Derek Puts Jordan on Blast


16 & Pregnant Season 5 parents, Jordan Cashmyer and Derek Taylor have called it quits after some cheating incidents, and things seem to have changed quite a bit since their breakup.

Jordan, who you will remember as the homeless girl on the last season of 16 & Pregnant, allegedly cheated on former boyfriend Derek Taylor with a guy who does tattoos.

After their split, Jordan began working at a strip club, where she claimed to be a host, but later began posting pictures flaunting her body in lingerie and wearing next to nothing.

People questioned whether Jordan was making the best choices for her daughter, Genevieve, and it seems like we might have finally gotten some answers.

In a Twitter argument a couple days ago, Derek Taylor decided to finally try and set the record straight about the kind of person that Jordan has become.

He shared screenshots of text messages and several tweets revealing details about Jordan's parenting, occupation, and mindset.

Here are a few of the things he posted before Jordan got involved.

derek1 derek2 derek3

Derek even went as far as to post pictures of conversations that he's had with Jordan about things that their daughter needs.

The conversations show that Derek has asked Jordan to bring formula and rice cereal, but that he's never received them and that Jordan often times leaves him hanging while waiting for responses regarding their child.


Jordan eventually caught wind of Derek's twitter vent session, and jumped on board as well sharing comments about her frustration that Derek is dating a new girl named Sarah.

Jordan seemed upset that Sarah was spending time with her daughter and shared that she didn't want her posting any pictures with Genevieve.


Just a few comments:

1. You carry a baby in your uterus...not your vagina.

2. Jordan never claims that she's seeing her child on a regular basis. She simply blames not seeing the kid on Derek's inability to stick with a plan.

3. Derek's final low blow might take the cake for best comeback in 16 & Pregnant history.


With a 16 & Pregnant "Where Are They Now?" special in the works, this might be an interesting story to keep track of.


That baby is such a chunker and I need it in my life!!! THOSE CHEEKS!!!

Q: What's the difference between a cocktail waitress and a stripper?
A: About 1 week.

yes i just want to squeeze her face!

I so agree! It's amazing how cute she turned out, given that she came from those two.

So either someone thinks Evie is NOT cute, or they think Jordan and Derek ARE...alrighty then, chap.

Q: Why did the stripper wear panties?
A: To keep her ankles warm.

Q: What do you get when you cross a stripper with a model?

A: A boner.

Okay not pertaining to your comment at all I just wanted to post real quick before I get off.

Is it just me or are we all getting an ad for swarovski jewelry on the top of the page? I'm sure keywords contribute to which ad shows but man I was going to exit and saw Jenelles hideous necklace. lol I was on instagram a few days ago and she had a picture that was her necklace with like normal clothes on & she said "It goes with everything" PUKE.bitch.

YES! I went on the Swarovski website to post a picture of the necklace here and ever since I see hideous crystal jewelry as the ads on this site. It's just cookies, but sometimes it creeps me out

Jenelle is so tacky that it hurts. I remember when I was 16, I would see her on tv and her youtube videos and be so jealous of her clothes and style! But now she's 22 and still dressed like she's 16. And like she's 16 in 2008 at that.

Jenelle's so 2000 and late.

Has anyone read the post on teen mom truth about CPS being called on Jenelle? It's pretty hilarious.

No joke, I've been getting ads for Cheetos lately.

Noooooooo! The internet thinks we are Leah!!

I've received ads for Percocet perscripitons....

I keep getting ads popping up on the bottom for Xanax. I am not Leah ad people! I actually watch my daughter, don't let her climb on chairs or sit on pots, and I feed her food that cannot be classified as a cheese puff or lunch in a box!

Mine keeps coming up with Xanex from Mexico. No I'm not even joking... Lol wtf?

Q: Did you hear about the stripper who tried to blow up her husband's car?
A: She burned her lips on the tailpipe.

I keep getting a pop up ad on my phone for Percocet when visiting here too! Always makes me think of Percocets & Ponies.

Mine is "searching for Percocet?" Um. No.

I've been getting a lot of online dating. My beloved TMJ is turning on me and saying I need a life.

It wouldnt surprise me if Swarowski (or victorias secret) asked Jenelle to stop using their brand, abercrombie did it once with the jersey shore guys

Now that I've gotten over those adorable baby cheeks and actually read the article: GROW THE FUCK UP, LOG OFF TWITTER AND BE PARENTS! You're welcome.

If you don't tweet it, it didn't happen!

Q: What's the difference between a stripper's boyfriend and aspirin?
A: Aspirin works.

Evie is a very, very chunky monkey! She looks like Derek.

Jordan is definitely a dancer. One of her tweets mentioned she gets paid to dance and have guys telling her how pretty she is.
She is a cross between Farrah and Jenelle.


Jenellah? Farnelle? Whorebiscuits?

Dying at whorebiscuits!

Jenelle Evans Superstar?

I didn't think Farrah's tape was half bad, but the thought of Jenelle's... *shudder*

I hope y'all know that I'm taking the thumbs down to mean that you do indeed want Vivid to release Jenelle Evans Superstar: Roast Beef Teen Mom. Joke is on you!

Stumbled across an interview with James Deen regarding the story/media frenzy of her sex tape. I really cannot believe he called her CUTE and A SWEET GIRL. GROSS!

I'm sure being balls deep inside someone's rectum makes them a lot more tolerable

(James Deen looks very handsome in this interview. He usually looks kind of dweeby to me)

Is it weird that I think James Deen is hot?! lol I watched the award show for porn stars and when he accepted his award, he put his back to the audience. He is kind of shy actually. He doesn't really care about the fame that comes with the industry, he just does his job and goes on with his life. That's why I think he is sexy haha

Also, Jenelles necklace reminds me of 5th grade.

Lol I'm sure the point is to think he's hot, so it's not weird at all! I unashamedly love pornography, and James Deen is a female fan favorite because of the reason you just stated!

Glad to read that I am not the only one who thinks James Dean is attractive! I like his personality in the interview as well. I watched some of his porn videos and he does not have a small penis. I think it is a good size - not too big and not too small. Farrah is just mean spirited because he would not go along with her plan of making folks believe they were dating at the time.

James Deen is supposed to be hot because usually pornos have some creepy overly muscular skin head or Ron Jeremy lookalikes. Compared to that mess, James Deen is fucking hot. And he's not bad looking at all to begin with.

Definitely Rae! He looks like a normal guy that a normal, nice lady would want to boink. Makes it more relatable hahaha

All that roast beef. :D

I'm thinkin Arby's

Q: What does a stripper do with her asshole before work?
A: She drops him off at band practice.


hahaha this is my favorite one

Thumbs down from strippers and people in band

Haha Farrah and Jenelle??? Jesus would aprove that combo

YAS Derek! I barely know who these people are, but I am a new found fan of this wonderful, racial ambiguous man!

And if Briana's phone number wasn't enough, now we have Jordan's. If only Crank Yankers was still on televison....

I dare anyone to text her! LOL

Jordan just posted something about her number being on the internet. Guess people were "blowing up her phone".


Irrelevant, but I love any excuse to use the phrase "blowing up the phone." :) It makes me feel like Kesher, as mah girl Barb would say.

lol im texting her . pretending that i know her. im like Hey girl whats up. did you return that shirt yet? shes like who is this.. what shirt... im like the black one... she goes yah i did its clean...

hahahahaha. Well played. Why the fuck would you lie to a complete stranger about something that benign?

More importantly, how many black shirts has she borrowed?

You're so bold! I'd be terrified that she'd track me down and beat me with a lucite platform heel. But assuming she'd be able to use the technology necessary to do all of that is probably giving her too much credit...

Pssh I wouldn't worry if this chick cant even run formula over to her kid then you don't have anything to worry about.

@rae EXACTLY! lol. i ended up texting her for quite some time. near the end shes like wait who is this?! im like its nicole.. sams friend...

HAHAHA I'm dying that she actually went with it for so long. She seems really dumb.

That's hilarious. I texted Briana when her number popped up. But no reply. I'm in Australia so it might not have worked. I would've text Jordan! What's she gonna do? She can't afford to feed her baby so she ain't gonna find anyone!

Q: What do you call kids born in strip clubs?
A: Brothel sprouts.

lmao omg I just can't with these...

Another dead beat mom. Poor Evie. I agree with Derek if she could make it to work everyday she can use some of her money for cab and food for her daughter she carried in her vagina! I dont blame the new girl for posting pictures Evie is such a cute baby. Kinda like Nicole and Tylers situation after the camera's and relationship were gone, so were the moms:(

I have to say, the comments on here are so funny, but I am not into the Jordan bashing. Derek has a great point, go out and but your kid some formula. But, if he had put in any type of effort in looking for a job, he would be employed. I live in the Baltimore area and as long as you have a GED, you can work in a factory to make over $10 an hour. The factories are available via public transit. This is not enough to live or raise a baby, but it is better than him staying at home playing video games.

Can anyone tell me what happened to them living in Texas with Derek's Father? Also, if Derek had a lacrosse scholarship and he had an ounce of ambition, he could have spoken to his financial aide officer and explained his situation. I knew a number of ladies who had children in college who were given an apartment on campus so that they could continue their education.

I just do not think we should judge Jordan so harshly when there is a grown man NOT working to help better their situation.

The point is at this point he HAS stepped up. He's taking care of the baby and going to school. Going as far as to take the baby to class. He's not sitting around couch surfing anymore. She is working, not going to school and not giving anything to her kid or taking care of her. And it's really not THEIR situation anymore, they aren't together. He is working to make it better for him and his daughter by attending school. She is doing whatever the fuck she wants regardless of her child, so yes I will judge her harshly.

Word. If Papa Randalicious was allowed to support Chelsea's lazy ass during her education, then I don't see why the same wouldn't go for Derek? I don't think Chelsea (in the past) or Derek or Jordan are trying their absolute hardest for the children. But Chelsea and Derek are actually being parents, which is why they get cut some slack.

"That I carried for 40 weeks in MY vagina" LMAO! Babies having babies... XD

I love/hate how so many girls/women literally have no idea about their own anatomy. You would think that while she was in the OBGYN's office she might have figured out how that whole situation works, but apparently not.

Ugh. Anyone else remember Valerie's episode when her and her BFF were at her doctor's appointment, and they were talking to each other trying to stumble through the basic anatomy of having a baby? I suppose I should be kind because she was only 15, but that's precisely why she shouldn't have been expecting in the first place.

Right? Dr. Drew loves to harp on about safe sex and statistics, and wonders why no one is using protection. Maybe it would help if they were educated about their reproductive organs so they understood what they are, and how they work, to that they can understand how the birth control works instead of just hoping for the best.

It's just a huge, unknown mystery that poor Jordan will never understand.

Like the episode of OITNB about how there are two holes, one for peeing and one that's actually your vagina. I know that show is fictional, but I've met people like that. People who have children and everything. I'm AMAZED at how many grown ass women don't know that.

So true. Just as an example, I knew of a woman in her late thirties, with an MBA. She had a toddler daughter. She believed in teaching kids proper anatomical terms. Okay, that's her business. But now she's got a 3 year old running around talking about vaginas, when it's actually irrelevant.

I recently found myself on a forum of men discussing their feelings on squirting (like ya know... squirting). A ton of men were commenting that squirting isn't real and it's just pee. Women were joing in saying the same. I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly do not pee out of my vagina. It made me both super irritated and deeply sad lol

Also, my last comment was regarding potty training. She taught her daughter the wrong term in reference to potty training. Sorry if it wasn't clear.

Every time I read that quote I can't help but imagine how uncomfortable carrying anything in your vagina for forty weeks would actually be... Ouch.

Kegals at work, right there!

Every time I read it I think homegirl has never read the instructions to tampons as anything carried for 40 weeks in your vagina would surely give you Toxic shock Syndrome.

How kind of you to assume she can actually read, I'm a little less positive...

Someone is reading this to her then! Because she is down voting an awful lot. Any comment bagging her or strippers has a thumbs down. Hahahahah
Hi Jordan! Welcome :)

Bwahahaha Okay you win!

Can you imagine how big our pelvises would be if we actually did? Or what we would look like? Unless our pubic bones were made out of rubber or bungee cords...

I'm crossing my legs just thinking about it! During my second pregnancy I was carrying really low so her head was pushing on everything from about six months onwards and that was bad enough!

You mean to say your baby sits in the birth canal the WHOLE 40 weeks! Thats impressive, here I thought things started in the fallopian tubes. Wow anatomy class you've failed me!

Nope. Her boyfriend went and picked the cutest cabbage from the cabbage patch and then paid a stork to airdrop it into her vagina where she incubated it until it was a beautiful little baby. The end.

She's such an absent mother I doubt she was even around for her own pregnancy so I guess she could be forgiven for thinking it happened like that.

Jordan's explanation of baby making

how is babby formed

i never watched her episode. does she not have custody of the kid?

Yeah I never saw this one either. Why does she never see her kid?!

Probably because she's too busy pretending not to be a stripper and showing off her trashy thigh tattoos.

Her tattoos are actually the worst. She has a cute body, but her crack den quality work just ruins in.

I also think it's worth mentioning that Derek lived with Jordan and her dad and stepmom, and he was working and had a scholarship to college. (I'm assuming it was community college, because that would explain him not having a dorm to live in or something) Jordan and Derek recapped for the cameras that Derek told Jordan's dad that his job was seasonal, but when the time came that he was laid off, the dad allegedly flipped out and kicked Derek out and Jordan went with him. So I think it's safe to assume Derek and Jordan are just plain stupid.

To sum up, she left home to be with Derek. But he was a lazy ass and didn't have money,so they couchsurfed. Derek wasn't a bad person, he was just really lazy. And after filming, Jordan started her stripper career,we don't know who takes care of Evie normally.

Clearly not Jordan though!

I thought he was pretty bad ...just his attitude really... and if he really loved JOrdan he'd be like go back to your parents because the only reason she couldn't stay was because of him. I mean both are so damn selfish... but you're right it sounds like he's shaped up and Jordan has gone WAY downhill...interesting how parenthood changes you. Jordan seems to have gotten worse and Derek seems more responsible wtf!? Interested to see the where are they now? Answer: On a pole.

His reluctance to work, his piss poor attitude, his acceptance that "couchsurfing" was an acceptable way of life, and the fact that he looks like this character from the Lion King sequel ( ) (which was a crappy movie, by the way) was enough for me to dislike him. But from the looks of it, it would appear that he is the hands-on regular caretaker, and Jordan can barely be bothered to bring by food or money to support her child.

This is everything I thought it would be and more. Bravo, Jordan! You really are the garbage dump of a human being I always imagined you to be.

I love it when the new batch of 16 & I-didn't-take-the-pill-because-I-heard-it-makes-you-fat girls deliver spectacular trash.

Sort of off topic, but has anyone taken Sprintec for birth control? Ugh so I was taking it for a while and it was just fucking with my depression so I stopped and I'm a lot happier and less moody(I don't have sex anyway lol), I did actually lose a couple of pounds but breaking out like CRAZY and my hair was oily as fuck for like a month, now it's back to normal thank God but the breaking out won't stop and I'm so lethargic, but not sure if it's from coming off the's been like 3 months. Anyone have similar stories of getting off birth control? was just curious. I really don't want to go back on any honestly I don't like the idea of stuff fucking with my hormones . MAYBE IUD if i don't pee it out like Chelsea (wtf)

Not just because I was mentioned (lol), I have a few anecdotes to share about birth control. One of my best friends just got off hormonal bc after taking it for ten years, and she had similar symptoms - headaches, random acne, moodiness. I think it started normalizing itself after a few weeks. As for IUDs, dude I got mirena 18 months ago and I got SO FAT FROM IT. Was always about 130 pounds at 5'3 and now I'm 180 :/ I would not recommend mirena at all. Don't get my period but fifty pounds of weight gain ain't worth that shit. Gave me horrible stretch marks like I'm pregnant too lol. If you get the IUD I would recommend the copper, non hormonal one but it can make you get on your period for like weeks at a time. I had implanon before the horrible mirena mistake and it was actually pretty good apart from crazy moodiness around my period and occasional long-lasting periods (why I got off it after 2 years to make the dumb decision to get mirena).

TTB I can't take hormone-based birth control either as it makes me crazy, one pill I was on made me so bad it took six months for me to feel normal again. I have a copper IUD now , tried a Mirena but even the small amount of hormone affected me. The copper one has it's negatives too but I've stuck with it as it doesn't mess with my moods or anything. I hate birth control but not ready for any more babies just yet!

Condoms. Don't mess with your hormones or leaving anything up in your uterus. Condoms!

I totally recommend implanon! I get hormonal-based migraines, and as a result was considered high-risk for birth control. I went on loestrin 24 birth control and got a blood clot on my brain and was told I had a high chance of having a stroke if I stayed on it. With the implanon, my migraines are almost gone completely. It's in your arm, but you don't feel it unless you really go out of your way to do so. I haven't had crazy mood swings with it. I'd say maybe once a month I'll get a weepy day where all I want to do is cry and eat frosting and snuggle my cat, but honestly I'd probably have those days without birth control.

Tri-sprintec (similar) is making me freckle. I've been on the pill for 7 years and I've been freckling. I thought it was genetics. Looked at the side effects, one is freckling. Kind of sucks bc it's one of the low hormone pills. I talked to my doctor about changing (for other reasons) and basically more hormones means more side effects. I don't want to get pregnant... But I don't like these side effects either (decreased libido as well). Sigh. I'm gonna stick with it though because freckles & decreased libidos are better than babies. Priorities

I've had my mirena for going on 4 years and haven't had any preoblems. I couldn't take regular birth control because it messed with my moods too much and it KILLED my libido, which my hubby wasn't all that fond of. I stopped having a period about a year after having it in and haven't had any weight gain, acne or anything like that.

I got the Mirena a little over a year ago after being on the pill for years and I had no problems with it. I switched to Skyla last week just because I wanted that in the first place but they were out of stock and I wanted to have the lowest dose of hormones possible without resorting to the copper IUD which I've heard can cause terrible periods. I'm very happy so far! It's fantastic not to have to think about taking the pill every day and since I got the IUD I've had no side effects besides libido decrease which has been ongoing since I started birth control all together. I'm hoping the Skyla will improve that though.

Implanon didn't help my migraines, but I agree with Maci's associate degree. My family doctor put me on the pill in high school because of my hormonal migraines but I found out when I was 21 that it's really dangerous for me to be taking the pill with the type of migraines I have. Implanon rocked. Some people stop having a period entirely, but I didn't and because I was using it to treat menorrhagia (aka holy fuck who broke the tampon dam) that caused acute anemia, I actually had breakthrough bleeding in the last 6 months or so of the 3 years that I used it. Then the NP gave me a depo shot and that woman can go to hell and die because the depo shot stopped my period entirely BUT it fucked with my depression and gave me at least 6 straight weeks of INTENSE hot flashes every 15 minutes like clockwork.

I am on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and now I suffer from pretty obnoxious IBS. My dad has IBS so I was at a high risk. Of course one of the side effects of Ortho is IBS. It also makes me EPICALLY psycho the week before my period. And weight loss is now a bitch for me. The worst is the being psycho though. I think it really affects my depression. I want to get the hormone free IUD but my husband and I want another baby and I heard one of the potential side effects is sterility?

Thanks for all these replies! I'm thinking no birth control after all this lol! Kailyn's I agree it just seems to mess with your body WAY too much, fucked up periods, IBS, migraines.... it's kind of scary when you think about it. MAYBE implanon. Remember that recall on Yas? I was taking that for like 10 years and it was scary how they said it caused all these people strokes/death etc. so I'm kind of weary to take BC now.

I was on the pill starting at age 10/11 because of debilitating cramps andextremely heavy bbleeding. I got off of it about a year ago, and I'm 22 now. My moods are so much better, as well as my anxiety. I get pretty bad cramps but they only last a day or two, and I do get Migraines a little more now, but since I finally found a medication that gets rid of them fairly quickly it's manageable. I don't want kids right now, so my husband and I just use the pull out method. I am so glad I got off of the pill, I really had never though aabout it adding to my depression and anxiety but after being off of it, I feel like it definitely did.

Val I never thought about it either! I had really bad anxiety and depression. It's still there but not NEARLY as bad when i was on bc holy shit. My friend have even said wow you're like normal now..LOL.

It's the progesterone that gives people the crazies and makes you feel low, so if you suffer in that way you're best off with either a Mirena (very low systemic progesterone) or hormone-free coil/condoms.

If you start to get migraines with any sort of aura preceding them on a combined pill, you should stop them immediately; your risk of stroke will be higher. Pull out method is risky of course, only really recommended if you're in a situation where becoming pregnant wouldn't be the end of the world!

Roll on the introduction of the male pill!

Sophias lol yeah guys need to start taking that instead. Wow all of that is so risky, yea I think i was having migraines from Sprintec, I mean I NEVER had migraines before that! I think condom sounds safest in regards to your own health. Honestly (Tmi) but I rarely hve sex (lol) and not Chelsea's version of I never have sex cause she still does with Adam lolol. Maybe when I'm with someone I'll try Mirena gosh but all these crazy stories scare me. BC is pretty damn dangerous when you think about it. It's nice not taking any sort of pill besides an occasional sleeping pill for insomnia. By the way I'm seeing ads for birth control on this page now hahahaha.

TTB omg Yaz was awful. I can see why you would feel that way. Also, a little off topic, but I always see you on here and when you responded to my comment I was so giddy. It was like having one of the popular girls talk to me. LOL (:

Oh LOL I just have no life! YOu're too sweet. Dude I always crack up at your name I will never forget her shouting I'M TOO PREGNANT FOR THIS. I'M TOO PREGNANT FOR A WEDDING. I HAVE TOO MUCH GOING AWN. I can't wait to be married and pregnant and yell the same thing at my poor derpy husband.

Lol after work, school, homework, and having my husband's(technically fiance, but we've lived together long enough it's all the same) kids every other week I don't have much of a life either. While other women my age (in this area at least) are going to bars, I sit on the couch, eat mac n cheese, watch Doctor Who and lurk on this website. A sad life I lead. LOL I laughed so hard when she was screaming that. And I wanted a cool username. XD

Who has this kid full time then? I believe in her episode they were both together caring for her...does Derek have full custody now? In the episode I thought he was gonna turn out to be a deadbeat dad based on how he was acting. Now it seems like the other way around & she's a shit mother. Poor baby. I hope Derek can at least play a solid role in her life

I was reading through Derek's tweets, apparently Derek has her full time, and he says his family/friends/Jordan's parents help a lot. So everybody except Jordan sees the baby a lot. I don't know if Derek has a girlfriend or not, but there are pictures of other girls holding Evie and Jordan is pissed about it. It's different than Taylor posting pics of Aubree because Chelsea is a good mom, so I understand Chelsea not wanting Taylor to do that. But Jordan...she's hugging poles while her baby is being cared by other people so it's clearly not the same.

Yeah it's one thing if they're a good mom like Chelsea but Jordan kinda sounsd like a deadbeat lately so if Derek has a gf who is around more than screw it. I noticed Miranda really doesn't post selfies with the girlses usually its with Coorey Tyler or someone is taking a picture of them.

I'm not surprised that Jordan may not have custody of Evie. I mean, this is the girl who chose being homeless and pretty much living on the streets over her child's wellbeing. It makes so much sense that she's a shitty mother. I am sort of surprised that Derek has stepped up to the plate, considering how he acted on their "16 and Pregnant" episode. He's better than Jordan, but not by much---more like he's the lesser of two evils. Oh, well. At least Evie has one seemingly stable parent. Jordan's such a piece of shit.

So she's like Kail but more comfortable with nudity. "I have a perfectly safe and comfortable place to live for free but I'm going to take my kid to this homeless shelter for a few days so I can qualify for a poor-moms program that I don't actually need and take an actual struggling mom's spot."

She really reminded me of Jenelle on her episode. Her parent(s) probably made really unfair demands, like that she and her boyfriend get part-time job and she finished high school. They probably wouldn't leave her aloooooone.

But she's far surpassed Jenelle now because she's actually been holding down a job lmao

OMG can we just talk about that for a second? I was so annoyed by people prasing her sooo much for the "sacrifice" that she made by spending two nights in a shelter. I understand that it must have been unsettling and uncomfortable and even a little scary. And I know having a baby and sleeping on your friends' couches is no way to live. But Kail staying at a shelter was a little box that she had to tick off to get subsidized housing. Even if she was homeless, Isaac was NEVER at risk of homelessness. She makes it seem like it was this big, grant sacrifice she had to make. Girl, you didn't win Survivor! There are actual people living in those shelters, and the bed she took means that someone who was real deal Holyfield homeless slept on the cold ass Pennsylvania streets that night.

And she was only sleeping on couches in the first place because she wanted to fuck on other dudes while she was living in her baby daddy's house. I know Jo did her dirty as fuck when she was pregnant, but she really should've thought of Isaac before she decided to stunt on Jo by getting in a new relationship. I can forgive all of that, because I personally have no room to reserve judgement. But I take issue with the way she acts so sanctimonious about it. Maybe if she really called a shelter home for a few weeks or a month I would've been touched. But her packing up Isaac and sending him to Jo's for a couple nights so she could find a way to weasel herself into assistance is not nearly as impressive as she thinks.

God, I really don't remember much of this! Was this on Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant? I think I'm going to do a Netflix marathon this winter.

It wasn't featured on either show, but she made a point to mention it in her memoir and several interviews -side eye-

Blergh. I think Kail has a martyr complex.

Well and really she had a nice place to live rent free. It may not have been perfect but it was stable safe for her and her son and free!

Yeah it sucks that you weren't Chelsea and have papa Randy footing your bill but come on... By the time she left her section 8 Apartment she was driving a late model Jeep Liberty and on like the third season of Teen mom. It was pathetic because by her taking that spot there was a girl actually in crisis that couldn't get into the program because of her.

You are correct. Because living in Janet and Eddie's upper middle class suburban home must have really sucked.

It was scary being surrounded by all of those minorities thugs!

It must have been terrifying for Kailyn and her HALF WHITE son. Because did you know that her sons are HALF WHITE?!?!?!

I still don't buy for one second that bullshit Kail spewed about being half-Guatemalan. Bitch, the only thing Hispanic about you is the chimichanga you ate for lunch and that, too, shall pass.

Rae I am laughing so hard at your passing of burrito comment. I had to log on just to like it. Lmao

Kail said she was half Guatemalan?! Uhh, who does she think she's fooling? Which half Kail? The very Caucasian boozy Suzi or the also very Caucasian backwoods, redneck daddy from Texas? Taking it up the duff from Javi doesn't make you half Guatemalan either bitch.


Wow, she makes Farrah look good.

I'm not so sure...the only reason MYCULL and Debra don't bash Farrah publicly like this is because they know she'll snap and finally stab one of them. or the Baby Goo, and we can't have that because Baby Goo will dodge the bitch and shank her right back.

It's pretty damn hard to make Farrah look good. The thing about Jordan that makes her seem worse (aside from choosing to be homeless and endangering her child) is that Farrah's descent into whoredom took several years and a lot more publicity to make it happen. And, she's actually making it a career (which to me, is pretty damn gross) and making a lot of money off of it. I don't agree with it, but she's financially independent and is able to support her child, even if she doesn't spend much time with her (which is probably for the best).

People will say what they will about Farrah, but she's one of the few to become independent of MTV. Farrah was a teen mom, her parents are batshit crazy and Derek is deceased, so Sophia was going to end up with some pretty major issues anyway. Why not add pornstar mother as the icing on the shit cake!

Someone on twitter mentioned to Jordan that she has become Farrah or something like that, and she replied something like "at least we have money". I think her porn star/stipper career bloomed faster than Farrah's. Remember Farrah had a music and writing career before porn? But Jordan started stripping right after childbirth.

You royally ticked her off, Megan. You handled it very well about the number situation.

I didn't call anyone names or make anything up...everything is straight from their Twitter accounts. I simply put it all into one cohesive post. I don't feel the need to apologize to anyone for that.

I don't blame you! And you gave her the opportunity to give her side of the story. Which I would like to hear. There is a major difference between the girl we saw on 16&P and what is seen on Twitter. This "I don't have to prove anything..." just covers up an insecurity that you DO have something to hide or feel ashamed.

Am I missing something? Did she have a go at Megan or TMJ on twitter?

Me too...I saw some generic "ppl tlkin shit" tweets, but I was wondering if there was something more direct that I missed?

Jordan said something about people putting her number on the Internet.

Megan apologized and said it had been corrected. She offered Jordan a change to tell her side. Crickets.

Other random girls tried to call Megan out, she just said it was corrected and didn't engage in their crazy. I need a life. Or a job. Or something....

Thanks, My Booster Seat is a Pot! (I hope you don't fall off...I hear it's hard to balance when you're drunk off cheetos. :) )

Megan, you're awesome! You always do such a great job on here, and you're amazingly fair and unbiased in your writing! (except for maybe Farrah and Nathan...but I'm still not convinced that they can read, so they might not even know.) You're the best :)

Thanks for your concern but the stickiness of half-eaten lollipops and sippy cups full of Coke keep me firmly planted in place!

I should preface this by saying that I live in Maryland so I know how to do some snooping.

That being said, holy crap is that child - and I mean Jordan - messed up. She is a second generation dead beat mom. First, Jordan's dad had to get her name legally changed to "Cashmeyer" when he won custody of her from her mom. They were never married. Afterwards, he's had to take Jodan's mother to court for child support more than once.

Second, Jordan's got a younger half-sibling whose father gas also had to take the mother to court over failure to pay child support. The mom also has a rap sheet. Jordan's dad got into some trouble as a teen, but has been on the straight and narrow since.

Seriously, these little girls usually have daddy issues. But Jordan has some major mommy ones. My heart breaks for that baby.

I feel like mommy issues are generally harder for people to overcome that daddy issues. Don't know if it's instinctual or societally reenforced, but it's something I've noticed.

I think it's the realization that you've been rejected by the one person everyone always says is supposed to love you completely and unconditionally. Mothers are expected to have a perfect bond to their kids that's unbreakable. So I can very much sympathize with Jordan. But I get steamed that she's been blessed with a beautiful, healthy little girl of her own and hasn't gone above and beyond to be an amazing mom. As I said, I live in Maryland and I am aware of the opportunities that she has to get an education and/or strong job training. She doesn't have to be on the pole!

And likewise, I hope that Derek is taking advantage of those opportunities. If he's doing all the parenting then he can and should reach out to the right folks and get it together for his kid. I hope aince he k ows where Jordan's working that he's filed for court-mandated child support so that the club sends Evie's money to the state, who then passes it to Derek for Evie's needs. He can also easily qualify for WIC for Evie's formula. And there are some *great* community organizations that help families - including dads! They can help with child care, diapers, clothing, and even housing.

If anyone reading this really cares about that little chubby doll, step up and do the right thing!

I definitely agree with what you said about being rejected by your mother. Even girls with mothers who pass away when they're young have so much trouble finding their way as a women. Having a deadbeat parent, especially a mother, probably makes it a whole lot easier to ditch your kid too.

If a lazy well off ho with tons of familial support like Briana can get WIC, then I'm sure Derek can qualify. I hope he looks into that and other supportive options!

As someone with mommy issues, I'll try to explain where these girls are coming from. There's supposed to be no love stronger than that between a mother and child, so when you don't have that, you're left with this emptiness that no amount of doritos and kitty snuggles can fill. And unlike daddy issues, being with a boy and having sex doesn't really help either. Girls with mommy issues are quick to have babies so they can have a faaaaamily, and have that love they were always looking for. The problem with that being, once the child is there, you spend all your time terrified about repeating the cycle. The mother-child relationship has already failed you once, what if your child doesn't love you either? You then turn into Kail is be paranoid every little decision you make will make your child want to live with the other parent one day and never want to see or love you again. The low self-esteem is crippling, if your own mother doesn't love you, who will? That being said, I've noticed it usually leads to more over-bearing mothers, and not out-right child abandonment.

Ugh, that is SOOOO heartbreaking. TM & 16&P are valuable to parents in a few ways - first, we can feel better about our own parenting when we see people like Jordan, Jenelle, Farrah, Leah, etc. etc. fucking up.

Secondly, we can try our best to be better parents than these girls' parents who gave them the issues that led to them becoming teen moms.

Macis, I'm sorry for your mommy issues. I hope things are better for you now! xoxo

I'm sorry you had to go through that. I was lucky enough to be raised in a stable, two-parent household, but a lot of my friends come from broken homes so I sort of understand where they're coming from in terms of abandonment. But I still can't imagine how Jordan can just up and abandon her daughter like she did. I mean, she's bragging about how she carried Evie in her "vagina" for nine months, but is barely doing anything for that little girl. That's just something I can't really fathom.

By the way, does anybody know if Jordan is still homeless? I heard that she and Derek were living with his grandparents, but I have no idea where she went to stay after they split. I have a feeling she's couchsurfing with friends/coworkers. It seems like for whatever reason, Jordan wants to be homeless or at least feel like she's running the streets.

I have mommy issues, too. But I got on the pill at 15, went to college when I was 17, I'm graduating from my second Masters program this Christmas, am applying to some prestigious PhD programs, and my boyfriend and I are just now *talking* about kids in the future. My mother made it clear that she was disinterested in raising and supporting me. Like Jordan, I was raised by my dad. I won't claim that I was an angel, but I wasn't looking for love with my punanai.

I don't buy it. I was nine years old when my mother abandoned me. I was old enough to once have a mother, and then have her ripped away from me, and I understood everything. She just didn't want me. It's not like I was too young to notice or care. THAT was hard to deal with, and in my early twenties, I am still struggling to accept it sometimes. I grew up with an awesome father luckily, but it was still hard to go through puberty and navigate life without a mom... or any female role model for that matter. (we moved away and I didn't have any aunts, sisters, cousins, etc close to me) My whole life I have struggled trying to connect with other females.... my point is, I have grown up perfectly fine and normal. No teen pregnancies, limited sex partners, went to college, got on the college honour roll, never been arrested, don't have a criminal record, don't use drugs etc. People can't always blame their circumstances. I had "mommy issues" too, but the difference is I don't blame those issues for all my shitty choices in life.

Where did you see me say I condoned anything Jordan was doing, or said her mommy issues had anything to do with those decisions?

I think Costco Corey raises an interesting point about women with mommy issues having some difficulty connecting with other women. I have often noticed that with girl and women whose mothers are absent or deceased.

In my personal experience girls who proclaim they don't have female friends, or don't get along with women often have some form mommy issues.

You hit the nail right on the head. My parents were all about money growing up. Like, they didn't have to be around as long as they could buy us whatever we wanted. My dad is abusive, and when I was in high school my mom finally decided to leave my dad. So I thought "Great, finally" because my mom was always the "good guy" in this fight. Until she dropped the bomb that the kids would be staying put with my dad. It was pretty terrible, nobody saw it coming, and then one day she just moved out of state and across the country so not only were we with my dad she was unreachable. So I have both daddy and mommy issues. As badly as I want kids, at the same time I wonder if I'll be putting my own kids through an emotional hell the way my parents put me through one.

Plenty of people move on from worse things in life than losing a mom. Some lose mom,are beat or molested by whoever gets custody and then has three kids themselves. This chick has no excuse. In fact, you'd think she'd want the exact opposite for evie

I too, have mommy issues. I completely understand the fear of repeating the cycle. My parents remained together until I was an adult, but my mom was emotionally absent. My dad worked in other cities during the week but instead of memories with my mom, most are with my grandmother. My mom was a stay-at-home mom, but I barely remember spending time with her. Now, as a stepmom to two, I struggle daily with trying to be a present parent to my husband's kids. Not because I don't want to, but because I don't know how. I never learned how to be an emotionally present mother because I never had one. I feel like a failure virtually daily. But I try. Also, as you say, the low self-esteem IS crippling.

I had married parents growing up, but my mom was basically a single mom anyway. My dad was always out or ignoring me and my brother and only really got involved when he was pissed off about something. They stayed together because of us, but since I was old enough to really understand the dynamic, maybe around 10 or so, I wanted them to get divorced and I wanted to only have my mom. They finally divorced when I was 15 and my dad never really was in my life after that. I had a dad living with me for 15 years but I consider my stepdad to be more important than him in my life.

I guess the point being, that I agree with Costco Corey. I never really believed in "daddy issues" or "mommy issues" because I figure if you have one good parent, the way I had my mom and other people have their dad, it usually is enough. I do feel bad for people who have no good parent, but I have trouble finding sympathy for people who have "daddy or mommy issues" despite having a good parent who did their best. I feel like it would have been a slap in the face to my mom to start acting out and claim daddy issues, because she taught me to be a decent human being.

I have an amazing mother, but I definitely do have daddy issues. I haven't used them as a license to be a fuck up, but I know that my dad not being around definitely left me with some very deeply rooted personal issues.

Daddy issues and mommy issues are very real. My mom's father passed away when she was in 8th grade and it definitely affected her and the course her life took. I think absentee parents have the same effects. They leave a void in your life that impossible to fill, but telling people that your parent is dead is a lot less humiliating then admitting that they're alive and simply don't give a damn.

My mom knows and accepts that I have issues from my dad not being around. And she understand that no matter what she does, it won't necessarily make up for my father's absense. I doubt people really sit and think to themselves "I'm going to do xyz because I have mommy issues". But I think as humans, ourselves and the way we react to things is shaped by our experience. If you grow up knowing or feeling like one of the most important people in your life doesn't give one lonely motherfuck about you, then I'm sure it's easier to feel like no one will. Most people don't spend a ton of time reflecting on how their past has affected the way they react and feel about certain circumstances. A lot of people (especially younger people) just live according to what they've learned without questioning it.This is getting rambly, but the point is mommy and daddy issues are extremely real, but they aren't what should matter most to you. Though it may be very painful and difficult to deal with, life is only 1% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.


Do you know the truth behind her leaving home to be with Derek?

Oooooh what more do you know?
Sounds like Jordan didn't have much of a chance. Not that you can use that for an excuse. Smirnoff Suzi raised Kail and as a mum she's doing a great job. As a person she could use a little bit of work.

You can be the Forgotten Twin of Jordan Cashmyer! :)

As sad as it is, some men just don't bond with their kids (especially as babies), and don't work to bond with them. So when they break up with the mother, they don't have that attachment anymore. It's heart breaking, but heard of. Deadbeat mothers just feel so unnatural to me. I feel like women just have a natural bond from the moment of conception, and even before.

Did this make anyone else think of Jace and Kaiser?

Sorry, new to this whole thread structure. I've posted a little more information below.

There were a few times that he posted that he had to take the baby to class with him because Jordan didn't pick her up. He's not very mature and I never liked him tbh, but he seems to love his baby. Maybe he should get a job to support her though because it looks like he's going to be doing things on his own.

I didn't care for him either but taking the baby to class with him because Jordan didn't pick her up? Good for him. Most people would say "Oh no, I can't go to class with the baby. I'll just have to sit at home". At least he's making one hell of an effort, and professors and instructors do see that, even if it means putting up with a pooping and farting baby in their classroom.

He has a picture on twitter somewhere of her sitting in class with him, so I know he's not lying about it. At least someone is stepping up. Idk how jordan can live with herself, that little girl is so precious.

Good for him for going back to school! I take back the hatred towards him from their episode.

Is it common for children to be allowed in class at most colleges? Mine doesn't allow it so I guess I always figured that was the norm.

I think it depends on where you go. My undergrad is from a huge university and I can't imagine someone bringing a kids to class there.

My graduate work was at a much, much smaller school and I saw undergrads with their kids sometimes. Same with going home in the summer and taking basic classes at the local CC.

Some smaller colleges, JCs, community college and the like usually have older (read: not right out of HS) students and the schools seem to understand that may mean students with kids.

I think Derek's at a community college, so taking your kids to class may be okay with the profs.

grr....bringing a kid to class. I promise, the schools I went to are well.

It was never specifically stated in my college that you couldn't, I guess it was just common knowledge that you shouldn't.

But I think if a young guy turned up with a baby in tow, everyone would get a bit gooey and let him away with it. Our professor did bring his 2 year old once. Men actively looking after kids makes my ovaries ache!

The most shocking part of this whole scenario is that Derek turned out to be a good dad, from what we can tell. Taking your baby to class shows a huge commitment to fatherhood and to education. Frankly, I'm shocked that he is committed to either, but I'm very happy to see it.

Keeping it classy as always!

Good thing that adorable baby is chunky, because she can't rely on Jordan to get her food outside the womb. Just like she couldn't rely on Jordan to get her food while she was inside her. I bet Derek is kicking himself for giving up his full ride scholarship to college for Jordan. I honestly think he should have kept it and he could have gotten a part time job and Jordan could have gotten part time work as well. I always thought it was weird Jordan didn't tell him it was important he stay in school because it would benefit Genevieve in the long run. But then again this is the girl that CHOSE to be homeless when her parents offered her a home. Btw Megan can you please launch an investigation into Katie's missing boob tattoo. I refuse to let this go.

You mean food inside the vag, not the womb. All the smaht girls know that a baby lives in the vag! Come on now. Glad I got me education.

Jordan must have the Hulk Hogan of vaginas - puts Michelle Duggar's lady parts to shame.


Poor Michelle probably watches this show in secret, and is waiting for a girl that looks Duggary enough that she can go and persuade her to give Michelle her baby, so she can achieve the coveted #20.

Am I the only one that thinks it sounds extremely painful to carry a baby in your vagina for nine months. With that level of understanding of her own anatomy no wonder she got pregnant

Lamo at the Michelle Dugger Comment... Could you imagine being the "ethnic" child that they adopt with 19 children that are biologically related and all white and dressed identical.

Also am I the only one that secretly hopes one of the children turns out to be gay!!!

Statistically, one or more of their children will be gay. Of course, I don't think they'd ever admit it because they've been taught it's a hell worthy sin to even THINK about sex, let alone gay sex. They'll just bury that deep down, get married and have a loveless, beardy marriage with a billion children and one day, they'll die. It sounds fucking miserable. That's the dream that Jim Bob and Michelle have created for their children by refusing to let any of them have an identity or think for themselves.

My dad pulled the 'if you don't change your mind you'll go to hell' bullshit with me.
I made a Facebook status because I knew I'd be botched at if someone in my family knew before someone else. My stepmom 'liked' it and showed it to my dad, whom I called a few days after asking if he saw it. He started telling me when we die he wants to see me in heaven and if I don't change my mind I'll never see him in heaven with my sisters and brother and my grandmother (who happened to die two weeks beforehand). Told me he'd pray for my soul. Well, joke is on him because I don't have one :D

Except despite what they say to the public the Duggars would never adopt. They are followers of Bill Gothard who discourages adoption because he believes:
“Causes of Conflicts — Adopted children are affected by the sins of their natural parents, and these sins are usually very severe.”

Man I thought that kid's twitter name was "PoppinBoba" and I was SO excited but then I saw it wasn't. :(

Also I follow this girl on IG for the LULZ and I can vouch that she never posts pics with her kid.


Can you explain the Poppin Boba joke to me? I know it has something to do with Farrah and her fresh & frozen bullshit

"Coba the Poppin Boba" is the mascot of Farrah's bizarre froyo place or whatever. The most hilarious part is that we didn't even make up that stupidity, Farrah did it all herself. Check out the website:

I just read "The History" part, (I never actually read any part of the website before, because I'm kind of protective over my brain cells) and I only got through the first paragraph. And by "got through," I mean I read the words, but comprehended nothing. I'm just going to provide one of my favorite sentences right here...

"There was a lot to be completed with an unplanned great concept, so the founder of Froco thought about the possibilities to buy into another franchise of the similar sort but then realizing after being excepted to the other growing franchises of the similar sort that their values, their brands weren’t as great as what the founder could live up too."

So Farrah (The Founder) wanted to open a franchise, but she felt she was too good for all the franchises she looked at, and thus, Froco was born.

I also read the "History" section and it made my head hurt. Sometimes when I read things that Farrah writes I get worried that I have lost all reading comprehension skills. But then Deer Cam wrote it and it made perfect sense! I don't understand how someone can write and say things like Farrah does without confusing themselves!

Also, Coba creeps me the fuck out.

I have the gift of being able to interpret the lunacy that Farrah spews out. That will look good on a resume.

"Froco also loves to get Coba involved in all sorts of fundraisers, events, charities and just a lot of “do good lovable” educational things."

WHAT does that even MEAN?!

Plus, over 2/3 of that website is that "lorem ipsum" filler text crap.

And let's face it, the lorem ipsom crap is the most sensible thing on that whole damn website.

"the founder" makes it sound like she is trying to indoctrinate you into her Froco cult!

"It's such a beautiful day, & I'm so blessed to be able to spend it with my family! I

Got cut off...posted by Leah, no more trouble in paradise maybe?? last try:
It's such a beautiful day, & I'm so blessed to be able to spend it with my family! I love you Calvert505 !!!

I call shenanigans!

I really, really hope that Jeremy didn't drink the meth-flavored Kool Aid and agreed to give their marriage another shot. I get the feeling that Leah is just doing damage control and/or trying to win him back by making these public declarations of love.

I still think that Leah finally lost her mind and is holding Jeremy hostage...

Maybe she finally snapped and killed him and he's in the laundry basket, currently "deader than fucking Fort Knox" like the kitten...whatever that actually means.

Did anyone ever have to read "A Rose for Emily" in high school or something? Spoiler: the bitch is nuts, her fiance wants to leave her so she kills him and keeps his body in her bed.

LoL Misery style, cut his legs off and tied him to the bed so he can't go anywhere

That has happened to several people who tried to copy and paste that tweet! Spooooooooky :O

How sad. He seemed like a real loser in that episode. Remember when the baby was crying and he didn't want to comfort her? I thought what a douche. Now it seems like jordan is the douche.

That was pretty douchey of him, but as someone with no kids I kinda sympathized. He clearly cares about the little girl and probably genuinely thought crying it out was appropriate at that age. Not realizing that tactics like that are for older babies that don't need the constant attention that newborns do. All the other douchey stuff he did was pretty indefensible though.

Frankly they're probably both douches. I don't like the twitter-bashing even if he is just saying the truth, but it seems he's a douche that basically has his daughter full-time. He needs to go to court for full custody and child support if she's not going to help and stop talking shit, just like the girls with deadbeat baby daddies need to do.

I don't know how you can give birth to a child and then just never see them or take care of them though. 8 hours in a month??

I was flipping a shit when he said that. If not for the sake of the baby, what about the woman and her two/three kids that live there and have to go to work/school in the morning?! Not everyone can afford to laze around playing video games all day.

I would like to start by saying I don't condone fathers walking out on their baby's AT ALL, but I get really disgusted when mothers do it. Jordan is half right, you carry this baby inside you for 9mths and from a bond with it before it is born. How do you just ignore that for parties and friends? Again, I don't think it's ok for dad's to do it, but I can see how they can be less attached at first because they didn't have that time during pregnancy. Jordan seemed really upset in the Life After Labour with Dr Drouche about having nothing for her baby and being homeless. She appeared genuinely upset by this. Clearly now she couldn't care less! At least Derek seems to know what his baby needs. And is getting it from somewhere. And like Rae said above, he's probably super pissed he gave up that scholarship for this now tattooed stripper.

She is a waste of a scholarship. I totally agree with you about the mothers walking out. It just seems so cold and unnatural, even more than when fathers do it.

I hated Derek on their episode but I actually believe him,because according to Jordan's IG she's more interested in poles and slutty lingerie. I think she is the female Adumb, thinking you're parent of the year by posting baby pics every now and then.

Social media parent

I was going to make a joke about how she'll have the next "ee" baby, (what are we even up to? Did we ever find out if that Wendy chick is pregnant with his kid for real? Or if his current girlfriend is pregnant yet?) but then I thought to myself...I think Adam might be too good for Jordan.


"Condoms are punishment"

I still can't believe that he said that stupid shit. A statement like that makes it pretty surprising that he's the one who's actually caring for the baby.

I remember after their episode someone on here commented that Derek's statement said a lot about male entitlement and "rape culture". And all I could think was that it said a lot about him being a motherfucking idiot! Condoms don't just protect women from getting pregnant, they protect either party in a sex act from communicable diseases!

But, makes sex absolutely TERRIBLE for guys and if you really loved them, baby, you'd NEVER make them wear an awful, restrictive, icky condom that makes THEM in charge of post-sex cleanup!! Why would you do that to a man you love?

*cue the barfing*

You know what else makes sex terrible? A screaming baby.


Great idea for a username, lol!!

I'd like a "where are they now" special on Leah's therapy horse. Can we get that, MTV?

On everyone's first grade classroom school supplies list in the form of Elmer's, most likely.

Bawhahahahaha that's fucked up but funny. Probably committed suicide like the kitten!

Jordan also admitted on Twitter that she's a stripper now, multiple times. I have the screenshots if anyone is interested.

Also, hi! Long time lurker, first time commenter. My username is in honor of all da baybeez that keep hopping out of these girls' "vaginas."

I love your name! It also kind of makes me think of Michelle Duggar, who is like the polar opposite but somehow extremely similar to these girls.

Did she admit to being a stripper recently?

I read that wrong at first and thought you meant MICHELLE DUGGAR admitted to being a stripper recently. I was so confused.

I thought that too but i was too disgusted by the mental image that gave me to comment

Oh my gosh, BARF. Sorry for that! Michelle never stripped, to my knowledge :) However, back in her teen years before Jim Bob saved her, she used to mow the lawn in a bikini.

By similar to Michelle Duggar you mean also doesn't raise her children right???

You know, from her 16&P episode, I TOTALLY thought that at this point, she'd be back home with her parents and working or going to school and raising her daughter. I definitely thought that if either of these two would be the deadbeat, it'd be him. Boy, was I wrong. I will never understand mothers who just up and leave their babies, especially under these circumstances. To be a stripper? Derek has a point, if she can find a way to work, why can she not AT LEAST bring her daughter some food?

I totally agree. I definitely would have placed money on him being the loser parent.

I thought that Derek was living with his grandparents. I suppose he has support from them. Who knows where she's living.

Don't know these pep

Jordan reminds me of that other girl from 16 and pregnant who turned out to be a deadbeat mom. Can't remember her name but she got married in her episode and her and her dummy sexist husband
ate fried chicken in the park.

That would be none other than Aubrey Wolters from Season 2B. I barely remember the rest of her episode, but I know that's her.

Yeah that's her!!

Was she the one where she and her boyfriend spent $100 on equipment to pan for gold in a creek in order to earn money for the baby? Because that was sad, miserable, stupid and hilarious.

I really need to watch more 16 and Preggo, cause I definitely missed that one!!

Yes that was her/them too! The other things that I always remember about her episode for some reason was that they were living with her grandma who was "terrified of babies.." ??? And I also remember a giant poster of mullet Billy Ray Cyrus on the wall in one of the bedrooms they were frequently in.

How was he sexist? Because he wanted her to stay home and take care of their kid for free because they were deeply in debt? I thought that was a pretty reasonable request.

Anyway, Nicole from season 2A also turned out to be a deadbeat mom. She was the girl from Florida whose boyfriend was some skater punk with long hair. Both her older sister and dad died before she was born/when she was a little girl. Anyway, like Jordan, it turned out that Nicole had completely abandoned her daughter to become a stripper and live on her friends' couches. I think her ex-boyfriend stuck around for a little bit longer, but last thing I heard was that he also took off and now Nicole's mom is raising the kid on her own.

Not surprised to hear that at all. From the second I saw them on my television screen, I had a feeling that they just weren't ready for the responsibility

It was the way he worded it. I cannot remember exactly what he said, but he made it very clear that woman should stay at home and take care of the household. Remember when she wanted to get a part time job and he was so pissed? I think part time jobs help stay at home moms, you need to get out of the house and have adult interaction. I think a part time job would have helped katie from teen mom 3 not become so whiny and dependant on Joey.

I feel like that's very true if you have the support of your family to watch the baby or money for daycare. But if you're already struggling the cost childcare and gas to get to and from work adds up. I do vaguely remember him being a huge dick about it, but didn't feel bad because they probably should have talked about that before becoming legally bound to one another.

But they were already so deep in debt and she wanted to put their kid in an expensive daycare. He was employed: she wasn't. She didn't even have her GED yet and was still studying for that. I think it was a perfectly logical request to ask that she stay home with the baby while he worked so they could save up some money and pay it back in a feasible amount of time.

I think he definitely could have phrased it better, and I think she also could have found a better way to say it too. Putting the baby in an expensive daycare wouldn't have done any good, obviously. I think though, that it would have been possible for her to work 12-16 hrs/week bagging things at WalMart or something. I don't remember what he did, but I'm sure she could have picked up a couple of night shifts or weekends and he could have watched the baby, if their situation was really that dire.

The thing that really shows how immature these girlses and boyses are is how whenever they have a problem, they always have only 2 possible solutions, and one is usually breaking up. Like, either we're all going to be homeless together, or this will never work. Or either the husband works and the wife stays home, or we get divorced. None of them ever really seem to understand compromise.

Katie had a part time job at that baby boutique, it didn't stop her being a whiny little bitch all the time

I thought HIS grandmother had the baby?

Maybe. All I know is some family member is raising that baby, not her deadbeat parents.

Wow I never would have guessed he would have ended up being the full time parent.

Don't know these people.

But if your child is out of formula and you are that takes care of her just go buy the kid some formula.

( I know he's probably trying to get her to help him out anyway she can since he's the one taking primary care of their daughter)

But at the end of the day you can't turn an immature party animal into a house wife.

The woman has to step up and be that: A woman and not a girl.

Instead of blasting her on social media get your shitting together and file for custody.

And buy that I mean cold hard evidence that YOU are the primary care provider

Recites that you purchase everything text that SHOW you've alound Jordan to come and see her daughter countless times.

Just be smart for your daughter and please don't be trashy

Get your shit tog

Get your shit together.

LOL my phone is crazy sometimes sorry y'all!

I'm glad we're not having a Teen Mom 4, MTV would've picked her and we all would feel complicit in another baby's neglect. She's on her way to being a Jenelle sequel if she keeps this up.

Your username actually made me laugh so hard, :D!

Wait, did MTV confirm that there would not be a Teen Mom 4?

Not sure, but on Aleah's Ask she was like "There will definitely not be a TM4" so maybe they told the girls that?

Derek is back in college. Maybe he's doing everything he can for Evie, and the load is getting too heavy. Jordan is that child's mother. She is just as responsible as Derek is to make sure that her daughter is taken care of, even if it now means just getting her diapers and formula whenever Derek asks. It's not like he's asking Jordan to foot the bill for expensive daycare or asking her to provide beyond her means. Jordan wants to brag about carrying that baby in her "vagina" for nine months, but can't be half-assed to make sure the kid is fed and has her basic needs met. Derek is not my favorite person by a long shot, but I don't think he should be called out for wanting his daughter's mother to share some of the load of childcare.

That poor girl is growing up without a mother in her life. That's just awful. I hope Derek is able to take care of her physically and emotionally. I'm so glad he stepped up to the plate and took responsibility of his daughter.

Jordan, seriously, get your ass off that pole and see your daughter.

I don't know why she specifically left her dad's home while pregnant, other than she felt that the rules about Derek were unfair. But since her mother has taught her nothing about parental responsibility I'm not surprised that she failed to understand the importance of a stable and secure home for an infant.

Now, what I don't get is how Jordan's mom became such a mess. When Jordan was younger, her maternal grandfather did sue for visitation rights. Obviously, he was (is?) concerned about her well being and wants to be a part of her life. But Jordan's mom has a history of petty theft, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and passing bad checks.

Such a shame. Before Jordan got pregnant, she lived with her dad and step-mom, and had a reliable vehicle for her own use. She had a support system that wanted her to succeed.

I think they said in the episode that Derek lived with them, and when he got "laid off" from his "seasonal job," Jordan's dad flipped a shit and kicked him out? I would bet anything that is a bunch of bull though. I would love to know more about what Jordan's high school years were like.

It probably went like this:
Jordan gets pregnant.
Derek is forced into getting a job.
Derek promises to get a full time job before the season job ends.
Derek becomes a major douche and refuses to get another job.
Jordan's dad gives ultimatum which doesn't work.
Derek gets kicked out and dump future stripper Jordan goes with him with hopes of guilt tripping her dad into letting them come back.

I think Derek blew the chance at a scholarship as well, didn't he?

I'm not sure what happened. I don't know the family personally, but their dirty family court issues have become hot gossip. From what I have heard, Jordan's dad wanted Derek to display that he was going to focus his life on the baby and providing for her. The loss of the job was just confirming to Jordan's dad that Derek was too immature.

Now, from what I've also heard, Jordan's dad expected the same of her. Whether she was in school or working, she had yo demonstrate that she was going to focus on her future as a mother. When she was stupid enough to follow Derek to the street, Jordan's dad just knew that she would have to come crawling back.

But I don't think this ish was ever on his horizon.

Just saw this article on leah and Jeremy back together

:( sad news. C'mon Jerms, we all know she can't get over her Robbie's wonderpeen adeekshun.

But he's still listed as divorced and they don't follow each other. Maybe she's just high high on meth.

The entire article was written based off of one tweet from Leah, talk about taking a rumor and running with it. I took her tweet to mean two separate things, that she is with her family, and that she loves Jeremy, not that Jeremy was with her. She also tweeted how Robbie was trying to destroy her marriage but it ain't gonna work cuz they luuuuuurve each other, and it was later found out she tweeted that after Corey had moved out of their place and she had filed for divorce. Leah lies.

Agreed. That one tweet is about her love for him, and not referring to anything mutual. I still think it's hilarious that she's more concerned about the cheating rumors than she is the drug rumors.

Ok, apparently Derek is bashing Jordan on twitter all the time, he says she's a stripper alcoholic drug addict, and that even though she's a stripper, she doesn't seem to earn a lot.
He does seem to have her full time because he claims Evie has 2 dads and 48 uncles. So it seems like Evie is loved by Derek's family, which is probably a good thing.

Does anyone have pictures of Jordan stripping at the club? I don't really want to see her strip, just curious about the whole situation. I'm surprised nobody is selling these pictures already.

It took me a minute to realize that by "2 dads" he probably meant his dad or someone is like a second dad to her or something.

And I also love that she's not even very good at being a stripper.

2 dads I believe is referring to him and his father. I never saw their episode, does Derek live with his dad and his mom isn't in the picture? Or maybe a grandfather?

I know the 48 uncles is his lacrosse team. When he tweeted that, 3 of his teammates responded by saying retweet, favorite and quote team and then said something like yay for being uncles, I don't remember exactly. From what I'm getting, Derek is not only bringing Evie to class, but also his practices and games where his teammates are probably helping him watch and care for her, thus them being her uncles and seeing her more Jordan sees her.

The idea of all those lacrosse players co-raising that baby is actually kind of adorable. And it sounds like a sitcom.

Kinda reminds me of the movie The Game Plan with The Rock.
There's a scene towards the end where Peyton gets sick and the biggest teammate on the football team brings all these stuffed animals to the hospital for her.

Okay, so i just stalked Derek's twitter and i think the 2nd dad is referring to his best friend Patrick. It looks like Derek and Evie live with Patrick

It's all over her Instagram. And why would anyone sell them? She had her 15mins. She's a nobody (except to us TMJ addicts!)

I meant pics of her actually squatting and riding the pole, that would be shocking! But maybe not more shocking than Leah's drug photos, which I really want to see right now

I know not many people did, but I liked Jordan on the show lol. I just thought she was cute and she seemed like a decent person and I felt like their was hope for them. But then she turned into a dirty stripper who never sees her daughter so I guess she fits right in with the first of the 16 and pregnant trashy crowd.

I was looking at her Instagram and she was so pretty before she had Genevieve. She kinda looked like Blair on Gossip Girl. Now she's bleached her hair and looks like a 2-dollar hooker.

I still actually haven't seen her episode but she was cute.

For anyone who hasn't seen this episode but wants to, the whole 5th season of 16 and pregnant is on youtube.

What is her instagram? Im nosey lol

She goes under jordancashmyer

haha I said she looked like Leighton Meester too...but no one else agreed with me lol

I hated both of these idiots on their episode of 16&P and I hate Jordan even more now, but I will say I'm slightly impressed by Derek stepping up. Jordan pissed me the hell off when she CHOSE to be homeless and sacrifice the well being of her baby for deadbeat dick instead of staying at her fucking parents house. Now she's a stripper and doesn't even see her kid. Being a stripper would be one thing if she was doing it because it was the best thing she could do to provide for her child but she's not even doing that. She's just stripping for beer money and shitty tattoos. Wow. Derek is still an idiot but at least he's going to school and taking care of the baby.

I definitely don't think I'm above stripping if shit got real, but I never understood the appeal of doing it just to do it. It may be "easy money" but it's a pretty demanding job. I mean, you could barely dance and just get naked, but if you wanna get patrons to make it rain you have to really be twerking and working the pole. And even then, if it's a slow night you might end up losing money because you have to pay to work at most clubs. So if she isn't dancing to support her kid, then like why? Even Jenelle was a waitress for five minutes. I don't care that she's a stripper, there's worse things a person could be. But like why?

Okay, be patient with me, I grew up really sheltered :) But the strippers have to pay to work there?! I kind of assumed it was like waitressing and they made a really crappy hourly wage, and basically lived off tips!

Yep. They have to pay the club each shift they work, and I think it usually ranges from $50-$100. As far as I know they don't actually make a "wage" (except probably the bartenders/hostesses/whatever other jobs there could possibly be besides dancers). But if the dancers know what they're doing, they can make a ridiculous amount of money. I know a girl that pays her rent off one shift alone. Money wise it is a great job to have if you don't have the skills or experience to get a well paying career yet, but it is really dangerous both mentally and physically. You have to be able to deal with getting treated like a sex object and disrespected constantly, and there are so many drugs that get passed around in clubs that you need a lot of willpower to make it out alive (metaphorically speaking).

You're very right about the money Electronical! If you're good at what you do, you can make a ton of tips. But like 50% of the girls working in strip clubs are also escorts, so there's a lot of pressure to prostitute. And the mental demand of performing naked in front of so may people leads a lot of girls to drinking and doing drugs just to loosen up a little, which often times spirals out of control. And some creeps are not above following you to a train station or bus stop to harass/assault you, so it's best to have a car that a bouncer escorts you to at the end of the night. If you're just there to dance and get your money it can be a pretty good option (trust me, college tuition has made me consider it). Sadly a lot of girls are naive to what's going on and end up getting in over their heads, smh.

Derek makes fun of Jordan for bringing home less than 20 bucks a night, he's right, she should consider changing her career.

Exactly! Why even put yourself through that and jeopardize any future career you might have by having slutty pictures of yourself all over the internet? If someone strips because that's what they need to do to support their baby, okay. But she is just taking it to a really trashy level. I would not be surprised if she is spending most of her cash on drugs.

she also posted pictures of smoke coming out of her mouth so yeah I believe she's on drugs.

Not defending Jordan because i certainly wouldn't doubt she's getting into drugs, but her picture with the smoke was hookah. I'll go to hookah bars with my friends but i don't do drugs or even smoke cigarettes, there isn't any correlation between the two.

I am not going to downgrade strippers. I might believe it is a sleazy profession but that is personal opinion. I imagine you can make so good money stripping. Not the half a million Farrah was given but decent. More than you would in a minimum wage job or waiting tables. But, it is all dependent on business and your appeal.

Jordan says she is doing what she can to support her daughter. If what Derek says is true, she isn't making much. In that case, Jordan is doing what she can to make HERSELF happy. That is when you need to re-evaluate your priorities. If you are stripping, making $20 or less a night and your baby daddy is taking your daughter to school with him, you sure as hell are not doing what you can to support your daughter! You are being selfish and putting your desire first. Which is not surprising giving she gave up a stable home so she could stay with Derek.

I might shake my head at her stripping. It has negative stigma. But, if she was making good money and taking care of her daughter, that would be another thing.

Honestly, her not taking care of her daughter is even worse than the stripping. I also think her initially lying about the stripping was pretty stupid. It's like Farrah claiming she's not a porn star even though she starred in two pornographic films and is making and releasing sex toys molded from her genitalia.

I think if Jordan were stripping and doing everything she could do take care of Evie, then people wouldn't be so harsh about her job. But the fact that she's bragging about stripping while being a deadbeat mom means she's ripe for mockery.

That is my thought is exactly. If she was stripping and taking care of her daughter, it would be different. It is a job after all. But, a lot of people frown upon it or view it negatively. It's just that social stigma. But part of having a job is making some sort of money. Derek mentioned on his twitter she was making less than $20 on numerous occasions. She would be better off working at McDonald's.

I agree. I just remember an old True Life where a single mom was taking care of a bunch of younger siblings - one a pregnant teen - after their mom committed suicide. She ended up stripping, and I sure as heck wasn't going to condemn her for putting food on the table. That chick was buying expired milk if I remember correctly. Jordan clearly isn't doing that, and might not even care, so that's where the problem lies.

I remember that! It was her and her boyfriend I think. They did a 'Where Are They Now?' with them and I think they were married at that point, she was still stripping (not nearly as much) but they seemed to be doing a lot better.

Oh my gosh, yes, I remember her too! I really do feel awful for the women who hate it, but do it to support themselves and their families because they feel like they have no other option.

That was one of my favorite episodes of True Life. When she got all that food at the grocery store and then couldn't pay it broke my heart for her. I remember her making over $200 in a few hours and was pretty damn proud of her, because I knew that money was going straight to necessities.

My mom has a Master's degree and has never had to strip or anything like that. But she has always told me if push came to shove and she had truly exhausted all options, she would gladly strip or prostitute herself to pay the bills and keep her children out of foster care. I feel like doing something you would never do for the sake of your child is the mark of a true parent.

I love that episode, which sounds terrible because it's all about the struggle to stay afloat financially. MTV aired a "True Life" special a couple years ago and the camerapeople were talking about their favorite shootings/what really impacted them. The guy for "I'm Supporting My Family" said he actually had the money to buy all those groceries, but doing so would break the "fly on the wall" technique the documentary is always striving for. He felt really guilty about it for a really long time after that.

I remember watching that follow up episode as well. I could really relate to how that producer felt watching that transpire. I know there are contracts and stuff like that, but I probably would've slipped her a little money off camera after filming wrapped up that day or left it somewhere in the house where she would easily find it.