Bonus Clip - Alex's Mother Talks About The Pregnancy

16 and pregnant

Last night had one of the better episodes of 16 and Pregnant probably all year. I won't double recap the episode, but you had Alex being pulled in all directions for all different reasons.

Her mother, boyfriend, and her best friends parents were all pushing for adoption for their own reasons.

Naturally her mother was looking out for her best interest and future, the boyfriend was looking for an easy way out (in my opinion), and her friends parents were the ones ready to adopt the baby if it came to that.

Then you had the strongest emotion of all, a mothers bond to her baby, pulling her in the opposite direction. If you watched the episode, you'd know that the mothers bond won out and Alex decided to keep her baby (Arabella), and the family slowly started coming around to the idea.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, well, he needs some serious help. He was clearly messed up throughout the entire episode, and has been a nightmare to be around since he started hanging around with his "crackhead" friends.

Even Arabella knows how bad he was messed up...

16 and pregnant arabellaAnyway, in this bonus scene, Alex's mother (Wendy) takes her to get an ultrasound, and when Alex leaves the room she's a bit more candid with the technician.

Wendy tells her that she wants to be more supportive of this whole situation, but knows how much it will change her daughters life and is having trouble with it all.

Watch the clip below:


She really should have given the baby up. She can barely get by, and the baby is now fatherless. That child would have had a good life with then, but with her she will suffer. I know she's trying her hardest but in some cases it isn't good enough. The couple that wanted to adopt her would've let her see the baby WHENEVER she wanted AND let the baby know she was the mother. That would have been the optimal situation.
That poor baby.

Plus she was hard on her babies dad. Yeah he did party too much, but he's still a teen and a possible drug addict (from his behavior he's always doped up, has pinpoint pupils, mood changes, and withdrawal from friends and family which suggests opiod use or abuse). If I were him I wouldn't want to be around her either. He knew adoption was best (I think he was being sincere, and knew he wouldn't step up because he wasn't ready to be a dad. But he felt he could be a good 'birth dad' If he saw her less frequently which means less responsibility).

I think it would have made the whole adoption process harder if her baby was living right next door to her. That's too close. Just look at what happened with Ashley Salazar.. she pretty much gets to see her daughter whenever she wants and she seems to be having a hard time coping with her decision. I mean, if it were me, I would rather have a set up similiar to what Cate and Ty have arranged with Carly's adoptive parents than have my child be 50 ft away and always see what i was missing out on.

did you get my emails : )?

This was a hard episode to watch. I think adoption would have been the best option but if I was in her shoes I dont know if I would have been able to let go. The boyfriend/babydaddy ... I dont even know what to say ... what was she thinking to ever have sex with him - gross!

I hope that she realises that adoption is still an option, and it would be better for the baby, and for her. Mothers who choose to expose their children to poverty, single parenthood etc actually choose to expose their children to additional risks. Children born in poverty are more likely to spend time in jail, not graduate, have poor nutrition, suffer more cases of mental illness, as well as phycial illness... The father sperm donor has addiction issues, which have biological vulnerabiliity. (Does not guarantee to go to next generation, but is a factor.). Environment is another key factor, and by choosing to raise the child, she is also choosing additional environmental factors which could trigger addiction issues/mental illness etc.

Real love is choosing what is best for the child.

I understand what everyone is saying about adoption being best but i think to imply that a child born to a single mother or teen mother doesn't have a chance Is ridiculous. Kids put in adoption struggle too. As long as the mother is motivated to work hard a d do better for the child that child has every chance in the world. Its ignorant. Im a 19 year old mom of twins and the dad took off but does thar mean i should have been forced to have an adoption? I work full time and im half way to my degree. Oh and i work at a daycare so my kids are with me 95 percent of the time. My kids have everything they could need BECAUSE I've sacrificed. None of us know that girl personally but to sit here and write about how she should've gave her daughter away seems a little bit mean to me. She can do it if she wants to. Every woman can be an amazing mom as long as she's selfless and determined and willing to work and fight.

The thing is, she was so irresponsible. She did not want to make any decisions and even though her mum pushed her, she just let the days pass until the baby arrived and even then she did not do a thing really. Postpone postpone.

Not paying rent and thinking that is normal is irresponsible. Also she was the one who wanted the baby and I did not think she really tried to make it. The adoption and the room were thrown into her lap.

The boyfriend was stoned yes but he was more responsible than she was. He knew this would not be a good thing to keep the baby and he said so. She just did not want to listen and then blamed him alone. She was the one who was selfish although can understand how hard it must be to give up your child. She wanted to be named mummy.

She was lucky and i think she counted on that her mum allowed her to live with her after all.