Ashley Salazar's Drinking Problem

16 & pregnant


16 & Pregnant Season 2 girl, Ashley Salazar, has done a pretty good job of keeping herself in the media since her time with MTV ended.

Between writing a book, being the first girl from the franchise with a 4 year degree, and getting pregnant for a second time, Ashley has had a lot going on.

In her latest blog post, she reveals that there was more going on than met the eye.

Ashley started the post, titled "This Takes Courage" with a simple and straight forward explanation of what was to come in the post. Ashley wrote, "I have an alcohol problem and that roots from other problems, as well." Ashley said that her drinking problem started when she moved to New York City after the birth of her daughter, Callie.

She says that she was overly depressed, and resorted to alcohol to help numb her pain.

Sadly, this wasn't an every once in a while thing, and it got to the point that Ashley was getting black out drunk on a daily basis.

Ashley moved back home to Texas and the drinking continued.

She talks about the fact that alcohol was alcohol, meaning she didn't care what she was drinking as long as it got her drunk.

She said that she would take several shots in a short amount of time without even thinking about it and said that although for some college people, drinking is simply a way of life, for her, it was something deeper.

Ashley then got back together with ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Justin Lane, and the drinking continued from there. Ashley was drinking to suppress feelings and emotions that were still there from him leaving while she was pregnant with Callie, and dealing with other issues as well.

Eventually things came to a head, and Ashley ended up telling off Justin and a bunch of other people who were around her over 4th of July weekend.

While most of those people have forgiven Ashley, things don't seem to be happy with Justin.

Ashley is now 4 days sober, and realizes that this is going to be a long road to recovery. Ashley ended her blog post with the following few sentences, and it appears that she's hopeful of good things to come.

People say that you can't change who you are, but when you start letting go of the toxicity in your life, whether its a person, a substance or your bad feelings inside, that's when a person starts to change.

And, that's what I'm gonna do. I have to. For Callie, my loved ones, but most importantly myself. I made amends with everyone I have had issues with, but forgot about the most important people in my life. I'm strong. I can do this. Whether people believe it or not, I do not care. This is for me and I'm going to prove and show myself and hopefully everyone else that matters the amazing person that I can be and how much I can love and be there.

Justin doesn't seem to have must of an issue with the fact that his relationship with Ashley is over, and he even posted a picture to his Instagram account mocking a post that Ashley had made referring to new beginnings.

Justin's picture, which is seen below, was also captioned "new beginnings..." and paralleled a photo that Ashley posted of herself in a bikini on the bed the day before. Ashley's picture has since been deleted.


I know you've all been talking about the Jenelle, Nathan, Kaiser deal, and I'm working on putting some stuff together to help clear up some rumors on his age. I promise I won't let you down.


Right. More excuses for bad behavior. Can't you die from alcohol withdrawals if you've been drinking that heavily?? I wouldn't know so I'm genuinely curious.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she has been going out, getting one drink and then acting like a sloppy mess on purpose because she's "battling addiction." These girls embody the phrase "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

All for attention which makes actual addicts trying to recover look really bad.

Red -

Yes you can die from alcohol withdrawals. In really bad cases, quitting alcohol can be fatal and even more unpleasant than quitting heroin.

I usually do not like when people tell personal stories on this site and try to tie their personal situations into the discussion, but I feel like doing it now, so I will.

I personally find alcoholics more disgusting than any other addicts, due to some personal experiences I have had with my best friend and some other friends and acquaintances. I would much rather be around junkies or tweakers than alcoholics because they just seem even more pathetic than drug addicts. At least drug addicts get some kind of cool buzz out of their downfalls and are rebelling against the law and our ridiculous society in their own weird way, but alcoholics just get sloppy and make fools out of themselves. Alcohol to me is the stupidest addiction, and there is nothing at all cool about some sloppy drunk lying to you or making excuses.

My best friend was once a physician who made over a million dollars a year and helped pay for some of my grad school. After a while he just started drinking stupidly and constantly and lost everything. Now he lost his medical license and is homeless. I tried to let him live on my couch a few times and told him to just relax and not worry about anything but trying to get better - he wound up panhandling for half pints of vodka while I was at work.

My only enjoyment from him anymore when I have to be around him is to set up scenarios where there is no liquor in the house after he has just made up some lie about how he doesn't need to drink, but he just likes to. After he says something like that, I will make him dinner or put in a movie or something that requires him to stay in sight of everyone else present for more than a couple hours. I will then just watch as he slowly starts getting the shakes and sweating really bad. He will then try to find excuses to leave the house for a little bit or go to the store, but I will already have whatever he was lying about getting. It is amusing to watch him run through excuse after excuse to try and get away to get a drink but I will pretend like I am just enjoying him being there and block his every reason to try to step out. His excuses will get weirder and weirder until he will basically just freak out, get up and go running down the street to try and find some way to get some alcohol quickly. I then won't see him for months on end.

This guy used to be the smartest guy I know, but now he makes up little lies and excuses like a 4 year old. He used to be immaculately well-groomed, but now he goes without showering and stinks up the whole room. It is like I do not even know the person in front of me who was my best and closest friend for 20 years. He was a heroin addict for a while, and that was much better - he at least was able to put up some façade of sanity.

The worst part about this is that his downfall has completely ruined drinking for me. I used to love to have a drink or two and just enjoy myself, but now I can't even take a drink. It just reminds me of what happened to him and how it could have happened to me if I had followed him down that road. I just think of how stupid he was when he was drunk and how I do not want to be anything like that.

That's horrible. I've never really been around addicts, I mean a lot of my friends i u sed to hang out with were drunks, but never had withdrawls (probably because they never stopped drinking lol).

I honestly don't understand addiction, but then I've never done any sort of drugs (illegal ones). I always repeat myself but I'm on anti anxiety meds, have been for the past year. I'm coming off them after 5 days now (and I'm not bragging about that or even wanting a congrats or any shit like that. my vision is all fucked, I'm out of it and tired, and anxious, but for fucks sake. I'm dealing with it and I know it will be fine. I know addiction is a disease and maybe it's harder for others to come off of perscription meds, but you just DEAL WITH IT. I feel like a lot people just want the easy way out and then take the drugs/booze so they don't have to deal with the shitty reality of life. But then whine that it's so hard blah blah....sometimes I'm just like deal with it like the rest of us and stfu. I understand being so far into taking drugs/booze that's it must be HELL coming off of them compared to what I'm going through which isn't that bad.

Yeah Conspiracy, alcohol withdrawals are REALLY bad from what I've read. A lot of people don't even know they exist, they just think it's drugs. I get being stupid and drinking like crazy in the first place, and coming off them being a bitch but lol, I hate how people blame others for it. It was your own dumb ass fault for getting so caught up in that in the first place. I would blame no one but myself.

Also this is a lot different than saying "suck it up" because saying that would mean I think that withdrawal symptoms don't exist, and they do. I realize this. I just hate the attention whoring of people like Ashley that go "OH WAH IT'S SO HARD". That's like fucking saying it hurts when I do something fucking stupid like break a glass bottle over my head. Of course it's hard. It's not going to be easy.

I work with addicts, both recovering and those who are still currently using (either drugs or alcohol or both). Addiction is most certainly a disease, but it's been my experience that addiction can also be a symptom of trauma. Many of the people we see also use in order to treat symptoms of mental illness. I'm certainly not saying that trauma or mental health issues are an excuse for addiction, however, everyone has their own story and their own way of coping. Obviously some ways- therapy, properly taken perscription medications etc. are a much healthier route than substance abuse. I can say that out of all the people I meet each day, not one of them hoped that they would end up where they are.

And yes, withdrawal symptoms are horrible and can be deadly.

Yeah addiction is a pretty complicated thing.. I think its pretty normal to be kind of a hot mess when you first get clean, and to have a pretty fucked up perspective on things. But as that person works on themselves and gets more and more clean time they start to think more clearly and take responsibly for things, especially if you are around other people who are clean and stable and let you know when you are in the wrong

* think clearly *responsibility
Lol typos

Alcohol withdrawal is very real and very scary. My Nana had Korsakoff syndrome, most of my family are alcoholics, and I went through delirium tremens in an international airport alone, sweating and shaking like a crazy motherfucker, getting checked at every security point for looking "suspicious". I lived a continent away, and it took me 37 hours to get "home", and I remember lying in the middle of the gate, thinking I was going to start seizing, and hoping at least one person would call for help if I did.
I experienced "formication" for two weeks straight, which is where you start to see and feel things. I woke up from nightmares where insects crawled from the faces of the people I had been hugging, who looked alive and well just seconds before I embraced them. I woke up screaming every night.
Stupidly, I went back to alcohol once more after that, a month later. That time, I experienced withdrawals at a hospital, and I saw for myself how crazy my heart rate was, 210 and climbing.
I am sober now and have been for eight months. I was stupid to get myself so deep into it, but I can assure you, it was pure hell the first three/four days coming off. I just tell myself that if I don't drink, I'll never have to experience withdrawal hell like that again.

Congrats on getting sober, Bun! Best of luck to you. Sounds like you went through hell. I'm glad you came out alive and well.

Thank you, Farrah's Neck Mole! :)
And yeah, it made me laugh to write that.

@ Snow Covered Recliner
You're exactly right, in early stages of recovery it's very normal for people to evade personal responsibility for all their problems using every conceivable rationalization - bad people in their lives, terrible luck, terrible job, any sort of illness, trauma, uniquely terrible form of the addictive personality. Takes a while for people to say that it was ultimately their choice to use.

My ex BF has pretty must lost our friendship over alcohol. She has pancreatitus, has lost so many jobs, bad health overall- they didn't think she'd live this long- supposedly shes been sober for a few years now but I'm not sure she's really sober or if she's moved on to a new addiction. Buns- Congrats to you! Stay on course! One day at a time!

My uncle is the same way. In the 10 years between when I saw him and when his well-hidden alcoholism really took off, he has ... (in no particular order)
-been hospitalized countless times (mostly liver failure lately
-turned yellow. Skin, eyes, everything.
-moved into a glorified nursing home
-lost his driver's license
-lost all legal control over his life/finances (my cousin now has power of attorney over him)
-been left by his wife
-stolen thousands of $ from my grandmother

I last saw him a few months ago. He went to my grandmother's funeral drunk. 11:00 am.

No downvote from me, but I have to disagree with your statement of alcoholism being more pathetic than drug addiction. I know you said it was your personal opinion! I don't think any addiction is better or worse than another. All addictions will corrupt you from the inside out. Change who you are. Make you lie, cheat, steal, and lose every thing that is important to you. Addiction is a deep dark hole, alot like depression. It's unfortunate that people go through it and struggle to overcome it. I find Ashley's blog disgusting and it reeks of "I want attention." I believe if she were struggling that bad with an alcohol adikshunnn (lol, sorry, had to do it) her stupid blog would be the last thing on her mind at 4 DAYS sober. Girl, please. ! But if pigs are flying and hell is freezing over congrats to her on 4 days of sobriety.

I agree I know a couple alcoholics and many more that are addicted to either Coke, Crack, Heroin or prescription pills. I know a lot of people who battle these to date and a few that have recently relapsed. I have known people that have overdosed.
Almost all of them are depressed and should be seeing someone, however for one reason or another don't. I know very few who do it for the high. All of them after the addiction forms hates themselves more now than they ever did before.

I know it is kind of arguing what is worse - the plague or smallpox, and there is no right answer, but I would prefer having to deal with junkies instead of having to deal with alcoholics. I have strong experience with both and definitely am speaking from a position of knowledge. Junkies are predictable and troubled, but they at least do not cause wild upsets, throw incoherent tantrums or babble mindlessly for hours. A junkie is like a piece of furniture that is at least easy to ignore. An alcoholic will make scenes and is wildly unpredictable. As I said before, at least junkies can claim that they are dissociating themselves from our bullshit society and are outlaws. Drunks are just whiny fuckups. Of course, this is all just my opinion, and I do not claim to be right or anything.

Conspiracy Man, I'm a little annoyed by your comment lol, though I understand 100% how you feel at the same time. I think that, unless you've been in that situation yourself, then you wont ever understand.
Like what This_Is_Not_Food said, it could be trauma. I have a family member that was an alcoholic, she was abused by "friends" emotionally and physically before her addiction started, she miscarried, she fell into depression and had no other way to handle it. We didn't know how bad her situation was at first, when we offered her a help, she didn't know know how to take it so she didnt. Her self esteem was so low she never thought she was worth anything. It was really sad and infuriating because she would take advantage of my mom (Her sister) and mistreat her when she was intoxicated, and I hated her most of the time because I couldn't understand why she would let this happen. My mom never gave up on her and now my aunt is better, she has a daughter now, is sober and happy. I'm not trying to make an excuse for every alcoholic in the world, but sometimes there is something within that person that we don't know, something that led them to this horrible path of self destruction and sometimes it cant be fixed. I don't think its bad that you were annoyed by that person, I'm just a little sensitive to the subject because of my own experience.

Yes, and...sorry to bring up a TV show to reinforce what you just said, but...if you ever watched Intervention, almost every one of those people had trauma or had experienced abuse. Some people handle those things better than others; some people get the help they need to make it through; some people choose to self-medicate, and unfortunately have addictive personalities.

We both have had to deal with this crap. I agree that unless you have been exposed to it, it is impossible to completely understand how horrible it is to watch it happen and to be used and abused by someone who you care about. I have spent over 30 years with this person, and at a certain point you just get completely sick to death of it. I have never been to any support groups or anything like that, but I have learned the hard way that you cannot help people who do not want to be helped themselves. It finally gets to the point where you just get sick of being lied to and treated like an idiot and have to get away from that person and just let them do their thing.

How kind of you. Watching a friend struggle vwith his withdrawals for your amusement, umder the guise of being a decent human being and helping your once generous friend by giving him a decent meal and the offer of shelter for a while. You could have confronted him about how you could see his body slipping into withdrawals but, no. Helping a friend face his problems is too boring for you, I guess. You wanted free entertainment and what's better than exploiting an addict?? Where I'm from, everything is better than that. You are disgusting.

I obviously left out the hours, weeks, months and years of agony I went through trying to help my friend and how I nearly bankrupted myself by providing him with care and legal help. The things I described took place after years of horror and worry for the person who meant as much or more to me than anyone else in the world. That stuff was not what I felt like writing at the moment and was not relevant to the topic of withdrawal symptoms, but yes, that happened too.

Fair enough. I can see I took your "the only enjoyment I get from him now" anecdote a little too seriously +get that you were using that to cover up stress and pain his addiction brought. Sorry for calling you disgusting, I should have known better as I also use humour to cover pain.

Don't worry about it- I am fine with it. I should have mentioned that the reason I did that is because he will tell me that he just wants to hang out and not drink. I was only taking him up on his word. I got sick of being chumped by him and was just kind of doing that to prove to him how pathetic it was that he could not go for more than an hour or so without starting to shake and sweat. This was also after 20 years of friendship, followed by 10 years of trying to help him in any way I could. I am a bit older than most people on this site, and I have been dealing with this for a long time. Believe me, it was not like I just one day happened upon this guy who was an alcoholic and just decided to torment him. I can guarantee you that he was the one doing most of the tormenting. It is just a helpless feeling to know that you did every single possible thing you could do to help someone, and they still just blew it off and found alcohol to be the answer.


You can absolutely secretly hurt yourself or even die from alcohol withdrawal, especially if you are a heavy drinker and cut cold turkey. Without adequate help and treatment it can be severely detrimental to your health. This girl makes me sick. If she had a servers problem she shouldn't be posting blogs about it. Maybe she ahould get treatment and perhaps after being sober for a while share her experiences. 4 days is nothing and its a joke compared to real addicts who are trying to recover.

Secretly should have said serverly

I can personally vouch that Skankazar is suffering absolutely zero symptoms of physical withdrawal. She would be shaking, sweating and feeling too miserable and anxious to be taking selfies. Her heart rate and blood pressure would be very high, and she'd feel her heart pounding in her chest and loudly in her ears. She'd have trouble keeping food down without throwing up, sometimes so forcefully that her esophagus would bleed.
Oh wait, that symptom might fit her skeletor appearance, but I think it's better covered by fad diets/eating disorder.
Only reason day three/four is any kind of triumph for a recovering alcoholic is it's often the first day that these physical symptoms aren't overwhelming. For me, it was the first time I could finish my meal. Score! I ate an entire bowl of soup. Discharge me now, I'm ready to grab society by the balls and really make something of myself, you know man?
Delusions of grandeur take longer to fade in recovery. :)

I want to believe that she is telling the truth, not because I want her to be an alcoholic, but because I have a family member who is and I've seen the struggle first hand, so I have sympathy for her....But then I remember that this is Ashley and she's far from a decent person. Like you said, it probably a "look at me, look at me" attempt.

BTW, The picture of Justin made me laugh


Alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures and it is indeed the only drug that can actually kill you if you abstain from it. Needless to say, it's very dangerous to go cold turkey if you really have a drinking problem. Not that that happens to everyone, mind you, but it's certainly a hell of a drug to kick.

Despite his apparent douchiness, Justin's "new beginnings" picture is kind of hilarious, since he's making fun of Ashley. I can appreciate that in an "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of way.

It's awesome. They are still both ass clowns.

I wish these idiots would keep their personal lives off social media. It's so trashy to take digs at eachother like this. I almost. ALMOST feel bad for Ashley. Almost.

Maybe Ashley'll be tolerable if she drops that douche? I just don't understand how these girls can get back together with the assholes who abandoned them while pregnant! That's not exactly a basis for a healthy relationship, damn.

Otoh, she is a really big famewhore at this point so maybe I'll laugh quietly to myself about Justin's dig.

She is the douche....

Lol agreed

Might sound like a douche but I honestly dont give af... little posts with titles "This takes courage..." always screams I want some publicity and sympathy for my bad choices / decisions.

Same here. Don't care what happens to the bucktooth potato

Good point. I hope she does not dislocate her shoulder while patting herself on the back.

LOL. If she does we'll be sure to hear about it. Omg lol Jenelle posted this thing where she cut her finger and someone said she missed and should have cut her wrist. Can't lie. I wanted to ninja high five them. Everyone replied with OMG suicide is a serious problem blah blah!

Agreed. I might be in the minority, but I cannot stand the attention seeking Facebook/Twitter posts like this, "new beginnings" or "forget the haters, moving on with my life," etc. Why air all your dirty laundry on social media unless you're just seeking attention or sympathy for your bad choices? I always thought it was in poor taste. Nobody wants to hear about all your problems. Be and adult and handle your shit in private or with the support of family and close friends. No need to blast it to the whole world every time you need to take a big poop. Sorry just a pet peeve of mine. Especially with these girls. It's like they are all competing with each other for who can stay relevant the longest after their show is over. Lol

I feel like if she really wanted to recover (assuming it is all true) she would withdraw from social media and do it privately. But maybe I'm just weird.

Fortunately for her, she is probably not too physically addicted to alcohol and stopping drinking is only causing her mental anguish and not DTs, seizures or other more serious symptoms of withdrawal. If she had a physical dependence on alcohol, there is no way she would be sitting at a keyboard and typing after 4 days sober.

That being said, she actually sounded sincere and realistic. I will give her the benefit of the doubt (although announcing such a personal issue on social media is kind of tacky and makes us question her motives and sincerity). You get to do something like this exactly once. The next time I hear it, I don't want to hear it. Even slimebags get one chance at redemption. Good luck.

Sorry but when I read 4 days sober all I think of is a kid winning a ribbon at a soccer field for playing with his own feces.

That would depend for me if it were a genuine 1st place ribbon or just a participation ribbon. If the effort is there and the kid is really dominating all competition, I definitely want to see the kid who is giving it his all and really going for it with the scat play. If the kid is just going through the motions and halfheartedly kneading away at the fecal material, I would rather screw with the head of the 4-day sober person.

These days it wuold be a 1st place ribbon. Too true. If playing with his own feces somehow contributed to the team winning, than by all means. LOL! Hell yea 1st place for poop playing. (This will probably be my future child).

Yay - Scat Play.

Cool new sport idea

I give her props for admitting she was selfish, spoiled and attention-seeking and that she needs to grow up and fix her character as well as quit drinking.
Her new beginning selfie completely undermines those sentiments, but hopefully she'll actually work on herself. It's one of those things that is way easier promised than done.

COnspriracy Mann- I agree with you in the sense that alcohol IS the worst drug/addiction. I've seen all kinds of addiction but alcohol takes the cake. My best friends stepdad is literally dying as we speak in the hospital from drinking- withdrawals, hernia and an ulcer... We are praying for him

I literally just read the headline without reading the article and started laughing quite loudly

I have to say, the Justin mocking Smashley thing has me laughing my ass off. Kinda like him now. God she is so ugly, I'm sorry. I wouldn't even say that if she weren't such a cunt. Please drink yourself to death Ashley. We don't care.

She needed to post something for attention since she''s competing with Jenelle

That's true, unfortunately for Ashley there is nothing more interesting to the public than train wrecks giving birth (again). If she really wants to beat Jenelle, she needs to either get Justin back or find someone else to impregnate her.

I don't understand how anyone is interested. I could give a shit if she falls off the wagon, stops drinking, starts drinking and doing heroin instead, falls off the face of the earth, gets kicked in the cunt, whatever. I am more interested in watching my cats take a shit and look at me while they are doing it. That's so much more interesting to me. Why do they look at you while they poop? Why do they poop in sand? I would like to explore this more than Ashley's idiocy.

I think even if she gets knocked up no one will care. She isn't on TV anymore. The only way people would care is if she starts saying more controversial things about peoples weight. And even then everyone just forgets. Everyone would forget about Jenelle too if she weren't on TV.

I do appreciate your angle on this and have to concur. I wouldn't give a squirt of piss to see her succeed in quitting or not. I agree that your cat fecal studies are more interesting than her.

I'm sadly more interested in Farrah's new STD cafe. I'm really interested to see if people will actually go there.

The HELL you say???? What is this about Farrah opening a new café? Will they be serving BOTH fresh and frozen foods there?

Off topic, but I went to this site a few days ago and was completely blown away with it. I can't describe it, but it was helpful for me to keep in mind that the person writing this website is a successful best-selling author. She could not write her way out of a paper bag. The website gives and keeps giving. It is worth a read if you have not seen it. She is really humble and tries to keep the self aggrandizement to a minimum.

Tylers Trap Baby -

You know that you would go there if you were anywhere near that location. Who are we kidding? You could not keep me away from that place if it were within 50 miles of me. You would go too. It would be the most insane thing you had ever seen.

When I was on her website the other day, I saw her recipe for watermelon. I am not kidding. The melon slice was scooped out and had cheese, mushrooms and mussmelon scoops on it. I almost heaved just looking at it. The worst part is that she had to have stolen the idea from somewhere else, because even though it looked like something from the pit of a vomitorium, she still is incapable of anything remotely original.

Omg...I love all the "quotes" from her "fans."

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS: It looks llike she bought a macaroon from the store and then put two mother fucking blue berries on it, and she thinks this is a gourmet dish. I used to make these kinds of things when i was a derpy 5 year old.

"4th of July day dish"

Remember the time she tried sewing and wanted to be a fashionista? That was short lived. I'm really bummed about that one.

Watermelon with mushroom....sounds like a recipe from Ashley's vomit after one of her nights of binge drinking. They should be business partners.

OH I would SO go to it! Just to report back to you guys and because i have no dignity.

I knew you would go. You could not keep away. Maybe Michael and Deborah would be there . . .

I think that Farrah does not really care what the food tastes like. Is it just me or do other people think that she must have a serious-ass eating disorder? I thought that her and her sister going to the bathroom when they were at the restaurant with their mom was kind of sketchy (and that might have been one of my all-time fav. TM moments). She has never said anything about an eating disorder, but you just know she has to have one or two of them. How could she not?

Yeah I've though that for a while. And this is not a fat girl being jealous of a skinny girl. Good Lord Farrah's body is disgusting. When I saw a few of her bikini shots with just her bones sticking out it was really disturbing. Lol yeah I absolutely think all the off camera moments were spent purging her upside down microwaveable pizza.

Can't blame her for purging her own cooking though. I would too.

Oh God. I don't know what I'd do if I saw Deborah. That baby talk is honestly more scary to me than Kruger, Jason, Scream, and Joan Rivers combined. I think I would just stare and stay far away as if it was some wild beast. It her and her leopard coat came close I'd roll into a ball or make myself big as possible as you are supposed to with weird untamed beasts.

Michael I don't even know. He gives me the creeps. We all know him and Farrah fuck.

And Farrah herself, I feel like I'd win this entire blog if I got a photo with her and posted it for you all. I'm sure she'll come to San Diego sometime although we'd all laugh it her. A lot of people wouldn't even know who the fuck she is.

TTB, that macaroon or whatever the hell that was looked beyond gross. I lost my appetite. Perhaps it was frozen and she defrosted it before she prepped it.

When i was little I used to take whatever food there was and put stupid little flowers around it and blue berries and dolls and fuckever and call myself a chef. That's totally what this feels like.

Man macaroons are good as fuck too. Thanks Jenelle for ruining roast beef and thanks Farrah for ruining the planet earth in general. Where the hell is Charlie Sheen to tell her off? I hate him but her reply to her was poetry.

About the quotes from her 'fans"
1. Farrah wrote those herself
2. If Farrah didn't write those her self, even though she most likely did, then he fans are seriously lacking in judgment.
3. Farrah definitely wrote those quotes herself.

Anyone notice that Farrah didn't include that Dr. Phil episode where he made her look like an idiot after her DUI that she "wasn't driving" during on the list of her television accomplishments? LOL Guess that one didn't make the cut since he didn't fluff her up. ;)

Anna -

I noticed that she omitted that episode from her curriculum vitae. She also did not credit her work on Backdoor Teen Mom.

I've never quite got that tagline: 'your go to public figure'. What am I meant to be going to her for; innovative ideas on how to display fruit around store bought French delicacies, or uncomfortable footage of a thorough ass pounding? I feel like she need to be more specific.

Also with Amber, since she's writing a memoir about her struggles with addiction. Skankazar was totally like: Aha! Book deal number two - my struggles with alcoholism!
She's jumped right into most annoying trait about many addicts in early recovery, which is delusions of grandeur. Look at me, I've been sober four days, now that I'm not dedicating all my energy to using, I'm not just going to be a normal person with a normal job and social ties, I'm going to be the goddamned president of the United States! I'm going to get a Nobel Peace Prize for giving my firstborn up for adoption!
I'm a realist, so I'm just gunning for presidency of Azerbaijan.

4 days sober!!!!!!!!! Such a triumph! Such overachievers in the TM franchise.

Lol, God. Why do these people feel the need to post these "achievements." Just everyone in general really. "Curled my hair today." "Took the dog for a walk today". "Took a dump today"

... but did the dog take a dump? You are keeping us in the dark.

SIKE I was at the beach

I always get sad when I read stuff like this. If these girls weren't such attention whores they would get my sympathy, but based on all the shit they've lied about in the past you can't even believe them. It just seems like another cry for attention even if it is real.

I know...I just have zero sympathy. It just sounds like she made an ass out of herself over 4th of July weekend, her bf dumped her and finally realized what an attention whore she was, and now she's trying to play the sympathy card. I actually liked her in the first episode, it surprised me when she became Skankazar. Thought she would go to school and be a journalism major, not work at hooters and be in and out of her daughters life and basically choose Justin over their kid lol.

(Not that anything is wrong with Hooters) besides her bragging about it and using it to gain attention, not paying for school or doing something useful with the money.

Ashley, go home you're drunk.

LOL I love your username.

Just like her "pregnancy" she announced too early. At least make it to 30 days sober first, sweetheart. FFS

Wonder why there was a miscarriage. Although let's be honest, it was probably just a food baby.

Yes! So what she's getting black out drunk daily while supposedly being pregnant? I'm not buying it. I'm also not really buying the alcoholic story either. Everything that comes out of her mouth, is to gain publicity. Who knows what's actually real

Yeah right. Didn't she just give birth? Did they bother to check the proof of the baby after it was born?

Why do I get the scene from Friday in my head with her 'pregnancy'? Just has sex and spouts off 'I'm pregnant!' Lol

I agree. If you have four days clean just get off social media and take the time to just work on yourself and heal

You know what the first thing was that came to my mind? This chick is exactly like Farrah. I don't think there is one thing she wouldn't do for publicity. Go take your '4 days' sober sob story somewhere else... She's riduculous

Surprised her and Farrah aren't buds. Are her and Nikkole buds? I don't keep up enough to know or care personally, but it seems like the perfect friendshit.

Wouldn't surprise me if they were besties. They are like two peas in a pod!

I thought I was going to come to the comments section and be seen as some terrible cunt for thinking this famewhore is a total loser and not caring about her whatsoever, but I'm so glad to see I'm in good company here! Warms my blackened heart.

It warms my Farrah's frozen Greek upsidedown microwaved yogurt restaurant heart too.

Off topic: Do you think it's tacky to post on facebook "Who do I have to bang to get help around here?" and also check into an OBGYN? I'm just bored.

Are you asking who in the OBGYN you need to bang, or is that a separate bang-for-service establishment?

It's in general statement. You know, like who do I have to bang to get service around here? Yeah it's like a separate bang for service. Like farrah's asshole.

I think I'm going to not. At least not today. I'm that bored where i want to put my vagina on blast for laughs. Someone order me pizza.

I mean, if you gotta check in somewhere, make it Planned Parenthood. Then the town dump a little after that.

You know, REALLY rile people up

I LOVE the way you think

Teen pregnancy - check
2nd (fake pregnancy) -check
Alcohol problem - check

My prediction for her future - a dui, rehab, celebrity couples therapy, and another pregnancy.

I wish one of these ding dongs would step out of the box and do something surprising for a change. She is on the teen mom hott mess express. And I've seen this play out over and over again. Jenelle, Nikkole, Farrah. Ugh. These girls fail to realize postive things garner attention too, it's just not as easily obtained.

After Izabella's pregnancy announcement this past week, I have almost totally lost faith in any of these girls really making something of themselves and being a positive role model. I was almost certain that Izabella would go to medical school and become a doctor someday, but now with two babies before age 20, I'm skeptical. I really hope she does achieve her goals, but now the odds are really against her. None of these girls are following through with these goals they are setting for themselves, and that's really just disappointing. Catelynn always swore up and down that she would go to college and get married before having any more kids, but that's not going to happen now. It's pathetic. This show might have reduced the number of teen pregnancies, but I don't think they have done anything to change the statistics of teen mothers not finishing high school, college, or not having another baby before age 20. How easy is it to get birth control nowadays and not get pregnant a second or third time? It's just sad.

It's funny how the show is about preventing teenage pregnancy, yet a good percentage of the girls have had 2 and 3 babies. The show can't even get the message across to it's own cast!

Amen to that Uterus. Each one of the Teen Mom 2 kids has a younger sibling now. There are probably less teen mothers as a whole nowadays, but their statistics for dropping out of school and having subsequent pregnancies isn't changing. That's still a pretty big problem.

That honestly disgusted me. I remember I went on her ask, asked how Enrique wtvr his name is(Henry???) was doing and she answered. then I asked how med school was going. No answer lol. Sad.

What a waste of going to a good school. UNT is a great Texas school, it may not be the most rigorous in comparison to Rice , Baylor or UT but it is still a quality education and a worthwhile degree. To see her waste all of that training on writing schlock like this... Journalism may not be an easy field to break into but there are too many local papers and magazines for her not to be able to find a job that, idk, prevents her from lousing about inebriated all day.

What...the...fuck?! Like I said in the last article that included her..something is VERY wrong with her! Attention whore! And she was allegedly pregnant?

Seriously! I really don't buy this, just like I didn't buy her alleged pregnancy a few months back. This girl has issues with needing attention, or severe mental anguish over her daughter's adoption. I don't get it. If she really was pregnant, then she probably didn't stop drinking because of it.

But LOL at that picture of Justin. I think it just confirms what we all suspect, Ashley is an attention and fame whore and is full of crap.

I just can't believe this is real. If she were that bad off, why would her family let her be around Callie at all? She should be in treatment and not on her computer if this is real.

A personal story to go with this... I had a mild drinking problem years ago. I wasn't getting black out drunk and I wasn't partying. I just had drinks every night until I was sufficiently drunk enough to go to sleep. Nobody knew, and the only person I've ever told is my husband. I still lost everything. I lost my job, my apartment, and my friends. I couldn't stay in a relationship because booze was more important. I finally decided to stop. I moved back home, my boss gave me my job back, and I was finally able to have relationships with my family. People like Ashley just make me mad. True addicts usually lose everything before they decide they need help, and they don't go blasting the story about their addiction after 4 days sober. They are too focused on recovery.

True that! I agree that it can't be real.

Glad things worked out for you!

I don't believe this either. How did she complete a bachelors degree while being plastered 24/7? Be around her daughter? She's just wanting attention because no one is talking about her fake pregnancy anymore.

You are completely right MEU! I know when I went down that dark road, I didn't accomplish anything. Iscrewed up my own life. She accomplished an awful lot for being an addict

I managed to get through the last two years of my BA and half a one-year Masters as a "functioning" alcoholic. Then, when things spiralled, they went downhill very fast, in four stupid shitty months: lost my part-time job, couldn't pay for my residence, left Europe (where I was attending uni, which was my dream since I was thirteen), moved into my mum's basement for two months, literally drank in the closet every night until I passed out (I was drinking for oblivion and to pass out, so I never left my "room", but was still too fucking plastered to make it to my bed which was literally only five feet away - slept on floor).
Went to detox. Got out of detox. I am blessed to have an extremely kind doctor and psychiatrist, who have both gone to bat for me, and managed to negotiate it so I could finish my Masters online with a three months extension (I just needed to do the dissertation). I work part-time and go to meetings twice a week. And I spend way too much time on this website, because I am a terrible procrastinator.
Functioning alcoholism can exist for a short period of time, but yeah, I'm pretty skeptical that Ashley could function as one.

Eh I completed a Bachleor's and I come on here most of the time LOL

Also, congrats Nathan's Caged Husky and Backdoor Slammed. I wish you both the best of luck. Substance abuse is a massive bitch.

Thank you, you too! I'm sober 3 years now and its just now starting to ease up on triggers. Not an easy thing to overcome but it feels so great when you do! :)

I don't know or care about Ashley. But these comments make me giggle.

You guys: We can't comment too much. Otherwise we'll end up with a buck tooth potato on the side of this page.

Please do not let this happen. (Although Megan is awesome about changing them)

Do I think she's desperate for attention? Absolutely! But I do think she has a problem with alcohol. I remember when she commented something like "I'm pregnant and can't drink. I've been drinking every day what am I gonna do" or something like that. If you can't go without that's a problem.

That is disgusting. Bitch needs to be sterilized.

I do not care about this girl at all. I like Farrah and Jenelle more than I like her, and that says a LOT. I really wish she'd just go away.

I wish she would go away...and take Farrah, Janelle, and Nicole with her.

God same here. Should we be mentally evaluated? That is REALLY bad that I like Farrah and Jenelle more. I wish she'd go away too.

The best bit about this whole article is seeing Justin mock her! Great find Megan. Great find. Hahahaha

I seriously hope she's not pulling out a "get more attention" card here. Because the damage she could potentially do to those who have genuine issues and addictions and need real help could be untold if she's just doing it to get in a few magazines.

I am not familiar personally with addiction, I've never been addicted to anything nor had anyone in my life directly be addicted to anything. I've heard stories of people I know through school etc who have had addictions, and it sounds like what happens to these people is awful. Addiction appears to me to make people entirely selfish, and behave entirely differently to themselves.

If she's dealing with that then that's sad, but I dislike her so much I couldn't really give less of a shit if I tried.

Oh she is

Not sure if this is just a UK reference, but Ashley reminds me so much of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. Can't be unseen


*Cable *Fuck

Lol! She totally does look like him!

So I just realised what Ashley's face reminds me of: A rabbit. Like... seriously. You know bad CGI bunnies/hares like the Hare in Alice in Wonderland? She reminds me of that.

Rabbit potato face.

Ehh I'm not sure I believe her. I was an addict (once you are you always are) and I didn't talk.about my experience until wayyyyy after I was sober. I know everyone is different but to talk about it 4 days later is crazy to me. She would still be going through withdrawals or the very least the mental "I need it" attitude. My whole world fell apart. I think either she stopped before she was fully addicted or publicity stunt. I know I didn't work when I was using.

Oh, Ashley. You poor wretched potato. I know something that can help take the itch away. It's called vagisal.

You know when I was doing clinicals for nursing, I had to go to a hospital where they had a detox wing for addicts and i spent that day cleaning up blood, vomit, shit, piss, and tears of people who were detoxing. That was extremely hard to watch. You wouldn't believe the bruises that covered the alcoholic's bodies from detoxification. Everything hurt them...I will never forget those bruises! Not to mention the pain of your organs struggling to stay alive. It's extremely sad. It broke my heart to see it. 4 days sober, what an accomplishment, you dumb bitch. You have clothes to wear and more than plenty of food in your belly. You don't know what it's like to struggle with addiction. Wtf is this now...a fad? So you sucked some guy's dick and it upset your poor bf. I also want to tell everyone who has remained sober in their life, you're awesome. Congratulations on never getting addicted to something. I used to party and experiment but it was never more than that. It bothers me that people that choose to stay sober don't ever get a pat on the CHEERS, SOBER FRIENDS! "CLINK" lol

I honestly think that having a drinking problem can be used as a weaker statement than identifying someone is an alcoholic. You don't have to be physically dependent on alcohol for it to start negatively affecting your life. I saw a lot of people like this in college. They weren't physically dependent on alcohol per se but would frequently get themselves into bad situations/black out when drinking.

Something interesting that I have observed is that many people (myself included) have a stomach that in a way strongly prevents them from becoming an alcoholic. Friends and acquaintances have recounted instances in which they had felt great and then blacked out, however I myself have never blacked out from drinking because I start to feel sick long before I would be able to reach that level. I honestly think this is a really good thing since it keeps me out of trouble (although a sensitive stomach isn't always necessarily the most comfortable thing).

Even though I usually don't exceed 2-3 drinks in an evening, it's easy to see why people enjoy the buzz and may become addicted to that feeling. I guess what separates me from them is I stop there while others keep going until they can't stop.

That's actually a really good point. I was scoffing because Skankazar is exhibiting zero signs of physical withdrawal in her heavily photographed life, but you don't need physical dependence to have a problem with alcohol.

It's funny for a journalism major she seems to write a whole lot about her idiotic self. Yeah she would not be taking selfies or a lot of the time even well enough to sit up and rant on the computer. She's a loser and no one is buying it

Is this supposed to be an excuse for all the stupid slut-cuntacular things she's done? Whatevs....

And..that picture of Justin made me laugh.

I did three shots of tequila in a short space of time last week, do I have a drinking problem yet? Tragic attempt to win back her pathetic boyfriend, yawn.

Yeah same. I drank over 4th of July weekend. Guess I'm 5 days sober I win at life. The strug is real. New beginnings. Kill yourself.

LOL Orange!!!

I'm a nurse at a Crisis center for detox from drugs and alcohol. I have seen hundreds of people detox off opiates, but alcohol detox is scary. I've seen people have seizures, hallucinations, horrific shakes and vomit till there is nothing left in their body (this is day 3-5 in their detox).......and alcohol detox lasts much much longer then 4 days. Most people can't make it through alcohol detox without medication for the insane blood pressure and heart rate spikes, and medication to help control the detox symptoms. Alcohol detox CAN and WILL kill someone depending on how long they have been drinking and how much they drink in a day. In my facility we use Librium and Clonidine. If this girl was drinking anywhere near what she says she was there is no way in hell she would be sitting at her computer typing up this heartfelt post of her blog....gag me. By day 4 most addicts aren't patting themselves on the back.....their trying to figure out how to escape so they can drink or get high again. They are not blasting their addiction to the world looking for sympathy. Although there is always the one exception. Addiction is a demon you fight your entire life.

This girl pisses me off with her attitude. I'm not saying she doesn't have a problem because from her previous posts i'm sure she does. But I think she has exaggerated her issue for sympathy.

I haven't read any of this yet. I just came by to say this ho looks like a rabbit with the ears cut off.

Cool, use your daughter as an excuse. Would expect nothing less.

I find her blog post about this issue to be honest and like it really did take courage to write.

I remember years ago she made a post about how she was drinking every day and took it town 20 minutes later and clearly has downplayed her drinking ever since.

We've all made fun of her for drinking on here before, among many of her other apparent problems. I've done it too. The way she handles a lot of things (for example: her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage announcement) is very tacky and distasteful. But honestly I struggle with alcohol myself and find her confession to be incredibly profound and relatable. So. relatable.

I'm not going to shit on her for taking a positive step towards something that could help improve herself as a person, because she CLEARLY needs to re-evaluate her life and her actions and this is a good way to start.

Good for her for sharing this and making this step. It makes me feel less alone with my similar issues and encourages me to keep making my own steps to improve myself. One of my biggest obstacles about fully dealing with my own alcohol issue is having to explain to others that the problem is there. Like Ashley, I downplayed things and minimized/hid them. To have to confess both that "I have a drinking problem" and "I'm seeking help for my drinking problem" at the same time is very nervewracking thing. Kudos to Ashley for doing it on a public scale. Honestly it makes me encouraged about my own life and I think it's the first time in a very long time that she's being authentic.

Now I'm NOT saying she's going to turn her life around overnight. It's taken me multiple attempts to control my drinking before things finally sticking better than they ever have before. She could go right back to living the life she's just described and selling stories to radar and making herself look tacky. Even if she does, I'm still thankful for her sharing her problem and that action alone means something, even if she goes back and continues her actions that have contributed to her poor reputation. It's all part of the process and for some people the process can be a lifetime. I hope it's not for her though.

Also FWIW I think Maci could benefit to have a similar moment of enlightment. We all make fun of her drinking too but we all can see she has a problem. Best of luck to the both her and Ashley anyway.

I made the mistake of reading even more comments. Harsh as fuck. I wish I didn't say anything now.

I agree with you to an extent, and I think most people on here realize that she does have a problem. I think people are making these comments because of how she did it. She claimed that she got out of control over the weekend, and it seems as though those actions led to a breakup. It seems more or less like shes claiming sobriety now to get her boyfriend back because she "turned a new leaf." I agree with you, I do think she has a problem, and can benefit from sobriety. But, that being said, she isn't doing it for the right reasons. I'm a recovering addict and I used a million reasons to get sober boyfriends, family, even my son and not ONE of those things kept me clean. You can only get sober for you, because you want it more than anything. I dont think that her heart is in the right place, therefore her chances of staying clean are slim.

Good luck to you, honestly. Getting clean is the hardest thing I've ever done. But, there's absolutely nothing more rewarding. Hit some AA meetings (as boring as they are, they help), get a sponsor, get sober support. You're capable of achieving sobriety if you put your mind to it!!

Thank you for the kind words.

I can understand the doubt around what Ashley has shared, given the previous reputation she has earned for herself. I guess because I personally relate to her words, I don't doubt them. I personally believe she is being sincere, but that is my perspective only.

You are right to say that you have to get sober for yourself. I hope that is the case for Ashley and that she isn't trying to do it to win back a relationship, because that will not serve her well in the end.

I understand that it doesn't look great that she is making this decision out of the result of a breakup and/or bad weekend. Lord knows I've been there too. Sometimes you're sober for days, even weeks, but it never stuck for me. That's another part of her blog that I related to. Until recently.

Which then brings me to say thank you for the suggestion to seek AA. I have been to multiple AA meetings over the years but found it isn't for me, though i've seen it help people I know very greatly. There are 7 billion people in the world and there isn't the same recovery option for everyone. I have found the most success with SMART recovery so far. I'm so glad to hear you have gotten clean and that AA is what has helped you. Thank you for the kind words, you don't know what they mean!

Exactly! I have a problem with how she did it too. But I also think she's very phony from the way she carries herself.

I think it would be all well and good if she didn't post a "new beginnings" bikini whore shot after all of it. No thumbs down from me, it just seems like the cunt wants attention though. Takes away from the real people like you or someone dealing with addiction. I've seen friends deal with addiction and they didn't take whorish selfies in the process. They were working to better their lives.... I just hate her lol.

I never actually watched her episode of 16&P. Honestly, I'm indifferent to her and her plight. I did laugh at the "4 days sober" remark. Seriously? Might as well said you went 4 days without a bowel movement. That's more impressive.

Really wouldn't care if this bitch drank herself to death. Just keeping it real.