16 & Pregnant's Lindsey Harrison to Return to MTV

lindsey harrison

Many of you might remember Lindsey Harrison from Season 4 of 16 & Pregnant as the tattooed model and aspiring cage fighter who gave birth to daughter Aniyah.

Although Lindsey has remained fairly quiet since filming of her episode has ended, she shared some news with her fans via her twitter account that left a few people wondering what was next for Miss Harrison.

Lindsey tweeted "Just got some awesome news. Keep an eye out on MTV for me again but this time for something you'd least expect!"


As expected, after that tweet, she had numerous people tweeting back at her giving suggestions of what they thought she might be doing back on our screens. Among the responses that were shot down were:

-A reunion special

-A cage fighting show

-A porno

We do know that a couple of months ago, Lindsey was filmed for a music video, where she wore next to nothing and apparently danced on a bucket because she was shorter than expected.

lindsey4We can only hope this graces our television screens.

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Did people not see the part where she says she'll be on MTV for something we'd "least suspect"? Reunion, porn, and a cage fighting episode are the three things I'd most expect.

Maybe MTV is going to start showing music videos again? ;)


I bet she's gonna do the next real world or some dating show.

What the fuck is wrong with you people she got pregnant accidentally, but not matter is still taking care of that child like she is the best thing that happened to her. That doesn't mean she has to give up something she loves which is cage fighting, so back the fuck off! You don't automatically accuse people of going off and doing something bad just because of this picture that is posted, she is a cage fighter and that is something not many women do she is a strong female.