16 and Pregnant Voting Results

mackenzie douthit

Now that the season is over for 16 and Pregnant, it's time to see who you thought should be on Teen Mom 3. If you didn't know, out of this season, 4 girls were to be selected for the newest series that will echo Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

There were a lot of good candidates this season, as personally I only found myself pretty bored through 1-2 episodes tops. (I won't say which)

The results were actually surprising in some cases, but not so much in others. Lindsey Harrison (the kickboxing private detective model mom) only received 38% yes votes, only 4 points higher than Jordan Howard's 34% (the one with the racist mother).

I thought for sure Lindsey would have scored higher than that, but I guess fans were not that impressed. Another shocker was Katie Yeager, she is rumored to be on the Teen Mom 3 cast, yet also scored 38% approval.

I removed the 'other' option and just tallied yes/no votes, and this is how the results ended up:

1. Kristina Robinson - 89%

kristina robinson 16 and pregnantNot surprisingly, this story tugged at the heart of just about every viewer.

Kristina lost the father of her baby to a drowning incident midway through her pregnancy and had a very difficult time coping with it.

Her family all tried to be supportive, but also had a very difficult time with the death of Todd, which resulted in a very emotional episode from start to finish.

2. Mackenzie Douthit - 78%

mackenzie douthit Mackenzie was the first episode to air, and got a lot of the publicity by being the cheerleader with a huge belly in the 16 and Pregnant promo clips. Her boyfriend struggled with working a normal job versus a rodeo, in addition to his constant struggle to wear sleeves.

Mackenzie came across as very likeable and it is no surprise she is one of the girls near confirmed to be on Teen Mom 3. I can see her being the next Maci Bookout.

3. Devon Broyles - 74%

devon broyles 16 and pregnantDevon was the girl living with about 20 people in a tiny house, while dating a very stand up guy who is in the military.

She has a lot of personality and made a bunch of funny cracks throughout the episode, like pushing her baby out her crotch.

While her episode was very drama free, I really felt Devon had the personality to make it to Teen Mom 3, but if the leaks are correct, it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing much more of her.

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4. Briana Dejesus - 70%

briana dejesusI have to be honest, this is the episode I missed as I was sick that night.

Melinda still did a recap because she's a trooper, but it appears Briana was a hit with the viewers. She is also not rumored to be on Teen Mom 3 though.

5. Hope Harbert - 70%

hope harbertThe episode of Hope was an entertaining one to watch, mostly because of her boyfriend Ben. It seemed throughout the first half of the episode, he was going to be a deadbeat similar to a few other dads this season.

However, all of the sudden he had a massive change of heart, allowed Hope to move in with him and become a real solid father.

While he may have changed his hair more than Chelsea does per episode, it was good to see his turnaround and how happy they were by the end.

6. Alex Sekella - 67%

alex sekella 16 and pregnantThis episode was tough to watch, as we witnessed her boyfriend Matt become more and more unlikable as the episode continued.

Alex struggled to try and make it work with him, but he continued to choose his friends (and drugs) over Alex and their baby, by the end of the episode she ditched him and moved on.

Alex is rumored to be part of the Teen Mom 3 cast.

7. Sabrina Solares - 56%

sabrina solaresSabrina had an episode very similar to Hope where the first half of the episode, you felt her boyfriend was going to be a deadbeat, but really stepped up when their baby was born.

Iman flew out to be with her, and the couple looked extremely happy together by the end. I do have one thing to say about the episode: Enjoy your f**king gelato!

8. Myranda Trevino - 56%

myranda trevinoMyranda was the girl who was barely with her boyfriend Eric before getting pregnant.

They moved into a house on his grandmothers property that looked like a hoarder house, but cleaned up very nice once they were through with it.

Her mother was in and out of rehab, but throughout it all Eric remained loyal to both her and his xbox and appears to be a very good father.

9 Sarah Roberts - 39%

This was another episode to feature a real piece of work father.

Blake was the red headed kid who was a jerk to Sarah throughout the episode, and then towards the end he picked up and left to go work on shrimping boats.

According to twitter comments from Sarah, he is a complete deadbeat and hasn't paid any child support either.

10 Katie Yeager - 38%

katie yeagerKatie Yeager may not have been the most popular choice to our readers, but from all rumors floating around, you will be seeing much more of her on Teen Mom 3.

11 Lindsey Harrison - 38%

lindsey harrisonThis one is a surprise to me, both with the voting results, and how she isn't cast on Teen Mom 3 yet.

I really had her pegged as someone who can come off as pretty marketable with MTV. I guess our readers and MTV disagrees, so she'll have to continue pursuing her MMA career without MTV's help.

12 Jordan Howard - 34%

jordan howard 16 and pregnantThe viewer results come as no surprise to me on Jordan.

Her mother was easily one of the most unlikable people on the show this season, as she appeared to be very racist against Jordan's boyfriend Tyler.

However, Jordan did clear it up that since the episode, her mother has toned it down quite a bit and actually gets along with Tyler now, but it appears drama is what MTV is looking for because Jordan is rumored to be the fourth Teen Mom.

The results this season were interesting, but for those who skimmed my post, here are the rumored Teen Mom 3 cast, and their approval ratings by our readers:

  1. Mackenzie - 78%
  2. Alex - 67%
  3. Katie - 38%
  4. Jordan - 34%

What did you think of the season, and the voting results? Discuss it all here!


i think kristina should be one of the teen moms i love her story and i cried all the way through it.

Me to.. It was one of the sadest ever!!!

Although Kristina's episode was the best/most interesting, I don't think her being on Teen Mom is the greatest choice. I just think that she's got way too much on her plate. She's still grieving the loss of Todd, has an infant to look after, just got married to another guy, the relationship between her and Todd's family has reportedly been rocky since the show stopped filming...

It seems that if you have problems to being with, filming for Teen Mom seems to make them worse. See: Amber, Jenelle, Farrah and her mom...

Kristina, Briana, Devon and Alex for Teen Mom 3!!

I want Devon, sabrina, & briana.

I want Mackenzie, Alex, Sarah and Briana or Sabrina.

I thought the new teen mom was going to be from this season and next season of 16 and preg?

My picks would have been Katie, Hope, Devon, and one of either Mackenzie or Alex. Devon probably didn't make it because

1) lack of drama
2) military regulations and filming (think Colin)

Why did almost all of the girls claim birth control failure on the finale? I understand maybe one or two, but there were so many. Almost all birth control methods are over 97% effective. That means that they are all the 3%? Doubtful. Be honest girls, there were no pills, shots, implants, or condoms involved!

I think that Kristina Robinson should be on the Teen Mom 3 because her story was the most touching 16 & Pregnant ever.