven't batted an eye. If they're single too (because in their minds, that's all that really matters) then their lives are just over.

Jenelle's 5th Baby Daddy, I totally agree and I think that more parents have probably said no to their little preggos after seeing how they get dragged into the media for years to come. And there are so many times where I watch this crap and cringe for these girls, who have some of their most vulnerable moments on tv for the world to see over and over again. Don't these girls have super religious grandmas or judgmental gossipy aunts they want to hide all of this from?!

OMG, Deer Cam Babs, I love it! You have the perfect point: Seriously, my Grandma doesn't know about all of the issues in my husband's family because if she did, we'd never hear the end of it. Like, doesn't Maddy have family members that are horrified by her one night stand? What about Karley's Mormon relatives?

Right?! There are certain things that we all just have to keep private because mom's BFF is all self righteous and Auntie so-and-so is a big gossip, your neighbor golfs with your boss, etc. I can't imagine my relatives' reactions if I went on tv (at 16) and proudly went on about my one night stand with Mr. MethFace that resulted in a baby. And I'm sure they would all be talking about my hairline, too.

EXACTLY! I would absolutely die of embarrassment if my whole family new about me getting abortions or hooking up with some loser without protection. Like good God, what do people in their families think? My cousin got pregnant at 16 and wanted to be on MTV and her mom (who is fucking insane, but still has better sense) and the whole family deaded that idea sooooo quick

Yes! Grandmas, while sweet and loving, can also lay down the guilt and shame. I never did a tenth of the stuff these chicks try to pull off and I would have been ashamed as all get out if my Grammie and WootWoot would have know about my college-era shenanigans.

guys, not only did she name her twins double A names, but the twins middles names are Dawn and Lynn. Who's middles names are Dawn and Lynn? Thats right! Leah and Jeremy's! Next Karly and Tony are going to get divorced.. SMDH.

Totally expected, Karley is stupid herself. She claims to be back with Tony and I feel like her whole life circles around him. I will give credit where credit is due, but really, there are people on her saying how beautiful and perfect she is. I am not bashing her looks, because it's not a choice, but Karley=perfectly beautiful??? Really?

Lol I saw that too...I wonder if it's her herself saying that. They're uhhh nicer than me. I honestly just feel bad for Karley she has low self-confidence and that's why she says with speech impediment ass wipe tony. He probably loves it because she's such a doormat and has too little self-confidence to ever stand up for herself.

Stalked Karlys Instagram. Omg the cuteness!

Hah damn spitting image of karley

Just because you got pregnant and had a baby doesn't make you a mom. What a POS. At least the dad stepped up. Hope it is official custody he has so she can't punish him by taking her back. I can see her being a spiteful bitch.

I know I love that she uses "Well I carried her in my vagina" as a reason that she's a good mom. Not "I take care of her everyday,I feed her everyday, I bathe her everyday", just I was pregnant with her almost a year ago so I'm a damn good mom! Bitch plz.

So I know that Jordan's making money off the books (at least I'm assuming that's how it works?) but how funny would it be if Derek went after her for child support? She seems like the kind of girl that would think that she shouldn't ever have to pay child support, because she's "the mom" even though Derek seems to have Evie full time.

This is unrelated, just some fun with our girl Jenelle. We all know that one of Jenelle's favorite hobbies as of right now is tweeting about how well she's doing. So she tweeted about how she's officially CPR certified, and Tyler felt the need to get involved.

The first thing that came to my mind was "what a fuckface." He can't even sound sincere on Twitter.

Can we please just talk about how smug Tyler looks in his twitter background picture?

That's the kind of face I would want to slap with a bag of bricks. Multiple times.

Btw, was a lurker but had a bout of inspiration and came up with this name. My lurking days are over!

And can we talk about his Twitter background? What a douche canoe...

I don't think he is being sincere. I think he's being a total sarcastic smartass and I kinda think it's funny.

He might be, and it would go totally over her head. I'm inclined to think it was genuine just because even though Tyler's a bitch, he doesn't usually come out and attack people. (Except Catelynn, but not on Twitter)

I so hope so in which case my dad earns some points

Well Jenelle, that's just wonderful. What else do you need to do to complete your Introduction to Babysitting classes?

ARE YOU SERIOUS? THAT'S AN ACCOMPLISHMENT???????? Like does that honestly deserve a congrats? I got CPR certified a month ago and yea blowing air into a mannequin wasn't fucking rocket science. LOL HIS BACKGROUND OMG what a douche my dad is.

Who designed that blazer? Take them out back and shoot them.

I'd walk on razors to get my kid food personally. If getting to her is an issue can't she just ship some from amazon or something? There is something really broken about women who won't care for their children. Even a cat would kill or die for it's baby.

Since it's been awhile since we talked about Leah...

I was really scared as I started reading this. I was afraid people were going to start saying Corey and Leah hooked back up! I'm a big Miranda fan, and I'd kick Corey (who I also love) right in the knee if he was cheating on her.

Jesus god like a soap opera, how can this be real life. Leah must be so fucking stupid to think she would get away with sneaking her name mistress into her house on her in-laws property. I'm glad Corey Tyler and Jerrmy Lynn are trying to do what's best for the girlses, hopefully they'll still get to have a close relationship away from loose Leah and her drug habit

*male mistress

+1 for male mistress. Is there a word for that?

Toy Boy
Kept Man
Robbie Kidd-o: DearCam Gigolo

Pool Boy. Lol

Or in Leah's case, Stable Boy.

More like Pill Boy ;-) heeeeeey ooooooh!

Cabana boy, side dick. Yea Robbie would be Deer Cam Lover

I read this and I wasn't surprised. I actually wonder if Corey suspected leah was cheating when she told him about germy's missing shorts.

I hope this means the bromance is back on. In my imagination I see them having some beers together and Jerm drunkenly apologizing about calling Corey a piece of shit and they hug it out.

Also, the deer cam thing seriously never gets old. That is my absolute favorite part about this whole thing.

Okay 1. Is this photo shopped? I legitimately can't tell, and i want this to be true so bad! 2. WHEN was this taken? I have heard him and Corey were friends before Jeremy married Leah. 3. If this is recent WHY HASNT ANYONE TWEETED THIS TO LEAH?!?!?

I don't have twitter, but if I did, you bet your ass I would have tweeted her this picture with the caption "yeah right bitch"

It was a while ago, it was while Leah and Jerms were together haha once upon a time. I thought she actually posted it a long time ago. I was so happy wheN i saw it I was like wow they're co-parenting like adults yay! That didn't last too long...

The only thing that could make this picture better would be if they were wearing matching camo shorts.

Someone needs to tweet it to Leah anyway!!! With a smart ass caption! Even though it's old you could totally make a meme out of this and stir the shit pot a bit :)

I love this picture! I though I remember someone said it was taken during a reunion show taping in NYC. They're comrades now like survivors of a war.

I just turned this pic into a meme captioned: Reunited and it feels so good! I have it saved on my pc but i don't think i can paste it in here. Any other ideas for a good caption for this pic? i.e. Free at Last!

"We survived Leah" or "We're so much better now after that Mess-er we were in".....

Good idea, Meth Pipe! I would LOVE if someone would tweet this pic or a meme to all three of them.....I'd do it but i'm not on Twitter.

Corey survived the Robbie Conflict of 2009 while Jeremy is undergoing the Robbie Conflict of 2014.

Meant to be 2010. Or 2011. Whatever year you would consider it.

Okay, didn't Momma the Dawn initially say it was Robbie's dad that was mad at Leah and started talking about seeing his kid sneaking back into his (the dad's) house? Or am I confusingthe facts?

I thought it was Jeremy's dad.

Oh well, I'm sure they are related somehow or another, so it probably doesn't matter too much.

Yea that is why im so confused by all of this. This story has changed so many damn times I cant keep up. My brain hurts.

At first Mama Dawn said Robbie's dad started this rumor because he doesnt like Leah. So he claimed he saw Leah and Robbie sneaking out the house on deer cam.

Then Bictoreo claimed Leah and Jeremy's dad got into an argument and he started yelling at them and Isaac got scared so they went in the side door and that is when Jeremy's dad told Jeremy he saw Robbie on deer cam.

Now Corey supposedly went and told Jeremy. Whaaa??

Maybe he wasn't the one to actually bring it up first. Once everything went down, he confirmed Jeremy's suspicions. He wasn't going to get involved because it wasn't his business. And it would seem like he was trying to cause trouble. Especially with how Leah and Jeremy were talking about him.

That happened to my husband. A lot of people knew his wife was cheating on him and they didn't say anything until AFTER the fact.

Oh PUH-LEASE *said in Michelle Full House voice*. They blame EVERYONE except for the whore herself. Of course they will find something wrong with anyone Corey is with. Poor miranda...

A liars story always change. YOU'RE STORYIN' JABBA THE DAWN!

There's a crazy commenter on that story that raises the possibility that freaking MIRANDA started this all to make Leah look bad and that Corey told Jeremy to make his custody case easier to win. Now that sounds totally insane to me. This person says "Miranda seems all sweet and innocent, but I just don't trust her." LOL

I would suggest that it was Jabba the Dawn or Victoreo who wrote that comment, but it was 98% grammatically correct with 0 spelling errors. So it's obviously some other nutbag.

Well, I guess there are crazies even in the well schools. As much as we all love Miranda, we don't even really see that much of her. All we know is that Corey loves her, she is teaching the girls to behave, the girls seem to love her, and she's not all about MTV. We haven't had reason to dislike her, so that just makes that commenter seem like another rabid Leah fangirl.

I actually like her for the opposite reason... She knows her boundaries and seems to be letting Corey do the teaching and just sorta following his lead. The only step parent on the show that doesn't make me cringe.

i doubt it. Miranda is class from the top of her rockin' locks down to her toes. The Ashley article is pretty damn juicy. I sort of can't picture Corey going to Jeremy with this info, though. Was it really Jeremy's dad in his underwear yelling at Leah? and as per Oreo, all the messer kids were helping Momma Dawn move? How often do these people fucking move?

I WANT. HER HAIR. She looks like a Disney princess.

Can I just say how excited I am that Cory and Jeremy are using the same lawyer.

I hope that it's true.

Leah has the ability to be a good person just like anyone she just has to want to be a good person.

I truly hope Corey and Marinda get the girls!!

ARE THEY? hahaha that's awesome. HOw did you find that out? I'm confused about Leah tweeting they're together...gosh the girlses must be so confused :(

Apparently so

Is were I saw it.


Off topic but I'm excited for American Horror Story! Anyone been watching? It's so good so far! And scary as fuck with the clown

I'm scared to death of clowns, so it has taken me days to just get through the first episode. I was laying on my husband's shoulder watching it and when that damn clown showed up the first time he could feel my heart pounding in my chest and turned the TV off. We've been watching it in small bursts ever since!

Shit is frightening. I want the kids to get away :( LOL not sure if I should tell you this but there was this creepy kid dressing up like a clown going around scaring people and said he did it cause of american horror story bahahaha

I've seen stories about that! I'm not gonna lie, if I saw someone dressed up like that on the side of the road my sense of self-preservation would probably kick in and I'd get arrested for running down a clown.

Lol I'd definitely have called the cops and I would not let the clown out of my site. Because that's when they sneak up on you - when you look away. They're like silly Weeping Angels! watch Dr. Who too? you're my soulmate. And YES I don't blame anyone for calling the cops on that! I Guess twisty was inspired by clown serial killers. Fucking. Kill me now.

Lol I definitely watch Doctor Who, but I haven't been able to catch up on it as much as I want due to work and whatnot. I watch when I can though! I didn't know Twisty was actually inspired by clown serial killers, I though Ryan Murphy was just being a little sick. Oh man, that's not going to keep me awake tonight at all...

I love Dr. Who too!I have a shirt that says "Keep Calm and Don't Blink" with a little Tardis. It's my favorite!

I haven't been able to watch this season so I've got 10 episodes just waiting in the DVR for the next time the hubs works a long day or two.

OMG I'm so excited for tonight! I guess we're going to learn who Edward Mordrake (aka Seneca Crane) is going to kill and I really have no idea. Oh! And next week is supposed to be Twisty's backstory.

PS: I hate Dandy. And I was happy when Meep died. Poor chickens...

My prediction: Mandrake will take Twisty.


The actor who plays Dandy gave an article that we are supposed to learn Twisties back story come episode 4, Mandrake is learning everyone's back story in order to find the true freak worthy of being slain by him, so it would totally explain hearing his back story now. Also, john Caroll Lynch is only credited for 4 episodes. Dandy is supposed to take his place. It could also explain why Dandy is screaming "you ruined my Halloween" in the promo.

Can I just ask... Did anyone else cry buckets through Kathy Bates scenes last week? OMG! She nailed it! I love her! I hated strong man before, now I loathe him! EVIL fuckin man!

And Dandy had the best line this season so far, when he scooped up the girl and shouted "Clown!!! Look what I have for you!" Cracked me the fuck up!

Followed, of course, by Pepper "meatloaf!"

And Even Peters, I never thought that he was that great looking, but holy hell! He is way on the eyes this season! Gorgeous!

I got sad about meep, I know his routine was disturbing, but that's probably all he could do, have to survive somehow.

And Elsa's performances have been spine chilling!

Not happy about Emma being back, I can't put my finger on it, but I can't stand her, I honestly think it has to do with the way she speaks.

Bet and Dot, I adore them, but I like them better in the first episode, I expected them to start going against each other, but I feel it's too soon for that.

Whew... Long winded! I love this show! Seriously more obsessed over it than this teen mom guilty pleasure!

Ohh wow! That makes sense! I thought he could only take one of the performers, but it never actually says that and Twisty hangs out there anyways. Good investigative work with the actors and everything!

And yes, Dandy definitely had the best line so far lol. I really like this season so far! But then again, I've always had an affinity for carnivals and sideshows and freakshows. They just always fascinated me.

Yeah, I just figured the freaks having to be in the freakshow for Mandrake to take them was assumed. Realistically speaking, that would just be the most common place for them to be lol.

I love Dandy! He is so interesting! I mean messed up of course, but there is something about him that makes me really want to learn so much more about him.

I think he is my favorite character because he seems so simple, but so incredibly complex at the same time.

Here is the article if your interested:

I am really living this season too. I was really skeptical when I hear freakshow, I was thinking more circusy and I thought it would turn into a joke. Glad to see how wrong I was because I loved Asylum, but I think I am likening this one even more! I like the idea of a cult theme! I know next season is already planned, but I am crossing my fingers that we'll see it at some point!

Geeze, my auto correct ate up that entire post lol. Hope it's still readable!

Dandy is scarier than the clown at times lol....he reminds me of my ex throwing tantrums at his mom about Howdy Doodie LOL. YES I want to know Twisty's back story.

I am so in love with Wes Bentley...or BINTLAY as maci would say...he's gorgeous. Sad he's just a guest star. I was happy about meep too he was rather irritating. I couldn't stand Emma Roberts on Coven but she seems more tolerable now (hopefully). I hope Edward takes the big bald guy to hell he's an ass wipe...

Lol I would slap the shit out of Dandy. It's my theory that Twisty is going to kill him eventually.

Oh god, I love his EYES! And I would kill for him to look at me the way he looked at Elsa. I wanted to jump him right there! Yeah, too bad he's a guest star.

I can't stand Emma Roberts in general. I can't believe her and Evan Peters are dating. She even beat him up once and he still took her back. I think he's really hot in this one and it has nothing to do with his "flipper action", though that's a plus!

I hope he does too, but I'm willing to bet it's not. I think he's still got a lot to do in the series. I bet it'll be shocking though. I know it won't happen, but I wonder what would happen if he wanted one of the twins?

LOL I love how Twisty is like WTF I didn't sign up for this. Did you notice dandy had twisty's weird smiley mask around his neck when he was at his house? OMG Yes...same here. I've loved him since American Beauty he's just smoking hot. I can't stand her either...she's only famous cause of her aunt. LOL I heard that and I heard she FUCKING BIT HIM TOO! And he took her back becase "she's the love of his life" blehhhh. He's a cutie but yea...points taken off for dating her. She seems psychotic. OHHHH that would be interesting if he took one of the twins. I love that actress she does an amazing job. If he takes the adorable little Indian girl my heart will break.

I think Dandy is equivalent to Nathan. I could see Nathan doing the same things haha!

Yeah, Twisty dropped the kid and looked at Dandy like "You gotta be shittin' me".

She BIT him???? What a fucking psycho. He'll get over her eventually and then I'll just slide right in. :)

If he takes either the Indian girl or Paul, I'm going to be real upset and I might cry.

OMG LOL he does remind me of Nathan! At least Dandy is good looking though. YES she BIT him! Ok is it weird I find Paul really hot? The accent...his eyes...omg. I saw interviews with them, I love that AHS uses actual people for the "freak" cast (I mean besides the regular cast) it's awesome! I wonder if Violet from Murder House will be in it at all, I really like her.

Bahahahaha I find Paul really hot too, oddly enough! Maybe we just have a "freak" fetish lol. I love that they use actual "Freaks" too. Didn't the woman with no legs have a special on TLC a couple years ago because she had a baby? I think that was her...

I love Wes Bentley too! Have you ever seen P2? Funny story. My brother and I went to see Nightmare Before Christmas 3D with my brother. Ended up not being very 3D and we snuck into P2. It's now a holiday tradition to watch it! Wes Bentley plays a crazy security guard obsessed with Rachel Nichols' character. He does well!

Ohhh no I need to!

Just realize I put "with my brother" twice. Just in case you weren't sure. LOL.

I liked it. Not the best horror movie but it's interesting. Most of the movie revolves around Wes Bentley and Rachel Nichols.

OMG I literally just read that NPH is going to be in this season. God I love this show!

Ohhh matt bomer too! I love NPH his husband is going to be on there too. Have you seen Gone Girl? NPH is quite creepy in that. I loved the book, the movie was not as good.

That picture of Evie at the top is adorable! Her little kissy face <3

As for Jordan... I think we all expected this coming. She chose to live on the streets instead of staying in a SAFE HOME with her parents and not putting her child's life at risk. It's truly, truly sad.

I hope Derek is stepping up as a good Dad that Evie needs. I also follow Jordan on Instagram, and she posts nothing but herself in stripper clothes saying "This is all for my daughter". The texts prove otherwise. She is gonna be nothing but a deadbeat mom.