Ashley Salazar is Pregnant Again

ashley second baby

Ashley Salazar, from season 2 of 16 & Pregnant, was most known for her heart breaking episode where she gave her daughter, Callie, up for adoption.

At the time, her baby's father was not around, and he wasn't even shown in the episode.

Ashley was 17 at the time, and now, 4 years later, she's expecting again with her boyfriend Justin, who just so happens to be Callie's biological dad.

Radar Online broke the news with quotes from Ashley and Justin.

Ashley is due on November 22nd, which happens to be her boyfriend's birthday. Although the two aren't engaged, Ashley says that she's in a much better place now than she was when she gave Callie up for adoption.

One main concern that Ashley and Justin have is how Callie will handle the news as she gets older. Both Ashley and Justin visit Callie on a regular basis, and they seem to have a good relationship with their first child, even though they're not her legal guardians.

Ashley is quoted as saying, "I'm really excited about the baby, but I'm nervous about what Callie will think in the future.

We really care about her we don't want her to be mad at us about what we did when we were really young, just teenagers and we didn't know."

Ashley was also quoted as saying, "We don't know what we're going to tell Callie, she's so young, but we want to respect my aunt and uncle so that they understand how much we love everyone."

Ashley will be graduating from the University of North Texas in May with a degree in journalism and a minor in marketing. Justin does work as an artist, and has some impressive tattoo photos on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Ashley wrote a book about her pregnancy and the adoption of her child titled Bittersweet Blessing which made her the first girl from the 16 & Pregnant franchise to publish a book.

Ashley spent most of her first pregnancy blogging online about the struggle of deciding whether to parent at 17 years old, or give her child up for adoption.

Of the three girls who have chosen adoption on 16 & Pregnant, two have gone on to have second pregnancies.

Lori Wickelhaus, who was also on season 2, gave her son up for adoption, and then welcomed a baby girl with boyfriend Joey Amos in October of 2013.


Oh jesus christ. FUCK this girl. She's so dumb, it's ridiculous. She gave her daughter to her aunt and uncle because it was too hard to take care of her, but didn't want to never see her again. Now that poor little girl is going to have the most confused upbringing about who her mommy really is.
And now they're having another baby? What's different this time? Her deadbeat boyfriend is around? Who's to say he won't bail out like he did last time?
Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Don't fuck her. That's how this dumbass situation got started in the first place.

I can tell you how the first kid will she wasn't good enough. So you'll keep the 2nd child and raise him/her but Callie wasn't worth it. THAT is how she'll feel. She'll wonder why you didn't get custody back of her and raise her. She'll wonder why you didn't learn the first time and take precautions to prevent another baby from happening.

Is it ironic that shes bff with Jenelle? Literally same situation here

Choosing adoption and losing custody are two totally different things.

her adoption isnt really an adoption though, she sees Callie whenever she wants, the dad gets to see her and spend the day at beaches alone etc. Adoption should be clean and easy to stop confusion for the child, when you adopt the child is yours. When you put your child up for adoption, that child is no longer yours.
I think Ashley bitterly regrets giving her child up, you could tell she didn't want to when she did it which was heart breaking but i think everyone will agree that if the dad had stuck around she would have kept her.
Callie will be forever confused, this is what she will probably think "so my birth mom is my cousin, and my birth dad is my cousins boyfriend and they had a kid 4 years after giving me up... my real mom is actually my birth moms aunt and my dad is my birth moms uncle? So thats makes them biologically my great aunt and uncle? So why did my birth parents play mom and dad when it suited them after giving me up for adoption, why did they feel they could have a baby only 4 years after not being able to keep me, what makes that baby so special?" .. That will be the tip of the ice burg of what this child will be thinking.
Although i don't think she should never have children, i just worry for her, she went through the mill when she got abandoned the first time, what happens if he does that again? Another adoption she doesn't want?
I also worry that Ashley and her boyfriend are doing this to try get custody of their daughter back. I know in some places this is a firm no you have no rights but you hear cases where the birth parents do still have some rights. Anyone know about this kinda stuff where Ashley is?

Ashley already tried years ago to get her child back. Since it really was an adoption, her rights are gone. It's not custody she gave up. It's her RIGHTS. And she is well past the small time window to get her RIGHTS back. Typically people have anywhere between 0 and 30 days to get their children back after signing their parental rights away. This depends on the state. In even fewer states, there is a 1 to 6 month window to get your rights back even after you signed your them away. This is even more rare than the first option. Ashley already tried a few years ago, and the ship as long sailed since then.

Also in these days, adoption is not such a clean cut "goodbye" to your first parents like you are suggesting. Open adoption is commonly regarded as best for the children. Even in adoptions where strangers adopt as opposed to family, the original parents have some type of involvement. This is different for every situation. Sometimes it's just phone calls and letters. Sometimes it's one visit a year, sometimes it's MANY visits a year and lots of involvement just like with Ashley (even if it's not a familial adoption). Each adoption situation calls for it's own specifics when it comes to that. But most research suggests that it is very beneficial for the adopted child to have knowledge and at least minimal contact with their first parents, if not more.

Well Ashleys aunt and uncle must be the ost laid back adoptive parents to let her take the child she tried to take back on trips, to post pics of her calling her "my baby" and post pics of "my 2 babys" with the dad and callie.
If it were me it would have been made to be just contact through pre approved letters and pictures at that point.

Shes dumb..but her boyfriend is HOT!!

I'd rather have a one-eyed tree sloth who stuck by me and my kid as a partner and parent than some oh-so-dreamy douchewit who couldn't hang around the first time.

I love the term "douchewit."

I didnt say anything about him staying around...i just said hes cute shit.. tired of girls takin this website SO personal ... its just teen mom... :/

I just try to keep priorities in check.

Congrats Ashley and Justin!

Oh no... somebody said something positive! Thank god TMJ readers counteracted it with 58 downvotes. PHEW. Heaven forbid people are nice around here once in a while!

If you think the commenters are so mean, why even come to this site, A?

I think there's another site that you might enjoy more, where negative comments about girls like Ashley Salazar and Nikkole Paulun (and the site owner) are deleted. It's nice and censored, perfect for you. Teen Mom Talk I think it's called?

I found her 16&P incredibly hard to watch. It just irritated me, and I never did finish it. You just know she's going to shove it down everyone's throats that she's the first girl with a 4-year degree. That's all she will do - boast about how special she is that she defied the odds . . . but all at Callie's expense. This girl just pisses me off. Very high and mighty, even though she has done so much emotional damage to Callie.

FOUR years later is NOT that much time. I can't imagine they are drastically more mature than they were four years ago! Poor Callie, I can't imagine how confusing all this will be for her, especially at family gatherings.

They are absolutely not more mature than they were 4 years ago. Ashley constantly puts people down for their weight and appearance, and she seems to have a ton of unhealthy body-image issues. They're both extremely shallow people.

That's awful. I did feel bad that no one seemed to support her wanting to keep the baby but she couldn't even make up her own damn mind!! I think this is going to be awful for Callie. And whoever said that she's going to feel like she wasn't good enough is absolutely right.

My crazy ass mother in law was in a closed adoption but recently (40 fucking years later) her birth mom came forward to reconnect and caused an awful shitstorm because my mother in law never dealt with being adopted, and she has siblings not much older than her and it fucked her up even worse than she was to begin with. Adoption is messy as hell, even more so when it's this clingy, over-involved family adoption shit.

Also remember when her kinda recent ex died in a car crash and she was posting stories on a site to make money off the article?!? She's so heartless and selfish!!!!

I always found those "family adoption" so disturbing. Like you know X is your mother and you see her and her kid all the time, but you are raised by Y and Z. Must be such a mind fuck.

And I remember when her ex died, she tweeted something like : "RIP, even if we weren't in speaking term " (wtf), before trying to suck every nickels out of the sulia cash cow.

I went to school with a girl when I was pregnant with my oldest, her son is only a couple months older than mine actually, and she has this fucked up situation too. Her mom is the parent, but they still call her 'mom' to him. She only wanted the fun parts of a baby/toddler/child, and when she realized what was what she gave up. Now she likes to go out partying (and she's only fucking sixteen right now, and her baby is two years old. Do that math and weep for humanity) and her twitter gets more attention than her kid. She's finishing school and enrolled early in college but I swear there is not a maternal bone in her body. She admitted herself she didn't even want to keep her pregnancy but 'my mom wouldn't let me choose any other option.'

It's the kids that lose in these situations. It's always the kids that lose.

Wait her baby is two years old and she is 16 !?! Jesus Christ.

But I agree with everything you said, in the end, it's the poor kid that end up super confused.

YEP. I was 18 when my oldest was born, and got pregnant at 17. I thought I was young, then I transferred to the school where I met her, which is specifically for teen moms (so many resources there, it's a great program) and I was the oldest. There were a few 16 year olds, a couple people my age with older babies/toddlers, but she was 14. She turned 15 just before her baby was born and I suppose she's 17 now since her birthday is before his but still. And she bragged a lot about being promiscuous prepregnancy. At 14. I wanted to cry. I thought I was young for losing my v card at 15, for crying out loud. I have no problem with ADULT WOMEN being free sexually, but there's no need to jump into that shit when you're not even in high school.

Sounds like a mini Jenelle Evans.


When a 14yo girl requests an abortion, her parent(s) should sign the paperwork and pay for it. Don't fail her TWICE.

I get that adoption can be really good option for pregnant teens and i don't want to discourage it, but it all seems so pointless when they have another kid a few years later. This nutjob being pregnant is just depressing. Callie is better off having been adopted but this is going to be even more confusing for her because "Mama Ashley" is having a new sibling/cousin(?) that actually stays with her.

There are no words to fully express the stupidity of these girls. "OMG I'm so mature now that I'm 20 lolz."

You mean you didn't get you're Mature Adult official certificate on your 20th birthday??
*please note the dripping sarcasm*

Ashley fails to realize how much time and money it costs to raise a baby with the quality of life & standard of living that Callie enjoys. This 2nd kid will be slumming it compared to Callie. Both siblings will notice the difference in quality of life and standard of living before very long, because Ashley's younger sibling will be MUCH POORER THAN CALLIE. No silver spoon for baby #2.

--After college and childbirth, Ashley will take maternity leave to recover before working a new grad's entry-level job. Maybe the job will be in her chosen field. Perhaps not.
--Ashley's sometimes boyfriend / always baby daddy will earn an artist's wage...inconsistently.
--Callie will enjoy that nice house and yard, while baby #2 smashes roaches and clutches food stamps in a cramped apartment.


Funny how she's suddenly pregnant when it appears all of her friends are also expecting. Jumping on the bandwagon much?

Nothing like Bandwagon Babies and Bandwagon Weddings- seen a few of the latter, I'm sure the baby bandwagon will be around soon in my neck of the woods.

My three best friends live in different parts of North America. Two of them are due within weeks of each other this fall. I had to track down and eventually get in touch with my other best friend in Canada and warn him that everyone was coming down with a case of the babies so he should probably use super condoms for awhile with his girlfriend. If all THREE of them were going to be parents at the same time...I'd probably have to rob a maternity ward just to fit in.

Yeah it's such an awesome idea to get pregnant again by the same guy who left you high and dry during your first pregnancy. How could you ever forgive someone for that? Says everything about her self-esteem and maturity.

I could not stand this girl and I'm sure she's still just as insufferable now.

He left her during the hardest part of her life but he looks great in pictures for twitter! (sarcasm) That seems to be the extent of her thought process...

Right? What is she supposed to say to Callie? "Oh, sorry that daddy made me give you away but now that it's four years later he wants to keep your brother/sister/cousin instead of you."

I was raised by my grandparents and my biological mother was in and out of my life. She later had another kid that she raised. I only felt gratitude that I was not raised by her. I have a feeling that Callie will feel the same way

I have a similar up bringing and my reaction is the same. I'm grateful I was raised by my adopted parents rather than biological.

I lived a similar situation. My Mothers sister took custody of me when I was 16 months olds because my Mother was in abusive relationship with a man who was not my birth Father ( I never met him). I saw my birth Mother 4 times before I turned 18 and I was told who she was. She had 3 other children by two other men who were all in her custody. I sometimes wondered why my Mom couldn't take care of me, but my Aunt was and still is a wonderful Mom who continues to support me and my 10 month old son Max. Four years ago when I graduated High School my boyfriend and I took a trip to CA and I decided to make a stop and visit my birth Mother.I wondered if we would have a relationship or maybe I would have some closure in that part of my life. After that short visit I was beyond grateful for my Aunt stepping up to raise me. I have been blessed with a loving caring and financially stable gaurdian. My 3 half siblings had a rough life that included homelessness, drug use , and abuse. They lived in a nightmare while I was given oppurtunities and stability. I guess my point of sharing this is maybe Callie will understand why she was not raised by her birth Mother. Even if my birth Mother had a better life I wouldn't change being raised by my Aunt. I was never jealous of my half siblings or longed for my (real mom), I was only curious as to why things were the way they were. Hopefully this situation turns out to be positive for the all the children involved.

I was raised by my paternal grandparents. My parents were teens when I was born and were not the greatest people to leave in their custody. My mother raised 3 other kids and my dad 2 while also raising 3 step sons.

I am thankful for the upbringing I had. Both parents had some hard times and bounced from place to place all the time, while I was living in a stable environment. I wouldn't switch positions with any of my siblings.

Her boyfriend is a total babe! And she's annoying!

The part that makes me feel a little sick about her getting pregnant again is that clearly she has NOT matured over the last four years, of all the girls I'd say she is the one who is the most obsessed with the show and the past. Not sure how she is even able to function in school with all of the twittering she does on former 16 and pregnant MTV "stars." Also it looks weird when someone who was on the show follows and promotes the rumours and the drama, rise above Ashley, rise above.

Also, ASHLEY, if you've matured so much over the last four years, THEN WHY DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO USE BIRTH CONTROL!?!?!?

crazy stupid people

I love how her twitter bio is "not the 'teen mom' you saw on MTV."

A) You're right, Ashley. Because I actually felt sorry for the teen mom I saw on TV.
B) If you're trying so hard to move on from being in the MTV spotlight, how about you, I don't know, stop fucking talking about MTV.

Her 16&P episode was the only one that made me cry. You just had to cry right alongside her because her hurt was so raw. Another dummy to add to the list!

Oh and what will she do over the next nine months when she can't obsess over how skinny she is anymore

I think I saw on her instagram a while back that she was planning to start using an e-cigarette to suppress her appetite so she could lose more weight. She's an idiot.

She better cut that cigarette shit out now that she's pregnant - doesn't matter if it's electronic or not. Even if she smokes an e-cigarette with zero nicotine they are recently discovering that metals are being inhaled through the vapor and they have NO idea what the side effects will be.

She has an eating disorder. I'm not sure if that's something to make fun of.

I don't know much about this girl but if she truly has an eating disorder, I hope her OB knows that and they can figure out a plan of attack. Eating disorders and pregnancies are serious business. Especially if it's anorexia or bulimia. You HAVE to eat and digest food so that your baby can grow. We saw how hard it was on the tall brunette girl who was a recovering anorexic and she had a super supportive boyfriend, friends and doctor. I hope Salazar has all of that.

UGH You just reminded me why I really don't like her! I totally forgot about her skinny broadcasting!! So incredibly irresponsible and immature!

I don't remember this girl but why would you have another kid with the same guy that wasn't there for you the first time? I hope things are different this time.

I recall her saying on an old Suila article regarding Catelynn's pregnancy rumors that having another child would be too confusing for Callie and that she and Justin would not be having anymore kids. Guess she changed her mind.

Also, this is off topic but what ever to Melinda who use to write for this site? Megan is doing a wonderful job, no doubt, but Melinda came to mind today and I was wondering what happened to her.

As much as I'd like to read that, I won't put any nickels in her pocket!

I asked the same thing about a week ago, and never got an answer. I think her and Steve might have broken up and just never said anything about it. But I'm probably wrong. Who knows.

I think I remember him mentioning her and just saying that she wasn't as interested in helping with this site as much as she was their other sites. I don't think they broke up. I think they just slowly kinda changed places on who was in "charge" of this site.

I sure hope she's saving all of those nickels she makes from Sulia. She will need them.

I hate how it's trendy to be pregnant...especially among people who are too young &immature, both psychologically and financially, to be optimal parents. Yes, I'm speaking in general terms-there are exceptions to this but they seem few and far between. I don't understand the rush to have children. There's plenty of time to at least finish some sort of education and start a career. I agree with a lot of other comments about how confusing this will be for Callie and how 4 years is not long. If it was closer to 10 years and she's already completed her degree and started her career, it'd be a lot easier for everyone to digest. I hope all parties get some good psychological help, especially Callie, to be able to cope with this.

My oldest nephew got married last year and they're already pregnant and due with their first child in May. They're both pretty young, too. But their parents got married young, they started having kids right after that...I guess it's the culture of the small country county where they live. (Rednecks but I'm not saying that in a degrading way at all. Most of my family are rednecks and I love them.) I think they'll make good parents because they have to and because they're good people but I didn't see what the rush was. She walked for high school graduation a week after they got married last year. I'm happy for them but I remember what I was like fresh out of high school and it certainly wasn't someone who would make a good wife or mother. But their culture is different than the one I grew up with.

It's funny you say that because my grandparents married young, had 9 kids ( but 12 pregnancies) and only one of those kids went on to have a single child. All of the grandchildren (except for a maximum of 4 or 5) now have at least one child and are engaged or married. My sister in law and I were pregnant together twice. Three months between the oldest and four between the youngest - her kids are 15 months apart and mine are seventeen. One of my many cousins got pregnant when my oldest was born, and is due in April with her second (her oldest just turned one in February). It's weird how it catches like that. I found out I was pregnant right after my brother announced they were expecting. It's like it's contagious or something.

Just FYI: If you look at Justin's Facebook page, he posted a status apologizing to Ashley because she can't drink alcohol. And what did she comment you may ask?

First: "Love u babe. Stop rubbing it in. Going from drinking every day to no drinking is an adjustment so don't rub it in"

Because drinking EVERY DAY and being upset that you have to stop for your pregnancy is really promising. A+ parents right here.

Wow, just wow. This is what I'm talking about..too immature to be responsible for another life. To go from drinking everyday to being pregnant is not a good thing and not something to be proud of. This is why you go to college and/or grad school, get your drinking and partying out of your system, then get a real job and eventually settle down being stable and in a good relationship THEN have a baby. Ass backwards Ashley.

My sister and her then-boyfriend used to drink every day and she also bitched about how she had to stop while pregnant. After she gave birth she got wasted and realized how irresponsible that was for a mother to do and that she had a problem and her & her now-husband have been sober for years.

What would you rather hear from Ashley.... "lol love u babe. Don't rub it in! oh whatever let's do some shots anyway #yolo".

@A: No, I would rather hear that she was taking care of her fucking body because she was planning to get pregnant (why else would she publicly announce going off birth control?). Don't misunderstand me here, I know that 20-somethings drink. But if a sane 20-something is planning to have a kid, they typically stop ACTING like a kid. Trust me, I know she's not talking about a glass of wine when she says "drinking every day." She's going to put her body into shock with that abrupt change.

that could be about something like a glass of wine with dinner, not that I'm rushing to her defense. Just that 'drinking every day' doesn't necessarily mean getting faced.

That's negated by the fact that her baby was planned unless she's too stupid to understand what going off birth control means. If you plan a pregnancy, you act like you're pregnant. You stop drinking, smoking and doing unsafe medications like ibuprofen and various OTC medications. You do that just in case you DO get pregnant. Further proof she's in no place to have a baby.

Ehh while I think it is great that she's getting an education, I don't really care for her. She comes off as an immature "adult". All she worries about is her weight and Crap. It irritates the hell out of me how she basically tells everyone she is Callie's are her birth mom not her mom. Poor kid is going to have a hell of a time growing up. Her birth mom butting in, if she wanted to be so involved why didn't she just keep her? Oh yeah, she tried and gave up.

Congrats on the pregnancy? Hope you keep it this time?

Guys. Guys. Hey, guys. It's 1:18 PM and Ashley Salazar is still fuckin' stupid.


My god, did she even wait for the pee to dry on the stick before announcing to the world she's pregnant?

I feel like the ones who choose adoption can't handle it, and purposely get knocked up further down the road *cough Lori*.

At least Lori isn't popping in and out of her first child's life.

She has an open adoption so....

It's wonderful that Ashley will have a Bachelor's degree, but supporting yourself, let alone a baby too on an overworked/underpaid/pay your dues/entry level salary is unrealistic. I'm sorry, but I don't think the excuse "I'm not a teen anymore" makes this a wonderful situation, and not having a head start on your career with endless student loans doesn't look all roses and rainbows either.

does she even have a job lined up after she graduates?

Especially since she's majoring in Journalism with a minor in Marketing. Good luck, Ashley. Sulia doesn't exactly count as journalism experience.

Studies have shown that the frontal lobe of the brain (the part responsible for decision making) isn't fully developed until the age of 25. These girls should be waiting until they are at least 25 before pushing out more kids! They might rethink their choice if it's not wise. Ahhh in a perfect world...

I love this. Anytime I spend money on entertainment instead of retirement savings I tell myself "my frontal lobe isn't developed yet!". Just a year and a half to go...

I love your screen name, that's too priceless.

Though I'm guilty of not waiting to have more kids, I agree that I don't think these girls really even think about it. I'm 20 with 2 under 2 but that involved a lot or long discussions with my husband and some life changes before we started trying. We weren't just like 'BABY TIME' and hopped in bed, and I think that what Leah and most of these other girls do.

Never would've guessed Ashley would make good on getting a degree after giving up Callie (twice). I know Callie will be better off though than her sibling, but I know it will hurt her when she's older that her parents gave her up but not her sibling. Assclowns.

I wonder if baby no 2 will se the life Callie has with a mum and a dad who are well off and wish she had been adopted too? Lets face it, those 2 wont last as a couple, Ashley will end up a single mum trying to get by.

I don't think it is fair to expect some one to never raise a child just because they were in a circumstance before where they couldn't parent. However, I think they should wait until they are mature and stable. These two are neither. Didn't they break up not that long ago?? And she has major issues...

I see your point and I'm not saying she should never have children ever again, but right now it's inappropriate and insensitive to Callie. As you said, she and her boyfriend are not stable. They're immature. They like to party - a lot. They have a 4 year old daughter who will already be confused about her biological mother being her aunt.

Ashley is what, 21? 22? How about waiting until your in your late 20's or early 30's if Justin even sticks around that long. I would be guilty as shit if I placed my daughter in an adoptive home just to intentionally get pregnant a few years later with the same man.

I don't think she intentionally got pregnant with him. Or at least I don't think she planned or hoped for it all along or that it was on her mind when Callie was born. Her and Justin were broken up for a few years after she got pregnant the first time so I don't see why she would be planning to have a child with him a few years later. But I get your point anyway, she should have put more thought into this.

She announced on her twitter that she decided to stop taking birth control. And I'm pretty sure she knows how babies get made, soooo...she's either a total moron or they wanted a baby.

Ah, I never knew that. Well she did always also say she wants to have a baby again in her early 20's. Whatever. She voluntarily chose adoption the first time. It's not like Jenelle where she got her child taken away by the law. She IS older now. Face it, there is a difference between being 17 and being 22. She's supporting herself and Justin works a stable and well-paying job. If she's not on drugs or abusing her child, why the hell can't she have another one?

@A: Do you want a list of reasons why having a baby right now is bad idea or will the majority of the comments on this article suffice?

I am actually excited for her. You can see how much she loves Callie, she just had no support. Alot of these other girls would be screwed if their parents and friends didn't do as much as they do. Good for her for being pregnant. Callie will understand, Ashley may not be her legal mom but she IS there for her and always will be. Its not like she pulled a jenelle and neglected her or has other people raising her kids at all times besides filming like Leah. Out of all the adoptions on the show, i hurt for ashley because of how much pain she was in. God bless your family ashley!

This website is such a hot mess lol. Every time someone posts something genuine, positive, and supportive, it gets downvoted like crazy. Yes this is not an IDEAL situation and people like to come on here to gossip and snark, but why overwhelmingly downvote someone for being nice?

Anyway Ammie, I agree with a lot of what you've said. That fact is no one knows if this will turn out being either a nightmare or a perfect situation. Being positive hurts no one. Good for you for being kind.

Thank you :-) I do agree though, people down vote the wrong stuff sometimes. Im not offended, my point is out there ;)

Oh please! You two are probably the same person.

ZOMG caught me

I'll comment something positive and supportive when there's something positive to be supportive about. Ashley Salazar popping out a kid isn't something I feel like celebrating right now, sorry bout it.

Ashley lives in my city, I have several mutual friends with her, and I've heard/read enough to form a negative opinion of her. She doesn't have a pleasant word to say about anyone unless they kiss her ass first. I'm not going to throw out my personal views just because she's prego.

Some people on here like to rag a little too hard on these girls - I think it's because IBBB doesn't do recaps too much anymore and a lot of his readers came here. Dont get me wrong, they're hilarious, but not the most optimistic of people. I hope things go well with this's possible, stranger things have happened!

I don't usually disagree with people but I absolutely hated Ashley's episode because she had her mothers support. Sure, the mother told her that it'd be incredibly difficult, but she was open to the idea of keeping the baby. you could tell that Ashley is coming from a family of means. Her mom is a hardworking mom, and they lived in a beautiful home. I doubt that her mother would have denied help.
Also, she could have chosen to adopt the daughter to another family, instead she decided to give her baby to a family members so I can see why Callie would grow up so confused. Nonetheless, i hope she has an easier pregnancy. She is allowed to get pregnant. She was going to get pregnant at some point and Callie's confusion is inevitable.

I think Callie will be confused by it all, too. But it's not like Ashley said " I don't want her, take her!" And when Callie is older, she will be able to look back on the episode and see it wasn't an easy decision to make, adoption never is. A lot of things can change in 4 years, and one day, Callie will understand that.
I don't personally know Ashley, but considering she is set to graduate in a couple of months, I'd say she has come a long way. If I am not mistaken, she is one of the few, if not the only, 16 & Pregnant girl to give birth to her second child with a college degree. Yes, 21 is still sort of young to have a child, but having a kid makes you grow up pretty fast, at least for most *cough* Jenelle *cough* I can't speak to her maturity level or her financial situation, but is say she is better off than a lot moms in this world.

It concerns me that Callie is probably going to be really confused and want to live with her "Mom" and new sibling. If I were Ashley's Aunt and Uncle, I'd constantly be worried about Ashley deciding she wants to raise Callie herself again and ripping apart that family again.

Rae, that's what bugs me the most about Ashley. She's only thinking about herself when thinking 'I want to parent Callie now.'

Callie and her adopted family have their own bonds and their own routine that she would be disrupting horribly. And for what? So she'll feel better?

She shouldn't have given up her daughter if she wasn't sure about it. She was never at peace with the decision and on her episode it's clear that adoption was pushed more than her keeping the baby. But she should have put on her big girl pants and she didn't. She doesn't now, nor has she ever - in my opinion - truly have Callie's best interests at heart.

Wow, I think that may be the most downvotes I've ever seen on a post..

I am torn here...
I am a birth mom. My "son" that I relinquished just turned 12. He is biracial and was adopted into a family that I was close to. The wife/mom was my 6th grade teacher.
I am now a mommy to a 3 year old daughter who is not biracial. I struggles with even having another child because I never wanted Gavin to have ANOTHER reason to feel rejected by me.
It took years of therapy and lots of time for me to be ok with moving on.
Ashley seems to take it so lightly. How lucky for her.
What a skank beast.

What is the point of mentioning that one is biracial and one is not? Did you give him up because of that?

@Ammie: Maybe it's just me, but your comment came off pretty rude. I think what Jen_With_Relish meant (and correct me if I'm wrong) is that she doesn't want her biological son to feel rejected because her 3 year old is not biracial, and is being raised by their mother.

I'm not trying to be rude, she set herself up for that. I just found it strange that she brought race into it as if she was embarrassed the first was biracial and gave him up because of that. Maybe i took it wrong but i just didn't see a reason to bring race into it.

Ammie didn't offend me one bit. She is correct-I DID accidently set myself up for that.

I guess I should have added more to my comment....
My son wasn't relinquished because of his race. That had zero to do with it actually.

That being said however, I was always terrified that HE would take it as though he wasn't "good enough" mainly BECAUSE he is biracial.

Post-relinquishment I always said I would never have any other children. I couldn't understand how he wouldn't be hurt even more by that. I didn't feel like I deserved more kids. How would I ever face Gavin and explain it to him??

Thanks to years of therapy and thousands of dollars later, I know that I am not defined by birth mom status and it really is ok to move forward with my life.
Adoption is a tricky thing... we practice what is referred to as "progressive-open" adoption because that is what the adoptive mother (A-mom) wanted.
I don't feel that this was the best for me or Gavin, but by the time I realized that, I was powerless to change it as changing it would only result in him feeling abandoned by me again.

I am white, his father is black. I am married (5 years in December)and my spouse is white. My son was born in 2002 and my daughter in 2010.

Even after therapy and the near decade time lapse I still felt a small internal struggle with having and keeping an all white baby for fear of him being upset.

I had horrible post partum with my daughter. I had primal, almost visceral fear that I wouldn't get to keep her-that I would wake up and she would be gone.
Loving her scared me to the point of panic attacks when I tried to breast feed.
The guilt I felt manifested in different ways.

It brought back memories of my son's birth and the years following that I had blocked, even after extensive therapy. Being a birth mom screwed me up for a few years even though it was my idea.
PTSD at it's finest.

I would have felt guilty regardless of the race of either child, but again, I feel like his race is an external, easily identified (even if identified incorrectly) factor.

People have said terrible, cruel things to me when they learn I gave my first up for adoption, even without knowing his race. Once they find out you can always see it in their faces-them thinking that I was ashamed of him etc. Not the case at all.

I wish I could post a pic of both of my children's crazy. My mixed son looks more like me than my white daughter!

Jen ^ my son is biracial as well (white mother, black father) and I am raising him, but I still worry about having more kids if I ever get married, because I would hate for him to feel left out or something because he would most likely be the only mixed race one. I totally understand, it's a complicated issue that we probably worry about more then our kids ever will!

I don't understand the issue? My eldest and youngest child have olive skin, brown hair and brown eyes. Exactly like their dad. My middle child is blonde, blue eyes and fair skinned like me. Why is race an issue? One looks more like one parent than another. That's all it is.

Giving up a child is so painful and complicated for most people who experience it. I'm really sorry for the pain you feel around losing your first son and then the further reminders of that loss by having another child. Of course I'm sure it is a blessing too at the same time.

I don't think Ashley is okay with it at all though. She's saying almost the same stuff that you have said? Her worries about how it will affect her first child.

This was very selfish of her. Yes Callie will be mad at you Ashley, because she's basically being raised as your cousin & gets to watch you raise her sister as an actual mother figure. It's only 4 years later she will wonder why you couldn't power through four years to keep her. You should have waited till Callie was a teen to have more kids because then you could speak to her on a mature level and see how she feels about it before you got pregnant. Or you could have given her up to a family that has no connection with you so she wouldn't have such a screwed up dynamic. Doesn't ashley also write for Jenelle's website? Stupid butterface.

Most studies show that it's best for children to be placed with extended family BEFORE placing them with strangers. This is a notion shared by the UN and their dialogue on family, and most government laws about adoption. Children lose a lot by not being with blood related people whenever possible.

I believe those studies are referring to situations where the child is removed from his/her biological parents. CPS prefers to re-home a child within a family before putting them into foster care or adopting them out for a vast number of reasons. They usually don't have to pay a family member to "foster" a child that they're related to. The belief is that, when the biological parent gets their shit together, he/she will still have a relationship with the child and transitioning back into living with their bio parent(s) will be easier.

I believe from personal experience within my own extended family that this is a horrible plan for certain situations. My cousin had her first child taken away because of extreme abuse and he was placed with a family member and now she is able to pop in and out of his life as she chooses. She went on to have another daughter who she abandoned with her sister almost two years ago when the baby was around 6 weeks old. Her sister has been raising her half way across the country from the bio-mom but the bio-mom still hasn't relinquished custody for whatever reason regardless of the fact that she is now remarried and pregnant for a third time. I don't believe for a second that she will ever get her first child back, nor does she care to put forth the effort to raise her second child and hopefully she'll eventually sign over custody rights to her sister who is a freaking amazing mom to that little girl. As for the new kid...I have no idea what the future holds for him/her. I hope my cousins changes but the odds are highly against that. But her first child has to deal with her coming in and out of his life, bringing strange dudes around and she has a pretty major drug problem to boot. All of this is extremely bad for a child to be around. Because they placed her first child with a family member on the off chance that my cousin would shape up and be a mom, that boy is now exposed to his addict mother sporadically and staying with relatives instead of being placed with a family that has no ties to my cousin when he was an infant and given a chance to grow up without my crazy ass cousin in his life.

It's the same mentality that fuels the belief that a young child is ALWAYS better off with their mother in the event of a separation or divorce regardless of many circumstances. I have seen a woman on my husband's side of the family who had her three children taken away because she was doing meth and the children's fathers (three different fathers) BEGGED the court to let the children come live with them. The children even asked the judge to let them live with their respective fathers. Custody was instead regranted to the meth-mom because she had passed one month of drug tests. That's disgusting.

Ashley placed Callie with family member for a formal and legal full blown adoption, correct? As in, she is not her mom legally and her boyfriend is not Callie's dad, legally. Her aunt and uncle are Callie's parents. Period. I think Callie would have been better off being adopted with a different family so that there would be more structure and stricter and enforceable boundaries even if it were an open adoption.

Even with Catelynn and Tyler, they struggled to realize (and still struggle to fully grasp) that they are NOT Carly's parents. They are her birth parents, but Brandon and Teresa are her parents. I think open adoptions can be good situations, but not when you have birth parents who can't move on and accept that this is the choice they made and they are allowed the PRIVILEGE of being in their biological child's life based on rules laid out by his/her ACTUAL parents and not granted the RIGHT to pop in and out, post pictures on facebook/twitter, or do anything like that without the child's parents' permissions.

Is your cousin Jenelle Evans, Rae? I knew there was something you weren't telling us!!! ;)

Sorry, I had to say it. But that is really terrible and I hope your cousin's kids go on to have stable, happy lives.

Are all these comments for real? Ashley clearly has gotten her life together and people are bashing her because she gave her daughter a chance at a better life? I also am extremely knowledgeable about adoption within families and it is true that it is beneficial to be with family members. In addition, like you said, Rae, Ashley's aunt and uncle are Callie's parents - they have every right to limit the amount of time Ashley spends with Callie. If Ashley had kept Callie and struggled, we'd be talking about how terrible it was for her to not give Callie to parents that could actually raise her! I think many of you like to see these girls at their worst and have difficulty seeing that they might have grown up in the past four years (a lot of time since we saw her for 40 mins on tv). It's really a shame that the majority of the commenters come on here multiple times a day just to make fun of these girls.

Thank Babs I am not related to Jenelle Evans. My cousin may actually have less sense/maternal ability than Jenelle which is a scary thought.

oh good lord A you are an idiot (and I don't just throw that term around). As someone who actually works in international development, I can tell you it's exactly like Rae says, the UN is talking about child refugees or victims of genocide where the child has been so traumatized that they need some sort of foundation so that they can begin to put their lives back together, that's why they keep them with families. (This is especially true in non-Western countries where extended families commonly live together). Do you honestly think the United Nations is doing their reports on the Ashley Salazars of the world? Girl, speak not of what you do not know.

You are making assumptions on what I was speaking about. Also the UN was one example. The notion that children should stay within their own family whenever possible is not just about refugee children, but applies to domestic adoption and a million other situations inbetween. I am incredibly educated on adoption issues and it's amusing when people say "speak not of what you do not know" because usually when people make those comments, it's because they have their own personal involvement with adoption and/or child welfare issues, and they don't realize that there is a whole world out there BEYOND what they are personally familiar with.

YES, thank you. Also, A, I would bet all MTV's money that you're not "incredibly educated" about anything sweetheart. People who describe themselves that way never are.

Okay, saying "incredibly educated" is a pompous and bad choice of words. But maybe... "incredibly immersed in adoption issues" is a better way to describe it. Some people spend their free time reading books, playing video games, or watching TV. I spend my free time reading about past and present adoption issues. I spend my time reading first-hand blogs from birthparents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. Countless blogs from all three parts of this adoption triad. It has taught me two important things. 1) There are 23483204203 different adoption dynamics and you can NOT generalize. It's like saying that every single married couple is the exact same because it's all under the title of "marriage". Just because something falls under the title of "adoption", does not mean you can generalize either. and 2) adoption is RARELY the win/win/win situation that the common social concept thinks its it is. There is heartache at some magnitude for everyone involved in adoption.

When I share the notion that children are better off with their own family before strangers, that is not MY idea. I never thought that and even after being TOLD that from many impartial child welfare sources, I still have moments where I wonder "well... really? what about if (insert random scenario here)". I don't claim to be an expert on all of this but I do know that the social ideas of what adoption is, doesn't line up with what it really is. If you don't agree with this notion, don't take it from me, take it from the countless people involved in adoption who spread this message. You can google "birthparent blog", "adoptee blog", or "adoptive parent blog" to explain way better than I can.

Well, this was predictable.

Monkey see, monkey do!

To be honest I'm surprised it took this long! Ive been expecting this pregnancy announcement for over a year now...

I'm gonna get thumbed down but I'm saying it anyway. Justin has to have low self-esteem to be with this buck-toothed potato.


Lmfao. I've always thought she looked like Mrs. Potatoe head.

How dare you insult Mrs. Potato head like that! Mrs. Potato head is a solid 10 and Ashely is at least a she needs to get like her 16&pregnant counterparts, and get some serious work done! Damn! LOL!

They are an odd couple. She's a major butterface.

Selfish, selfish, selfish! "Your dad wants to stay with me now, so we're gonna have another baby and keep it." That's what it screams. I wouldn't want to be with someone who abandoned me when I was pregnant. A.S. is screwed up in the head, I don't know how this couldn't affect her.

There is something I have always really disliked about this girl having followed her after her episode. I don't follow her on Twitter anymore cos the 'articles' were just too damn annoying, but all she did aside from those was post photos of Callie and say how much her and that d**kweed boyfriend of hers missed her. I'm sorry but if she was that unsure about adoption, as we saw on her episode, then she should have just given parenting a real shot. That poor child is gonna be even more confused than she already must be. Honestly some of these girls are so selfish I can't even comprehend it.

I always felt bad for Ashley because she was just so young and immature when she had Callie. She was never 100% confident in her decision to choose adoption and you can tell it has really messed her up emotionally. Giving up a child is detrimental enough even for the most confident of women. Look at the difference between her and Catelynn. They were both heartbroken about it, but Catelynn has always had an air of acceptance and peace that Ashley has never demonstrated. She made her own choice in the end and that is on her, but I still feel bad for how it has affected her life. Oh and for the people saying that this will affect Callie negatively.... of course it will. But not only because of how soon Ashley is having another child. Adoptees have a lot of struggles whether they are involved with their birth family or not. The fact that this is a familial adoption just makes things all the more confusing and messy. But even for adoptees who have never met their first mothers, they have question about who is their "real mom" and wonder how their life would have been. In an open & familial adoption, it's just much more prevalent. Remember that open adoption is still a very new concept in history and the first generation is growing up in it now, and then we will truly be able to learn how it affects open adoptees. Anyway I just feel bad for this whole situation but I wish them all the best anyway. They can't take much back at this point.

I agree. For most cases, I think closed adoptions are the best course of action for everyone involved. There are exceptions to that, of course. And when I say closed adoption, I don't mean like "Records sealed and it's impossible to find out who your biological parents/family are/genetic history entails without a private investigator and bribing a courthouse clerk." I just mean that the adoptive parents get to decide when they will tell their children about the adoption and the parents get to decide what they'll tell their child about their biological parents. If the parents choose not to divulge any info on the birth parents, once the child turns 18, he or she should have the right to easily access that information. To me, open adoptions (generally speaking) seem to create a very odd and difficult to cope with dynamic that we've never really seen before and have no idea what the long term effects are because it IS a relatively recent trend.

Isn't that the tricky question though? Is it better for adoptees to have the detachment from their original families to better cope? Or is it better for them to have information/contact to help minimize the major identity issues that come with being adopted. Time will tell what is the best option. Not only is open adoption such a new concept, but adoption itself at the scale that exists today is still barely a century old. And the customs and norms around it have changed as each generation passes.

I considered giving up my first, and what I wanted to do, was just pictures and phone calls every year or so. I was adopted myself by my bio-moms co-worker, so my mom saw me pretty often, but it got so confusing, and I always had to explain to people this is my mom, and this is my bio-mom. My friends were always confused as well, and there was no hiding I was adopted, because my bio-mom was around so often, and always introduced herself to people as my "Real Mom". It gets really frustrating.

Yea I would be ok with at least pictures so you know the kid is alive.

Do you wish your bio-mom wasn't ever involved in your life? Or are you okay with it despite the hardships?

@A- I'm glad that she was in my life for the most part(She moved away when I was 14, so I only really heard from her through email, and phone calls.) But I wish she would have been in my life just a bit less. Because despite that she caused some issues, she was still my biological mom, and when she moved it was really hard going from seeing her and my little brother once every other week or so, to not at all. I've still only seen her four times since she moved which was about six and a half years ago.


That sounds emotionally difficult. I am sorry :(

Isn't that they way it goes with family though? Whether bio or adoptive family... it's never picture perfect!

I'm not even pretending to know how hard or confusing that must have been but your bio mom going around introducing herself as your "Real Mom" is exactly why super open adoptions freak me out. The biological parents get the happy parts of being a mom without the struggle and then go around introducing themselves as your "real mom." Yikes. I know not every open adoption is like this but that's still something I'm very wary of. I can't imagine how that made your adoptive mother feel. If she wasn't your "real mom" then what was she? I'm asking all of these questions rhetorically because they're not yours to have to answer. It just sounds like a difficult way to grow up.

Rae- I've always considered the woman who adopted me my "real mom" because imo, she cared about me a lot more. I mean that's how it was to me. I had always felt like my mom wanted people to think "Oh look at MY daughter." and trying to get me call her mom as when she was around so it "Wouldn't be confusing for my little brother". I've always assumed a lot of family adoptions are pretty similar. Also I remember my mom getting so frustrated every time my bio-mom came around, because in a way she tried to make her feel like I was still her daughter. I remember when I was about thirteen, my bio-mom asked my mom if she could "Take me back" because she was moving six hours away and coming to visit me would be "Inconvenient". It's really a complicated situation, but I'm pretty used to answering questions so it doesn't bother me anymore. I had to do it all the time growing up.

Justin is hot as sheet. Obviously not a great guy from the info I've read on these comments, but at least he's got looks going for him. I wouldn't have a problem with this because in print, it sounds like he hasn't steady job, they've been together for a while, and she will have graduated with a bachelors. I am not one to knock someone for having children young - provided they can care for them correctly. I think that's a personal choice and not everyone wants to wait until their 30s to have kids.

However, she seems to have a lot of issues and it looks like they are both heavy partiers. They also seem very immature and I can't imagine having a baby with a guy who abandoned me when I was 16 and pregnant. Hope they can get it together before the baby arrives.

* Has a *

I don't think it was revealed until long after, but Justin was actually in jail while Ashley was pregnant and after she gave birth. They didn't want to make it public at the time. So it's not like he willingly blew her off, but being incarcerated isn't much better of an excuse lol.

I could've swore on Ashley's episode he was shot at Quad C telling her he didn't want Callie (Quad C is the community college branch here, we're from the same county)

Thank you! I could've sworn we saw him in her episode.

Yeah she did see him at her college briefly. Also Megan said in the article that he wasn't in her episode, but he was :p during that scene.

He was ended up in jail I think literally a few days before Callie was born, and stayed there for about 6 months after. I'm not 100% sure. I'll see if I can find the source and link it.

What was he in jail for?

Looks like Justin was convicted of burglary and was given 3 years probation. He must've violated the terms. He was also found guilty of possession of marijuana and a DWI though it appears he hasn't been in any trouble since then.

http:// apps.collincountytx. gov/cccasesearch/Search.aspx

Full name is Justin Ryan Lane if you want to search for yourself.

Hold she's due on Nov 22nd, but she's announcing it now and has pics of her holding her 'bump' on the radar article and on twitter (think it was the @16and_pregnant twitter I saw it on)? She must only be a month gone, if that. What is that all about? I doubt she would have a bump yet. And why the need to publicly announce it so soon? Is it just me that has a weird feeling about this?

P.S. Sorry if anyone has already brought this up, I'm on my phone and can't be bothered reading through all the comments :p

Oh, yeah. Just another reason this pregnancy seems planned.

and planned for his birthday too lol. Here's some incentive to stick around this time Justin

THREE MONTH RULE!!!! Follow it, people!

I thought this too!! I actually just found out that I'm pregnant and my due date is around the same time as hers and I'm only about 5 weeks. My husband and I haven't told anyone yet besides my mom and his dad. I'm terrified of having a miscarriage and then having to explain it to everyone. I'm sure she doesn't mind though because it will be another story she can sell to make money and get attention.

Congrats! I would be the same way. Tell people when you're comfortable with it. These girls barely let the news sink in before they're all over the Internet telling everyone else.

Congratulations! I hope things go well for you all!

Thank you! :)

She's announcing it so early because she's desperate for attention.

Gotta get those FULL 40 weeks in.

Ha! I'm glad I waited until I was almost in my second trimester to announce. I found out at 5 weeks the first time, and 7 weeks the second time and gave birth at 41 weeks, 5 days the first time, and 41 weeks and 1 days the second time.

The earlier you announce, the longer the pregnancy feels. I told everyone right away with my oldest because I had had a previous loss and I knew I needed support if it happened again, but I liked keeping it a secret the second time. It was like it was something special just for my husband and I.
No idea what her motives are, but I hope Callie survives this as unscathed as possible.

All these chicks make these announcements way to soon. Give it at least 8-12 weeks. Take some time to enjoy keeping this news between yourself and your significant other before making it everyone else's business. I wonder if these girls even wait until they go to the doctor for confirmation before telling the world. Apparently a positive preg test = tell the Twitter-verse. I mean, unless friends or relatives are harrassing you to explain why you're not drinking, you're throwing up, etc., wait a few weeks, hopefully until your second trimester starts. It just seems so desperate and attention-seeking. Blah.

Just wait...pretty soon they'll develop an at home pregnancy test where one end is a pee stick and the other end is a USB plug so you can INSTANTLY upload your results and share them on social media. *that made me nauseated to type*

Haha, I was pregnant for my 19th birthday but hadn't announced yet and everyone was pushing me to drink and I was making up whatever excuse i could think of - it was comical. If I can combat an entire family dinner of pressing questions, I think these girls can wait to blast the news on the internet.

Actually I think her new baby will be jealous that Callie has a better life and better parents and will wish he/she would have gone to a better home/parents like Callie did. I don't think Callie will be jealous that the new baby has Ashley and that guy as parents.

I agree 100% My best friend was the youngest of 3 and the only one given up for adoption. (closed adoption). When she met her siblings after her 18th birthday, both felt that way - super jealous that she was the only child of well off parents and college-bound while they both struggled growing up and had a pretty shitty childhood.

Am I wrong in thinking this girl was a major supporter of Nikkole during the whole fake baby debacle?

I just checked out BOTH of their FB pages, and they are nearly identical. It's mostly just posts of links to their lazy Sulia articles about the 16&P/TM girls. Such a waste of time.

Well she more said stuff like she wouldn't believe that Nikkole would do that. Which still isn't great.

Did Ashlee or however you sole it get fake b00bs too? I can't remember

They both look waaaaay different than on the 16 & Pregnant episode. Before I saw the headline, I was like who are they? Also, is Justin holding a phone up to her belly?

Not cool Ashley. Too soon. Not fair. Poor Callie.

And Lori had another baby WTF?? So did her baby daddy didn't he?

Is it true that Callie calls Ashley her mom or mother and the adoptive mom is called mommy or something weird like that? I remember something about Ashley saying she's mom but the adoptive mom is mommy.(sorry confused which one she used) It was very confusing and I couldn't believe that Ashley still referred to herself as mom. I could be wrong. Can anyone shed some more light or info about this?

I just looked at her twitter and she has a picture of Callie with Justin and the caption is like "my baby with her daddy!" or something along those lines. It seems really strange to me, because they arent her mom and dad anymore...

She's called mama ashley.

The adoptive mom is called "mom" and Ashley's nickname is "mama Ashley". It's something Ashley's aunt came up with. I know another adoptive mother who refers to her daughter's birthmother as "mommy britney". That's what they are comfortable with for their situation.

Thanks to everyone who answered my question. I think that's kinda strange to call Ashley "mama Ashley"!

Our future generation is screwed...

Ugh, I HATED Ashley on 16& preg. She was such a spoiled, entitled brat and you could tell she ran that family. I just wanted to punch her when she kept going back and forth, she wanted the baby, then she didn't want the baby...just ugh. Her family irritated me too, 1. because they allowed it...she should have been told NO, you are not flying down to Texas to take the baby back, you've already made your decision now live with it and 2. because they kept claiming that they didn't have the money to support a baby, meanwhile they lived in a huge house, bought Ashley a $2,000 macbook pro for graduation, and she was out touring (I think) Parsons and NYU...both very expensive colleges...yes, it seems I remember way too much about her from the episode, but it just ticked me off so much that it made a lasting impression!

I live in the same town as Ashley and her house isn't actually all that special for the area. The neighborhood is actually pretty cheap. Also around the same time I think she moved here there were a ton of families moving in from the city buying houses they couldn't afford and ended up having to move eventually. I'm not saying this is necessarily the case with Ashley because I don't know her, but it very likely could be.

I know the area too and I wouldn't say it's "cheap" exactly. The average house there is currently priced between $150k and $170k. Give or take.

Ashley's family was also able to afford to send to her to The New School in NYC, a school that's average annual cost is upwards of $60,000.

Of course Ashley did move back to the Dallas area after a year. However she was then able to live in a nice 1 bedroom apartment while attending UNT. That's not exactly inexpensive. This was before reuniting with Justin and she only had a part time job so I'd imagine her Mom was footing the bill.

Considering all that, not to mention all the toys Ashley was gifted (the macbook pro, an iPhone, trips down to Harlingen to visit Callie), shows the family is at least comfortably middle class OR spending way above their means.

If all that is nothing special I don't even want to know what my life would be considered lol.

I agree with you!
But, I don't know the laws in Texas, but in some places they legally wouldn't have been able to say no to her taking the baby back. My friend just adopted a baby and the birth family had 30 days to decide if they wanted the baby back.i don't remember the timeframe of her episode so I might be completely off!

I think what mostly pissed me off was how passive everyone in her family was about the whole situation, like "oh honey if you've changed your mind that's ok!" hell no it's not ok and someone should have stood up to her and forced her to make a final decision. Her stupid parents had obviously not disciplined her much before, which is probably why she got into this trouble in the first place.
Not that people can't have a change of heart, but she was screwing up everyone else's lives too, not just her own, and she had plenty of time before the kid was even born to decide if she wanted to keep her or not.

Also, so Ashley is what, 21 now? She hasn't even lived life yet and was stupid enough to get pregnant a second time, with the same guy who supposedly treated her like garbage and abandoned her. She's a real genius.

Ugh! She was just the worst. Good luck to that kid!

Anyone who is excited for this girl is a fucking idiot. Yes, she's older now, but she's pregnant again by the asshole who abandoned her, which supposedly caused her to give up THEIR first kid. What kind of message does that send to other young, impressionable girls? Not a good one. If I were her first kid, I'd be devastated that my mom and dad threw me away, but kept the next mistake to raise.


She was, WAS one of my favorites until I followed her on Instagram and saw her true colors. I seriously can't stand this girl. She is a vapid, hateful, bosyshaming trollop who thinks she is so superior that she lost weight. Justin's tattoos suck too. He has some promise but you can tell he's an amateur. I feel awful for Callie in all this. Anyone want to bet $5 on whether he will leave her this pregnancy?

I hope she matures up and stops being a vapid jerk.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR USERNAME! I literally cannot wait until OITNB comes back in June.

Remember Ashley's little sister? The little sister was 11 years old in Ashely's 16&P episode. She's now as old as the 16&P season 5 girls. Hopefully the kid took notes during the last four seasons...

Any takes on baby names?

Girls names are hard, but boys are easy enough. Justin Jr., Zared (meaning of which is Trap, appropriately) or maybe she'll honor Jenelle and Nikkole who both named their boob jobs (ahem sons) Ashton.

I felt for her on her episode; she clearly loved her child and had a hard time with what to do... I couldn't imagine having to make a choice like that and I think the regret is real. But I don't like how she wants to be called "mama" when she gave up that right and her online presence makes me not really like her. Also her articles are pretty bad for someone about to have a journalism degree. Congrats to her for graduating though! No comment on the new baby though. I haven't heard anything about Justin so I don't know if he's changed but I sure hope so. Also agreed she's clearly seeking attention announcing the pregnancy this early and selling it to Radar.

I think she's trying to pull a Jenelle, with the added catch of getting the oldest back.

"See look, we had another baby and we're doing great! We're a fah-muh-lee! So could we have Callie back? I know ya'll have taken great care of her all of her life (except for that time I changed my mind before), but we've grown up now and deserve the chance to be a complete unit! See, I got my journalism degree, I'm a big girl mommy give me my dolly".

I hope her aunt and uncle don't fall for it, but that's the tough thing about interfamily adoption, you have emotional bonds that can blur the clear role you have in a persons life. I seriously believe that in the next two years she and Justin will be full time parenting Callie.

I think it's ridiculous. Why give your child up for adoption, if you are going to get pregnant just 4 years later at 21? I mean, why not have just kept Callie and dealt with the hardships for 4 years. I have a 4 year old, and I can't imagine giving him up and then having another so close. Lets hope she can handle this one for more than a week. Nope, sorry no sympathy for her. I doubt this was an 'accidental' pregnancy either. I feel bad for Callie, of course she will wonder why her parents couldn't keep her but then have another child so soon.

I can't say that I agree with Ashley or that I have any sympathy for her, but I'm not sure I agree with you either. I know that my life at 17 was very different from my life at 21. In one case you are still a high school student. In this case she will have a college degree by the time this child is born and the means to get a job.

She is no longer a teenager so if the two of them can provide for a child and want one together, I wish them the very best.

What irks me is that when she chose adoption for Callie one of the main reasons is so she could go to college and do better for herself. Now pregnant again at 21 and unmarried, I think she could have done better. I am glad she is finishing college and still with the same guy, but I just feel like it would honor the struggle she went through with Callie to really make something of herself before becoming a mom. 21 is still quite young considering she is not married or established. Hopefully Callie will be understanding one day, it would be hard for me to understand if I were her.

So I know nothing about what "___ weeks" looks like... I looked at radar's pictures and I can't tell at all.. Granted, 5 weeks is SUPER early, but like... This picture feels super forced / you can't even tell... At least wait and sell your soul while you look like more than you just ate a large meal.

**Anything, not "nothing," sorry!

You don't show at 5 weeks no matter who you are. The baby is basically the size of a poppyseed. At 8 weeks, the size of a blueberry. It IS super forced.

Novemebr 22nd... Do you think she was on the phone with Radar as she was peeing on the stick?

I just realized, I posted earlier about how them getting pregnant could be a way to look stable enough to get Callie back and someone said it was not possible because Ashley signed away all her rights. What about the dad? Did he sign his rights away as well? Was he on the birth certificate? If not could that be a possibility?
The thought occurred to me and we all know that they both regret the adoption, Ashley tried to get Callie back and failed but what about the dad?

I hope he signed his rights away! The last thing that little girl needs is to be uprooted again, especially since she's old enough this time to understand and be really affected by it. The whole situation was unfortunate.

I know, I worry that this was all a plan to get the daughter back. Ashley has major issues, she posts pictures of "my baby" and "my 2 babys" of the dad and daughter! If that was my adopted child I wouldn't be letting her near my daughter, she is just causing uneeded confusion for her.

Full disclosure, I find it incredibly difficult not to get lost in this guy's eyes. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can't believe this chick is announcing her pregnancy so early. Being pregnant myself, I'm due exactly a month before her and I'm not even 10 weeks along. I wouldn't dream of publicizing this news that early. This is nothing but a pathetic attempt to stay relevant in the 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom universe. Callie and Jace will have plenty to talk about...

I want to know what Ashley's mother thinks about the pregnancy. She seemed to be an intelligent, professional women on the show. She can't possibly be clapping over this baby.

Ashley said she lived with her grandparents when she was a child for a period of time so her mother could go to school/get established (sounds like a Farrah and Sophia situation if you ask me). Anyway, Ashley grew up thinking that tossing a kid around is acceptable, hence why she doesn't have a conscience is trying to get Callie back.

I know this chick didn't take it up the backdoor on video, but isn't she a hooters waitress? Classy.

I bet ditsy Nikkole called Ashley saying, "if you sell stories that you're pregnant, you too will have enough for implants! Teehee".

When I heard this news, I was very happy for Ashley! Granted, her 16 & Preg episode was so up and down, even extended due to her mass confusion! I felt very bad for her having such a hard time deciding whether to adopt or not,it even was slightly tiring. Regardless, i applaud her. She looked through and struggled with every obstacle and thing she would be sacrificing, from both sides. That is more honorable in my eyes than these 15/16 year old girls keeping their babies without question, even though they personally cannot financially provide for them. Her adoption is unique and probably was the worst route because she is related to the family. After speaking with adoption counselors/agencies when I was young, they strongly adviced not adopting to relatives. At the time, it probably seemed like a sweet deal to Ashley. She could see her child more than the traditional open adoption, and she could pursue school. In life, we all learn. She realized over time the mistake she made, and she is very honest about it. She is now in her 20s, and her being pregnant is her moving forward with her life. It wont make her love her 1st any less.